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How Human Cannonballs Work

2011-07-07 | 🔗

There's no question that human cannonballs are daredevils. They pack themselves into the confines of huge cannons, which shoot them into the air. But how does it work? Join Josh and Chuck to learn more about the bizarre performances of human cannonballs.

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yeah. We did it wants an in people have asked occasionally, like did achieve thing again, and I wanted I wanna do like once every hundred fifty cents, literally, let's get good pace the whenever it says it will be the third time since coming up, I think so sure, for fifty right around the corner, Edwin Checkers, if you ever had Kaboom cereal now, do you deal with such a thing? Good? No, I wasn't good the marshmallows, the air, was basically like lucky Chimes owner who ripped off who right, but it was clown themed rather than you know, irish themed genius. But there is a God.
I'm frightened yet a cannon, and that's where the name came from Kaboom as a circus, clown, surface cannon kaboom, then they realize clouds were scary, is heck most people, so yeah failed miserably. I wrote this blog posts recently. You read it about it at the outset. What you they clown, giving clown therapy people seem to like it yeah. I thought it was nice one that was my inch by inch. Her was about a hundred tee. Tell I was here: do you remember well sure if he pregnant references, death wish? Yes, so he you know he comes down with the cancer and dumb cheats himself in the head
and regardless of how you feel about suicide, what happened next was his arm. As you said, I guess is death wish, which he made in life, I'm honestly yet of two kinds of death, which is this a wish that you make upon your death that you would like for things to happen after you die and then there's the jolly Brunson Devilish NICE get Chuck Rasa. Well, that's a sentence character to, but it's the Simpsons character, but the mustache Yoda sales clerk, yes, that he clearly Rick His travels bunsen anyway laugh in two hundred tea was. He said he was cremated. And he had his remains shot out of a cannon. Have you seen here thanks to Johnny Depp hoped that dream come true, because he has tons and tons of money to make that if they do us, any quota can
and we talk before about how I want my dead body- shot out of a cannon we have indeed I'm I'm not so sure anymore. Maybe who knows it would be after reading this article in the physical requirements, it would become a gruesome it. We like in they stiffened you up. Somehow you would come out and a big like a dead body. Well, that's what I have always imagined now, that's it! I see flying through the air tat. You saw yourself like shooting through no no a rocket toward the still no light flopping through. The air daylight have somersault and twist what has to be naked too. I was going, and on the Kansas Prairie and let the vultures finish me off Guph Langen idea bring it. I gotta backyard for you. I think that's how we met coop hee hee.
Offer these okay. I live in Kansas and Excellent Secretariat. This done yet so we'll see, but I think that that's an image that people can have in their head. While we talk about how human cannonballs were great he's like you said, there is a lot to it, but one of the things that's not to it, and I think it's funny that people wonder how this, how you can shoot somebody over cannon and the gun, Paris. Bottom up, there's no gun powder. Of course, if I dont understand how someone cannot understand that intuitively yeah, because I think people want to believe that there have been fired out of a cannon instead away along Piston enclosed in a tube with a fake boom in a flash. Yes for effect, ok, so I guess it's the fake permanent flashed through their buying. It you're honest the idea from the beginning. That was the idea. So yes,
long roots, indeed back to the nineteenth century, back to the UK, which, by the way have noticed, did you notice from like this article renewing a supplementary research, the UK big, inhuman cannonballs? I think they're began just this whole circus variance. Ok, there were the original showman yeah sure they on the world had its true enough. And they sold it, and when you on the world, you have an obligation to entertain the world and they did so by human cannonballs. Specifically, something called the projector is the is the I guess, grandfather of the human cannonball cannon. Yet for any projector. Eighty, seventy one George for any. Basically, it was like a warlike catapult like a spatula right that would just flip people were stop dying, people would go flop and in flying through the air
oh god, I regret here specifically LULU who was a man dressed as a woman, this that always adds to the comic effect right, but it didn't address, and he was the first person in America to get fat jack with Bahrainis contraption there. Yet, and not only did he do that he was he sailed twenty five thirty feet into the air and was caught by someone on a trippy. So as we go through this, I dont way just think about my dead body being shot under the Kansas Prairie. I want you to think about how difficult it is to catch. Somebody aren't trapeze whose just been shot of a king while you're, honest repeat your swinging at just the right point, hitting I'm just the right way and then taking their Momentum and,
can him another way on the yet. Will this in fairness. Lulu wasn't caught by someone. She, he just actually grabbed hold up the trapeze, but there are people later on this article. You are caught by people on the trapping right, just wanna get there. Sell someone out there like. No, no LULU, I wonder, would be one person who knew that I'm so the bahraini projector was invented in eighteen. Seventy one it was obsolete by eighteen, eighty, because this is the year that a fourteen year old girl Rosa Marie Richter, whose states name was ass, all right, great, great grandmother to any Richter, no great stage, name right now sure vessel fourteen and she, at the behest of one pity, Barnum climbed into the first cannon cannibal cannon.
That that is designed, like today's modern cannons, Wilson s her and she was shot out of it and dumb shortly after that, within a few performances she broker back. It was the first casualty of the human cannonball. Yes, in this roman first Cannon use springs and they employed the blast, the fire in the in the boom to make people thinking back. Then they probably really bought it I hope that people are so dumb back that this very famous picture of her climbing into the cannon. It's called a beautiful girl in huge goin, or something like that. I thought that our forefathers like invented everything in like built the world, then we're like their soda what, if I just stupid people here, while it harder and harder to building, discover new things now, because there are all there was all the easy stuff, but you- and I can discovered all this it up right now is that more and more difficult
You really look for subtlety right, so we say thanks to no one so that the late nineteenth century is this: the The human cannonball idea just takes off right. Thanks deserves our thanks to George loyal He was the one who was shot out of a cannon and would be- by a woman s happy! That's right at the end, Key Robinson circuits right: yes, that's incredible! It is in you think about it, like. I think I've even seen that before, like impersonate at a circus, when I was a kid, but now that researched and read the sun like. I can't imagine how difficult that has to be how everything has to be totally precise and that these circus performers must spend like all day. Practicing every day make sure yeah not just to the timing, there's a lot of other stuff that you have to take into account right right, it's not just get in this can and we're gonna put you out now.
Ash because the little sled that your basically an goes forward and a force of three thousand six thousand pounds per square inch of pressure right. We should say in some is now the young. The preferred the means of using that little kissed him forward, right, yeah and you're in a little capsule. Like imagine, Numb marks egg, but with the top cut off here so you're, not you're. In the barrel, in what amounts to a bare a bullet barrel, a bullet with the top cut off, and that bullet is attached to the cannon so that when the compressed air shoots it out, the cannons that. You keep going that right, but it shoot you out, Eddie what you say like three thousand six thousand pounds per square inch of pressure now gathered produces some force. That's all and that's why you can't just be like I'll, let you know that would crush you,
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our promo code, ass, white, ass, gay you're, gonna, get this offer afore weak trial, plus free postage and Digital scale, and there are no long term commitments or contracts just go to stamp that come click on the microphone top of the page and type in s. Why, as K that stance, I come from a goat s. Why, as K stamps that come never go to the polls, office again it with with the big daddy cannons these days you can oh horizontally, about two hundred feet or vertically, which they say that, where the booze and ask him from his eyes two hundred feet and then speeds up the sixty to seventy miles an hour right. So your hollan, you are here You are also under some tremendous force right: oh yes, so hours yet
got about nine jeez during launch and twelve these impact and we'll talk about that later, but check the Dodo power play a role Japan is the highest acceleration. It's a two point: seven jeez she's! So imagine nine by air. This is it Is that what you're putting this human body under a lot of stress right, then? Yes If I had a long way and that's why you have to take into account the things we briefly mention like when speed body weight, obstacles like the guy wires in the tenth for the net and goals for the for the tent, and we also we mention that sniper. Remember now we're talking about the bullet. Subject to revert to taken recount like humidity yeah, certain people who set up human cannonball cannons, and usually, I guess, pressure, the human cannonball is the manager,
charge of this whole act. They know just come out there like idle get in as it already is, did it right, yeah some Carney like puts out a cigarette and like it looks good to me, you haven't noticed that the case the latter planing goes in because they make a point. It's pretty easy to get to it. And get shot out, although, like we setting out a very strong self, but the landing part is the crucial part, obviously right, because a fifty by twenty five foot net, a pretty big when you're standing on it. But when you're two hundred feet away in two hundred feet up, it might look like a postage stamp to you right, and I mean this is a big deal.
And you wanna hit that met you you wanna hit it needs, is the right place to church, yet so to make sure that the person hits the net test. Dummies are used the test them as human cannonballs best friend, because you can shoot a test me out as much as you want until you figure out whether or not you ve got the barrel, trajectory just write the temperatures problem. What have you make adjustments early right, and so they just shoot a testa me at the net until they have just right
then they they? I guess they feel that their confident they're going to try their luck at year end, like you, said you gotta, hit the net at the proper place too, which is generally the rear. Third, because when you hit something going down an angle like that you're going about backwards not like pop straight up or go forward right, so you don't wanna hit on the first third- is in your bounced backwards off the net, so yet spree specific did is so check. Who does this crazy circus people circus family size, families yeah, like once you get in the circus than usual guarantee that your kid is going to do that to you I'm talking about some of them will yet, though, the one I think I've heard of these people even before this this article, but the zucchini family, zucchini, bikini,
Guinea is a key needs have been doing now, while they ve been performing in circuses since the nineteen twenties and apparently they stopped in the nineties. There, like seventy years, is enough for us. Does the keys are hanging up our little fancy shoes right in that time there were seven brothers in the family, five of them became human cannibals and that he has it ever others. There is also a sister to whose human can abolish you understand. You know it does. Other two did that's like U, I paid Manning's brother that forego here there's another brother. What does he do? He he's the all this money and he's the later. He was like a big man on campus, it all mass, but that was it. He didn't just parted, then pay for father. No, so he's not beloved by his father Archie
that's your problem. They worked with the wriggling brothers. These economies did who obviously it big name in circuses and they sort of pushed the envelope you go and Victor the brothers did a little double barrel gag that whenever, Well and Mario would get shot over Ferris wheels to ferris wheels. My Mario's keenly to Ferris will not on top of one another. Now it's done after they're right secluded we kind of feet and then I'm John Weiss Human Bullet yeah. He started out as a clown. Apparently I really did five years is a clown and then made the very rare jump to human cannonball from cloud again about a year and apparently his first first shot, who sent him six feet with the other, as is
Do it as a clam Gina nine. I think that that would have been a mockery that human cannonball tradition don't do that and then there's the Smith family, also very popular circus, cannonball above him talk about John Wise. Well, he was here, One of the most prolific cannonballs near did he die doing now? Ok, did you mentioned many times? Is done it five thousand. There is a lot of time to be shot out of a can. I did this kind of over that yak by five thousand times indeed started in nineteen. Eighty seven near so he was doing it for a little while there for years. I guess he's doing at once a day six days a week, fifty weeks a year near you right, that's a lot of land. That is a lot. That's a lie I mean especially what we know about what the pressure and exerts on a body gesture I mean that's, that's roughly
yeah, and it said I mean we pointed out how is safe, but more than thirty people have died doing us over the years. Okay, so the that that up that pops up in this article, thirty people have died as human cannonballs yeah. There's a british historian who died a few years back. His aim is age Cox. He says it there. Been only about fifty people to ever be human. Cannonballs. Thirty have died, really yeah. I thought those kind of significant enough. Every fitness article and after ward me off of human animal, so thirty out of fifty have died and that's just he died. Others. You know like regular back there's a burger back yeah we'll get into that gruesomely soon that we really will be ready for that.
Dazzle are subject to the Smith family. They are the modern cannonball family that pretty awesome David, Cannonball, Psmith Junior as that much of his life inside of a cannon. Yes, have you been on their website? Now was it also defy hee hee he's described as having a dynamic personality? I like that, it's balancing his dynamite personality that be Pretty bad here's the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball, There's always that guy who joined your game, he never passes the rock he instantly bricks theories and who can we have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico it's easy to switch and save on car insurance no need to fake an angel sprain because you're absolutely exhausted, so which in save Geiger it's almost
better than sports David, the bullet Smith Juniors son? In answer he thought the dynamic element is that has arisen. Is I don't know he best dad's record of by five hundred ninety three feet, so that's a lead is dead, still holds the highest at I think two hundred and three two hundred one hundred one feet sixty one point: two meters and lessons outside of America: that's one those over to Ferris wheels. Now that's crazy! Yet OSHA dimension, the DARPA thing. I thought that was completely stupid and ridiculous. Did you think so? I think it's kind of cool. I think, if DARPA kid perfect this, then it could take the human cannonball art a whole new level, still a basically DARPA the Defence research project right, yeah, there's it's in a in there somewhere advance. Yes, thank you. They were looking at. I think they file the patent for a basically,
you mean cannonball Cannon that has Liquors Sledge Chair right that shoots you up. I think they said they can get a first responder special ops firefighter on top of a five sorry building in two seconds, so basically their ideas and take the human cannonball concept into shoot, people on top of buildings to go fight, fires or to go snipe people or whatever. So I get that it's the landing thing that they say is the hardest part in real Kane, allowing so what what's goin on here. That's something I have no idea. I dont know if they were like all get this part. Now, let's go figure out the other part, but that's that's kind of the big joke Underscore among human cannon bothers. Is it's not apply? shooting somebody out of a cannon right, it's the landing! That's the important part yeah right for in this case, if your shooting, on a building, if you're off their than into all the a cartoon, and you
into the building and then slide very slowly down, except unlike a cartoon, you leave a trail of blood slide down yet any slide down fast and then there's more blood and body parts on the street. Yes, which has happened, I'm sure it as there is there's been a lot of accidents. As we said, out of fifty thirty human cannonballs have died in the lot and you take to prevent this. People staying to tap shape, you have to work out your core. Yet ever strong back, you need to be able to brace yourself, like you said, and really just go totally rigid. So when you shot out you don't rush, do need to become a projectile right. I'm sorry, you weren't a helmet, maybe a little padding yeah, but how much longer do if you miss your net now, I'm in the net is very important. A lot of people use airbags as well. Yes, there is a guy who's named
Tell them bail. Is the human space shuttle forever now he's airbags and he is a victim of circumstance. If there ever had, then one hears big in the seventies and eighties until I nineteen. Eighty six, eighty seven, eighty seven when he went through all the but the arm tests are discussed, has done me out It landed fine in these airbags where he calculated they should be. And on what he didn't know is that his crest has dummy had gotten wet, which made it much heavier, which completely changed the dynamics of its test run. So when he shot himself out miss the airbags right. He did. He were still right over him. Gone and he said, he knew quote. I could see I was going that it was too far too fast.
But he knew in mid air. He was conscious enough to be like a crap, I'm not hit the airbag and apparently the because when I read ethical, how does this happen? When that's the only safety thing you can do? How do you have a sub dummy? Apparently it was left in the rain, their filled with sand and so the owl I'd have dried, and but the sand was the wet on inside. So didn't like feel, went to the touch when they were testing it and he said he remembered it feeling like listen, slow motion and that his brain actually thought he could see. This problem in MID air era dynamically. I do something like I can do this in shorten the trip island upright, which might save me, but instead he overshadowed by just a few yards in same feet. First into the floor shattered his ankles me a leg in his spine and he's paralysed for noise down.
And that is very sad yeah. He mentions the aerodynamic right like there is a specific way. You want to leave Yeah you want to do that. Little easy, somersault right remained on your back here, which is that the way the wind referred in the EU are. You also said something that brought to mind the idea that this the g force that we talked about earlier that's been shown to produce a loss of conscious. Some people, let another danger than you do. You know when you're sailing you want is like stay like a projectile and if you're blacked out you're gonna be like a dead body like you, just in alarm bells are still in prison that something horrible happen too. Obviously I met tranche just this year.
Two months ago April there. He- and this is just a nightmare scenario. He got blasted, often right after you, blasted off the net collapsed yeah. So how does it happen and honour us? Probably what he's asking while he died? He landed on his head and died. He did die so that is not what asking. That is what his family is asking prevent. The lawsuit did everything my guess, those in great Britain to various and remember I mentioned Zucchini Sesar. She there's a keen easy to do these double barrels stunts. Were they to be shot out at the same time, usually next to another written alone, parallel, one other well. She and another brother had a head, an act where they be shot in the same direct It is well known passed by like I five yeah. Well, they collide. Didn't she broke her back. That's just a bad idea. There was a bit
here. But the sad thing is: if you, if you look at modern people like the modern cannonballs, they they are safety conscious, they were just like a net collapsed or their army was, was wet with that. That makes it even said to me. If you get shot, you know two hundred feet into the air brother sixty miles an hour. I want her clothes like your back and something yeah. That was part of the equation. I wonder how close they intended to go to one. Another is obviously too As for the better I could there were twenty feet apart. It started its impressive. So if I wanted to get a tight for the effect
but can you imagine all of a sudden when you see that coming straight out, you probably the same realisation like crap this die by hitting my brother sister now anything else, that's it man! Why did we ever do the thing on their levels? I read an article on daredevil soon. Maybe she did at some point or we ve been talking out or even evil. Can evil pike ass a deep because he's a big part of that? When maybe we can now discovered all ok, science, human, animal yeah, we gotta go Ok. Well, I feel I learn more about heaving cannonballs, including how long it takes to accelerate the human cannonball or to their top speed. Do you want to know the second. You can find all that by typing human cannonball and
the search bar house efforts at camp and from what you say, Turkey said the girl bring more than just one article here. My daredevil sing like paper I said any search bar. How come I mean? I'm listening. That's right Nicholas Underground rail road writing it. Underground rail road when the ship little bit of my childhood summers and upstate New York. My great grandfather, We love lend Meda and John spurred New York in the Adirondacks lots of money. You know him Louis. The home itself is incredibly cool and haunted, there's a very cluttered and dimly lent room hidden away behind the kitchen, which has a small. Again buried beneath a decade and forgotten items, then legend has it that the organ would mysteriously circling at all hours of the night thanks to spirits as if that,
There is a very large barn behind the home, which has seen its better day My sister and I are always warned be careful when we went near the barn, be reason because the earth beneath our feet could give away at any moment sounds like a terrifying summerhouse, but there's a hidden tunnel beneath the boy, because there's a hidden told beneath the barn running from the back of the home below the barn and out into the mountains right next to a strawberry patch that my great grandfather planted a hundred years. The tunnel was a part of the underground Road and I've been told- is one of the last option Adirondacks, it is still intact. Today, although it varies, a tunnel is roughly three to four feet below the ground, but five feet all four feet wide and seventy five yards long, packed with dirt and rocks in an absolute debt trap tonight gate, without a flashlight sees the entrance from the home mistress to dangers to use anymore. But there is, to drop into the tunnel, the didn't or in the barn. As long as you don't mind,
whence I version has fallen into the tunnel, which I looked at it You carefully make her way through the town you emergent, sunlight and strawberry field. Civil treat your somebody hindu area or wet how refresh and as from Alison Saint Louis, while things ass, you could do that couldn't each containing. I could do that Israel, numbing viruses, buttressed. I wonder if it is buttressed Charles Montenegro, that is, if you I have a great recipe for fresh strawberries. We want to hear you can wrap it up in an email, spank it on bottom good night and send it to stuff podcast.
Our stuff works not be sure to check out our new video podcast stuff from the future joint Housetop work staff. As we explore the most promising and perplexing possibilities of tomorrow brought you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready! Are you? I am Bobby Brown. Welcome to my party has beyond the beauty, show from Iheart Radio to be sitting down with different people each week that I think we can all learn from. I hurt radio is number one for pod cast, but don't take our word for pollution to be on the beauty. I hurt radio APP Apple Todd cast or ever you get your pack has because we all have something to learn about. The real me
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