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2018-05-10 | 🔗

Hundreds of thousands of people drown around the world every year, and yet it can be easily prevented and is widely misunderstood – like how you can officially drown but live to tell the tale, or how you can drown but die days later. 

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Welcome to stop. You should now friend Hasta for Stockholm, pay and welcomed the pod cat, some Josh Clark and there's Charles of each of them Bryant and Jerry's over there. So that makes this stuff you should know. I I feel kind of beet positive. Well, I will say that this topic at the Lake Ass, having a panic attack, researching and reading the stuff me too, like I noticed I was I felt like I couldn't breathe at some points. Yeah it was there and we covered a little bit of this and worse wasted die many,
years ago, but the boy, oh boy, drowning, is no picnic. Knows that and one of the things that I always heard about drowning is that, like it was actually very peaceful experience and I think that's the case idle I'd like obviously no one can say for certain, but it doesn't seem to be no at all in. It seems to be like actually not a good way to go well, I mean you probably could, if you- and this is this- is giving something way early, but one of the possible outcomes aside from death and morbidity, which is You develop an injury or disability because of what happened. It is. Are you hating that word morbidity. Yet no one like it were my oh geez guy in no more biddy. So you could ask someone who suffered drowning with no more biddy like? Was it peaceful? I can, though, probably be like nope. Well, that's where I got
if I was, you know online, if you go and you gotta take it all with the greatest saw, because there's plenty a fourteen year old who liked it is make stuff up to buy There are, you know, threads on, read it and other other places that basically herbs are supposedly people who have survived drowning and I didn't find any that were like it was actually very peaceful. My brain flooded with endorphins and I was ready to go into the light. Instead, it was more like you know it. I saw one that said burned like lava, which I mean, if you think about it, you know if you ve ever had something go down the wrong piper, whatever Theodora. How much that hurts your chest yet! Well, Chuck we're here to tell everybody that what you experienced, where you took a drink, a coke and went down the wrong path, that was not that didn't go anywhere near your lungs threat, was the least What can happen to you that was it just hit your epiglottis, which is that flap that convert your trachea in
you, your esophagus right, get flapped it's like. Sometimes I want to work and sometimes I want to scare you to debt write but zero. Zero coke went in to your long now that happen that that so imagine how bad that is. That was just your epiglottis. It actually gets way way way. When you actually are drowning use. You said something that we really need to point out here, because there is, or is it for as long as people had been drowning? Basically, yes and people have been people right exactly so for us all people have been drowning. We still have only very recently begun to make universal definitions of what drowning is yeah. It's a two thousand to the World Congress of drowning. That's a thing! in a day at least had the good sense to hold it in Amsterdam, at least so they could get their good time on sure act. Well after the meetings are awful, but
what they did there was they decided We need to really codified this, because three hundred and fifty thousand people a year die and it's a third most common cause of accidents death around the world. So, let's, like really kind of classified the stuff surgery ones on the same page, moving forward. Yeah, because everyone was an unseen page and actually, if you follow media reports, people still are on the same page or out of the lot of unclear terminology that the medical community doesn't recognised, but that the media uses pretty frequently theirs
pretty widespread misunderstanding that drowning is not death. It's a way you can die, but it's actually a specific type of injury. That starts with your epiglottis, as will see or your larynx, I'm sorry, but it's it's it's like a injury that can happen to you that you can die from, but you can actually have drowned and survive That's you know, that's very misleading cassettes, but the actual definition, but in an everyday parlance, if you say you know, I went to the poor, as we can in my child drowned and someone Oh, my god! You another fine like it's! Not it's, not a very fair thing to say just to a friend no its not, but if you're following the definition of the two thousand to World Congress of drowning that
be the right thing for you to say, however, that that kind of pedantry interest everyday conversation you should lead by saying I had a close call. My child technically drowned according to the World Congress of drowning right and then put it there. Don't vine push the glasses up your nose right as yet exactly so. I gave away a little bit here with drowning. The whole process starts when water or liquid comes in contact with your larynx, your voice box, that something as far as human evolution goes something about that. But lips, your reptilian brain out Yang your beer, your motor takes over like your motor instincts take over and there is very low, you can do from that point on. As far as conscious thought in movement, Yeah me will get to that last part later, but you're totally
right. Man like your body is, trying to do one thing and that is survive. This experience said, will get in a little more of what drowning looks like, but drowning you're right that that first contact the water in the larynx. You have that gasp initially. And then you you are in charge for a short time, cause you trodden hold your breath
momentarily, but then your larynx just start spasm mean- and I hope I poxy MIA hypoxia hypo ex via the pipe hypoxia hypoxia me I'll bet. I poxy MIA her hypoxia, I poxy MIA. This was the right arm like hypoxia. It's funny. I looked up a bunch of word pronunciations today, but that one that is fully right by it I'll tell you what I've got down is accusing yet here. That's that's! Next about hypo eczema, sure. They believe that is a street decrease levels of oxygen in your bloodstream. Two bodies front a fight that right so you'd larynx, whether you like it or not. Your larynx has closed you're, not breathe.
You're holding your breath because your larynx is trying to prevent liquid from going into your lungs right and so as this is going on, you're losing oxygen concentration. You liked you having a build up of sea, oh two and then- and I got this from a reference to a passage from the book. The perfect storm, but supposedly studies have shown that, after about eighty seven seconds you're, body says okay to Hell. With this I'm I can't spasm any longer amended. Try to take a breath right. If you, and to be underwater. Then you ve just taken in water right and now a whole different set of events. It's happening right so you're already starting to two to become sluggish to lose consciousness a little bit from the lack of action because you haven't been breathing for save the last almost minute,
ass, but now you ve taken in water on dear lungs and unlike us, it is this changes things in it makes it way way. Worse, yeah, and before that even happens, your body becomes something called ass duck. Well, how would you pronounce it, though, probably that way you I would actually like to listen to their own. It's ok. What is it asked idiotic? Oh, it is yes, I actually power. We would have made it a long ago, no longer, apparently ok. What thanks thanks for the extra mile, and I believe that we had to make up for the last one, but that's basically win. If that happens, it can disrupt the electrical. Your your view.
Wiring to your heart, and you can go into cardiac arrest and that's sort of near the beginning of this process right so just just bookmark that everybody, because all of this is happening before your larynx stops. Basmus in you open up your airway to a deep breath and then you're you. If you happen to be underwater or your mouth is just below water level, then you just taken in a bunch of water in your lungs good. So what happened can you take water into your lungs is when you look at your your lungs, if you can, if you can just appear at your lungs everyone for a second you're, going to find that they are actually branching, increasingly smaller tubes yeah, there's like elementary school science, like everyone learned about the Bronx, the Bronx eels. I'll be. All this that was all kind of elementary school stuff rights. The point Is it that in the obvious or the
the old. Why the little tiny air sacks, where you exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide with the capillaries that bring blood to your lungs there's a little something called and it's this chemical coding around your little tiny air sex that allow them to open enclose, which which the the oxygen carbon carbon dioxide in and out right. It allows for gas exchange yeah, it's a very key part of the whole system of staying alive. Yeah, because if your surfactant isn't working, then there are the all I can't or Alberto list can't open or clothes and so you're not breathing, because that's really where the rubber meets the road when you breathe. So if this effect in his damage, you can't breathe and when take water into your lungs. It goes to the end to those air sex and depending on the type of water. It This is why the surfactant one way or another and all of us- But now you are not exchanging oxygen, carbon dioxide
I wish you weren't doing very well already for the last minute and a half, but now the water is totally screwing up that jam in the case of freshwater, and this something I didn't know, it is different depending on saltwater or freshwater, but freshwater, if you're in a swimming pool or a lake or something. It actually destroys that surfactant and that obviously collapse right either just kind of destroyed in salt water. It actually does it do or this reflected butter watches it away which to me, is sort of like splitting hairs it. It makes the surfactant it doesn't work anymore, no matter which wayside right exactly at so there's some a couple: a different isle of two real differences between taking in fresh water and taking in salt water. You lugs because fresh water, bears a pretty strong resemblance to the water in your body and specifically in your blood yeah when that water,
Here's your lungs at actually passes very easily from your lungs into your bloodstream, and so what happens is the they die? Lucian the concentration of water in your blood? It becomes overrun with water to where you end, as a saw apparently one more word to study found that peoples blood or animals blood which I'd hate to think of how they on this out now. You know how they found it out by animals blood. Within three minutes had an equal part of water and blood or whatever is not water in the blood within three which is why more of a dilution than we normally have. So you ve gone from breathing very well because you're holding your breath to Only not only are you not exchanging air, your blood is diluted within like three minutes in a fresh water, drowning yeah, you really disrupting the balance of the year,
blood in the water in your body. Now everything is just thrown out of work and then with salt water, something else different happens to you. That Salteena in the water in your lungs actually draws water out of your blood so that your blood becomes more com. The trade rather than more dilute if you drown in salt water? The upshot of all of this is, as you are in big trouble. Once water hit your lungs in the case of salt water again in three minutes- and you know, what's happening the animals because they called it. Experimental animals. So in other words they drowned animals as helping to dance around that a year. Now, that's what they did this reality in three minutes with water, experimental animals lost of forty percent of their
former normal water volume in their blood yeah, it just think it which can feel good. The thing is, is it took it takes like from when I saw a minute to die. This is actually is as bad as that sounds. This is actually a less quickly fatal process than what happens to you with freshwater in your lungs begin, this chuck, here's where drowning gets really odd. You can die of drowning without a single drop of water. Ever touching your lungs. They don't know that that sounds good good place to take a break. Oh, we gonna cliffhanger this system amateur hammer, and then you should hang it off the cliff, Ok. Let's do it will be right back hello, I'm John adoption with a host of serious wraps a new weekly hip, hop pike, ass, preparing on Iheart radio media
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Made Chuck good, call It has even I'm like a little on the edge of my seat, and I know it's come a neck and you know how to sing it yeah yeah well, you're, exactly right. You don't have to like that. That can happen. But to drown in die. You dont need to be there The tv, your movie, drowning, where you were floating in the water, your fully submerged right, you went out with the ship or something like yeah I mean there's they used to call it dry, drowning in it in the media. They still call it dry. Drowning was coined in the night keen seventies, but those are drowning deaths in which the larynx spam, and from exposure to water, but they died from its asphyxiation.
The water entered the lungs right and it's very it makes sense to call a dry drowning, but the CDC, and everyone else basically said this. This is just drowning write it out and take us there's, not water and your lungs doesn't mean you didn't drown right, because the way It's the water in your lungs or the The fact that you and breathing you're dying from asphyxiation The water related asphyxiation rang correct, but it doesn't it. Be water in your lungs, but I happen to something like ten to twenty percent of people who who die of and yet they they don't have any any water in their lungs whatsoever. They just they die before their larynx. Stop spasm me yeah! There's there have been some really sad cases this one. This reference in the article you sent just last year in two thousand seventeen or Euro Boyne Texas was knocked over by wave just plain, the ocean, like Kneedeep in water, his head did go under for a few seconds, but dad
brings them out of the water. The kid recovers he gets smacked on the button is often plays in everything seems fine, over the next few days. He they think it s a stomach, flew. He complains of a pain in his shoulder and the parents did not get him to the doktor fast enough and he died and asleep. And then, Doctors found a very small amount of water in his lungs yeah, apparently doesn't take much something like come that most drowning victims had something like four: she sees per kilogram of water in their lungs. So if you're a kid who ways fifty pounds, it's three ounces of water right to die from that right, but though the thing that scared- everybody scare, the big Jesus out appearance everywhere about this poor kid named Frankie Delgado, he died
like days after him had his drowning incident right. No one knew that could happen, and this is one of the ways the media is not helping these. They call this dry drowning to write that was never even called dry drowning. This once called secondary drowning, but again if you go to like the CDC or the World Health Organization, like those, those don't exist, stop calling on that. It's it's drowning and you can actually die of drowning days afterward. But the thing that was misreported about Frankie Delgado and then other kids like him is that it gives the impression that you know dead picked him up,
come on the bottom and he went along his way and he was totally fine that all of a sudden drop dead three days later right. That's not how it works. You, the kid starts. Their health starts to decline and usually in cases where this is happening, where it's like a delayed drowning death, they their healthy kinds, very obviously within two or three hours of the incident, and it's really bad. It's like they do come sluggish because becoming hypoxia. They throw up a lot, they vomit alot. They might Deaf Kate themselves. They they just their behaviour. Changes is very obvious having very wrong with them, but the problem is most parents, don't say oh yeah, my kid took in some water yet who'll day before then they don't think too too. They just think like Frankie Delgado parents did that its stomach bug or something like that when in fact there actually dying from drowning right in front of it.
Guys like that, the head injury that you die of a week later because of whatever some kind of internal hemorrhaging that you don't. You know going right goes very much like that. Liam lessons, wife right: yes right it is, she doesn't like a ski, excellent right, yeah Natasha, Richardson it, I didn't look it up, but I know it was. It was not that day Oh, I didn't know, I don't know how many days later was but think anything where there's something going on in the body because of an incident. The ito, real. Is going on in in this kid's case, I think his he had damn right. His lung tissue started swelling rise, it can no longer like a collapse. The little av alike collapsed, the gas exchange was going on, and so he had a decrease in oxygen and an increase in seo. To again that's what you ultimately die from from drowning right right
you can also get injured brain damage. Is you really the major complication. If you don't die from drowning, you can have that you damage in your lungs. You can yet pneumonia or something called a r d s, acute respiratory distress syndrome right and also usually occur, while not usually, but it frequently there's a co morbidity with a drowning which is like a head, her neck injury, a spinal injury. If you dive, shallow into the pool, and you break your now. You're gonna start drowning like immediately began, this lost consciousness in your underwater, so this will as well
in talking about treating drowning, you want. You want to be aware that there's a good possibility at the person's neck is not quite right, yeah. So here's one other thing that I knew before, but I learned at one point and it really open my eyes: every every representation of drowning I've ever seen in any movie on every tv show in every book, in every song about drowning there they it they got it wrong. It's wrong it doesn't look anything like what we ve all been led to believe it looks like or sounds like well yeah. I mean that that is true. If you actually drowning but you're talking about that. You usually see in the movies. If they end up. And pulled out a water in their fine? I just called aquatic distress so in yours, lashing around and yelling. You aren't drowning at that point. No, you, you could call it pre drowning gets aquatic distress at Means
You can't swam your panicking and you feel like I'm in big trouble, so you're waving, you aren't and screaming. When you actually start drowning. This guy named Francisco a pizza he's a phd, he define was called the instinctive drowning response, which is nothing like you see in the movies quiet and your body like we mentioned earlier, your bodies instinct kicks in a gear and it's not true. Away for help or yell. It's just trying to survive and get another breath and keep that face above water right. It's it's at all, like all hands on deck keep here you upright in the water, that's the literally all hands on deck. It's a deck is the water right, yeah us too? That's. Why said it so? The thing is, though, Chuck without aquatic distress thing. It doesn't always preceding
learning so much so that drowning can come on without aquatic distress, area and people are so condition to think of drowning as aquatic distress, or vice versa? That there's this is about the most heartbreaking thing. I've ever heard their kids, who will drown a substantial amount of kids who drown, drown within twenty five yards of apparent or whoever is supposed to be watching them and a significant portion of those kids drowned. With the parent or or supervising adult, actually watching them drown in not realising what their seeing, because it doesn't look like what they think drowning looks like a ten percent. I wouldn't overstated, but yet ten percent of the parents actually watch this happening right. So this is this is what drowning looks like great. If you you're not going to once did once drowning starts. If they ve gone through product distress once the drowning starts. You are you have your head,
Mouth is about at water level, and you can't call out for help, because there's one of two things going on either you are trying to catch your breath were every time your mouth comes above water and it's happening so infrequently that all you can do is work on inhaling an ex ailing or your larynx spasm ing and do not breathing at all and if you're not breathing it all you, you obviously physiologically, can't shout or speak or do anything but either way you're. Not you not able to shout or yellow, or call for help or say anything yeah I mean the way I read it though it was it's not like you're working on breathing. You have no choice in the matter. Yeah like your body has taken over, and it's not You're like oh, I need to get my breath your beauty you may want to yell right. But you're
anything no breathing is speeches secondary in this whole situation, rain it we need to get you to breathe yet and then very similarly- your body, you not, and you can't control your arms any longer. Whatever you What to do with your arms. You can't all you can do is kind of flap at the water and the whole point of that is to keep your head above water as much as possible. One thing that I saw the truck that I don't know if you figured out, I can't figure it out, but one of the things about the instinctive drowning response as you're not kicking you're, just fuse arms, I dont get that at all year. Areas has no evidence of a supporting kick him about that. It deserves we are thereby you and be like I'll get the legs in on this too. Maybe that'll actually help keep us above water, like this kind of the most important part of trading
author. I wonder also if it big, if it's because as you have you're getting a lower concentration of surgeon and you're becoming a little more sluggish kicking. Your legs is actually harder than flapping your arm. So you just can't I your muscles. Won't do it now! It's weird it seems like that would be part of that natural instinct. I would think so too, but another part of the fact that you can't control your arms is there. If somebody holds pour out right in front of your hand, you can't say hand grab Paul. You can't grab like a lifesaver ring like there's you, you can't do anything but flap your arms up and down and you're not doing that. Your body has taken over in this. Is this instinctive response. The doktor p is talking about yeah and when they say you're not using your legs at your completely vertical and water, the support that doesn't make sense to me
you can still be vertical and water and, like you, know, treading water and kicking yeah I'd. I don't understand it even now. Maybe someone Canna Phillotson on that one. So this this whole instinctive drowning responds supposedly the the most people can last between twenty and sixty seconds of doing this, basically bobbing in using every bit of your strength to to get your mouth above water. But eventually you start to lose that battle and your Malcolm's comes, but water less and less frequently, and then eventually you you were submerged and if you are, if you see somebody who's head, is low in the water and day. Their mouth is, is that water level and their eyes are closed or they're just kind of blanket glass. Or their hair is over their eyes, you're looking at drowning person, and you want to help them
yeah have thought that hair over the eyes is interesting, as there must be just an immediate response, when you get out of the water to wipe the hair from your eyes and who think about how annoying it is. Well, let's gotta be it. So if you see someone come out like the creature of the black lagoon, that's not a good sign, yet there gasping and their due miss that's another one to if they're trying to swim but they're not actually moving anywhere, really or if they're, trying to run over there back in their unsuccessful. These are all signs of drowning yeah me. I was a lifeguard true hears in it. I think here They tell you and class. You know that you're used to the movies and you got really keep your eyes out. You can't dispute flirting with the girls waiting for someone to yell and scream causer kicking in and an aquatic to right, you have to keep your eyes beheld. A good lifeguard is very The joint. Why remember hearing that they like
you know when they interview was lifeguards about. You know somebody who drowned in their pool their like. I had no idea they, they were their second. In they were gone, and I didn't even notice it and make a sound in here. So yet you just hit her, whether your lifeguard or whether you're a mom add or au pair? Whoever your focus has to be on the person in the pool that you're you're in charge of she would take a break. Yet I will come back, we'll talk about what to do and how to treat drowning victim. If you are so unlucky, I'm lorry signal- and I spent the last decade reporting on technical
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All right. So let's say someone has drowned, was to say or to pool just to make this easy, because this kind of best case scenario, because its contained there are usually some sort of you equipment on hand metallic you're on the beach, and you like, I need, defibrillator later most poles have this kind of stuff. Now, plus, you can also see the bottom there's not usually like underwater hazard to ensure that it is about a best case scenario, yeah, so the age aid. American Heart Association said that, if possible, I keep your not by yourself. Do that due to the common sense thing, which is to send one person for help or to combine one one these days with phones everywhere. It's it's mature, increased response times
but if you have a different later, go get that thing or have you no have you have your body? Do it and bring it to the victim side assessed the situation like or they breathing do. They have a pulse and this is one of the few situations they point out, where casino I cpr in the hands. Only CPR is kind of what's recommended now, but that is not the case with drowning. No appeal are you still, undue do mouth to mouth is how I took that right, yeah, I think so, which has never made sense to me, because if your blood wing into somebody's mouth. Aren't you blowing carbon dioxide into their body? What's the point that is it just to get the the lungs opening closing. I don't. Maybe I've never understood that yeah cause. I don't think it's, I think. That's the case like it's not saying your body need seo too. I think your lunch, need to be expanding and contracting gotcha. It's been a while, since I lifeguard it yet, but I mean that in a used to be like you,
just compressions in the mouth to mouth until they said no just do just compression. So I was surprised to see that with drowning there like do both right back with that, and then also don't forget, while you're doing all this keep in mind that the persons neck might need to be supported or kept at a certain straight angle, because they may have injured themselves, they may have caused the drowning to begin with yet like if they do banner or what right? So if they're breathing but they're, not awake, then roll them over on their side, because you know they might vomit in in a fixate that way, which you know the way Bon Scott went out and I believe some other rock stars have gone out that way. John Germany's Joplin did they all fixate from vomit yeah
having Berlin, really I'm trying to think a musician least likely do is fixated on his own vomit. Well, I think that Sir Binny Goodman yeah yeah yeah other he parted. Did he speak country? witnessing up a little bit right, I'm hundreds it's hard for jokes inherent stuff. So, let's see you get somebody who's breathing, but by unconscious roll on their side. Somebody who not breathing and doesn't have a pulse. Do cp. Are you the the EMS, there is fast as possible, but CPR Fer, you know others a heart attack or whether to drowning. If you can do CPR
you can for long the amount of time it takes for that year, mess to get there you're just staving off like irreversible damage by by doing at the very least chest compression yeah. Absolutely so, one thing that I did I know that I ran across Chuck is there is actually a tremendous amount of racial disparities when it comes to drowning. There are far greater numbers of african Americans, and this is the: U S strictly african Americans and then native Americans in Alaska natives who drown compared to white kids and depending on the venue in the age group, it can actually get shocking how how great the differences here between
the age range of eleven and twelve years old African Americans drown in swimming pools, ten times the rate of white kids ten times, and this is something I did now because the pool I life guarded where I live. Garter for three years was majority african american kids and they you know we got not special training, but we got. We were told that by the lifeguard company like way it was a huge like our company that spied lifeguard dollars he like taxis exactly so at my poor in and pulls like that? They you know, we had little break out sessions. We're like hey, listen. It is a systemic thing in this country, where little black kids don't learn how to swim. As often- and you know, the CDC has done so- he's in there's a professor in Montana named Jeff. Whilst he rode contested waters Colin, a social
history of swimming pools in America and it all makes perfect sense because of discrimination and segregation when swimming pools and recreational swimming in sport swimming started to come around these black families couldn't go to the pool, so they didn't take swim. Lessons They didn't learn how to swim. If your grandparents didn't learn how to swim than there, but what is it like? I think even have a stat yeah, give a thirteen percent chance to take swimming lessons and learn how to swim. If your parents did not only thirteen percent chance right, so it has passed down yeah in its history, that it coincided where a surge in popularity of pools and swimming in America coincided with two of the times. When segregation was most strictly enforced in America to the twenties and thirty in the fifties and sixtys near, and so he, as a result, African Americans missed out on swimming in in
its intergenerational impasse down still to this day among african american families, not all of, although obviously, but there are. Finding out there who are like ours, and I am very much afraid that if I get you near pool you're going to drown bright, so I don't even want you taking swimming lessons because I don't want to mess with that kind of thing, and so you, like you, said it becomes intergenerational. Yeah and their plenty programmes. Now, thankfully, and even when I was life guarding, you know a thousand years ago, plenty of programmes to try and give reduced rate or free swimming lessons in communities like that and basically get every genuine trained up swimming lessons help. It is one of the ways to prevent. Drownings is knowing
the swim. Yet it sounds like a no brainer. It does, but you can drown even when you can swim. So that's the reason they point out that one of the best ways to prevent drowning is learning how to swim right. It is by day they also make a very big point. If, once you kidneys how to swim, you can just be like I you're fine, you gonna, pull by yourself. You like it that this this one article put it like learning to swim, doesn't drown proof your kid now, something like a quarter of deaths by drowning are from kids who knew how to swim. Are people who knew how to swim. So it is good to know how to swim in. It probably will help at some point like any time you get into a poor by it. It doesn't drown, proof you and you need to also be.
Smart in other ways too yeah me, were literally right in the middle of swim. Lessons for our daughter and at you now approaching three years old and it's tough man she's. She doesn't like getting her face in the water, so there's about smart will help yeah, that's a good and the growing, but it now when you're, trying to teach her kid how to swim. That's problematic, so it's a slow process and our case other kids take to it like a duck in the water, as they say yeah. I did. I still remember taking swim lessons, a pretty little kid myself, but I remember I remember the one thing I hated about swim licences that they I had to leave in the middle of thunder the barbarian on Saturday morning, the thirtieth, so I never really got to watch a single full episodes of thunder and the
The thing I remember is realising that, as I was swimming toward the swim instructor, I wasn't getting any closer. In it finally dawned on me. I was like you're moving further away that old trick and she's a gardener incident. I was like there in L. I remember being like other. Such a thing is guile and deception. I had no idea, but now I learned it thanks to my swim, instructor, ideal was. I was terrified of swimming and swim class in what were you terrified about drowning, our yoga, yeah. It is my brother and sister went to swim glass. They learn how to swim. I refused. I was really scared. I would not go a shallow and for many ya. I know I was little scared get, but
I had my mom, I remember very distinctly when I was castles like I was kind of old man. I was like six years old and she she and threatened me, but she said: hey, listen, you're gonna takes one lessons in like July. It's you ve, got to learn how to in July is go to in his was making up dates, but it will say it was July, and then, in June we went to visit my grandparents, whose neighbor had a pool and we were doing that thing where you hold onto the edge of the poor, get up two kids and go around and around and create like a little whirlpool- and I remember very, singly taking my hands off earlier in earlier and taught myself to swim. That day call- and it was because it was- can current and people in front of me and behind me started, letting go a little sooner and little sooner in the deep end and before you know
I was doing a very rudimentary dog paddle and that led to very poor swimming which an idle still have today. Agree swimming around in here, like self taught yeah at its at his teacher, is itself TAT back out of touch still not a gets. Wherever I mean I, I can't swim, but I'm not as far as swimming strokes and proper swimming heritable, I can do a swimming stroke. It's not any good, but I can do that. The technique of it, but the I was on a swim tee. See I never was. It was the worst swim team in the league, and I was the worst ever yet so we're fire in the county. That was your nickname. My worst was pretty pretty much. My worst is the back stroke and then the college's would always put me in a Baxter Kabila. Please don't like. Why are you doing there and now, as a grown up, I note as they were dislike re losing anywhere we're gonna watch, do the backstroke every
time I did the bag show. I would end up like two lienzo. Just about a bearing no differently and what I found the other kid they would inevitably stand up, and so we both be disqualified. Cause. I couldn't stay in my own Lena, eminently codes, I was hilarious, I was never onus, went in and that's where you learn how to do it properly Let me again like an ape those drugs from watching the Olympics, but on its nothing close to me again to butterfly obviously I'll teach you the summer, Naga butterflies, definitely the hardest and put the breast stroke. It's nice, it's a good. It's a good stroke, I'm gonna jump teaching used to swim the summer. Some some strokes, ok, yeah I mean I can do a rudimentary breastwork, but it looks more like I'm just gonna bobbing up and down on early, not going very far yet, but once you once you, if you do what you like. Ah this is what is.
I feel like I know what you're talking about I've had a sensation before too, but you're. Just like a like a frog bidding quite right. You know our aid. So here's another handy rules. If you have a new born or a toddler but anyone it basically about, for they say to the call it touch supervision so like never be more than an arm link away, because it can have been very fast in a swimming pool and a bathtub get off your cell phone put down your Marie Clare in your red book and your readers digest or your men's health sure or your body, builders, weekly or your madman. Jeanne engineer kid. If you have a pool meaning to have that thing, fenced in oh yeah, or even better these days they have those excellent, it's not a hard top, but it's
between hard and the little soft up that that are retractable. So you get But can you go inside and you can you cover that will write up yeah, although By law, you have to have a fence around four sided fence with, like a self closing gate that also self latches to the end, and you have to Greece it with Chris go so little. Kids can't climb lady that anyway right. But it is this fund a what try a he should learn CPR. You should have all the the little lifesaving implements at your pool. Oh another one- and I had not thought about this, but if you have a pool you,
to have a landline too, because you need to keep a phone that works right by your pool at all times. Yes, we need to be like Thurston how Hoover and have a pull that made out of a clam show that a guy who in a white tuxedo, can bring over and sit down on a side table Erlich Hunter Thomson at the Beverly Hills, hotel, bring upon her Thompson, some pointless observer. One other thing I want to say to also if your kid has like an episode that looks like a close call to you here at, but they seem fine,
Then yes, keep an eye on them for that. The idea that they could conceivably have drowned in and they could be developing symptoms and if they start to develop any symptoms and take them to the e r and d, our doctors will very kindly listen to their lungs deceived. They hear any water, easy pc right at the same time, don't freak out like if your kids coughs inspires a little bit and their fine and they don't develop any symptoms at all their fine most likely right, but it does pay to be vigilant in it. It's it is better safe than sorry. Just don't be terrified of your your kid. You know as long as they didn't have anything that you could be like TAT was kind of a drowning episode that has happened,
you, probably in the clear yet it's it's a rare case that kid in Texas, but because it does happen, keep an eye out for sure. On the other hand, though, the media like talking about the stuff supposedly is saved at least one other kids life from the publicity that well. In that case, the happened to another kid later on in the parents had heard about this and took their kid into the yard and saved saved your life. I believe, haven't you also done. Certainly just shown in a pool either. Now I mean this is horrifying. The thought of an infant drowning in a day water ball- is a nightmare scenario- judge
dollar ball, open cooler that has melted ice, toilets of cleaning bucket. Anything they can hold. Something like one inch of water is some is, is enough to drown in an infant and possibly a toddler. I think, to duly cars. People join in cars as well. Yeah bathtubs are actually another one to get this man, so usually people who drown in bathtubs infants or the elderly, but there's a lot of adults who drown in bats hubs and specifically hot tubs. Did you know about this well mean yeah,
get a little drunk. You stand up too fast and your dizzy from the temperature. It's not good in the snow, good combo know what happened to Orville Redenbacher. He was in the hot bath and suffered a heart attack and ended up drowning. Whitney Houston died in the bathtub, and I think, every year, in the U Dot S about three hundred and thirty people drown in their back tub in a year seems like a normal amount right, yeah how many die in bathrobes in Japan in a year by many fourteen thousand? Why it's hell? No, I think they take more hot bad said the soaker tubs do yeah as part of its like part of the cultures. That's the only thing I can think of because they also have like one third of the population of the. U S, too, that's a lot of drowning debts in bathtubs man, man, while they did say too, like the more people die in,
order in car drownings, just because there are more waterfront roadways and then earlier when we talked about the racial aspect, the whole deal, we can just kind of flu past it. Native, alas, skins and indigenous peoples more than white people, because they are more. Then in bodies of water, better, I'll, be far away and have logs and rocks and things underneath the right words yet so that they have more exposure to natural bodies of water than the average American. You anything else, nope, let's drowning. Hopefully we helped in some way consumers come it. Ok,
right and I'm gonna teach you the breaststroke sweet sweet. If you want to know more about drowning, you can type that sets a word into search bar howstuffworks asked of works and it'll bring up something since I said that a cypher listener male call. This first thing I just pulled up on my phone right here. Look at it, but it's about the steed Miller, banded peaches, in the episode one of us from a you, I didn't say The Miller is at all my brothers, or he said someone mentioned the line from Steed Miller Ban. I really like your peaches and want to shake your tree did knows not mention that now this person is out of their might well, he has an email, regardless of jealousy. What the steed Miller been now. The stories, probably not true, but I want you to believe it back in college
youngest daughter was born, I was driving delivery truck for small Otto Parts company. I worked with this old guy and he was probably like forty two and his stories. I worked with this old guy he's, probably like forty. That's me talking so one time he told me that he worked in this auto shop years ago. There was owned by the husband and wife and he had played base for a little while Mr Miller banned in her name was peaches his wife so story was that the line The Miller, really like your peaches, want to shake your tree with Steve Miller, taunting his own based player mean he says true, but the stories like it rang true enough, so I like to think that somewhere there's a couple that owns an auto about part storm.
Zones and to stick to Steve Miller who doesn't want to stick to see Miller? You know that's from Jared Dude. I was in the local market near my house about a year ago lying some it is in tonic by my buddy Chris Coxey know who place basing my band. We were, and being there we're gonna talk about music. His wife's name is peaches, too We are talking about music in this guy who look like like an old southern, I came up and he use like you guys in a band yeah. He was like me: do that area on the flute player in the Marshal Tucker bad. Now else like woe, wow like it Marshall, Tucker Band, is known. For one thing: it's the flute like floral. What's the what's the name of a couple of them,
Bluidy Song well heard it in love. Song can't be wrong that one has that famous flew part, but no. You know that some share, but I can't the fleet part so that the whole intro to do doo, doo, Doo, doo You do do. Do that's all flute I never realized there anyway, a bunch of theirs, said the flu and he is good and he was not the original flattest he's one of these Marshall Tucker bans when those deals, we're sure like to original members, have had twenty twenty flew players like the temptations or something you have it. I still impressive and It's amazing that is impressive and then like anchor man, he whipped one out of a sleeve right there in the store kicks of candles off the table.
Yet say? Marshall Tucker Band is second only to Jethro toll for flute innovation. Ok, that's who I'm thinking! No! They did like awkward one a day have at that wages came full circle, heartless extended. If you wanna get in touch with Chuck me Jerry, you can tweet to us. I met Josh Clark and as well as Cape Podcast Chuck as that movie crush checks on Facebook at Facebook that complex Charles to be checked by it and at slash stuffy shadow city, melting stuff, podcast our support stuck up and has always join us at home on the web. But you should know that come more or less in thousands of other topics has happened com
I myself am hosting a new podcast series called first contact each week. A new on Stan emotional conversations about what it means to be human and how technology is changing, that from engineers coating bots to serve the dating Epstein, intimate conversations with tat pounders will tackle the ethical issues of the future. Now that hackers. Just another layer of our skin listened at first hand Laurie Single! That's me on the eye. Her radio outline apple pie casts more worrying at your pipe cabins.
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