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2008-09-25 | 🔗

Graceland attracts millions of visitors every year. Check out this HowStuffWorks podcast to learn more about Elvis and Graceland, which Elvis bought when he was only 22 years old.

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Under the Pakistan Josh Clark hears Chuck Brian, I'm here, ok chuck to your best. Elvis Presley man I'll. Do that? there is actually pretty good celestial. Ok, that's fine! Let's find really noticed this progress by the way. How greatly works, which makes sense right right. Can you do? I was then I'm going to try and I'll tell you somebody else. You can't do Elvis's a guy named met. Hale. Have you heard of this kind? It brings a bill he's a british radio producer who just happens to really like Elvis and one day he was going through some second hand. Story gets in London and found a white jumpsuit and his next thought was well tee. I guess I'll go spend the next year during the world, dresses Elvis any did traffic the problem and he's been everywhere has been delayed. Molly was therefore a carnival. He has been to Ireland Hall in the: U S, I'm not entirely certain what cities he he visited in the? U S as an impersonator.
Than in any other solely as an impersonator, dressed as Elvis it's a tribute to the king seated travels as others here and So I guess the reason I hesitate to common impersonators because he visited Australia and I guess that's where they have like the biggest Elvis festival, his fame faster in the world anyplace dead. Last out. God knows how many others impersonators for look like an sounded like contest. So I think you may, you may have beaten, met Hale. Had you had you been right? I don't even have a jumps it, but you know you know now now. Ok, so you know I'm not. I don't know that much about others. I've never been there big fan. I know it's kind of a sacrilege say that in certain quarters, but you know hey. This is me. Take me as I am right right. So You know much more about grace land Elvis than I do I had. While I brought the article Anna been degrees when there were you with which they were able to financial of free trip to grace land for in a research
Now that the article now I've been there before those that helped a lot my family, actually, my mom's families from Memphis, ok aware how many people there and probably can't there is a boy scout in the front line right now. Not half so are so check. Tell me tell the readers who ever been a grey slain like me, why is it like when you walk in the front door? Kid is the is the is. The spirit. Is the stank? Still there well, the stake is still there yeah it SAM. You know it like any other house that you ve ever been to probably
May I might smacking out those of us that are probably nor thirty's or older. You know have fine memories of their houses in the seventies and carbon stuff, like that. So unkind of smacks of that, but two degrees that you can't even imagine because, of course its elvis- and he was loaded me now for the tiny, a lot of money yet forward. You know gold plated everything in you now shag carpet on the ceiling on the walls and is this. His taste is well documented right. Well, I mean the jumpsuits alone can do something. Much money to that men spend on sequence, the I dont have that's I've, gotta lotta statistics, but about drawn out at me with the best when you well, if we're in Grace LAN. He bought the house for a total of a hundred. Two thousand five hundred dollars and nineteen fifty cents
and who is really it was already purchased by the wine sector and he traveled that number three together, how he edged amount didn't he had picked up. I wonder what the wind see, I think, of elvers at least the Memphis chapter here. You know, because I am in a just kind of stepped in and said no and taken right he's their favorite son saw mention. There were people what they are what were the house's already name grace land when he bought it? Wasn't it yeah wiser? I think a lot of people by thinking in the gray slam like after his mother and re. That's what I thought. That's not even his pulse names! No, it's why this right, It was the original owners doktor. Mrs Thomas more, I think it was the great aunt grace tooth tee, o o F is who is named after I get on the fourteen acres era just south. Third downtown office. So so take us on a little many too. I know I'm just from pictures. I seem really the only extravagance, that I know from the out from an outdoor view, are the gates,
But if you look at the house, it looks like you know: you'd expect to see an old retired farming couple living inside there. He adds a classic revival. Is the official Lex? Is the architectural styles of the call it yes and if an outside it and look like much, but at the time you know it's, this late fifties it was It was that the NICE House, a Memphis yeah- I mean that there may be some debate there, but he always told his parents, you buy them the nicest house in Memphis once he made it big any saying this as a little kid yeah. He knew he was due for start ups, I did not realise that I always have the impression that he can stumble the bottom backwards into it now now he knew he was his destined for starting actually bought thousands, twenty two, which is just crazy. When you think about you, just a kid: but the best outcome emphasis very pressing. So so you walk in there to fire. You walk in a fire and when you're in
for your actually directly beneath the bathroom, where he re, passed away and they'll, tell you down the Torreon out this kind of MECCA waiter begin the tour. Exactly look up. Riots were Elvis they're, not we walk in and right for any or that are the steps that we'd upstairs and that's blocked off and was has always been blocked off yet why I mean. Is there like some sort of you? No secret love child, its change, radiator upstairs. Why would they keep it locked out? Well, when Elvis lived there, it was pretty much area too. He always had gratings always really busy and always had tons of gas and his Memphis Mafia was what is on charges call. Did you love those guys? Don't you hear me in there are some that's going to say something else. There very cool hey everybody, I wanna talk to you about your website that doesn't look good and this hard to program because square space does it better yeah they do square base. Is this amazing magical tool that you can just basically good people?
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They are those always it's a lot of activity, people coming going guess in and out people working there his staff, and so his upstairs was his retreat in three went to chill out and do his private Elvis things, and so he didn't like people at their back any those. Understood known on their right. So I always knew how to close that yeah, keeping with his wishes it still close after they had. Apparently, this is really creep yet. Another site study this untouched since he passed away, apparently in his bathroom there's like his toothbrush and squeezed toothpaste and sticky deodorant, using that day, they don't touch anything. Do you know what he was reading when he died even Tsar, including sweat, stains on his pillow?
but he was reading when he died. There is actually little speculation. I can't remember, but there are two different books in the bathroom and they dont know which, when he was reading, but you can find out on the internet, I just didn't have that include them. I'm gonna get a thousand and one arabian nights. That's it that's a real good! Thank you. I bet I think one was actually a book on religion and spirituality. If that matters, ok, you going to that the fire of the four year as he right is one of the living rooms, the famous one with the fourteen foot couch yeah, the ten foot caught his coffee tablets, alot of coffee coffee and then beyond. That is the upstairs music room with like his piano and stuff, which we can with entertain people. Right and you you had also data that you made a point that he may have inadvertently created the man cave in ITALY
a couple of em envied. These are the ones that I was familiar with, like the jungle room right, the tv room, and I think these are just totally beyond cool like to elect, stir the jungle room. The sounds just super bottom. While he s, you promised super tacky to filling up which weigh on Wikipedia Eliza yeah. I think it was Regional man room It was originally a screen import any haven't converted when he and Priscilla got divorced. She wasn't part of this. She's always makes a note to say she was no part of the jungle rear, and you know it's gotta, like an african motif, it's got shag carpet on the walls and ceilings and floors. Yet a working water fountain leaked everywhere all the time they had disconnected because of elites, and it was actually provided sound proofing. So we know that recordings music there in the jungle room yeah. You said he be recorded one Elman half of another when they get half a moody blues and think live from Elvis Presley Boulevard
This tendency for what about the tv room shut three tvs at once. Where do you get that idea? Yeah, that's downstairs. He get that idea from President Lyndon Johnson. He heard that here he's too watcher three newscasts at the same time, to keep up with things so Elvis got me now he had to have the Bessie had three tvs built into the WAN watch. Football apparently not lose gas. I gotcha I get in. He had some like a pretty cool toys. I can understand your two jets. Yeah yeah two jets. He had one smaller private jet in any help. Big Cancun, seven, forty, seven, an egg globally summary! Yes, I actually no story about that involves the LISA Maria boy. Yes, so basically, I think it was. It was seventy six Elvis sitting around with a couple of those bodies in Memphis, Mafia right, and I think for years earlier. They ve been playing a show in Denver and they went to eat at this. This restaurant called the call,
of gold, mine company right and they had the same, which called the fools gold sandwich. Have you ever had on this now that one of my friends through birthday party, fur husband and she called it- a very partially hydrogenated birthday- and there is all this wonderful food, like ham dogs, right on that that kind of Berger that you serve on a a crispy cream. Donut is a bun area. She also made the fools gold sandwich, said heavily butter, bread, peanut butter, jelly and bacon, and then you like kind of grill it it's the greatest thing, you'll ever having you life, so Elvis, God and where these things and the reason their cupfuls gold sandwiches was because they were, they run an entire low of italian bread, while they were meant for, like twenty people, write like the other way, Elvis ain't that right, exactly Elvis ate them, apparently I'm right my southern there's, no telling how many pounds of Bacon
Indeed, you and your party lily shove it all in his ideal again dark hair. He D swallowed no biting whatsoever about it, but they colorful goal because only forward would would would pay for their like fifty dollars. Sandwiches- and this is in the mid seventy right so anyway, the sitting room one night in February, seventy six and dumb. There is one one of the one of the guys in his honor. I says you know how I wish I had one of the sciences right now, so Elvis calls up. Thea causes the the restaurant Rainy Denver tells him that he want some. I think, like thirty of them, and he says that they'll be there in a couple of hours as a hierarchy. Feat of sandwich yeah, Well, they fire up the the least Emory JET go to the restaurant. Actually You think they made to the restaurant. For this special order. The restaurant earns white showed up with the sandwiches a k
the champagne and some other stuff and I think they ate him in the hangar while and just for the year, just read the tab for the food was like three grand, but when you factor in all of the added expense, one late night trip. This is that, like one in the morning for these savages kinda, like sixteen Gray Anderson right back yet today in today's audits, Providence, Polly, like eighteen Gran, if at least looking at least we know if he hadn't done things like tat, he may have ended up living inside dying in the bathroom year, but would he have lived is interesting, a life as he did well may But one of the reasons that you now it was well documented that he was on all these pills to keep him go and all the time and now what the reason He said he can slow down because he had some people had to pay for yet it huge staff and he felt very beholden to them. And I didn't want to let them down and he went away people off. So you this killer, brutal schedule, you know later in life and he was really baby out of shape Anna, and
offers on downers did do every needed and maybe, if he had been, or wise with his money early on. He would never felt the need to tour incessantly like that, but he was never at any point For once in Meda, none and I use a poor, but he is he dead decline later in his career, while on the vaguest, you: wouldn't his arms sales dropped and basically the only way to make money was by playing just show after show aftershocks gotcha consists of you will you know, speaking of pills, since you bought it up, I wasn't gonna, bring it out, but yeah. You know it's kind of talk. The talk about older Elvis without the pills right right. Did you know that here here that famous meeting with Richard Nixon yeah I've seen the picture you have. I got a hold of some letters right that he wrote to me
and basically saying you know I've gotten in with the I think, the hippies in the young, the weather underground in the black panthers. They trust me so why you make me an undercover federal Bureau of Narcotics agent. I can. I can start best in unison, hippy head there. An apparently Nixon was like no that's ok thanks. I appreciate the gesture and finally Elvis starts just hounding him until and finally agreed to meet with him like a hound on exhaust, hoping that one rates by and so they meet in Elvis Sir apparently gets very, very emotional start blaming the Beatles. For you know an anti american sentiment right. It is not very happy with the state of affairs in America breaks down weeps a little bit. Hugs Nixon in mixing gives them an honorary badge in Elvis gives Nixon a commemorative caught. Forty five pistol right now is the famous photos on that was taken. Yeah yeah that that famous me he was wearing a cake to hear this chaos
then leave sort of a crime finer. Yes, I guess so yeah worthwhile yeah. It alot of people might think there's some irony there and that he was on massive amounts of prescription. Joy actually looks like design on something while he was meeting next, indeed becoming undercover absolutely was, but he had the myths. Mafia guys in some candid interviews years later said that I was very much drew a line between the illegal drugs and prescription drugs, not I'm gettin from my doctor, so that makes it ok right right and he hated drug push the name like he'd heat, he was a man as doctors. He I'll bet you bet who wouldn't so were tracking anything else on. Grace. I know you. I just encourage people to go visit. You know it's it's a site to be seen at some the tours well worth it. It's a lot
fine and Elvis is buried in the back in the medication gardener right and in the side yard there. He and his mother and father and Grandmother Earl Beard there they were his mother were really very somewhere else, but those less acuity issue, so his father before him So I would strongly recommend first reading, Mr Jacques Brains, how gray slain worsen has therefore stuff com for making the pilgrimage it stick around to find out which article shock of his college years right after this it's a new year and you want to keep growing your team, but you need the right tools to help keep your hiring streamlined, inefficient and that is where zip recruiter, dot, com, slash, stuff comes in zip recruiter, send your job to over one hundred of the webs leading job boards, but they don't stop there with their powerful matching technology.
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is expecting you to say too. Well, I don't know what you're thinking up buddy but added extensive frog collection, and so this article is it just takes me back in the old days each. Why can I think I can hardly be blame? You get the guarantee, it makes you a kind of shifting like you might be aging criminal acts. You brother error, you can check their allowed and plenty of other odd frog, hallucinogens related articles- and I support that or more on this and thousands of other topics. As a house of works not come, let us know what should they send an email to pod cats and houses
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