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How Itching Works

2017-05-09 | 🔗

It was only in the last few decades that science became aware that itches aren't just low-level pain. And in that time, the mystery of how we itch and why we scratch has gotten even more baffling.

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The first musical memory was the first album for the first concert you ever attended. My name is Questlove is legendary was crude and those are the kind of questions I like to get the answers to on Questlove Supreme plus the supreme is my weekly past Supreme, sit down nerd out with her favorite creators and thinkers and find out what makes them and you'll learn something. That's a really good, listen! The question of supreme on the at apple part death. Wherever you get your blog
welcome to stop. You should know from house, for Stockholm must go into the park yes and Judge clerk. There's Charles did Richard Prize NEWS, Jerry Rolling, so this study should know scratching at it yeah. This is one of many remember when we get yawning personally, when I can think of where just researching something me ass, you do the thing you researching this definitely happen with this one. Yet ran across ed and poison, ivy escapees for sure and talked about some of the stuff, but I think it we had it each we needed to scratch yeah with this particular topic, one I've been wanting to do is one for a while. Yet you did video about this right. Yes, a short video. No,
three four hours, long gay, firmer correctly that mean with it- is that it, annex four hours. Yet we have to display the whole thing and then we'll talk about it for an hour as good J. The brain stuff. Video isn't it I watched. Did it scratch rich yeah? What yesterday. Ok, let's work. Thank you very much. You're. Just like now, we finally arrived after complement those great thanks man So I guess that's the point of all. That is to say you guys you're doing you're going to get. My videos are the best that going to scratch. Gonna feel and H, which is one of the great mysteries of itches. It turns out. We only very very recently started to get a handle on what issues are now. And there is still plenty of mysteries left to it like, for example, its bizarre and
really know evolutionary reason. As far as anyone can tell why does hearing about itches or seeing someone else scratch can make you rich right. That's that's That's that's weird literacy. My video an ant crawling up, we'll make. You rich it well, but think about it. If somebody is sitting there, you see a video of some schmo who's, got his hand like near an oven, any positive way, really quick these are your hand, it doesn't make. You feel like burn your hand, is burned net. This isn't here. I don't even think that would excite mirror neurons like a leg break without you dislike what a stupid, That's what we decide here, I hope, guys hands. Is governance clean off? That's why I think right right, You saw a couple of while we had our own article on house, the forks dot com, but you also sent this great New Yorker article written by doktor, a tool go on
One of the best names in writing today, that may be my new hotel name maybe throng by science right science fans. Has that guy's pretty pretty one then? Actually I don't never used it illicit hotel, that's dumb entering We can't get you, I guess we're bigshot again yeah you have to be like: I'm not bread, it on to go on day were hit but we'll get to some of them, interesting aspects of that article later I specifically a very specific patient. That's quite does. So calm down for an hour tools, mine, but to it? Eventually he didn't of neat historical tidbits like in sixteen sixty. There was it and Germans are all over this thing for some reason, Researchers at their they're, all german. They had the to explain that. I guess so. The itch
but there was a physician in sixteen sixty name, Samuel, half and refer Actually that's my hotel them, that's a good one! he can it while he defined by saying and edges and doesn't sensation that provokes the disease, have to scratch very simple, but right on them It is actually it. So it's so on the money that anywhere you look in the medical literature whenever fine. It word for word it's the definition they use the other ever yeah all airports. Often refer, doesn't get credit for it all the time, but that's the one. The only expansion of that that I've seen is back. Occur anywhere on the body will appear is true a coffin river. He thought plied right it s like it goes without saying. I mean I'm scratching right now. I dared and I dont know fate.
Just noticed more because, as I was doing it, I was thinking well now and scratching Why do I always scratch this major issue? This much? I hadn't thought about that. I'm pretty sure that I was. I don't think I scratches matches. I don't know You raise a really good question. We can get an in turn to follow us around just record. Our scratching. Might I'm surprised, that's not already a tv show, frankly, Josh and Jack said being followed around here. Oh no one wants to see that all its Polly, why it's not your scratching citizens say a monolithic. I scratch this much. I don't notice it moving on. Dantes Inferno, It was in Dantes Inferno. The burning rage of fierce itching, but nothing can relieve, is how falsified were punished.
Did you know to forest fires, us I? no really like, given that that somebody who bears false witness or somebody who falsify the document her and as a disappointing for liar, maybe you're gonna tell me, you were just wondering yeah I don't wanna, know Dante met but their their bad people sure pair. It is a special place in her form literally. Why, actually not literally figuratively. We literally very nice so edging scientifically is known, is pure riotous p Are you are eighty? I ask for those tough too pronounced things for me at least an fur, Well, actually they still believe that the evolution of the edge was there. Humans surviving because so many things can kill you,
and nature are things like mosquitos flies, spiders or fleas that can have like malaria, the plague or any number of diseases attached to their tiny little and sick bodies right, so hey human, you ve got a mosquito your neck, the could kill you, you might want to slap it or scratch yeah. That still. As far as I know, the the evolutionary hypothesis for why we experience itching get into such as us either way. You're scratch my crazy, as found throughout the animal kingdom, come from us two apparently fish have shown scratching behaviour. Here, that's crazy! Fruit flies has a fish scratch. You might ask it robs up against rock sir it's gonna get. There is little Kay It's like I remember my dad did like Thea. Who is the baron's on the book, was at blue, yet you did the balloon where he would get up against a tree or air, and then
I did it probably would I'm sure, that's where I got it and realise that it works and us, every now, and then I can silly, but do you think, are you do their necessity. I saw my feet What else you gonna sing like Mama number five do that. Actually, you can like think something's wrong with Jack, so like you said, though it was up until almost while the nineteen eighty seven, the middleweight eighties yeah that the german age hand worker. And his gang sheriff tops they started to do actual. Like research about it. They were puzzled and wanted to solve it. Rightly, Up to this point up to actually nineteen eighty seven. Everyone thought that in each was just a low grade, pain,
stimulus, yeah, guess Irene, since a happy with that lets. They thought it was an hand. Worker said you know what let's find out if this is actually true, I'm tired of sitting around just assuming this is fine hand worker and he got to work at his hands. Testing that's right, so what he honours the giant- and trickling level beyond what he did was at this- is just awful yeah he introduced using like electrical stimulation. I guess he introduced testament to skin cell right in his domain is a natural one of his approach. But it's a natural pound, natural chemical right yeah that body releases interests. To certain stimuli, say, for example, mosquito bite or something and it trigger The inflammation and immune response in that area right so
where his domain is associated with it and it had been for a very long time so I was using electrical stimulation to introduce history. In increasing amounts in these poor study. Participants and he went from barely noticeable too. This is a quote. Maximum imaginable h and they never felt pain yet like even though they ramped it up to eleven? No one ever said like wholly crap, that hurts they said. Please please for love. God stop! Let me out of this in hand. Workers is cackle of an attack of these men with, like black leather gloves, were holding down here. They said this is not worth the five deutsche marks that I'm getting for this lousy study. Yeah. That's nice man! It's this year have been pre Euro. I think area
even though the EU was around I'll think the euro was round and eighty seven I know because I nineties I travelled, I travelled to Europe in Ninety ninety seven than those I was still on other weird money, ok Yes, it was while, after that, so now scientist, I think this sort of Introduced an edge to the scientific community because after hundreds and hundreds of years hand, vodka disrupted, but the thought process of the agency That's right, all of a sudden scientists like. Oh maybe we should start looking into this. Maybe we can actually, I saw the nerve and figure. This thing out, because I mean if it's not, if it's not just low level pain sensation than that
his own thing. If its own thing, it probably has its own system, and we need to know more about it. They gotta get to study in it. Yet what may I wonder If all of this was under the nose, they were trying to cure itching. I dont know because from what I was reading in all this is pretty recent stuff. Here there is a real unmet medical need in dealing in addressing like chronic. It sure, because you know people who go through life is experiencing its under normal circumstances. Right, Russia, you or me were like sure they sat for a second and then it goes away. Imagine it not going away ever whether you're, asleep or awake or swimming or in space we're doing whatever you're eating constantly? Supposedly it has as much more pronounced effect on a patient's life as pain. Does its constant persist an agonising
it's not it's now, being met or treated, because it's not understood, just now starting to get in to pain, re urge each researcher a sob That somebody put it where pain research was about twenty years ago since during early heat up over still just starting to understand it. So I would but they weren't looking to cure it. I think it was just pointed out: that there is a whole branch of neuroscience that was right totally not under good, so get to work neurologists. I wonder: never really thought about until just now. But I wonder what happens when a performer or somebody like that, isn't it look I or on tv or on stage or like the press and giving up a dress like what? What what are they you if they have poison ivy or some other kind of contact dermatitis. I can't have you ever thought about that Like what have windmill, what men well Miranda has really
a case in point. I guess I can get an understanding that gets sure, but you can't under study is president now, which is too bad. You just go through your hands, bandaged up to hold them up like If I got a poisoner, Montera or like a news anchor when they're just like my god, I'm dying? I don't know, I guess the music. Can take things went on that live was Tom, petty due for God's sakes,. Tom, petty grins and bears it here, scrabble childhood misery, then prepare them for that. I'm gonna see into mourning. Now my server coffee is not performing anyway. Here, is about that was a good question. Thanks tumor went this head red eye at the Olympics show dedicated data to be.
The commentator. The anchor really, let me say finally were like you have to start yet. No one can look at you. Hitler pricing in your disgusting learn who his curse. One thing it made me think of that is I had recently you can still gonna see, my formed the scars, but Did a cement job. The building, this fence, butting in a gate, House night Scotty. Scottie should unite Bill, prevents that's got happened here, This thing together and we sank. These huge post for this gate, and I did that cement could cause like dermatitis or even burns in never knew this year, and we heard it was kind of it,
spot and we couldn't get shovels and there in the whole, we were literally mixing stuff like up your elbows with our arms, and I was like this gonna feels good, even said I you know like oatmeal or something and then two days later, my right arm was just covered in the night. Yes, Titus I've ever seen plough then he added yet still like gonna hanging around. So I went and got a prescription steroids which may be a little crazy for, are we gonna hafta trash, the gay and have to start over now rage. I think I was probably not the best eyes with the ethical over that time period Jim from Emily, saying a euro a whole get off the steroids? get off the juice Elsa sure? What's this, watch me hit this homer, so long story short. I expect just recently, and it was awful. I can't imagine my shoes tv show or something like that
anything on stir performing live like I will have to address. It goes out scratch in smack, it was what are you We do that's. Why you're supposed to do not scratch? Would I guess it was just kept to the chase hers? Why everyone listening how'd, you scratch a niche correctly. You robbed me, I didn't you What did you don't really that it was the year we have a handheld implement in the shower. The regular showerheads area and put sucker on that the tightest hardest must penetrate hang flow right and just- put that hot water. I man, and that was like I having spent have mine days in the shower over that we can have biting down like a broomstick while you do know how it felt so good man I was just like. I couldn't get enough about her and then cortisone and I'll bet junk do so what what? What is real? Well we'll talk about it. Cause. You raising some great points here. Well, I can add that around this
No, no! This is good stuff. We analyze what was going on with your arm after his break about that judgment yes, It seems like it should be easy, but it's not just getting out of bed and getting your day started, trying to accomplish everything you need to do in your day that to do list as a lot easier when you're getting news stories and music to lift your mood and preparing for the day ahead connected to the things that make you laugh and make you think or make you want to reach out and share with a friend every morning with us, it's Elvis Joanna Morning show listen to us on Kyoto to or anywhere in the world, on the Iheart Radio, APP. So churchyard contact dermatitis right.
Poison? Ivy Cosette area has some poison ivy, but each other Scotland. I had it just on the arm weep in cement and though we re and found out that could happen. Yeah, so lesson learned man. So happened. Was you something in the man and I'm not sure what it was, reacted chemically with the mast cells in your skin. His demeanor was really straight. Apparently, and so the history mean a signal through Specialized nerve cells called see fibres yeah see fibres, aren't just limited to itching. I think only about five percent handle that and bright most of the rest of her pain right right, so they used the same type of a pathway as pain, but agents its basic needs I know these. These are just four inches. Only yes and it said a signal through your speech
com in your speech, call him released a narrow transmitter com, good strain, releasing peptide receptor, and so skin the historic motive released a narrow transmitter call. What natural erratic Polly Peptide be ok. That says it signal coming your way along the sea fibre. Yes, ok, It makes it to the spinal column, and I guess in about two thousand seven: they found it there's another neurotransmitter in the spine, then I guess some eggs the the an ppp, the invitation and says I'm gonna transfer this along up to the brain. That's gastric, releasing peptide receptor, that's you! the brain and it starts. This cascade of activity right here, because when they like after hand, workers said hey you, reaching the town thing. These other researchers went to town and trace
figured out there that there were specific, specific types of its receptors ever dedicated just to each yet more Germans, more german and sweets, a couple of Swedes, but mostly germs for good measure cap and what, found eventually from tracing this pathway. They were able to follow it into the wonder machine and apparently they made some for it would not let him scratch it, and then they had em lay down an mri and they they took a brain scan and they found there's this whole galaxy of stuff, going on in your brain. That combined is the edge sensation. Yeah, I was pretty interesting to theirs. It there's a signature pattern in the brain when you get an ich, and ass. A few specific areas light up, one is a cortex economics, it Put it together right or tax This case, just sort of GM
kids were on your body, you're, getting that sensation right so that helps psych left elbow my case from right, elbow to rest and then a little bit and other places, but not That was the main area. Is this your cortex still saying this? Yet they vary complex conversation, and then the region for this interesting, the region that governments, governments that governs emotional spots so basically this is your brain thing. I like that, since it makes me feel bad and sourcing ever do something, and then finally, the Olympic and Motor Areas- and I thought this was them interesting Those areas process irresistible urges the same one. They say I wanted. Crack, or I want to eat too much cake says you have it age that is unbearable and you need to scratch right, maybe smoke some crack and eat some cake, while your aunt Gazelle health status
but those are various super interesting when you combine that pattern. Yet it's an edge and then followed by the irresistible urged to scratch, which apparently research has shown that to do not happen and independently there, part of a cycle. Yes, there is, something called the each scratch cycle right, and so you have an irresistible urge to. The itch: it's it's weird you think about it like on the one hand, and makes sense where you use, Instead, there is a really heat source that your hand is really close to now, so you have an irresistible urged to pull it back, but it doesnt feeling an urgent, almost feels like an involuntary reflex aids. A scratch is almost like: I'm gonna kill this I can't wait to scratch it like you're, almost exacting, revenge on the itch for She knew right so scratches
an irresistible urge, whereas, like pulling your hand back from a hot, so hot source or something is Can involuntary reflex. It just feels different. Like a scratch is its own thing. Well, it is, you know can I found that out in and go on day doktor go one day. It out something interesting to that. I never thought about is that you can have like that short collar, rob get your neck all day by any might never notice it. But one little string, that's just broken one little area that might trigger an edge right. So you would think that you know it's receptors are super finely tuned in they they cover, just as one tiny like the sort would seem micron of skin as mere fact now patiently and each receptor consents ich, stimuli, three inches away from it on this crazy So they're really sensitive yeah, whereas pain receptors. Are that specific right down to in a millimeter here
the thing I found out too, is that now we can they since it from a few inches away, but it's a very slow, acting thing which, as so like heat on the hand, candle on your hand, almost a candle in the wind. Super fast, but That explains why each like kind of slow to come and then slow to resolve by scratching yeah psyche scratching. I it's all better now yeah, it helps a little bit so the aging. Is it it's a good strategy? If you think about Savior, there's a mosquito on you and that's what's making you when you go to scratch it getting rid of the mosquito, maybe even smashed it or something like that. The problem is taken care of the issue is that that each scratch cycle. Eventually becomes a vicious cycle because when you scratch, this is what they think is going on, and this is another. Mr, if ages, we don't understand how scratching alive,
it's an edge right for why we scratch really right what they think the current ip this is that when you scratch in each year stimulating other receptors in the area. There are Ich receptors. Yet so I got that that due to sort of like say, hey body, don't worry about that for a minute. I think so pain. Receptor is now active right. Exactly it's it's sending feedback to the brain saying it's been tank. If you can settle down with the itch gotcha right, I think problem. Is that neurological or narrow chemically when you and each year activated those pain receptors in the area of pain, pressure. That kind of thing your cause, um sir tone be released, right, natural pain, relief right or at least mood and enhance her and what they found that serotonin among other narrow chemicals, actual exacerbates the each sensation, so you're
not only comes back gets worse. So you go to school. Again and then same thing happened over and over again that the scratch cycle, which stuff a cycle around now don't get better cycles, not abandoning the token multitudes, maybe Prague Oak, Prague it while it had to be german, probably german, folk, Prague, ok, another interesting thing they learn to was that arm can jump and around. But who cares right? If you scratch, you don't have to stretch the point of the to relieve. Apparently right I give you have I had that each on my right forearm and I could right, maybe you don't have to be the left forms I get the mirror it, but I can rats like my neck and apparently that might help relieve it. Yeah. I tried it and work for me now but the reason why there that's
possible that it could have. That effect is possibly they also to was that pleasure. I guess recount jumping around, but who different different places where your scratching on your body have different amounts of pleasure associated with, as you know that coming, I guess I guess so interesting, reopened think about it? It's like, if you scratch your schedule, you, like your classical who cares snuff at night, These threats, like your head, but behind your ear straight, well anyway. I think they did find that, like your back in your ankles supposedly or some of the most reward in places to scratch exactly an hour. I am three thought about the ankles, but. My mom would give me back scratches when I was a kid listless and
It was always like one of my favorite things ever chair and so. I don't get those anymore now that I'm a grown up is its growth, scratch, my back and forty six years old, lay down but yeah I was like. I think I prefer scratch your back robin when I was younger, but now you know, I'm sorry just probably way better ship, but I think that if a misuse, could include a little back scratching there. Get ready for a huge tip for me. Yeah guess so! Does it what that sexual? I think it crosses, align once their potential. Clawing away skin cells. I think that's so longer anonymous use, Ranger, monsieur Range, yeah. I get that once skin cells are involved in under the nails, shirt than your murder suspect right exactly or to take another break and talk
little bit about one of the most distressing articles. I've ever read Yes
you're. The boss cast the new cars with a fresh perspective. Culture bail, you not just sit in a barrel down in one city. Impress us talk about this there. All eighty every owner is seventy own away out craven or social media. Ok carries a little corny or whatever they think wipe out by any measure. Does I'll see you do the Miller S right I'll, see. Let me explain city and draw some a ray of light. Like your dollar alive. Mamma is in jail and I started the like someone else. I know it's not right, but I really can't take when I feel what should I do even covered with your marrying. A keyboard is makes a huge out on our brand new can sell by now on the radio have on gas or whatever you get your plaid cast right. So we references article from the new Yorker from Doktor Atwater go under
and arm he talked about aging and you said good information on them science of it all. Well, it's when he does but most of the article was focused on a patient, a woman in Massachusetts that they named M for the article just The letter em right, in other words, you know she's anonymous and I think she is anonymous because she can. I had a rough go after her divorce shindy that getting HIV from getting on Heroin Kennedy spun out, it seems like, within their had got her life back by all accounts, but getting shingles as sort of HIV complications and the shingles went away, but the itching did not do so, last year. I think that its in came after the shingles, even and therefore stir heard, decisions were like. Well, I mean you muster
damage some nerves in their so yes for you, I guess near an and eventually, after treating it like all these different ways and it still being scratching, they said no Hey you're, crazy about that bread and cheese well, whatever I do still have. This ditch do whatever you need to treat it, because I'm literally scratching this age in my sleep, I was on her scalp. Wasn't it it was on her head and she am She cannot manage to to control it during the day, but, like you said at night, she couldn't control it back to the point where I think she was like restrained in her sleep. There came after ok. After they realise its approach, because your brain is losing out of your head yeah. Can you believe that she said it's true scope so much that you scratch through her skull and she went into her doktor one day and said they ve got like this dream, fluid coming down and then the pair.
He did not the doktor demeaning say anything he was just sheer. She was like excuse me why Call an ambulance and came back into place, lay down and dont talker move or do anything else, and they feel they told her after she was at the e are used, through your brain, like that, your brain, your touching right now, doctors like very interesting just gimme a second year, oh, my god, while they Third up all the other doctors and nurses lecture you gotta come see this. She said also in this article arm. She said that she had aid. What did they come a roommate, What are you ok, roomy yeah? so she had may, while she was like they treated it.
Risking graft, and then she she its he scratched the way this gain ground man and then they finally really ok, you're going to and asylum he's like that even call tat anymore now shut up and they put her in this asylum and Restrained her, like you said, while she was sleeping, she had a roommate in those she said, and the article did she heard, didn't survive. He had scratch through carotid artery and died blood death. Yet so they never really got to the bottom of this. She finally guarded doktor, like the doctors who like it's something that had to do. The shingles is what we think happened, set her doctors that the the nerve endings around the area where she had shingles, were so as stated by the shingles there, that there are just a couple of nerve, endings left and it just happen that they were each receptor which, each year it your suckers deadlock
Those were like really exacerbated by the fact that there is no other competing sensations, ipso facto. There's your problem right so they set will do us we'll just cut the main nerve teeth to your face and that to solve the problem they cut them. Murder face an dams. You said very sore here and there. It came back and she's a Catholic. So finally, she met a doctor who said, I don't think it's you're here, receptors or the nerve transmission. I think it's your brain psychologically. I don't think it's a psychosis. I think there's that the act each signal in your brain is being set off without any stimulation or transmission going on here and apparently she was right, What did they were like treating their right now, see much follow up on this, I did read one article that a follow up with. Doktor go on day because there are a lot of sceptics after that Article came out. That said, it's impossible.
With your finger nail is she said she didn't use and implement. Let's get out of metal file right to stir through your skull, and he said that his theory was this bacteria. They became infected eaten away such that the skull became soft ternata, mush yeah yeah and people ass, a sudden, you know you don't have men and women in the same room and hospitals or asylums- that's that's false, and he said that it was like the the room next door I think that I really am. I think people still believe. It's always folks road into the new Yorker. So Coastal elites right said no way, Nay said a tool to come on. The very idea, though, that This woman was hypothetical; it'll go on day is pretty ups. In cat I didn't make this up, but so she was hypothetical her problem. It is what the doctors initially thought. It was
that she had a neuropathic, each type of chronic edge, but then the doktor who apparent Figured it all out, don't know it's a energetic h. Another type of chronic it and it has to do with whether its the brain going off or the nerve transmissions going off either way actually have in each. Although your experiences that each sensation, while they also then said at some point, she had a psychogenic edge right, so they basically covered three out of the four kinds of riches the last on bringing up man such a hard time, perceptive message given Can mosquito bite or if you have a skin disorder like eczema, something show so they base making rules out the most common one various stages said now. You ve got this other one right for the other three right final and then again they said we dont, there's, really nothing. We can do to treat the one that they ve got down pretty. Well as perceptive.
You look at all sorts of start to treat their because that's that's based, His domain is being released in your ears. Is it so you can treat history means with antihistamines reduce that response and then your will go away. While I took I've been a drill at night and they also this benadryl spray a topical spray that does it really helps right so between that and cortisone and then and a droll at night did ok right and as awesome showers, so the like, perceptive, which we ve got treatment for. Basically the other three year, you're in trouble it hands as far as it stands now, maybe over ten years from now village something it apparently there's a lot of movement right now, I'm treating this stuff, but it's like they're having the figure out how to block some really otherwise important. Chemicals in the body like their end, be right
yet when what is it can help, can regulate your blood pressure oil right, so they dream which that off right now just turn off the that produces that you won't each, but you might die early right, not worth it, but the one that really I mean they're all sad, but the psychogenic when you have a mental illness, really feel like you're parasites and bug on your skin Remember our Morgan's disease yeah, the hut you said it more gallantry and I said more go on can't remember. I know that I said at the way everyone gets L says it. It's all remember Morgan lawns. That's right that I said but all this stuff is that so much empathy for em, yeah, on the follow up so bad to see how she was doing here and if she kept scratch and holes skull, she's. So others I write another article called accidental therapists now is by gaining
Eric brood men and it was published on a website called stat. Bout, delusional, parasitology parasite Yes, but its treated. Sometimes by entomologists no like those on extension services that universities yeah here in the? U S like state universities, have word call extension services where I like her I insist- will basically be there for the public to come talk to you about whatever. Usually it's like how so stop for your farm, start something like that and apparently entomologist frequently or approach of people are like I've got these bugs. I call on all over me. Here's a sample of a minute turns out it's like carpet five something like that, and these people just can't itching or whatever, but it turns out, I ever delusion they don't actually have parasites might genesis. Is that our understanding of it now and in five or ten years? But I know that they had Neuro genetic itches and we
treated like they were crazy, even though they weren't there in the sky. You like a real blemish on the history of neuroscience name or will this idea of psychogenic itches, you know hold up. I wonder the jury cs the tide. Haines movie safe with Julia. More now is one of his first movies. After the Karen Carpenter thing you did. That wasn't like a Minos, real movie, but it wasn't released, but safe was very disturbing. It was about a woman who kind of slowly drifted into madness from believing that the world was poisoning her. Why am I counsel chemicals in everything in a kind of started, slow and Eventually she ended up at this kind, safe camp for people like her right. Very distressing movie and some one of her first movies to us to check it out it's really good. Oh it's all yeah. I was
early nineties. I think I know you time. I ask the call the road dwell will for a desire to me now. It's not safe account taken of nets, get very distressing. I'm trying to give in- and I was necessarily itching, but it was just like that. Psycho the next thing I like, I think everything in my house is killing me yeah, I mean have you ever like stopped and thought about something in thought. There's there's the path, the madness right there staring down right now, I should probably not keep thinking about this matter, really get like the owner. Now, I'm very easily Kennedy onto the next shiny? I guess so like a bird, basically, especially for the best, It is as its drawbacks, though What have you got a well one thing. It says here that I am. Having someone else scratch. Your age does apparently does not do the trick say up to scratch. Your own it
yeah I mean somebody can like. Obviously, like a feeling Although the lower left up- yes, you were, I agree with that. Oh man, you the themselves all right, I'm getting a definite helps. I think what they're saying is: is it doesnt have quite the same? Relieving properties is, if you do yourself, oh yeah, if you can reach that area of your back. It would be better than that. I guess I got a pretty experts or another I was a man of bamboo now its metal but it says how telescoping. So it's not. You know two feet. Long gotcha, but it can be, but its metal. Looks like her the quicker than a buyer claw, not the pastry butter, a real vehicle which actually looks like the pastry Mangus. That's what I call it that I never thought about What do you think that was got there actually got a bare paw? It looks more like a bear upon guessing it ass. The train bring that
around unless you get somebody like really goes the extra mile and puts all means on the tips to make it look like the claw. Yes, just haphazard, scattered about the barber. Exactly that's it. Its twin, a baker who loves their job and one is just in it for the money come more things, charge like we said there is still plenty of mysteries round itches. Yet why say, does a feather tickle sometimes, but each other times are big question. They don't know right, but I'd like to know, maybe the Germans or get active on this again yeah, We went to consolidate Oh that only the Germans can save us. You get anything else, no, I don't I don't either itching less work thanks, man Cindy but you and you have its rational. I also know Actually, I've been
getting the same spot in the stern legal tender. Some stopping man there's nothing worse than a movie and have seen as I feel like I've seen. A few times in movies or so compulsively, like aging until it becomes a sore in there. Catching. It is dislike the rain here. So I guess the moral of this one is what, with Tom Parry, do What's the matter, if you I know more about itching or White Tom TAT, he would do you can type. Those words in the search bar has to force our camp, and since I said Sir twice, Phyllis Normal recall this one of the many emails. We got on the swearing beside. You noticed that people really seem to like that when he added a lot of research. From mostly from my hello, potty mouth, which were very
filthy emails to which were great- and I responded in turn by cursing at them and my replies, which I hope enjoyed nor cats. I wanna be too aggressive. So this is firmer. Emily Alan, hey, guys like I was there son riding in many about swearing. I should start by saying that it's funny I'm writing about this absurd, because I almost a curse, I do it's normally not very offensive swear. However, your intro made me think of something interesting, Linda, Sherry talked about. Are you really, since you yourself during recording or to keep your show family friendly? The gummy thing about our job Julie, shape our vocabulary now express ourselves, I noticed a major change in the way I speak since becoming a teacher primarily teach kindergarten, the second great student. Found this really change away. Express myself version I try to avoid Even saying things are Dahmer stupid around kids. Often say what isn't that silly? Instead, this
in the classroom, but often get laughs from friends and family when I refer to a situation as silly like disagree, with a colleague or something a politician does there are. Other expressions are used with kids at often slip into regular conversations. Well, the most embarrassing. When I'm out an excuse myself to go potty that always gets a laugh anyway just want to share and thank you for the great work you do learned so much from listening each week, I'm always excited to see the new episode offerings every day, Thursday. That is from Emily Alan. Thank you, Miss Evelyn, very silly those very nice email. I, if you want again to show this like Missus Allen, did you can We too is that as far as K, podcast or Josh on court can hang out the sun facebook that complex that we should know or slash Charles Double check right
you can send an email, podcast, the house, the ports. I come and has always join us at home on the web If you should know dot, com for more or less and thousands of other topics, as it has therefore accept com. I'm sorry to each time a man is the Elles. Hey there, I'm Bellamy Young, and today I'm gonna talk about what I wore when I audition for scandal. Welcome to what I went, the production of glamour and I heart radio, I'm your host Perry! Samarcand! Each week, I'm sitting down with a woman, I find fascinating to talk about what she wore during a pivotal moment in her life. Listen to what I wore when on the Iheart Radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast.
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