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How Munchausen Syndrome Works

2011-02-01 | 🔗

Why would someone fake an illness? Here's an even better question: Why would someone repeatedly make themselves sick? Join Josh and Chuck as they separate the facts from fiction and give you the scoop on Munchausen syndrome.

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My name is subversion. Man escargot cordiality- and this is the Peat and Sebastian POD catches is show two guys hey, I'm comedian, P Coralie, and I will leave this comedy goal I listen to. The people, subversion show, and I heard radio at Apple Pie Casper wherever you Peter PAN, brought you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready are you welcome to stop. You should know how stuff works
welcome to the Pakistan Josh clogged with me. As always, is Charles the shot bright. That makes the stuff you should know the pie cast. If you didn't know, it's gone great, you nails are still shining cap for first manicure, week. I went for the clear go in there. I didn't know undergo, and it knows about knights and overcoat, yet discovered that I didn't notice about Chuck, but he vices so he has very shiny, well, trimmed half nail stubs here, a little bleeding cubicles. It's like you had some sort of like carotene deficiency or somethin. Let's go that far. Very funny fairly. Everything you do have is radioactive gas market fake, like I have a carrot and speaking a faking shock that the amazing that you said that word because we're gonna talk,
A key syndrome wherein people perfectly healthy people? At least you start out healthy, fake their own illness. Bear with me, have you seen the movie? The sixth sense, I have you seen the television The policy now you ve ever seen, though, see now I used to be hooked on. That's really. I was happy the tv reasons it. I can't it's ruining my wife right, my camera. The girls name in the sea, but she plays the girl in successive guys and who shows up the highly jaw arguments character. Mr Barton, like yes, yet illegal, yeah, yeah, really she was the little girl and she was the shit vomit and remember she was like hangin outside of his tent janitor out of him out of me too. Well, yeah, she turned out to be occasions civil of certain amendments, feeding, repined salary, She eventually dies she'd videotaped herself. I hope everyone seen the six cents,
you haven't, I M actually not really spoiling it. There's a way has his toilet way worse than this, but she videotape your mother poisoning her soup, with pine, saw in her is out and for having once called munch housings by proxy and that's a derivative of what's called Munch housing syndrome right Moccasined, that's another way to put it Yet it also cholera EF. I let fictitious close fabricated or induced illness where's, the other, wherever I induced illness. If my brain Yeah you're gonna save facetious disorder, which is what it is fictitious. I was a fictitious yeah. I feel academia as a kid is pretty facetious. I remember when I came across the word facetious, I use the enough, my everyday vocabulary or try to, and am I, but I was reading it in books here there yet never put it
gather Ryan. I am like what is that word sounded it out, and the city is the c d s seized ass, like ass facetious now is out you're thinking. Now. Ok, it's like facet like the facet of a diamond. I owe you us, and this is fastidious. I've been reading- is wrong. No, this is factitious fictitious epidemic, Jerry's undertaking we keep. This is getting us today, ok. So this is a monk one thousand oars. You say it one thousand syndrome, a really mysterious disorder in people. Imagine is extremely rare but we have no idea how prevalent it is because one of the hallmark characteristics of monks thousand munch thousands syndrome is, it is dishonesty yeah right
when I met you have it that's the whole point no and ended a fine, it's it's where somebody who is not ill, either fakes an illness or makes himself intentionally ill in order to be able to go, seek medical care and or sympathy and empathy from friends neighbours. Relatives for you know having an illness inflicted upon them, die. Sir Fight club. Member that the other tourist, Norton enough. How about Carter visit support groups for illnesses to get you know, get attention and feel a part of a club. I guess right exactly and that's actually there's a new thing called Monk thousand by internet gathered gone and that's like a new deal where you go online to on line support groups in vain being sick dusted, feel like you fit in, and I guess right. It is sad, but, as will figure out among my chosen by internet is actually
kind of way arm. It provides somewhat less harmful succour to people who need that right. So you still feeding this. Pathological illness is not amending letter. I get my immensely it's dangerous physically, it's not right because you're getting what you want, what you crave, what you need, which is that attention It's not sympathy but letter not having to like inject gasolene to do it and you like going to the doctors and you not running of insurance premiums that shouldn't be they're out of it. Bad stuff happens with the real monk house, and all this talk about the history of. Can you not running up when it was first described by Richard Asher bad? the lancet right. That's when I first got its name. Ok, I read somewhere that there's like biblical accounts of people like basically doing
To themselves to get round to near well, I know what I want to say it makes sense, but it makes sense that it goes back that long as what better way, if you're, very lonely than to get people to feel sorry for you than the like jump in a wheelchair or the suddenness of prehistoric, wheelchair exact, or at least I am so he named in the lancet any named after, of course, Baron VON Mug house, and who was the eighth century german military man who are parent. We went off to fight the
since the Turks, the Turks and came back with all these fanciful stories that people thought were largely probably made up to get attention bright and there's so much as an appreciation society who like actually like the guy and like the tales and they ve only they ve been able a pin three tails to the actual Barrymore chosen early, but they are there in a whole books of what he supposedly right. These tell these supposedly told an interrogation gotta hold them. Why, of course, will be remiss without saying that former money python alarm made that great movie? Did you see it yet? Even should have been in. There was good, seem good. I think it was my firm and first role
I can see in it near its very neat, varying from from the adventures of bear much house into Superman. My super ex girlfriend you always the one where she's a mom, the became even more recently an air she's she's been inhabited the tales, but lately we like it mother. Oh my aunt Oprah up of its classic Bit report better the serious timber. Yes, we should point out that it is not hypochondria, because hypochondriacs actually believe that their sick, but and people with Monk housing disordered. They know they're not sick there trying to pretended there right, I'm there's another! I don't know if you call it a disorder, there's another state of mind that someone can be called a lingering and that's where you pretend to be sick either for financial gain or to get out of work like come, maybe from arrested development.
Which he had the altar ego, whose wheelchair bound and like remsen events of contributions for area. I think everyone's more lingered at one point another if it's to get to work right, Yes, even to sending an email like her yeah, that's more figure it that way, we do that. I'm gonna just put the subject line lingering and see if anyone even notice what that means that's way worse than it sounds way worse than playing hooky lingering write something defrauding somebody, Don't do this well, there's a lot of reasons. The underlying reason. The underlying part of the disorder is that its psychological, they believe right right, it's a part of a personality disorder and there's a number of risk factors that people who have one thousand syndrome tend to exhibit like they were
These are lost apparent while they were young or are they were abandoned by parents and other big one they may have had some sort of prolonged childhood illness is one They summer wanna, be doctors and nurses; yes, yet it they can't maybe couldn't get a job in the medical profession or never wanted to try hard enough, because it's kind of hard to do that through its easier to just her ears. Fake it before you make it then you ve got the sexual physical emotional views here is this. Is this provides some sort of outdated array I guess it's really. The easiest way to understand it is these people who need to be who need attention. You need to be taken care of Just need more than their willing to ask for overtly might have found an easy street between where where they are and where they need to be. As far as attention goes,
it's interesting. I say that because they do point out passiveaggressive personality and against people, if you could teach them like. You know, if you need more support and love than you should be able to ask for that. But this is like the ultimate impassive aggressively right I fully exactly so when you, when you're addressing Munch Hasn syndrome, you would usually treated like you, would depression or anxiety right and this kind of approach it from that rout church, and I imagine probably as well as using cognitive behavioral therapy words like no, no Don't don't do that any harder! I eat that salt snapped the rubber band on your ass. He thank remind yourself wrist if you're lucky, for what else are we talking about Chuck? Oh some more defining characteristics, usually people who have money
the syndrome, are young or middle aged. Although there is a record of a guy who's, pretty much a month shows impatient his whole life. You became famous oh yeah, yeah yeah, we're gonna, get him right now. That the chair ignited. So what do they do? I mean: how do you? How do you feel illness while this is where it gets really interesting, because goes anywhere from just lying it, but it's not just alliance, is usually very specific, like they say that any symptom that can't be proven medically is what they'll usually use and they always very, very specific, like textbook symptom that they clearly read from a book. So they said hey. If I say that on this this in this right, then I can get this attention, but the problem is: if, if you know these doctors use these same physician dust
France's so they go look up this this in this and they go out following this right, so I'm going to treat it with nitric glycerin. The problem is: if your faking, these three symptoms and the nature glycerin, doesn't have any effect that you raise some red flags four year. You know physician or nurse. I assume that that's a big problem with dumb with munch hasn't seen: is that eventually people started get suspicious right right hand you're lying to so it's not like you can just hide behind your conviction. You're, hiding behind a lie, which I think is is much more stress well me, they'll go even further mean that's just the basic lies told people will also physically inflict harm upon themselves. Everything from while this is really harm on yourself, but like heating up your thermometer right tampering with the country, any t yeah, he was there. He clearly have one thousandth he's trying to get out of school house. It is really a lingering ok to stay with you
yeah, but that is something that they will do, injecting yourself with the toxins tainting your urine samples, which you call you anything for then I mean even like a little salt and your urine warm change things blood. If you put a little a new Europe or your store taking medications. You shouldn't be taking or just poisoning yourself. In any way shape or form, but apparently injecting is, is fairly common Then you said also when you turn about feeding illnesses in choosing specific symptoms yeah. They may also take a different route in an she's. Very bad.
Symptoms like chest, pain or like nausea, or something like that. It could be anything. Do yeah, that'll, just tired doctor for hours, if not days, which is what they want, is more and more attention. Rights like how you gonna come tomorrow to their pike, Sweet Ryan, in what is one of the reasons that tying a doctor up, as is great, is because within those hours this doctors gonna get more more baffled in order more more tests right and one of the. If the doctors paying attention here, she would notice it and chosen patient is more than happy to do this next test, like sure, stick that their rights or maybe even suggested, like Chin, you do this test and stick that their those are two characteristics or to symptoms of money. Thousand syndrome is that you are very willing, if not eager re ago any and every test that they wanted to do was most people upright
really do you have to do that? Insurers are another thing to do right and then an extensive knowledge about dumb tests and procedures and symptoms in the inner workings of a hospital. Those two things should be big red flags are few, are a physician and you suspect you know you're. Having can it troubled dealing with somebody's right symptoms, but not Here's your dumb, because retrying everything well yeah an inconsistency is one thing to look for in your medical history. They say, while you're here for high blood pressure. You are in your last year for low broad public pressure right vessel, weird yeah, because I think I would imagine if you're getting what you need in, especially if it's like a standard kind of rum, pathological behavior, where it builds up in like manner we talked about Kleptomaniac yeah yeah, like the urge is built up and built up in the until it becomes irresistible and after
there's this catharsis and then the guilt or whatever I do. I didn't see anywhere, but if munch hasn't syndrome is like that, one would imagine that you kind of lose touch with your previous. Why as yet I remind you not looking at it as a big picture thing or another. This for the rest of my life is very, like you know it's, let's do it now and great on and get this everywhere they may be. Actually sat down and saw their medical written history sheet. They'd say who write need to take this in a different direction? I am, I run an account of a guy who feigned bereavement, is called fictitious bereavement and he showed up at the hospital and was committed
like four weeks, because he was grieving over the car accident death of his wife seven weeks earlier, and the heart attack death of his mother three weeks earlier and then he was interviewed, is giving a family history. Three of his fourteen siblings had died young from things like throat, cancer, some other accident, another thing, and then they start ass, he was going more more questions and he wouldn't produce like a photo of his wife and he wouldn't let anybody talk to his family right and they started to get kind of suspicious. Finally, contact the fellow who is family was contacted. His mother, who was alive his and siblings we're all doing. Well, he didn't have fourteen three hadn't died. And he was never married and when the in him with this stuff. He just continued the lie
in line the pathological bent pet pathological lying while aspect too much thousand area which is called suit. Illogical, fantastic, while you brought up important point, not letting family be involve it's a big. Tell too, if you pay, is a united probing, her husband in the eye, and now we need to involve him right before or he's dead yeah exactly you want. I am Mister Sutphin either, who is my pants? Who is Nancy Pelosi there, two of the most powerful people in government today, but how they get their minds tomorrow and on? Who is the first podcast from now this and I heart radio I'll, tell you the stories of the most important politicians in America and beyond through interviews with the reporters and experts who know them best. There is no Illuminati there.
How deep state, but there are means people on who is a cover. Everything from sent a majority leader, Ms Mcdonald, answering machine to Senator Elizabeth, warns, favorite junk food to wear secretary education, Betsy Divorce and her husband went on the first day. I want to know more tune in to who is on Tuesdays and the Iheart radio up apple pie, guests or wherever you get your by guests. So that's my chosen syndrome, Theirs a high risk of suicide with one thousand public accidental suicide. I mean people go too far by accident or they will come to the end of the road. I hadn't thought about that, I heard in Canada the road this terrible. Thirty, two. Seventy what I saw, but I don't know. Maybe it would be accidental suicide. I don't even know its thing
but there is also all sorts of other myriad problems that arise from one thousand syndrome. Right like real illness like if you're a month thousand suffer happily you can have it we make yourself, I genuinely ill from injecting talk just that other account of a guy who's who suffered a number of amputations. Medical amputations, he's missing like pieces of his nurse you'd have my departure milos. He he forced like the doctors to do it. He would cut himself. He kept the little knife in a little bag of liquid feces item at all times, because this thing was to cut and then smear poop on the kite to make sure got infected. Let it faster go. Seek medical attention is far too late and have his limbs aimed to have his extremity
amputated, but apparently the curtain smear and is not he's. Not the only one do in that. The curtain smear that's right does us that save as an aim. Now I just made up ok. Well, that's what I've got curtains me. What clearly, where the biggest problems too, is not just the harm you doing yourself, but your time, doctors, time here, you're spending money, if not your money, maybe it's Medicare or whatever enter Here you have very wasteful and its taking up time. Doctors have to treat real patients when you need to be treated by a mental health professionals. What you need, and a lot of these some goes to a new term of tying up physicians time. They'll go on at times when there's different staff, lesser stats alike, weekend night holidays, that kind of thing so when they types It is still be different. People who haven't met them before and are familiar with them, so it when their tying up people's time.
Really tying up their time here in a no good. So that's traditional monk housing, which is bad, but it gets worse yet my thousands proxy right. Twenty years after the guy Richard Asher Doktor, Richard Asher coined the term one thousand syndrome guy named Roy Matter, there coin the term among thousand syndrome by proxy and thou on is not as recognised right. Recognised as real as munch thousand syndrome. Airily yeah you running that recognizes
what you mean why Raven yeah yeah scientifically proven its. I think the way that I'm saying it is its viewed by some as more like member, the sea Kanak worshiper hysteria of the eighties, via a kind of falls in line with that. Although this is much more established, then that is like the am. I recognise that the Americans, like a logical association, recognised right, but it still its easily it's a lot more easily misconstrued among chosen syndrome is because there's another person who's being harmed yeah and because it usually children. I will you, This is the deal it's usually children, but not always a space where your caregiver to somebody, You are maybe opening them? You may be are smothering them, so they develop breathing problems. There's all sorts of awful of use of things that you can do
to bring your child in and that's when we talk about getting sympathy is when you run into a hospital with your baby, saying my baby, a sick, my baby, sick or even worse. Is that baby. We're in that happened. Sadly, all the time, while the first cases that that the guy Roy Meadows Doktor Romania's described, were one of them was addicted little. Fourteen months old, Charles who is mom, had been feeding him salt and kept bringing about, the hospital and doctors had no idea what's going on and eventually he died. The other was a little girl right. Yeah honey was Kay and she was six and she was admitted twelve times for a urinary tracked infection treated with
kinds of antibiotics and none of them ever worked and that obviously the doctors were like something's going on here earlier Roy Meadows, while he wrote a study about both of these cases, call it my chosen by proxy and is basically like changed everything we took this fairly obscure disease and turned it into this huge, almost hysterical entity. Yet one of the problems is, if you are suspected of this, at least in the states. I think the UK is big on it to, but
If you're suspected of us all a physician, I do say you know called family children services or whatever you call your account, you stay and say I think I have a month chosen case here. Social worker comes teacher kid, and then you go through the hoops to prove that you don't have it right that the burden of proof is on the parent who has been accused. This is its tricky. When this we got will talk about this dock. What would you talk about it right now, South Ossetia, Doktor, David Cellphone, England, very controversial guy, who conducted some ex hidden video experiment surveillance in the nineties and in hospitals, so what he would do us you'd videotape his parents inflicting harm on their kids for cases that they suspected Ozma,
and in the end he got thirty. Three of these thirty nine suspected abusers were prosecuted. Twenty three were diagnosed with EF. I and you think. Well, that's awesome, but it's also like you're videotaping, someone harm to a kid. It was very, very controversial and this guy's been removed and I call on the yacht the lifts. The GM see General Medical Council, which means you can practice medicine in England. He's been on an offer this thing for years, and I think just this year he was finally reinstated again right. They finally said were not gonna go after this guy anymore. It's all about the big with the document. Will he accused these some these parents publicly? of killing there to science based on a tv documentary, he saw him yet with a woman was already convicted of killing the sign, spry and then use
in the documentary and said you know, I think the husband Stephen was the guy, and then that was that I get in here Inquisition was long and, unlike those guys, life has turned upside down. And there are a lot of accusations like that- I get the feeling from this guy that he was one of those. If you look for it you're going to find it can arise I think about the prevalent in one hospital that he was able to document thirty thirty three.
Nine total that he was spying on yeah thirty, three work prosecutors able the document thirty three cases of mine chosen by proxy. I mean like that. That means the prevalence is like probably more than half of the global population suffers from one thousand by proxy. In that case like, if that's the case, you know me well, I thought these were special cases. He was surveillance. Now everything is just random. Ok, although deafening changed the ratio, but still thanks for that, but you know what I mean by that. So if There are people also out there who question if my chosen by proxy does exist. Yeah, apparently, there's a lot of accusations that fly it. Parents of artistic kids, there's a sub term, that's been coin called Asperger's voiced by proxy.
Yeah and there's a lot of artistic parent through, like oh yeah, yes ever to think also not say my kid, a sick like ill. With physically over my child, has Asperger's yet The physicians are like tat, you could doesn't it you you're doing this turn her developmentally delaying your kid for attention or whatever it again. If it does exist it you know. Clearly the kid needs protection from the parent. This is the Terran. Almost every time is doing it. I think ninety eight hence the mom here, but you also running the risk of taking the kid away from in a perfectly normal parents right right in a fairly the other big bone of contention. Is the people who make this diagnosis almost every time is a pediatrician right, not a psychiatrist, colleges all a pediatrician as the duty of the phone and say that they are gonna munch housing Caser get over here right. Give this kid
It's important said it's. Ninety apes and the time is by the mother and that's that's what is going on most times at this. The cases are all sort of the salmon in that there's a woman who's, the generally responsible for the stay on parenting. Maybe the husband is not very involved and giving them enough attention and one way to stop that in its tracks is to make your baby sick, yeah that's what happened with this one. Lady May Mary Beth tending between seventy two, Eighty five, all mine of her children died and she was very distraught and got lots and lots of sympathy was arrested and eighty six and it turns out that she had smothered her children with the pillow and then they asked the husband, and he said quote: you have to trust your wife. She has her things to do and as long as she gets them down, you don't ask questions. So that's kind of the typical case of this uninvolved husband. Clearly,
dozens of deaths beyond him, how that's like apathetic exact, almost as its allegedly apathetic, allegedly in was convicted for real and eighty seven and sentenced to twenty years. In that's one of the saddest cases of her there's another one arm. Why need a hoyt? You know said sudden infant death syndrome It is a medical mystery, but the there was a time when they thought that it ran in families and they were hot on the trail of explaining Sid's as like a genetic disorders, and it was based on a woman named, will need a six who had six children die between nineteen sixty five and nineteen. Seventy one, and- her primary physician wrote a study that kind of made a name for himself as a career as an expert on Sid's based on this his experience and arm in the ninety
yeah. I guess a local prosecutor heard about the storing and was suspicious him, sir. Looking around and it turned out that this lady had killed her kids, all six of them, it's awful, but not only had killed her kid, also derail. The investigation of Sid's Yanks also raised a lot of questions of what what does account for us. It is such a thing is it? Is it all cases of mothers killing their children right? There's, there's a lot of questions about what percentage of mysterious infant deaths are related to you no foul play well in that. That's just a prime example of all the ramifications that mankind has not just on your child. Like diverting the path of medical research yeah,
Not only that the check again we keep coming back to you now imagine being apparent who lost your kid. You have no idea how right arm and no other people are accusing you of killing your kid right. Ok, so check if, before. The the idea that month chosen by proxy does exist. As I said endorsed by the army and the EPA. What are some of the waters of the symptoms of it by proxy yeah, one of the things that the symptoms don't match the test results. One thing is sometimes a caregiver is actually a nurse or works in the healthcare industry. They could be siblings. Of the child might have died under weird circumstances, Canada, the same as the adult things, there's a mysterious unexplained symptoms.
Aren't, going away, not met the bizarre medical history. All these things are red flags and there's also on its prevalent in healthcare workers. With mud chosen syndrome. You wanted to be a health care worker in one chosen by proxy. You may be a health care worker. Yes, I know you did Ok, what you say you know like the angel of death. I got the that's a type of my child and by proxy aerial yeah. I guess so people who, like kill the elderly there's a doctor. I think the United Kingdom's most prolific serial killer was a physician who, just like despatched since he was like treating them but really going on here and he killed a lot of people. While speaking of a lot of things, can't close without talking about. Why am I pronounced Mcelroy yeah
He is in the Guinness Book of World records actually because he had four hundred operations and a hundred different hospital to the tune of four million dollars both because his Britain, it's all subsidize healthcare. So, let's allotted, though go into this one guy and he didn't have any these things he was of a monk Hauser. Can I say that I think you can it's not funny because you vengefully died. Why should you decide in a retirement home? So it doesn't really say that you might have died from any was treatment There was a monk Hauser Curtain, smear monk, hazard, four hundred operations used countenance mere and something of gown. For you, remember, we talked about one month chosen by internet. So there's like this. The first discussion came in the night
he's a vessel you can have one thousand by internet before the internet was around. You did very forehead your time, but very, very quickly, right off the bat theirs huge? What was first term by the New York Times is a hoax. There is a little nineteen year old, spunky, very positive nineteen year old name, Casey Swenson Living Kansas and she kept work. The New York Times referred to in two thousand one, is a web of her arm battle with leukemia, which she law. In May two thousand one, and she had this huge following up of people who really genuinely cared were supportive of her report four and let her know, and then in May.
Thousand wonder they they went to the web. Login found news that Casey had died, and am I I don't know who exactly got suspicious put people started looking at Casey's mother who actually turned out to be Casey. There was no Casey ever while this woman just created this whole fictitious character to that have Kenya and in who died and receive like cards and presents while ours and condolences for a kid that never existed fake something on the internet. I would think that I'm awesome like I would make you think we're doing right now. What exactly I would be like
the Walter many style. I would just make a visa awesome stories about myself, but I mean this is a real mental disorders are making five that's even though you got you just used to be also a sick, you're, no announcing. No, I dont think further. I sincerely hope go and took a fleet that now will you be surprised with these evils. We are living in complicated times, I'm seventy rule, MSNBC Anchor and NBC News, corresponding in my new plaid cast modern rules. I'm gonna be spending time unpacking. Some of the Harry's today is tat. I decided I was you survived survival price, but equal aboard. They want needs its american listen and subscribe to my new plaid cast modern rules on Apple five test, the iron radioactive or ever you get it back.
And then lastly, there I ran across a case of a double munch housing case: munch housing in one thousand by proxy. In the same mother daughter, do oh, my mother used to inject her daughter with their daughters. Knowledge with bacteria and had been doing for supplying the daughter had both kidneys removed, Amazon full dialysis, so she was inanity. Basically, the mother had my chosen by proxy and she descended and the job It was both among chosen by proxy victim and among minds from one thousand. Yes,. Well before you send an about the x files and e r eminem ass, our Mamma a three Burma here. Do your eminence, I'm sorry Mamma, I thought Emily I've had a lyric. That said, the commission, through public housing systems, victim of Munch island syndrome, my whole life. I was made
believe I was sick when I wasn't and it was on the x files. They investigated monk housing by pro the other amendment. I wonder whether I was always ended here, like the real plot line arc of the whole series ok, the smoking ban and the more Mina mother sister I like telling mixed up there, but I like the just stand alone, like there's a shape shifter in the forest some points today. On men are still living in Florida began. They discover the funding for returning alone, visible weirdos. I don't watch that show the time, but The stand alone. Ones were like school, reduce it, but I did what showing tat was on for real at all and then, when it went into reruns money through Friday, I watched it. The whole series yeah and he circled loaded- ask us to those movies, are primitive,
what's it for on this episode on the x files, if you want to learn more about it type expires, worried was, it expires. One thousand. Take my chosen your cell phone. Emu in C H, a U S, you, as you know, and you d get anyone see you as a director, and I wish I were a bell at first thought: pessimistic. You can take that into the search bar. Has the force tat candle more about this mysterious in extremely fascinating disease and until then some listener Josh. This is of maybe a weird lesser mail, but at the end of this, when reviewing it on this, this is a very, very special.
What's your mail, everyone should listen to this one guess it's pretty cool through a reinterpreted general and off. They think we should at some point Doug lives in North, Idaho dog. Were riding back and forth last week about fishing flatfish. Remember how it started, but it started and I fish for trout here and there, nor toward it sort of fun in that light, disfigurement and dog is an avid, I think, fly fishermen. Gonna chit chat, and then he said that he and his girlfriend Keener she's now gotten her. He got her hotel Joe, and he said I know, you'll, never read this and keen as just making fun of me right now. I said you talking to shut it, the suffering, he wrote back and said she's laughing that were emailing and he said shut it miss the blessing error. And he said, but guys her birthdays February. Second, and I got a plan,
I have so right now, as you people are listening about right, the second, but over the next day on February. Second, at some point, dog is in his car. He's agrees with keener right now. Has a gun and she's, probably going it's going on here. Weird laughing nervously she's. Having certainly like trying the door handle safe, is locked but does- actually the one who is nervous, because Doug has something important to say in that is keener. He would like you to be his He's asking you to marry him right now. Sort of art. But we're not marrying you. It's actually dug- and this is this is a first for us, the marriage proposal, right here on the show somewhere in Idaho Keener. Should
hopefully have a ring on her finger? But what do we do? with the answers. Now I saw he isn't Doug you don't like it the people there. I think we should go ahead on the premise that she says. Yes, I tell you what else can we say carefully? We so bad near, dug the trout. Fishermen is marrying a keener and congratulations massive off again. Then right, it's a fucking c mere I don't know it's like. We should probably just like fade out with those wondering I guess I'll, send you an email I yet stuff. Podcast has the works, that holy cow for more on theirs and thousands of other topics is a house up works. I come to learn more about the past click on the park as high in the upper right corner of our homepage. The house efforts Iphone have has arrived
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