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How Mummies Work

2011-03-15 | 🔗

A mummy is a human being whose soft tissue has been preserved after death, and there are mummies around the world -- including natural mummies, as well as corpses that have been intentionally embalmed. Join Chuck and Josh to learn more..

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now, let us switched out my foul smelling microphone cover. This is actually take two hissing. He might get near it, but I can view dreamy mansion shut, yeah, something's peach affected on the MIKE covered. The peak lip recover near weird, you know and real studios changes that every now and then the things of the running for at least two years by fifty cents. A right. What's your shocked at your sterling intro speaking of fifty cents steamer, when we were talking about fossils- and we said that every once in a while something happens so that a fossil naturally occurs.
And that its desiccated skin his dried out here, that's a mummy. You knew I knew amateur. Actually, when we talk about those like we have to do how Mommy's work- and here we are I'm kind of surprise this when he slipped into the rate oversaw the river yes MA am I went and looked on with. Surely we do have an being better? It was gruesome, yeah, it's it's like stuff. You should know dyed in the wool and you're, about to hear why theory listeners, because we're about to talk about all the things that happen, the corpse after death, which we ve done before, but we need to go over again. Mummies recall them. They are vehicle, so check. Let's say that you were stand in the stomach enough times so that you could not move.
Any longer check. You can walk back home. It was on the woods and the one person you're with the very person he stabbed. You left you there to die. You bleed out you dead things. Tat are happening in your body right yeah, pretty quickly. Up first is auto ISIS. Yes, that that's gonna, gruesome! That's when your organs that have digestive enzymes actually say this is what we do see. We're gonna start digesting the organs right and not like my stomach is eating itself cause. I'm hungry, like my stomach, is actually eating itself its rupturing and losing in its it's, it's being reduced to nothing while that's going on and then actually I think if I,
Regrettably, that kind of helps kick start. The process of Peter faction right, yeah idolizes, starts within a few hours right, you're dead, the body the body knows, and if you want like a really big overview of this very in depth, look at what happens to the body immediately after death. You should listen to everyone, Mortis podcast. If you have no idea
Party farms. I heard about it ass. He asked Peter faction. Your right is followed by follows: auto ISIS, and that is when back Terrier, does its little job and reduces everything to a skeleton in need of any way. I can happen in few months right depending on where you are now. We, as human beings are subtropical species right jack. You know that you're, so we are designed if you believe, in that kind of thing to decomposed decompose most readily in a warm human climate. That's where the bacteria that breaks down on tissue lives or thrive, moisture worth if you have called dry things, change a little bit like a refrigerator, exactly which is a good place to store body. If you want to preserve or food, if you want to eat it, since it could point to a body if you needed for an in depth like it that you, my wireless,
cannibalism, Marchesa, that's right, but let's say you don't have refrigerator. Nature provides it for you in on some occasions, there's see the iceman right. They see the iceman, the other three iceman. Nineteen, anyone in the Italian out this dude is very well preserved. Natural mummy amazing died in. They ve got buried in ice and can stay that way. Yeah. I think they have the impression that he fell into a crevasse died, but it was during like a blizzard, Maybe- and he was covered with snow and ice that stuck around for millennia, but he saw a preserve. You can see the TED
on his skin still yet our end. We knew hey, they tattooed people that fifty three hundred years ago, exactly window into what life was like for Iceland yeah he arm. He was here. I think it nicely set of arrows in his bow enter copper age, european guy, that's what he had a wallet size photo of of you as well of me use from the future. That's my, and so I think we display my mind, chuck good so ice as we talk about a vast two hours a year is a very good preserve it sure, but nothing does it. Oh peat bogs t remember I. Finally that picture told me I can say about he again. If you have not gone and with that tell a man is often like his whiskers are still there and he lived in a couple thousand years ago right what's his name to the name. Him just told me and told me in a pity.
Then it's others to a pretty good, but the money, the natural money preserve. It is sand I had no idea the reason why sand to such a great preservatives, because it actually weeks away in absorbs and just removes the any type of humanity in the body which allows the body to designate, which means that there is no place for bacteria did live, which means the tissues the tissue remains intact and that's all about a mummy is here it's at its core with its tissue intact. Well, in this kind of kick started the whole modification, artificial, mama, vacation craze in Egypt, because it first they buried bodies they weren't caskets. They were in a buried in the sand and that preserve the body, for so long May said: well, hey if the bodies preserved- and that means the spirits preserved in this
I'll, send me of new views on the afterlife in life right, so what they decided to do, and this was so well. I guess what you just said, those that Mamma and the manufacturer, in the eyes of the whole concept of mummies that we have ever so in green in the egyptian culture happen by accident. I yeah. So they started they figure this out. So they start purposefully, burying people in the sand with the intent of them being mummified the ice, but the problem is somewhere along the way they they begin to have horrible thought so they're dead relatives choked with sand right. So they started to save me. We should put some sort of barrier up in between the corpse and the sand yet,
it led to caskets right. Yeah started with this like a wicker covering than that eventually led the wooden boxes. But here's the rub now the bodies not preserved now the body rots dedicates while nor does it hasn't got. This is a normal corpse now becomes sale if you put a barrier between the body in the preserved. In the form of so what's in Egyptian to do than well the Egyptians being the very pious culture that they were the very intuitive and smart culture that they were issued for that you should go red. Did the Greeks get all their ideas from the Africans good article, a dragon? Yet every do their partner mammals did ok, they they decided that they needed to rectify there. Their religious beliefs with their problem there the need to preserve bodies in and well they said. Maybe we can replicate this now.
A process that we discovered through man made artificial means. Dial winner is gonna, like you call them bombing Josh. Surely figured out check that, like one of the one of the problems with the desiccation, the natural desiccation in the desert was that the skin turn like this Chris Brown friend like in over Chicken, its executive, architectural here and dumb with these embalming techniques that they eventually mastered. They they could. They couldn't preserve a body better then it could be preserved. Naturally, witches man conquering nature, try current death even well come on because they didn't have huge success at first day on there. Embalmed the bodies mainly to keep it away from the elements, rapid and linen soaked in resin, and they would create nice little shapely forms it looked like people,
that didn't really do a whole lot, because the bandages didn't really help the composition. They basically figured out that it happens from the inside out right. It's normal took him. A few centuries not lately wrapping it up in his just disintegrating within the bandages at first right, but those bandages are important because they stick around pretty much the whole time same with the resin, Yes, so those two very early embalming techniques or modification techniques stuck around yes, but it was a big leap when they figured out a way to manage going on inside, and so we need to start addressing that by removing organ right and it's about here. I think that when we hit the Middle Kingdom and like the DE mummies that we think of where produced in the from the eighteenth, a twentieth dynasties are the Middle Kingdom, yet it does when they hey Day of modification right right, which was between fifteen seventy, intend seventy five b c, the mummies everything up
there are still around like really well preserved. Today they they were preserved during this time right right, so you doing when you realise that everything bad is happening to a corpse inside out. How are you are you dress that Swedish Walker, the process one by one, some process now, ok, first thing you do, is you take it and did it varies? You know the different processes and in within the processes they had a things that they would say so, like religious rights, they will go through as well for sacred processing. But they would take the body generally to the Red Land Desert and is not near a whole lot of people. Also people aren't gross doubt, but it is the Nile River they needed than our river to well. I must say that in a second step, one step one, you need the now for step, one they think they didn't open, hence obviously to get some good ventilation going.
And the first place they took. The body was to the Abu, the place of purification yeah. There was basically the Nile or the swear they place near the now where they rents the body with the they watched the body off like a rebirth symbol of rebirth right, so the corpse was hastened or with some of the spirit was hastening the afterlife, and we should probably say here so it doesn't get to convincing. There were three spirit that the Egyptians believed comprised a person right in the car, the bar and the Ark yeah H sized tricky to pronounce that right. So I think, with this purification process the car or the
bar or the off were were moved along to the to the next world. Yet but the car there was the one that was any strictly linked with the corpse which became the whole reason for modification. As long as the corpse was preserved, the car was preserved and the afterlife could you know the person could live in Africa, but once the corpse died, the car died in that second death was final and which is why they wanted to preserve bodies in the first place. People like the opposite of ashes to ashes invested so after they ve wash the body and sort of reborn it in the rivers of the Nile. They carry the body to the per never, and that is the House of Modification and MRS can where this is that the basement of the Fisher House? Basically, in six feet under the fissures, oh yeah, this is in the basement is were rigour
Another gang would get the work they would laid on one table the body they remove the brain by him Chisel for the bottom knows you know, that already before this article they're gonna Christians, late, in like even like one, shows a me amazing stories are tells him the cliff the movie public, the volume of might have been there, but I think it was like a as a smaller vignette like many movie within the larger movies colleague, lot number, nine or whatever and cleaning the queue. Thank you is now, let's call Brotherhood of the tiger now I think they ain't. Anyway, they there's a mummy whose hell bent on taking other people's brains using these hawks or whatever, while in his exact, do they make a nose pole, basically larger than the nostrils they insert a big hook
her consorts cuban it out. Eventually they go down to a spoon, and eventually they just read out the remaining bits of brain and, what's funny, is to hold a discard the pain, because they thought I don't know why we have this stuff in our heads. We probably don't need me. I think, like that How I knew your for the Egyptians, because they they preserve organs there in a fight the bearing the wrecking help and which would find the like, I think, we're just gonna meander past that we should Kenneth meditate on for second chuck is that they get to a point where they filled with water. I imagine closed the nose in the house and especially the fact that around a slaughterhouse tougher and then when the head over in all the last bit, come out yeah, that's how you do it. I wonder if they did shots of that stuff. As part of the ceremony withdrawal in their region, while they probably to cite another didn't even know, the brain was illustrate this waste,
so the brains out Josh than they take a blade made firmer, Obsidian Sacred Stone hello, incision on the West side and region and start pulling out the organs that they can get to write and then preserving those like you, said, Jeff the kiddies didn't think their import any which there you know in the kiddies are important, but that brain important well, you can use to live, I'm sure they preserving can do you need all of Iraq has highlighted by them is wholly right of the organs, actually when they preserve these things they would they would rap on in in resin strips of linen right. Basically, they would mollify each organ yet and then they put him in thing an can affect jars. Basically, it was like here's, your boss
and then also hear your organs suffocating always with ITALY. The heart, though, because I thought the heart was linked to the soul and the Spirit and the kind of on the money. So these organs tickets space in our chest in abdominal cavities, so they would actually stuff the body with like incense and other materials, as well right yeah will first they'd rents it once a little. I forgot. They took out the lungs, the admin as yet, whether he can along the river side slid and then they would rents chest cavity with palm wine and then they would stuff it will gradually. Basically yeah straw. I didn't say what actually does it other materials? I would you straw very frank, incense Omer, yeah
completely trilogy here's the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up: basketball, there's always that guy who joined your game, he never passes the rock he instantly bricks theories and who can- We have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico its ease, the switch and save on car insurance known the vacant fake, an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted so which in save with Geiger. It's almost better than sports Dr Frankenstein summer, that they kept the body from my creating our itself, basically containing all the shape, and then here is the key. Is the key tomorrow, vacation and as a matter of fact, I was gonna say it now. I founded on the internet. There is a step by step, very easy to follow. Recipe on, I think, Wiki, how
what I don't normally go on, but that's the only place it can find a recipe for Mamma firing, a chicken using the egyptian method, and it calls for nature in my ear sticky nature, and is this basically a compound at the Egyptians figured out they could gather in in in buying from the Nile, which is basically baking soda, sodium bicarbonate hand arm salt table salt, sodium chloride, you Mustn T together and it becomes a perfect preserve it, so they would put matron powder, which is like this just accelerated the technique of modification like by light years, her arm, and they would cover the body with the stuff. Leave it in Iraq is completely dry. The body I hear the sick about forty days. They had a guard, the body while it has gone on, obviously Gazeta want vultures digging through the matron for what lies beneath after the forty days
move. The body then to the war that which is the house of purification call it and since in the stuffing out refill it with the nature and raising such linen and other materials. Again. What are these mysterious? Things are, then they would so while the incisions up cover the skin with resin, and then I say, hey sounder at this public. Yet- and this is where we get the idea for them, the Mummy our modern idea of a mummy always wearing again, it is their eyes coming yeah. Then I would like to see the eyes like teeth or somewhere. So this is where were there the bandaging procedure? What that thirty, five or forty days? Well, the nature and powder was doing its work, leading away. All of the basically acting as the desk in the family of the deceased was going around town going. He only linens. We can have forever yeah.
Do you have some linens? We can have an color. You, like your linens, to spend Eternity Evans above are dead. They collected about four thousand square feet just off the top of my head. That's about how much they gathered here of linen and bring it to the bombers, and the bombers would say: hey we like this peace, that peace is horrible. Are you really going to bury your ear dead in this and they would take the best up and they would cut it into determined strips three to eight inches wide bandages, and they would start there happen, which would take little white. It takes a week or two. I guess pride, depending on how big the bodies since I started the hands and Feet Europe This is the initial under wrapping. I guess he wrapped everything individually, each other finger, she'll tell everything's rat once everything's individually, they do a whole body rap.
Applying new layers, cutting the linen with again the hot resin, to keep everything in place. During spell, sometimes they would wrapper amulets over different parts of the body rapid up in there with you protect you in the next world. That kind of thing right and then presto changes. You are a mummy and before we go further the process we just described this really neat under full, lengthy process over this guy. You would think about it like they're, so many there are a lot of Egyptians running around in a lot of them died on any given day, and there is a lot of work to be done. So this process that we described to us for the people who had lots of money for some reason, the wealthy have always been revered right- involves organizational treatment, rain
If you are just an ordinary schmo, like mere chalk, you were going to get the budget package which is basically like. Instead, like carefully removing all of the organs preserving each time. They will inject oil like this oil me you're India cavities. Let it sit for a few days Will you stop up all your orifices for so many leak out? Thank you, so I don't know how they did their, I guess what other material. So they would stop you up full of oil and use it for a few days and then on your orifices went the oil drain out and it would carry the liquefied organs and tissues out with it. The lot easier officer to even this many thousands of years ago you get what you pay, for example, was pretty said: yeah, that's always been a budget package or maybe that's a good thing. That it wasn't only just reserved
If you have any money, you just can't get mummified Lithuania. They thought you know what listen caviar, cheaper ways to do this, for you folks was just filling up with oil step up your offices and give you could shake yeah so your beer prepared, you're all right. However, they get your organs out there out your bandaged and you are now about to be outfitted. It's called a carton, its cage, which is kind of like a breastplate, some cool like four. Armor leg armor, pretty much as things can hold your bike, together for awhile, right and a, rarely mask, which is like the famous masks we think of anything like King Tut, like it's a death mask year and these She really important because they directed the Spirit, the car to the the right body afterwards. So it was in a person's visage, yeah or possibly that of a god, but the spirit would be in on. You know what,
look for. They would know that. That's how they knew they believe is. Who sure this guy is supposed looks postal either. Look like Josh or Anubis either way, I think that's him right over there. So, let's grab him and speaking of a nervous, you would be committed to you. Two were following a funeral procession where you were carried in your suit. I will you that's what you think of a king tat. That's the casket that looks like a person like the goal casket in the shape of a human right. Let's assume it is assumed that will be carried to and there would be a priest dressed as the Jack o God anybody there were. There was the ceremony, the mouth, which is pretty cool, because there is some sort of weird understanding. I guess that You died right and now certain things have to be
and the ceremony. The mouth was this passing over of sacred objects to like the across the suits face caskets face in it would restore your five senses. It gives you need that exactly so you're placed in this is weird check. Did you find this odd that year, casket was placed leaned ethic? The wall yeah it almost like. I would do that while I was getting everything ready and then lay it down. So it almost made me think that they can. I forgot Miss Hale. We left at first only against the wall, so I guess it's the way we do it, but that's not your. Surely it away reason, partly because it was easier to walk up right out there. While I would think that wanted to leave it upright, but standing upright they didn't have like the perfectly level floor, probably wasn't too secure, so they just gave it a little lean sure we'll help which is far less secure than displaying it on the floor.
Following that you are here, furniture, don't forget your cannot picture of organs laid next year, the food, many sure, I'm? U furniture. Basically, the stuff, you're gonna need the next like to be comfortable here and you're, set your tombs, up, and it's probably inscribed with something along the lines of. As for anybody who shall enter this tomb in his impurity, I shall bring his neck is a burden as a standard, mummy, curse, yeah, a mummy curse on the two young people became in the nineteen twenties Howard Carter dug up king touch a tomb, and people were just crazy for me. Said the timescale westerners, like oh, my gosh, so interesting. This curse thing is so neat laurel and hearty are doing mommy curse movies and a microbes just from Germany named Gothard, Kramer or grammar.
So there may be some to this curse think they bury people, food producers, old Sforza when they unearth his tomb, all these mould spores release into the air and it might kill you. So it's not that there's something to the curse, but it could lead people to tie the two together on earth. The tomb than you die, certainly there's something weird about the Carter Expedition who on Earth King TAT Tomb in nineteen twenty two, because eleven of the people who were involved, none is thoroughly present but involved die within seven years and inky, eleven people can harry his canary died like right right when they enter the tumor cobra it does that look. It is, and I just went down health from their so there's all sorts of explanations, but it's also on oddly intriguing and, like you said, Egypt Mania, grit,
the west they loved it. I am, and there was actually unravelling parties, were people get their hands on mummies and, unlike on bandage him see what's in there, which is like that's not what you do with a dead body desecration. It's bad luck to so that pretty much as the egyptian Mummy and that's what we mainly think of, but they weren't the first people to do this kind of thing now, and then and then interesting yeah they are the first, the oldest member, is actually on the planet from northern the changed chinchilla people ginger, must go to ensure ok
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prior to impeachment. Today, on the I radio, apple podcast or wherever you go for podcast the States those about two thousand years before the Egyptians, but they were not very much like the Egyptians they basically some members in December, the body put it back together, and so did up and then covered it with black mud, although they put effect together with like straw and sticks with a head, it was like they make you pay dolls out of these by basically covered it with black mud and shaped into human form, but they believed that this doesn't necessarily done to preserve the body for the afterlife. Maybe it was more for the people left on the planet earth to mourn the death of their love one. Very soon, because they saw evidence of like retouching of the paint signs,
frontier, so that mean a base for their kept in household for little, while they think briskly is statute, freaky, freaky searches, and that was five thousand b c, which is two thousand years before the Egyptians under the scene at all and the would you say to change our people there. They were true when I think I went with Georgia that someone will point out if I'm wrong, they're, not the only ones in South America who got any modification either the Incas very famously did as well. They had a little habit of sacrificing children to their gods, checks and they'll culture. Both of his chest. They were hum the through this process, like the child in the child's family. Words is treated like like a royal
yeah or this legos at a high honor to be chosen to be sacrificed to the gods and they would get the child really wasted on this fermented, corn concoction, I take the child to the cave. Sometimes I think they would work the kid over the head or other times they would get. The child's are wasted that they would leave em they're in the cold temperature is exposed to the freezing temperatures and shower die of exposure. I can't see jerks about this. You can but the there's, a very famous mummy called the maiden whose a fifteen year old girl and she was sacrificed as thanks to the gods for a really good corn harvest by the Incas in Peru. Five hundred years,
did you see the pictures any of that her? It's like looking at a girl who sleeping but she's, been dead for five hundred years. Like you, you, if you ve been to South America, is, I know you have a central America like she looks just like one of those girls. You might see down there like a central american indigenous person. Poppy short, then she looks Hannah shortly and if you like, six to within moving on up
also one in its and make it into this article? The chuck I've been there myself. One I want to Mexico has a Mummy museum and they have the world's smallest mummy. I think it might have been a foetus, but they were all naturally mama, fine to the great surprise of the nineteenth century, townspeople remove a graveyard and found like ok, there's a lot of monies have because it is very small budget, coffee cup, Coffee CUP Zanna, coffee cups, but then there's like people there still wearing their suits in its. It's really amazing. You walk into this little met. Ten building and there's just dead people everywhere. Just behind this glass. Very me. If you ever go to want to want to Mexico, you have to go the Mummy Museum. I think I should Lady Chang China Chinese were they were lousy with monies yet
loved them on a five people using aristocrat from about two thousand years ago, and she is, I believe, to be about the best served ancient Mummy. So far, did you see her picture so their tongues sticking out pretty well Mamma had Herr still yeah. She was studied her whole at the Chinese. Have it so they don't know exactly how she was prepared, but they do. You think that mercury and the abominable it might at some later with the ILO dimension, that with their mercury, yeah sure and also in China, mummies have kind of rewritten history a little bit some very, very ancient mummies from one thousand
see before one thousand b c. They found some people of Indo uranium dissent in the link them to arm, like basically Mesopotamia through Tattoos, unlike other M implements that they had in the shape of their face, the way they look here and they figured out like a minute. These people were like in no european traders, but are they doing here and they just made their way to settle in in the deserts of China A before the Han dynasty we showed up so that it can change things a little bit. I'm sure. If we talk about mummies, we gotta talk about the more modern day mummies because of the big interest in modification, thanks to TAT being found the big one yeah, that's right around the time linen died in Russia I said you know at which preserve linen and display in the Kremlin. So that's exactly what they did.
And we do not know exactly how, because it's an ancient russian secret by ancient, but it's a russian see. And they its ongoing cause. They continue to emerge. In a preservative bath. Every now and then Anywheres waterproof suit, that's right and is used were seen pictures of linen or a Peronne. They look pretty lifelike, but hers was persons wakeful. They basically replaced all the fluids in her body with Wax Europe, which would be very modern. Take on the ancient practice. There's also incorruptible corpses of the catholic faith was at its basically a person who is so pure on earth.
That the their body just didn't, didn't, rot and there's a lot of those others, one slicker princes like a child prince. I think he died in like he died more than a thousand years ago or about a thousand years ago and has brought his body solely preserved and there's no evidence that he was in bonds or anything like that. They don't understand. There are some bodies out there that just defy logic. I wrote an article is red, the miracle. How can of course be incorruptible? We need it. The human tragedies Asamoneus where's our person Charlie are nor boy, Friday, Charlie and then Josh. Finally, we have in the nineteen seventy. Some scientists discovered something called a placid innovation,
and that is when all the water and limits in the body cells replace with polymers any basically become like plastic, very flexible and durable. You dont decompose in you, don't stick to bad and that is used to preserve bodies, mainly for anatomical research of this point or for bodies, world or bodies exhibited now. I've never been, but that's how they do it. It is really something I mean you're right thereupon, this corpse missing it skin and like is a dead person when it's really interesting is one the one that I went to in Atlanta, it's too eyeballs and their connected to the spinal cord which is going down. And then, though, the coming off the spinal cord are the major nerves of the central nervous system and that's it and it's just laid out perfectly wonder, really kind of surprising. I'm shocked there have invented that yet its critical is certainly worth going to. I did the dialogue in the dark thing
I have not been there, that's next door. I was a kid. You no actual disappointed, not an they exhibit itself, but the way the way to do it. I think it then, like really awesome, but the way they do it. It was in his office equipment. Doesn't I take you me and her sister when she said they would have liked to put their is very loud, drunk Roman Catholic falling in the people? What they wanted near the dark, whether he could just like kicker in the shed and run away, We should mention Bob Doktor by Briar Real, quick though he is a egyptologist who and nineteen eighty four said. You know what I want to try and replicate the the egyptian technique. And he did it with a chicken It was very successful, inertia, Marilyn, school of medicine and one other thing learn from doing that.
The way the body in sub looking as a result of the mummification process, not the fact that its then in the ground for thousands and thousands liquors, the shrivelled wrinkled look up to this It's a big thing to learn that I'm in think about it. That's Egyptologists hasn't really advance much in the last fifty years. In another analyse another alone, That's why you didn't know there was in her Oliver all their lives for Capone's out at night. I watch down. That was fun. I was a youngster and I was so excited and ever so disappointed when the total disaster here well, is it for mummies right checking anymore. Are you mommy doubt it if you want to learn more about mummies check out and you in, and he s in the heavy search bar has the floor. Com, you can learn how to modify a chicken and wiki how what else I think there might be a website for them. These of want to want to add that I think
you, a and a a! U eighty, oh maybe me does it. You know I think they're met Rachel from cool stuff on the planet, did a thing on the Egyptian, oh yeah, or doubt egyptian bombings in the money I want. I want. I mean yes caused them on the planet. That is definitely worth working well worth watching. Anyway, and I said Henry Search bar somewhere in their, which means, I guess, I'm for listen, remain high, checking Josh and Jerry Monies Mary, twelve years old. I love you. I guess I wait at school to get home. So I can check for new part. They always father sleep, but not because your boring, but because it gets my brain thinking and bring its time. I was wondering if you give a shoutout to my best bud, Casey as a tumor in his leg and is in a wheelchair heat May he is very miserable, but at least he gets to listen to me. Talk about you guys and fun fact. He also pet restraining Louis Sweet
this is how strange runs around the house is awesome, pestering chicken so please give Louis, I M sorry Casey, Shout and Louis morality making field would make his day or even his year and tell me which potash gonna put it on cause. I'm just twelve in some of them are inappropriate, This is an appropriate Probably not this shaking the brain poured out, we'll figure it out. This was the divorce or male letters with the misery and also suggestion the infamous story of that french queen, you said: let them take remember her name, Sir Marie Antoinette on it, Kristen Dance. I remember I do not have facebook, so please answer me by email. She says and always is. She is indeed your tv, its duty, Ok and then her signature is potato and a mushroom from any other meats allocated
but they dont a mushroom. Everybody uses maggots, Mattie right, ok, man, thanks for the email Mattie that we give a shoutout, Louisen Casey, well, Casey you feel better bite and sorry to hear about that and of your up and around you know they carry Louis yes, if you're in Egypt colleges than you had some good mummy stories. We want here why, if you have any give Mummy story, we want to hear it wrap it up in an email and send an email to stuff. I cast a house that works dot com for more on this and thousands of other topics, as it has suffered, sat com, What moorhouse two words check out our blogs on the house of works that come homepage brought you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready
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