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How Homelessness Works

2010-12-23 | 🔗

Today, millions of people around the world are homeless. In this episode, Josh and Chuck take a look at homelessness in the United States, discussing everything from the factors that lead to homelessness to what you can do to help alleviate the situation.

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I'm lorry Siegel and I'm hosting a new pod cast serious called. First, contact each week will have new Onst an emotional conversations about what it means to be human and how technology is changing from engineers. Coating Botz deserve the dating Epstein intimate conversations with tat. Pounders will tackle the ethical issues at a future. Now that tackles just another layer of our skin. Listen a first contact with lorries single. That's me on the irate you out of an apple pie casts or wherever you get your fight cash flow. You buy the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready are you, welcome to stop- you should know how stuff works com. Welcome to the pocket Josh Clark with me as trials of each a bright pressure of these steps should know Facebook page where we ve been discussing all manner of interesting stuff, like Bob Ross, has come on
have you been posting Barbarossa videotape he's the best is privileged. It ass, the posted Peanuts Christmas times here, though, segment. Seventy, but thank you with with some. What's your favorite things that gun people buzzing lightly, did I posted up money? Prince Billy was out of my own. Faced a page
Did you now is Yoda taken it down? I would not have. I would respect your purse, I'm sleeping today because of any Prince Billy last night. I would scarf at it, but I wouldn't take it down. I want the debts become a running gag. Is me loving him in you making fun of him to hear you ready for me to make one that going with you he's seems like a nice guy so chuck yes, Josh Checkers arm, I wrote a bog perceptually recently. I now homelessness. I read it. Did you read it? Really, I've read your stuff. Many
from a fan? Yes really so the whole thing then you know is already was centred around what started around the sum. This news they came out in July that the homeless, the population of homeless schoolchildren yet had risen dramatically to about one meal. Kids, I believe in you as schools, public schools. I would imagine who are homeless right and in one particular area. I think by the numbers, statistically speaking in Sioux, falls South Dakota yeah, that's a homeless kid per classroom yeah. They had a huge
Sidney there. Oh yeah, something like nails in that state period. The yacht in Sioux Falls School district, its jump, forty four percent over the last five years and wooden taxes like a hundred plus percent. Yet so across the across the. U S, there's been an increase of forty one percent nationwide right of schoolchildren, yes of homeless children and down the so taxes has seen an increase of a hundred and thirty nine percent. I were a hundred and thirty six percent, the lowest of that the highest five is New Jersey with an eighty four percent increase in this is, of course, all due to the great recession. Sure that's going on right now, right now, of course, in somebody actually posted, I haven't read the links with somebody actually posted a common and the blog. You said you know it's bad enough. You know homeless. Cultural children are depressing enough here, but
You know: there's plenty of homeless kids out there who are in school while yet sure about that. So with the economic recession is clearly to blame for this. Forty one percent increase in homeless schoolchildren and there's a lot of other factors that over the years have contributed homelessness, which will talk about the chuck. Let's talk about homelessness in the United States and we should say we're just gonna concentrate in the United States. Actually, ever that he sat. Do you have well just some stats? Ok, so let's go ahead and talk about the history and get the around the world out of the way worldwide. They they approximate Emily. Go out and say that counting homeless people, as is a tough bag day, the changes drastically week to week, sometimes I would say that there are two ways of doing wine. Is it's called the point in time? Count yeah where's, basically like art, everybody go count the homeless people in your area today right for on this one
the regular night and then reported in, and they will tell you the numbers and then the other way to do it is basically over a year and that's like a huge undertaking, usually done by the sense of Euro that identifies. You know how many people of use homeless, shelter is how many of them have been different and ignite over the pretty rough number well yeah, but one of the reasons that its difficulties, because fortune change rapidly in this crazy, fast moving world bright and homeless people, sometimes or in cars and campgrounds and places we can't find themselves step together the dead, accurate numbers, but having settled My friend, I do have some stats worldwide. Approximately one hundred people around the world are homeless, the? U ailing wages, a hundred million people in the world. So, like you said a hundred now one hundred million
the? U N says: there's about thirty million displaced indigenous people enough account that his homeless necessarily, I would imagine so that might be a part of the larger number, and then I started thinking about like other homeless everywhere and of course there are. But I said what about places like Sweden and Norway like? Were you not expect homeless people? They have him there, but Sweden only has about seventeen thousand homeless. Out of nine point, three million people, just three small percentage yeah Norway has one point for homeless people for every one thousand people, which is why it's not too far off America's percentage. Really because we have about one percent right to about three. To three point: five million people is the latest number I saw the latest. Never I saw is actually less than what was it is in this.
Doesn't make sense, because it's it's too, that the the homeless, this population has increased right right in the? U S since the recession. Yes, so that the two thousand five number I think, was two point three and three point: five million between those two right, like you, like you just said, but then there is another one. She doesn't nine, it's a one point, five six, so the numbers are all over the place. So that's a little bit from around the world: Russia, China, Africa, Canada, it happens everywhere, but must have. This. Is U S pace because that's where we What we can say, though, is that percentage wise, there's a disproportionate number of minorities that are homeless minorities in this country make up about twelve percent of the population in African Americans make about deeper percent? Another thirteen percent are hispanic
homeless in the United States African Americans are they account for between thirty eight fifty per cent of the homeless population right. But the only make up about twelve percent of the EU population yeah right- and this is obviously Yossi most of this in big cities. But it's a problem in rural areas as well as well as well as well, and that typically, the homeless families make up a greater proportion of the homeless in rural areas, which is that any kind
most necessary, but at an entire family being homeless. As really tough check with we talked about what was driving homelessness right now, you're driving the increase is the right it recession, but in the late twentieth in this century is well. Firstly, I am the there's been a combination of factors in the two biggest drivers are poverty and increasing poverty and the decrease in the availability of affordable housing. Yahoo huge, factors in this and others that will talk about later right that have contributed to people not having a home that wish to satisfy tat what was slow, because
talk about all the other factors like the drugs and alcohol and mental health and stuff like that. But it said that the reason why people have arms they can't afford housing right in his here's, something I wanted to put this afternoon. I was reading a history of homelessness. In the U S and the author was Fiscally saying homeless has been around forever yeah. Like apparently fourteenth century England had vagrancy laws right sure people have been homeless have been
not necessarily living on shoes, but dont have a permanent residents, and that's an important point to when we talk about homelessness were not just talking about people sleeping on the streets were not just talking about people sleeping in emergency shelters or even in their cars. The true genuine definition of homelessness is you don't have a home right, you don't have a place in your own you're. Staying with family, you live in a weekly motel right that that's homeless as well. Yet you are right that the but better the year, the history of homelessness, the author was saying you know we ve had homeless in the? U S since we ve been here here, the differences we used to have homeless because we couldn't afford. Give them work. Rhine, Rhone afford to take care of, and right now we can afford to take care of him. We just don't you know well, yeah, that's interesting brought it up because I was reading about other countries in America seems to be unique, and
that way and that a lot of Americans feel like its deserved and because you messed up by doing something really bad or you're on alcohol or drugs and latin american states. That attitude that homeless people deserve to be homeless and then most of the rest of Americans just don't think about it at all, exactly very invisible problem right or there are no people that due care and don't think they deserve it and there, but we can't get people advocates yet, the future is closer than you think, and it all starts In the palm of your hand, you may the news, five g? he's coming back What does that really mean? How like me, new I series time tomorrow, presented a team above a business, join me as well. I Am I cursed Kara price as we work he threw the true revolution in mobility that will check
the way we interact with the world around us from environmental science to law enforcement, entertainment, healthcare and travel, innovation is coming join as we explore how this revolution could impact your life, and here, just how close we are getting to a more connected future full of possibility. In the age of five g, this time tomorrow, presented by team above a business, is now the people on the eye heart radio, at all, wherever you listen to port costs. So how do people get homeless? Josh? We'll checklist talk about a week. We said that poverty and down lack of affordable housing or to the biggest drivers with with poverty. Yet right now, when you, when you quantify poverty and the poverty line, you basically figure out how much the average person pays.
In a state or in a nation, is around like that for housing utilities food. That kind of thing, then you said a line and say anything below this- is your eligible for government assistance right right, you're, you're, poverty, stricken in the? U S! The poverty line is somewhere around seventeen Grand a year for a family. Three right the problem is, there is a big disparity between the poverty line in the minimum wage. So the federal minimum wage is seven dollars and twenty five cents in our right for a person to work forty hours a week with a normal work week here, fifty two weeks, a year navigation, none likely work. Five days a week. Every week they were grows. Fifteen there an eighty dollars, must not much money right, so you're actually falling below the poverty line, making the federal minimum wage dry
consider that actually to afford a two bedroom apartment it? This is the median for across the states to afford to bedroom apartment at thirty percent of your income, which is the definition of affordable Yet thirty percent at seven making seven twenty five in our you'd have to work eighty seven hours a week, ridiculous! So there's a big part of the problem, there. We have said one of the states in here. Those shocking was about fifteen percent of homeless people actually have jobs, so I saw forty four percent icily by really lies not in this article, by over just across the internet, offers for well what what is clear is that a lot of people in the homeless that don't think they would ever in the homeless? They live paycheck to pay check. I have a job in their gettin by
but then something happens either lose a job or they have some outrageous medical bills were some catastrophe happens, and then your average, Joe or Jane with the job, can find themselves homeless like pretty easily some. Yeah. They ought always to some schizophrenia, who has a heroine problem, meaner right, in fact, most of the time it is not. We also talked about a lack of affordable housing right. We said the admission of affordable housing is thirty percent of income bright. Apparently there are five million tat you shoot for yeah. You have five million. U S, households pay more than half of their income in rent right. That is unbelievable. That's called worst case scenario she and the rule of thumb, as if you pay a quarter you're doing good. I really yeah yeah, so yeah half of your income
rent urine Abed badly. I showed you live in whatever big city Well, that also encompasses the worst case scenario also encompasses people who live in substandard housing is well earlier. So it's not just how much you're paying out it's, what you're paying for right right or a combination of the two right. I'm part of the problem checked, you remember, tat, would yeah take one thousand took what housing grandma. I know it's not the end that the demos murmur they demolished tackled would have liked the projects in Atlanta right before the Olympics are disguised rain. It was like ok, oh you, poor people, don't have to go home because you don't have any more, but you can't stay here right and then Is there an apparently there's a there, though there was a nationwide trend since the eighties, yes between eighty and two thousand three more than two million Laurette housing units were basically
demolished or turned into you, know, highrise expensive, high rises in during that same period from eighty two thousand three government assistance for housing fell by half yeah decrease half so that's gonna go out a homeless. So it's not, and not only are we not helping the homeless, we ve actually creating almost right We talked about obviously pay in being down here,
temporarily live impatient to pay check right. Whilst would you will you you can avert hit the nail on the head a little bit when you talked about Heroin addicted schizophrenia, those those can be a combination of those two or separately mental illness and addiction or to bigger of actors in homelessness, is well with the mentally ill. Apparently, of about twenty to twenty five percent of all homeless, people has some type of mental illness right. That brings up a really interesting point. Have you ever heard the urban leginn that Ronald Reagan is responsible for the increase in homelessness because each closed down all of the mental institutions? Yes, I have heard that the sexually not too far off the mark when he was Governor California, for my sixty seven, seventy four he shut down a lot of these state run psychiatric
but also really when he became President one of the major things he cut. Funding to was the treatment of mental illness and because of this cut in finding a lot of mental hospital shut down in a lot of mentally ill people found themselves homeless, so kind of indirectly. In that sense, he definitely contributed to an increase in homelessness. Well, shall we go and talk about the Mckinley than to act, then we're talking Reg. Oh yeah. Now that he also sign the first step. There's only significant homeless act of Congress, but with an eighty seven year, the Mckinley Mckinney than to act that was had a different name, but then they named after Stuart Mckinney and Bruce Ventre, who were to the biggest champions, but- and I had also to call programmes in Error-
emergency, shelter, transitional housing, health care, food, job training, substance, abuse services are chemical, stuff in its really ironic that he he was the president that sign that in the law, because he is also widely credit in the thick of so many republican listeners. He is widely credited as creating the homeless problem in the: U S, really not just through the institutionalization, but through the crew, nation of the wealth gap there I've seen between nineteen eighty and now you talk about since views and about two thirds of homeless people struggle with some kind of alcohol or drugs problem right. Not surprisingly, and then sadly, domestic violence has a big part to do their special,
I mean that half the women are battered women and they often times don't have anywhere to go, don't flee their as if their brave enough to actually flee their jerk husband of use of husband, then there they have nowhere to because their husband might be the sole breadwinner sure in that kind of circumstance out they have bettered women shelters. Thank God. Yes, sir, just for women that that suffer from abuse in Chuck, kids to rethink half of a runaway homeless runaways were fleeing domestic abuse or homeless kids on their own. I guess we're flying domestic abuse in about twenty percent were fleeing sexual abuse, but it doesn't stop there. Unfortunately, when you are homeless
on the street you encounter even more abuse many times you leave. How about leaving abusive situation at home you live on the street, then you get attack on the street for me and homeless, or you are forced into doing really bad things for food and shelter and stuff. Like that untoward thing said: the bus station the bus station and veterans dash you're, a big part of our homeless problem in that can see status of all cause. It's all really sad, but when you're veterans, when he got a fight for this country and you in one of the two hundred thousand homeless, single man, usually with mental illness subsidies problems because of maybe post traumatic stress disorder. That is heartbreaking. Yan in again, you just keep hitting that name.
On the head. Man there's a lot of overlap and problems or factors of in homelessness, like veterans may be homeless, veterans, maybe more prone to having a substance. Abuse, follow right or suffering from a mental illness like PTSD, or substance abuse in mental illness overlap and other people as well and part of the problem. Is you get to get into a vicious cycle? You? There are far fewer services, far fewer services available, easily accessible on the street than there are. If you have a house in an income and an address in a forum and all the normal stuff that that you just can't need to be able to get by in the? U s these things here, and you know you look at something like added Portmanteau veterans affairs, which does it get a job as they can towards. I know, but they can only accounted about twenty five percent,
of homeless veterans. That was so frustrating, isn't it they can accommodate all of em if they wanted, if they had not. If you wanted to bear the funding bright, CCD record bonus four c on one. And then you hear about homeless veterans, the monies out there and I'm glad they was veterans. They got you. I hope it's homo schoolchildren that get somebody else. I have somebody here. Listen in realises that we have. All the money we need. They'll get the reader of everybody here, it's just some of the wealthiest are going to have to give up a little bit of it that some of the poorest have a house right, the simple is that we have the means. The will. Yeah, we're not in about just some social programme of these alcoholics open up my time, we're talking about homeless veterans and children. Any of these women were in
benefit is alcoholic veterans. We ve already the nurse who have we not learned already there, alcoholism and all addiction is a brain disease that it follows the brain disease model. These days, you need treatment. Well, that's a whole stupid can I did I thought about. Was some people feel like they deserve to be harmless? They seem on the street and what did you do to get here instead of what can I do to help you? But this touch the nerve today, It's almost wild relish! I'm glad! I'm angry! That's what I'm saying! Ok! Go! I'm glad you're angry teacher so gestures, let's talk about some of the effects of a lot of these. He can file under the, but it bears saying you're talking about women shelters where women shelters only lead in women, if you have a teenage son, do you can kiss him good, bye, bye, family here
physical attacks homeless people were attacked, beaten. Kid in the meantime numbers originated spray painted the lid on fire. Kiehtan is pretty bad yeah. Just because your homeless people will go out and beat up homeless people. Hi, I'm Bobby Brown, welcome to my podcast beyond the beauty, a new show from Iheartradio. You probably know me is the founder of a cosmetics company, but I walked away in twenty. Sixteen and boy. Have I learned a lot. I've learned how to build a business, how to leave a business, how to take chances at a dive in and just try things and I'm constantly trying to figure out how to keep myself healthier and should live a better life. No, what I still have a lot of questions, so I'm gonna be sitting down with different people each week that I think we can all learn from
creators of some of the most successful businesses and brands today biggest names and beauty, doctors and health experts. I admire even my own family, listen to beyond the beauty and the I hurt radioactive apple, podcast or every. You're hot CAS others like a whole line of thinking that, like serial killers, practice and drifters I am sure, the health effects for kids. If your homeless,
I have a high rate of stomach problems. Asthma, infections, depression, anxiousness, PTSD is pretty prevalent there. It is a cause of adding is caused by homelessness in not just them adults, but kids as well. Right like you, can actually start develop piteously because you don't know where you're going to sleep the next night I may think about it shot like have you ever been without a home? like. I would think it can be really weird to not know where you're going to stay or did not just you know. I have a hard day at work or a hard day at school and go here tonight. Oh that, at the end of the day you I have no idea where you can sleep, maybe and sleep in your car, maybe going to sleep in the woods there you dont get just rest, you don't just take a shower bath, beer and watching tv or whatever it takes on wine. So your ear stress
was heightened constantly without any resolution to it and, of course, you're going to suffer PTSD or at least stomach ache. Some Bad right. Adults, too, is not just kids. They can get frostbite leg, ulcers, respiratory infections, HIV and aids- diabetes. You haven't way more commonly almost population, so lots of health effects gone on Josh. I agree Chuck so check. We talked about Reagan as both creator and alleviate her of homelessness in you. You talked about some of the programme. The team can event to act created some of the other programmes that have been developed in the United States. These are arm like section eight housing right. Do you know about this that, Sir,
Well that there's there's homeless, shelters, which are like the emergency beds when it's cold, that kind of thing we can get temporarily right a lot of those are, I would say most, I dont have any numbers on this, but I would say most of those privately operated. Airily yeah, interesting. And then there is the section, eight thing that you are talking about, which is not public housing. It's when you fill out of section eight voucher and you can go find just a regular private apartment to rent from landlords, gotta fit certain requirements, and if you meet those requirements, you only have to pay thirty percent of the rent and bills, and then the government pays the other seven straight to the landlord, so that section eight but section eight new another huge waiting list. I read that a lot of like there's shut it down let's get smaller and there like, there's no point in giving a list of
for years, five years were shut. It down, get the list, mine and open it back up in a couple years, so good, but getting section eight. If that's what you're trying to do and that you talked about, did you the dimension? Public housing are now so arm or you talked about shelters. Apparently there are five hundred thousand beds in two thousand and five. There is now six hundred forty three thousand either whether wasn't he doesn't nine in about three million to three point: five million homeless people yeah, but that's a pretty significant increase in five years year, history by weight with public housing. If it first section, eight is not an option, there is public housing or there used to be at least in to attack, would Right arm the which is basically like an apartment block at where you go and live in, you pay what you can in his long as you follow the rules. It is made our quota, you can stay. There is long as you like right. I dearly right again, there's not that many public housing.
Its or not as many as there used to be. We need talk about food banks, that's a big part of being homeless is getting your meal, and you know the United States is not like starvation and other countries where there is no food. There's lots of food here lots of food is thrown away. So, since an ideal sixties did you know that there is an estimate that up to half of the food we produce is thrown away? Really
half in the. U S in the low estimate is a quarter. While I tell you, I never go get a job in the film industry. If you wanna food waste depresses, you the aggressors and catering the whole thing in the hills, but food banks have been around since about the sixties and that everyone knows you can turn it can goods and non perishable items and they will distribute them too, are homeless, search, altars and in homeless people directly sometimes hear such a big deal. You volunteered yet another thanks giving thing before this makes you wanna do more than that that you now get that feel like going to church on do you know what do we should build like in addition on your house? It we can hothouse homeless people and we must make a lot earlier through either. You girl checks, glass, quite well. We can put up a lean to or somebody fats hooks, Clarksville evaluate their job training, though we talk about things like public housing and the price.
Acts, and that is all well and good to get people face to be, but in time you don't, and this is whether published. Yes, At the same time, you don't want to support a nation of people on the government's time, without, some kind of job training and something to say, hey. Let us help you get on your feet. Let us help you get a job data entry or on a manufacturing line or whatever, Luckily, there are groups like the coalition for the homeless man first step that route that do not provide this kind of job, job training and the veterans are doing the same thing with the homeless veterans, Reintegration Programme Right- and I should say there isn't a homeless alleviation programme in existence in the: U S, that's geared towards simply taking care of people. All of them are geared towards ending homelessness in the individual
and collectively, through things like job training right through things like gum, helping the right resume. Rehab, we have the huge wanting a mental health treatment. I'm getting people cheap drugs like getting them to a point where they're not homeless anymore. Like that addressing the factors Why is this? Not? He don't feel like work, and so here some money right that doesn't exist and I suspect that there is not really a desire to just have somebody give you some money and not do anything ever in just be poor in anybody. Now it's my that's my opinion. We disagree the thoughts and well enough. I discriminate the thunder
rather right. Now. What can you do this? Well, you can. We can build lean, Tucson, your scorning land even volunteer, like you said right give your time here. If you don't have the dough the actual time, if you do have the dough and its name is really just, you can donate all toys in books and toiletries enclose. That old computer, that's gathering dust that you could get seventy five dollars, foreign craigslist, you done it then stay right and offer new taxes, and maybe promised people can get trained how to use a computer. The more you could do your car yeah. How untypical
can be an advocate. Try to raise awareness, letter campaigns, all sorts of things you can do there. You can hire homeless people. Yes, these they do have skills, as we have seen. A lot of people who are recently on an recently homeless may also just be recent unemployed as well and have job skills. Nonetheless, on the list in the article, which I thought worry at home rate, respect huge when you see that homeless person street, don't let the first thought to be in your head, a jerk. How did you mess up to get here? Maybe should think? Did you develop schizophrenia in your thirties and lose your job because of that then get split up from your child because he can care for your child. You know you mean you want to hear you haven't well Smith. I was hoping we can make it through this about bringing up this debate.
The pursuit of happiness here. Well, it's a they make a movie about it. It was such a big deal. Everyone knows that that goes Homer The sign and now is rich is worth sixty five million bucks here you know what, like better, is the one in this article. The idea that was, I was named David he's he's quoted David hurdle He was it in that respect part here. He was a regular dude had a job as a restaurant manager. College graduate and for fifteen years is restaurant manager and develop schizophrenia, got fired, ended up hitchhiking and homeless. Fur two years on the streets of the sea, and now I think, he's a heading up a homeless, Reuben Dc. Ninety yeah, I think, is an executive at it, but he's quoted in this article in the respect like what can you do? He says on most of the despair and being home
comes from being treated like you don't exist, and there is something we should point out check throughout. This is, however, many minutes into this package. We ve just now used the first homeless person's name for same last. Name of the whole part cast there's a whole conception of invisibility. Yet the name was they. Are there? Not the nameless? You can completely interchange with the homeless. Here, that's just as faceless just his name was news. Is gender lists as identity less and on the ice want to close in get everybody over two on design. Theirs is awesome. Blog post by a guy named John, the Kara teach a sea k, a our aid called look or connect and he's talking about easing,
photography to tell you demonstrate how we treat the homeless and how we should treat the homeless and there's a photography book called shelter, and this guy roamed around Europe and took photos of homeless like impromptu, makeshift, shelters, way, blankets, hanging over a limb and in a year in the woods or round place under an overpass, but in every single pictures, just a shelter, not one homeless person appears in this whole book. Interesting and the care is pointing out like kind of emblematic of how we view the homeless right and then he was also can accrediting o a girl named Erika shots whose a photographer Seattle and she has a
serious call, invisible families and shove she photographs the homeless, but then the caption she includes captions beneath the the photograph right and it's of that person. So there's one of a little kid walking through a homeless camp and he's he's got like this bamboo stick up. I am and the caption is here Jack a Hearn age, nine march with the bamboo stick was staying at a city located in skyways. Sometimes Jacqueline was Fellow Nickelodeon says, and I quote to help him look for worms on other daisy play on a pluralistic in my puddles or with the resident camp kitten. They had six digit someone paw the bamboo Stick was a gift, while alike
that's a personal homeless kid. It's Jackie, her unaids, nine well in the end, the gentleman from DC suggests that if you have a regular walked to work in a city or something where you see the same homeless person on a daily basis, then ask another: name: is one day columbine their name. Look him in the eye. If you don't have to give them money, if you want to little things That can make a big difference in a person's self esteem and maybe a thousand view themselves again. And you can give em if you're worried about given the money that they spend on alcohol or somethin, give em github get a little food. Give voucher somethin like that
there is a body are fit summation of the far gas fifth and final. Yes, colonel are more about homelessness. You can type that word in the search bar has the works, the blank generic generalist identity list, search bar. As I said, then it's time for Is it listener moment? Yet, and in the spirit of this package, we're gonna do a big old keeper. You want explain what Cuba is welcome. Is a website where most like you and me, can go and donate. While, I should say gonna lane increments of twenty five dollars to entrepreneurs in developing countries. And people on their way up here in the United States. Even these loans are pulled together
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I know you guys have your own Cuba team and I love the use your power to do good, since most people have a herd of Cuba These mentioned this on your show. It be so great to get some business. That we can rely on. You can see of our jewelry and loans at W, W, w dot, any url dot com. Slash project wrong, and I went to day and they have these hearings and little necklaces rings and things thirteen year old girls may make my hand, and they ve learned at three hundred and seventy five bucks a far off. And that is clear and Kings Kensington Maryland, and that is so cool. I can't even talk about it when thirteen year old don't stuff like this and see owes are getting rich, informing their nose at the rest of the world, so farmers gonna, like one and this one we usually no plug
Cuba teams, but we're going to desist from art or body sergeant newly promoted steps blogger right, Ryan. With your inspiration, I started my own Kieva team for the armed forces with a whole armed forces. A certain are meeting so indifferent if here Well, he says armed forces, Kieva team, but it says army and in the euro so fear the marine corps do not give It is W W W that Cuba, DOT, Org, slash team, U S underscore army underscore Kieva, underscore team and he's just wondering if you could just give little shout out all the armed forces personnel your show an can. They donate to meeting encourage you to donate for the army to everyone out stony for the stuff. You should know team and support the project wrong. You know it's pretty
sorry, anyway, good holiday, Mojo. Coming your way. If you get involved stuff like this, will converge nations on the promotion staff, sergeant, Walker, Kara, congratulations on being a very, very cool thirteen year old, actually very, very cool person in general. Try since its around Christmas time and about the weak. Why are we to bring it home drive through my heart with these sweetest Christmas? You ve ever heard in your entire life. That's fact: base have you got no, I'm just saying you were asking for the amount two years and one which is like what has been, or will we be a couple of times here? Did you really get if you have a good story for us good Holiday story, you wanna, hear
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I'm Carver Wireless hosted. Finally, Fred Pie cast about Fred Rogers, Norton million. Here all ten episodes, fining Fred, Fred Heart video at Apple pie, casts more wherever you listen,
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