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How Manufacturing Water Works

2008-06-18 | 🔗

The United Nations has found that 22% of the world's population does not have access to clean drinking water. Could we fix the water shortage by manufacturing water? Check out this HowStuffWorks podcast to learn more about manufacturing water.

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Are you welcome to stop? You should know from Howstuffworks stuff works. Tat brought you by consumer guide, automotive. We make car by easier The Pakistan Josh Clark Stamp writer here and has therefore that come with me, is arguably the greatest writers entire site. Mr Charles bright red, green writer, gas has sought to yourself so check. We have a huge problem by we. I mean you and I and the rest of the human population on the planet right now we do. We are having trouble with border with safe, clean drinking water nations published a report each year to back and found that twenty percent of the global population doesn't have access to safe drinking water and they may have like a river nearby but to be polluted China. China got a big problem with e waste right now in high levels of lead. Mercury. Chad in Africa has shown
you're, a tenth of its size and the last like forty years of water, is running out and has actually become problem in the developed nations as well. Why, with with this problem of of water and water being such a simple compound of just oxygen and urgent. Why don't we just make it right, the great idea, and you think that you know with all the technology we have today we get is gonna, throw in a big kitchen. Aid makes it up in a house at the other end, but it really is. Not as easy as that. You can't just mix them up in order by these took compounds, compounds molecule molecules, cod. Yeah you yet ever big bursts of energy and let me potentially could be really dangerous, well yeah causes an explosion in tangle there, the orbit of their electrons and yeah a can be like you, so very dangerous. Some I don't think it's so dangerous. I could never happen. I mean we. Humans are pretty ingenious, but I
can't do it right now now, but you know that their solutions there. There are no one, your research any found these other inventions that people have been able to pull. Water from the atmosphere. You have pretty much water right out of thin air right can like a big dehumidified, yet which you that you do you use a dehumidified, your basement? What are your plans? I do. I have looked at your house, and you know here and in Atlanta we're under a drought, so we we use our water to what our house plants and we need to get you some broken stocks. Scrutiny You wanna talk about equal magic, their chuck, which I gotta say I can't tell which one of these two inventions I like more here. You know I, like the other one better, but I'll tell you about awkward magic acclamation. Is these two guys invented this? It's it's. You tell it behind her. Or like a trailer, and it basically Poles are the water from the atmosphere an ambitious and make per hour, it makes a hundred many gallons of purified drinking water in twenty four hours. Twenty four hours edges,
goodbye significant here. The problem is, it runs on fuel and Togo, the diesel fuel for at an emissions, and so it's not exactly the resolution by the thing is its portable. They d be this thing at that: a relief sight after Hurricane Katrina. Right, you know, really wants your house's under ten twelve feet of water. You really don't care about the co2 emissions, exactly you! You just wanted drinking water, so definitely has its benefits. The other invention that I came up with when I was researching. This is the whistle windmill year. This was really cool. Yeah, it's named one is it He named MAX water which in all inventors hitherto over names, and that is a cue until it is so. This thing is kind of similar, except it has the advantage of being totally green. It doesn't use any fossil fuels painted a green. No, no, it's like the real thing your kind of the new hip green. Now, oh yeah yeah, the Eco Friendly Macy's one day sale get a free, topaz, green, green, so the whole.
Runs it exclusively on wind power, Basically, it uses a refrigerated cool, the blades of the windmill, which causes the water in the air to condense it collects in there. You have it and it actually produces a lot more. I think something like twenty six hundred gallons per day per day. The problem We have no idea what the impact of the and the water cycle. You know the rain cycle rom if we start using. These are widespread across the globe to address dream. Modern write another how they could really projector what could happen? either, you know now, are we can't we can't, which is kind of scene in there, that british project from nineteen fifty two that you know about that the air cloud seeding, yeah, operation, Cumuli here, that's crazy and is putting postwar were too they are found out if they flew above the clouds and through a bunch-
silver. I died and dry and thought they would actually make make it rain They were trying to re now enemy front right and it worked really really where it worked a little too well, then yeah. So basically, this poor place called North Devon, which was near the site of the clouds eating expire two hundred and fifty times the normal amount of rain. That's not in two weeks. Thirty five people died, dams pro bowlers rife, and that was the end of the experiment that sadly Yes, it's a testimony to how she was really shouldn't tamper with nature. Exactly you want to find out more about nature and manufacturing water and the like red. Why can't we manufacture order on how stuff works, the more on this and thousands of other topics for the House of works are com. What is now at an email to podcast House therefore start. Brought you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready
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