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How Going to the Moon Works

2019-07-16 | 🔗

Fifty years ago, the first humans stepped onto the moon. After going back a few more times, humanity lost its taste for moon travel. But it’s being revived again. NASA is planning to send humans back to the moon by 2024 and build a moon base by 2028. 

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Fiftieth anniversary chunk of the first time humans ever set foot on watch all start. Your part gas, well, a giant leap forward by gas. That's a year as a really good now aren't shown a boy that was dumb alighted though This serves as a companion peace to our June, two thousand fourteen up certain space race yeah and was the moon landing a hoax. We did our into cheese dvd that silliness so long ago, two dozen nine ten concerns about right, think we landed on it not being a hoax. Correctly at that's right, yeah. This is a good companion. The space raise one hour. I can watch the the full CBS broadcast of this took forty two minutes. Long really go! I mean
They drank aids, can a cry and it's easy. While he was a big crybaby fishery. One knows there were chronicle. He cried the drop of a hat cry kite. Basically, you should have seen him in principle. I got married war. No a boy so arm. There's nothing wrong with crying Walter now, so chuckle reading about that that transmission and the it's pretty amazing that the world to see Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin bouncing around on the moon in the sixties. Yes, in the sixth like at the end of the sixtys, but still this is far the way the first time anybody ever done. Anything like that, yes, but what I did not no. Until this very day is that the guy who invented, basically, D D. The whole set up for this for Westinghouse Chatter carried this out when he saw that that that transmission come through. He cried. He was here had a heart attack. It was way way worse, visual
Then it was supposed to be Ok, he was upset the picture quality. Yes, he mine. I know That's what I'm saying is a little like you see this year like while it's really good. No, this apparently he had not acted in the pressure that had to take place from the signal like. If you see the wrong signal get like gives his Crispin in clear or you Imagine you will be. It turns out. Nasa lost the the magnetic tapes that have the original wrong signal on at night, but where was compressed for tv it, it kind of mess it up a little bit but He apparently went with it and was likeness still good, where broadcasting live from the moon year, which is meaning it down than back up than back down liquid. What does he expect? I guess who's observer perfectionist so heart attack the dramatic war I said he had a heart is our thought. He literally had a hard, no, no! No! No! No!
May I speak and figured you sure, beads Cronkite, he kissed fell right. Oh you know, it's funny is Cronkite Miss the second half of the quote. He said he said that small step for man. I didn't catch that second part and then a couple later when Neil Armstrong, a song about the the so he could he goes and you know it has a great quote than just kidding you now, I'm serious. So in Armstrong. He says that great quote, and then he quickly can it goes into work mode and he's is talking about the surface of the moon. How looks like a charcoal, thus, basically six and Cronkite interruption: Basically, in talks over him he's like ok, we have the second part who bear He said one giant leap for mankind hurricanes and I have never seen that broadcasting mechanical shared simulation going. So you can you know I really corny. Looking sixty seven nation on the lunar,
landing, and then it picks up with the life it does. It look like mountain climber on the work that the prices there was an unlike that so if you haven't called on yet we're talking about the APOLLO eleven moonlighting Chapman on July Twentieth, nineteen sixty nine, There is a lot of work that went up to that just happen overnight and it actually I started a lotta people trace it back to that speech. That John Kennedy gave a rice university in Houston text, nineteen sixty one, I believe, make sure. May twenty fifth yeah one thousand sixty one and yeah where he said that he SK. We challenge the United States to go to the moon. To put a man on the moon. For the end of the decade, error right. He said we go to the moon, not because it is easy, but because it's up there
marking us when we sleep his fight insane, and I'm told its era made of cheese otherwise quality bring these over. That seems to this time burning, George, so yeah This is what really I mean the space race had been going on and, like I said, we did a pretty good show on that. For a better on June, two thousand fourteen sir, but you know most of the nineteen fifty were consumed with, the Russians and the United States, or the Soviets rather just sort of while we were in second place, but just one after the other like out there doing this, and we gotta do this right. You're doing this and we gotta do this year in war or both pursuing the same goal of his beating as to almost every time by three months here, which is for the world to be like the boy we get, the last laugh
did but that's what came in bankruptcy community who is doing well, you can thank Reagan for that yeah, that's what Kennedy was doing was here. Upping the aunties like all right enough for this tit for tat stuff, we're going really stick at home Andy said we're going to the movie to put a person on the moon, a man on the moon, but you know if it were today, it's a human yeah and I think you know we'll talk more about, what's actually gained by a man like sitting a person to the moon, but beyond that. It was very much a symbolic thing right to to do this and to beat the Soviets their rights and to plant. There american flag firmly in that lunar soil. But that's one. One big reason why it was televised live from the moon number one we were showing, we might see the moon world, it was broadcast around the world, but to it documented it as proof that we're up there to most people. Documented as proof attract, but then
so there is a certain amount of bravado in the fact that we were broadcasting from the moon Lasher. So not only did we accomplish this one feat of so many people to the moon were broadcast. It at lie with yet another feed as well, so we had who Ranger programme from sixty one sixty five- and these are things at all. You know, like you said it was a long process, yeah building up to actually putting people there and it's easy to overlook that they, like every every mission that was carried out was a test or they are trying to just build it by step by step, including, like the laundress rehearsals, yet So the Ranger programme for four years at nine missions, their collecting data- basically do say, here's how we can do this in sixty two ranger for reach the surface but crashed Within two years after that range or seven sent back more than four thousand photographs night at Rangers, six made it, but the camera failed
but give this ranger three and five missed It was then amazing that we were able to, but people on the moon and bring the back safely in a very short time. Like when you imagine all the things that can go wrong and what year it was, is just it's not to think about. Yes, are you said? rangers seven. Landed in nineteen. Sixty four and sent America back its own first yeah of the moon? Five years later we put humans on the moon, that's a very short amount of time. The soviets were the first to without these rangers, they were basically like. Take pictures. Take pictures. Take pictures crash right right, but the Soviets were the first ones. You actually and gently land a spacecraft. On the moon without just crashing into it. They also the first to the very first step with lunar orbit. The second one was crashing on the moon and then the third step was
and softly on the moon and the Soviets beat us every step of the way the which sows kind of them. Gutsy C4 Kennedy to be like we're, gonna, be first to the moon, because we ve been, we ve, been behind every step of the way. I'm a bit. The moon was like the meteor. What's goin on a bit of here for a long time, and now there just a lot of activity in our part of my people, a crash and serve on me dude he's come at me to jump on me. Those amounts quote so All this led up to obviously these these tests pre flight test on the ground, which Some ended in tragedy: oh yeah, one nay, notably in nineteen, sixty seven, a fire swept through the APOLLO command module and killed Gus Grissom. At White and Roger Chappie, and that was some with this as fixation
and after reading up on it, there was like there were so many things wrong, like their space suits, were flammable area. Had a hatchet door that opened in unlike took a long time to open, while the the fire itself created a vacuum that made it impossible for the hatch to opening theory, it was impossible for that had show. It was a really really sad accident, but it might have been one that was like, like a wish there people involved, but it might have been something necessary to you now get everything right. It definitely the mentality of the space programme and in that safety became even more important. Yet I think Gus Grissom was the first of the Mercury seven to die oh, really, very sad, yeah forty one years old was Is forty one? He looked whale, it's crazy like what forty one why There was a guy. I think everyone is thirty. Two sixty look the same pretty much in allocate deliberately much so we ve with
on. The lunar about we ve crash, landed on the moon. There's a there's, a bunch of firm steps that we were taking in this that made up the space raise one of the next one was to get somebody outside of earth orbit around the lunar orbit. Big deal the Soviets Venus there too, by just very shortly after that. I figures APOLLO seven spent bunch of time orbiting the earth. I think they made it too oh. I know the big the big thing about APOLLO seven, so we ve gone. We ve gone from, like Pioneer Ranger and PAM Pioneer Ranger surveyor into now. These are crude missions. The APOLLO program, APOLLO one in tragedy, and then it oh seven- is where it really search it becomes. If he were, things are really picking up by leaps and bounds. This is nineteen sixty eight less than a year before we would lay and on the moon in a policy
a big one is that this is the first time there were testing the in module that we we used to send Armstrong in all draining Collins up to the moon. Yesterday they or ordered the earth a hundred and sixty three times and spent almost eleven days in space. So that was a big success. This was Walter Share Junior Don T, oh and Walter Cunningham from old Sarah and then APOLLO aid was a big deal, is happening. So, ass, I was really seven was in October, yeah Paolo eight was in December by name here, and this was first one to use the Saturn rocket, which was a big big deal yet inside Iraq, Some you can actually see one on its side, walk right under it Kennedy space there bringing museum right and on its bigger than I think, a thirty six story. Building is just this. Normally powerful rocket and dumb when they started
seeing the Saturn. This is. This is like when the and showed that it would work when people started Eliza were actually we might do this right? Can we do tested out the command module and now the Saturn was up in the southern came in three stages: there was the the first stage that produce, like seven point, seven million pounds a thrust regional more than you know you pretty when you jump up in the air I looked for an analogy confined any good. Compare no big Macs is allowed to thrust yes. This is the thrust of the d got that this is the launch thrust. I got you out of the gravity of the bulk of the grab me and then so that first big old stage would fall away and then the second stage, got you all. The way out of earth gravity and then the third stage that second seizure following in the third stage would propeller to the moon, so the three states
rocky and by the time that third stage head had fired and got you at the top speed you're going something like twenty? five thousand miles per hour in a little capital at the top of a rocket and it was, there was a very amazing rocket in this test. I will go to my grave saying that, and this test of the APOLLO mission showed that it would work or power nine follows just two and a half months, three months later, and this one was a big deal because it actually practice variant. And procedure which was the dock. Between the command module and the lunar module. So you get this Saturn right, that's providing the juice, then the command module, which is where sit essentially, where you're you know your flying what would you think of as the the spaceship it's like the crew quarters? Yes, yes, where the Who is this where the finest, where their beaten and pupil in and sleeping
and then you actually need to land on the moon, and you don't do that in the command module. You do that in the lunar module great, but those two guys have to connect right. So the command module on module for launch are facing the same direction, but once they get out into a lunar trajectory. I die. Could I find why they designed it like this? Could neither but the big, Luther module that thing that You ve seen lean on the moon that looked. Totally ungainly ungainly had do blast off. It was tethered it blast off turned around and then the red docked with the commission. You will know how to know about the enterprises that their heads is something they just couldn't figure out a work around four I would love to aim by who knows. Please. Writing is so that we can all over four but consider this chuck. You head two pieces of equipment that were facing the same direction.
And you had to turn one around and face the other one in space at twenty. Five thousand miles per hour. You so that's pretty precedent and they were able to do in a sixty right. So this was this is APOLLO. Nine was the first to show this is this is working this is going to work, so they did that and then APOLLO ten, was the one. This is the last one in the dress rehearsal, the APOLLO ten astronaut, you could call them this study is, I guess I just really took it further t be emulated everything but touchdown them. Yet they brought this. So they did this whole docking procedure, where the the lunar module was blasted, often turned around and NOS two knows connected the command module, and then They did the lunar landing thing where they blasted off The lunar module brought it down within fifty thousand feet of
moon service and then took a back up and red docked again. I wonder there like right here. Maybe we should decide wanted Surely they joked at least yeah, probably so, but this a lot of humor going, and I would hope so. But the whole mission, though, is you got this this command module, lunar module and the command module when the lunar module goes down to the moon and then back up the command modules. Is flying around in the lunar orbit waiting to rendezvous. Again, so they did everything, but touchdown came back and when they came back, they said we're ready That's it we're ready, you his hand, and I was like two months before a hollow eleven left off. So you take a break, I think so. I must take a break and talk about the stars of the ship APOLLO eleven.
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but I said, opted out I like to explore. Nonetheless, if you actually want to check out the first ever see Ex thirty check it out among the USA, dot com, slash Iheart or, if you're, trying to check it up. I already them pull up to the local deal, ship today also want to show APOLLO ten by the way, I'm so the polo eleven, the command module was named. Colombia and the lunar module was famously named Eagle in APOLLO ten. The command module with Charlie Brown in the lunar modules Snoopy, which I love, was pretty sweet. So everyone knows the the three human beings that we set up in a power eleven, commander? Neil Armstrong
I'll, be there are three: that's what he did. The he set up there with the commission. No important, Michael, calling your command model Violet Michael Collins and you really like. We want to sing his praises because it still to be known as the other guy. I would imagine sure everyone remembers those other two names ass, grudge adultery. They get what they got to walk around on the moon, while Michael COM this essentially baby said yeah module in the command module young hose, wear them to come back. That's that's unselfish it extreme and I'm sure they were assigned these roles because of their. You know what they train for to be the guy the psyche. You know what it's ok I'll be. There were three that's what he did the he said. There is the command module, majored stayed in orbit and must rise, waited for the duty to come back so pats after you, Michael Currency, up aright. So
July 16th, one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine nine hundred and thirty two in the morning, I'm so excited APOLLO, eleven liftoff from JFK Space Center in Cape Canaveral. It's no coincidence there, He said: go get em name it after me? so it was it. It was a huge moment for the sort of the end of the space race. You know, if it all went well, if it all went well, remember we'd practiced everything up to actual landing yeah we'll get the landing in a second bite, Buzz Aldrin later said that he was the man sorry about the landing, because there are the most unknowns, the most questions remaining, because it was the one thing that hadn't been studied and practised in done, for him and it was up to these guys. This is the last thing, the last part of this whole and no one had done it, and so, when they took off nine thirty two. They went through every
Does one preliminary stage fired? Fine second stage fired, find the third stage God into a lunar trajectory- and I think they travelled this Two hundred and thirty eight thousand miles over about two and a half days before started to reach lunar orbit area, so on July Teeth is when they enter that orbit, they spend about a day. Their sort of you know there's a lot of checking on things. You don't just Gillig plough With her your plan, you take a day when you get up there to make sure Things work in their check in the communication system, then basically preparing for the big the big show up. Convincing Michael Collins that he couldn't common sorry still drawings draws up there in the orbit. So here is the kind of cool thing that I think. Maybe if you dont know this full story It's really pretty remarkable. Is the lunar module was supposed to basic land on autopilot, right
they saw where they were headed. They didn't. You know the moon doesn't have atmosphere, they had never really done there No, they didn't know exactly how to violate their altitude and airspeed and lies in short order. They were heading toward a crime, with very steep sharp rooms and landing either on those rooms or down in that greater was no good, so Neil are John said screw it. I'm gonna fly this be down. He did he wasn't even the lunar module pilot he just took over it. I guess his commander yeah, because if they were crash I was gonna be on him. I need to see this movie movies No, not yet and there's another documentary, I think just called APOLLO. Eleven that's coming out. O it'll of out cause we're releasing this around the ok anniversary. So I think it came late June, maybe on CNN or something yet so so we had to take over the controls in again. No one had ever done this before. Guys landing. Lunar module,
physically manually. Yet in this is unscheduled, he did make the thing tremble, for their away from the spot. It was going to land, and so when they finally landed, they had something like thirty seconds of fuel That's not. It was a little harry and there is a very famous quote that came out of the eagle. Lander said Houston. This is tranquillity. Ass. The eagle has landed and tranquilly earth. Houston said, thank goodness. Yeah he's in action said you got a bunch of guys about the term blue were breathing again and enough. That was Charlie Duke who was it the cap come on the ground and he has some, but he would later be up in the air and APOLLO. Sixteen pretty neat and I'll bet he was wearing a tie with short sleeve dress, but probably so
but all those guys war here. The problem back then, was you- can never tell car salesman apart from regular hate, permitting the near a teacher. I bet your dad rock that oh well, into the night. Yes, but the older pocket protection, so they landed and they were gonna abort their mission right there and go right back up, will then know they. They set it up so that they could a boar at the drop of a hat if they had to, I think his per okay. I thought they were going to abort. No, no. I think they they first thing they did was prepare foreign aboard gotcha something went wrong. They wouldn't have to prepare to abort again you that makes more sense express the button and take off our effort cut down their cyclists, go back out, I'm having second thoughts about being the first person a walk on while adds at that actually does make a lot more sense and because what they were supposed to do is take a four hour rest for safety, but they work
oh h and goes in the right. Now we're gonna work through the sir, it still too four hours just to get out onto the moon, but they were hard at work. The whole time they weren't taking us news here, which I guess men it would have taken them. Eight hours had they taken thence Nunez, but they did tickets news. Later on yet said something that I didn't realize about their moonlighting. They spend told, of twenty one hours on the moon in only two half hours of it out walking around on the moon, the rest time they were in the lunar module, including said and a half hours of sleep, I mean they needed it. I was like: how did they sleep about very sound? I thought I'd go. Drugs already took drugs, they did not. They head sixteen tablet seeking on them. They took zero, although later later, lunar landers, would would take a significant amount of seek an all, but as Aldrin and Hum Neil Armstrong,
taking a signal, although it did take decks, Hadrian tablets during the mission to their pepper, ok, which is hilarious, which means they probably crashed I guess so, but they were not any shaped his sleep, but they still suffers and a half hours. I bet that some of the quiet, asleep I don't know. I was really, I would be too excited the yeah. I guess so, maybe two being therein having already gone, walked out on the moon. When you come again. Right refer arrest. Yes, our six hundred and fifty million people watch this it's about a fifth world population. At the time Armstrong spent about twenty minutes out there himself which I imagine was something else. It's not like. Aldrin crashed his words a common line with twenty. It's out on the moon by himself like he's just a tardy, even fathom what that words was, or would be like now, even then Aldrin follows him down, and his description of the lunar surface was magnetic.
Desolation and I'd never knew there before you yeah her that that's pretty cool and they started work and they started collecting samples, surface material moon rocks Scully taking note notations, unlike what the gravity was like right, because it wasn't no gravity. It was one sixth of the earth's gravity, so you know they they were able to shop around and jump around, helps you to earn a swimming pool kind of yeah. Have you seen that of footage of Jack Schmidt from Polish Seventeen? Now he keeps falling down, Africa Heel, I carry collection, beggars, prince of energy, they drop any been overrun, get it in a kind of come back up and then like based, almost somersault, accuse having a really hard time and they figured out like pretty quickly you He walk on the moon, especially in these space suits. Yet the heartbreak you have to hop, but I think in hopping is not just like innate well sure. So you can follow
but if you're learning curve right, but I I did not see that bus, Aldrin or Neil Armstrong fell down meaningful down. Who was at the felt I actually met from APOLLO seventeen classy Jack, that was his Hey I dislike up astronaut falls down. That's a pretty finalize. Firstly, if you listen to react sex or another tat. So and in that american flag, that iconic flag drop or flags stick or flag rays you call that all of the above commie poke it's a great drink to other way the commie poker so The pole went in the first like six inches or so very easily, and there like, is a breeze, and then it had something super hard and Sarah, like it's not so easy, so they had to leave the flag back, yeah. They they kind of
wriggled back and forth right. Thank you because I realized We can see what I was doing, but I am in doing this is really important in doing that. They created ripples in this flag and death Then that's what moon, hoax people point to railing moves Luther's theirs. I went on the moon yeah there like Hauser Wind, you idiots. Obviously this is here on earth and dad is the That is the explanation that when they were wriggling it back and forth gotcha created ripples and that you can see in footage fashion. Moving around the flag and the fight's ripples remain static right so no there's, not any wind on the moon, but that's not win. Did that to the flag on the moon yeah. I saw that six years ago. They they feel pretty good, that most of those flag what are their seven and all six six, I believe, are still there They should still be thou know how they would fall off the moon.
Well not fall off, but just did the temperature, swings on the man. It's true. There was a lot of surmising that they wouldn't have survived the stuff, ok, but really yeah. And the solar radiation and everything. Get all that stuff, but it did dumb. It did say that they took a lot of pictures of the various times a day and they think they have found, and I think they found APOLLO eleven, but you know you it's not like they can get it from the surface of these are all areas shot set, so their computer like shadows basically goes in saying, oh well, it looks to me like this: is the flags really here so early still standing ices with that's the think you can tell, but if it's right and they went up in Oh yeah. I guess I'm right here this evening, job at NASA check be like the shadow improves its stand, but in all four APOLLO Levin they collected about fifty pounds of lunar material, took much pictures took to court tube samples.
And what you said spent what two and a half hours other disruption having a good time, having a good time in twenty one, hour's total. Descended on a crash course to the moon surface and where great crash site is no one knows it's enough why? For about twenty one, a horse, the lunar module, went through no one realizes what that's the sounded and makes them this right and went up in rendezvous with the young, the the can command module. It were in a very was growing. Aggressively Michael Collins is like girls, quiet for the rest of the trip, but they understand again. We like they, we docking procedure and after launch it when it and a voodoo docked with it. They got out and then they said so Long Eagle, thanks for everything here, blasted it off again and just send it on a crash course to the moon surface and where its crash
It is no one knows it's an unknown site by deeds on their some, but that's what they did. They said use the eagle. They go down come back up and then they sent it back to Mama. So what happens on the way back its? Is it there's two scenario, the oxygen either. Those two guys can't stop about it. Michael coincidentally, dislike yea where I was going or Michael colleges like girls. It like guys like you, you wouldn't understand the every two wicked we describe. It would make sense to your brain. Yet those of people like that that solar eclipse either one of the goals of bad right yeah really had to see totally. Do you know he didn't just forget it? Does it that a bad outcome for Michael Collins either pretty patted the long flight home but it's amazing that they were able to not only read Doc right but that they were able to splash down in Hawaii alive yet there is one other part, so the command,
your technically had another part: the service module that head like the oxygen in the water and all that stuff, and they ve these got that on the way back in and then the just the command module may its entry back into the earth's atmosphere in going again about twenty five thousand miles per hour and we're heating up to something like five thousand degrees Fahrenheit, and they created this heat shields. They knew work because they tested on former polar other APOLLO missions. I mean still every time you got three guys in a little tiny capsule going twenty five thousand miles an hour hurtling toward earth with the outside temperature of five thousand degrees. It's kind of here so yeah when they splash down off the coast to Hawaii, who is a big big deal like it had been, it had been successful and actually the deep state primary objective. The primary mission of APOLLO eleven was to send a human in despair
land them on the moon and bring them back safely. The thing that Kennedy challenge the United States to do and when they splashed down- and they were all safe and sound. And APOLLO. Eleven was successful yeah. I think that for all these APOLLO missions. The re entry is always the biggest while I mean there's tons of concerns by reentry just so tough and that they made this basically a covering that was meant to be destroyed, its pretty ingenious, sacrificial lamb, yeah ring so like it's supposed to burn right and everything inside should be. Ok should be. I can imagine that feeling than I can you and the fear, like I'm sure it is fearful, but I wonder also figure once you hit the Amis I'll bet, you can start to feel the speed you're going down jerking on space. I dont believe, you can feel any speed at all, but because of the air
pressure from the atmosphere me, that's how you feel that stuff yeah I met they could not have felt anything else, but like we will, Public gonna die here any second. Now rhubarb, others, ITALY's won T hurt. You think there should take another break. She we'll talk about some of the summit. APOLLO landings and then, what's going on today run it. Hi, it's the heard this just in its officially fall, and that means a lot of things to a lot of people. The leaves are changing, collars time to break out the pumpkins break out the put by most importantly, break out the truly hard seltzer truly has only one hundred calories, but has five percent a b b, and only one gram of sugar per container. It's the cat, Mr Agatha season, so pick up truly hard, Seltzer too
truly drink. What your truly want such Charles, as we were researching this I went and looked like. Surely Michael Collins got another shot up in space? No, no! No! They made a movie about him. Did as an irish revolution. There was an anachronism, so they went. His name's sound familiar. They want ended. APOLLO twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen and seventeen. And all of them. You know after eleven it? What is like the mission is now take em
I got gets done on eleven budget each mission after they had very specific goals that wasn't just just go up to them. Now another back of those six, five or more successful, very famously APOLLO, thirteen was not successful is in aboard admission that didn't land on the moon, but the five did. They were basically really fun scientific journeys. Yes, we hit somebody's, highlights her Think APOLLO, Team is known for Ireland, Shepherd hitting Gulf false, it's funny all the work they did in. That's like the iconic scene, seen him having got policy aimed and so suffer they're. Doing too I mean, like that's NASA, saying go, find out. How how easy it is to move around in these suits right. So shepherds, like all some golf balls, are like a gulf, might be nice up there. One day she was really very visible, APOLLO fifteen. The first one where they use that cool supercool looking
in vehicle the lunar rover. I was really need who tore it up. Air memory the cartoon doom buggy is excuse me do but the instead of being dogs gimme do is a doom buggy. Remember that you might wonder bugger! You know I think you'd doom buggy here I remember wonder, bug wonder bug the Dune buggy. I could there being more than one in these cartoon somebody ripping off somebody else. Buggies were big in the seventies remsen, those around area. I bake abiding buggy today for speed, bugging nine hundred dollar speed, buggy speed, buggy yeah it was. It was a cartoon from the sixty zero wonder. Bug was live action or the seventies. I'm sorry was it was. Though, did the doom buggy talk or something like that. I wonder bug you think of my mother, the car. Maybe I am We see APOLLO. Seventeen, I think, is noted Furthermore, lunar roving,
and then a very famous famous quotas. Last one. I love this. Who was Jean certain? We leave as we came the God willing, as we shall return with peace and hope for all mankind. Yet something that, like you know, The moon. Landings were part of this space race. They grew out of his adversary, relationship of cold WAR Ussr in United States in, but I do have to say that America did it pretty classy when we got there. Sure like there were all sorts of like talk about peace for humankind You know this is one small step for a man, one giant leap from and kind. It wasn't like you say right or anything like the moon, yet so I'm really heartened by the fact that that that's, how
was dying. It was meant to be a mission to the moon for humankind. I think there was a lot of come robbery with cosmonauts and astronauts themselves, so there is a lot of them. There's a lot of commemorative material up their comments, cosmonauts, both alive and dead. The american astronauts took up with them. Yeah me: let's talk about the stuff, that we brought back an left from all these missions, by the way that last mission, one thousand nine hundred and seventy two that's been back since no human- has left lower earth orbit. I believe since then hard to believe you think someone like we would have done it for note people I mean we'll talk about it, but people just lost interest. It is became like whatever Part of it was the Vietnam WAR for sure, but I think it was also just kind of like a cave done. Then a few times how many rock samples
I'm gonna go get Well me some other way. Well, I was and serve, and maybe the public sentiment like how money. We're gonna pour into getting moon, rocks sure right lot to do with it. So all in the carded back twenty two hundred moon rocks. No just samples aid Forty two pounds of moon rocks core samples, pebbles does sand and they know it helped him determine. How will the moon was? That's not bad. No, they figured something like four point: five, three billion years or something like that, and they also came up with the current hypothesis, for how the moon was form, that an object named fair about the size of Mars collided with early on in earth formation in merged. But also carried off the moon said the moon was born from the earth. Vs, that's pretty name so we left a lot of stuff, though yells colleague didn't listen this year club, yes
four hundred thousand pounds of stuff. That's up there. And a lot of it is just gear equipment? I mean they do the seventy space vehicles left her junk up. There are basically yeah there's a lot of junk up there and they said that they did that on purpose to see what it would do see. What happened to a lot of it. Some of it was also that they were the edges made sense to this. Ways stuff. We didn't need to make room for the weight from these samples in moon Rock, and it was also the sixtys when you just go through a family picnic like leave when there is a big there was a debate in those finally put to rest, but for a while there somebody came across some some detail that there's ninety six it misses. Bags up there on the moon and what he said in a MRS bag is what you p
poop or vomit into if you're an astronaut it's as somebody said. Oh my god, there is ninety six bags of poop and urine and vomit sitting on the moon, that's disgusting, and that was the That's what everybody thought for a very long time and then NASA Lunar Archives said no, absolutely not nobody's puke down the moon for one, only three guys Putin's ACE and none of them were on the moon. Not only did All during Armstrong, not pooped, actually took a drug to keep them from proofing, while they were on their lunar mission. Ammonium Aldrin did P, but there's evidence that he left his bag behind. So they think that these ninety six amuses bags or all empty bag ever unused likely didn't need this cause. We dont vomit exactly yet they make sense, but those it that's the urban legend,
I'd really soup, Ripley, believe it or not. Websites. Dear me, wrong at first, and then I got steered right by I think slate somebody There are some commemorative items, besides just the flags, their plaques kind of all over the place an Alderman Armstrong with one. That said, we came in peace for all mankind, the dominoes but stolen. I said a desk with seventy three messages from countries all over the World Micro edged yeah, just to show off more technology of the sixty I, like you, said earlier. They the honour their russian russian cosmonaut counterparts. I guess with metals. And then a symbol of the: U S Eagle, carrying an olive branch and then They all left stuff when they went up there, including Charlie, Duke who I talked about from a polish sixteen hours. He took a picture of his family.
And left behind. Yet there were you gonna. Do NASA administrators, nothing here, so he let you by. They think gather probably blank. There said from the solar radiation. Yeah every family subsequently disappeared yeah come about in the future to write their souls are trapped on the moon forever, something also smuggle to their right over there. A commemorative plaque was smuggled right, APOLLO, fifteen David Scott, smuggled an aluminum plaque? Why would he had to smuggle that? I don't know they just had. It was off the charter, ever. I guess I don't know why. I know one guy smuggle the sandwich points really the one on the care. Remember my brother, roast beef sale and my brother one times smuggled phoebean J into a dire straits concert. No did he really
Kitty really is gonna. We still after that at one of the nervous things ever like a really songs and when he's like, you want to sell it. If you do the threats and wrap and awareness, it's great wrapped in wax paper what an eagle scare. So neither one of us were boy scouts actually really brother. What about that sure and his and all the way through, of course, your brother envious. Is he like Michael Collins, NEA had itself, but here's the deal, with all that stuff up there is lunar. Tourism is gonna, be a thing at some point vs it is so NASA actually had to establish lunar heritage sites and rules like you can't go within certain amount with like don't go near any other stuff basic right. You see a rover. Just around and not the other way, which is like have the other way. I guess you don't fall down man. Can you imagine life
seeing a lunar over the hour doing can go there, but on the moon to like to see oh, my gosh Frozen time it be so creeps will be. Awesome creeps fell, so it's gone on these days. Well, so you said There there women back sense to the moon, really kind of stoning you can think about it, but understandably the political interests. Pope public interest a lot of it waned. Let me finding dried up and has the moon kind of got left behind NASA's like well, will just focus on lower earth orbit stuff and really when all in on the shuttle programme great and they numb so on the international space station, both again her were in lower earth orbit, not in what you think of his like outer space right and then oh the Obama administration came now, I'm the the space shuttle accident that blew up the Columbia year in two thousand three cause, George Bush to say, George W Bush to say, hey
We both bounced back. Let's go back to the moon by twenty twenty bright and that is not happening there. No, so when asked to go directly back to the moon and Obama's administration did an audit in found that NASA was so far behind that we wouldn't make it back to the moon by two thousand and thirty, so Obama said go to Mars. Instead, this is par for the course for NASA for years they get it completely new directive to somewhere else in the solar system, and they have to scramble to like change plans. Try to salvage whatever they were working on and they go kind of good at applying stuff there working Niger Tis to basically fudge to say: ok, we're working on this. This Mars this Mars, launcher right. Now, there's a less the space launch system here, an aching Is the Mars, we could really also go to the moon with this thing to their cross, trained, she's right so arm. After the Obama administration came along said. Forget the moon forget the shuttle per.
Go to Mars, that's thirty languishing and then the current administration said: let's go back to them. The current administration said what did Obama say, what will do the absolute right so now the man did they now. The current target date is mind bogglingly tight, yet the the target is to put humans on the moon again in five years: twenty twenty four and for years after that, this step a moon base. That is it namely ambitious? Yet I think people kind of acknowledge, like you know, we're not gonna hit that date but nevertheless it does it and these are outsiders, laissez faire on target and well. Even here letters I think Rosanna, hopefully, will be within a few years of that right. It's possible here I mean one reason why it is possible because NASA
today has a thriving commercial space industry here to work within they. They are embracing whole hearted partnering with them, and how does it work day? Just pay those private firms, lot of money to near to tat their resources. Yeah. If you get a contract to build the the lunar lander for NASA, you with my I'll just be printing money near they think they currently an intruder for NASA estimated recently that it will be about thirty billion dollars to get back to the moon while and they put call the designs for designs for their lunar, lunar, lander and so Jeff phase member went to New York to see the blue origin unveiling right. That's it! doing was unveiling their thing called Blue Moon and the lunar lander got a flat top like kitten play. And are you can put anything on lunar rover, a bunch of scientists
a lab whatever you want or pieces to a space base, a moon base in build it slowly like that, and it looks pretty good any runs on hydrogen, which is big because there are going to start landing on. This. Pull the moon, which is where they think permanent ices, which Am I right yeah they haven't. They haven't been to the South Pole, first of all, with any of the APOLLO missions, so that makes little sense to go there and yellow you said they got ice there. They can split that hydrogen and oxygen thanks to electrolysis, and then you can make rocket fuel to use to get back potentially yeah. I mean the command module when it was orbiting, though the moon operating on liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen solutions like an old technology, but the new thing is: we would be mining it on the moon amazed and they did kind of the logical conclusion of that, then, is if we can establish a permanent presence on the moon,
the new model. So this programme, which are things can awesome, is called the artemus programme. Yet this turned to the moon sister to the hollow right, which makes sense, but it's also the perimeter to put the first woman on the moon, which was very pretty cool but the day the weighted, saying, is now we're going to return to the moon and stay there like that's, the point we're permanently returning to the moon now, so once we do that that will have a new place to launch an outer space. Write me remember how many pounds of thrust and how much fuel Sure the first stage of the Saturn took and in the second stage this isn't require any of em, and so the plan is to build they small space station. Permanent orbit around the moon, that you fly out too and then justly you keep a boat at your Lake House, tied up and they're gonna, keep a lunar lander tied up to that too, that that that space station in you'd kind of go.
Back and forth to the moon using that amazing It is pretty amazing they're talking about doing some five years. Can you imagine the equality of video audio that we're gonna get this time. It's gonna be great. Let me briefly- and I've seen that there are starting to like you're talking about with commercial tourism. Like I saw something like five million can get to the moon Prolonging the moon or to stir orbiting the moon. Oh, I'm sorry to the to the space station. The ISIS Ok, five million with I'm- not, I guess they wanted to charge Lance Bass, like thirty million or something crazy like their mother, like HDTV speck in the day, is that price agenda. Keep coming down a really pretty soon you, it will go the moon for a cool. Seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars even Lance Basque and afford their geography us no, sir. Well! Congratulations to
world for fifty years of having been on the moon, the first time gray, I'm proud of us and since checks hooray. That means it's time for listening to me we call this one, I've been meaning to read for awhile, we did a show about live aid, and do they know it's Christmas, where, like we love that song, who doesn't love that song? friends allowed people. Don't love that sound really because the message is flawed. Oh yeah, we look at the lyrics, hey guys this isn t the shone like aid and the song do they know it's Christmas, such a great song, Call me if funny, daddy, but What I hear is this: there won't any snow in Africa. This Christmas time check the greatest gift. They'll get. This year is life and he went. I think ok He said where nothing ever grows: that's not possible Africa's large continent with lots of growing things. I can't,
no rains or rivers flow ever heard of the Nile fits in North Africa basically treats Africa's a single homogenous region when, in fact, it's incredibly large and diverse, ignores the fact that most of Africa's in the southern hemisphere so christmases in summer there and assumes that lack of knowledge of Christmas is a flaw caused by lack of reach. Forces and good weather where the reasonable cultural when considering the large that a large percentage of Africans are not christian. I think this guy's taking the do. They know it's Christmas, literally well of people wrote in about this again to say, I think pointed Larry's. Was they have so much hardship in front of their face? are they even aware that Christmas time has come for the holidays. Spear in season hasn't even shown up there, because there's so much hardship. That's
Point lyrics come on. He finishes by saying this: it's ok! If you like the song, it sketchy, but please don't blame that everyone should like everyone's like that song and that's anonymous from a bunch of people better anonymous, thank you for writing and we always of opposing opinions, rank thanks. Bono rank. He's my larynx administratively. There would have been much better saga. If you want to point out that something we like is actually heinous, we love hearing that kind of stuff you can go on to stuff. You should know our common there. You're gonna find all of our social links: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, that's it and you can send an email which makes even more sense wrap it up e mail, which makes even more sense, wrap it up. Spank it on the bottom and sent it off to stuff podcast, Iheart Radio Doc. I heard radios how stuff works for more podcast, my heart, radio,
but I hope, radio Apple podcast where every listen to your favorite should allow a rainbow Maoist time and for the past my dad has been coming clean to me about his decades long careers, a big time, pots smuggler my it wasn't the most organised criminals. He once lost half a million dollars varied in the backyard events has always been a part of it, and now we recorded every week for ya to listen to it. So Rainbow Valentine for my her radio and school of humans? This is disorganized. Crime listened, organised crime, smugglers, daughter on the I hurt, radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get. Your pod casts
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