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How Hate Works

2011-07-05 | 🔗

Hate is generally defined as an extreme hostility to something or someone, usually stemming from fear, anger or a sense of injury. But how does it work? Join Josh and Chuck as they dig into the nature of hate.

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Hey everybody Office Depot has supplies and services for businesses of any size and they're ready. Your business. No. How big or small knowledgeable associates in over thirteen hundred stores or on mine at office depot dot com office, deeper savings, Please supplies for your office needs from ink and paper to cleaning and break room supplies. You're gonna love Office depot in twenty twenty. Brought to buy the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry, it's ready for you, Welcome to stop. You should know how stuff works. I welcome the Pakistan Josh Clerk with me is always the cheaper and cheerful Charles double check. Right man, I'm going ten different directions: buddy, I'm a little scurvy. Are you focus on
a cake is reed we're going on one direction and that's hate. I hate to focus. Ok, you hate broccoli I do hate broccoli and you know that I hey peace, like split peace. Declaring as much isles at Peter saw my most hated enemies. I think a lot of kids, don't like peace chasm, mushy yeah, that's the problem with all their spoils, really mushy there over cooked. You is finally cook something: no unfair, pretty nasty broccoli, but Barclays out that separate it's just disgusting and everything away, but cream spanish. I love their spots and gathered skills that you share. The green Spanish at Morton Stay gas recently like two to Ladys. Here there was something we couldn't you finish. It was so rich. It was really so check we don't hate crimes village. Now I he brightly and one of the things I hate more than anything else is not having an interval which I don't because our
looking online and strangely there, the on. World is a repository for hate. Certain way yeah as in like NEO, nazi punk bans, yeah potter, not plants. This article calls it taught me hobbies yeah or you know, Facebook groups dedicated to hate thing, you know Holocaust denial and that kind of stuff This word is so ubiquitous in our culture that there is nothing there. Found a guy in Derry Mass who is accused of the hate crime. Everybody want to know why I'm Cleveland fans hate Leubronn. I can answer there, but I mean like throw this word around. Like the you know, there's some reality tv series, was the show, you loved a hate right right wing with we, is this word a y yeah, but yet I felt
study out of the University of Texas. There there asked people how often they hated and Nobody said everyday sudden, everyday thing so, like we hate thing, exactly, but we also realise that there is a real distinction between hating, something and experiencing actual hate on the head- and this is a pretty old distinction right like like philosophers, have been aware of this before I think Aristotle pretty sure he hated peas. But hated him. The heat in here Webster? So I will read his definition: Disease, Aristotle, said. I was a dislike for someone based on our negative perception of that person's nature. That is so intense tat. Whoever feels it wants to cause real harm another like. I really want to harm you. Yes, that's the difference like PETE, like you said people, though, that word
hate Broccoli, but you're not gonna, go out and try and burned down broccoli farms know another silly go burned down. Covey broccoli family is directly arm now, you'll was used to fund the James Bond movies, but I think this is me surmising in mind. Personal purview. I think they're kind of two types of hate, while three types really than one that you destroy the word around, like I hate that show. I hate broccoli, one that is real hate, which I think is fear based. When you dont know someone personally or a group personally, where you hate a group of people and then there's like the anger, retribution based hate, like someone personally has wronged, you so badly that you hate them and cause and even want to cause or which ill upon them right. Well, you just brought up a huge can of worms by in a word, anger like there is a real.
They over. Whether Hank hate in anger are the same thing right, I said or not depends on. He talked but the people who say they're not say things like hate is, is down by humiliation or ill treatment were being valued where, brought on when you, when you are treated in a way that you, Sid are unfairly right right is the result of arm now. Having any recourse right. Frustration, perhaps coupled with a right in The kind of dances along the border, because people who hate in other groups often are frustrated like when we talked about the fascism fascism podcast near getting on giving groups all riled up against a scapegoat is one of the tenets of fascism right and so
these people are frustrated at their lot in life, their unemployment high because of the Jews, or something like that you're right, but really there not their their aim. About their job while they hate the Jews. So the really intertwined, but there's a lot of people. Think if you look at him clean up their, not one and the same right. Well, I think a lot and I can haters displaced the anger and frustration at John knew no light like worsening yeah but there is a will is also a young, a very strong physiological basis to it as well I mean it's an emotion supposedly, although it's out one of the basic emotions anger. Is it one of the basic emotions, anger, joy, fear? disgust and Pakistanis. I thought it was a joy, pain, sunshine and rain. Now, there's the rub base now I can't remember I could say it, but I can't remember things
no, no, I think it's right base now do honor, I'm thinking over. I want money, lots and lots of money that was a dual best, be rich stupid zone. Yeah kinder, they wrote a song of happy, enrich our you how great it was near and they'll zero me songs was there already rich than they never were from. That song makes sense here does he's blew my mind's eye. So do you hate that song, I do now is in my head so check. What is this physiological basis of anger Well, it's pointed out an article within an iron maidens, on which I thought choice, there's a thin line between Levin hate yeah. It's like. There's a whole other song called there's a thin line between love in a well there's a much more popular song. I think the persuaded cars which was its a thin line between Levin Hate, the old,
Motown sound right. Have you ever heard the pretenders version of it now its hands down the greatest version? Ever he's a thin between Then he the pretenders cover the persuaded. Yep, I'm telling you it's. Apparently I made an actually listen. Uh, that's on you to be the day in its its environmental yeah. Now looked it up to make sure that I'm maiden handing covered the first waiter it and nobody sticking thinking of this only x is own version. He's like that one's fine. I'm doing this one tried. So the point of all this Josh is that there is a thin line between Levin hate as far as the brain goes, because Armand thousand eight. There was a study at the university of London and that in the UK and You got seventeen people my very wide, ranging has a lot of problems with the study but they got seventeen.
Who said, I hated someone else. Maybe that's why the maybe have a hard time finding someone who hate someone else, maybe them cause. I don't hate anyone. I was about to ask you that, but will get to the personal stuff intimate so this study what they did was he found seventeen people who hated someone else through under the old wonder machine and looked showed him pictures of the people they hated so I wish to record the results. I guess there like you, need to bring pictures of people. You have understood either cut. It is, I think, of the person you hate, I think, in order to achieve a single, I guess so way they out. What they found out was that a couple of genes in the brain. There's like a hate circuit. They call it there that the Putin Budiman Payment, ok, and the jury laughed at that any insular cortex immature both fired up with pictures of people that they hated right envy. The significance of this
that both of those regions also fire up. When you see a picture or think about someone, you love, which is the this way to say it's a thermometer, eliminate right, and I think everybody can sense- is that it's like come when Passions flaring yeah, it's virtually the same thing. If there are two sides of one coin in my opinion, if you truly hate somebody, the real hate to fear is one were somebody like. Oh I hurt you saw March. You know that they can be turned to them, that they have some sort of emotional connection to the one to be afraid of, is the detached com, cool kind of hatred, because that's the one where you. End up dead somewhere, like I'm the Green River killer, and I hate prostitutes what they bring a pair of an interesting sidebar right do serial killers, hate their victims, no end in sight
well that they have long said that serial killers, don't experience emotion on that scale, but they're, starting due to change their thinking in certain cases, because a lot of serial killer suffer from anti social personality disorder in people who suffer from that experience of a range of emotion. So it's not our. I think it's it's both. You know. That's not! You can't say serial killer is the same while they ve been saying that, for a long time I ve been trying to find the threads that connect them men. I told you about the sociologist. I talk to you just really up in arms that psychology had spent four decades or so looking at your closing, it I think, come up with is any personal serves any social personality disorder does, of course, they ever personalities or their serial killer. Yeah, that's good point yeah, so
That study, though about the brain and the difference between Levin Hate, and they did see a different key difference, because the areas of the frontal cortex associated with judgment and critical thinking, because less active. When you see someone you love and the ethical machine, but when he saw someone you hate most of your frontal cortex cortex cortex is active, remains active two big difference by them, a sensible tat, because I mean, if you see I know you, don't hate anybody, so you, understand this. But when you see someone you hate, you say that, like it's a personality, he just the yet you you do to criticise them in your head, like oh uranos. Today you look so that stupid in that sweater were held view, somehow get really strangle yourself on that sweater. Yet so the point is takes like hatred, is an active thing. It's
active rumination on this is not a knee jerk thing like when you might see picture so many love to this interesting. I that's. That's. Study came up with the set of the seventeen people yeah with this. I can't get twenty Another problem is, I'm sure they were weird western educated did something rich and developed with terror, with ice themes for and what would you spell Weird. It's basically like the idea that all these studies that site cited a lot of them. Are there just college? Kids so this really narrow niche of the human population, extrapolate onto the point, and in this case they just? U seventeen of them, but we're here to report it and then criticise it and we're done with the above. That's right now,
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top of the page and type in s. Why, as K that stance, I come from a goat s. Why, as K stamps that come, never go to the polls office again what it was to deal with like old hate, those like don't they have some inclination of like early hate with Caveman, unlike what yeah reaches the parts of them either the vote closer to the centre or the brain stem that you get in the brain, the more ancient that part of the brain is and if there is a region like the pew taming, that's associated with certain thing e g, eight right, then that means that has been around for a very long time because the they are part of the brain has been able to carry out that function. For this on earth should assented
that's right, but then it's also knew with the prefrontal. Cortex is a fairly newer aspects are maybe we just hated, but we didn't criticise. We just stated and they think possibly that we developed hate as a species or a capacity to hate as a survival mechanism way back in hundred gather days, where we could feel justified by say taking food from another group yeah, because we hated him, which I actually found pretty that's a pretty inspiring idea. Yeah, they had to work up hate enough to go and pillage. Yes, I think that candidate, because it may, it seemed like we aren't naturally hateful beings and I don't think we're, I believe, everybody
Hate and everyone has a vast capacity to hate, but I dont have which characterizes is generally hateful. This good and kind of suppressing. You say that to the right, so it's in the Bible, Josh and ancient tax all over the place. It's been a long time right. Organ secular Carthage Then I love this. The Carthaginian General Hannibal Lecter Janine, stop that Hannibal pledge to his father. Dad I hate Rome. I hate Romans. I dont, like the Italians I hate them forever and I will swear retribution because they seized are provinces. He said father, yes, I'm going to seal the Romans and he did he may go. That invaded ITALY and quite a bit of damage course Romans far back as they hit the carpet. What can I say that word they hated people from Carthage
the curtains and in one forty six pc, they did some pretty bad things like burning them in their houses. While they screamed. Hate like. I don't know and that's it. I think that an issue that I have here there with this is that there is this kind of a jump to conclusions like is it hate? It does hate form the basis for war, a horrible x and WAR Latona, because it's it's condemns pretty much like the new testament in the Bible, its condemned in the Koran. Let not hatred of a people in sight, you not to equitably and medieval as on European, came up in you, but in ITALY they came up with the vendetta right, which is very much retribution, afraid hatred data, I it's that's. What I'm saying like
Let's say: roman soldier comes clumsier town, while you away using the the latrine pit? Village has dug here and they burn your family alive in your house, while you're using the bathroom and you come back You see the roman legions going away in your family's dead, burned. Crisps right am, I dont think the Romans necessarily felt hatred to commit that act, but that act would incite hatred in the person that it befell richer. So I think a vendetta is an x, example of hatred near because somebody done you're wrong and you're gonna get back at a rate, or they did something to your fathers of the EU. The vendettas very long lasting from what I understand you I mean this is obviously we're talking about mafia vendettas. Or vendettas, but it can happen on a site. Level, you'd minor, thickness vendetta, though, but if so
done, you really wrong. You're gonna get that person back by doing this in six months and at least expect it. That's a vendetta, but you you don't call it a vendetta. Is just as well in ITALY there is this. Come up at sir I'm I'm gonna get you sucker yeah that people do that. There is a word for it, though, in medieval and Reticence Europe intimacy here, which is latin for on friendship, its it was illegal term for hating somebody, it's ok, so well done has established that hatred is definitely a thing. That's been around a long time tat what we ve done yet ensure of course it's still around in recent modern history, there's other examples that we could go into like hate groups yeah. Well, let's talk about the Nazis. Real quick has again: we talk about fascism in one of the tenets of it being
I guess inciting other group to hate your group hate. That's that's! Where we are for sure and a lot that they gave a lot of a body of data for people to study in that still studying but one day, particularly Martin Oppenheimer's sociologist from workers University was basically said. They click the Nazis. Proof positive that you can number one git in entire group to hate another group right and that, if you do this by identifying and exploiting the the group that you're with their frustration, say unemployment, joblessness basically saying those are the people who are at fault a taste or the pot, exactly that's how you incite hatred, which is the way, the worst things you can do, one of the worst non violent acts of think. A personal comment is incite hatred area in a year and also a thought what
the mine to me when I was reading. This was some of these same tactics like a marginalized. For people who are in secure. Who are seeking safety somewhere. It's also the kind of the same thing they do with the cuts. In the brainwashing, their seeking out the same types of people If your marginalize, you feel like you're, not love, you need a safe haven, but they're not saying go hate, someone else there, just come and be with our group, our association of like in group- and our group is like this a most no psychological razor blade that can be exploited in any number of way. Yes, exactly but it's always a marginalized people. It seems like yeah yeah or their the you mean the people who were stirred, who have hatred, stood at them. Yeah yeah orange go join a culture somethin like that. Yeah you mean teenagers Yes, and I will stand study in two thousand ten, basically said hey. If you want
teach teenagers to hate. Here's how you do it. You can't just overtly say: go hate! This group hate Muslims, hate black people, hate, jewish, people right gaze. You can't say that it's not good enough, but if you tell a story that sickly implies this. Is these? Are people who should hate inheres? Why right like gum, Homosexuals are pet arrests and so You know you can't let them into certain groups and by the way I should hate them because of the story right there. I think that I had a problem with that because it was like that's true for everything. If you tell a story, it's gonna hit home more personally to some money
say: hey, though, love see biscuit because he ran a horse race. That was pretty need, but you tell the story of sea biscuit I'll. Send you urgently that think on man and get my, but to the Kentucky Derby next year me. Some more Jason love see biscuit see if he saw the movie right needed a home, the Butler funny this is that the whole that study made the careers of to stand for researchers so right, but they do have a point, because They point out this article or they dont, but we do need a view. Griffiths awful movie, often content birth of a nation for nineteen fifteen, it see biscuit its nessie biscuit, but it did a really good job of getting people to hate black people in the United States. Yet isn't it features like the world since it was nineteen fifteen said the first and everything, but it's like
first on screen, rape or implied ray. I really was a rape of a white woman. By like I escaped slave, I think by a wider black lack his yeah. Of course, at the time and it was a big huge movie rose: ten million dollars in nineteen fifteen. That's like that's two million has two hundred and sixty nine hours. Today is what Lithuania to there was based. The way, yet, it is based on a play in a book called the clansmen, and I D, W Griffith, felt so bad about this afterward He made a follow up film that your called intolerance, which was a three our silent film meditation on four parallel stories of man's intolerance throughout history oh, I didn't know, you develop its good yeah. Well, because I want a likely W. Griffith
yeah, I mean he didn't write birth donation, so he directed it not like getting them off the hook or anything. But I think that the time he was a stranger to make up a movie, that's a lot tickets catch and that was at no time there and they are now the Nazi. Of course. Anyone who saw inglorious bastards knows that girls, Joseph Goebbels, was in charge of you, know the propaganda pregnant with future films yeah, and they had one called Jed Sis. Is it gender you'd Bobby it be you'd Sis, so you them? speaks determine. How did you say just six hours, concentrating on my part of an analysis to be useless? that featured a main character, a jewish main character who was shot by gentlewoman, and so he rate. Oh yeah. Among other things, and it was required hearing for the story-
workers rights, I am rather worried about the enemy, give em crystal meth breathing air from what I understand. That'll do and that didn't just go out with the Nazis A media has been playing like more and more of a role among I just hate groups t treat as it is, a concept in as a practice. Right now, because I think in the nineties, by bosnian serb TV showed something that cannot refer to now is like a basically hate mongering series called genocide that stirred up a motion against Thea the boss Muslims right in and well. We know what happened that the Balkan WAR yeah, ok,
than similar things on the web. I see the web is a good place to go. Trying get this thing done these days and their chatrooms. They terrors were facebooks becoming increasingly available for people who have some heat based ideologies Facebook is like look. We can't, we can't do and we will find em and shutting down of oil movement. Can but right, like they're all over the place and then also check pop music. If of the- and the reason I know I can't I'll pop music- is because I've seen some of those specials on us are really good like him and run NEO Nazis, and they have you know they, the musical group, our NEO nazi songs
they do sing about hating other people and its aggressive music is not some partners that pot there's. No since now sat Hansen. So on check that the article bags of pretty interesting question, I think, is hate a mental illness because you know don't you have to be slightly mentally ill. Burn down a house with an entire family trapped inside, maybe or maybe you just fallen- orders, ok, yeah excellent. I think it's just hit upon it. Our understanding of hate is incomplete, because our understanding of the things that we do We associate with eight is also incomplete. Right. Are you just following orders? Are you being whipped up into a mob mentality right? Do you actually hate this other group, because you lost your job or is this emotion is being exploited by someone else? A third
hardy. I in also, I think, our understanding of mental illnesses and refined enough to say yes hates the product of a mental illness sure because they reference Hitler and Osama Bin Laden is to people they suspect, might have been mentally ill or at least anti social, and now they also reference the Columbine shooters right as one of em suffered from depression, and they have these hateful grants that they ended up finding and was there lake between that depression? and hatred wait the end. I guess the that begs the question like today over they so was of some of the line and Hitler in doing cleavage like so wrapped up in hatred that they were crazy right or where it was hatred, a by product of known any mental illness they may or may not have had. Whether these are questions we don't know, but my whole idea that hatred is brought out
and you are miss treated by someone else who is backed up by a two thousand study of people from Kosovo and those had gone to the most alma and stress hated. The serbian troops, who dumb in a point that out on them more than other people who may be had pleasant exchanges with serbian troops, because it makes sense here's, the thing saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball. There's always that guy who joined your game He never passes the rock. He instantly bricks theories and who can We have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico it's easy to switch and save on car insurance. No need to fake an angel sprain because you're absolutely exhausted, which in save Geiger, it's almost. Better than sports, we get a mention hate crimes and hate groups briefly,
hate crime is obviously a crime carried out against somebody based on their skin color there There are national origin, their gender disability, sexual orientation is when you hear a lot about disability set aside one kiss it took a while to get that into hate crime bills a really interesting, but I did that congresses pass legislation now that makes hate crimes more serious offences than just like a regular salt. Oh yeah, just pray us and how it should be. I remember when de there is a child safety law that was being passed in two thousand and six, and there was a hate crime language that was attached to it that made dumb sexual orientation crimes, hate crimes, federal level and there's a big outrage about it among religious groups. You remember that I think so they relate
We were the first amendment, freedom to hate, gay people as part of our religion. Right, you know, so you you're, saying that that that in and of itself is is a hate crime. By saying like now, these people are wrong. Homosexuality is bad. It's wrong. That kind of thing, and in that they thought of that kind of infringed. Cellarage, don't think does, but that was their argument for awhile think it worked interesting. So it had a list here, first Josh and then we have a couple more little stats about hate groups, since two thousand, the southern, he lost in her claims that the? U S hate groups in the? U S has grown by more than fifty percent and since when, since two thousand our now- and they had the top five states with the biggest
Situations of hate groups- and this one was continued on the next page, and when I was reading it s like please, Georgia don't be on their, please don't beyond their and it's not and we will count them down from five categories spends Idaho's number five for Hake groups, evidently why arming is number four yet Arkansas number three Mississippi is number two two from the south and then number one according to the southern Poverty LAW Centre is Montana, yet that's Dino Montana grab. An fellows yeah land militias in my then yeah but also out like super chill cool like five vision, microbrewery drinkin hippies out there yet two interesting mix, That's been time there and I saw both in this town. I could feel the friction even between those groups like within burned like ours, I get of the saloon and having a good time
locals and then Kepler like boys came in that didn't like that. The people allow me in there and you can like it definitely sense. There's two different types of people in Montana is probably want to, but I'm generalizing the others to this is to hate groups in hippies. So chuck. You got some stands for us a year you Douglas upright, on who people hate, yeah, acquaintances. Twenty four percent friends: twenty three percent family members: twelve percent, that's sad ex boyfriends and girlfriends five percent and within the family, it's fathers, your hated, the most that forty five percent mothers at twenty three percent in laws at thirteen percent and siblings at three percent. That's kind of sweet that surprising to me, though I would think siblings,
the highest cause, they're the ones that peat tore out of your most frequently in most families. I said: do you hate people? That's the Spanish up with that. I found that the best way to Somebody is suggests, check him off. Theo right, someone off, but not have accurate hatred I dont generally like I will just be like. I can't believe you're that sweater you fat, pig idiot I had, but it's usually because I'm like a bad mood about something else like I do walk around is actively having people. It's a waste of time here, miss a total waste of time. I run Theo irritated anybody. At a situation and an ex girlfriend that, up with what my best friends after I moved state and we were broken up end quote, but I also like I'm coming back for you like this is another: were you going to find work in
foreign. You ve gone wets thinker them I made my way and they they check that pretty quick after I left- and I had like a few years of like bad dreams in periodic bad dreams. I wasn't like every day I woke up thing: but our it faded away, but it was never even hate. It was just like a man. I gotta do that. Really? Yes, that's that sucks. Don't do that. And that's that's one end of the spectrum, the other end of the spectrum is like people who going like, kill those people, those two people. Why aren't like former famous football star and that's that I think it's all in the wiring. He wired certain way and on that wired to indulge this kind. The things I suspect they all has to do with the amygdala or if you want to learn more about the emir delay you can take that word into the search bar. Has the forts dot com. You can also taken the word hate it bring up,
article that we worked offered today. I should point out to just that. I made right with the dude years later and never made right with a girl That said, I think it says that you hated the girl more. That is never felt the need of drugs that back up with her get, but they do does like man, you can't ever can old friend the unit fronted anymore. We second I want that stuff. Robia man like that hanging overhead framework. It right- and so I say you don't know, I'm sorry We were thick today even say Hindi search bar you totally through me out of it now handy search bar, has the first that come? I said that check. So that means it's your turn for them your mail Just this is on a suicide bombing in this. Nick brings up a very good point that I think can fits in with his back and looked. Eyes and Jerry, I think you're very brave for taking on,
you're suicide bombing about brave, but I don't want should be too much to the delusion emails. But I would like to say you could have more explicitly underscored something that I believe is key. Understanding suicide bombing in terrorism and general of are weapons of the weak and the policeman sort of like her hidden the only reason cited suicide bomber cost. One hundred fifty bucks exactly he points out of Palestinians, for instance, had access to predator drones. I did missile systems rather than rocks and slingshot. I dont think that Palestinians will resort to martyrdom. I would also point to suicide bombings carried out by the Vienna men during the french activation of the non or the example of temporal tigers of Sri Lanka.
Which movements were secular nature I want to say, is it seemed like suicide bombings? Is a phenomenon often arising from situations which there is a huge, a symmetry of power between an occupying or apartheid regime? regime or a native or afresh population does dimension this. But I think this dimension is at least as important to the issue as religion or notions of martyrdom. That is sincerely for Nick I kind of agreement and Nick is a sharp tat, gets like right on the money thanks for their own Ok! Well, if you think you're sharp tat, we want to hear from you. I check that's right Henderson an email about anything at all in anything at all to stuff, podcast at how stuff that can't be sure to check out our new video podcast stuff from the future joint housework staff, as we speak
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