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How Lame Ducks Work

2008-04-17 | 🔗

In U.S. politics, a lame duck is a president who will not be re-elected because he or she has been passed over for election, or already served the maximum two terms. Learn more about the origin of lame duck presidents in this HowStuffWorks podcast.

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either welcomed the podcast Josh Clark staff Writer here how stuff works that come with me always, is my trusty editor Chris pilot? today. I want to talk about lame duck. President's agreed as well. Ok, give a little back room for some were a lame duck. President is lame. Duck president is basically any present. It has already either not been passed over for election or has served they're both of their terms and basically there sitting around in office waiting to were finished out the rest of their tenure before the next president takes over correct. That is correct and where did this come from lame duck Do you want me to explain why aren't you do that? Let me ok, basically
a lame duck originally with financial term. For somebody who couldn t pay their debt. Our current use. That term has nothing to do with that. Any more. As I said it, it's a president whose finished at determining can also referred Congress, but there's an amendment in the constitution called the lame duck amendment and it is the twenty Eightth, absolutely the twentieth, amendment is the lame duck member and it was instituted in, I believe, nineteen thirty three during the administration. Basically, what going on with members of Congress had thirteen months in between the time they found out that they were not re elected and the time they actually left office. Thirteen months really really long time to do a lot of damage, basically robbing their constituency blind. Well, you know they had the opportunity to use the powers of office for four hours. The projects, and once they are not
I feel like they elder voters anything anymore, they can make an vote anyway. They want the egg exactly. They could also pick the president under certain circumstances, those being in a time the electoral College, which, frankly I don't want to get into, but am Chris ill It seems like there's somebody out there right now, who is a lame duck? Their new flip my can you refresh my memory, I think you're thinking of our President George W Bush exact, that's who was tell us a little bit about his lame ducks. The employer. We know, he's he's actually been fairly busy during his lame duck period. You know I saw that people when talking about his presidency being entering the lame duck phase as early as the first part of two thousand seven so If, if that's true, obviously is subjective thing, but been a lame duck, for you know almost half of his second term in office. I heard that the Associated Press actually tagged him with lame duck in two thousand, for
well, we'll see no way as soon as you get elected for your second term, a guess, technically yours near win, your lame darkness sure starts. But Spend he's been actually pretty active as of late worthy, economic stimulus package and recently to pushing for a permanent extension of his idea surveillance package. Congress to to extend that permanently instead of a temporary extension, he's been very vocal about about doing, So he's not he's not just sitting on his eyes hands and waiting for his term down. No also one of those little balls with the raccoon tale. That is, battery powered in cats like to play with that's also very active too, but I think that that has just about as much of a chance and pushing less legislation through George pushed us at this point. From what I understand and doing some research for this podcast, I
There is pretty much open season ambush, it seems like he spent all of it go currency and suddenly the wolves his door as it were. I quote David from whose a former speechwriter there's no possibility at all of the president, invading anything that is acceptable to both the Democrats and Republicans. Talking about what he'll be able do his last term, it looks like Chris. What do you think? Well, you know he's he's only so far for anyway, as president, because the air Members of Congress are the ones who have to push the bells across his death warm design, so you know There's only can talk only once, but they don't give him build a sign in July. You know he can't do anything where there is a lame duck or not exactly two. Think of a further sign of the president's lame duck status it. I was really surprised to find this out, but Nitze Pelosi, these of the House of Representatives,
in July, two thousand seven flew to Syria to hold talks with the President Assyria, bush was ignoring at the time going completely behind the president's back. That's, not a sign that you're a lame duck. I dont know what it is about. You do you think you have a point there: okay! Well, please, please read how lame is a lame duck prisoner house of works, dot com, it'll changes for more this and thousands of other topics at the House of lords dot com? What does know what you think send an email to podcast Housetop work, stuck brought you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready are you
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