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How Lewis and Clark Worked

2013-11-07 | 🔗

They may be the most famous explorers in U.S. history, but there are plenty of interesting details to the Lewis and Clark expedition that history has allowed to fade. Learn about the origin and the aftermath of America's first early push Westward in this episode.

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You should know, greenhouse gas networks got bogged down, Josh Cargan, their trust, a view, those Brian the letter. You know like a thought about it, chuckled. I wanted. I wondered if I was related to Mr Clarke area dad's gonna say I am for now. I feel I cleared away incorrectly explore ways on George Clock kissed clerks than usual name. You might be, what I mean like his family was from the Ohio River Valley. I grew up in Toledo. Eddie you go, I wonder you have an explorer spirit here, lay back guy yeah. He was laid back
not like Louis. He was semi literate fairly letter. That's the big distinction. It is funny like have you read sides verbatim Journal interests who clarks or Louis's or both on the clerks way? Worse elusive, pretty good writer. I thought he ever. He had some weird spellings to Clark is dislike, frontier, Kentucky Boy, writing in its yeah, there were good pair them, and this is one of those podcast were or stories. We look back and you, like you, know, histories really pump this up and they were really kind of like this, unlike jerks and none other than this really great story, and they were actually true american heroes. You know once in my tragic outside, while the endings pretty tragic, now that Louis, lucid manic, depressive yeah by all accounts yeah back, then they called it prone to
profits, but modern people say now. He was probably manic depressive and I pressed by watching before our can burns documentary lessening for hours. I thought it was two hours and hours like I got this year and then I got to the two. Our point now wait, a minute they just hit the continental defied. Think I'm at the end fits of funding because in the email you? U emailed me to suggest that I watched you All the day, six part not for our well, they had it on Youtube and six parts in actuality. It's twelve parts went away with our aid. So let's do this. This is one of my favorite stories in history is a really Yemen and again I've said this before. Why isn't this a movie like a really good movie? Not have you seen almost heroes
No, it's a Chuck Lewis and Clark Merriweather Louis, William Clark, yeah pair of army folk turned explores thanks to a little bit of arm. I guess serendipity would have been somebody else. Had it not been these guys, because, really that all idea of this expedition, which was called the core of discovery, yes, sounds like a soccer team who it was. It was the brainchild of Thomas Jefferson, yeah in the brainchild of T J, because he's ok, I just bought. It is double the size of our country by buying a bunch of land from Napoleon. Do you know the background on the Louisiana purchase? I noticed the greatest land deal in the history of
the world, probably yeah, but what? What do you mean? Well, it was the Frances Land and they were about to get it for they were about to get it. Give it to the spanish while the Spanish were wasted. Dams are probably, and the French like have barely any present. In this area, but it was their land, but the Spanish had they taken over. There would have been a real problem because the Americans had access to the port of New Orleans, because the French were basically absentee landlords there yet, and so the idea that the Spaniards were about to get it. There was a big problem, so Jefferson send some people over France to try to negotiate something right and it turned out Napoleon was having all sorts of problems. It'd be recommended to him by his people like just sell it to the Americans they're coming over. They want to talk, so I think James Monroe was sent by Thomas Jefferson with IE a limit of ten million dollars to do something
Florida in New Orleans or new oil and spread the ten million dollars here Monroe found out, he could get. All of the Louisiana territory which went to Canada. Yet Louisiana is really under sells it. It was evident from the rockies. All the way over to the colonies, and then up to Canada and down to the Gulf of Mexico. Yet it was a double the size of our country yeah overnight German railways like I'll, give you fifteen million dollars for it. In the French like held three, he bought eight hundred and twenty seven thousand square miles of North America about three. Since an acre agenda, That was a chunk of change. I think that was double what our era are. Gross economy was at the time, but its public investment, as agreed in this matter, Can you imagine how we're that would be if it had gone too far away, the United States could have ended it about the Mississippi River, which it did at the time
and just beyond that, on the other side, they ve been Spain right for not Spain, but you know I mean a spanish colony where it could have been a lot like. Africa in all ago, these former colonies that are dislike adjacent to one another. But this is a french colleagues is a belgian colonies of the colony and I think the Brits controlled Canada, unlike the Oregon territory at the time. Yes, here we were all sandwich, can enter together, so we buy from the French. We go fight the Spanish for the rest of it and in between all of this, we send Lewis and Clark to go check out what had just been bought and this expedition was gonna happen anyway, but we thought that we were going to have to ask for permission to go through this area right, but now, all of a sudden it was America in there added a facet to this expedition that had been there before, which was basically informing the Indians that they were now living in America
and they had a new great father for yeah, Merriweather Louis put it how he had described. Fiji yeah you new great Father who lives in a large in Washington DC, come visit him and see like how great it, albeit a live under his patronage, but not really had signed the treaty. So he named, he was his private secretary. Louis was his can a personal aid and he knew what kind of duty was maybe Dracula too much was prone to depression, but he he sort of gave him this job to help him out. He thought he'd be good, for it don't get me wrong, re, groomed and further, but yeah. He thought it would be key, had heated vested interests in the man
This is me really get for. Louis is what he needs you twenty nine years old, which is remarkable to me good sharpshooter. He said you pick your partner. He picked way and Clark who was his former captain, I believe in the army couple years older and he looked up the Clark quite a bit like. I need you brother, because you compliment you complete me, which, by the way, we should probably say, there's absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Lewis and Clark wherever Gay Clark, definitely weather is at a rumour gathers Lahti Conjecture Valley, Merriweather Louis, was he courted several women and was rejected by all of us. Here is a total eligible bachelor. Never
married, never was engaged her betrothed or anything so, of course, as time or on people like. While you must have been gay. I've never heard of the others, been alive, a lot of conjecture and they come up with the idea that he probably wasn't gay, but that he was by though Then he had something of an aversion to women that was not necessarily based on any kind of sexual orientation. Anti didn't know what he was doing. Any didn't feel comfortable around women where, it might be said he was by all accounts, manic depressive, so he is gonna. Mr guideline away, a little bit, semi tragic figures yeah and we'll get to that the main goal, whether a couple of angles, the mangled for Jefferson, was hey. I want to find this all water route to the sea
That's really important for trade, while also hey. Let's check out this thing, we just bought in go out record as much as you can. Animals plants, people what the heck is out there basically back and tell us rain? Louis wasn't exactly as slouch when it came to this kind of stuff. His mother was a celebrated herb doctor in Virginia. Yes, she's doing and arm she can arise, TIM in the woods. So he was, he was pretty good at botany fight, it kind of further education, and not just that, but also of other things that would come in handy, an expedition Jeff and sent him to the American Philosophical Association, which is the first learned society in North America and basically, he underwent dislike gruelling crash course of everything, from astronomy to cartographer, feed, geology, medical training, everything everything you could you would need they basically just filled Louis his head.
And he in turn filled clerk in a lot of it to. You are also a lot of what they might encounter in ways of column, Indians for the purposes of the show, because that's what they call them right in Jefferson's like into really coming great Father, it's so arm Louis's in Pittsburgh in Philadelphia. Getting this training he writes to Clark says: please join me on this and you were my captain. I'm a captain. Now we're gonna be Co. Captains on this year, just others not any kind of weirdness or anything like that. Like I'm, I was chosen to lead the expedition, but I'm Thank you for help, but let's do this evenly, which is unheard of yeah and it actually even more unheard of it worked out really well. Yeah did like there wasn't any kind like back biting or in what they actually ran it a bit like a demand,
yeah. In the end, the they were kind of described as a family like really really tight net. Waiting for the story to go off the rail right, but it didn't. They really together and stuck together after some initial discipline problems, once he gonna weeded out. I think from summer too far can a weeded out some of the the bad apples? Well, funny. One guy got discharge for mutinous acts, yet another guy got discharge for desertion, but they. This happened in the middle of the first leg of the trip, so they had to stay on in other words, to get him to a place where they could go back, so they just Heaven doing hard labor the whole. So they brought along a couple of people of note. One Clark took his slave York that he had had
he was a kid now. He was only only black guy and we only slave on the on the party right from the adventure Party will call it he was on. He was technically a man servant. I guess like a valet or something like that to Clark outside of the expedition, but on the expedition York was, Basically just a member of the party yeah, he was a member of the party he player great Roland diplomacy, because American Indian was had never seen a black people before and they didn't have hang ups, obviously like white people did Sir, like this disguise, awesome, he's huge any strong and look at that, like amazing black skin, that's even than ours like they really thought. He was great and I am sure, all the white people They might well yeah. Look at me. Look what about me. There might be a white skin and friends of the great father, but he played a great
diplomacy and, like you said, was generally treated, Well, although he did gets sort, a sort of some of the crap duties or policy also got royally screwed over at the end of the expedition failure. Get to that. Ok, and so we have York with Clark Louis purchased a dog for twenty dollars, name see man and they used to think you a scan and because they, these guys handwriting, was so bad that further really have beer basically century, like everybody thought it was, and in her it's his centuries, and then somebody figured out wait a minute wise one of these rivers called Siemens Creek right. Then they realized wait. That's the dog the dog everybody by the way had something named after them, and they had trouble coming up with names for everything like York, the York Islands of Montana, like everybody on the tour,
made after them would colony so he's a Newfoundland dog and he made it the whole way we're having a good spoil that one year, which is great cause they ate thugs. By the way when, on the strap, they'd allowed a horse heavy kid so, like you said they start in Pittsburgh, but the official site it was really in Saint Louis in December of eighteen o three and there like right. Let's hit the river, the Missouri River will that's where they symbol camp in wintered. Other writing loosen. I start allow their people and random through, like Army training a year took the best of the best. The officially started may the falling spring. Of course you and startling winter. So they had a big kill boat in a couple of smaller canoes said, let's hit the river and they did so that those two because again, ultimately Jefferson was looking for a northwest
Gee across the continent to the Pacific, and he wanted to see if you could basically right a river all the way across the country tat by the time I think you're about forty five people at first, but when they eventually whittled down the official cord discovery was thirty three people right, so they they had out and they start going upstream up the Missouri River and it was rough, go in a first year literally pulling their boat out from outside the water waist deep by tomorrow, against the current again yet they're, going upstream the whole way to the source of the Missouri River. Yet so the first Indians they encountered will not the first the first situation they encountered where the tea tansu, but the Lakota actually warned by previous American Indians like watch out for these guys, their basically the mafia of the Missouri River. Oh yeah, like they'll, demand payment, they won't
I'll? Take your goods they'll controlled the trade, yet they wanted them to trade exclusively with them yet, and they had done this to the french and spanish for years and may I think Louis call them the pirates of the Missouri, but when they did reach them They came to a stand off over a canoe that there they gave them their gifts. The first thing they would do whenever they encountered a new tribe was too like, given these trinkets tell him about the great Father, give them like handkerchiefs and things like we come in peace and dumb with with the tea. Pseudo. Those stand off over canoe that they wanted there like we're, not giving his canoe, and it literally came to wait, where guns were raised and like hundreds of Indians had their arrows pointed at them and it was about to go down and chief black Buffalo intervened, like you know it let our women and children to your really cool boat that we ve never seen and meet all you guys and then he often have say fast.
So they manage to get through their unscathed, but that was your first like runnin, where they're, like man could go down pretty badly yeah. Luckily that was one of just a few. I think. As far as cross country, unchartered expeditions yeah uncharted expeditions go. This went about as good as you could possibly hope for yeah meal super peaceful. There were the girl discoveries in the core bloodshed. Well, they only shot one bullet in anger. The entire trap is our eyes pretty remarkable. That is needed. The great plains, and that might as well have been Mars to them. If you think about it, if you'd never been west of, I think there is a saying that a squirrel can jump from tree to tree till it's the Mississippi, and so when they hit the great plains, they had never seen like it like there were no trees. This is plain I concede that it was just you know. There were absolutely blown away by this
and there they encountered the man, then in monetary or he Doktor, Indians right, and they decided this pretty good place to fill the camp here for a few months, they built Fort man in which they named after the local, allow local tribes Damn and everybody say it like living together in harmony right. They got the forged friendships. There are visited by locals, and some big happened here which will get into in a second. Firstly, to a massive hello step. You should know listeners. Do you want a new year's resolution? That's easy to keep yes resolve to help! protect your identity and personal info with lifelike identity theft, protection, lifelong alert, you to potential threats to your identity, and they see more, though, what you can see by just monitoring your own credit like your info on the dark web and that's a big deal
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ah, but with a veneer, you'll disease Expedition because, like they were having a lot of sex of Indians in her, they needs head syphilis, which is something that was unknown to european there and Europeans contracted it very easily. There was a big thing. While there was another thing about Louis two, apparently like everybody else in the expedition, I wish you had sex with indian women and he was like he. He stayed away from his journal entries about, like indian sexual practices were very like interests. Need, I think, is away. One person put it. There is just he's an adequate. I get what if he tried to put online that he was Justino in an up there like Louis it doesn't hurt when he peace like something's, going on right. It doesnt burn, I don't think he's having sex
He says he had sick with hours when the great yeah burns when IP is apparent. When you be then Burma, Louis peace without apparently burning when you pay, like was a big thing. I'm sure, on the core of discovery, discovered syphilis too, are hit. So the other important thing to happen here, which is, I think, what you were getting too, was they hired french, canadian trapper name too soft Charbonneau, but they really what they were doing was hiring his wife. Yes, I could go. We as our colleague away or the cargo we're I didn't. Mispronouncing eat him miss pronounce. It is a lot of renunciations yeah, but there's only one, that's right and then the right one is based on the Journal entries of Louis Clark. Everybody else an x
because this is an expedition. Everyone was expected to like make notes in, and yet they are all there downright here and psychic aware is mentioned dozens of times in these journals cause. She did this amount standing stuff area and she's mention fanatically, so it's Sarka go we're there. Also at some point. It's also mentioned there. Her name is shown for bird woman an inch Shoney's. Psychology is bird and we're is woman. So it's a cargo we're not second jellia the trick. Why minutes big point issue, although the convincingly sustains all pronounce it differently, which is what Frederick?
the other second coworker yeah, and then, secondly, where they are one of the ladys color straight up. Secondly, a straight up seconds: you re, so she was very important because a she was a translator, be she was essentially a whitewash. Everywhere they went- and I think we said this, but by the time they broke camp believe she had a baby. Yes, she actually gave birth to a first child in Fort Man and Jean Baptiste sharpen oh yeah, whose pretty cool grew up to be pretty cool Yasser by second go, we're if we say. Secondly, we are too, I think that's fair. She arm. She was sixteen at a time and she was married Charbonneau. Yet one of two of his wives
and I didn't hear anything about the other- had an illness has shown a woman. Did she not go along? I don't think so. Ok so arm she, John baptized and who saw were a family, even though secondly, we always to sign slave wife, but he purchased her but she was a shiny and the reason why she was so values, because the expedition leaders had found out there. This is shown they were known for their horsing abilities and The extradition head, two horses here that they set out with we're like we're going to need a lot more sure had so why we need to trade with the show me when we make it to the Rockies, and we will need this woman and she comes in handy to a spectacular degree in this sense. Yeah and not only wish you white flag. She was just great for the Spirit of the camp to have a woman there
Davy was a charmer too. Of course, you know you can't pull up with a woman in a baby in say, like we're warring people exactly apparently across all, try. Along the planes if you have a woman in a baby in your party, your automatically not a war party, and therefore you come in peace. And she was also pretty awesome Charbonneau himself was described as quite average, but Skagway was the real deal like one of the bravest members of the addition, and at one point one of the boats overturned in May we're losing a lot of their important records and things he was the main one that was like boom in the water retrieving the stuff. Yet, while Charbonneau is another one used and who knows what Charbonneau but psychic away, I was swimming retrieving the stuff. This is after she given birth. This was his breast feeding, walking scores of miles in any given weak she's pretty tough. Yet, and you know it will go and spoil this. That baby, like we said, lived it made.
All the way, their back. This brand new baby till the page of about, I guess two and a half, and he just stall William Clarks Hearty at eleven of adapting, and he did. He adopted, I'm an educated women Saint Louis Year after she died here. He doubted both her kids here much later so arm, but yeah. His name was Jean Baptiste the baby and he was nickname Pompey because of his pompous little dancing antics.
As a clerk found, it would be quite a little dancer, I'm so that the other way that psychic away I was on the helpful to this expedition was that she was a translator. She could speak shining, obviously here she could also speaker had author, and so her husband could speak her daughter. So if she was speaking no shown in was sitting Kurdish is shown in person, yet the shiny would speak to psychic away. She would say what they said in her daughter to her husband Her husband would say in French what has just been said in her daughter to another man who turn tell William and
Meriwether what had been said in English yeah. That was the translation line, the end psychic away. I was the pivotal point of this. As far as speaking to play, strides Y yeah and you think that setting it up to say and like big problems arose because of it, but it really worked. Pretty well now, because there also train and plain sign language to. Apparently there was a lot of thumb gesturing that was very Universal that a lot of people who are recruited in Saint Louis originally were familiar with two. Yet they gonna want pretty well good night. So after
and in villages they broke camp and went on to the confluence of the Yellowstone with the Missouri and entered a land where they started seeing like when they hit the planes assured seen he's crazy animals had never seen before it's important say they didn't discover anything guides very important, sir they're, just the first white guys to record it for science, yeah but prairie dogs and Elk and Buffalo by the tens of thousands Antelope Aachen. Things to them. There were just these weird animals, actually Sinhala Prairie Dog back to Jefferson for the internet Larry animated other way, Grizzly bears the encounter those for the first time expedition yeah. They were warned the grizzly by the Indians and they were like. We ve hunted brown bear like the right. We know help him out there, and then they were kind of like wholly crap. Their journals. There are like
receiving like this. It's a tin shots and we almost died and the Grizzly bears to be reckoned with. Louis said something like I'm I'd rather fight to Indians than one Grizzly Bear So here we are in early June. They reached the point where the Missouri divided, that they didn't. They weren't told about this fork so right. What should we do here away in equal parts, north and South YE? I mean it was like a hard core left and right There was basically everyone in the party agreed on one direction except Lewis and Clark very like we were old school. We like in think So they are, despite the fact, Everyone disagreed, they followed them, and that shows
how united they were, they were, like you know it. We don't think you guys are right, but we're going to follow you cause. You are captains, and we want to see your face- is when you realize you're wrong, which actually would happen, but it wouldn t do like eating each other, like the Donner Party, no ha so the composing along in their doom pretty well, they. Apparently they got to a point where Clark looked down one day. I think those clerk was possibly Louis too. It was Louis and he realized their little stream at his feet was running west any realised that they just crossed the continental device yeah. That was the mouth of the Missouri that there are literally straddling will defeat yeah
they are. That meant that now they had just left the Missouri and we're going to hook up, firstly went onto the snake river, but that would take them to the Columbia River which, by their reckoning, we take them to the Pacific Ocean. So they made it like a substantial amount of of distance yeah. That was a depressing moment over Louis because he he thought when he reached that ridge, the look and see just downhill to the ocean and what itself was rocky Mountains, Nevada, yeah and he was like a man. This is not going to be very easy. Now we did know about the rocky I don't even know even still when they finally do think that they see the ocean. They still were twenty five miles away from it when they finally get to that point yet, which will get you know, sir,
so what they ended up doing. They made a mistake because there was a short cut, they could have taken a really would have taken for days and instead they had to go work their way around the great falls of Montana, which took fifty three days of portage. Ah uneasy portage, yet because this portage was like carrying these boats year, but also these guys worrying, like moccasins stuff, and they had a huge problem with prickly pear here, which we just right through your moccasin is basically stepping on nails the whole time while you're carrying a very heavy boat. You and all your supplies, whiskey in food salt So it's like? Twenty fifth, they arrived at another fork: three forks, they name, then the Gallatin for the Secretary of Treasury, the medicine for the Secretary of State in the Jefferson and decided to follow the Jefferson, because there is more to it. I think yeah I think there are like this- is the one that is going to head west right, so they follow that.
I think, at this point either right before right after they they meet up with the Shawnee. Have they met decision? yeah. Well, at this point, Louis went off by himself in a couple of more people to find this Joanie, including psychic away. I know she wasn't area and I think she was very ok but He did find them and he basically said hey. We come in peace. We have a camp back here. Yet we want you to come, hang out a while. They were bad shape. Apparently the Shoshone. Where are they were year? They were pretty worse for the, where then very docile as a result,
So he met these women and children and told them all that stuff and they came back and hung out with them and at camp psychic aware he recognized one of the women. The clerk was a clerk Louis. I think this one. It was both who that who they came back with in said, hey we found some. She showed him, she said: hey, that's actually might be a fair from first grade cause. Rumour psychic away happy kidnapped and sold yeah, so there were still members of her tribe living around the Rockies and she actually met up with them and with her brother who was now chief, yes, she's, like your chief, you know it little sister anyway you're married to a french trapper she's back. I might really he bought me. It's not funny at all. You know! So then they proceeded across a continental divide to the main village with the Shoney's and hard on
to our guide old Toby, which is a great name here for Indians or guide and said Toby said you know a lead you through these mountains, but we're gonna need some horses to eat. Causes can be rough and to travel with right, but this is where they were really eating. A lotta horse me gather Bitterroot mountains. It was pretty rough through Montana in Idaho. And that was when you know their spirits were never broken, but that's when they were dampened for sure. So when they make it through the routes. I dont remember why they did her where, but there is a point where they said. We can't uses horses anymore. I guess it's when they got onto the Columbia, right. Well, maybe is this: where there are eating salmon in the salmon was making them sick. Yet
can do unless Pearson Village with old Toby. I believe it at the lead and on their celebrated, welcome. They throw a feast for him and it makes everybody violently ill in the expedition. Salmon is awful yeah, where these routes or whatever, but it was the routes that gun I think it was so I ever apparently everyone recovered, but they say: oh cable, here's, the Columbia River. We can really use his horses anymore. I think one of the things it's very much overlooked in the history of this expedition is just how much the cord discovery relied on friendly tribes so like when they, Columbia River. They said hey Shoshone or known as Pierce friends. Yet will you watch our horses for us and then, as peer said? Yes, you guys go to the Pacific Ocean when you come
we'll have your horses, Gordon Brown them. So you know which ones are yours and they did they left their horses within as pierce cameos. It was kind of the best case scenario story from most of the trip. Has pretty cool and that is actually to where they were the, where they traded for dog to eat, which was one of the only disappointing parts of historic. For me with that, and we have a New York I know this point its MID October. It floated down to the great falls at the Colombia, which is now the little falls and think about how much easier it was at this point, but they're not going upstream any longer. They give you with the current true, but it was the organ territory, so they were getting arraigned on constantly and it was pretty brutal conditions, but you're right. It wasn't like slogan through in the summer time
pulling that boat upstream stepping on prickly pear exactly so. This is where, on November, seventh, they thought that they saw the ocean actually a bay about twenty five miles inland and what I said ocean in view o c. I am, I love the ocean, in this the same paragraph they misspelled ocean, but with two different ways give him a break. Come on Finally, finally, finally, by MID November, they stood upon the sands of the Pacific, and this is the really sad part is that Meriwether called it capacity
and horrible like he wasn't like. Oh, we made it. He was used depressed and he was like this isn't like the Atlantic Ocean. This is rocky and beating us with waves, like the organ tells his rough any didn't cotton to it, but what he did. Cotonou is being an accurate dude by dead reckoning. Over the course of over forty one hundred miles, he was only off by forty miles while in charting this. This right, that is pretty amazing, pretty remarkable. So psychic aware one of the reasons she signed on aside from being a slave to her husband who signed her on the arm, was that she wanted to see the Pacific she heard of the great waters and yeah, and so when they were getting closer, she petition Lewis and Clark saying like there's no way you can. Let me not come with you to see the Pacific Ocean itself,
and they let her come along. Vague had word from some local tribe, I'm not sure which one it was that there was a monstrous fish on the beach and lucid clerk like a better tell them a whale we should go, get some blubber always like I'm there I'm coming with you, so they took her long and they all got to go, see the Pacific ocean. There was a personal it for some years ago two blubbering oil and stuff from it, and it died first. So you can keep liking, Lewis and Clark. So why are they can't there on the Pacific for a full four months yeah? Basically, they were trying to do things that are trying to decide what to do and they were technically. They were waiting for about two come by their letter. Credit from Jefferson said: hey. If your vote give these people around.
Back and will pay you like good money right you I read that they never seriously thought that they were going to take a boat back. Well, that was the deal is technically. They were supposed to be waiting for about what they were really doing was to sort of weighing their options as to how best to go back and win, and this is the really cool part they put it to. A vote. Evade did put it to a vote, and then it was a vote that included an african American and a woman, Ghana native American. Yet at the end it was a who psychic aware an york pathetic both their votes, given equal weight to everybody else's yeah his article, where to Camp set up camp for the winter yesterday, elected to cross the river to the south, They were informed that there was elk endear. You can hold up here, you can hunt all winter and they did and prepare yourself the return journey home which will
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next time do that today it get started its better with blood. All right. So here we are at Fort clots up the worrying organ you named after the class up tribe, their hunting. There are storing up, they were getting their provisions in order, get me to go back and they help, but on the way, back, though they did You notice should first, it doesn't take his own because now you know how long it's gonna take yeah and they weren't stopping to record everything they do actually. I would prefer to see that you have been there, but the group wasn't his happy. They were irritable, especially Louis. He can. I fell into a depression on the way home he didn't. Did he come out of it at all, while there at the pacific rigidity, stick the whole time
I mean, I think it was up and down. Basically, they believe when he was not recording and his journal. He was depressed, but he is remarkable in that he soldiers on like this, a manic depressive, who was still I getting up every day in doing this, and like the worst thing It was not journal. Actually, the worst thing he did was on the way back. He stole a canoe at one point, which is really out of character and he was described, is kind of like cracking at the seams at this point, which is really so March, twenty third eighteen o six. They started back up the Colombia with these new canoes bartered for some horses and camped within his peers for a month, and then they got their horses back from the nose
those horses that those were there's the ones they brain I decide before they got back there to the nest beers they bartered for some horses and then eventually look back with a net Pearson kept for a month and get their horses. Bang got their forces. Tech think that your favorite farthest thing: it's cool there. Let's you guys we hang on, and they also sent their canoes at a certain point. And then those neat went back and got those yet to keep keep the canoes from being sent down river. They just some come here and then they came back in Ghana this critical, so they basically retrace their trail through the bitter roots, only one retrograde march in the entire journey, which means yet the double back ethically, which is in itself pretty remarkable and then on July. Third, eighteen o six, they separated back where they read that original shortcut that they should have taken and said: hey. Let's and often different factions here and do a little bit more exploring and little bit more recording of things. It is agreed we slacked off well Yak as Erika on like this
your home, but on the way home. Yet this is where Louis, where they ran into their first kind of violent episode with Blackfeet Indians. And I M a dude shot at Louis. He shot back. He began the belly. Another guy stabbed the Blackfeet Indian, or is it a blackfoot indian I think, like foot and- they rode away like that, the black they did, but two of them died, and it was you know, sir. They got all that way without violence and they found the can ahead to their hand, was forced to centrally chuck also there's another shooting that took place during this period. But this one is accidental earlier Louis, was actually shot when using staking for and Elk. Yet while he was out hunting with a member of the expedition peer create and a crazy,
didn't face up to it immediately heat. He is like I guess what Madame femininity at the mercy of Ngos Blackfeet and finally, when they searched area found no sign of Black Sea Chris. I was like I'm sorry, I value out I'm blind in one. I don't forget yet, but I'm the fiddle player everybody loves me Louis, was like a bull just let it go and apparently was really in a lot of pain. It hit me in the dry and like he had a very long and difficult recovery for the rest of the time, but it was about this time. When everybody came back to me further year. In this you know what sort of simplifying as part of the story, but they eventually did all meet back up pretty remarkably, like I think the story is one amounted to ban and a right as they did that the others were rounding, the ban in there. I it's you, You are in the middle of nowhere. Eventually went back to demand in villages
is where the Charbonneau family left the expedition, and that is where That John Culture, who is one of the men, said you know at Saint Louis, like I don't like it there, I really like it out here. Can I can I go back now? Like German? Go go West young man exactly, and he did so. He did here. He was going to work with some french trappers and made a following up pretty quickly after and then this guy Coulter yeah. He went off on his own and they think he's the first white person to enter what's now Yellowstone Park and he was alive. He was the first to recount the geysers and even still with part of it called cultures, hell I'll call the guys are area Yellowstone miracle, so reportedly the only thing they did not run out of on the way home was powder led paper in ink while early sets. What kingbirds, as you know me, but a little cherry until the very end.
Finally, in September of eighteen o six on the twenty third, they arrived victorious in Saint Louis and the river was lined with people cheering for them, shooting their guns in the air and, like we should point out, everyone thought they were dead, Oh yeah yeah mean for a long time, like they're, sending messages back in prairie dogs, but then at a certain point that this was impossible, so even Jefferson, given up hope they ve been like giving on for two and a half years near, like we're, not gonna, hear from most uncorking in and then they did and then they did and covered about eight thousand miles over two years for months and nine days discovered, I'm sorry not discovered, saw recorded hundred twenty two animals that they had never seen hundreds of new plants tat, they had never seen and did a pretty darn good job of cartographer cartographic.
Nor do I think it is drawn maps those great describing the rocky mountains endeavours like rocky mountains. Now, what are those and there are like their snow capped even in the summer, and they were in other, never seen as your blown away so arm after this Clark sets up shop and Saint Louis, yet doubled everyone's pay, which was now and gave everyone a much land right either you got. I think three hundred and twenty acres doesn't largesse sixteen hundred each but right the rest of the guy's got like three twenty, almost the rest too We did not get any land or any money and that a second aware and your gear, which sucks he had apparently York, had a difficult reentry into slavery. I can imagine so
like yet living like that and then going back to being a slave. Yet so he asked Clark. First, freedom he's like an auto, get Lando separate about my freedom in cargo no, and not only that he wrote his brother a letter and said you know. York is being kind uppity, since he got back he's, not he's not being a good slave and is having trouble, and so I had to beat him now yet That was the one time as I army, and yet it's pretty awful, like really headed in the right direction in the other had to happen was he could have just said
I guess you are free and then it would have been the best or ever man. That's that's really awful. I had no idea about that here and then there were their various accounts that he might have been freed of years later, or perhaps escaped known as quite for sure, even though the notice Kin Burns does a lot of factual stating of things that are disputed here, like he D, said straight up that he was freed five years later, and I read up on it, and people like maybe not, convergence is does whatever his hair cut. Tells me I'm a sucker for those things, though I mean, I know a lot of documentary, film makers, gonna Poohpooh him.
Yeah. I mean how it takes a certain interpretation that that exactly he said, let us wait. I'm really disappointed in car either its thinks. What you want me to do. It is very easy to talk about. Louis here I mean clerk went on. We should say that have like a very successful rest of his career will hold on you. Wanna bright side. Bill Clinton in two thousand. One gave a posthumous rank, ass sergeant and the army to York. Oh great, so that's gonna nice and waited go Clinton. Today there are some statues. In writing York when in Louisville Kentucky think there's one. It Lewis and Clark College in Portland in Kansas City, there's one so his ease, definite been smiled upon historically, is like a great man, adventure by everyone, but William Clark and his family, who is like no so Louis, had some difficulties upon returning home he's made.
Governor appointed governor of the Upper Louisiana territory, thing started out well, but then he can. I got into financial trouble. I think his territory going too far. Actual travel right yeah. He was going to Washington. He was unable to complete. The big thing was that he was unable to complete what he was supposed to do, which is come back and write about the whole thing gathers weren't published until eighteen fourteen years, eight years after they returned and even then they were published after his death. Yeah souls is, by all accounts, pretty depressed. He was on his way to Washington supposedly to plead for more money for the territory. Yet a cunning he had been called out on some finances and who want to go clear that up into possibly he had some some of his journals that he wanted to turn in Gaza like here, have got this night, any thought a favor low. That would Jefferson, because of all that, which is constraints,
It is because it is groom by Jefferson as a family friend here like they were friends so arm Louis. I guess he's on his way to Washington is following the matches trail letters trace and he stops in Tennessee at a place called the grinders in Nashville and that's where he died. He was, he was found well, apparently crawling toward the innkeepers wife shot bleeding asking for water, and she's just like screamed and ran away yet, and this is another disputed thing, was he killed or did it commit suicide if you, Google, death of Merriweather Louis? That comes up suicide, but it is there
Lillian dispute yeah and can burn straight up said he killed himself, and it was very sad while the reason why it's in dispute, because he was shot in the adamant and in the head. Yes also an expert marksman, Yandah suicide people. I think reckon that back then, with guns like clearly want to do it, you would point when it your chest them on your head and squeeze at the same time. Our really yet I had but and I said he was murdered for money and worrying nothing. Sadly, even though this story had a happy ending, it was sort of the beginning of the end of the american Indian. That's a pretty big thing to point out where there was a great quote from one of the people in the documentary said they left his students came back teachers and sadly America fail to learn the lessons that they had brought back with them. Because of it, They had gone away, Lewis and Clark, it would win awesome. Were basically like hey. You got the great father, like you said,
live in harmony and they believed them and they believe themselves.
You know they weren't, like Poland, one over on him here and if you said that it went down a different way from that point, four, basically in arms, and there is one brief moment when it could have gone indifferent way, and that was it, but the clerk and Louis also, I guess, can have paved the way for the idea of Manifest destiny drew, although that was in coin, until about forty years after the expedition. They are always held out as this idea, and this is an idea that people subscribed you for a very long time here that America was destined to take up the area between the Pacific and the Atlantic. Is our destiny here and there for anything that stood. Norway should just fall before us, as we swept outward toward the Pacific Ocean, the interest of us. It means an Lewis and Clark was like look there. There, in example of that year, Clark eventually died of natural causes, and eighteen thirty eight.
To the rest of the party sorted just faded into history, Jean Baptiste, while yeah he didn't he became like the court? Is not a court is on a belated, a courtier right, one you're a two year away with Europe and he was in german prince our german Prince Prince Wilhelm, ok and I think the oldest survivor lived to be. Ninety nine live all the way to the civil war courier and at the age of ninety volunteered to fight for the union and even if they took him up on her dislike. We get at your legend but work. We got this second US, so the solution clerk Expedition,
core of discoveries. The dog lived, the baby lived near the dog man at all. Why they only lost one person on the entire draft Charles Void, and he died early on of what they believe was probably appendicitis, burst appendix and pretty amazing near they didn't each other. No, they didn't even eat the guy who die of the first appendix organ horse. If you gonna, be us now view want to learn more about chucks favorite story from american history. You can type in the Lewis and Clark in the search bar has the works and since they said, search bar, it mean to Cyprus. I'm gonna call this a diplomatic immunity, hey guys. Last week the dutch police arrested the russian diplomat, Dimitri bore them in his home. They called him by concern neighbours because that was drunk hitting his kids, dragging them by their hair through the house, the police arrived as air and was witness to the brutality against children and all
establish that Mr Gordon was extremely drunk there, no choice but to arrest him to protect children from further abuse. Immediately. The russian government came into action and Putin, the devil incarnate. If you ask me for jasper, demanded. His release and apologies from the Netherlands same afternoon, I started listening to the ways that we should now behold is about Not a community is apart yesterday close our seat use update on my phone that the dutch government and apologize to the Russians for the arrest, because it violated treaty of Vienna Immunity One out again since then, UNICEF has issued a statement that the well being of the children should be more important than diplomatic immunity. Maybe something will finally change. Are we not? Personally? I hope we declare burden persona non grata, but that seems unlikely anyway. One share this actuality of your podcast with you, it's pretty we.
That I haven't when it did, and luckily it wasn't about floods, earthquakes and that is from Jasper in Amsterdam. One of my favorite city. I thanks a lot just brute pretty interesting. I wonder when things happened, like some petticoat like that year, conflict yeah. Well, if you have the confluence email, you want to send us, you can send an email stuff pike has the discovery that com you can also hit us up on Facebook. We have a page at Facebook that calm such that we should now we have a twitter handle were verified. Now it's pretty awesome, that's ass white ass, capable and you can join us at our good all home on the web called stop. You should know doc for more on this and thousands of other topics for the House of works. That com, brought to you by the all knew too fourteen Toyota Corolla.
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