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How Paramedics Work

2018-04-12 | 🔗

Paramedics are not EMTs. Or fire fighters. Or cops. But they do ride around in ambulances (and drive) to help to save lives. It's a stressful job and we're here to shine a light on this noble profession. 

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Let me tell you about people who love talking and always wanted to play in the end a jail PETE play since he was three and begged his mom to let him stay on the ice. Why some nights he even slept in his happy skates peace practiced in practice to one day when he was born Seven feet realized e g. Wasn't that good, so he threw his it's in the trash, but then he heard how Geico proud partner of any Joe could save him money on car insurance, so he switched and saved a bunch, so it all worked out. Welcome step you should now friend has therefore extend. Hey and welcome who the podcast I'm Josh clerk who chose to reach Bryant Jerry Jerome role in this is that we should know emerge. See real rear, rear war,
We should have a new podcast gold. Sirens around the world, so annoying Joe ever it would be pretty enjoy that there be some subset of people who, like is really despise themselves that it be popular among. So we would love. It we don't hate ourselves? Do we tell me I need to know now no case. It depends on the day that want to hate myself, sometimes wanna punch myself does not count. Now I know exactly what to me man sometimes and dislike. I am so sick of myself. The observer. You talk about having a good song that on no second myself, there was Matthew, Sweet happier wow. That's weird that this is going on right now, because Matthew Sweetest popped up like random
in the last couple days in the Hague in article I was reading out like I forgot about him, have heard by him in twenty years and then Bam bought mine, half It is again while he still around he's in Atlanta, Ghana. I didn't know that let's call yeah nightly. I think this like the way it goes you it just because you have one hit in the world, came in like listen to you and they moved on, doesn't mean like you like. Ok, I guess I'll go very myself alive now in my own back yard. He had usually usually, the artists like keeps going yeah yeah here, to hit. I note girlfriend and then the other one year's Somalia girlfriend S. Great yeah gets up. Ok, so obviously what we're talking about today are paramedics.
Pair medicine, really is what we were talking about. The air which is on its actually pretty interesting topic because eager can look into you. Like all these people save lives. That's great peers, some of the lifesaving techniques that they do fantastic, but there's like actually so much more to its get a really interesting history. It's gotta a It's one of the things where its way worse off than it should be. As far as like funding and in thy gum, logistics and stuff like that goes, I find it interesting. It's it's interesting to kind of poke in You a topic in fine. The US is more interesting than I thought inhabit book back you up with foresight So I guess we should say right off the bat that the word paramedic.
Era means alongside so alongside medicine. I guess which I'm not quite sure what that means. So what I think it means is as follows: Charles get these people paramedics, they are not doctors correctly. They work with an alongside and really honestly as an extension of a doctor. Okay, I m d by that. So that's what I think it means, because it's not like what they're doing is a different type of wacky medicine like there actually doing the same type of medicine that in your doktor, your nurse would be doing again in ITALY. Are there they're just doing it out in the field? Can you imagine how disconcerting it would be like on the ground and have a paramedic come up in like blow green destiny. What the chicken bones for man, man, Loki Dusty,
No, it would depend on what the effect of the green dust. What is true, so I think that's what paramedic means right. Okay, we can go, we can go further back actually and indescribable. Ambulance means. We know that one for Yes, that came around in fifteenth century Spain. During the inquisition, they clearly had a lot of need for medical work. Actually had field hospitals that were called ambulance. Yes right, it was this basically like other machine it out in the field and then eventually the the French. Shortly after Think under Napoleon they in evaded on the ambulance and said, let's great that's need that we have these things out in the field, but there's some guys way over there who were injured in the
probably wouldn't die if we could get them to these ambulances. These field hospitals right corrects so they came up with basically mobile ambulances which is the this idea of a flying, removing ambulance, which is like a little medical facility that they would put the people into and move them away from battle to go patch em up, rather than waiting for the battle to end well yeah and before that, even during the Crusades, and they also had a great need for medical care, There were the knights hospitality. Our hospital, I think, has Patel yea, oh wow, is there an extra I might be putting in it a syllable in their well known to do that's your best knights hospitality. That's what to say of the order of Saint John of Jerusalem and they were the first kind of the first people to practice. Emergency medicine
on the battlefield, nay, even invented the. What we now call the stretcher, although it still called a litter in some circles, gap- is pretty intuitive thing that its work, someone had to think up a couple of sticks with some canvas stretched between them through a personal there, you can figure out to people, can pick him up and get it for the battlefield, Lickety split hooray! So yes, oh! This is the idea of emergency. Medicine grew basically exclusively out of warfare over the centuries, well, yeah, but what's remarkable to me, is it from that time have the right idea. Let's get these people out here quickly. It took about a hundred thirty years, all the way until the mid too late, nineteenth sixties. Ah, until they said, hey wait a minute if we actually put trained medical people in these things and weren't simply
driving people to a hospital. We might have even more luck, yeah that was late, sixties and then amazing. It is in at the time it was so. A lot of medicine was practice through house calls right, including emergencies like. If there is an emergency and you could get hold of a doctor, the doktor was expected to go out to the emergency and do what they could, but more often than not either the cops or local morticians were tasked with basically was called like a scooping, stupid, run in Cary, where you just basically get the person out of that car wreck or from the bottom of that ladder, or whatever just happened to him, throw him in the back of a car, a cop car or a hearse. I would looked it up the Ecto one, the Ghostbusters ambulance
is a modified Cadillac occurs area, so they were drawn up. The sinking feeling it really well furthermore, mortician to shut up in a we like and then take the hospital what happens. You may be back in the same car yeah and talk about a conflict of interests. You don't owe me once component hopefully not but yeah why on paper- or they just you know, casually put their hand on the purses, those America than about the dry. The thing is, though, is whether the mortician or the cops were getting you to the hospital. Even when you go to the hospital. It's not like. There is such a. Is an e room. He arson come about really until, like the mid seventies, where you could find them in in fair abundance around the United States. Like yours didn't exist, it was he go.
Look, I know you just delivered a baby and you treated somebody else for angina. By now you ve gotta put this person's head back together, yeah and it was all just medicine at the time see at the idea of getting buddy to a hospital and having a medical person, a professional in the car, that's transporting them it came out of Ireland. I think right, yeah, big, shot out. Nineteen sixty seven to Doktor, J, Frank Pant, Belfast, he had a study. He published a study that said: hey, you know what we have more success: saving people's lives when our mobile units have a physician or a nurse inside right and everyone went her. Never read thought about that. But there is. There is a study here, pretty cool, so he pay. Definitely Yum set the stage
this and then the year before there was a report, I think it was a year earlier right, the one from Mamma Congress in America couple your sixty five. I think I was like the National Academy of Sciences. Are somebody basically got together with another group and said let slip study accidents in what they came up with? Was this idea that there was like this overlooked disaster that happened like accidents were huge major, leading cause injury death in the United States and this this inquiry determined that we weren't doing much about it and specifically, a lot of people died who otherwise wouldn't have. If there had been something like an emergency medical service to attend to them at the accident scene.
And on the way to the hospital and then having the hospital, actually know what they were doing. As far as emergency medicine goes yeah, it's just it's just staggering to me. It seems so intuitive and I can't believe it took that long for this to happen. You know, in effect the emergency Medical Systems ACT was signed in nineteen. Seventy three. Which basically said we need a standardized system here we are a nation wide that was after that paper came out in nineteen sixty six. Many years later, I may speak government, I guess she and then a nineteen. Seventy seven, the publication of the first very first national standard curriculum for empties and paramedics, seventy seven yet and then so. Alongside this Para, this
they, there are people like around the country, universities around the country and a round the world who were kind of all, recognising all this. At the same time that there were there's a lot more, that could be done for people who were injured and in accidents, and so you had. The people lad a Pit University of Pittsburgh taking up the cause of answers. Yet they started dumb. Is it the Panthers? They started on creating some of the first curriculum for paramedics, some of the early, tests for paramedics? The university Cincinnati came up with the first curriculum for training, physicians and e r medicine. I think the University of California,
it was an early entry into the world of of teaching pair medicine, and I think they were the first one to be accredited in nineteen. Eighty like they had their operation going for years, but they were the first one to say: hey so may take a look at this and make sure were kosher, and then we can say were an accredited training facility for paramedics. Amazing, it is. It is pretty amazing and then the that the problem is this, so the federal government got into the act in nineteen. Seventy three with the emergency Medical Services ACT yet, but by nineteen eighty one there was an omnibus budget that said bore out or done were not funding emergency services any more and then, from that point forward. The emergency service system in the United States, whatever had been developed to that point, broken to patch works of state low
oh county programmes near sometimes multiple once within a single county. I think there's a county Michigan that has like eighteen different emergency services, and that is kind of created this, where we are now witches people doing bad sloop ass, they can in a work what amounts to a broken system and a lot of ways to take a break. Sir aright, when we come back, we will put the broken system behind us momentarily talk about M tease and paramedics pay everybody its Josh and chuck your pals and get this for the new episodes of stuff. You should know we're going to have a little help from Alexa hello
Smee Alexa. I know a lot about what you're looking for your own yellowlegs had not yet now for new episodes. She'll be charming in with stuff. You should know like this. The pitch of some crickets is so closely related to the temperature that you can use them as a thermometer, or this more than twenty universities, including Oxford in Cambridge, were founded before the Astor Empire and are still in operation today so tune into the latest episodes of stuff. You should know for stuff Alexa thinks you should know, hey you, wanna do or more sure Alexa the king COBRA is not, strictly speaking a cobra. It also makes a noise like a growl or a bark instead of hissing barking cobras, who knew Josh. The king cobra is not strictly speaking a code,
an elixir thanks for telling us some stuff. We should know any time. I love to talk about stuff right. So, if you want to ride in an ambulance or drive an ambulance and get on the scene and help someone out who's in need a couple of ways you can do it. You can be an empty emergency, medical technician and this is the best person who is is undergone about between about a hundred and twenty and a hundred fifty hours of course work there? They are well trained and all kinds of lifesaving procedures. If you need CPR, if need oxygen, administered fever,
having some bad allergic reaction that your life is in jeopardy, But there are limits to what they are allowed to do so one thing they cannot do even in the case of giving shots, is they can't break the skin right? Just super entered I never knew that now. I didn't know it either, but you can consider any empty like a entry level, Para medicine, professional right, that's where you would start- and in fact I think you have to start as an empty to go on to the next level, which would be Paramedic Garcia. So if you're paramedic you have about ten times the amount of course work and schooling under your belt by the time your paramedic think you do- have to have about six months, at least of prior immediately prior empty experience to start becoming a paramedic as well, which, at the I'm sure it's the way. Most people go
as you start out any empty, and then you in a move on to the next level, is paramedic year which, like you said ten times, so that's about anywhere from twelve hundred to eighteen hundred hours, depending on your state or you're municipality, to get certified, and this is where the real action can happen. You can give an ivy you can, if someone's having a heart attack, you can deal with that. You can operate defibrillator, maybe later fibre, later Frederick, it's fun to say once you master it, they should. It is called it the clear machine you hear, but it's a it's a lie. Out of work and a lot of ours and one of the people that they, are viewed in this article said that you know it really gruelling and when you're in paramedic training and school
and doing your coursework. Basically for a year or two, you can just say goodbye to your friends and family. Yes, other two Nana stuff stuff, so the paramedic is actually they operate under the license, not just like like under the direction but under the licence. Of a physician in their low cow right here, there's a couple of ways you can do it in and, as you start to see like, I saw a quote He said. If you ve seen one emergency medical system, you ve seen one emergency medical, says: racket there, I'll just so differently, and the whole thing is so patchwork. But there is a national standard which I think is a national emergency medical technician. Registry exam, that's like the national exam and then you may have to pass like state and or local exam to, depending on where you live, but there is like a national
adaptation and national coursework, but then how the system functions and runs is what's the patent, the patchwork part of it, yeah no cost you I mean it depends on where it is course and what program but though the example they used and our article is the USA Allay Centre for Pre hospital care and they quoted about ten grand for just the tuition and then, of course, like any college or coursework you're gonna have to pay for books in equipment, forums and steadily gotta, that's exactly where they get here. Clad skirt, and then, after that, though, the Good NEWS is, is it you have a really good chance of getting work. I get the impression that, If you have gone through all of Europe's paramedic training, you're not sitting around like there's, you Leah job waiting for you somewhere yeah. I saw that is well, and actually there doesn't necessarily pay super well now people. So if you ever see a paramedic, be exe
you're a nice to them for sure, because not only are they run around saving people's lives there not getting rich off of it at all. There do not cause it's something they care about near, but their, despite that, despite the mediocre pay, its I saw it's going to be one of the most in demand jobs over the next like ten to fifteen years. I really wish I could remember this statistic exactly, but I think they're like expecting another like fifty three thousand EMT jobs or paramedic jobs, to be added to that the american economy over the next decade. Maybe so, it's definitely a growing growing a career for sure, growing, profession, yeah, any mention the pay! If you, if you go to the? U S, Bureau of Labour statistics to kind of and a mean salary or something they do it. It's not really. They should separated but they lump in empties and paramedics when of course, empties don't make the kind of money their pet apparent
good, but they had a mean annual wage of about thirty one thousand dollars a few years ago and if you're in the top ten percent, it's about fifty four thousand and apparently the state of Washington is one on the higher side. They, u can get as high as seventy one grand and the state of Washington, right, but I mean you know, that's it. That's a good living in a decent living, but it's not like, like he said they dont go under this because, like old man, You know that thirty one grand a year is sore like being a school teacher, to feel like it's a calling in a lot of cases for sure for sure, as I was saying about the the license that they operate under right. So if a certified paramedic when you are it depending on the state Europe, You may be operating under the license or the state medical director like that's where you have your license yet or
it also be operating under the licence of a local physician like that physicians, licence covered. You covers the physicians assistant based everything working for everyone working for him or her. So you may operating under that physicians, licence or, as you know, this man, oh during ambulance ride so remember how just adding like a trained medical professional to the ride from an accident scene to the hospital improves outcomes of a donut since one thousand nine hundred and sixty six at least they figured out that if you can communicate with a doctor, if is an er physician on route? You could also improve outcomes even more so during these this transportation from it. Didn't to the hospital, the paramedic is probably in touch with any are doktor managers who is instructing in advising and consulting with the paramedic, to figure out the best course of action, the best course of treatment then how to carry that out and from what I understand,
that time the paramedics. Braiding under that physicians. Licence in that state would that make you feel better or worse what that the paramedic was getting instruction from a physician. Like. If you hear hear this going on, I don't know, I would say parties like better because it today, actors telling you that, but the other parties like, don't you know right away, you would hate to here, like the doctors say, will get the something somethin and for the paramount to say the what right? I don't know that if I have never seen this before ever, have you ever had to take an ambulance ride for years Thank goodness. I didn't think I had either, but then I did remember when I was thirteen or fourteen. My brother was sixteen or seventeen we were in a car wreck. There were eight people and a jeep madman, my brother's cheap. That was once my dad's cheap and that was definitely not safe.
Was definitely not safe to do to begin with, but we were going to a movie after church on Sunday night, but kids in youth group raisin. How piles can part brothers cheap wasted now just getting completely sober where, on the Lord, we were, and it was raining really hard, and you know at at pants upon De Leon Avenue here in Atlanta, everyone that doesn't little enterprise last that we pronounce it that way instead of Ponce De Leon, but on parts where his if you're leaving from Atlanta, it's that big curve where you go over, that large stone archway, yes, cannot headed toward indicator We were coming down that way. Nowhere near north, like mall, where we were supposed to be headed We were lost and my brother, we hydroplanes herb and turn the jeep over on its side.
And I read through the canvas ceiling or whatever its now man you got thrown oh yeah. We were scattered all over the street you're lucky. I know it's the only time. I think that I've been knocked unconscious and I just remember waking up now what would have been they seconds later. The pouring rain and looking around seeing my friends like scattered within, like twenty feet of each There are various man that is scary stuff. It was scary, so In the end, the Good NEWS is no one had lake. I think the worst injury was like a broken collarbone. I broke my finger. There were little cuts and scrape But nobody was hurt bad tourism for this, my brothers, in the ambulance on the way my brother was a sort of catatonic and though they said, They were trying to get information and they asked questions and its and he said a whole
is it a wholly said, the real world, so bad yeah? I think he was just sorted out of it in EL terrible, poor scar in here curse at all at the time that that still doesn't even out much. But if I weird That is what stands out of my mind. I wonder if he remembers that actually all its vigour and especially encouraged funny man, that's it that's what you're a great story. Teller was etiquette story. Yeah. I was like see how seriously where you kept like going off and handsome like now, I gotta get back the soil. Happened until you little nervous so well. Ok, she would take a break.
And also I forgot to mention the one guy that was tragically killed right if you like, but did I mentioned, I also broke my finger now. Nobody nobody's arose to better both get thereby sky thinks my brother broke his foot mills the stuff like that heck of a story chuck hacking, restoring thank you yellow, take a break in Riga. From the new this time tomorrow, podcast available now on the eye heart radio up or wherever you get, your podcast join us as we explore a future full of possibilities in the age of five g, glitter margin
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We should mention, even though it's kind of silly that emergency tv show from the 70s because it seems like it definitely like, actually played a part in ramping up ambulance services, one thousand nine hundred and seventy one. Seventy two and it premiered and remember the emergency Medical Services ACT, wasn't until one thousand nine hundred and seventy three that white paper and come out one thousand nine hundred and sixty six. So this idea of, like New type of medicine in this new type of like health care worker was really on America's mine, but one always got there was from that tv show emergency in part because it was shot like documentary style. People played themselves on it like there were real dispatchers on the show. Acting is dispatchers is captured America's imagination yeah. I remember watching it D. I dont think I ever saw an episode of yet
emergency. With an exclamation point, your Randal seventy seven and out it was mainly to do with two firefighter characters, but the story centred on and one of them was a young Kevin Tegor Teague. He was the jealousy roadhouse. Yeah. He was the owner is characterised by an oh yeah. He on the double deuce yeah he's great yeah. I care my would also seem to have seen him young before. I wonder if it was emergency now that you mention it, her? Maybe I have cadeau I'm going to write errands for sure. Did Burma Jack web failed and I think he produced or created it your big jack, whereby are you not? I don't know he's they did from dragnet sojourn Friday yeah? I guess you need to think about
he's awesome I'll. Let you know if you go back to watch like old episodes of dragnet. Oh my god yeah. That was a good show. Yes, it was, and I think emergency, maybe Adam Twelve- is like the direct spin off of dragnet. Maybe that's what I'm thinking up, but I swear. I know exactly what you're talking about with the Teague fella from Roadhouse and then wasn't dragnet colonel Yes, Harry Morgan right, we had a gimmick, Lena had a long conversation about mash the other day and how that was. I was imagining not yet and how that show was one of the few to survive like major cast changes. Oh yeah, like three of them here they certainly didn't like me. Stars like co stars. I think one of the few people who made it through is L and all the right. He was there the whole time yeah like hot lips, I think was the same and a few others, but they had like radar and cling.
Yeah, they already know existed. I think, but eventually radar left unclear took his job they potter took over for what's his face, the original guy. I dont remember, but he was a fishing had. Yet he was a man, the status ending ever for that one foot he went he. Left. Yeah remember. He got his papers to go home and everyone all excited, and then he was killed in a helicopter crash. Wayne trash remember their way out, well and then, of course, Frank Burns left and was replaced by Winchester and then Trapper laughed and was replaced by Honeycutt bright, but it just it was still great out well get it wouldn't ask at the very end. I don't know man good, bye, farewell and amen was one of the all time better, last episodes of true for sure, but you say they pulled together at the at the yet
So I think I remember the last couple of seasons. It was a little bit like you know this. Maybe it had run its course. I thought I was a very discerning Your old view here, I guess, you're, like they really gone to the huge gin joke too many times this episode. It is money that, like little twelve year old me thought like a funny thing in the world: Woods, war, surgeons, drunk war, surgeons, right, junk, philandering, more surgeons and went really got off track there, but who is to take a third break now and I'll fix it? I don't think we should do so or talk about paramedics today, yet leave it or dot and dumb wanted things, we talked about was the idea that that paramedics was talk a little bit of a more about their job right. Ok, one of the things that paramedics are sometimes criticised for is that they don't run to the scene of an emergency. I've never thought about
once you have it. I really had neither, but then I started thinking about my guy could totally see that I apparently for some people who are at an emergency scene and see the paramedics kind of walk up. They appear little too As and they want to know, what are you doing, why she rushing to the scene am paramedics. Think we saw a question answered on course core or something like that and a paramedic explains does actually a number of really good reasons. Why paramedics? Why you don't see them running to the first of all, they're gonna park as close as they can't injure, so that running is only going to save a couple seconds off, but really The number one reason are, one of the top reasons is that they are supposed to be they're supposed to bring with them to this scene of catastrophic, catastrophic panic, basically, com and professionalism and being in control.
I get that like. I think it would be a little disconcerting if I was injured, and I saw a paramedic burst into the room like breed heavy oh you're, going out with my kind is thereby ok, you're plus might get hurt running, that's another one in their use. D, you know are not usually, but say, probably a lot of times. It's not like there walking through a you know a perfectly laid pathway like they could be running upstairs or threw up. The House of Hoarders herb! You know through the woods, like you, don't know going on you, gotta Briar Foreign, your way there the and you have to be going slow enough, though you can assess what the risks you're walking into our you're, walking into a better them running into being like oh, the guy who shot you still here. Waiting for me now that I've run into the scene. I know that, but it's terrible
also kind of hard to run from place to place, depending on the equipment that they're carrying William the stretchers get heavy? The e g machines get heavy the defibrillators caviar. Such gets heavy. So, there's a number of reasons why you won't see paramedic rushing to the scene, yell seem rushing to the scene in the ambulance, though, and from what I understand, driving in the ambulance are riding in the ambulance is the most dangerous part of the entire job yeah, and here's another tab. Aside from being nice, Syria, Your paramedic is don't call them ambulance, drivers yeah because as part of their job- and it's a weird thing to that- there is not like they hire a driver who super skilled at that and then they have other people in there that do the work like they do double duty
have to learn to drive, like that. I mean, while their empties paramedics yeah, and so you know, if you ve ever seen an ambulance going. An intersection, they're, gonna, slow in and maybe even stop and then proceed. They still get broadside it very frequently by people going through the inner because they have a green light, not paying attention. They'll they'll hit an ambulance, like t, bone, an ambulance and the drivers? Probably ok or I should say the paramedic driving is probably okay, but the paramedics in the back they probably aren't I ll, down in any way shape or form because their working on the patient near and so they're getting thrown around and can get injured and killed themselves. That way, so that's the most dangerous aspect of the job, from what I've seen you Another interesting thing that I saw from that list you said was that, if you're in a big
city a lot terms times even have divided up between empty and paramedic for different cases so like if it there's a scene of trauma, going on like a car accident than your more likely to get any m, whereas if at home, and you, like my husband having a heart attack, were my childs having a seizure, then You are more likely to get a pair medic yeah, which is interesting yeah and if in cities as well, if you're, a pair medic, you probably once again to your ambulance. You basically stationed at the ambulance for the rest of your twelve hour shift you're, u dont, go back to the fire Hauser to the ambulance, clubhouse or anything like that actual here, you you're, like a designated street corner parked waiting for your next call, yeah, probably killing time somehow but you're. You there's there's that very much downtime only in it in a city
especially. The opposite is true for more rural M teasing paramedics and that there is a lot of downtime so much so that this guy, who is actually one of the consultants on that show emergency years back, he became a minister of Health, I think in Nova Scotia, and he he created this programme for Rural M S. Curse, to use their downtime in much the same way that, like a country, doktor, would have made house calls? Yes, they like was in the idea that they would go to places in sort of help train regular citizens on how to avoid getting hurt in step to begin with right, yeah doling out preventive medicine. Like me, ensure that people are taking their medicines correctly, teaching CPR classes, the teaching leading exercise classes for like seniors ETA senior centre like doing all the stuff to reduce the number of calls that they have to do.
On anyway, so it cuts down on their downtime, which I think is actually very much appreciated by paramedics. Khazars really nothing more boring and sitting around the instantly ended there actually doing something in and also making their community, fear place yeah. I thought it was funny when they were talking to some real on the ground paramedics about the downtime merriwig. Well, HBO goes kind of awesome. Yeah like we can get a better time, it's better than Nicholas Occasion, hang out with dad what did he do cuz. I remember that movie, but I remember all the details of it. Well, it wasn't that great I like to eat a tons of drugs ok, don't like a salutary or something I got in here, yeah kept begging to be fired right.
I remember it very well at all. Actually I think he did like that was his stick. He'd be begged to be fired, so one of the things about those that downtime, the community community preventive medicine, initiatives of kind of spread from Nova Scotia out through around the country. When you see a paramedic doing that they're they're not being paid or at the very least their unit or their county or their city, is not being aid. For that which is a huge problem yeah. This is where I got a little confused. The way I was reading. This was Medicaid and Medicare and stuff and insurance companies will reimburse only if they have transported someone to a hospital, yes, so, in other words, if you go, as an ambulance and a paramedic or anti to a place, and you actually can just help entreat someone there.
And they don't need to go to the hospital. Then that's a freebie, or did they send a bill to the people? As from what I understand, it's a freebie I dont pay, probably since it such a patchwork of systems all around the country. I am sure that you could live somewhere where you, the person, would get a bill for that. I think, as a matter of fact, you do no matter where you live by Medicated Medicare won't pay for it. So there is. There is a substantial reason to say to keep working chest compressions on a person who is obviously dead, all the way to the hospital interesting so that you can like Bill Medicaid for that transport or getting somebody to go to the hospital, even though they don't need to so that you can build Medicaid for that. That is well and the poor. The problem is that that leads to other problem
as well like hospital yards, are very much overcrowded in understaffed and overworked right yeah. So when you show up with another person, that's warmer person they have to deal with and apparently creates a bit of a Catholic, the yeah there's a cultural conflict between the people, the paramedics in this empties bringing people to the hour and the people who staff the e ordinary. Accepting these people so much but there's it's become kind of common for your rooms too, to issue ambulance, diversions right, say don't bring anybody, do our e r go somewhere else?
really bad night in a really populated city, you might find every single e r room like with that diversion alert on and you gotta take somebody out like a country hospital. They doesn't know anything about trauma and it takes forty five minutes to get there and you'd they're not going to get the care they could receive at a good trauma centre in the city. So it's a real problem yet, and is it too in terms of pay, and we need to hear from people on the ground, because this is surprisingly confusing. We on research, this on how it works, and maybe that's the point, but it seems like it's also a fixed rate. There is no difference between I treated kid fertile allergic basting reaction to I brought a guy back from the dead. He had had a heart attack or heart failure YAP. Is that right? Yes, along as you transport, both of them to the hospital
gonna get. I think I saw as low as twenty five bucks for medicate in some places I dont understand, since the numbers just do not add up, I don't get it at all. I know that some places some counties in cities fold their m t r M S, workers under their fire departments, so that they they fall under the fire departments, funding which I think fire department tend to be way better, funded in any kind of EMS service. So I think that's how that's one way that happens, but I just I don't. I don't get how this, how this actually works, money wise cause, it it doesn't add up, it doesn't make sense. Yeah I mean it's not often that were available stymied, so we're going to follow up for sure with some emails, but I think that's also gonna vary from places place right, because the other thing that I got really confused about was private. The privatisation of ambulance services. Yeah and as best it is, I can tell, is in the seven
he's an the eighties there were a lot of small private ambulance companies. But then they merged into more real All things, and these days there's just a few like big multinational com, and that are the most dominant in the industry right But I don't get how that works like if their private are they'd like working with only pray hospitals are now I get good was state hospital. I think that they can get a contract from the state they can be never licence to operate within a state or a phoney or wherever, and I think they go wherever there called too. I know that there can be like competition among them, so multiply. Ambulances will show a better seen, sometimes just it's it's it's kind of a bit of a cluster as far as competing with the local M services and I think
it's on the decline from what I've seen yeah, but when you call nine one one, do you have a choice? So what you can do, I think it's kind of like uber like he bade the nine on one dispatcher has a log of companies or services like public, funded or private services, that than that can be issued to and they send out the alarm and whoever takes the call goes and gets it interesting. So the problem is, is I saw a LAS Vegas Review Journal article about this LAS Vegas was debating whether to just totally private eyes, they're EMS Services and their EMS is like went berserk there like no like this. Is this doesn't work the price Companies are late, I think they were late like ten thousand plus times in one year and now in LAS Vegas. Their response time tends to be less than actual fight a partner, ear messes, it's just that is. It is not as proof,
both and the reason why ambulance private ambulance services came about her beak became widespread. Is the site. This idea that issues of privatized everything and that competition will keep everything going right and that has in a surly turned out to be the case and from what I see New York is actually scaling back on theirs right yeah. I think Giuliani is one of the people that really tried and, of course you know no surprise, given his politics, trying to privatized the industry but apparently a lot of those had gone out gone bankrupt basically, and in the during the during the housing boom that financial collapse. Strangely or maybe not strangely cause. I don't understand it allowed a private equity funds, started buying up ambulance services, he others they go, there's the downfall so interesting. I know that this is one of those were someone's gonna knock our socks off with a great
yeah. I think also I'm one more thing about the private ambulance services. It's not like they're just bad idea all around her nose in a low how that is underserved. If a company wants to common set up ambulance services, that would be great for the area. Yet They have a file a you know they have that they can get places faster in an ambulance and they could have before in a place where you Your EMS, overstretched in the counties like now, where the hiring its single additional EMS worker, the company that sets up shop, can actually take up. The slack like there are good aspects. We like it's not just like some terrible idea, but in practice it has worked out as well as as one would hope from what I understand near the yet EMS workers like email. Us like explained this, because I really like you, I do not get whose footing the bill has to be insurance companies, and if you don't have it
it has to be just the person the individual. Yet I think we have. We waited into the waters of doing a nine one, one podcast once and didn't in that correct because it was, we will do it at some point but I remember seeing it as a good easiest one and I ended up like being super convoluted yeah. I think I think we should do that we should also do this yours in general to near so that sir, a bit about paramedics sounds like there's way more to it right here, but you got anything else for now knows her. Ok! Well, since chucks had no sir decipher listen to me, In writing. We call this. We help the dude when something of this guy's been listening to your show for about four years, I always wanted to write in, but now I have a great reason. A local store was doing a giveaway a few days ago and they posted that the first people to show up and answer correctly would win a prize. The question was bacon and eggs was not always a bride,
food and what year did it become so and who was the man behind the marketing idea? So the Skype sounded super excited. Isn't it yet immediately. I thought of your show any uncanny ability of Mister Edward Bernice. The pop up and seemingly strange histories remembered your pr episode and knew it was some time the twenty. So I had to my car took off for the business I got there. I told him to answer with a star to look face. Told me I'd want a huge case of meat and not just junkie stuff. Either this place sells to restaurants and businesses. All across the country there, I could superstar good elite he's like I would meet in a just like terrible many good stuff. When they asked. If I had to look it up, I told them know that I was in the stuff you shouldn't when they are retained. In the back of my mind, they asked for them the show and they
They are going to play it for all the workers there during the day so now making it more difficult and random questions. That's awesome and he said it doesn't in there. Later in the week in the same girl had spoken to recognize me, so they had to other people come in. They had known the answer from stuff. You should now as well even though we live in Super rural Utah, Here we have a large following, and that is from John Robeson thanks. Robeson. I hope you have a healthy pms service out there to come, find you after you eat that box of me yeah, and you know what what's here from SALT Lake City. Could we have debated alive, show there and just didn't know if we have the support, so I wanna hear is there. No one here we want to hear from you time and Emma s workers here. If we get ten people that email, listen, say too cumbersome exceeding look up, I think I should set the bar higher than that.
Okay. Well, if you want to, let us know that you're from utah- and you want us to come or you're an EMS worker, and you got some good stories for us. You can tweet to us, I'm at Josh on Clark and at Sysk Podcast Chuck's, at Charles W Chuck Bryant on Facebook, dot com and at stuff. You should know on Facebook as well. You can send us an email to probably easiest to stuff podcast at Helstone words. Outcome is always to areas that are home on the web stuff. You should know that or more on this and thousands of other topics. Housetop works, That is why, as K Pod cast checks at Charles W Chuck Bryant on Facebook that calm and stuff you should know on Facebook as well. You can send us an email, probably easiest to is brought to you by lobbying. Elbow being, does want anything to come between you and the perfect day outdoors, not even cold weather. Oh well being outer. Where is packed with
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