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How Military Snipers Work

2011-06-14 | 🔗

Military snipers always work in pairs, and they're called force multipliers because of the profound effect a two-man team can have on a rival military. But how do they work? Join Josh and Chuck to learn more about snipers.

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hey look into the Pakistan Josh Clark with me, is charged of each right call as something of a pike, s, knifing, FEMA, taken out all and pr suckers ahead of us, though it may be. The slaughter which I like. Do you think? So you hear this body, I think It's never. Actually, I think, would give reasonably trade off with that. You now mean. Wouldn't you eventually become envious, like you know, I'm tired spotting. I want to pull the trigger when I like, like gum, Michael Douglas teenage daughter and traffic thinking about feuding. Harrowing, you know, starts out snorting. It ends up, shooting it just because she's around so much, I imagine the same thing happens, despotic eventually, wanna kill at Edward to speak on the team. You know I can. I could lay somewhere for hours at a time without moving
sneaking quieter and not allowed to be asleep, then looking up, and then there would be found so check. We're talking about military snipers, I have a slight intro for this one this year, its everything info. Is this an interesting fact- and I don't even know if it's true so facts, probably the wrong word, but have you ever heard the young, the older old adage, the old superstition that you're not supposed to light three cigarettes? Often one match. I've never heard that actually! Well, it's you.
Fishing and it is. There was the real thing, and apparently it has a fairly recent origins, war, one actually that recent twentieth century- and it was based on the idea that, if you're in a trench- and you lit a match, you caught the attention of a sniper- you let your first cigarette the sniper takes aim with the second cigarette anywhere near lighting, a third cigarette sniper fires and that guy's dead. That's like that. I'd buy that until it's bad luck to light three smokes off Windsor one match. You know a lot of those phrase, origins or military nature, winning when you go back and look at it and about a hundred per cent like a wall here as military nature of its army.
Silent scope, even play the game knows that a sniper get as a good great. I waited in vain if archaic game. I preferred these sniper rifle and golden. I yeah and I play the collar dude again and its. They have a sniper level where you have to take out this one guy and account for the wind and all that is thrilling to me. Gun, hating peace, loving, liberal, hippy, aging hippy. I still haven't man there's something about it. That's why little boys like playing with guns? Well, that's why you pick this article, ah, how military Cyprus work this week. That's interesting is the czech brain special meaning that you picked it not that you wrote it right, and this was a robber about these special her.
This can get to the bottom of a interviewed in actual former army ranger sniper. Yet I really article that enhanced at a lot. I think definitely the guy was anonymous and everything which has for years. Yes, so let's talk about snipers, checkers, eight others a I guess we can. We can reveal the end the button of the article right that, where the sniper wanter, when you know, or not, to sleep, these assassins that happens while right, but very rarely- and we have many many other jobs and probably the biggest job there sniper has- is just reckoning. Yeah, but going and gathering information by being behind enemy lines and spying on the enemy for days on end and then reporting back what they see, that their highly highly trained for that they're, not just highly trained for shooting the highly trained observers to yet take time But if duty calls they can, if they dont, have a space
pick assignment like to take out whatever this general. As they can have what they call targets of opportunity and that's when They can really take the wind out of the sails of a battalion if all the sudden, the officer standing there than he's not standing there or like the communications, it goes down or later on. Even some do doing yet you know guard duty or equipment we found out later in this article. Actually, we myself oh- that either guidelines, not even human, that's material target up there generator or their ammunition bay or just anything that would require back the great and make their job harder. And then I guess also because of this effect, that the fact that a sniper has is it not just physical, Egypt, blowing someone away
but it's also mental aid, and it has a real dampening affect our morale and inside the psychological effect is probably pretty huge yeah, because you know one of the things about snipers is that you dont know they're coming and you don't see, dissolve suddenly gonna see, is dead and that's going to shake you especially like you said when there's a target of opportunity. It happens, or when they go very well chosen. Person, like you, said, like an officer right somebody, who's liking or Canada. Moral spiritual leader of the team is suddenly dead. Yeah. That has a big effect, which makes snipers what are called force, multiply, airs, meaning just stay one or two people can have the effect of a big platoon yeah. You know cha in in shooting people yeah, and I've done, I said, Van a lot, but if you're in a heavy, banning your name. Is it force multiplier? You might want to think about changing the unless its master, that they have a good name
so, yes, they are there. Actually train to to spy on the enemy in and learn who the officers are, which, as you know, you ve always heard you nuts was the salute in the field of battle, is premature to give away These guys are trained to look and stare, and just you can tell they can tell at least the higher ranks are by the way Harry themselves, by what they're doing by the weather acting and their train, depict these people out and then pick these people half Chuck, there's a couple of other assignment. I guess a sniper can lander positions that they play roles. That's what I'm looking for, there's the famous over watch position where there are like up in a bell tower Clotho or something like that with its three hundred sixty degree view of the battlefield. That's taken people off like gum pride of the nation.
In English is bad, are saving private Ryan, yeah member. He took him out through the scope yeah, I remember only in the movies, but that was pretty good Only the movies or war to gag and then that that's called the overall position outlined professor they're, not then is a blocking. Action which is the key. You are again upon a roof, but instead you're helping to defend the position rather than maybe take it right right, yeah. You happen at your bodies that are in the pipeline in the Farmhouse Buller right, because this is what were to write. That's exactly. What do you want to go ahead and reveal the big secret about snipers t? Suppose it long gunman snatcher it isn't you
You may be sure, did you see that was Marcie Mark now I I hate him, hey Norman, I don't I don't. I liked your men, three kings area, I haven't seen the box or yet, but I'm sure, like the fighter here, same thing, and I have well Well, shooter is actually I had very low, expect genes and ended up being a pretty decent movie, and it is it by the great leave on home of the band. My favorite group ever less he's an actor in that I felt some berringer with it, then, in a different movie, think that my wrinkled sniper timber wasn't in them over now
so. Leave leave on home was the he's old timer who are who apparently had something to do the Kennedy assassination to her ass, his Niger death. I am and he's been watching. Movies book unites, loved him in vogue, unites whose awesome in that movie leave him now, and I were yes, snipers in teams always yet he never ever ever. Go alone is not the way that military sniper units act They are so much so sniper rifles are considered. Crew served weapons, yeah. You know one of those heavy machine guns. It's like belt, FED bullets, yet take our diet of elite of bullets and one guy to shoot it. That's a crew served a weapon here. Obviously so as a sniper rifle not because it takes two people shoot it, but because it takes two people to shoot it accurately. Here, which is the whole point
it is an spotter is from what we gather sort of a sniper in training. You will act as a spotter in the hopes that one day you act the sniper and led her own team in the snow. Anymore: clarity as to deeds. The cyber team, so the sniper on the team is is really the one in charge, the one that is the live on helms of the ban helm They get the orders from from the higher stay on, determine like the best route to get there. The drop off points all that stuff, but- and I guess we should go in- walked through the process is, as does the first two steps was to determine your drop off point three objective, it isn't gonna be here, fifty yards away from her objective can be miles and miles away. Probably like a day's work is a good one, you're gonna spend a day walk in there. You wanna get the good set a position and verify that you can camouflage that spot like yet you're, always go ahead when you
your belly and you you want to move to your second position. You don't say There were two decent over there you gotta look at thing around it. What's in your way, to get their physical, be belly growling and then, when you get there But you can use to camouflage yourself, The guy establish an escape route, very important yeah and a fallback position in case you get separated from your body and then you get a look at your target, grabbed the gun and getting position right and I'm getting imposition after you locate. The target is probably not what snipers do they probably get imposition and then locate the target year which, as you know, if their shooting somebody specific like? Maybe they they arrive at the location of weather. Yeah I'd, be shooting the person or whatever but you're going to sit there possibly for days on end and by Sid I mean lay flat on your stomach or does it prone or supine think prom problem? I think curses
So I've spotters going to be on the ground right next to it, behind you basically trying to line up their spotter scope is way more powerful. Even then does the rifle scope as close to the barrel of a gun is possible. In the same line as it yeah and basically say. Ok, I've got this guy and he is a thousand meters away. Lakes, yeah. The wind is blowing it like six knots from the northeast. Sixty five degrees is gotta barometric pressure and a temperature of this humidity level, as this will you'd make a good
Father Seal Zile that it comes into consideration when you're trying to mean you're shooting oftentimes from a thousand yards away. Yeah a thousand yards will remember the thick to become a sniper for delta force. Remember like it was fifteen hundred yards minimum. You did you had to have like either now or ninety percent accuracy. Billy from fifteen years, we talked about as while ago, the new year. As a loosening, are very, very difficult to keep get more exercise save more money. What about this? We have a resolution that you can really work with stop wasting time going to the post office that right you standstill. I'm instead because they bring all the services of the Eu S postal service right to your computer with your small business. Pending invoices or packages,
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we'll go to the post office again, so the cyber. How, today that this is a cool things, assault on Youtube? The sting creates a vapor trail, the bullet that yet spotters, not just you know, watching and also we should. We should say that if you there for days on end, the spotter and sniper will probably tradeoff spotter duty, the so one can get rest there. Something like that. Yet again, I did he give actually. But yes, when the time finally comes in the shot is to be taken in these spotter watches, to make sure that the sniper hit the target and, like you're, saying a bullet the bullets at their firing alleys. Fifty caliber guns are seven point six too
yeah. That's a big bullet, as are the ones that look like missiles here. They move through the air in such a way that they create a vapor trail and the army ranger. Who is interviewed for this article says like ill it it look, you can see through it, but it's distorted air, which I take them like the matrix. That's exactly relics! I owe you. What it's on Youtube you sweetie, you can see. I mean you gotta look, but you can see it and it looks like the matrix thing and all the other movies at copied. It is like a hugely exaggerated right, obviously, but it sort of looks like that. It looks like the abyss, the little blood from the desk travelling through the air coveting the year that the word visa- I'm so you haven't spotter, says you missed. That does not happen. Very often noticed it, but if it does happen these spotters, it's ok. We need.
Move it this way a little bed, yet it be down a little John Paul II's is more specific jargon and maybe down, and then another shouts taken and then another shot, an spotters also going to be the one who's carrying like something like an m16, an M for some other assault, rifle Ter, because if somebody comes up on you as anyone who has ever played any video game when you're in hand to hand combat, are close, combat the sniper rifles, the worst weapon to have a wall, yeah You want the automatic assault rifle. That's what you want and that's me in those games, I'm the one turning round fumbling trying to reload while forgot his dispatching Yea centre me exactly Now the relationship between these two guys is obviously very key. Cause are spending hours and days and days at a time with each other in very close quiet quarters. Trust is huge, obviously, because,
depend on each other, and they usually, you dont, have a lot of support from their unit they're out there alone protecting their unit and their unit platoon depending on it, If you screw up a lot of times, your platoon is, is not in good shape. Afterwards, a battery high pressure job they're doing recurrent or they're doing, am spearhead demoralization through selective assassinations. Something like that right. So yeah there there like a sniper, is out there, probably shortly after platoon gonna, be on their heels in Cyprus relay whatever information is taking in so yeah he's screws up, it can be problematic sure you wanna talk about the rifles, yeah. They just pull a rifle off the shelf at Walmart in and go hide in the woods, although some guys have mercy more higher seamen The white death. Oh yeah, yeah. Well sure he had his plain old bolt action
hunting rifle any from all hundred and provide people with it. These days, Josh's a little more specialised than that there. That a lot of time discovered in fourteen with match great upgrades and match great means that some professional gunsmith is how this thing to within it gives centimeter you like that of accuracy. You were waiting for a better word, you didn't have you thought you were so I think match gave me they can. I go. Shooting match competition great yeah, probably because they they use very similar rifles. Competition shooting were their hollowed out. Yet that's one thing: I never understood that a love it though the guy's risky and shoot yeah. What's the point that I like it, they should add like they should snowboarding shoot industry. Also,
they ought to have any stuffy. Take a couple of Kate sailing in shooting there and I'm sure, there's some great history to that he's a liar. Match great guns and also match grade. And made ammunition, so I mean it's all dislike very detailed, like that's how it out its light. It's usually fiberglass cause you don't want to the work and ends up being extremely accurate. The barrel does it touched the doubt, the rest of the gun it. This is cool, the free floating bear it touches as little as possible so that the initial explosion from the bullet being fired, causing the recoil in the barrel that it doesn't take as much and adjust the rifles accuracy the suggested plasma maladjusted any kind of movements ban, which is why they use more often than not bolt action rifles which had this images in it you
the load, a single round, shoot it and then that shell reload another round but on their mother was one shot, one kill so one shot is usually I need, but as that, I do sometimes use the semi automatic rifles, but which have theirs is flying out of the gun, which is not very smart either way you can. It be detected with movement, possibly like we do the bolt action right. Moving the flying shell, that moving, but the automatic or semi automatic rifles have more moving parts than a bolt. Action between the strikers tended prefer bolt action yeah, although they so they can do to its choice. Shooters preference, yeah, snipers Cyprus, choice between fifteen and these things gas yeah it's gonna pricing, but they look really cool headed here that we talk about the scope.
No we having enemy. We talked about how the young, the spotter has a superior scope right, but yes, scope on a sniper. Rifle usually has about a ten time. Magnification powered just you know a telescope ipod telescope, many telescopes I with crosshairs on call the reticules right. Somebody has pronounced a targeting ridicule, reticulations ridicule I didn't house pronounce, I command you ridiculous, and then I thought it was Brenner running you what looking out when you are aiming, though likely said, there's all sorts of variances in the wind and everything that will change the path. Your bullet but you're. Looking at the point of aim and the point of impact, and if you hearing from six hundred yards away. It's not gonna be which are aiming at, and this is accurate even in their call of duty game. Like you
the Dew TED, and then you end up shooting like three feet to the right of I'm, never going wonders. What was that and then it's over with over that will round is over. If you don't get the guy, you dont, you can't get off his second shot. What happens? I think you're gonna start over sadly no come at you and now they come at. You start over eventually, but so you have aim over a lot of times because of things like gravity, and that was the fact that this showed me the gravity one. If you drop a bullet If you aim again a sniper rifle and then shoot it
to the ground and you drop a boy did the same height is the barrel. They're both can hit the ground at the same time, because a gravity, that's crazy. That's a fact that the shellfish check what you're talking about can be adjusted for in the scope through the ballistic drop commentator, which is a little dial. They don't have to go redo your whole scope, settings and all that you can just adjusted up or down or left or right is a little bit right to compensate for gravity in the other like wind, unless we seemed even yet there like the wind to night, he said Marcie market click mainly to do with it when little click, then sheets itself, Andrew, and then there's also. These things
guilty suits, which any time you see a sniper or you don't see sniper than also stands up yet from the leaves and brush and all their right in front of you any swearing. What looks like leaves and brush that's called a guilty suit, which had a pretty cool history too. I, like it go so Gillies were the irish game, Warden scottish game wardens from days of your and basically their job. Keep an eye on the landowners game right while game that he liked to hunt- and
the guilty once in awhile, we'd have to basically catch a deer, something like that they bring it back to the castle for the land owner to hunt in a market and kill the dear, but he couldn't just kill the deer and bring it here to bring in alive to this meant days of stocking endear, sting completely silent, camouflaging himself with stuff found in the in the local environment and waiting for you to act by jumping, I grabbing at agencies, do anything dragging it back to the council for this market yeah. To think about how despised the nobleman must have been for his little mark, in between glasses of sherry, at the weight of a deer that the guilty caught with his bare hands weightings him David, don't walk past him, you know, and then it is the dear like when they bring it in cases like his gout and is flaring.
Yeah and get out of his chair, so early internet honey, I'll yak. They allow that pretty quickly. Thank goodness because it was awful. I once had run an article on that. Did you get out of it care? How refused really? I said you know I am I'm gonna put this out. There is something that exists, and they let you know it You may be right on this one and then, like two weeks later, they outlawed in controlling the flow of information, her Melina nice. I don't want my having yes, internet honey. I think so the guilty suit is what they call with cyber. Whereas now because of that call history, so you really like really reinforced on your torso, because you're gonna be crawling alot, probably padded to help you out with comfort and if that's not like you really comfortable patent for comfort added for comfort, any gotta netting all over you see, can work in twigs like what you dont want are so lines like the
from your radio or the muzzle of your guy, whose nature didn't have straight lines like that, so they may gillis it further guns here I can't you see them having like its special Lops Barracks, legally suit contest is getting the one who that's elaborate in Algeria. I can't believe you work that rock and why? When ice invasion that states that scared they like putting the metal around the winner and then a guy just rises up behind him. Every becomes off the back of his daily steals metal here, Here's the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball is always that guy who joined your game. He never passes the rock he instantly bricks theories and who can We have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico its ease the switch and save on car insurance known
the vacant fake, an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted, so which in save with Geiger it's almost better than sports was. A special ops. These are special apps teams, and cyber teams are not all for special operations. Sure and they train all the time. If they're, not training, specifically for emission their studying the mission- and there goes the know every single thing about everybody on that mission, but an memorize, because if you're caught you dont have paper saying these are signals, ease or call signs or whatever, but could I just think you know like being caught with a paper like this? Is corporal Todd Thompsons? call sign, gayer ace, you no enemies like this who's. This tide Thomson. Why do get aid that the coolest wind right cause is the best one?
the. U S. Embassy is now, even though all military branches have cyber teams in schools. The Marines are obviously is there, the Marines they have what's known as the best school, the? U S, embassy, sniper school in the Marines actually may have been the origin of the snipers in the: U S: military higher, yet the leather. Next, the original guys who used to ride around in the eighteenth century on ships were are often tasked with basically sniping from crows nests, other people and other ships during battles out any what the letter network the Marines. While I knew that, but I didn't know that went back that far yet night. Eighty century, seventeen hundreds or back then actually had mixed made of weather critical human, whether it is the best
like I said, and if you get in even fewer graduate because is not just about being a good shooter, you have that right. Temperament after the com, and I like some hot head. The other have confidence in you, decisions, confidence in you and your spotter here, as is as the sum sniper whose interview for the article thirty basically like you can just become back like. Can I shoot this guy are yet to make their decision and make the right decision their confidence in it. And so that you can say, I'm gonna shoot this guy. Their works well alone. In their little report card growing up was probably a key year for a future sniper. So it's a two month course Josh here at the Marine corps, they train in three main disciplines, marksmanship, obviously observation and stocking yeah. I must talk about going over the games. I think we should
the Kim's game go out and see what that stood for. I dont know why they made it all caps cause it's it's named after a registered Kipling book Kim So not a voice name and he's in irish orphan group in India was trained in intelligence reading the book. They would give him trays of like stones and gems and give him a man, look at it and then take it away and say what did you just see? So that's what the kids game is very similar to that is based on that we'll go unexplained, will teach us up surveys or skills right and basically armed with this game. The guys in sniper school are presented. A train. Has you know fifteen twenty things on it here and there told the look at it for you, no thirty seconds or managers in the trees removed. I say what did you see an see? There is a paper clip right, you can't say,
Well, there's a paperclip because they want to leave it to the guys who were analyzing the intelligence you're, sending back right to determine what it was you saw see say. I saw a piece of wire bent around into an oval three times or something like that. You think Everson back and say that paperclip man, you can just sit over there and then is as school goes along. The training with observational training through the Kim's game, apparently gets more more difficult where they show you something in the morning, then you go out in practice. All day and then at night they say right down what you saw this morning. Yeah now add more things and give you less time to look at it to begin with it, because when I first met her nose like us, not too hard is like a wine cork in a paper clip enough and C B radio done, but then, as it gets harder out like there's a myth.
Right and not being able to call something what you know it is yet her like. How would you describe area of wine cork? I would say have thousands of these around my home coated with the dust of them. I could say it's a cork in Asia, spherical cork, with a red stain on one end. It would be tubular wooden, tubular, yeah miracle mechanical, then there right now, there's someone stating behind its effect will be the worse libertine ever actually and then another another good game. I guess you could call is how they train to stock right yeah that is really go. So stocking is moving from, say, you're jobs Zone or wherever to the the place where you going to set up without being identified without being seen
but yet them make your way there and there may or may not be people watching. You are able to see you right, but you need to get to the point you need to get to. So you have to practice that that's called stocking and they practice it by basically saying ok, here's a nice grassy field in UK stay here and we're gonna put two people a thousand meters away and we're going to look for you and you need to make it within a hundred and fifty meters, Thus without a senior and they're looking for you, my only then they have to people out there in the field. Look, for you walking around here. So apparently that's like real life on hyperdrive that never ever what happened right, but I guess the idea is. If you can pass that, then you'll be fine on the field, yes acquiring ankles, which makes sense, and then they have to take a shower. From the hundred fifty meters with blanks, obviously, and then they have to move from that position that take the shot without being detected and then move.
That position to another position and take another shot without being detected, yeah, which apparently you very rarely if ever move to another position, take a second shot. Any definitely are never within a hundred fifty meters of your target, they over train with good thing, another little game. They players is strictly observational from a distance. They will hide things. Feel very small things like a ball point, then hanging from a little shrubbery brush and you get out there with your spotter with your scoping binoculars and you get a pick the stuff out yet and basically just canvas dino. He said that,
and here said he just block off one on small tiny block at a time stare at it through your binoculars for five minutes, then move on to the next block. Until you find something in check. Your talking about when they were with gravity, is one of the biggest problems for accuracy. Wright brothers, there's a young amid a unit of measurement that snipers use to adjust for these variables is an old minute of angle, em away and am apparently one point: zero for seven inches for every hundred yards
is the the inaccuracy that's going to develop as the bullet travels right. Yes, if your thousand yards away like they say you can be or more, you could potentially be off by ten inches, which means he could potentially miss your target altogether, unless you account for wind and humidity and bear much pressure in temperature. They temperatures that I thought this is very interesting. Coal there's denser, which means it creates more drag right. Yeah, which is pretty cool, yet they account for that area and in the other one, depending on your distance, someone may or may not hear you better. There are six hundred yards away or more potentially, you were not even here that little sonic boom crack, because the bulletin leaves the muzzle at the speed of sound. You won't even hear that You could be eight hundred meters away and it could be standing
and that's when you see in the movie that they see the law of dirt behind them, they decide that the six hundred metres is where the seven point six to millimeter round is dragged into sub sonic speed, meaning it travels less than the speed of sound right, meaning it makes a sound where anything over that right, like you said suddenly, yours is bullets period and the guy who is interviewed from his head. A great well, he said you can now basically just take shots at somebody and the guy who's interviewed for this. Article has great coy said if you shooting, at a target, eight hundred thousand meters out you'll be shooting at a person all day long, and they don't even know it. In short it. Why are these oil Keynes exploding hate these days them yet recall and that's a very good place the end, because the goal of the sniper did not get caught
So they went to get as far away as they can from the target, while still being within an accurate range than anything else. I got nothing else, military snipers. If you were expecting like BBC Sniper or Charles both women- yes they're, not military, Cyprus. Charles women was in the military he's in the night and reforming jacket. I would not want to hear his marine too. I think they were both sharpshooters too. Ok, that's ok! Well, they made an appearance than I If you want to know more about snipers, you should taping snipers in the heavy search bar has, therefore, that com has some cool flash games inside of it very cool links in poor pictures and if you're into that kind of thing, you're gonna love this article, snipers in the search bar how stuff works, dot com-
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Likely as marksman fired six times in the course of sixteen our words police over have never had a crime. Quite like this. It is quite a mystery and then, as the DC sniper case, unfolded, terror boldly grew. This was the most intense man Hunt in american law enforcement. History, listen to monster DC, sniper on the eye hard radioactive apple podcast. Or wherever you get your podcast.
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