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How Can I Erase My Identity and Start Over?

2008-09-18 | 🔗

Everyone dreams of snagging a fresh start at life. Whether you've thought of changing your dull given name, or just disappearing entirely, this HowStuffWorks podcast will tell you what it takes to erase your identity.

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The package Josh Plug Chuck brain were here for you how you doing junkies doing well Josh I do pretty good teacher a jet drank a vulgar, enables them to cover up his microphone yet another one lined up, and how do I do this? My second, and even though that is about to pass out actually to make it through the air? Please don't I can carry this. I've got a great news item four you ready to UK. So it turns out the that is nation of New Zealand, actually enforces its law that you can't give a child the name over a hundred character. Long, and you can't give a child the name that could prove socially handicapping. You wanna, you wanna, hear an example Charles Manson. Now, no, and arguably I like it, I think, is very little thing and sweet a by its arguably
worse than tells me that there is a nine year old girl who was in the midst of a custody battle with their parents, and the judge found out what the girls name was and how much she hated it and actually made her a temporary war did the court, so she can legally change your name herself, frontier it to Lula. Does the hula from Hawaii While I'm not kidding, though two names, one name, it's better that no letter first night I'll stay together, you know it's it's separate words and I think they actually even spelled it correctly, like the is not capitalize that You think that's ridiculous, but I was reading this be BC, article on it and down. They brought up some other examples of names and New Zealand that some made it through and some didn't there. A couple. Bizarre ones that made it through like number sixteen bus, shelter, bus, shelter yes and another when they made it through midnight, shard, nay wakes. I think you grant probably has designs on their poor child yeah
no secret. That jobless conceive nuclear, but there are a few or that didn't make it through, like yeah Detroit Sex fruit? and the twins fish and chips the data and the federal government, or maybe even local government, moved a block those names really, but I'm I'm curious. I aids is Charles Davy Brian is at the name. Your parents, You did you change it now. Charles Wayne, I was named after John Wayne, which is a true story. Isn't right, yeah, I didn't know what the devil as for a certain way, and now I do well, if you have your original name, you know anything about this. Can things this in your field of experts, he's perchance, you know my wife actually change the spelling of her first name: oh yeah, although not legally, but while she does it mean when she finds out her driver's license records and honour bank account? It's all spelled the
Emily with an I e, not Emily, with a why button shiver legally got it change, but it just gonna go to show how you can change these official documents without really have the court sake you had just by setting president right exactly, but there are legal routes to do this kind of thing right, and I think I know what you're getting to guess showed. How could one array their identity and start over? That's a great question. There are, unfortunately, I had to spoil this for the listeners, but there's really no way that you can completely eraser identity in this day and age, at least in the United States, without the government doing it for you. Yet technology has made it a lot more difficult to commit, or any kind of crime here in the old days, you could do those one thing called paper trip which is: are you could assume the identity of like a dead infant and get their records and clean? their identity as your own, its depressing but effective, yes or no
You can't do that anyone here, because you know computer records nowadays and everything it makes really difficult, rather completely Richard any too. I guess, even if you do change identity, their still records of your former identity, linking the two together. Zactly? So if you're, on the run from somebody like you, can change your name pretty We in Europe, if you have special circumstances, you can change your social security number, but you have to prove to the government that someone's either been misused. Yours and another reason you can change your social is, if you're a victim of domestic violence, and you really need to you now go underground. Where are your ex husband or ex wife? I guess if you're victim espousal abuses, a husband which is actually not paid nearly enough attention husband abuse, I'm not kidding it actually is a real problem. Men don't feel the least bit confident in admitting that they are abused by their wives, and I tell you it's out there, you nature or that's a pike s for another two short well. Let's do it will put in an account,
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Yet they offered customizable, lay out powerful, editing, mobile editing, not just for your website, but also for email campaigns to so go check. It out, go to square space, dot com, slash stuff today, so just go to square space. Dotcom flushed today for a free trial when you're ready to launch everyone, use the offer code stuff to save ten percent on your first purchase of a website or domain square space discotheque in it so like a sad he can change or social for several reasons in his we approved in change your name, it depends what state you live in for the add that the process he go through, but generally costume out fifty bucks or under an adjudge actually rules. I thought that was interesting, weather you can change your name. Will that's only if there's objections right well, they make a ruling regardless in its
ways. Yes, unless there's an objection. Ok, so you basically to change your name. You have to advertise it in the illegal organ that usually the counting riper, and this is for the great state of Georgia that we right. Ok, I'm! So it does that for several weeks, and you know if, if somebody notices- and they have an objection, make an object. I actually know of an instance where that happen. You remember, Jeff kill early, who done yet so apparently knee capping America's sweetheart arm is you can get you some really bad press in this country right? He swore he famously hit Nancy Kerrigan ICE skater NEAT Nancy, carrying the knees with a crowbar yeah on on behalf. He said he claimed of his wife Tanya Harding Bright, who is in competition for care again, for you know, America, we hardly anything so after the whole thing dies down a couple years after guiltily petitions to have his name chain.
Jeff Stone. There were plenty of Jeff stones that for that lodged formal objections, including the oddly enough. I heard the guy who played Jeff Stone the sun on the Donner, a television show from the sixties and that we're while yet they were so people do object, but I think you have to be young a little unsavory for somebody not want you to share their name right then I would think gloomy would have changed his name before that. Just for the simple fact that name colluding right exactly yeah, that's me yeah! So warm does it's? U use you ve, given us a couple good reasons. I can you give us any
a famous cases of of people changing their identities. I can well, let's hear it while there is a really recent one read of in credit that the serbian leader from Bosnia Herzegovina, right back in the balkan wars, there's a lot of ethnic cleansing going on and read. It was one of the ones who was committing genocide against the Muslims in their area, so that the wars and the? U S indicted for crimes against humanity. He drops out patently he was still something of a hero to the serbian population. Around there's ever he was hiding in plain sight to an extent, actually grew beard and became a
in all Ternata health guru and was living quite publicly in Belgrade Plough. Finally, we get a very pro pro american pro West leader in that area and dumb, like the next month, ravages under arrest and on trial, so ass. The war crimes is a pretty good reason to change. Your identity is well yeah. I think you know not research in this article, on that. A lot of people that enquire about this on the internet you gonna get certain websites will say, will change your name, but is really just a big scam. Will give you a fake idea, iron ore reuse, a bunch of the same records over an earnest Roy follows you out there that looking at these is just a big man. Rip off this one of those things where, if you wanted done right yet do yourself, I would imagine yeah, you know, especially if you're having trouble with your identity through identity theft or whatever, but I guess, if your identity get so ragout, it doesn't matter who you trusted to the chain.
For Europe, but I wonder if the year, if the percentage of people changing their identity is on the rise, what with identity theft just exploding all over the place? He I think I'm in this one, the problems that the internet is identity, theft and its also won the problems of people not being able to change their identity because of the paper trail the computer, so it's sort of a double edged sword. Subject you want to give our listeners the number they can call if they're interested in changing their social security number? Yes, your victim espousal of you, or, if you're so superior numbers been tampered with carbonate. Route. Seven hundred and seventy two one thousand two hundred and thirteen to inquire to As I say about him for all the greater As you can read shucks article, how can I raised my identity and start over on house the forts dot com around to find out what article makes Chuck Frankenstein right after this
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zip recruiter. These smartest wait a higher or back thanks for hanging around. I don't blame you. Would article isn't just well? It's leading us, not Frankenstein the doktor and created the monster. But it's the awesome, seventies, instrumental groovy song Frankenstein dated eight. They have to pay anybody. I don't think so located in one. It would be Johnny whenever consensus on ok and ask me why yeah this is kind of you. Not only did you start, you miss led me to mislead the readers, and now I'm just uses ever why with that were already, are you talking about well, because Johnny Winter? Famously is has albinism along this brother fellow musician, EDGAR Winter, yet after one they're, both albino currently runs in the family, so the article how albinism works City-
sit in Frankenstein plays over and over your head arrowhead arena over less over said, so read all about it by them and all sorts of other interesting articles on how that works. Dot, com check it out for more openness and thousands of other topics, as it has half works out, come. Let us know what you think synonym out pod cast. It has stopped Stockholm brought you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready. Are you available now from my heart, a new series presented by T Mobile for business, the restless ones join me Jonathan Strickland, as I explore the coming technological revolution would be restless business leaders who stand right on the cutting edge. They know is a better way to get things done and they are ready, curious excited for the next technological innovation to unlock their vision of the future.
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