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How Labor Unions Work

2012-05-22 | 🔗

Yes, it's true: Unions have a shady mob-related past and were originally championed by anarchists. Born from medieval trade guilds, these organizations also helped grow the American economy, and not only protected but established workers' rights.

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I dont think America has ever gone back to the way that it was before the DC sniper. The gunman most likely assailed marksmen fired six times in the course of sixteen hours. The police say they have never had a crime. Quite like this. It is quite a mystery and then, as the DC sniper case, unfolded that terror boldly Ruth. This was the most intense manhood in american law enforcement. History, listen to monster DC, sniper on the eye hard radioactive apple, podcast or wherever you get your packets. To you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry, it's ready for you, welcome to stop. You should know from Howstuffworks dot,
welcome to the partners. Josh Clark with means always is Charles, W shovel Brian, which makes us that he had no. We won't go different, no What record that's more along the lines of what we're talking about better paper pie, Gasters yeah, as a matter of fact, we could get together. Like Adam Curry and Joe Rogue in Martinique, maybe even IRA, form like us. Some sort of local he would be our Jimmy Hoffa area would be is are you threatening? I know he would be our Jimmy, how he would make things happen. James P, Hoffa, the one that the current Teamsters President
either one might think irrelevant. Barium giant stadium, Suzanne IRA would make it happen. He would break legs oak if need be always will not get any kind of thing is awake. Breaking goon So for those of you who have already seen the title of this, you are you're, you understand the banter. I guess if you have no idea what you're talking about a bet. You guessed by now that we're talking about Labour unions day to get women We had this request will, at last year from US guineas for Wisconsin nurse, got Walker thing. I know I'm we're just now getting too, because the Skywalker thing is like my info. Will it here so you remember last year was content Chet there is big hubbub
There was going on. A lot of people were wondering if this is going to be like the beginning of the arab spring in the United States. This is gonna, be the flashpoint for it, because governors got Walker was accused of train a d unionized. The public sector employs state employees yeah, I'm a through a little bit of legislation that use train, introduce, very true and call caused quite a stir, like thousands of protesters, yellow some serious protests going on at the heart of this whole thing was some legislation where he was trying to get. The public sector employs unions to get their union members e g, the public I e the public sector employs yet I e means that is. It is, for example, the area that I too have basically pay and half of their pensions
to give up some other concessions like come. If they were going to get a raise, it had to be through public referendum. Nothing over the rate of inflation in ink yeah, but probably the biggest one, was that they were stripped of their ability to collectively bargain yet the vigour and their work they got pushed through. And now, if you are a state, employ union member in Wisconsin, you can't collectively Barton anymore, which means you are effectively neutered as a union member in a lot of that is the hallmarks of the unions and depending on where you come from, or you believe who raised here whether or not your grandpa was still alive when you were old enough to understand what he was talking about and that I think that largely depend.
How you feel about use a lot of people think they're good thing: people think their bad lotta people think their necessary people think their evil. Why do people think they're a necessary evil? I am in fact they're kind of them. America, as it stands, is kind of split down the middle. These days, Pew pull that was taken during this whole hubbub in Wisconsin showed that forty five percent of Americans had a positive view of organised labour look at which I found surprising. He thought that was high yeah I was, I was surprised because the young, the decline of union, has also been attended by a change in perception toward them. You know the other kind of bad or that they hamstring businesses of another big ones, but they also found that fifty one per
still believe. Unions are needed to improve working peoples, lives right, so necessary evil I nailed it. You did and unsurprisingly, a lot of times, your feelings on unions are drawn along political lines. These days yeah there often especially as of being like the young in organizing backbone for the Democratic Party teacher, but the sun always true, like very frequently unions through their weight in their support behind republicans wilder at any rate, let's get to the bottom of what Alice's Ardley our union's good, we're, probably going to avoid this kind of qualitative descriptor, and instead you can stick to the facts and let the people decide power to the people, to decide whether or not I think that's a good move just so we get that's what you do this later.
Unions? Josh industrial revolution is gonna were actually we go back further, which we will with ya what medieval times yet, and the tree guilds trade guilds, sort of where the beginnings seeds of unions and they originally sort of came about, though just to swap techniques in recipes a peace that sort of evolved the bed into hey. Why don't we get together and also share? Aside from our knowledge, further and maybe chair expertise on how to do things better and get better wages, maybe a fixed prices that one before they figured out that that was a more offences Medieval Europe long time ago.
The trade guilds were definitely the origin of unions. It's just a bunch of workers getting together and figuring out because it essentially where the union is that they have more strength in numbers exam. And is also an indication of workers. Understanding their value in the production process to that with their essentially doing in return for their salary was producing a profit for business the labour and business ring, and that gives them assert its value, whereas in a lot of situations workers feel like you know that grateful further job and they all want to make any waves or anything like right and they're, not Fully aware of their value in unions, one of the rules that union's plays to point out to a worker, hey you're, doing something in return. This isn't some sort of welfare situation that year and reality
producing labour, and that has value and certain rights as well. Exactly are it so far short of it to the industrial revolution? Might century, things moved away a little bit from agriculture and agricultural jobs moved into the factories, as we all know, and can a right off the bat factories weren't. A good, see, for fair wages in Sir conditions in kids, working in factories in Women and children not being paid as much as men Triangle shirt waist fire of the big turning point was the tree your shirt waist company fire where given the working,
were really really dangerous, that it was a clothing company climbing manufacture, I think in Chicago or New York can't remember and it caught fire. The factory did, because there is all this fabric in the air right and it's ignited. The whole place went up in all of these. Women had to jump to their deaths and on that kind of brought in by a working conditions in the limelight and help the alien sentiment. I guess a flashpoint, if you from your favorite, Mr Gladwell, then he flashpoint tipping point active point, good Lord get it together, Jack, ok, I've got it together. Now tipping point editing, yellow brick in the nineteenth century. They would do things called striking. Yes, they still do today, but back then it was
contentious inviolate affair than it is today like people died, bombs, went off, guns were shot there is in. It was on both sides. To I mean, like the workers are striking. The point was the whole was the same year we're not working any more and you're not going to make any money, because we're not producing the product that you need to go so right right, but doing it. Times like the National Guard would show up or the cops would show up, or maybe the Pinkerton detective Agency would show up here, and That being the tar out of the striking workers in order to scare them back in the working workers also would defend themselves there. Is this one a camera? What strike you? As I just read about it? We, like the workers, managed like chase the cops, half really is there they were shooting to pound hinges in these oversized
shot like the cops Braille imagine getting hit by a to pound hands, so the hinge factory I had to have them yet sure? But yes, the strikes were very violent. People, like you said, would die in the cap's like why couldn't cotton bar factory, in fact, but not funny, that is people- did die, not making love it like the Haymarket right for incidents. For incidents of the big money. For instance, there was a turning point flashpoint. If you were, it was early May, eighteen, eighty six there was a nation wide strike and we only one work, eight hours a day and in Chicago Haymarket there was a violent protest. Not a lot of people were there because the weather, thank goodness because someone through a bomb into the crowd yet went off in shots were fired
jobs. Maybe by the protesters uglier life, they were not just striking labors, but there were anarchists there and you notice anarchist their trouble. Well. This is one of the places where, in the public imagination at least that anarchists and socialists became married to labour. I pro labour and it's always kind of haunted labour unions. Is that idea, but it was born out of this era. If not this riot voucher in the end, eight people were charged and convicted. The labour leaders tried to get the mountains, is not fair. One of the people committed suicide by placing a stick of dynamite in his mouth in prison, and in the end, in a few years later
governor of Illinois, granted full pardon to the remaining three convicted and that ended up leading to an observance of May day or labour day in other countries. Right may, first must be labour day. This whole affair though the left out that, for the guys who are convicted were hanged Hawaii, but the they and they were pardon and, as a result, this whole May day things Labour day thing came up of a may first, but then, within like five years, Grover Cleveland was like this is kind of a sordid, like scary Association, with labour but the they and they were pardon and as a result, this whole May day things Labour day thing came up of a may first, but then, within like five years, Grover Cleveland was like this is kind of a sordid like scary,
with lay really celebrate labor it. I'm gonna, move it to the first Saturday. Now, the first Monday Monday in September, the Saturday be no good, you wouldn't get off work. Exactly did him move it did to dissociate that now interesting specifically, so that's why you can't wear white after September September, exactly that's exactly the order that are so. Maybe let's talk about some of the basics of a Labour Union, Josh theres, many different kinds and, like you said it's all- about strengthen numbers to get together to form, was called a bargaining you with an elected leader to deal with the employer, but because I think that our view or if you have somebody who's advocating for your success for your rights, higher wages better, can and whatever it might be. You
removing yourself to certain extent from that negotiation. So it's a little less sticky for user you're not talking to your employer, you nothing! I really want to more money. Somebody else's going. These guys are making a bug, money for you, and you need a shared a little better. I can agent exactly right away and same time, you also have their element of that bargaining, you being a collective bargaining unit, meaning there said strengthen numbers. So it's a bunch of people becoming satisfied at the same time, The implied in there is, if you don't do this thing, you're gonna lose a bunch of people all at once. You get having trouble right and They do this agreement in the form of the sea, Ba her collective bargaining agreements fan of any professional sports. I understand what a CBS and how tenuous they can be.
Once you have negotiated this agreement and everyone on the employer sizes. You know we can live with firms and everyone on the employee cited year. We can live with this. We both give a little bit. They sign it and it is set for a certain period of time, and you cannot break the sea on either side without there being legal action or grievances filed. I, which usually means an arbitrator, will come in and say you know. Let me get involved right. You I feel I just hit the nail on the head, though, for an ideal union present, in business. Everyone give a little here. You know you can't have too much for one side or the other, but I think that Canada, history of the presence of unions in business in America, it's been. If you look over time, it may be evened out, but if you look at
any specific decade, it's more on one side and the other of its forces in the beneficial position right who's, asking more, whose extracting more, like I'm Samuel campers who who got together the American Federation of Labour, I think He went. He was asked what the AFL wanted. His answer was: more yeah enemy misquote yeah, but in time you had to say well, business, isn't gonna disk, saying just give it away very rarely do they. The possible presence of unions is to extract that. Least, that was the original idea of the union's, like any organisation costs too little money to run. So you have to pay deuce it's a membership thing. If I was in the screen actor skill which I'm not, I would pay dues to the screen. Interest killed every
to keep my membership current and then they would go fight for me and they would have a staff that gets paid out of that money. I love it here. That is his he's very, but many around fifty dollars a month to deal yeah. I think it's it's completely varies depending on what you in your answer, and I know that you can put a average number who may begin if you average it if you count them all up in the hope that under this here, fifty dollars act now there also supposed to be democracies with elected officials of elected leaders who take action based on referendums in votes and basically just using voting to take the pulse of the union members to see what they wanted to. Ideally, the tower
I get the feeling that always work that way throughout history yeah, especially once the mob got involved. Yes, which will get you a lot of times, you can be local union member, which is sort of like Vienna fraternity, member of a larger national charter and if your local union, that means that you. Maybe work in that same business sector, but you're employed by different company. But it's like hey, I'm in the and keep Goin back to some business stuff goes there were lousy with union still are. Like Amazon work in the art of permanent props guy summit
where the local camera the number Union here in Atlanta, but its national charter, probably rushed out of Ella, not mistaken yeah. It's like a chapter of fraternity or authority, which is what I said. Yeah did you safe return? Is no you didn't say fraternity, you didn't. You didn't answer already manner. Good point authorities is well knew These resolutions are very, very difficult to keep get more exercise save more money. What about this? We have a resolution that you can really work with stop wasting time going to the post office that right, stamps dot com instead because they bring all the services of the Eu S postal service right to your computer with yours business sinning invoices or packages, or an online seller shipping out products stamps that can handle it all with ease yank it. This was Sampson com. You get five cents off every first class,
damp in up to forty percent of priority mail. That's right, you are postage. Twenty four seven for any letter, any package, any class anywhere. You want to send it, there's no risk and our promo code, ass white, ass, gay you're, gonna, get this offer afore weak trial, plus free postage and a digital scale, and there are no long term commitments or contracts just go to stamp that come click on the microphone, Papa, the homepage and type in s. Why, as K that stance, I come from a goat s. Why, as Kay that can never go to the post office again shock. What's the point of all this, I think we can have touched on a little bit of lichen and especially in the strength in numbers thing, but there's other benefits to being a union correct, yeah, So it seems that here I think it is high time for stance your wages for one year median weekly income is gonna, be
as the union member about nine hundred and forty dollars can be about seven. In thirty dollars. If your non union may see her, you ve got some about healthcare. Correct yeah. So eighty percent of union workers in this is from the Department of Labour. This isn't like from the air Felsi our anything right. Eighty eight percent of union workers have health covered. Sixty nine percent of non EU workers? Don't do the same with dental plans and the disparities even more forty, four percent of Non union workers have general plant where something like sixty six percent have a dental plan. If you remember of union half of union jobs have vision coverage and only about a quarter of Non union jobs. Have it with an reading this Alsace kind of like May. We have pretty good benefits here to worry,
if you're a minority, if you're a woman, african, american or latino, you make more money. I women earn about nine thousand more year, if you're in a union African Americans eight thousand more year in the Tina US close to twelve thousand more here, if your union member so aside from safe working conditions and health insurance and things like that, which are great wages, are really to be. You write a wages benefits. Pensions are another huge area as well and they are also there to protect workers from being unjustly fired, like you were Non union and we could move. Somebody could come in here and say you know. Why the way that you looked at your boss, so you scowling, you're, fired you fired you fired you're fired,
and we d, like you, can't do that and they d like yes, we can, and there will be, that the right there the big, however, in Florida about some some workers, our war orange, either and who you ask, because they were all going happy hour together that night or because they were similarly a prisoner garb to protest, the working conditions that this law firm, which is really what they are doing and like tat from a fire there is taken in the conference room and the guy was like you're fired the end. That's that and the like, fires for weighing annoying certain. Actually, yes, very much so the obscenity work right towards state here at will work state the right to work. The the the employer very much can fire you for words.
Seemingly arbitrary is wearing orange if you're a union member. That is not the case. The union protect you from unjust dismissal and basically you, if you feel like you, fired for wearing Orange NGO to Union met in a big stink comes about right, that's another big one is protecting, but I also feel it here is a good point to mention a lot of the criticisms of unions, because that same protection from unjust dismissal unions are frequently criticised for that. Extending to workers who perform poorly sure I feel like it's part of that- give, I think, with unions among labour too say: ok, yes, we're gonna, protect you, but you have to be productive. You have to be good at you
whatever right, don't hide under the the shield of the union, just to go phone in your your job every day and collect your paycheck exactly and a you know flaunt that protection and if not what it's there. Or another big criticism is that union, just the presence of unions in any country harms economic progress on the whole by hamstringing business and making it less competitive among countries that don't have unions right and so for states that have state employ unions. A big one is that state employ pensions can be a drain on. Tight state economy right. That's another big went to southern criticisms of unions that are very legitimate through, but again I think it comes down to like where your political affinity,
well yeah. I mean these days. Republicans are more likely to not be in favour of unions and they have consistently been called the bag the Democratic party. There wasn't always the case though, and I didn't fit these republican President Dwight Eisenhower said that you and have a secure place in our industrial. I only a handful of reactionaries harbour the ugly thought, a breaking means and depriving working men and women of the right to join the union, other choice and also throughout history unions of Canada, dabbled outside their own labour negotiations and protection to fight for things like Medicare, Social security,
sailor, I civil rights is a big one. Think of Missouri congressmen, Richard Boeing said quote: we would have never pass civil rights ACT without labour, they have the muscle, the other civil rights groups did not So there you know you, don't I've seen one strong arm, but there is certainly something can be said for strength. The numbers, especially when it comes to something like this all right, tat, yeah, Thea, who was Eisenhower her that code about the Union Rights Eisenhower speaking at a time that was just after the peak of union membership in nineteen, forty five, thirty five percent of all non agricultural workers, which is like everybody, but farmers near. The long to unions. Now it's down to eleven point. Eight percent yeah and I'm the public service sector. Thirty,
percent. But whether really getting hurt is the private sector. Less than seven percent of the private sector is unionized these days right and there's a lot of people that the problems that we have in Washington in a lot of the financial trouble, it had in this country have been to a certain degree because of the nine union icing of like the rest belt right in the private sector, so to sociologist priests, western and Jake Rosenfeld actually wrote a paper that said that, The decline of organised labour unions from the ninety seventys on can account for as much as a third of the increase in income inequality in the. U S, which has been significant and these they can. It should be the third of their increase.
Just to the decline of labour well, and I think it also coincide with the nineteen seventies. Some say that big business really went hard at Washington for nothing first time, but in a way that they never had before and that change the landscape of the distribution of wealth in this country. Yet, in its really interesting point chuck like we were raised after that period, yes, but so that this kind of like are in a way that the secret of my six, ass or american psycho others, great movies about the eighties were set in the eighties, like that's just the way it was like all these, like you, just go after money in You spend that money on cocaine and pinstripe suits you own minorities or whatever, and so We were gonna raised with that sentiment, but there is a time part in uniting seventies
It was labour who is running that the charge is the union's and they were fully in control and business figured out how to regroup and reassert itself That's the age that were now so back to Iceland. How're though, when he was talking, he was kind of carrying out a tradition where the? U S, government figured out there? Ok, there is a a balance of power that has to be struck between labour in business yeah, because businesses, part of this economic engine labour, helps fuelled economic engine, but they really kind of represent two different sectors of the? U S, not just a car, I kind of me but the population, and we need people happy. We need to strike this balance, so the federal government got involved, starting in nineteen, thirty, five with the National Labour Relations ACT and they basically said. Okay, we can't have strikes, you guys, are shooting to pound here. The cops and we can't have strikes were cops. Her like murdering
striking workers, let's get to the heart of this matter. And figure out how to strike a happy balance between labour wants and what business wants and progress from Yet it was a really smart thing to do. They figured out tat. It was much like homer, trying to keep pension, lobster alive with the goldfish in that fresh water tank. You know, India, adding sir, adding water and expected it was kind of the mark of the twentieth century in an american economic history was, adding saw inheriting the water over time through legislation, well in the end, now are a was like you said, the first one and prior to that, the companies didn't you. To recognise a union we're negotiate with a union leader right, so this actually required by law that they not monsieur They give workers what they want
They had the least negotiate in good faith right and sit down table with tat, which effectively said brought unions out of the dark and legalised them and gave them a legal voice in legal recourse. That's right entered worse that, they soon pass the national Labour Relations Board to oversee what was going on with an hour a and the article points out here that accomplished three things. Our workers to have elections too. You know like on union leaders. Bush laws protecting employees from this, The nation based on union activity so like are you union. Well, we don't want to hire you. That's all even worse, like in the case of Ford Motor Company, led Ford Security wing led by Harry Bennett, two thousand man straw- doing squad right, they usually beat up. Workers beat up, like organizers, beat opinion reps endure,
gone camera, they really were kind of abuse. The law in a lot of ways, but this is definitely tart. That was targeted at guys like that for the dunes here in this kind of snakes, but important, an important thing. The note here's an hour, I also protected collective bargain. Even if you're, not in a union and the ability to bargain for better conditions for all workers. So I mean it's it's. The union's was when the main things, but the protected everybody, but not everybody there, a bunch of groups. There were left out of this agricultural workers on domestic service workers federal, stay in local government employees, which obviously here when, when a different wager railroad and airline employees that one can of became important like we talked about the air traffic control, one under Reagan when he fired all the air traffic controllers.
Who went on strike. Yeah. That's important, I guess was at the tat, hardly that ensured yeah. Tat, hardly out, came along nineteen, forty, seven or the labour management relations as and when the important exit did was said. You know what, if there's any strike, that's gonna put the public health Indy, then we can issue and eighty two injunction that basically says you cannot strike In the case of the I guess was too that put the country endangered necessarily put the country's economy and yesterday, but at the same time, Reagan didn't have file an injunction through the Labour Relations board. He said: barter fired, get back to work now your fight man, Guy Anna and what else did the outlawed secondary boycotts would have hardly Labour act, which is a big deal, because that example, these here in this article, is really good.
Glad to hear a brewery in your striking against your employer. You might have a boycott against the glass company that makes the beer bottles and just but the strong arm on the company from another direction yeah, and he can't do that. It's called the squeeze. Can't do the squeeze arms, not legal, you. As a union, but consumers frequently do that kind. I m sure it's like I'm trying to get like rush limbo off their boycotted. Alot of people boycotted his arm advertisers right until they said you know what ok or will stop advertising with them, and then all of a sudden rush limber has the doublespeak
I am right same with IE. I can't remember there is some special interest groups, some pack that was getting funding from Like Mcdonald, Wendy's, a bunch of people and arm because of their alleged unfair and very much pro business. Only practices like all of you, Companies is kind of abandoning recently really Alec daily see. I don't remember what it stands for problem, no, no, no you sure. Yes, the labour, Each met, reporting and disclosure ACT of nineteen. Fifty nine Johnny. What's it all about, while this was during a time when the wind had really shifted toward not only the union's having the year that labour business under the thumb. They also had there
in members under the thumb right? The mob was involved that the democracy, where the democratic basis of unions had eroded and There is a lot of shady soft going on this. What I thought was who was rather than the federal government going out? Well, then we need to re reinvigorate the power given the business yet under these union laws. Instead, they went in still more power in union members, attract yeah like you couldn't. Use union do anymore to promote one candidate over another in a union. Four million rap, the elections were really pretty. Have we monitored from that point on her recent union member has been notified by mail at least fifteen days before the election yeah like he can't sneak in election by M, which probably to happen in the old days yet to be to increase transparent.
In the whole union thing. There is a lot of disclosure and reporting I require that were added here and not just for the union's before also like employers consultant they want to know where the money was going and basically they wanted to see how the mob was involved is a big one right Speaking of money, I don't think we pointed out that a lot of times unions will have a strike. And some of the money that you pay into it will actually pay you when you go on strike to keep you from going hungry like athletic. You know that Gilbert Godfrey didn't do that anymore. I don't think I know, and I wonder how ironic would it be if he had asked like insurance and that it kicked in, went f like fire them interesting one thank you got bark is he wanted to make my dinner? He got fired for making twitter jokes about the Japanese,
like the daily of yeah photos of money issue. Yeah I'm worried about the sense of humour in this country in the direction it going like theirs But too soon right, exactly nine people be like yes, it is, but the there seems to be a team to the open sea. From larger standards that average Jos are held too. You know their stand of convenience of their job. Sometimes they make tasteless jokes and all that stuff years ago. The line and they'll disco people go through and I ll go out too soon and right exactly nine people be like yes, it is, but the there seems to be a team to be open season on comedians well because of platforms that they never have a work programme twitter. I guess I guess I'll. Listen! That's! Like your official statement, the editor of a joke he made or
and the audience is much much wider and much more on varied and diverse too so near to a big hurry said this thought I would imagine service. I mean you get tell me: there's like you're, not ten thousand people lining up voice actors to go at rack for a humane, page and key just made a pretty good argument for yourself that wouldn't get his Gigi, but but I mean in the poem is, as I realise what the risk is. You know cultural sensitivity individual sensitivity towards people who are gonna, be offended her hurt. But there So there has to be a balance between that, and I mean the other thing that there is is like our national sense of humor which is really important. It's one sees you could be like love, it's a stupid joke. No like our ability to take a joke, is a very vital, an important thing about keeping us from like all get no killing ourselves, and still one of the roles that same comedians, provide or any kind of communion provides.
To keep their healthy and vital and going agreed. There's nothing word of it. After me than when you see a humorless celebrity make when Ricky Debates is doing a thing in the Golan gloves and you see like the people out there that just are offended by this. Come on man, yeah, I don't know, I think yourself. I could see Ricky your base being what will make him the sacrificial lamp legal recovery alone in a man that was I bar yes, it was or we talk about labour unions, don't remember, laboring, They Josh you mention Elsie, I lotta people might not. That is actually collection to Labour federation made up of fifty four member unions, ten million strong, the people change to any sort of anew in two thousand five. It was formed, but it is Also Labour federation, encompassing
seven unions in six million workers big time yet the EIA felt I was founded by Samuel Golfers, who I mentioned earlier and he gets his cigar makers in some other on industrial labors, together to form that, and then there was in the late Nineteenth century chairman exactly when, but maybe in the forties fifties he get together with the ceo to form they Athos because he loves cigars. You a dove, use, a huge join autoworkers yeah? They have something like one point, four million members, no one sided history has one point: four million members and they're the ones are probably the most well known by the average Joe thanks to one Jimmy Hoffa, yeah, Vena Historic, a little bit here there the whole mob involvement, I think, with the M with any union. Was they really
there's a bunch of guys who are sitting on enormous piles of money and, let's see how much that we can still get our hands on, are used to build ourselves. Casinos price and Jimmy Hoffa was in with these guys, and it is why missing right, nineteen seventy five year I mean everything, is any secret. What happened to him, but the definite dont know Exactly what happened was that it was a secret. What happened while he was snuffed out. Ah, I don't think he had a heart attack or hiking in the wilderness. In his body he composed. Naturally, while he was supposedly going, he was last seen. Waiting on two mafia associates can be a good idea, but his son James P, haha has really kind of brought the family name back tremendously case the head of the Teamsters today or is he sees the president, the Teamsters Union and is doing a lot of work toward
little real. Legitimize Ing unions, again right country, which is pretty What anyone who's ever been on a sunset and has seen a two hundred and and if I man eating Adona sitting in his truck, you can say: I've met a teamster there. They do great work and their basically I can't remember the number, but there there, if you're in it, Austria worker ear basically eligible to be a teamster near and in just about any can industry. I gotta get hate member that oh yeah. We find these two guys that you described coincidence podcast get to pieces, the hate mail
the team shroud, do nothing but listen to this bike. Ask you to sit here. Does not your team for the great work by unfair sets a sort of the old joke? Is it like the park, the truck, and then they sit in it until they leave in the truck? You know the m that there is another simpsons references came up with the the one where that film for radioactive ban comes to town in homer, just who can outweighs either the Teamsters gets done. There is justice. Stereotype other the abbot stereotypes, the horizon right has not funny. Funny. Here's the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up. Basketball is always that guy who joined your game, he never passes the rock he instantly bricks theories and who can we have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul, with Geico it's easy to switch and save on car insurance
no need to fake an angel sprang because you're absolutely exhausted. So which in save with Geiger it's almost better than sports. What I'd Iming Elsie getting up now. I guess I think we covered pretty much everything Broad overview of people can and, like you said earlier, I mean you hit it on the head. My friend thinking whether or not you are pro Union or Anti Union largely depends on your family's background it is a very dry in true thing through through families through generations, it people thirty strongly about it that are involved and unions or like might actually appearance or in the teaching,
their union kid per year that it wasn't like factory stuff, like that. I never heard them besides complaining about not making of money which every teacher should complain about her arm. I own, if you dont, have any kind of passionate feelings about it whatsoever. I would advise you to look into it and if you do have personal feelings about it, I think a great this has a veto, explore how the other side sees it and see if it changes your mind one way or the other look at you. You can do that by reading this fascinating article that we face this package on how unions work you can type, then Sir Marhaus diverse duck, You also going to walk out. There is a pretty cool editorial as the Washington Post, the threat, the Wisconsin,
Can you fight isn't about benefit? It's about labor's influence from March Sixth, two thousand and eleven article. That was a good article two and I already said, search bar It is time for listening. Nobody, Joe Garden Visa, he's a skinny go you he was really upset. You can tell you you can see right through his skin. He so pale. Translucent vote, Joe Garden. The Catholic I didn't get tickets. Now he did it. He promoted own wrapped work. I believe those aircraft which covers show a call and he got differ, bans the comments like rats workin. The clear proposals on this It's like white suit and introduced area that is Sweden was that very recently, he put it ever, were you there now he was this tat he should have about this. Admit it like
Are you tired of hearing could have grasped that is significant the agenda? Yet there is also a guess: cannot in with music sampling episode, there's a big dj food or dj shadow. I think Egypt to craft work. Covered mix is like me. Three volumes like this mixed together with people who, like sample crack working songs, yet they just did a big thing, so museum, my mama yeah, oh my god. What we mean I tried very hard to give us. Did you try it did. It was allotted to cluster, I'm not into craft, were in this, but if it when I saw the reviews of it and said they d, like it, Twenty one minute of Autobahn us, like somebody, put a gun, despite it supposed for your Europe takes you, I'm not a group or guide, but I know people are people now, I'm not a crap work. I either, but I will say that, like that, would
just a momentous, just a momentous Mama, in this pretty much. Ok like the two package, I'm sure see America. Cello is just amazing yet, and that way more amazing for some people than others. Even so, should I really your mail, I'm gonna, call this a good cause. We like commodities in Add to our labour Union episode, how big big. Guys. I was just down it's out by Southwest Rico, variety show in shut your surprisingly supple hands I also, incidentally, our asses harnessing the power of the benevolent internet of something you guys seem pretty skilled at yourselves, which is why I thought you might be game to help. Students across the country learn all sorts of stuff. They should know in many cases is They need to know. I work for non profit website. Called donors choose DOT, Org,
where anyone with a dollar can give support to classrooms and need teachers from off. At these states post request for resources, they feel their students and kind holds from all over the world help bring those lessons delight and almost like Cuba for teachers. I need city tickets to craft workers since our founding, in two thousand, we delivered over a hundred and ten million dollars of resources directly to public school classrooms, supporting one six million students and if you or my fellow listeners like to help you fellow listening, we have listeners that listener fellow without check out the page I set up. He said of a page with our name, and I was like that school. You can do that, but we're not can officially sign on isn't it has to go through corporate knowledge stuff, our already signed, aided committees,
so you gotta donors, choose dot, Org, slash, stuff, kids, it now and let me know if you have any questions- and this is from that and he said, the way we recently hired a system admin. A couple of months back drove me crazy for a few weeks, then I realized he sounds exactly like we're. He said I have enjoyed working with Josh. Who is the other voice? There's another person some dude! Well, there's a writer that writes about running one thing about running like clockwork eleven S five hundred times. Those me what's ironic. Now I regret your honor. I can't remember those some other voice. Person did like videos or something yeah. Well, it's ok! Who is that now
the donors choose DOT, Org, slash, kids, stuff, kids should now that's great donors. Choose that or flash stuff. Kids should now be nice. If you have a great charitable organization, you ass, the latter really know about camera is happy to do that and if I sound like somebody, let me know if you join me crazy, you have heard from like a bunch of people, you scientists like this or whatever you remember, or I wanna hear from people who have actively been on a worker strike or You have been a scab as they call them and then a strike buster or even if you have been beaten up by the cops they want. That too is an anarchist, any anarchists out their grows, interested anarchists shut down the cops in Athens.
Beat up the difference. Nobody like through me against the wall and like we're my legs out from under me in recent years, they just left. Are you sure they're cops and that system? and boys dressed up as far as its police in a car. We must regret honour what they value, get out of here. Really. We must devote your somebody else. Or the reality of their situation hit them when they realise that what they are doing wrong. Maybe you can community with will, and I electronically the twitter at asked. Why escape podcast? That's a handle, Facebook that complex study should know, or you can send an email to stuff, Podcast
discovery, dot com for more on this and thousands of other topics. Does it how stuff works out com brought you by the way until two thousand twelve Camry, it's ready for you, the future. Is closer than you think, and it all starts in the palm of your hand, you may The news five g is coming in this new Iheart Series, time tomorrow, presented by team above a business join me, As one option am I cursed care price, walk you through the true revolution in mobility that will chair The way we interact with the world around us join. And here just how close we are getting to a more collective future time tomorrow is now available on the eye hot radio, at all. Where you listen to port costs,
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