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How Rollercoasters Work, Minus the Fun

2011-04-28 | 🔗

Whether you're a rollercoaster fan or avoid them like the plague, there's no denying that these contraptions are striking examples of physics at work. So how do they actually work? Join Josh and Chuck as they break down the mechanics of rollercoasters.

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Here's the thing. Saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up: basketball, is always that guy who joined your game, he never passes the rock he instantly bricks theories and who can we have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul, with Geico its ease the switch and save on car insurance. No. Need fake, an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted, so which, in save with back it's almost better than sports, brought to you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready. Are you Welcome to stop. You should know from house to what extent and looked into the podcast on Josh Clark. As always is Trouser Bryant and this stuff, you should know the audio podcast that is now
described and available on the blood over there. Yes, the deaf in hard of hearing community is ready. Oh yes, Josh and that is exciting, expand the group of people that can get on the train. You know I'm saying I think so I hope so Yet let you told him I was getting like the experience, packets and Raymond Then? Yes, I know you're talking about Jack Jack. You ready to do this year. Have you ever my arms or up here, been on it? or custom. I am a roller coaster guy. I wouldn't call myself one of those guys. You know who like make special trips to states just to read the coaster, but I've always been event. There are plenty of people who do the area and not just the stately, Japan yeah his big with roller cursors as well Dubai, and
do they have huge orchestras. I could tell us each one of them is on the list. I didn't get the list. With you. Why can't wait here with the other three hundred thousand people? At the same time I or listening to this chuck, I am not a roller coaster guide, despite being from original a higher which is the home of arguably the greatest amusement park in the world. Cedar point here: Sandusky yeah right there in the world, nice. It is very nice. On the other side, you have the breakers hotel here, Qatar Island, where my family vacation for many years. When I was a kid and we will go to see your point pre frequently,
from a very young age. I was terrified of rollercoaster because I repeat your picture when I was, I think three, my dad said Josh here we are at this new world. Why? You? Let me take you on this great right, called space mountain, yet Now is very time when you look at it. It's not hear me don't ever since I've been still nothing even as it from you're all to a twenty something. It's no different, because I've been completely spoiled on rollercoaster is now. I was very young kid. My dad was taking me and space mountain. I had no idea what to expect, and damaged goods, now really do that despite a dent in it, for you is it now? If I actually go, if I can get the courage of the action go on a roller coaster. I've just an amazing time Yasser, but,
the standing in line going up. The first tell that, like I couldn't I cant, do you do it chuck? I had a similar experience in there. I would not ride rollercoaster, but I really enjoyed the park six flags, obviously here in Georgia, and we had the family seasons every year in its at a certain point in age, my father said you know, you're gonna go RO the customers, if we're gonna pay for you to get in the park where an ice to hang out with the banana splits, is not worth the money he had a weapon of war here's how bad it stuck for me as I would wait in line the whole time gazelles of my family and then when I'm came, I would walk through the car to the other side earlier and I used to have terrors that they would like. I would slip in pharmacies in the bar would come down now think is giving due theme park here he forced me to go, and I think that my mentor and I'd never looked back
as that was awesome. That is really great, that the exact opposite of my salary and now and cannot really well. Yes, I, like an area, is actually ruin our Mercosur, because for dead took her on space. Mountain is well. He pretended like you to know. What's going on, I like he was freaking out there just hit, so our kids, we're going to go on a roller coaster, because both of his or her parents are gonna, be too nervous about that is that all you get me now into cedar point a couple years ago and its harder? When in a little older, the line seem longer heat is more oppressive, and these rollercoaster anymore redneck and these broadcasters now are like astronaut training. It's me I can take a lot I would get off some of these thinking man. What are you about? The top thrilled drugstore
get a bunch of near that kind of made me feel queasy, meals, fine, but it also tested the limits of my intestinal afforded it nice. Now, let's talk about something I have to say this. The some article by Tom Harris whose on par with the groups, are in my opinion, yet I'm scared, he yeah. He basically breaks down exactly what's going on roller coaster near can hoping that understanding. This would make me feel better about not think its head any if an effort at all by, at the very least now you and I can explain what the deal is with rollercoaster track. Let's start shock: let's, let's take it back to sixteenth century Russia, who would have thunk it? That's where it all began. Josh you right they have these, I slides very steep wooden fly. Covered a nice. You got a little sled and I
Imagine it looks like the long straight water slide that they have today or I took it like the escape jump, but without the jump part at the bottom that, but it wasn't just the sled they these things. Would these slides were covered in ice? The track was, but then at a time you could also write a block of ice. So you can imagine some crazy, sixteenth century russian, eyeing a block of ice than seventy slope into a sand pit loaded vodka yeah? Probably that's that is all roller coaster. Historians agreed the beginning rollercoaster right yeah and the next step is a little laugh somewhat disputed, but the best we found was that the French got bored and said we're going one of these, but in France that got hot the ice did so they said. Well, let's just wax. The wood Then they said: hey, let's just put wheels on it.
And all the suddenly had a wheel rollercoaster in eighteen. Seventy four son you're the first Was the russian mountains of Bilbil on Francais. They ruses Belvane ha ha ha. And, like you said eighteen, seventeen year that was introduced and from that point on that was kind of like the explosion of modern. Why don't wanna say explosion of modern rollercoaster? Two took a good thirty forty fifty years, but after that it exploded. Right yes, the United States in Pennsylvania in the MID eighteen hundred, said the first one in the: U S, and it was sort of like they still have these two that go up the side of a mountain. I know I've been on the Incline railway Tennessee assorted. What it's like terrifying to it basically was an old coal wine that they would take you up in a cart slowly in the cholera scenic tour, and then I get the impression
but you down a little more quickly. Yes adding to the thrill- and this is like eighteen fifty- it was the mid nineteenth century and it cost dollar, when did. I did the western calculator twenty five eighty, eighty two thousand ten dollars. What a rip Well, I don't know I mean I mean that this is it. Why resign? No other, even resembling rollercoaster in the United States, you gonna patron my box unravelling the insurers either that or playing russian roulette yeah. They probably ensure those rich people to choose which rich people in old coal cars. Yes, so from that point on Pennsylvania apparently was a has had like the long standing tradition, longstanding history roller coaster, because they have that called the mouth chunk switch back railway yeah. That was that, for relic ass you describe, and then they had real ones like Kenwood Park. Still there one of the first amusement parks here is still there and then, of course, the world Famous Coney Island and then the nineteen twenties
happen and there were, as many rides as as many I don't know rollercoaster, but there were as many rides and operation in nineteen twenty as there when the United States. Now It is there a roller coaster today, our really say replace the old, really well yeah, that's part of it, but at the same time you would think, like you, just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger in there be more more more but the great Depression WAR war too. Can it cut the a thriller, Kofi Annan Amusement parks for while it wasn't tell the seventies and eighties that you know that the the then, of the modern roller coaster that you know and love today, and I hate really began right seed on him, gotta parts. Probably that night was. I want the downward those fine, but we did. We wouldn't rather rollercoaster desperate. Low stress. I would think before his road is, if someone tells us that there is no cedar point now,
worthy or Canada, point it's just like shame, humility, SAM. You know every every turn so should we talk about some of the components of the train itself and how it works? I think we should because really may I was surprised at how predicted The simple this is yet knew what I didn't know, and maybe I'm a d but I didn't realize that almost all of the ride based on just Ford momentum, and so it's acceleration and gravity yeah, all those things combined. But it's not like there's points along the track that Ike slowing down. We need to give you an extra magnetic boost right as point right. Yes, it's all found in them initial for sale yes, which your carried up the hill many times by a chain left you know that sound that some private strikes fear numerous contingent GDP The slower versions even were yes, and that is a sort of like a bite chain on a loop.
And there's a motor, as this can turn it gives a year at the top in a motor. The bottom, in you put onto it with some called a chain dog is basically a hook and policy up. The hill like Gonna, conveyed yet and then releases you at the top and then physics does this thing and then I and other way to give up the hills, the catapult launch life, which is slightly more sophisticated the day I come the name of the ride. Canada yeah, that was there. I had dear. Actually, that might be magnetic yeah others. There are basically two ways to do that your induction motor produces magnets right and they attracted to one another and it's the motors attached to the train cars. And the motors moving along the track because of these two magnetic fields that are attracted to another and its pulling the train with it. Yet and that can generate really high precise speeds. All of a sudden. Yes, I prefer being shy.
Of a cannon on that kinda exactly and then another way to do it is to have two sets of wheels that are spinning really quickly, that kind of grit that the train cars and then shoot you up there to both matters celebration? Initially, I think I don't know the number is but zero. Sixteen, the blink of an eye, the alpha, I think that is at the top speed or the top thrill drag, sir he's TAT, thrilled, rags, ok, civilian goes like two hundred twenty miles an hour and like a second or two, he asked at top speed of a hundred and twenty, and you must get that right out of the gate right and then. Lastly, the really big component that operates rollercoaster the brakes and are not so different than any kind of this break in theory. Basically, it clamp down on these metal fans and the paths slow it down
when the little sixteen year old people who face kid, pushes the button actually talk computers but yeah, don't scare people I like to think that life is in it that that boys hands right, that that one teenager from the Simpson yeah I forgot to push the body such as those of the component. The visit moving parts right yet, but then you also have the track itself, which is basically broken down into two categories. Have still posters in your wooden custards Woody's, I think, is their affectionately them by enthusiast by sick of examiner. I think I think so. What is amazement that up so obviously the worries are those big old scorns. He still see anything they make wooden ones at all any more. I did it. I don't know, because the tallest one is the son of the beast at kings, island, kings, dominion and dumb. That one is all that, like eighties yeah an hour, I would imagine they can
having on, if they were gonna, keep building em well, so the deal. Obviously you know you to be a rocket scientist figure this out, there's not nearly as much flax in stiff would planks, so they don't do have tons of twisting and turning is really just about up and down up and down. Plus height is a big factors. Well, I think it gives us that the son of the beast is about half his tall is the highest still closer yeah I and its I would imagine. Expenses kind of a big deal. Maintenance is is huge because these are basically like railroad ties. You know every few feet in their interlocking in supporting each hill and twist and turn yeah this they're just inherently more day risk causing less precise yet, but for nostalgia you can't beat it. That is true. Then, of course you have these steel track, and these are the ones where you suddenly can go upside down on a corkscrew and you can dangle from it and basically just come as close to death is passed
yes, just nineteen, fifty Jesus when tubular steel first made its debut, and here you got wheels that are made of polyurethane or nylon sort of Malacca, skateboarding, we'll yeah and bit. They generally have like wheels on top wheels on the site. Builds on the bottom, and it's just clamp down on that sucker. Yes, very well thank you for it, then there's other ways that the the train car can be attached to the track. You can have suspended coaster which, like Stanley, I loved a track above, was reformed and it's not it's not few. So you can kind of Turner flipped out set aside, as are often forgotten, general. And then there's the inverted culture which is the same thing except it's its views to the to the track, it's not going from side to side wretched. Yes, if the word I'm looking for right guess what you ve got the the flying
you're in a seated position, but your first your rotated up, and I think that sad when it six legs, you're, like sitting flat Paul you up and backwards until you are completely ninety degrees facing straight down and then the let's go, and you start from their right there's ones, where you're sitting and then like the car, actually reconfigure, so your flat. So your chest is parallel to the ground as if your fine right, yes, is at the fourth dimension, I I think fourth dimension, would be- maybe I'm like if you have a suspended coaster and it was all bearing joint so You went around a curve. You could actually like do a three. Sixty eight kick out to the side. It's not just for back up down delivering the fourth dimension. Are they horrible? Now it basically you're sitting in a sea, that's like a wing that is on the out the tragedy of the track in the sinner in these two little wings on each side and as
going through these loops, your car itself Seed itself is actually performing loops as well. Sometimes in the opposite direction of the loop. Your currently in had some awful on its own Also what you just described. This is a pipeline coaster as well. We highlighted the to the still to be going in The middle of the car, yet fourth dimension, is an extra spin on the pipeline design right spin literally, I didn't mean that then, of course stand up. The traditional sit down stand up. You like those, I think I've only been on one, and I like it here is the lock this I think kings island the unanimous, very modest and add much very like I have to stand up. All the data are going to build closer circuit, sit for awhile for my money that the ones where you hang hang down the seat like if you sit on the outside front row, those his dislike physical, find? What I've got
one of those probably everywhere, and then, of course, there's Bob sled wheeled trains are usually track, probably the most dangerous and old time of all things ethically like the M retro Russian sled thing, except that the block of ice ok, so there you got, there is a relic of Israel, the parts moving and otherwise its physics time now it is physics sense of shock to basically a roller coaster. Ride is an interplay of two forces. You have gravity the downward pull gravity and the fourth of acceleration you acceleration to me, is where it all happens. Ok, I mean there actually working together, along with a visual accuse which it was really what makes it happened, but the seller and me is. What were you get your your rush? Ok, here's the thing saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up. Basketball. Is always that guy who joined your game,
He never passes. The rock. He instantly bricks theories, and who can We have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul, with Geico its ease, the switch and save on car insurance. No, need fake, an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted so which in save Geiger it's almost better than sports, and this is physics, but it's actually pretty interesting, as we can explain things like the feeling ever stomach, leaving your body in that continent. So don't go away so check. We too to gain momentum, degenerate speed, velocity for momentum. Inertia, I think, is what is called. I ah, you are just about. Every roller coaster has a first all right get you go and always gonna be the tallest one right yes and when your ass,
point you're at the peak of what's called potential energy as you're going up the hill you're you're increasing potential energy until you crest, the hill and gravity takes over poignant downward right, and at that point your potential energy is converted to kinetic energy, which is that downward momentum. So, as you go further further down the hill, you lose potential energy, you gain kinetic energy and then every successive hill after that takes advantage of a constant change between genetic and potential energy to keep your speed going to get it going faster, too slow you down and that's how the roller coaster stays going as quickly as it does throughout the whole right and it stays in motion. Mr Isaac Newton had a little rule. Let's call it a law for of motion that something in motion tends to stay in motion and that's what's going on here and Another rollercoaster serve precisely designed like you want to go down there
so and go up the second hill and the like. Oh, I can quite make it and you're going back down, although the key car, has been known to not be able to make it up that hill. What It happened to me once with that of the first tv commercial for the king, the car, working on it. So we wrote it like. In times without anyone there and a couple of times. They may not do that anymore, they Movin working the kings out, you get shot up made up in there. If you come back down and do it again, relaunch you. It may still happen this look of terror judges on over him thickets and smelling salts right, so cheese, Oj C of it, though? Can you get to shoots out of the gate, which is the most one part yeah I mean I could see how you will appreciate that I find that that's just off I was in. It
I'm never going on. I mean every thing right so, like you said, object, emotion tends to stay emotion and down. There are opposing forces, but the track is any any rollercoaster tracks going to be designed to take advantage of going up potential and potential urging the releasing at his kinetic right. Yes, so while as is happening here, you have acceleration yes, I've gravity and gravity is constantly exerting a downward pressure on your body, yet the reason grave is exerting, that pressure is because check that you know the earth's atmosphere actually has measurable weight and its considerable ok. Can I tell you what it is you for forward, because four point, four one quadrillion tonnes while four point four comma for one and in thirteen years it's a lot. That is that a lot of weight obviously is now
pressing down you all at once, or else you will be crushed into oblivion. Pushing operate? Well, gravity is pushing down and you should conceivably if the earth was like of warm marshmallow. Might you go right into the center, but you don't because this. Isn't a warm marshmallow? ground actually presses backup, brightest pressure from the from the resistance created by the ground yet and that's the sensation of weight exactly because the the bones in your feet, press up to the bonds in your leg in itself etc. All of a sudden, you feel, like you, have a little bit of weighty right. Yes, so that's the feeling of gravity, yes, then acceleration has its own for has its own feeling yeah. That's my favorite, because that's when your body and its interests, it's an opposite force acting on if you're being shot forward at a hundred miles an hour. You
be feeling like you're being pushed backward right in it, with both gravity and with acceleration. You feel the opposite, like you're, being pressed down by gravity but you feel the resistance from the earth. Yes, because your inertia differently, neared little train car, the Turin and well, that's the saint. Yes, it's the same with acceleration and gravity. You feel the opposite feeling so, like you said, when you being shot forward, it feels like you're being pressed back in your seat. Yeah, that's actually your seat, pressing on your back, which I just that's the thing rollercoaster, podcast yeah, that's great! Actually, I think we will get to the mind with the stomach thing ok and then similarly chuckling, when the roller coaster slows down, you feel like say the harness the safety bar inferring, pressing India, their rights. Are you feeling the opposite? say like the bottom of the hill at say, is when you'll feel most heavy Cohen were using. Air quotes usually say that, but I stole it right on the
The other reason for the sensations that you feel is that you're in the car and the cars being act, in its own way, yeah. That's different than you're being acted on, so there's not to send an interplay between these forces, but there's an interplay between you and the car like the the seat, pushing on you, the harness pushing on you or even feeling like you're, you're, lifting up brain so talk about the year. That is that Kuwait was feeling you get. You reach a certain eventually, where acceleration, gravity bow. Each other out so that feel weightless in. If you are, why should we get to the stomach burnt What's going on inside your body is you're not a solid chunk of would most of his art. Most of us are comprised of different organs, placed in this goosey body inside so things are gonna react differently. You're different org you're gonna react different apartment, other. So, if you're that way
feeling that is actually your stomach. Having, force exerted on it and downward motion, so you feel, like you're. Stomach is going up because the candidates, yet and this when you're coming down the hill and the force of acceleration in the force of gravity are equal as airtime baby. Air time is when acceleration exceeds gravity and I'll write. You like you, you you, don't you feel like you're, being pull upward. If you let go, you will lift up in your seat right because again, like these. Forces, are acting differently on the car than they are in New York. And it's just like a cartoon where, like your heads days longer, virtually the same thing is based on the principle that our bodies aren't so like you, said right and that'll happen, obviously in freefall ride or when you crest, the top of a large hill you'll, feel like you're coming out of your seat. You are right, said: that's air time when you are actually out of you see Yes, that is the freefall. That's the money moment! That's when you play
the penny on your me and you watch it float yeah dangers. Probably for our depends. We should recommend that what's now and then check so you ve got the interplay between you and the car. Yet, although these two forces ACT if a gravity and acceleration and then also like you, said, there's visual queues the way, the roller coaster designed so that things are washing past. You write like year taken into a concrete bunker. All of a sudden. You feel like you're about to smack your head on it and right that you, so you have not just the arm the physical feelings, but you have empirical sensations of just going really fast in a very dangerous way. A very dangerous place. Yes, he my factor, the show actually not the stomach, but the fact that you as a person, your body, cannot feel velocity and it sounds. We are to say that, but if you think about it, if you're on the bullet train in yours, on the bullet. Try India you're not going
we pushed back toward the back. The train, yearning your body can feel is a change in velocity which is exhilaration. Yes, That means that constantly anaerobic here, that's what they're doing their taken advantage of the visual queues and grabbing acceleration and kinetic impotent energy and their given you throw out of your life. So if you dont close your eyes and a roller coaster cause you're missing out on a very important aspect of it is what I say: yeah or close your eyes. I bet I have a picture. I you sit on our hands of me on the millennium closer at cedar Point and where it was like one of the official like pictures. They take out you after this. Still and, like my eyes, are wide open, but I'm my bodies clearly vacant, like I've. I've left my body for the moment the to evacuate your bows now
I evaluate of my body, but not my bow. Ok, that's good now admit that one would get a cedar point would be so bad now, maybe someday hooker. I mean you. The laws of their area, is a safe. I mean, I know that Youtube. You have things that is primarily that comes from, but is it safe? Are you endanger? Ah it depends you no less Well, no! Really! Last week there was a three year old that died at a place called go Bananas in Chicago really, and yet it looks like there was basically a three year old son been on this right yeah, but it doesn't look like there, we can a roller coaster. Air, the king, called out from underneath the safety bar fell out, fell like three or four feet, which wasn't bad but fell under the chickens hit by another car. So it does happen, but this is so infrequent and there was such a freak
occurrence that to answer your question, the way you want to hear it: yes, it's safe, well has some stats here from the article Josh and two thousand six old, three, In thirty, five million people visited theme, parks and- thirty five hundred of them sought medical attention that year, but the as is Tom, Harris points out. These are people who visited theme parks so for the whole thing partner, posters. They could have slipped on the way into the bathroom. They could have gotten a fist fight with Latin America. That's right! So there total injuries or total people seeking medical attention only one hundred and thirty of those required overnight, hospitalization and so that means you risk of serious injury. Just by entering a park is one in twenty five million chancellor fatal injury one in one point: five billion annually the voluntary in a car crash or fifteen in ten thousand analyses
Regrettably, I gotta go feel safe in your car is clearly the most dangerous thing. You can do is get in the car, I'm Bobby Brown. Welcomes my my podcast beyond the deity new show from I radio, probably know me as the founder of the cosmetics company, but I walked away in two thousand and sixteen and boy have I learned a lot. I've learned how to build a business business, how to take chances at a dive in and just try things and I'm constantly trying to figure out how to keep myself healthier and should live a better life. But you know what I still have a lot of questions so we re sitting down with different people each week that I think we can all learn from creators of some of the most successful businesses and brands today biggest names and beauty, doctors and health birds I admire.
My own family listen to be on the beauty and the I hurt radioactive apple podcast or ever you get your fat cats. Ok, I wonder, though, how much of that obviously has Do with the fact that we don't ride around in roller customers that frequently Oh yeah, three road runner cars pretty pretty frequently. So so I wonder if the time you know spent and made it comparable what they're like? How much that margin would narrow? He asked the point once you thousand three in them brain injury instead of America studied brain fatalities and they found that its, These people had something going on beforehand. So it's not the right people who suffered death from yet injuries or brain injury, yeah garlic has together they had undetected brain conditions already in place. So our advice,
this little warnings that you see like if you have that back or you're pregnant high blood pressure, those aren't does their willy nilly. You should take heed and dont go on the right. You fit any those descriptors. I feel so bad for their family and she got ready to offer as world records, should we go ahead as rough transition was still to education? Tallest is the king The new jersey, four hundred and six are fifty six feet total with a drop of four hundred and twenty eight feet. Nanny degree angle: I thought if you're rollercoaster person or you are thrilled by roller coaster, terrified by you, go on Youtube. Type in a roller coaster, name or just rollercoaster, yeah and people love to make little videos from like the first car of like the roller coaster right now, it's pretty much appeal v experience very shaky one near
The fastest is in Dubai, that is it Ferrari World and the right the formula Rosa in that goes. A hundred forty nine miles an hour just really fast journalistic on advanced. There are twelve coaster. Worldwide, Josh with a decent angle equal to or greater than any decrees? I think the millennium coastal, when they got to ninety seven degrees, you're. Actually like your image your angle back the other way. And the millennium has a safety barn? That's it! I was at it here, so you really feel like you're about to flip right out of the car. Terrified. The largest woody is the son of the beast. I think you mentioned that won the scream machine, and here in Atlanta, was for a very short time and early. Seventy six hundred people, the fastest. What he is seventy eight miles an hour and that's also signed the beast and motivated a wheezing sound as it comes in
all this one is leaked the depths. It's called leave the deaths that some an old time, Euro area stuff right, let the speaker notice it Lake might park and out in a Pennsylvania, and it was built in nineteen o too, and it still running that's another one in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania's, the heart and soul of this country's stork roller toasters. I just decreed that So again in going to you to check out some pretty cool first personal viewpoint, rollercoaster rights. Also My favorite things to do is to look up photos spread of abandoned, amusement parks, tiresome really cool ones across the world, and then you should I strongly recommend- and I think you can join me in that Right- Chuck in gets going to read this article- how rollercoaster work it hasn't it section and how loop the loops work, physics chicken. I often
They cover that this, but there is a whole bunch of pretty cool stuff in cool pictures yet in their little animation, do yeah it's just equality article. Yes before he had the park the summer. You can Friends did have by telling them all the words exactly. You can type a roller coaster. Two words in the handy search bar, has the works that come to get that article. And I guess it brings up listener. Male Joshua. For a good cause from an old friend is for my friend Jason Jenkins and he lives in Japan, the Japanese late you doing you're talking about the nuclear meltdown. I get my only friend in Japan, although we have the participants here. You are like France as well, so Jason Rights energies. What we call him a junkie here of all
nobody, despite what you may read, we're all alive and not turning into an out take from the latest file hazards, not one hundred percent back to normal, of course, but Tokyo and ninety percent of the country is much more workaday life than a lot of the media make it out to be. I could go on, but leave it there. I write to pitch a possible interesting pike. Ass were article four, the site. You have quick. What have you heard a quick with I have described? It is basically a an expert in american expecting bridge british Expec in Japan get a wholesome, my tweet. And briskly turned, I guess- on the ground: social media coverage of the quake, soon army and the nuclear crisis into an e book. Basically, like a coffee table e book, he got this whole garlic
thank you use twitter through unless somebody do translations and it just became this huge massive grassroots push to kind of document this from from people's right here and there it was titled two minutes and forty six seconds after the earthquake struck so like immediately. This thing was launched not even really knowing what they are launching at the time, now there are thirty thousand words of short personal accounts and alike from two hundred writers, editors, designers, artist, that of all fifteen. For the same miracle, so Jason goes on to say: amazing project completely crowd source through twitter and then pitched Amazon who freed away their usual cut So all of the money made by this evil go straight to Japan, Red Cross, its one hundred percent. I said no one made us in on it completely volunteer. These guys went from. Initial idea to writing to production to product in one month throw astounding if you think about it
Several famous semi famous peeps contributed. William Gibson younger honor. Very iser, Jake, Addle, Steen, Cetera not directly involved with it. The lot of my friends are either in writing. Their stories are helping to put the book together, editing lay out pr, etc. We are all trying to get quick book as much attention as possible, and that is from my buddy J. Jenkins and I'm gonna blog about it and sit down on Facebook and if you want to support Japan Red Cross, which should then go up by quick, but these notes percent the profits are going. Where do they get a choking Amazon, yeah I'd, say: that's a good place or just search quake book yet find your favorite others, quick book, twitter fees and Facebook and all that stuff and greatly support because of their physical coffee, Chuck Gifford thinking he got me thinking there were many money, you're trips to Japan. I'm sure I will run in retail laser turkey as a small town, the arguments, Jackie,
in everything. That's it I'm. If you have a picture of yours terrified on a roller coaster. We want to see it didn't, go posted on our Facebook page, that's Facebook, that times less that you should know you can tweeted to us as Y s cap as why as K, podcast cheese and then, of course, there is always old fashioned email which we still always. Let me get, but don't necessarily respond every single one, because the Czechs gettin up there in years you can send it to stuff podcast at how stuff works, dot com for more on this and thousands of other topics is a house up works that come to learn more about the podcast click on the park ass. I can a quarter of our homepage. The house efforts Iphone up has arrived download it today on Itunes brought you by the rain, the two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready are you,
may we are partnering with our radio for our own podcast series. One fan to interview the bank throughout this serious will be funding fans indifferent towards eight markets. Verdun become hang backstage in air view. Us will be giving you look behind the scenes like never before in answering questions that our fans have always wanted to know, check out. One fan to interview the ban on the radio, apple pie, cats or wherever you get your contests
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