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How Shark Attacks Work

2012-08-09 | 🔗

A shark attack is a terrifying experience for the victim -- but are sharks really man-eating monsters with a taste for human flesh? Join Josh and Chuck as they ask why sharks attack, how attacks occur and which sharks are most likely to attack someone.

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and this is what you should do: a shark weak additional charges weak addition to happy shortly. Happy shortly in honour of shark weak. I got you a present, Yeah, but it's Jabber job dvd boxer, his thought I was gonna, get you speak body if I am correct in this should becoming out the Thursday before shark weak, oh good time, so sharply actually starts in the three days on Sunday. I'm so embarrassed that I give you your presence early other took we like to open on Christmas Eve here, they did ok, feeling it yeah. I thought that we wouldn't be able to find anything here to do on sharks, but we never really covered specifically targeting yeah. I think it is high time we did, because I think that, thanks to
a growing growing Lee, increasingly enlightened, populous sharks, in light of the bad wrapped they had year for many many years since nineteen. Seventy five yeah. I feel like we're here to kind of help. Hasten though on a little bit His hands strike fear into your hearts. Well, who is this kind of roller coaster idea, because this articles are really cause right of return about how shark attacks work tried it. We should save, first and foremost right off the bat that you can make a pretty good case. Almost all shark attacks are cases of taken identity yeah. I don't know this is a real step, but am Gary Atkinson who is a diver since ninety percent or more or big to speak.
Eggs. Ninety percent or more usually the case, not a real step, but I bet it's pretty. Hikers is firstly, which contained in a book that has an exclamation point: the type of sharks, don't like people that we're not fatty and for them. They don't seek us out, yet they don't like the way we taste and when they bite us. They probably think we are a big turtle. Earthy line Mr Lubbers was gone out and when you look at the photo at was it by in essence, we talked about looking up for your ocean, could meet any see the silhouette, a dude on surfboard or lady on a surfer looks and awful out like a sea turtle or feline yeah, if you're, just gonna have the words that calm and type in her architects workin on the first page, there's a pretty cool little illustration of how a surfer looks like a sea turtle or a sea like I would know what its bidding image. The point is by looks you you may look like a sea lion.
Once these shark figures out that you're not, however, is probably going to leave you alone, the great white we should say yet, but because it may be too late at that point in between those two points, the search gonna bite you, probably especially if it's a great white. That's pretty much! The number one reason for shark attacks, like we said, is you are confused for another food source and if it is a great white and you are Bitten- possibly leave you alone and not come back right in depending on the severity of that first by that test bite as they call it, which aid could be, I think, your food, or Apparently there is food chain of sharks, even while they were, they were like bite. Another shark to say do get away from me, and I know I didn't
see that back as your shark right, but if your human, all this in your mid section, is missing. That's another explanation for shark attacks, aggression yeah! If the search if they are just kind of messing around with one another when they do it to you. That hurts confusion. Aggression, hunger is another one too and if you like, say spear fishermen and you're just laying waste to like a school of fish to do to write and Fisher Flap and around church blighter bleeding. Here you have two huge stimulus, stimuli, yeah man, his whole bail outs screw me out and that the sharks can pick up. That are that they are specially designed, if you believe in Italian, designed to pick up blood in the water and I can smell. It suffer miles dude from us and I couldn't find any actual real stat out there. I think I've seen
by another one of the shark stature, which are always looking key, which is like they can smell blood like a drop of blood or five miles or something right, but they can they, but he is innocent blood I can tell somebody here the other way that their being attracted is the fish flapping round actually generates electrical impulses and the sharks organ called the ambulance lorenzetti. You should say this: an EU level unseen, yes, which is basically a series of tubes that are connected that connect the exceed the skin with electricity or electrical sensing cells near that, basically, it's another way of shark detecting. Movement. Pray yes on the snout. So when you have a bunch of fish dying that can attract the shark if you're standing in the middle of it, the search that really gonna care. What you will take her, what you do there too so worked up is, can bite it near and confused. Maybe what I learned from the surplus you talkin,
a shark, no end you don't wanna, be standing in the middle of their their prey like a big mass on their prey in also to you- and I we pointed this out before the m- think how to defend yourself, but the the employees lorenson scene. But there is in this now. So that's why they tell you like train head butter punch this shock in the mouth is now emerging in taking a sack rate of the electrical self. I can imagine delivering that points like having. Without a bit like. Oh I'm supposed to punch you now. They know me and I'm meeting an arm. I think you were. I think you may surprise yourself. You react you have a healthy ego. Then you would you Polly Princess TAT. I don T, you can't say that December put it any life threatening situation here, yet new
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top of the page and type in s. Why, as K that stance, I come from a goat s. Why, as K stamps that come never go to the polls, office again how about who is another good explanation for why sharks attack why the fates they feel threatened yeah by humans, divers that took on the new the other nursery bigwood delights to attack when somebody pulls out its tail? why people do this? I dont know, but apparently the nurse shark is kind of funny. That sort of will be still at the bottom of the ocean, and it was a wig and the old nurse is tat. If you like, I gather that vigorous exactly Apparently there are some divers who, like www like took on their tail, because they think it's too some harmless game. It does. I find out that had windows a hand kissed. The nurse shark is generous with its bite so because of jerks like that
falling under shark tales, there is a division in the statistics of shark attacks. Yeah provoked an unprovoked jerks in what the heck happen or stupid people and what tat cancer, what he provoke a shark, so talk about what goes with the shark take out. Ok, here's the fair warning part were going on. We just in climbing a hill, never to go down the hill. Other rollercoaster right. Well, what you hear this is when you have fear, should read the jostling. If you want, I might as well
this is Quint jars. The thing about a shark is he's, got lifeless eyes black eyes like a dolls eyes when he comes out yet he doesn't even seem to be living till it by chance in those black eyes were all over away, then that that, thank you you're the rich little of this package. That was not a good quaint, but that is in my talk, can used to be my tat five of our families, Jaws yeah. What knocked out noticed over the years, you know things build up. Jobs falls by another year. What what knocked out of it? I don't know specifically what night it out. I'm sorry. But Jaws circuits was or was it. I mean every time this movies on our watch it and I do not get sick of it. This is one of my favorites, so here's where we we scared. About a because usually you'll, learn that you are being it
by shark, by getting running to buy a car is what some people have said it feels like it depends again depends on the shark, so we should point out the three most deadly sharks are great whites tigers in both sharks. Closer to me, if you get hit by What feels like a truck? It's probably a bull shark. If all of a sudden you're missing an arm is probably a great white or possibly Tiger, but it seems like a bull and tigers are there was that bumpy first in the great white takes the test bite yeah and goals are known to for being one of the more aggressive as far as like. Usually a shark will bite you and then can I leave you right in the bull circled is one the only ones who will come back here repeatedly or someone's trying to save you. They monitor them. I built the hang around a little more than uncomfortable, with one of the other big problems with the bull shark is that they attack and shallow water near. So, if you see abortion,
just run so what's going on here with the test by while aid could be a test might be when they feed on like a sea lying there, go in there and like feed on it. Frenzy until it's all gone? They lay bite it and then let it bleed to death and then what's the animal is dead, then I'll go in and shout out so pretty front
If your person it is so you're saying that it's like getting hit by a truck say to board shark attack, that's a quote from dawn showman, who was pregnant as lifeguard when she was attacked in Florida. Ninety ninety three inches right because she wrote a book about it. Another person who wrote a book, I believe, is surfer. Kinney dude, dear you d, do it. He was doing his servant thing in nineteen. Seventy nine in oregon- I didn't know you surf Torreon, yes, sir,
For in welcoming you, gotta have the what's. It called other panel that but it's cold in southern California, too sure Pacific story critical. She anyway can you do with surfing in all of a sudden. He was a shark, though this is probably a great white, because all of a sudden, he was in the jaws of shark right and it had a head him and his surfboard its bite in the surfboard probably saved his life, yet because that shark was originally trying to like that, because he couldn't get that full by Downeys, apparently very determined yes and he kept trying trying for about twenty seconds. By do testaments still was totally out of the water. These pulled under the water and the shark couldn't get em under because again the surfboard, so he lived
did he lived to see the day, although he said the doktor who fixed them up, stop counting his stitches when he reached five hundred, which is a pretty patient died, but also can a lazy like when you get there Are you not forget? It is yeah he took them all out about two fifty because he forgot worry was started over in this together.
He heard is like ribs breaking rain near me. We have to remember people rollercoaster. This is extremely rare check. We talked about how, like the great white feeds yeah by leave you to bleed to death, come back and feed I, yes, we talked about the bull shark, it hits and then circles hitching it s. Our goals, then, eventually to invite you, like you, said, like ITALY, attacked somebody coming to try to rescue the tiger shark is one of the deadliest was especially in the deep sea. Apparently they liked pick off the weak in the wounded like em in the circle for a while the bump and then they'll bite and theirs is very famous story of the. U S: s Indian, analyse that was sunk in the Pacific, igniting forty five story quit
Oh yeah, he was one of the did. Ok S character, ok, not ravisher right! Although men there would have been sincere with every method or character and even realize yeah guess is that even acting, so in in nineteen forty five, the any Annapolis taken, a thousand crew members survive the sinking, but by the time the rescuers showed up a few days later, there are only three hundred seventeen men left thanks architects, Janius TIGERS were the circling them, unlike according to quit story, which is pretty accurate, dislike you now you be talking to a guy in also he's gone here in Europe. Waiting and it didn't get call then, because it was wouldn't they were delivered the bomb over a year.
Is that right there delivering the bomb, which is why it was such a topsecret operation and because it was top secret, it didn't get called in and reported missing for, like a couple of days even were so is pretty scary stuff all over. So that means that there is a debt needed nuclear bomb at the bottom of the Pacific. Actually, at another part, our gas, I mean if they were delivering it and it was sunk. I thought you knew that maybe the attic Steven Spielberg Meda, I think it's real stiffly in a million Steven Spielberg, is now for making things up. Why there's like aliens eighties, so you did say something kind of important year about. Finally Tiger Sharks hut in the deep sea are more dangerous. Most people get attacked closer to show
and that doesn't mean you should be afraid because close to shores, dangerous is just cassettes where the people are yes, you know. So most people don't swim out. You know that middle the deep blue ocean yeah this guy, wouldn't let the part so back down another another hill. It's a little better love, it's scary network is we're gonna talk about what happens during the shark attack or what the shark attack does to Europe, Well, one surgeon who up it on a teenage surf in Australia said that when her leg was lopped off is destroyed is getting like, so it can be very swift in the case of a limb and very clean and all of a sudden there's just no arm there anymore. Forty thousand pounds of pressure per square inch her with his teeth, decisive, shot glass. If you listen to what your drivers
This isn't a moment I now have you ever seen, jaws sure I hope I don't know if I will there was ever my top ten. It's like up there for sure if such a great movie, but I dont ok, I can recognise, when you say things like quince in size which at last shot class in all that stuff. Do you remember what Roy what's his name, cider yeah? What his character was? The chief Brodie very ass, a dreamer.
So if you dont lose a lamb, you're, probably gonna get like a large piece of your flesh, remove like from your five agreement section or something like that: they're, usually, if you're gonna take. I get those great why it's gonna get you in your mid section like you said, and you may end up like a guiding Roddy Fox, who was a spear fishermen who is attacked near Adelaide, Australian, eighteen, sixty three in basically, he was bitten from shoulder to hip yeah. A lot of them was missing after that. Have you seen pictures of that guy ere? I did when I researched the sharks of a couple years ago, like a shark by missing from yeah like a little present new and at the sight of him
enough levels. The right word work the fat little yeah. That's a pretty startling time. Life photo, I think you're, probably gonna die by bleeding to death. There has you're gonna, be suffering from massive amounts of blood laughed at this point and by the time you get into shore and get someone there to help, you may be too late. So haven't someone on shore and again stopped? The blood is like really key to your survival yet, and there was a kid who is attacked off cape sandblast in two thousand five, who is saved because a doctor and a nurse happened to be and shore on vacation and they stopped the bleeding. By putting pressure on US leg
I assume, was where the shark bitten by, if you're in cold water, you actually have something in your favour, in that the call waters can slow down your physical processes year so including your blood law. So you won't waste as much time in the trip to shore rights against the Pacific Ocean would be a little better near it again serve organ yeah and then another thing, you're gonna run ensues infection because you just get bitten by How can you rolled around on the beach and people retouching you in dumb? You know their teenagers and lifeguards and stuff like that and they're all dirty and you may get an infection from seems be the least yours, but can you imagine there like surviving the shark viper than dying from infection? Feminist and pack mentioned that this is a very sad
ok, so we ve got the. We talked about the three deadliest types of sharks: yeah, I'm the tiger. The ball in the great white wine is a deadly. Well, there's a reason, and there actually like they can fly in the face of the idea that their deadly, because they want to kill you and your whole family, and they would come in your house at night if they could, which is the prevalent view of charter, was leaf until about five years ago, but these things are extremely widespread. You can find em all over the world near you, they're big enough, so that a human which is a pretty good sized animal itself. Sure ourselves can look like pray, which is something they're interested in their powerful in us that that initial
Bite can kill you even though the latter was like all drugs like little reach shark. You gonna have little bit it troubles, but you know you could break it over that. I think the worst thing that can happen you under water because losing your life is one of those little fish swimming in the year, urethra. What yeah that happens? Yeah what? Yes, I also you later with real yeah man. I believe Amazon. What does it do exactly? What I just said Albert I mean, after that feeds wanted to marry feeds Lord Anything to be terrified. Are there? The other factor that makes those three the deadliest sharks is that there are at the top of the food chain, which means that there is not afraid of humans yeah. If, if it knows your human, it's not gonna, be like aka human ill, be like you, don't want.
Will he give today? So those are the why those three of the most dangerous but, like we said, hammerheads makos nor sharks, re sharks, black tips, they can all bite when threatened or by stake it happens. I remember when we swam in the George Aquarium Hammerhead charts wherein there and it was a super worried, because people do this all the time. But it still at one point I devote now and see that had sharking out in feet from media and think right. Well, there's a shark did Misis closes I've ever been to one did. It is so weird book it actually not as close as someone in a way when one time when I was in the ocean prohibited a wave that was crashing over me and you just flew by so like the silhouette wave, is like natures, aquarium yeah. I told the guy the lifeguard as I do that this all short, like really close to me, he's at all, because it said about three feet long they will be doing so. He started a servant.
They will be doing so. He started a serpent through the wave. Ass. Fine is equally seem, rather than any. Other policy has five, because with powerful long gone by the time you talk to the lifeguard, skip point. They don't want to stay in place, long and there is even a school of thought that multiple shark attacks in the location are not the result of a single shark. Yes, they are pretty much coincidence or there's something that's going on, or rather that were not aware of this, attracting sharks right, but is not just one shark, a rogue shark and dismayed Irkutsk, which may or may not exist yeah. That's where they have a couple of shark myths. In this article in the these human I desire human flesh, rogue shark. They think maybe they can't prove that that is not the case, but
They certainly think. That's definitely not the case. If you know like they can't say there are no rogue sharks anywhere, but it's not like it isn't the movies where there's like this one shark named Jaws and we just loves people any loving it out the same spot in just feeding on folks They think it off idiots near she governor here I wouldn't know, but they do weird things go away out of their range like ass, far North Ass, New England, or way up river to like Chicago yeah, that's crazy, and they said if a shark was like sicker injured, you might could get some pretty unpredictable. Behaviors yeah This, shows that it you a be around a sicker, injured cow. She said
Annabelle, yet it could do damage to. Mr so the shark attacks like we said that there are statistics and actually the University of Florida, the keeper of Shark attack statistics area, which is just like Blue Anna there's, a between thirty and fifty unprovoked attacks every year worldwide worldwide, the United States has the most typically in Florida has the most. So Florida is the short term capital of the world, but even still we're talking about thirty seven a year, maybe and at the top end here ten to thirty seven and millions and millions of people go to these speeches
these statistics show that shark attacks are increasing in its because what you're saying millions and millions of people go to these speeches and more people are going to the beaches so that they dont think that sharks are getting any more aggressive. They're just more people out of the ocean yeah makes sense, it does make sense in theirs. Kind of supported in in a certain way by if you like its hearing, Cisco right tons of ceilings aside, habitats in San Francisco between users turns a great white sharks in San Francisco, but there's not a tremendous amount of shark taxes whimsical, because people stay away from the sea lies Yan. Anything San Francisco Bay is like now I'll people swimming in that on a regular basis that, true to that's the other way, you click it is below called nobody's getting in there So how can there be shark attacks, plus people's homes, escorted smarter than yes people, but that Canada? That raises a year? There is a pretty good point if he asked
like when you look at sharks statistics. When you hear about a shark attacking the media, is it just by nature its sensational and the author of this article, the grab, sir, yes took pains to point out that there is this thing that happens when something sincere, it was reported in the media it becomes. It seems to be much more prevalent than it actually is, with its causes and availability heuristic, and that is basically surmising that something is prevalent or around or exists just based on limited available data rather than all of the facts. So a pretty good example is like this idea that you are more likely to be struck by lightning could be attacked by a shark here. But the thing is,
If you are anywhere or a thunderstorm is you can be struck by lightning, but you have to go to the ocean, yet the attack by sharks as a terrible compares. It is if you like, my grandmother, went to the ocean for the first time when she was like an hour eightys. The probability of her dying from a shark attack was zero. Exactly she never touch the water, but have she had your grandmother? Read a newspaper report about a shark attack. She probably felt like that was a threat to her and though she had a zero chance of being attacked by shock or if my gun Mother was a surfer in Florida. Yeah a there would have been pretty cool and be heard. Chances of a shark attack would be much greater than MIKE dying from a coconut getting ahead, which apparently does not have a hidden still the beans. That's another short with that one of the media Reports- shark attack frequency is often compared to death by coconuts
big from trees. I've heard that everyone's her that right either her, though a hundred that no, I think they they knew so agitated, ensure that out on me, but the apparently there is out of all reports of cocoanut injuries. There's never been cocoanut fatality, yeah, there's like bid. Maybe a couple of reported cocoanut injuries not a year like ever yeah. So the this whole statistic about cocoanut deaths is totally made up urban legend totally urban life. But the point is
that yes, there are sharks at their most likely they're not going to attack you. But if you are in the ocean where sharks are your chances of being attacked, our increased so does take some precautions. Yet you are a salt life person assault like first plus. We should also point out that, even if you do get attacked chances are you live like how many fatalities out of the law, as it turned out of the thirty to fifty unprovoked taxi here ten are fatal. Let's statistic: five to ten,
statistically speaking to five to ten worldwide a year, people die from shock to exert its way way, low and another. Another way to point this out to about others lies day. Wisest statistics is that most shark attacks take place. You know inshore within a hundred yards of shorter, like you're, saying this, because it's where everybody is sure like a very, very swim, two hundred yards off shore, maybe there be more sugar to envy there be fewer street. Really know, because this is all very limited data while yet really hard to study in the wild like as much as we know about sharks is a lot. We don't know right here. Thing. Saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball, there's, always that guy who joined your game He never passes the rock he instantly bricks theories and who can We have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico it's easy to switch and save on car insurance.
No need to fake an angel sprang because you're absolutely exhausted. So which in save Geiger it's almost better than sports till we tell people how to not get bitten by short gaseous wishes. They recommend the experts dont Swimming Donner, dusk, they feed more and the water might be a little harder to tell what you are doing. The dimly lit ours for the same reason you shouldn't swimming murky: water, yes, and just stand a Marquis water. That's my advice really cause. There's a lot of mercury water. There you have it why you want to get in it when there's nice clean Clearwater? If not all of us have the time or the money to go to like sugar beet is Jack. Dont swim with open cuts, and some people say even means waiting women provisions when the ocean- yes, maybe taken too far, but
avoid sandbars and ass. He amounts and drop off, because this is where you can find a lot of wildlife. Meanwhile idea which might mean there might be sharks, Numa, definitely means of sharks, don't wear contrasting colors yeah. This can confuse a shark and confuse short is not going to be around. That's is contrasting, but really bright ones to reach where man I know, I remember when we were training to Scooby dive message for my dad nigh. The guy was talking about how sharks love really bright, colors and like it, I'm almost impossible to find a blackmailing suit right. They call it yummy, yellow, yellows call, yogi, yellow is apparently sharks like that, would more than others
I'm looking for some some top when drugs. Can you help me out drab all agreed, really short ones: donor, shiny jury. You shouldn't, have you Jordanian anyway sure vs me, but that reflection can like might look alluring to a shark. You never know, which is why you want a swivel murky. Why could point I dont swim with a bunch of sea lines and seals breed brainless right there that yeah totally? I'm surprised I was even unless I dont rash around it. I think, even in the movie jaws, they talk about how that kind of thrashing and splashing that you get on the fourth July's might attract sharks. So don't listen to thrash middle in the water, dont think you're safe, just because you're like Kneedeep in water. Yes,
full sharks like shallow water, here, their aggressive, so yeah just be terrified and shallow water too. In. Finally, if your fishing, while in the ocean with standing up to your waste, don't have your bait and a little sack tied to your waste floating their next, he has a ban the fact that the early keep your bail out of the water you're gonna, keep it in. I would imagine some sort of drift drip drip proof container so that there is
floods dripping into the water right on I water here, and even if you take those precautions, you don't wanna stay the same place her too long. Our fish from the beach that wasn't the last with the last bit of advice is don't swim with their sharks in the water. Yet, as you can see him sometimes there- and if you do this, you don't go swimming and surrounded by if you're, a british architect fight back people who punch the shark in the older employees or by the shark, her head, but the shark or do anything they can't beat the shark up have been successful, take chasing sharks off, especially, I get the impression great white, a kind of voices. That's
apps or call them wimps like there. They don't like the fight back her. I guess I d get punched him and purely of that and see me, so I guess, since we mention jaws a few times, we should finish up with the famous jaws effect is as its known here, which was a big deal and nineteen seventy five with the book first and then the movie about a people being scared of the ocean for the first time and be these rich jerks all this going out with high tech equipment and like showing his many sharks as they can Brett do so they can have a big jotting on their while they had like hold trophy turn of its yeah called monster. Fishing, I think, is what it was called. Where are you just catch
it was very sharks as you could. They still have to withdraw it catch her release now, but before there was unfettered slot shark slaughter here because directly because of jaws yeah enough, so much so that I think Peter Benchley even expressed regret later on that He wrote you now. Let us like slaughter of these innocent animals. He actually became a conservation is getting yeah, I'm not surprised owing to its filbert thinks about it. I don't know, but you did fine, this article written by a marine biologist who said yes, you just, did, have his terrible effect, but it also had a very positive effect in that it totally open people's eyes to sharks. Year period in the ensuing slaughter that came afterward woke the shark community people who were studying sharks
yeah, it's a well aware. We don't know enough about the data was forever basis be running around telling them. We need more funding, so funding went into a beginner is public interest and there is a whole generation of shark biologists that were inspired to become shark biologists. Faced. You Matt Hooper, yet, and the sky himself said that he wanted to be Matt Hooper. This, like the only I jaws that was like really smart and really knew a lot about what he was doing like Brody, obviously was a sympathetic character, but he didn't Adrian He didn't even might be it in the water, but Hooper comes along and with a shot classes in his beard and all his high tech equipment. The shark you got the cage please, because in the water, the sharks in the water separate, he pussy looks. With his role. The genes in his blue kids go back with her.
You want to learn more about sharks. Me ever told us, the Father site type sharks into the Haiti search bar has the first. I can do for you to take me how short work and other pages Euro will bring up the image. That shows what you look like. You're, a shark with yours, and you look like you see terms. Said search bar? You did me the circular. That's right Josh! I recall the sum. But what do you know? We have french listeners? You can read one and then I'll read out the names of the other French's Herodian, because we mentioned in the recent show that we never get email from french listeners we got emails from french people and then we got angry email from people in world was to learn English just so they can listen. Your show the area and also when I met you, think its Kyoto are always with this threat.
Yesterday I was heading back home after Work Ellison one of the ways episodes about Lemme ask what else. I guess. It's the musketeers. Yeah I'll join listening and all of a sudden out of the blue dimension that you wondered appearing, which bans voila means I am the Mabel. I never loved My name is Sylvain and I'm a french fan, my brother, Pierre Eve why the ears like eating are supposed to do We first listen to these zombie by gas couple years ago in the city of LEO He- and I were simply amazed by this often technique of yours- to spread knowledge, legitimate data, while still having fun sure, is
What we do. We are told many friends to listen to you going, I gasped and they did whereas I know Pierre de LA now lives in Paris Harry make sure to check out every new and that comes out as for me. I first moved to New York a year ago, as exchange recently moved Minneapolis. After graduate and got married. My lovely wife Jill, the old Paris to New York to Minneapolis lay at exactly he met Joe in France. Viewpoints of the jail is american. Had the privilege of entry, he heard a Europe wide gas and we ve been following you guys reset anyway you guys for all the hints to french things throughout your podcast is delightful to hear you trying pronounced these difficult french names, but you are doing fantastic. I never thought that I would actually right in, but it would be a privilege if you read this out loud while privilege in short, Josh and check your great you made my
This is a living in the? U S and new, indifferent country, much easier, VIC to lecture them on. You see you with all the affection of the world around us. That was from surveying pass the air. We also heard from Sophie and am Undine and Eve and Pauline, and some were french Canadians somewhere from France living Amerika and I think, a couple more from France proper living. Many snowing motion for the good of thanks for elicited guy snakes, everybody felicity with radio thanks, especially the Euphrates Felicity Vive LA force. Yeah. Let's see if you wanted to say some sort of information the check- and I can be information about anything
information public information, a recipe for something flat out, lies there good only whoppers in her diggers accepted you kid tweet to us as why escape pocket seriously, but he do it to follow us. It's also decrease. Facebook is asking that helps life stuff. You should know yes in the free giver email address. We finally want to encourage you to go. I took out shortly. Nice guy. That's why we did this discovery channel animal planet they ve got. Some goods have gonna yeah he's in our beloved scientists shark. We can see yeah. Ok, you can email to write stuff. Podcast,
discovery that count for more on this and thousands of other topics. How stuff works, brought you by the way twenty two thousand twelve Camry, it's ready for you, we are living in complicated times, I'm seventy rule, MSNBC Anchor and NBC Newscorp and in my new plug, cast modern rules, I'm gonna be Meantime time unpacking some of the Harry's of today's top I decided I want you survived survival. I spec equal aboard. They won't need its american listen and subscribe to my new podcast modern. On apple fog, test, the iron radio or wherever you get your fuckin.
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