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How Kickstarter Works

2014-11-25 | 🔗

With billions of dollars raised, Kickstarter has singled itself out as the go-to site for creative crowdfunding. But not without some controversy along the way. Learn all about how this artistic business model operates in today's episode.

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You at Lexus their greatest curiosity? Is you because the most amazing machines are inspired by machines, their inspired by people? That's, why Lexus ask different questions better questions, more human questions, like can you see with your ears? and the answers are, is inspiring as you are, which may leave you with one question Raising ideas will inspire. You next discover the answers at Lexus: dot, com. Slash, curiosity! come to stop. You should know from house works, not welcomed the part time jobs, Charles Brian, There is over there and kick this episode
or just one dollar, you can contribute to stuff. You should know yeah brief. I guess that's why I get less patient waits clearer, but it's a trader. It's free! It's a man here and there live with it now, but understanding we dont fundraiser crowd. Sorcerer crowd find. No. We to put stuff out. We have corporate sponsorship. That's right, not everybody does, though no no, not all created do have corporate sponsorship, and so luckily, since what two thousand nine there's been something to help people like that out, artists, creatives who want to get a project under way? I can't do it yet called Kickstarter
dont have the funds. I am a big fan of kicks her best medical marijuana came out. I was like this is gonna revolutionise, independent artist, because one of the problems, if you an independent artists- and you don't wanna kowtow to the man here- is to do this to your own thing, because the future is now as far as accessibility to and you can you can make a movie right there and you and your own neighborhood in home, right yeah he's always here, there's been a lady. I lie idea. Why spirit? Yes, we're! Yes, if you have the skills, it's important, he's been idea. Why spirit? But it's just the accessibility. This equipment is like never before rights, kids, they caught up to one another at cheaper. It's you don't get some developed taken at it off your laptop yeah, I'm it's all there for the taking, except that it still costs money.
Didn't come free nope! It's one thing to locations right, exactly wardrobe, like an hour s, services sure you gotta have some peanuts in coffee, and that's just for you. No movie, there's also, like theatres, sure, there's music. Yeah. I want my I wanna do mine. I want to travel the world and photograph all the remaining Rhine, authorise. Minister. I ran after I had on us. I think you run off races, it's a photo book. It's a photo project about the Rhine, authorise in felt- and I want to do that. You can do that. That's an art projects funded. You can, if everybody thinks that that's a good idea, which is the cool thing about Kickstarter network, so took. Let's talk a little bit about the swearing Kickstarter is
funding, which is a a play on crowd sourcing, which is originally basically just tapping into the hive. Mind yet, thanks to the internet right, there's a lot of people out there. If you take their collective brains, are talents or thoughts? Are efforts together, put him together through the internet. You can do massive awesome things. Leisure Wikipedia is originally arisen. Original great example of crowd, source That's right! Now, if you take all those people say just hold onto your time, hold onto your voluntary hold onto your effort skimming money. Instead, there that's cut funding and Kickstarter is one of the better examples of it. But it's not the first now it's called micro patronage. If you wanna get specific, and it's been around since the mid nineties, Kieva DOT, Org yeah, we ve done, if I guess, I grow ending and we have our own cavity- would get a killer. Kieva team adjust surpassed a hundred thousand loans yeah and were coming up
three million dollars in loans made. That's right. So if you, if your interested in helping out there- and we talk about a lot, but it's been awhile drenched in helping out a business owner either in the United states her abroad, you can do so at starfish era. Kieva, dot, org, slash teams such stuff. He should assert any as a team. That's just fine! So keep as one great example: donors to Org. I remember when that started. When teachers started posting projects, whether school, right because schools are ridiculously under funded and teachers had till I ask of the public the eye to help paper, a field trip or something yeah yeah. I've seen waiting for Superman men I saw the sooner they ve been on my list for year. Very rarely have I seen document that just got my hackles up like thou on here. It's really well done all this
Can anyone make an argument that education is it worth funding in supporting? No? But this this is. This does disagree. Job of like getting all sides of the issue is about. It is one of the best documentaries over me. There. You see there and there wasn't. I might have documentary less because I've seen it gotta see it oh and also be back, and I want to say thank you very much dollar people who wrote in with suggestions. In answer to my complaint that I see. They get horror movies, oh yeah. Personally, I was wrong, but we got a lot of good suggestions here. I can't wait to see some of them. Most of them are foreign. It seemed like hey they're, making the drinks the whole world things a global view,
to scare. Just it does indigo, and so a band were a couple of earlier other early crowd funding sites for music in movie, making, I think indigo goad, does lots of projects now rights, not just movies anymore. Yet kicks sirdars emerged is like the go to cite for what was supposed to be. Creative projects yeah. Well, let us talk about this in two thousand to co, founder Perry. Chance said I wanted to do this concert here in New Orleans, but it costs a lot of money to throw the cancer and while we talk to my partners, Jansky Stickler and Charles ever unsafe, wicked figure out a way how to do this, and they said you know what we know we can get people don't say a little bit of money through this thing in a lot of people. But how can we do that? You know, I think they met periods Jeanne was waiting tables and was one of the
guys waiter and they struck up a correlation with. I believe, that's how Kickstarter got started. That's pretty cool, so they had the idea. Obviously, based on, like we said any go, go in some other crowd funding sites out there to start kicks out, starting in two thousand nine, but they said you know what we're gonna do exclusively. Creative projects you can't raise money there like pay your rent or pay off your house right or anything weird like that, and it wasn't. You can't just do like a vague plan or something like that had to be here, is what I am going to accomplish. Here's my project here is the: result. This is what it's gonna be here. I mean I wanna get this done within, and this is my Kickstarter project yeah. This is what I'm gonna hopefully go, get find it my campaign yet but its creative. Yes, that's right, and now they you know they wanted to different differentiate themselves in
unique and being creative only was one of the ways that they did that another way they did so was too, and I thought this was a stroke of genius. It's all or nothing yeah. This makes sense. Now ass. You get a hundred percent of your funding. You're not gonna, get any funding and kicks daughters, only gonna collect course. They make money by collecting a little piece of it. Five percent commission only if you reach that funding goal, though right, which since it apart from the crowd. I think it's pretty genius, though the whole reason his genius is this. If you are a creator and you have a project and you get halfway, to your goal in monetary go and you take that money. You are obligated still to those people who gave Just half the money you needed right to create something, but where you're going to create is inherently inferior. To what you would have created had you have
all the money you figured out you needed for this project sue. If you, if you can take less than all you're going to set yourself up to make something that you're not proud of yeah their work don't get funded. You might think I well. Maybe that was in the best idea are, you know, maybe go another out or say maybe that when the best idea, let me try something which is like a crowd sourcing aspect of kick started you are also doing to the to the hive. Mine is a good idea. And the other cool thing about the hundred percent or nothing is as a as a donor earn investor you're. Not. You know that what you're gonna end up with is finished a movie or this finnish record album. But this finnish photo project rights, not just gonna, be like, while I just lost that five dollars to something that was thirty percent funded don't even know what I'm gonna get out of it. Now right, you ve just basically like
five dollar bill into a busters guitar case or something in a year, which is some. You should Lydia, there's nothing inherently wrong with that. You heard the point of Kickstarter is there is a project that this person is approached you on, and you have said, is worth twenty five dollars of my money. Even if I don't get anything back her, I feel good about this project. Not the fact that you're an artist in general right or you're a musician in general. This is this project that I'm investing in that's right. Another interesting facet, Kickstarter is that they do offer rewards as a backer my they require people to offer reward. So it's not just hey you're gonna feel good about yourself.
In the arts. In my finnish movie, you're gonna get a copy of the dvd or the city may be signed by the artist. Maybe it's a poster, maybe it's a pen or a button for a two dollar donation by or maybe it's lunch with me, a fuse kicking a hundred thousand dollars, or maybe there either executive producer. You kick in all the money right here or not all that money, but you know they have different tea or set up indifferent towards that align with those tears. The thing is it there's rules with this, like you can't offer a financial stake in the project or equity. Now you can't say you kick in twenty five dollars now. You'll get fifty bucks back when I sell this thing to you know: Carol: CO, yeah, Phil, Hannah You come up with that. Let's go to my character, yeah haven't they ve been out of business for, like twenty years, give glowed, I believe, then the other. So when this winter,
that is all done, and up I'm Kickstarter, the basically the creative has said I am responsible for two things, one. I will complete this project if I get find it fully. That means this project has to be done here. I can just take the money right. No legally, I think they can really yes, but I think the public shaming there would ensue you're, just not be worth it that with your only Kickstarter project. Exactly and then, secondly, you have to fulfil whatever your awards were right given the nuts and bolts about actually creating a kickstarter project right after that
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audible trial today. In your first audio book is on us to get started, just visit, audible, dot, com, Slash S, why s k or text S. Why escape to fight hundred five hundred Ok! So we said it has to be a creator project. What does that mean? Josh? I think if I for the STAR Spangled Banner on Youtube, that's a very great a project. I can't leave. You just use the F word. You know what you probably could get that funded pretty easily liquid and end. The key is super, would pay her that by himself I himself liquidate everything he has done it is that you write. The thing is to get Andy Kickstarter site, you have to get past the Kickstarter staff and there is actually
just any Joe Schmo can come on. We, like I, define creativity, bright and, as a matter of fact, there are definitions for what makes a creative projects. Then, on the other, and that is the staff that has to look over proposal and say the others, meet our standards yeah they define it on. The website is art, comic stance, design, fashion, film food games, music, photography, publishing technology and theatre right, and they they that is an ever evolving definition, because creative people are gonna wacky and they'll submitted that day that walk the line that they'll have to decide, pay distract bright. Guy he's gonna big park after he wants the fort the STAR Spangled banner here, on the front line of the White House. Oh man, that's pretty good to me. You could very easily, get onto the front line of the White House. These they say just jump the fence, nice and start Barton, so that
this is, I think, in that sense, on the end of the spectrum there a lot more liberal lay. I don't think that Kickstarter staff is interested in saying that art or I don't agree- There are two: that's not really area with their more concerned with is having basically becoming an ass. Non TV website right. So the author of this sort, Dave ruse. He puts it like it's, not it's. It's a proposal for a project not for a finished product, so it's not Hey by my dvd. It hey, invest in this project and you'll get a dvd when it's finished yeah, that's a huge sure, because if not it will just be an army marketplace and kickstarter suffers a lot of criticism because its evolved in that way, but apparently there cool with that to a certain degree. Yeah. That was one case things couple years,
for a watch ban that held Ipod, Nano Urmand. When that came out, they wanted to raise fist thousand dollars and they raised a million dollars. That's another cool thing about Kickstarter quickly mention. If you go over, then great good for you, but basically we happened. Was your twenty five dollar donation got you that watch man that you can now get online or apple source for forty bucks and they did take. You know they took some black for that same. Is this just a awaited by something before it comes back his regime for your to get free order that, with its scope, are you out of this thing yeah? I know right now. I think the biggest dumb success they ve had. Is that cooler? Because cooler, you see nothing, thirteen point,
you ain't five million dollars, and I think their original goal was like fifty thousand dear me, I remember when I first saw the the little add for this thing on Facebook, but was awesome. I was like man that is one cool cooler yet has like Bluetooth a blow waterproof. Bluetooth baker- has a ice crushing blender built in it is a cooler two year end again like we said like this. Is the crowd sourcing aspect of it like these people came but the cause cooler and the world said yes, that product needs they come into existence there and they voted by say, here is way more money than you need, and now yes, it's basically a priori not only that this company now kids, a lotta, whoever they want to ensure and sell cools coolers for the rest of eternity licence at the igloo or somebody because it's not a gamble right at all.
It's already proven itself on the in the retail market, so there's no gamble with two hours. They can. They can just keep making on themselves or they can expand and attract outside capital it in its all, because Perry Chain and Fellow conspirators created. This website has always dimensions to, even though so simple, when placed in the context of the internet has implications here. The complications but also expansion, Thea ensure it pretty cool, even though there are products like that, sixty percent over sixty percent of products that are successfully funded are music thumb Nvidia. That will mean that a laugh now, that's true, but it flew flop. Some apparently so this article, I think, was two thousand and eleven year. From what I saw the most popular by far is as far as funded projects go
as film in video yeah, then music, then publishing. Then art then games gotcha like her. What was James me there's a lot of roleplaying game really get created. I kick start to another thing to say it's a great. It's a great market place for non traditional stuff here like here, you Polly think of going on Amazon to look for then you might find something to, but you're not gonna find a game that doesn't exist. Yet. On Amazon display my mind, I got a few more stats for yet these are current as of today, one point three eight zero billion billion dollars pledge to projects almost seventy three thousand successfully funded projects, but the time has come
probably pass that eighteen point: five million total pledges, Melvin troubled, my commas today, but that's basically the public, saying we believe and donating small amounts of money to projects that we believe in, and I think that's great, I do it's a pretty new concept, so we're talking about how I'd Kickstarter can get sometimes there's like no dearth whatsoever of very weird kickstarter stallion that have resulted in really cool stuff, exact danger, browns, potato salad- that guy he's looking for some money to just make them.
Hell it one day and Gatt wildly funded well past his goal and ended up holding potatoes stock in his town of Columbus, Ohio and amazingly, like three hundred and fifty or four hundred and fifty pounds of potato salad so like. If you don't need it, you could come and eat this potato salad that was hit those the Kickstarter. If that's not if you are, I don't know where this is our Howie categorized it that's how I categorized as food is a category two. Maybe it was both a child. The line, the food, our project they do. There are some tips we can give. You, though, Kickstarter successful Kickstarter Kickstart errors kicks tartars where they got himself Kickstarter Kickstarter kickstart people kicks people, they say that, obviously you have to start with a very catchy, unique fun and inspiring idea, potato thousands pretty inspiring. Well, that can be fun.
At least they say you need, should have a good story, because what you're gonna do, as you do not have to you, but you're encouraged to make a video pitching your idea right and if you watch some of these are all usually just kind of off the coffin tongue in cheek in fine and low badge. You know you don't I like look like you have a lot of money properly by making a big production and you want to appeal to someone. If you got a great story about why you're doing your project, the nets, certainly gonna help you get funded and an that's one of the things about kick. Third to is that you hear about the potato. Salad thing that became basically in internet mean sure it became so popular. The coolest cooler you could find out about I'm good morning, America. You can really count the number of kick starters on both hands, maybe feared a third hand? That would be helpful sure that you ve heard about if you're not like a kick started. Donor dont really go to kick started right, yeah, but
Leaves seventy thousand in chains that you ve never heard earlier and that's the thing with Kickstarter you create year, Kickstarter projects page and the first You do ascended to family and friends. Yeah want to invest in us, and then you take it out to your social media contacts and then, if, if It is a really good idea, I theoretically it should take off on its own. It should just spread by word of mouth. Somebody should say this is really cool and I'm in a share in Kickstarter makes it easier for you to share. Why just sounded like I was pitching kick this error that Helsinki mandate should like get in touch with their video aspect. That, in and of itself, is very terrible surfing. Come of the cool video to put on your Kickstarter page
and that could easily be shared and that's a really good waited to make the rounds and social media two year. They say that every successful campaign begins with an anchor audiences. What they call it doesn't necessarily mean you have to have a popular podcast, although we could probably get some funded. If we wanted to especially your idea, With the F word, your anchor audience could be just you're social circle. Your friends in your my rich uncle, you have your rich uncle. I just got him first before even when kicks had occurred, to see what happens but you should have a good anchor audiences it if you're, not on social media. If you don't have a solid support group in life, then unless you really catch on somehow you probably not gonna get funded. Yet Well, you should be relying on your idea in the catching of your page anyway, yeah, but the fact that you have access to social media is probably have pretty big leg up. Oh yes, I'm way doesn't know how to use twitter
facebook at least you're, uniting be left alone? In your experience, though, because once you do get approved you well, Working with Kickstarter they're gonna have a representative get that you do and they're gonna work with you and say you know what you might want to think about these rewards or european great or maybe you should have these price points to tie into these rewards they there they wanted it to succeed because they make their five percent. If you succeed exactly- and I am sure they would encourage yards to get us out started, but we're gonna talk a little bit more about those reward levels and a little bit a math into more controversies, Sprague, pillows If you should know listeners, do you want a new year's resolution? That's easy to keep yes resolve to help, put to your identity and personal info with lifelike identity theft, protection, lifelong alert, you to potential threats to you,
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That's, why flocked outcomes less stuff for up to twenty five percent off Math Mass consists in England, and we used to say here too. I really until I think the nineteenth century restarted him. Why are we saying like that? We say math Hodgman hundred ICES math-
go over to the british. He likes to exert now art, so the math of rewards levels. I've done a little bit of tinkering, just gonna find out what succeeds and what does it say? Twenty five dollar pledges the most popular sure about eighteen point: four percent of pledges are in the twenty five dollar range. Fifty bucks is the next most at thirteen host a fourteen percent- and you know that's if ye you set your level, so you can have a dollar bill, your lowest donation level. Yet if you want, but you you're gonna count on you to think about your audience. If you think I've got lots and lots of people, but they may not want to throw up a bunch of money, I throw in a bunch money.
Then maybe I should do that. The dollar level will push. Also you should sit down and think about exactly how much we need to achieve your project. Yet I had a minimum amount that you need right and you really need to sit down and crunch the numbers area. Twenty thousand because the number no the minimal amount you need, because even if you, through a number out, you might find down the road like. Oh man, this is actually enough, yeah, so You wanted take their number and then add they suggest at least the five percent commission that they're gonna take from it. You never thought about that, but see your project is to eat a triple a burrito chicken burrito, an indescribable deliciousness on a graph. You need a box for and some guy did that he said his goal for eight dollars. He made way more than I think he he get like he acceded funding by like thirteen hundred percent, which is the record holder, still
command, he created a graph of the deliciousness if she pulled a chicken breeders in Cinema like two hundred and seventy donors. The naysayers, will say that just a waste of time and money, if your art- and you should donate that to some like important cause. But you know it's their money, people to donate a dollar for that unless they're right, you're saying this to A hundred dollar pledges have the biggest impact on total dollars raise, but they make it less than ten percent of pledges. They recommend you get super creative with your prizes and make them really personalized. You know if you're, a filmmaker and any kind of creative artists like a musician, would really help. If you personally were offering something like a signed copy or maybe a phone call leaving you your voice, mail, outgoing message area, you know somethin silly, like that. A lot of people would
do right and you put that in its like the highest possible goal in it. They say that you, don't you probably not, can get one of those, but why not put it out there in case I may does want a shallow like fifty grand or something on something silly like that you're, a good eye It is a good idea, because ninety four percent of successfully funded projects exceed their goals. So that means you're onto something, then you're gonna get get that money plus some, but there have been some controversy, is right. There have sovereign Mars was cancelled. The tv show those cancelled with that stuff. You should Alister Cristobal right and. They brought it back. They said everybody wanted a movie, and What's his name Rob Thomas yeah you're, the guy from promote matchbox corner a different. I know the great their Rob Thomas. He did. The tv show party damages might like I gotcha top five items.
Could you then? Yes, so he basically said organ and make a movie and we're gonna uses Kickstarter thing to do, and they did they raise like fire. Five half million dollars for the movie just from Kickstarter, and I think it's the fifth most funded project in Kickstarter history, oh yeah yeah, but there was some controversy with the way that they offered downloads right. Patently they use flick, yeah, which a lot of people like our use, fixed her. I use Itunes or use Amazon like just give it to me through that I you guys money, they go make this movie gimme that by the way I want to so, apparently he got in touch with the the studio Warner brothers. I think that's in they said: ok, one. Make this right right because he was saying refunds. I believe, because the idea
If you don't need a certain amount, you got the movie within days of its theatrical, really right on your device of choice and he had a pretty good blood businesses. Actually kind of a good indicator were exposed to do on Kickstarter use, pussy post updates Yasser after you, you reach our goal like that's, not that you don't walk away and then come back on its feet on the ground. A poster days about production is key people involved. He had a blog posts when all this hubbub was going on. His do no white, like I'm. Really I said more than anything else. I want this day to be perfect for you guys, because this is the day the Veronica Mars movie- that we all want to get along gets release. So it's got to be a great day. So what are we gonna? Need discontented Warner, brothers, customer service and set it right nice, so he hid it. It's a good example of handling controversy through Kickstarter, but it also kind of underscores the ownership that people who investing Kickstarter projects
oh yeah in the final product temperature like they're, like hey man, I'm an investor in your your movie. I should be treated better than this, yeah and along with Zack Breath, who raised about the more than two in dollars were his most recent phone, which I was here. He got a flag because he raised like it said over a couple of million bucks and then another like eight million or so from worldview, entertainment, a thumb, financer and a lot of people said: hey man, then a cool like. Basically said you know, you dynamiter do this yourself, so you're going to raise the money, the Kickstarter, because you don't want to give up your final cut or your casting decisions to some thumb, finance, rightly we understand that, like I'm, a euro, avoiding the man and doing it all yourself, so here some money and then you go to a film, find heads And they can give completion. Funds are finishing funds because all the
people have already proven their way to pay money. For today this made any basically said. You know I am not making some different movie. I saw her final curtain I never said that wouldn't happen, men, so here Then it himself, I think, fairly successfully, but a lot of people on the independent creation level here about Jack Graph, making a movie and they're just ticked off about the whole situation there, like kickstart, should be for the really the starting artists night, the guy, who made a ton of money on Scrubbs who could their throwing his own money here. Get dancing in the already had, finally to wind up, he said and he failed on it because they did want vinyl cut right. So I can't get both sides on this when you now here, I could predict breath if he can find way to do it without giving a final year. By I mean he does his services a cautionary tale like you, don't change the terms after the kick start is funded
yeah and he says that he didn't say a whole time. He said that he was going to take the Kickstarter fund some of the money and then get foreign distribution money. They fill out the rest and apparently that's what he said he did yeah. In again, people wanted to donate to see another Zack graph directed an indirect found their great that's over an issue like effect. If he wants to come to kick starting use it than yeah he's, not gonna. If you shouldn't be here, if people disagree with that, you're not gonna find that if people do find it and has nothing to do with you exactly I find it interesting thing here from Cambridge University. They have some computer scientists that say they have found a way. It may have found a way to direct your kickstarter project to the right audience. They basically examined three months worse, of which the data from Kickstarter a researcher name just soon on and then plugged it in
an algorithm after they found two categories. Basically a frequent investors and occasional investors. Occasional thunders built an algorithm to say which projects at TAT attracted which type of thunder and what they came up with, was the following. If you are a frequent thunder, your more likely to fund projects where that display, good management like if you like you, said if you're frequently updating the page. If it's really well designed and it makes sense, calories and he would invest in a company if they really look like you're buttoned up their more frequently gonna invest high stakes. They said frequent Kickstarter investors are more likely to invest something with a high fundraising: go, not the eight dollar shortly graph. It makes
as universal appeal, they said, the local projects are more likely to get funded by infrequent investors. Long term investors are more likely to fund something the universal peel and if it's fast growing, if they see a lot of people, are investing the more frequent in heavily and investors have investors. Everybody wants to get in on that exactly They did so in the end its really the quality, that's the one caveat of the project. At the end of the day, it still has to be equality project yet for catch fire in a means, or do I write like meat soap? Exactly have you heard of them already noted is undergoing the grizzly coat well, what is meets its so made the fat rendered from meets smells like meat.
Ok, it's basically bathing in may meet here, so you didn't only and then there's the grizzly coat, which is a coat with a hood that looks like a grizzly bears head. It's pretty cool nice little awareness of their own and kick started wonderful little marketplaces. Idea, exchange yeah, I mean, if I didn't, have Maya. If I didn't have my job, don't we do with our great company that we work for like pay the bills and keeping the lights on. I would definitely go this route like if it was around in them in the early nineties. I would ve been all over this junk because I was out there on the streets, making films panhandling for nothing and the result was taken That is anything else knows her. If you, I know more about Kickstarter, gonna kick started
and follow all the rules you will be funded. You can also learn more about it by typing Kickstarter into the search bar has the floor that camp and that will bring this article and, I said article so it's listener Malta. Yeah call this that won't play in Peoria during our MP ape. I just don't think I could remember right the name of the city. The boy again here. Where will allow something like that? So we had quite if you follow ups and this one is from my need more and they said Don T networks, an attempt, as attempted a greenhouse interesting, and he said he's far behind lately, but ones. Super reply about the Mp Apelike ass check was struggling to remember the phrase that willow won't play a period as
in others would have known as enlighten you as to the origins. I will I'm told it was in a book at some point in the late eighteen hundred, but even before that theatre groups, burlesquing vaudeville, would use the area to workshop. Show on the way to Chicago, as it is a fairly large city on the Illinois River. I was a kid. It was a test market. Even have you heard of ever had a Mcdonald's Peter, I remember the Mc Peter he said no, if no then you're lucky, because their terrible I supported supposedly as representative of the Midwest My father is one of the most economically diversities in the MID West, so Peoria guess was just kind of that. Every place New Chicago, which explains the brain, exactly anyway led the show and your sister show stuff you missing history class I, which we also recommend by the way. I listened every episode, even the pre chuck era, except the ten or so I have to catch up with. So that is
nay, more natures, p, every time you in the commercial and say go to the search. I've been stuff to get your whatever it makes me want to go to whichever site your plugging type, a bunch of random keys and search bar and send you an email telling you jerks I had using Josh's voice with a meat. I think it's that these values are tender well, Nate think you ve been in in the green hustle, two on what kind of greenhouse are you in their name as it in Humboldt County California yeah thanks a lot make. There was very nice of you. Indeed, if you want to introduce, you can tweak suicide as why escape. I guess you can join us on Facebook that complex that we should now do you send an email to stuff. Pakistan has to work so camp,
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