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How In Vitro Fertlization Works

2014-07-17 | 🔗

In the U.S. alone, more than 6 million people are affected by infertility and science has taken up the mantle of helping them to conceive. Learn about the clever, though intuitive, methods of assisting infertile couples to have a child.

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Nine years you re pretty asylum, Lena Yogi Yachting, never get cigarette movie. No, it's good one in the second! I don't really intend to, but I'm afraid you is it. My tarnish my love of character, summary funny to just keep it keep it with the first. Until we can watch him, wait for cable beer, tv s nose, do with movies that were for the big screen silent down their start ever so you don't get I'm great Cancun, so we're talking today, yes about IVF, yes, an inch in vitro fertilisation, yes
and I have to say tuckers now really have by the way I will enter for this one today, although I do have a bit of one tat. Lucy in nineteen now in two thousand teen? Yes, a lady name, Louise Brown celebrated her thirty fifth birthday and, with her birth day coming and going yes, she announced that she's pregnant with their second child her. This is like mine, blowing crazy stuff all over the place, because Louis Brown was the first human being ever conceived using in vitro fertilisation. Yes, the carbon test to babies back then
There are totally test you baby. You called anymore. Now we ve got nowhere more scientific, ass, a society since the seventies yeah put something please just it yeah. If they ever did. I think maybe Petrie dishes contradiction here. Do not testes boat. You know culture, this baby! It's right! That's weird test! You baby! Can it rules out the task at the to tee sounds which makes it a little funny there and dumb intriguing their boots? That's what she was used this test, you baby, is nineteen, seventy eight in England and she was born July twenty fifth, I think I just a few days later. I think the second The baby was born in India area very in very short order here, to ensure that their doc,
really come on. Will you give cereal ready? I want to be the first. Nobody remembers number two and in the following year, in nineteen, seventy nine, the first American IVF baby, was born and that's the history of IVF like it just goes back that far. Yet since then, I think thirty, for more than thirty five million IVF babies have been born couple a hundred thousand each year in the U S alone, now yeah it was like in the sixties eighties. Now is it a hundred and something a hundred and change. I think that I got over two hundred thousand D. Really there really. I saw sixty one, seven, forty, two thousand twelve or maybe two- maybe three hundred thousand worldwide. Ok, left to settle an outright. But there is a lot of babies that are born with through IVF. He ain't it. It's crazy how
the thing that struck me and finally we're getting to the end of the internet. That is that why IVF is it seems so like with bank crazy, futuristic filling up. Now, it's it's figuring out. We figured out how a woman becomes pregnant and figured out the ways that we could possibly best help that process along you and that's what it is, it's really there's, no like crazy new technology. They don't like, like buzz her with like prego laser. Yet nothing like that. It's strictly catheters in timing in here you know hormones here, it's crazy how simple it is, but it also equally crazy that you know it's a successful as it is considering what what in vitro fertilisation can so yes, I guess we can go and talk about success rates in the. U S,
under the age of thirty. Five have a thirty to thirty five percent chance of conceiving with IVF. It dropped to twenty to twenty five percent between thirty five and forty six to ten percent over forty, and that is percentages of life, birth cycle of witches per year per cycle so like. If you go through cycle of in vitro fertilisation beer, do you have the percentage chance? Typically, is pretty much luck, step with natural birth rates according to age. I was it I you know, I mean a deafening decreases with age. Tell you about nothing like one for wine, yeah, sure, yeah, yeah totally, but saying that I think the depreciation of of possibility yeah it goes down.
AIDS, naturally, as well with IVF to hear in the library, is the key here, because many times there will be conception and they'll be a pregnancy, but any number of things can go wrong from their oh yeah, sure chemical pregnancies, activate pregnant economic pregnancies. Apparently some chinese researcher did a survey of a hundred thousand plus LIVE Ivf, Bertha arm and found that there is a correlation. You are three times likelier to have a major the fact, if you were born the in vitro fertilisation than natural, I really need to found a correlation, not a cause, but just the numbers for some reason: but that out yet well now, one of the new things you can do is up for at a certain point, the process peachy, which is pre implantation genetic diagnosis, and this is a test that will cost you several.
Thousand dollars, and basically it allows you to root out certain mano genetic disorders like you can get PD testing and find out if the baby might have like sickle cell or Huntington's disease or cystic fibrosis, certain downs, and then you can make a decision about whether you want to continue with the process he and others a real concern that there won't be like that down syndrome. People will be extinct yeah eventually, because the other tells us- and you have have gotten so accurate yeah. I dont think that'll happen well, there's also ethical concerns of pity about you know you do selective termination. If you'd find out it's a boy, you wanted girl re, or am I don't? Wanna go with brown eyes, yeah yeah, none of us a lot of ethical countries, Thea Associated with it, and it is even more basic than that for a lot
people too, like if you have a fertilized eggs or even just an egg, yet a potential human life to some people they destroying just the egg there. There was never fertilizers, as a moral problem? Yeah or let's say you, you have a chance of multiples. Twins were triplets quads or more of your certain age. That is not good and can be dangerous for you, as the mother. As for the kids to yeah, so at that point you might have to go through with the constructive production which is choosing which wants to go with this. A lot of pitfalls jealous but there's a lot of people who are held by it as well and at the very least, there's a lot of people who seek the help from at night. I saw something like in this article, which I think was written into. Does the six or seven yet landed
a ten LISA dollar six point: one million Americans are faced with infertility which infertility is not like them: you're, infertile, the here's. What's wrong with you, I ever tell you can't be right, but it is always the technically infertility. The definition of infertility is that you, I've got it on for a year unprotected and no babies that produced yet for six months, if you're over thirty, five. Ok, but it depends on the doktor like this we'll talk a lot about. Well, if you come this far, and even these procedures in the no movie this allotted to the places are fertility. Clinics are baby factories and now you can go. It I d up, if you want to have in the desert if they say that they believe in it. So it's not like any hard and fast law right, that's the impression! After doing this, for how many years we ve been doing this now,
eighty after eighty years, everyone s arm. Learn that the house for exotic all is like it deals and ideals turning to thoroughly like the earth is how it works in the real world. I guess it's our works according to the law as true with your best yeah, I'm so upset about seven point: three million people are faced with infertility in they turn to ideas and idea is far and away. The most popular form of words called a sister reproductive technology here which, as we said, sounds with bang in future, is to not necessarily year about fifty percent of our t, methods are what they called low tech witches
will put you on some hormones. Anna by onyx, apparently are huge one really a huge. She referred fertility either the supposedly especially unexplained infertility, which affects something between ten to thirty percent of infertility. Cases are just unexplained yeah there like we, there's only structurally wrong with you right. Your husband sperm is fire like there's. We can't figure it out, word made getting pregnant, isn't the easy in the world know it's not seems that way in the movies, but there's an explanation for things in its unexplained am because there's this whole unexplained thing chuck, there's like a lot of suggestions, as you know, what's at play yeah, but you by your right. It is kind of like man, woman did together have child have another chance, the very a third and like it's no problem. You, like you, said in the movies,
especially when age comes and people getting married? Later, you deceived. You know the sixteen Euro have a baby without any problem. It sort of weird that we we haven't. Things have changed We speaking like people get married in their MID thirty's, but you can still get pregnant when you're thirteen right in It has shifted, not acknowledge that within attitudes now, no one why were like? Ok? Well, we need technology. Then right, but like us about half the assisted reproductive technology methods or low tech. Climate is a bigger, probably the most popular till it drug treatment. I've been using. This is like the fifty right now the safe. If these either fifty years since the fifties- ok, well, it's uh, it's an oral medication and it is used to induce regulation Actually, now, men of the have used it to increase testosterone earlier
because in NFL player just got banned for using climate for fertility because they said it increases austrian social performance enhancing drugs, but he was using it to try to give the right here I mean what he said: ah suffer year, our methods of the cold, so he was suspended. But climate. With climate alone, you have an eighty five percent chance of population success and about a forty three percent chance of pregnancy success over three cycles and after three cycles. That number goes way down so really like it becomes less and less probable that you conceive after three cycles
at the same through three and then added mistress with climate, ok and then after that, like what people generally do is try few different methods before moving on to idea right, like just the hormones or but we'll talk about now, which is artificial insemination right in that that, like come, assisted reproductive technology, Yes, an umbrella term. Artificial insemination is an umbrella term, underneath the eight hour t umbrella, yeah and its basically needs I'm you try to give the sperm leg up in its rays toward the egg, yet it's seven aided artificially. In other words, it doesn't come directly from the penis into the vagina, hey why's that make you I don't like ours in the kindergarten, clear cut glass yeah it's when the sperm is we stood in for I ve
efficiency, Venetian, it's either implanted international interests are vital right so in the vagina cervix. But if you're gonna put it directly into this survey or the uterus, you have to watch him. Yes, you can't put on treated sperm into directly into the uterus, because you have what scalded euro contraction, which families extraordinarily unpleasant. The sperm have some sort of its called prototype lindens. I think that you have to wash out the spur if you dont, furtive glances will set out these contractions in the uterus exactly so they did, and I said euro I think I'm at uterine can actions, liberty, violent yeah, so yeah you wash the sperm in. Not only does it remove those proto glass since its it'll limiting any substance it'll get in the way and make the sperm Kyle in Malta means they're good swimmers
that's another another advantage. Using artificial insemination. Is you can say your cut your cat? You may the team your cut right and then you put together green team of the best vermin you say: go get em that right, the third reason the wash sperm and equally under the uterus. That's called: are you I intrauterine intimidation and that's just gonna one step further than I like artificial insemination. Do the Turkey baser method home, sir? If you want so that's the thing yeah, like they ve kits, that's a form of artificial insemination that is artificial insemination. Yeah, by means of umbrella term will ya he's in the Turkey based her home near your artificially incinerating but you're, probably inserting indirectly. Vagina, maybe the cervix unite, doing intrauterine
No you someone again do you. I am not unless you have a sperm washer, which you can afford one of those these days, you know that's right, so those fail, then your next step is is probably gonna be IVF but, like I said, depending on your age, what's goin on you can skip straight IVF. If your doctor says it's ok, I will skip street IVF after message. Break about that. Hello step. You should know listeners. Do you want a new year's resolution? That's easy to keep yes resolve to help put. To your identity and personal info with lifelike identity theft, protection, lifelong alert you to potential threats to or identity, and they see more than what you can see by just monitoring your own credit, like your info on the dark web and that's a big deal, yeah and if you have a problem lifelike, U S based restoration specialists, no, the steps it take to help resolve your case. After all,
one in five identity theft. Victims who had accounts open in their names discovered their theft through bank or credit card company, and, of course no one can provide Oh I didn't eat after monitor all transactions at all businesses, but lifelike is the new year's resolution does not only easy to keep it'll help. You predict what you ve worked so hard for get lifelike for up to twenty five percent off your first year, gonna lifelike, dot com, slash stuff! That's why flocked outcomes less stuff for up to twenty five percent off frights us talk about ivy, a processor yeah again pretty low tech, high tech stuff. It's me yeah it'll cost about twelve grand another. Twenty I saw you I mean that's it. I hate the ranges for these procedures because it really
It depends on where you are and if you have insurance, fifteen states require insurance to cover it. You know I mean energetic. There is an argument that the lack of standards in pricing for medical procedures here is the single problem for why the healthcare system in the? U S is broken yeah. There is none, early insurance that it's not necessarily chronic disease, thereby it is. If you came up with standard pricing dear, you could solve quite a bit of the by car mechanics yeah, that's supposed to be a standard, yes I always. I never knew that with car mechanics. If you are when they say how much time it takes, it's really not help they dont time how long it takes there's a manual that says you know changing
operator is one point five hours. I didn't know that. I just know that Mr Goodwill and Post says: does he on the board of a good for him, like Mcdonald's went like our many anyway, with you about them, the medical standards that it makes a lot of us. I mean clearly, yes, chronic diseases, a huge problem, especially preventable chronic disease. But that's not the only issue here is the fact that you can be charged, almost literally an arm and a leg depending on where you go, the trade society, s little costs money, but he has good insurance than bout, so here or there are basically five steps. The first is ovarian stimulation. This is what you're gonna be taken fertility drugs goods could be a couple of weeks of that some are oral. Sometimes you can be given shots to your wife or facilities on our own should be given shots to herself, because the good thing about IVF is you don't need alive man
necessarily know? You just need the sperm yeah. So on anyone could come from anywhere single Ladys are all the single lady or Ladys in the algae. Bt community ice want to mix up those letters Oh yeah, I didn't need to be a man and off now I mean it was at some point. I guess if you could gross firm in a lab from themselves not directly aimed at second you could do deny doesn't have evolved in harvest aspirin from a sperm bank. They give ear anonymous donor friend of a friend the emphasis passing through town, Sir Walter. You're standards are, you can see, we get your hands on some sperm and am PAM. You don't need a man. I was from the basque aggregation sperm by three p m.
But there is a great movie man. I saw that again for the first time in a while recently, a man, I think you son, of a bigger and get you picked up by three p m But, yes, you will need sperm if you're the husband in it, sir. Does your regular all husband and wife trying to conceive were just man and woman, then the husband will deposit, that's vermin, little room designed to make that happen, and then they will take the sperm in Washington, hold it, and it's all timed out. You know appropriately, of course, got onto it forever and so that ovarian stimulation like you're, trying to get the eggs to come along, and not only are you trying to give it an come on. You only get several. They come along here. That's the whole point of your multiple eggs right, so you know a woman is born with all of the approximately four hundred thousand egg shall ever produced in her life. Just goes down right
During her menstrual cycle near one of those eggs enters a sloping, tubing becomes mature right. So what these hormones do it get a bunch of those eggs into their philosophy in wrappers and get them limited over time. The doktor, I guess, pays attention to how their maturing and when you decide, These eggs are ready to go. That's when you had said to which is the egg retrieval step that right and that is not super complicated either it's called the name sounds complicated, transnational ultra, sound, duration, but what it really is is a mild sedative and
section device that sucks out the eggs. That's really others do it. It's pretty amazing. If you cannot use the arm to you, a method you'll have to undergo a more involve procedure. Cobb laparoscopic surgery, which isn't super, involve either. It is also a short process, but there's a small incision, an admin to locate your ovaries, giving parallel video camera yeah so arm, but more involve, obviously because it is a surgical procedure, but it's not like you're staying in the hospital for we can even right. It's this more involved because you have to use more anastasia, too, were to automatically increases risks exactly with the other one aspiration.
I guess you just need a mild sedative. It says here yet, like twilight, sleep get right to step. Three. You ve got your eggs. You got your multiple eggs, throw looking good, then New York as they go through and they look at him and yet in say this one was scared. The suddenly stood at this one and I'm not sure when Pga can take place. I think after I would go delegation, sir, I would think yeah yeah guess would have to be yeah. Ok, that makes sense. So then you ve got your intimidation and, like a said Europe, you got your sperm. However, you got it. We napkin, that was the trampling on the street more power to you, may examine the eggs inside these look robust in d c and fallen These are the best ones are working to use these. That's when the sperm is added in the best sperm is picked, and then it's in a culture.
Don't it's thing right and depending on the sperm, they might in directly into the egg there, which is called o interest sight, plasma sperm injection. They could also right back It's like the sperm doesn't have to go in and get put into the egg right, but more traditional methods are just inserting it into the M near the egg in the culture right here and the culture committee artificial, but it's all, often made of the end of meeting from the one or some in addition to possibly like her arm cervical fluids. Yet so like it, it's basically mimicking yeah. What will what would be going on and like the philippine tubers and that's all there doing is taken the process. It normally happens inside the woman's body and german outside bright further, while new year's resolutions are very very difficult to keep,
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or go to the post office again, and so you again, the sperm and the same culture and its within possibly an hour, fertilisation might have taken place. Is an open bar everyone's get to know each other airports gettin friendly? Will icebreaker happens? like. You said it can be hours when they are doing the fertilisation dance In the next day, your doctors gonna confirmed visually, that there are two pro nuclei and that is the the basis of your embryo right there, you see that That means things your head in the right direction, because the pro nuclear from the sperm and the pro nuclear from the aggregate refused to make a single nuclei, and that becomes the embryo which divides into well, because, as I go to I'm sorry yet, which divides into two cells,
and I think that by the time the two or four cells it becomes an embryo right. Yeah then that's a couple of days after fertilization is when you get that stage yet the others the reason is very slow at first within inserts a pickup time. By the time you reach day, five or six, you ve got with called a blast. The system by the tire theirs fetal tissues growing. Unlike embryonic fluid cavity, and this thing is yeah pretty much this data is not normally gonna see this they're gonna observe the take the fertilized eggs embryo for maybe a couple of days to make sure everything is progressing normally and then they'll put it back into the mud. Yeah. I mean that can be done after one day, but I'm your your doctor. The go have a plan of when they think the best time as you're being monitored, and although not you, the man, but the woman is monitored. Sir
they don't care about the man underpin who, depending on where they put it, that that's the type of assisted reproductive technology is being used, yes, I like, if you're using IVF the things been fertilized. Side of the room outside of the body and then introduced into the uterus. He s got a transfer yeah and they basically just use a Catholic. Right, yeah, it's some! It's it's suspended and fluid. I guess just make it easier to get in there like the sum peanuts therefrom. Peanuts for shipping is every exactly so suspended in the drop a fluid and it is a long, thin catheter and it some place into the vagina Pesa Cervix right there in the universe in squirt farragos. Yes- and it's really that easy, there's another process called Zayigo Interval, opium transfer.
Where it's the same process, but instead of depositing the fertilized eggs into the uterus. Yet they put into the floppy in two right, and I think that has not its greater chances. Ideas are. I think you try as if it were to be viewed as before. I, the f. Ok, but again, all those rules are subject to change here, depending on your doctor in your situation, and then your embryo hopefully, will attach to the euro and war. If it attaches, I think we said a topic. Pregnancy is when it does not attach to the euro and wall, but outside the uterus, but usually the flowing into by right, like never descends into the uterus, and you can't get written about where we can have a kid that no you can't, even if it concerns the develop, you have to terminate the pregnant. Because it will kill you that's right or you can get one colleague, chemical pregnancy, which is basically just
really early miscarriage soup early in the process and chemical pregnancy gear, and those are just a couple of things- can go wrong along the way you know distressful time for the couples, because they're probably at there is probably the last step toward have an unnatural. Is there and then the woman is also getting injections for former throughout the can be rough on on. The lady is well. I can imagine here so I'm in addition to in with hormones having your eggs harvested getting laparoscopic surgery. I come here
then being in a room where he has to reject your aid into a calf and, like all this stuff, there are actual risks involved like physical risk. So, like we said with, if you get the laparoscopic surgery, when your eggs are harvested like you're, the risk that comes from any can anesthesia there. Any kind of surgery like better so on. There are things like panes what else? Well, there's one risk called oh h as s ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome, and that's when you every swell up, which is super painful and about thirty percent of patients. I'm experience that, but it can range from me cases where you just take over the counter medicines, more severe cases, moderate too severe. Where me no gas, Jeanne Vomiting and no appetite
I think only one or two percent are women experienced severe. Oh h, SS yeah, that's means you're. Probably gonna gonna go the hospital gale. I await like things that women don't like an end. This. The result of fertility drugs like the ovaries, like woe. Well, yeah did not sign up for this year, you're over stimulating me now and I'm fighting back pretty package, but yet the sound like it's there common, at least in a mild form in its in the miles. Apparently it clears upon its own. Yet so then, like I say, with egg retrieval, you have the general amnesty,
issue and then, even with the lighter aspiration procedure, there are still problems licking get an infection yeah. You can have structural damage here, but speaking of structural damage, in addition to in vitro fertilisation, you could also try surgery, that's another avenue that some people try to solve their infertility like if you have, if your philippine tube is blocked or whatever they can go in the area like any other physical problem right now so checkers dimension. Zipped. Have you heard a gift? I have gamete interval being transferred similar IVF, but on its in the philippine tubes. Now, what's the difference between drifting gift, then ok, I'll, explain away, differs in a lab yet
give this in the Philippines yeah like you, go in and an artificially inseminate the egg in Floppy into ok, then exit yeah. But if you have the image floppy into you, can't use the gift method now, but that they give method. The advantage of it is much much more closely mimics natural, birth or natural pregnancy yeah, because the egg is incinerated in the Floppy into guess, goes about its normal process from their yes decide from having sperm introduced through needle totally natural yeah. But it's not use its way. My two percent of cases- and I think this is only one per Yes, I've, unless it I saw that both in or less than one percent of the big blockbusters in vitro fertilisation, there's something called. I see, I ain't recital plasma, sperm injection and that's a treatment. You'll do
alongside IVF, you remember ever seen like, depending on how the sperm is introduced. Yes, one way that my work yet about forty percent of cases. I think these, the young, the Icy s, eye method, let's just in checking the sperm, basically into vague, it's well, a single sperm, that's right! You're sperm has problems, and so we're gonna pick out. One dude hurt you Hercules. Hercules here and the cool thing about IVF is literally yeah. If you have multiple eggs bitter really great, you can freeze the ones you dont use and if you want to go back around two, you can skip the first part of the harvesting and go directly to
the next step. Yet I guess you get skip all the hormones and all the possible over stimulation of over here, the initial hormones, but we still have the ones in the backside that its being able to skip that that first, that is a big relief, the latter women. I can imagine here, yeah, I'm sure it's worth the expense to out of reason here earlier so arm of. What's crazy about all this truck. Is that not all insurance cover? This? A lot of insurance treats idea of procedures is an elective. Yes, each year, as a result, some states- I think fifteen states- have laws on the book saying here, an insurance company operating in our state. You have two at the very least, cover infertility, treatments. Yeah. I mean just check with your insurance. If your interested, they may cover some, but not all, but you're, probably get some assistance, you hope, or you can just moved to a state like Massachusetts.
That has like the law. We are basically the laws like you cover IVF, I rarely they have yeah right. They have the best some of the best idea. Doctors up there. Yeah. I read an article of the interview this one couple and they were. I can watch some state that didn't have any insurance laws about IVF yet and they moved Massachusetts and they said it was. I going from a place going from a hospital. They didn't even have x, ray technology you going into the most cutting edge type of hospital. You could possibly imagine just because, because its required there, the doctors by nature, are all just experts Eric they ve done so much work on there were there. Trying to me oh baby. Liberals little take Canada Elinor exactly you anything else. I got nothin else. So, let's see the couples out, they are going through. The stuff here gets being good luck here we wish
well, and if you want to learn even more about this, you can type in vitro fertilisation in the search bar. Has two percent come, and that brings listener. May call this work. Surveillance didn't weighted down here, but people employ spying on the employers. That is true, hey guys, I worked for blank company and a large ship incorporation. Let's call ship co, yeah ship co per cent, years. I when I started. I love the company in the job, as things shifted more the bottom line. Oriented attitude with the company assorted get pretty burn out began. Looking for something else to do in my life had always had an intense soaring interests will save intensity in electric guitars, not just as a player, but something is studied from a historical standpoint always enjoy taking apart and messing with my guitars at some point, it became interested in
fury and decided to become a guitar maker. So what I ended up happen doing way illusory. Yet like aloof here is a guitar maker like Egg Cooper makes the barrels your line, barrels and aloof year makes a guitar. I didn't tell you: th. I e r what end up happening. I would finish up my workload for the day and tidy up the store that there were no customers owed work on my guitar designs. It work for a while the management didn't care, but as the pressure started being put on them, they had to tell me to stop. But I didn't because I found my passion. Finally, one day I was pulled office and handed screenshots that I hadn't taken of my guitar design work that I was doing on the clock.
So they had a programme that wasn't just sending keystroke information to their security team, sinning actual screens of everything going on on it. Here we talked about balance or murmurs call man. I would freak out of some one enemy screenshots near needless to say, I was put on disciplinary probation. Did make it to the end of that, because I quit to pursue my dream, I'm happy to say that I have been a full time pressure now look here ever since a thousand one of my guitars is even on the cover of a recent issue. Premier Guitar magazine wow, that's like the Premier Guitar magazine. The second story about a robbery that happened. While I was on that probation period, but I leave that for any one curious. The Google, my name tantalizing, Are those from Paul? Rony are h, o in EU. I, and he says, if either one you guys want to handmade USA, electric iter by companies. Does this violence and poise and hit me up, I will look you up while check them out. Their sweet
They're gonna see what took you up means and in times of recession off and mainly values, coupon codes stuck here will see but yeah that its power Rony in get for you for fighting ship go yet in pursuing your dreams, Mr Rony Gratulation, and you don't have a job to censure, beautiful, so if you want to, let us know about how you stuck into the man, you can tell us fear Twitter, as my escape. I guess I'm Facebook, that consular stop. You should know through email it stuff- I guess- Mr Wurtz, that camp and check out our website, while you're at it stuff. You should know Doc, for more on this and thousands of other topics how stuff works, how come you're, young, rockers, podcast coming of age story about finding a home in Rock Museum
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