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How Family Crests Work

2011-09-22 | 🔗

After 800 years of creating coats and crests, some meaning has been lost to history, but much has been retained and is still in use. Find out what a mullet on field argent with stags rampant means in this Olde English episode of Stuff You Should Know.

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Then just clerk, those Charles they reach a bright and that needs to step up the podcast. Does I just working and I'm not quite a sick chuck, that's good recouped. Yes, I've been on the sum Orange lemon, good fruit juice planes In itself, quite a bit helped here you either, I think so. Yeah I mean this is like a jam pack dose of vitamin c every day.
Something on the order of like nine nine thousand milligrams. I think I'll go a covey of their eventual alot of vitamin c, but it has helped. I strongly recommend good Arden garden. I think a lot about you see anyway, but in the recommended amount bees. Often too, you know, Margaret Thatcher took a beat while shots were bomb everyday, less popular. Do you wanna talk, family Cresty reads has been waiting for me to ask that typically, you enter the show somehow so to stare have you do you have a fairly crest, I mean I've got a mean other all different. There is a Bryant Shield and I looked up a bunch of them in their pretty similar. So ok, it's probably something like that. As do you. So if you can did a service they would probably like here you go, give us
hundred and fifty dollars, here's your family cress go. Do If you want with it, and now there we research this article chuck. We could be like huckster gamma, ray scammer yeah I mean I don't want to say that these services are all scans, but there is a very high degree of potential that these services are scams. Do you want to know why? Yes, let me tell you: why do you want here? Do not check. I'm gonna, give you the street acts. The family, Crest is so individualise and has been so far. Denies over the last eight centuries that, there is virtually no way for you to find the family crest that you are rightfully own right.
So anybody at the mall or whatever is probably taking you for something right, people them all. They really do I've never seen a year. They have. He asks them all that I'm sure you ran across our lines: lousy like it's, a kind of a sub services, genealogy sites like find you family, Craster, whatever. Maybe I don't gotta malls, it's a problem. That is a problem. We have to go into all the sea. A monkey ask you this The economic stimulus in work- you don't go to Mars chuck- I buy things online, so check there. Not to say that there is no way to possibly find a family crested you're linked to wear that it just simply doesn't exist.
Most likely, the one you're gonna get back for a hundred bucks on line is not necessarily legitimate. There are born of Fiji sources, the very people who keep authority over these things that can help you. It was. How do I get them in a minute, but this is kind of this article turn out to be cool than I expected yak, I'm nothing about the same here and now an all out about it, saying here, that's gonna hunches! Well, let's talk about the origin of family Chris Well, first talk about the difference on twitter, less than ass people. If they had any questions about family crests now and the number one question was definitely what's the difference between a family crest in a coat of arms is really no differences days. I through these days, yes pre interchangeable, it is by. If you go back further and further into history, I found three
explanations for the difference, but here so one is there. A coat of arms was actually a coat for your armor. It basically was a cloth tunic that had your pressed on it to keep the gear armor from heating up in the sun That's that's one another one was there the arm, the crest as the actual crest, on top of your larger coat of arms. That's true, Kate! That's like the college of arms definition of distinction right I don't know, and then the third one is that the crest is belongs to a family while it could have arms is an individual's Valentino. So those are possibly the three differences. Gotcha. But where they come from, where we come from a long time ago, originally
Medieval Times. In the mid twelfth century, they were used to distinguish nights on the battlefield once her all covered with the armor now look alike and then from that. I think they evolve to eventually putting them on the actual shield that they used is protection as just sort of a feather in their cap. Slash, being able to another enemy from one another. I think the cap with the feather in its crest. It is action then eventually, priests. Well, then, it can filter down to people that worked with nights the noblemen like pages and squires, and then eventually, priests started using them and then eventually commoners and poor people. Peasants in the thirteenth century said you know what I want to use it.
He apparently until the middle ages, most of the peasantry didn't have surnames, so they eventually started taking the surnames of the people who, while their feudal lords, that's how a lot of people are linked to prominent families that head family, crests, Oh yeah yeah, I didn't another and then after after jousting and tournaments came about, the crests became even more important, because that was how your page would announce. Your Harold would announce you sorry heraldry, that's what the others is really called under the big umbrella name. Yeah saw heraldry it's the crew. That's the design of omits the registry of omits the way you announced it like come when you were at joust. Your Harold would say like here is Archduke Ferdinand grab his mighty steed he's raid crack. Some skulls and
His crest is as follows. In that you know, then they would describe what was on the on the press on the coat of arms. Sorry, I'm an let's call blazing yeah and well what look in the blazing in a minute. That's her with a whole different thing: ok, but yeah. Why get basically became like your corporate logo for your family and they put it on everything from words, and banners in your house to burning it into bread for special dinners. Those neat thing, so I couldn't find examples of that. I don't think that photography the middle ages, but I'd like to see that you can get a little LE brands for your barbecue Tis Syringa Steak, with, like your initials, now
it's very core. There's nothing called out that there is a lot of things. That is, but it's not call. It is very little in get anything you want just branded in the stake when you're done in the EU, it yeah, but your nipples rights. It is for you from taxes that people in Texas did it yeah I'll bet, there's a big sellers in taxes. So you got, you got the family crest, you have the coat of arms and we're gonna use is energy supply greed, from where I saw a college of arms that originated alley
heralds. I use a coat of arms that UK version of the United States. You can't have it. The one in the United States is the American College of Heraldry, where in the UK, it's the college of arms and those are the best sources on the internet for stuff like this by the way yeah but the another they cost you some coin, you have a date is have good info period. Then I think it's the village it info there's a lot of other stuff floating around out there so check, college of arms. These heralds. They actually became part of the households of these in a royal families, they all banded together and formed a corporation and was actually granted a charter in fourteen eighty, four, I think by Richard the third who said you guys are now the college of arms and they ve been around ever since. Basically keeping track of arms, registering new arms linking in a broken chain of title right. Arm too, you know people who
like today and they've, been doing it non stop. Since one thousand four hundred and eighty four three hundred and sixty five open on Christmas, no, they had their open eleven a m to four p m. I think Monday through Thursday executive authorities there, but it's self sufficient. They they stay subsist on funds they charge for this research. They don't subs, they don't exist, are numb public funds. They say yes. Well, that's good such a course. How was how are these handed down? Well gets kind of complicated, but it's a man's world back then in their generally passed down from male air to male air threat for the most part in Katyn, see you talked about every like individual like siblings, can add their own little mark to their shield. Coat of arms. Like right and it's Kaden see that's that
we'll system they use for each person to have their own individual coat of arms right. So you your father's coat of arms and if you have up to nine signs, if you're attend son you're in trouble, but that they have a system you can take the you take your his coat of arms is your own, but then you add a certain something in depending order of birth, I must say you're the fifth son you're gonna, at an amulet to it, which is a ring than any lingering yeah That's right! That's what I thought is an amulet and emulate is like it's a watch that you swing in front somebody I'll catch. You say like getting lower skills, confused in an? U lit thing has to end its rang. It's a ring like a gold ring, so you add that to a family crest, you can be, like others, the fifth sons, family, crest right. Third son is a moderate.
I felt it you, but when you you can see very quickly like if you're, the third son of a fifth son, the d you know over the course of several generations, these crests are gonna, become different very quickly, and if you want to claim title too, things you have two tracers year, you're lying back to you know where this crest left off right, yeah and, like you have to prove it each time to yeah. I guess I can t I think the further back you got. Probably yes! Well, that's one of the good things about the arm. Knowledge of arms, as you go to him with a wheelbarrow full of money and your birth certificate in your father's perceptive kid. If you can get your hands on it and say he go call me when you done, and they will do the research for you. You wanna rules get really complicated with the Ladys Dante. Yes, very much you that
Well, if you are a woman- and you were born to a man who had a coat of arms and by the way, if you He has a coat of arms is calling our major as family. So if you're born into an arm your family and you're, the only child and your girl. You can inherit the coat of arms family code of on. But as a woman has to be modified like, for example, on the shield in the coat of arms has to be changed and no allows injure riches of diamond shape or in the right because shields or thought of as a man's implement of war are not appropriate for women. Yet, in this article two said, the shield shape was important, but I didn't find it to be true. I found it to be rare that the shield shape matters yeah, unlike in some cases,.
My but usually does it yet so, and I think also that it may have been important at one point in time: within its import was lost, ages, maybe catches, but if you have If you see a circle or a diamond coat of arms, then you're going to say that the woman, but this coat of arms changes depending on the course of her life like if she marries a man who is also form an hour, murderous family. Ah they're going to come. Together and their strict details on how they're going to combine like she can take her coat of arms and put them next to his coat of arms on a larger shield. If she's married, she can beyond a shield right, but hers needs to be sinister, which is the asked if you're wearing the coat of arms the only laughed and then his Dexter, which is right, the threat to have you ever her, therefore Dexter for right. I haven't heard of any of the stuff now tat. We research that set
So that's passing on the coat of arms in the lot of cases, these things were just kind of lost. They just start, and the point is now back track to find where your coat of arms left off in a year. If you're allowed to inherited, then you can pick it up and start over again near locate, Middleton decide when done for the first time because she needed one. Married to Prince William. Well, so she had one designed by offer. She had a peasant eminence test, which basically means yet approve your important she's, like I'm marrying miscarriage so, she passed that very quick and she got Mr Woodcock counts. Woodcock signed her her new pressed, which was as you can see here. It is a policy nice that diamond and ass for acorns Middleton
did so- they got three acorns one representing each of the children, Kate, pepper and Jimmy, where Jimmy James we're close There's a gold chevron in the centre, which is sort of like an inverted v, a reference. The mountains and its goal, because her mothers maiden was goldsmith and irreverence mountains because their big there into scheme as family. So this modern? Yes, we're in a modern, Visigoths Plasma TV. You didn't exactly there's a blue ribbon tied at the top, which mean she's, unmarried and its red white, because the that's the colours of the flag of the UK us and them doing them now. Is that the married Our marrow arms and, I think think way is losing the unicorn I would now is the unicorn wonder about it. You can lose the lion.
Wouldn't lose either of them. You have two. So what's what's what support as she bringing into it? Well, I haven't heard fittest distribution like basin, messing with the House of Windsor Coat of arms. So it's a pretty big deal. You know that is a big deal, but I'm saying like you're bringing her shield in her elements in yet I didn't see. Support on that picks. Well have even said what is supported. No. We should monitor whether some common elements you any coat of arms arm is hodgepodge as they look is often detail. The sparse as they look. If you look closely you're going to see certain elements five things that you're going to find on every single european code of arms. I take it. You Well, you got your shield, that's the main part
generally in the center of the background of the shield is called the field, rightly Guy Muse, its color yeah right, it's the color of the shield. Yet right, that's the field to give a Redfield in its red right, although they won't say red and the boys and we'll get together. Supporters eighties had sketched the south. Have stick vigour Since my report- and I support it and that's like if you look at a common thing, it would be like, like a house of or has a lie and on one side holding it up and then a unicorn for some and, on the other side, the holding it up. It's cool unicorn. I know there's a great reason for it, which we will find out. They are usually the human or animal or something's. That's on two legs and then has the front two legs or arms. Holding up the shield, they're called the support, And let me if they're on two legs, it means there rampant, which is another part of the blazing process. Yet ended. You notice how they this when they describe omit. Is you got it? You have a description. The reader,
yeah. Ok, good is this. This can view that's my favorite part of this whole thing is a blazing. Is it yeah? I think so. I, like the pictures, the pitch so atop the shield. You probably have us a coronet, which is a small crown sitting. On top of that, you have the home, which is a helmet like an item it right with mantling coming off the helmet, which is sorted this flowery little stuff. It could be ribbons or some here as yes and then you have small wreath called the tourists on top of the helmet and then the crest on top of that right and the crest is that most thing can be anything can be like a shaft of wheat or a lion or a dude with his tongue sticking out slot alliance. Yeah cause lines, are careers and breaking with lines and the items you get a motto on the top or the body
that's on a squirrel and the school is on top of the compartment, which the whole thing sits on yet so, like there's a lot of physics involved in this, even though in a unicorn show not one of those cheesy old braided belts to loot around knows it and set down in that is actually scottish and origin. That means that they are followers of a client, built around the shield in the House of Windsor, now that Chuck by one of those cheesy o braided belts, do the loot throughout goes it and set down in that is actually scottish in origin. That means that they are followers of a clan leader. Gather members of a clan. Scotland has their own self, they have their own authority. The Lord Lion, king of arms, is responsible for registering him in Scotland, but that means their members of a clan, and followers, not even leaders the belt looped in, like that means you're foller, a clean member.
It is the sheer we also should mention is many times are divided into different compartments or panels. Many times its quartered. In the case of the House of Windsor, you ve got panel's report, In Ireland, Scotland too, for England, the grease V1 for France. They replace, like its changed a lot over the years and a lot of times when it changes its because urge with springing and elements from the the wife's family, Crest and adding it in right. So I guess thousands who have acorns- I guess maybe that'll, be the supportive of according to the union, but a mutant one growlings or something like that, and so those are the Ellen those are the aspects that you're gonna find in any European shield,
a coat of arms and by the way, Mr Woodcock, who designed the militants, he's he does a lot and he said at a surgeon contact them one time that wanted a calling on his thoughts, and he said it looked rather like a red worm, but he did it. I guess all twenty people back. I was going to say the same exact thing. Mr Kok, so there are certain rules that these things had to follow. Like you said there, there has to be a helmet. There has to be a crown, the the helmet that's showing If you are a night, then you can have the helmet a certain way, like usually devises open in its facing forward? If you are royalty. Your helmet is gold scolding helmet. So like if you are designing around which will get tune of a minute. It there's a certain, but you can't use like you can't be like you. I want to go home.
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easy to keep. It will help you protect what you ve worked so hard for get lifelike for up to twenty five percent off your first year, gonna lifelike, dotcom, slash stuff! That's why flocked outcomes less stuff for up to twenty five percent off the speaking at the colors one that Kanak transcends all nobility or commoners there's you can't have, and I went in double check but this is trip you can't have color on color in a field or metal, a metal in a field DC. Your your coat of arms, for you see it's yellow on the shield, yellow and yes, a guarantee that originally that yellow was gold explicitly golden yeah. If you, every single one there can be wide on a color there, I'd be black color, but there's there. Be like red and blue gotcha. So though there, but there can be like
I don't like silver, gold or bronze on blue or yellow or whatever, but there also can't be like silver and gold, and if you go look closely there, you're not gonna, find a crass their hand metal on metal, colored or color and color and authentic one at least yeah right. Did you know your says, ducks the ESA? Was it that's a third geese over this geese? I think that this method used for sure and it's fun when you just look up the generic Google images, heard image search for your own if you find the case that there are a lot of them, look pretty somewhere than that's, probably a good idea that that's what years may have look like, but I wouldn't necessarily like printed out on a t. Shirt inside this is mine for sure my family has a long history of mistreating geese for flog wrong. Scott. Three geese right now. This is the english version of it vs through scottish version in irish version of Clark. The uprising of man,
The english version is the one that has the geese and at every time I was a Bryant at some point, probably desires. So one ask as a compromise, but the bright ones all look about the same, Yellow Cross, Canna classy. I wish at an animal that I got no animals online. I got three decided on Switch telethon, the English one, at least but mine, sing. A crown ass I was missing, a crowded doesn't have a reef is: has the young? What does the year? Methley mantling has made coming off of a helmet turned to the side with visor down. Actually, I don't have a crown either, but look my helmet goes straightforward, left and right, it's almost as if Rights are always looking in all directions. That's a facing
usually indicates some sort of title or nobility or something so while this is facing left right, it forward its awesome and what's the flag sticking out half is the crest mine also deserve credit. I think that was a currency. I think someone added that, like one, my relatives from Arkansas Arson stuck a flag in the time of it, At a rebel flag- and so I was- I was looking online and there are different registries for just about every european country. Portugal has won the ads. In Asia has the best ones the scandinavian registry, which is like always nordic countries, except for the Netherlands. By the way They don't need it, but they have. They have, in my opinion, the cost. Once I'm, you can go check it out. It's the so see tee ass, heraldic, Ur Scandinavia is going to take it registry in a lot of them, were created in the seventies. I guess there is a resurgence in interest in Heraldry in Scandinavia and the night,
Seventys in Scandinavia periods in Scandinavia. If your Irish, you want to contact the office of the Chief Herald of Iron, Scotland again, the Lord Lion, king of arms, back eyes in charge of not just registering crest but also tartans, and you have to trace your lineage back to claim a tartan. What's a turn its there. You know, like I'm plan, I've never done well yeah, it's like are different types of plants like Malcolm and black law. Getting all that stuff. Those are clear in the it just like crest. That pattern is at its associated with a specific plan Yale and like you Kansas go put on some till we shouldn't be doing that anyway, but if we did, we went to school, maybe like oh you're, amalgam, a ninety like what's my middle name, but I don't think that's my and then just their feet in the air.
Trains. But I wouldn't understand what they are saying that they would be beating me air time. You can't you just like. We can't wear a t shirt. That's like took out my family crest right, even if we haven't made an a painter in the? U S, it's kind of Willy nilly, we'll talk about that in great Britain you can get in trouble is basically like Miss Miss using a copyrighted piece of material or trade mark, or something like that really Heather's laws too, that it is called bearing arms. You have to register to bear these arms the coat of arms and another in America me. Can we ve gone around yet exactly where we can we talk about where we distance all over the map? It really was the service thing had strange flow, I guess you'd say: will you wanna keep talking about you? You can well them to people in some countries are really he can
but another. Are you can welcome the people it? What was so, let's say: you're an american and you want to register your new family, crest, angling, Canada. I couldn't get a definitive answer, possibly if you're a fairly recent british descent by your best bet go to the American College of Haileybury, which is founded and nineteen. Seventy two something went on in the seventies near. In New Orleans and is now a registered corporation in Alabama somehow, but at any rate this is the official organization for registering in America and all other marnoo other than one's a register new. Yet you don't they don't track back because That's just not how it's done in America, Gotcha there's! No nobility there's nothing like that right arm. So it's like you,
create your own in register it and started their sense like something that's worthwhile. If you're into that I'm into it now, are you gonna? Do it all right. Let's talk about blazing, which we mentioned earlier Yes, blazing is the description of the coat of arms, and it's really specific in it. Got its own language and syntax and let us all over the man well really. It's actually really like. If you can read it than its that's the point as not all over the map, because what you wanna do. If you want to be able to hand your blazon over to an artist and not say what I'm look for her height is handed over and they look at that may know exactly where everything goes. That's so it is the day option of what it looks like without having to put I'd like this line to be this color and move em over here a little bit and put him on the left there, I'm on the right.
Extra sinister, exactly so arm, the rules are sort of an overview. You big and by describing the field in which he said is the background is usually just a color that you're gonna say and this is of the shields right. This is of the code of arm? Ok, so you begin describing the field which is of the shield and if it's a complex field, though you gotta described the variation after the color like red, chequered or route chequered, red and white. Any came to say that it's like indifferent language do which will go over with the shields divided? describe house divided with its quartered or have benefits Zappala Vertical I described hours of each sub field.
And use words like Dexter and chief, which means the top and sinister, and they know what all this means. Is there really smart, the prince charge, which is anything you see on your coat of arms like a tree or a flower, is a charge, basically any emblem, you gotta described that next and the color than the charge any its around the charge like if you're lying, building a of arrows, everything of daisies Ego, described that or spitting there's out of his mouth. Exactly then you have to describe. The panel's one panel in time. If your shield has many panels Gotta go from left. The bottom and left or right as if you're reading.
And all this is done and basically so they know exactly what to do, and you have licence after that to draw it. However, you want so like what like like this, I ve realized yeah, exactly got and as long as you get all the components right than that which it can be drawn a number of ways, and it doesn't matter what about like enemy. You could do enemy, gets a lot of its in French, because I'm a lot of the english clerks wrote in French at the time that this was was big and We did mention animals and, I said rampant me standing on their legs rampant guarded, standing on your legs and facing the person whoever's looking at it pass. It means you're, walking, sergeant major sitting in Couchant messenger lying down about. That's gonna money gets here on the couch ideas. This thing so here's one example: I'm looking at a shield that has a tree it split
the middle green on one side while on the other, and then me against the white background. The tree is green against the green background. The tree is white and its uprooted. You see the roots of the tree, so the way this is described as party per pale, Argent invert. The tree eradicated counter changed. Yes, so whoever does this reads that and they say oh, I know that means parted means is divided and half pale means split vertically Argent invert mean silver and green, and eradicated means the tree is pulled up by the roots and counter changed is when it's in the white collar on the green in the green color in the white. Somehow that mixed I mean it's just like learning another language, that's exactly what it is and what you do, then that's pretty cool. They tried to do, namely lazy to speak in that, like let's be, I was kind of hoping you're gonna. Do it like a British
but once you know enough, for these words, if you see a sentence like that, you can can assess it out a little bit. So what you just did that it's not just the description for the artist. It's also blazing is what the Herald like Paul buttony would have said. Is that what happens yeah? I didn't see anything about that yeah. If that's, that was what they did. That's how they described just the knight set up with the lance, he would say, prepare urgent invert by the Blair. Yes wearing this. Second, basically, it's almost like in this corner wearing black round with the white trim, is Thyssen I wonder if they followed it up. The tree eradicated camera changed a k, a Ricky Make it easier here this? How do you know maker, exactly Ricky, the widow maker and I'll? Do we see where they came from where they started?
Europe. Now, while European Rome, no it's it's either. It's definitely european western European, It started in England in the maybe the twelfth century, early thirteenth century, or it came from Northern Europe right like Scandinavia, Brought down by William the conqueror in about the twelfth century and really took root in England, and then you can spread from their catch rethink of England. Is the heart of this and for good reason he had started. There really started to spread to the rest of Western Europe from England, where I can get beaten severely if you do a runner by Scots, whereas we don't carrier by begbie governments, a lot of times will have like like each state has
seal. The United States has a the seal of the United States, the great deal of United States not quite the same, but sorted the same as a coat of arms like a lot of states. Have them I'm sorry. It's only a few states have a coat of arms. They all have a seal right, but some have a few of them. But there's a difference. Yes, eel is what they use on documents like the state seal. The herald, a device which is a coat of arms, represents the state itself technically or the differences are covered They look different well yeah, I guess the seal of Ohio that has a bunch of wheat with a sign on some. You know, farmland right that doesn't follow the heraldic,
yes for some unknown like for my, has a seal and a coat of arms, but both contain a pine tree, a cow and she's of grain. So there can be similarities. I recall Reagan's in a lot of president's. Most president's have had their coat of arms done up nicely yeah, because the present oh yeah, that's a big deal for them. Around Reagan's has a stallion a black stallion atop his shield within actors mask the little drama mask on the horses chess, you know the current looks like it looks like the young, the logo, the Rocky Balboa war, the back of his roadway, does because its yellow and that's what we're, ok and then there's his shield is divided. I wish I could speak it in the blazing terms, but she'll
Divided horizontally black, on top the alone, the bottom, with an eagle and bear representing the California yeah and then factor Nonverbal is his motto: witches deeds, not words. The outbreak and better that bear the notice his tongue sticking out here and is holding was called that Somalia, the STAR Party, on the rise the hell for business in the front party. In what does she got? Actually, I can read Reagan's if you want a bear had sable, armed and languid gills, holding between its forepaws a Mollet Argent Silver on a chief sable standing on a do call coronet or a falcon argent, armed and languid ghouls wings displayed an inverted spring,
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it's better with blood. We now know that a silver star is a Moloch Argent, exactly autonomy by the japanese single sky, Japan has its own set of family Christine? Actually there's about ten thousand of them? They estimate They don't have nearly strict standards. I read that suppose it, They were originally given out to people of samurai class are high. Remember samurai were pretty high up in the strata but only that has been relaxed and overtime, lots of families have us Crest, called le Monde, show or a car. What does it mean, show or come on or man poor, poor, poor and, like a number different families? Can
the same crest, gotcha right and they users on a tombstone, Stuart yeah? That's a good way if Europe of Japanese, relatively recent japanese descent em, if you can get a picture of your grandparents tombstone or ask your grandparents if they're still living, they should be able to tell you what your family crested, but usually there. I'm circular compact can you metrical representations of things like flowers or leaves bells, or something like that, and this time I mean I looked up lists of coats of arms and it's like every country and even cities and states and people, and had no idea you put that into it, be honest. You mean are going to make us think.
Airily Heraldry, Harold, heralded yeah, wonder Emily's sent a bug in boy there be german bigtime, german, Dutch. Since Dutch to me I know she's german, ok, but I mean I don't know, maybe further back it was that you know you know who knows the college of her Heraldry the german version of its what he had a point down for that any idea. I said I still I know to find your family's Mantua is a hundred bucks. I found a place called Christina requested Q. Why, as tee, I Ada Comic, think there's a hundred bucks to do the research flesh. You may have a macho yeah. Trusting yes by again be wary of. There are legitimate authorities they? U can deal directly with,
black for money. There are, they will give you the real deal info and they may say there no press that you have any kind of clean to whatsoever, write anything. Where you can turn to the american registry me like I'm on a start and then start now, right, yeah register your own, and you even says on the on the document that they give. You like. You have to name your air. Is that that document they illegally are entitled to the family crest, and then they can create a document saying this is her, I'm leaving it to her So you can start if your American, if your british, you can start to, I believe, all of the different countries let use
register in your own right, like Kate Middleton Catch, but there are also the places where you want to go to find. If there's one already in existence that you can claim right or that you could add a cadence to right, yes and patrol model, but plasmas canteen and they go out of the family pride thing is, I didn't seem to be as big of a thing it these days, which can sat on yeah. I guess it is it's the kids he says it's, the its emblematic of the breakdown aside agreed a case that's it for family crests, a coat of arms, a k, a heraldry. Yes, I have you, I know more about it. You can well just type in family crests. Has the efforts that com, and that will give you some pretty good background and then do a lot.
Research yeah. You should also, if you want to do if you want to look for your family crest. The real thing look for, like type in France, are registering family trust in France. The strain coat of arms in France or Germany or whatever my image. You should be able fine, like the official government version for that country and is a good place to start. So let us get you got ducks and geese. I think I've got enough and I wish you dont have geese. That's all that's worse than nothing. I think it's gonna thought when I saw that I definitely bottles pretty and also my last name. Clark is a variation of clerk which means from a long line of pencil, pushers and look at you, I my family drives You can be proud and eagerly and that some twenty right yes or make cleric, which I find it down,
light, some point in the less like and a half, I said Henry Search BAR, which means is time Chuck for listening that's right, you know my dad claims. He traced her family back to the Vikings. He told me that, like a month ago, their member, he traced our family tree back pretty. Well, I said it, but how far to get you to the Viking, someone really he mentally come? Oh, I wish I knew some liking for foul play is making Randy MOSS. These amendments are a listener mail. Today this is actually Facebook gaming with Chicken Josh. And if you saw last week, I had a law that it is often the ancient and fine like like this one, which was I give the fancy. Synopsis were a movie and you title it and people while for the stuff- and so here was the movie. I came up with a natural disaster.
We, too are rural, small town, destroying the only school when no funding- and No funding and little help a young but carpenter reveals it as an old time one room, schoolhouse along the way, the private comes in national sensation, anyone's the heart of a beautiful young teacher. So we got lots of good titles O Brien Day, lessons of the heart, Samantha Smith, back to basics, totty, step home room, a gaping impact debate fix and nodded Kumar the education really. A merchant cubes Don Quixote sure of love, not bad. A rustic arrest me love out of nothing at all. Engineer, windswept Mona or Body Mona hot. For teacher, there was a few hot for teachers by the way Marmara learning curves. That sounds almost like to mean Junction ear. It causes
David Robinson learning to live actress Crawford gave us erecting hope, that's probably what they would call it only when he maybe a key lattimer foundations. Tammy You saved by the Bell B, L l e out, Michael Needle measure, twice clever measure twice cut one system, although I usually cut once and then cut your throat M, M, J, J, rice, four walls, one roof, endless hope and then there were some funny ones through Chandler. His title is this one school houses, a metaphor Jimmy Raby covered hers was maybe maybe like that's the carbon loosely, Kyle Bets Captain Squaw Bear in the house that God built Jason Carpenter
yes movie ever starring Tom Hanks Terry admire the one roomed house, the store of a wonder and house then our own Rob Shep son of Twister nice. It's fine disruption for most of them, make you smarter which you can find on the zoom network, zoo market player? You know what else you can find nothing. I don't and soon but out there on the internet. Say I don't know items are your book specific audio book two in an ongoing can advance buttery series, learning and sporadic series. These superstar guy. This one is the stuff you should know: Superstar Guide, to happiness, yeah right, storing my niece Isabella, that's right of kicks the whole thing off
the happiness, and here is the here's. The clincher, it's not a happy of an audio, we'll cover a lot of really said stuff about happiness right. We talked all sorts of x, audio, we'll cover a lot of really said stuff about happiness right. We talked elsewhere to experts. We talk to one of the founders of the change Human Movement, David Pierce, we interviewed folks here, we re in a lot of interviews. Does it sound design? Is Jerry just pull out all the stops? it's three, ninety nine on Itunes, he apparently too little more and other places like the Us He'S- are having to pay six nineteen, which is crazy because the dollar is weak right. Now, that's what they said by not happy, sir. I remember within two thousand eight Canada went crazy because they like we're not anymore this book is worth the same of and booksellers. If there were like a character it up with ideas, man, no, they said. Okay, I waited
in England, I think they said it was a few forty nine to quit. Forty nine pence, though I haven't even after they say this, I think, is the right yet to forty nine pounds, pat to pounce forty forty nine. Hence so you can get an item. I now the search, good ideas search, superstar guide to happiness in opening it up, and if you dont have our economics, the Heavy reserve guide. It's right there to set Evergreen. Yes, is it somebody asked in in I mean it's about our now. Economics worry us through. The media was framed through the collapse, the recession bright, but buddy tells you there have been very clear in the stomach and then also, if you want more as wires K, you can listen to us and a view fm. You What is it now
point, one in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut Metropolitan area, and what is it for the Hudson Valid ninety point, one Hudson Valley, ok and then coming soon. Everything goes right, you'll be able here similar, yeah. How would radio station in the anchorage it's it's? You have voiced by thirty three percent yeah that's coming down the pike. There were excited about that you and then, if you wanna play fine Facebook gaze visit Facebook that consular stuff. You should know, I'm? U can three to us. We are at as why escape. I guess you can send a squirrel fashion, electronic mail Few stuff, podcast House of works that can't be sure to check out our new video podcast stuff from the future joint Housetop work staff, as we explore the most promising and perplexing
possibilities of tomorrow brought you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready for you. I am Bobby round. Welcome to my party, has beyond the baby you show from I heard radio, I'm here to be sitting down different people each week that I think we can all learn from. I hurt radio is number one for pod cast, but don't take our word for listen to the on the beauty. I hurt radio up Apple Todd cast or ever you get your package because we all have something to learn about. The real me
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