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How Snake Handlers Work

2016-05-09 | 🔗

Snake handling ranges from professional snake milkers for antivenin to religious handlers who tend to get bitten and sometimes die from it. Either way, it can be a dangerous business. Learn all about snake handling right here, right now.

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welcome to stop. You should know how stuff works, not podcast on George Clark and try to reach a bright jerry over there hair is now fourth character, laughed my hair, everybody both my beard, him see the fourth character. Your hair could be the fifth Oh, oh really here we need teachers great here. She does that message: stylish salt and pepper, Amy Goodman level tasteful. So I am not sure that meets Amy given from democracy. Now very tasteful salt, pepper here, really maybe the sitting. It is clearly between Jerry and Amy, given it
the thing that beats shoe polish black gently, trickling down your forehead yeah, but do which makes you happy enough. Well sure, if you dont, wherever makes you feel good, yeah sure I should get some of that your black inner and come into my beard and come in with like that, jet black beard and Clyde Drexler show up at your house the urge you on drugs, isn't he and the ads air former Portland Trailblazer, great yeah, I'm pretty sure it's quite directly our thing I'd like to check this out, it's him and who is the one I think he threatened us. As you see the one eyed Kramer spit on where they get spit that spit on Kramer Kitten in a thicket. He Fernandez implied Drexler out on the just four main commercial gotcha.
Others are freed. Package are just remain calm and which we should say thanks again again, the count royal men. You like ground royal? They send you some, you say drank it in this anymore. I know it's pretty awesome. I'm brushing my teeth like this, but my lifestyles and improved for the better, pretty neat. Thank you deeds. So I was just discussing before we recorded as it is gonna, be hard to record a show on snake handling, and I'm talking about the religious aspect of it without sort of like a fear for their safety, and I want to say you: people are crazy. Alot of people do, but we have a long standing tradition of like to each their own. I just you know I hate seeing people die from doing something completely
Oh yeah. You definitely do by handling rattlesnakes and kissing them on the fates. From from what I've seen of this from what I've researched, I've not actually seen somebody handle snakes in person, but from what I have researched. The people who handles snakes are doing it through total and complete faith and there's a even if you did judge them. I think a kind of roles off their back quite a bit so much judgment. It's just saying its judgment. Now it's not Antonia has is that what is, in my opinion, And I'm judging European, that's what you meant by its judgment, none of it now I judge whether it is eighty people get hurt. Niner. And die. Have you ever seen somebody handle snakes now had a religious upbringing. Well yeah. This is rare though this is yet is Appalachian
foothills die no, but I mean I were lit manner. Ruined Georgia, I didn't know if you ever took like a field appears to have no idea how judge or that there are a lot of future. Now I get it back, you don't go to other churches, you're not supposed to do that. Really any state. Your own church, you're gonna, feel trips. Other churches Arthur, like Interfaith banquets and stuff, like that here we have a field day right with all the churches and accounting right now, I'm supposed other church together with us for some get together with other churches. But I wasn't my experience typically found on in Europe. Are you just keep it in house, although we would go to the big youth conferences over we're all sorts of youth groups together at the Future air out of this kid's thrown in the big gymnasiums struggling to fight the hormonal urges going you believe, what right.
So now I've never done it. I didn't ask if you done it. I knew I'd, never witnessed it. I've never been anywhere near. Ok, although I have a strange feeling check that its possible, we both been near it just from living in Georgia, all these years. You think without knowing it, because young people who handle snakes, religiously, it's actually called Holiness serpent handling- is that correct yeah. They did say serpent, The snake yeah and it has to be a venomous- need to be considered a serpent yet site for holiness serpent handling until two thousand fourteen it was. They kept pretty tight lid on it for many, many who did the handlers, yet the people who who practise this is part of their religious beliefs yeah, still even most of them are pretty media shy, you'll see the occasional, our view when someone dies here, they'll go
knocking on the doors and I'll give an interview to explain like why they do what they do. But of course it was a tv show which really I mean your clearly media shy futility reality. She knows it was called snake salvation and sorry that he doesn't fertility doesnt thirteen Amazon, Nat GEO and it was all about snake, handling for religious reasons and dumb, one of the main guys on the show, ended up die. You didn't die on the show, but he died the next year from a rattlesnake bite after one off here, yeah got it was only after one season, but his name was passing pestered Jamie coots in in another guy named a belief. Stephen ambling are they are holiness serpent handlers who believe in kind of bringing it out of the shadows and into the christian mainstream,
Good luck, yeah! If you, if you're at all interested in that constitution, read even under death, it was in the chair near the free press. It's a pretty good examination of their home movement and those guys in particular. I guess we should talk a little bit about other kinds of snake came on first, so yeah, because when you see Snake Hale, I am sure when people saw this, the title is episode. They just assume we're talking strictly about The snake handling now, like other people, panel, snakes as well by conventional nonreligious, setting gas through other got her pathologist or some of them are. These are actually people who study snakes and amphibians, reptiles, and we talked about them.
Snake show. I think we dispelled a lotta rumours, not rumours but miss on the snake show which come into play when handling snakes, namely that they aren't out to kill you but we'll get to that later. But people display snakes, others. A few different categories of people handle snakes, there's people who display them. Like you drive through Florida, you might say like a snake in Gator farm right or they do snake, shows and there's a really famous go without rather more in depth, name Bill Hoss, who is like the man when it comes to that request, and then there are. There are people there like Miller's coursers that that nearing to care for your snakes, yeah, which I mean they have to handle snakes there's also row rescue and recovery people sure you can get a snake in my basement right. They, a guy, will show up and down most likely he's professionally trained. At the very least, we would hope that he has tremendous
of experience and handling snakes yet, and they will show up, and now you say how much does it cost to get the snake on my basement, they'll say how much a guy like fear. Last three bank account statement. In those cases they will probably you're probably sees what's called an extension, saw if you ve ever seen those items those long called a snake cook sort of a still along metal, not a pride. Could you not price, like idea, senior adults, easy to grab hands off high cells in their harvest, grabber yeah, it's like that sort of I haven't seen in that actually works and grabbed eating. Yet If you get some money, you're gonna find out about the ones I've seen it. Have a flat. You know it's a lie. Poland has like an l shape.
You know at a right angle flat these coming off that they can the snake with right. I've read this thing about handling snake safely, for, like just normal, yeah or people who are starting out in the rescue and recovery business. Sure- and you can use just about anything. The key is extension you put distance between you and the snake here, an hour, there is a legal disclaimer, I'm not at all. Rising anybody to handle a snake, but what I read was that you want to put as much distances possible. So if you have a garden tool and along one the use that, but you also would use. Let's say you have a how you'd wanted
your! How absurd down and use these just a wooden and to manipulate the snake you'd want to hurt the snake you want to get rid of it right. I relocated a snake from my backyard couple years ago. Would you use these my hands on her? It was a big it was, but it wasn't small. So how did you do This interaction ice was cutting the grass, and I saw the snake, is about a foot. Long did you positively identified? Is non lethal or nine venomous yeah? I was pretty yeah, it was definitely not well. Actually it had the markings where it could have been a copper head. Ok, it was just like a green snake right, see, took shouted whiskey and I approached it, and I did you Employment to pin it, but I can't remember what I use or something you know buoyant and solved it wasn't you know and access you know, head
just like you said it was in his dinner black. They use What did I use? It was. I can't remember what you say like a wooden paddle malware Pisa would actually, and then I did like us on the tv shows a grabbed it behind the right behind its head. Gotta get hold of it and picked it up wrapped around my rest, and I went to an ironic the street like giving ermine, we read in the wood, didn't throw it out. Down in the woods- and I was gray. I think it was a successful catching release. It sounds like you're bitten, yeah. Now, ninety nine percent sure I didn't hurt the snake good Yeltsin
a successful? Yet what I was reading in this one article is that you most snakes- if you just approached them calmly- and I guess smoothly- is a good way to put it sure, don't lunch at the right and also to be like. Oh my god. Oh my god, I just can't come at the snake and pick it up like it's just a stick in your yard. It's probably going to strike you supposedly, according to this website, of which I have no affiliation whatsoever, and I'm not my story. Please do not take that as a that was probably pretty dumb for me to do that. We are now and even if it's none, I didn't want it, I don't want to get bitten by snake. I don't care if its venomous or night, one of
biggest spheres is seeing a snake attach its mouth through my body right. It frightens me. Well, I have to say, also this site put pretty plainly: do not ever touch a snake that you haven't positively identify the deadline, venomous because I mean if you could easily been bitten and lost your hand I or whatever it was rely on that I can get my hospital pretty quickly. Ok, yeah I mean, if you you know, anti venom were Apparently, a hundred percent of the time, yet, if it's gotten to and in a timely manner, yes for the parents out there, we will say anti virus and an anti venom cause both are acceptable. Yes, they are so check must take a break right here, that's good New York.
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office again. Ok,. Did I say how far snake and strike now dinner. With this, what I got from the same, the same place that said just go smoothly in casually or to a snake This result is: is there any snake greater than four feet can typically strike about one third of one half the distance of its body link. That's a good rule of thumb near a snake between one and three feet can strike about one half the two thirds its body length and then a snake under foot can usually strike about its whole body, like ok, we'll take all those numbers and double them, and it is probably a good idea just to be safe yet, but course I'm the guy who picked up. Maybe a copper had been asking
You do. The same thing you know want to pay a guy. You probably I would do with. Is that with this site with the site was saying, was made a licence to me as I take it, take a garbage can tippit over side ticket shovel use the wooden end over the handle eight in Indiana, given in the can't turn it over put like something on top of the can and then call somebody or you could take the candor like the woods or something that is probably what I should have done in retrospect. I was feeling brave and get shot a risky watches, nature tv and how this is done so the last that I think we didn't mention. Is snake milk hers area which snake venom is very valuable. One gram what you do is you freeze dried into a powder after you get the liquid? Can you sell it
research, labs, big money, one gram of freeze, dried venom from an exotic snake is, can go up to five grand, but it might take a hundred milking to get that much so do the math. Is it worth it? Yes, if you love hanging out of snakes and it's a legit job can make you know twenty five hundred bucks a month or more as a snake knocker easily, depending on how many thanks you have this right, I'm. So there are a lot of people that handle snakes, but all of them. Why should say all of the people who professionally handle snakes have a rule of thumb? Witches don't get hurt, don't be stupid, because there are two ways that snakeskin typically get you venomous, snakes, obviously inject venom, and that's why people milk snakes is to get that venom so that they can create anti venom so that your life can be
if you end up getting bit by a snake right, yes and victims, prettiness stuff, I think we did one, unlike what's the most poisonous animal in the world, the tents familiar here- and we talked a lot about that, but it's worth revisiting sickly, depending on the venom that you're injected with it, can cause tissue damage wherever it spread and by tissue damage. I mean, is completely wiped out your tissue and if there is blood vessels, your blood vessels bleed, and you start bleeding eternally. If it's you. Liver, your heart, those things start bleeding internally and end of shutting down. You can have multi system multi
organ failure, paralysis, respiratory distress. Also it's a horrible stuff give its lammert digit. You might lose that even if you get the anti than in time exactly because it so thoroughly destroys the tissue right and it causes a lot of pain to because reading about the Texas Coral snake, it actually has this molecule that opens you're the gates to your pain receptors while just hold them open, so that you're just feeling excruciating unremitting pain. So bad stuff, you see you don't wanna get bitten by. Thank you also, don't want to mess around with constructors either because they all messed up as well. They will, I guess, wrapped around you and then suffocate. You break your back slap, your heart, big enough sure bad news, bad news, so snakes can be dangerous, is the point? Yes,
again not to feed into that the anti snake you're gonna Ganda not trying to start a whacking there now so getting back to the milk hers. Oh yes, they are what's held free handlers, they dont use. You would think like they should this, where anti snake gloves, but you need really feel the snake. Am I read an interview with the guy that not snakes for living and yes, I know you gotta feel with your skin. The the snakes are really you know you have to react and adjust to ever movement. They make an even more a glove, even a thin glove. Think web wouldn't help anyway, but a chain who club Kevlar glove you would you wouldn't be able to feel what's goin on anyway right position incidentally, like crushed the snake, said, do not exactly made kevlar themselves as true So when you're milking a snake when you're free handling it, you basically want to hold it.
You did buying the head right yet, where the jaws meet monsignor thumb and forefinger. Yes, that is correct, and that does two things it keeps the head. From. Turning on you and put your fingers on in your thumb on those venom glance, which is what they need is gonna, massage it you can Aussies electric stimulate electrical its birth stimulation, but that the traditional way is this just squeeze another metaphysical glance right, both first before Easter, Whizzing you wanna, basically take the fangs. The funny thing are you not like sprang in another room? I cant do your hand he amiss up. Are you put there thanks to a membrane on that's polo a jar and then the venom just palms out of the fangs into the jar. It's really neat looking. It is three remarry looking. It is pan
and they recommend that if you are milking of your professional milk or you should have a little body with you- oh yeah, hey something goes wrong asylum solo. Really any time your handling a snake. There should be more than one person agri. Well, you know I didn't. I should accordingly outside, but she wouldn't. Let me pick up the snake had to keep quiet like I walked towards like look at this yeah, if I'm not mistaken, and they safer constructors, they have a little. Chart, is well for at least one person for every five feet of snake unless it's an anaconda or ridiculous python. In case. In that case, you want every three feet of snake right below the shore human there's, a very heavy snakes. Females can get up to like two hundred pounds which is ninety kilograms. I thought the jackass bit the other day again, where I think it might be
sequel where they put an economy in one of those, a pizza. Red balls at kids, jump in and they You know Johnny Knoxville again get in there and missing bites. This huge thing bites Johnny Knoxville, like two or three times while in things got the head, the says were baseball. It sounds like a Jack S, fit a lance banks. Here, speaking of Jack Ass, he was one of the filmmakers behind that and we had dinner with an important, very pleasant in so hello lance. If your other listening, I Campbell that they did that anywhere else there was and he kept getting back any kept. Getting bit is bleeding and it keeps getting back. You know why this is a worrying about I'm sure I seen jackass to a bunch of times, Billina plus check you also Why somebody running time handling a snake, whether the python or event, a mistake or any state really, because you want somebody
you call nine one one if something goes wrong, you're somewhere to be able to drive you to the hospital. Something goes wrong or if a python trying to get around you, they can keep detail from fully wrapping around there's a lot of stuff that an extra person can do and things go really horribly awry. When that doesn't happen, there is actually a very famous case, not too many years ago, of the venezuelan zoo keeper. I think it has been as well. I wasn't it remember who is, I think it s a grad student working as you keeper, and here she went into a young into it. I guess it. High funds cage a ten foot, Vermes Python, cage alone during
night shift boy and they found what more probably just to get something to give us some food. Just something I'm sure was something mundane like a load anywhere on earth and losing my life over here, and they found the person the next morning, like half swallowed by the Python O. My Lord, which is so you always want somebody around here, will should we get into the year that the religious snake, ailing yeah future, are right? Well, You said it dude, it's called holiness serpent handling and we actually, you might think like. Oh, they ve done this for millennia, no or at least since you know the seventeen eighteen hundreds now nope, we have a definitive start date. Nineteen ten in Tennessee, Dolly Palm Church of God,. Birchwood there was a preacher named George heavily, and the legend is that he was having a bad faith crisis
and was reading mark from the Bible. Sixteen eighteen thou shalt take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them, loves a good appellation, the preacher, and so he supposedly turned and saw snake their answer. I'm gonna take this. Quite literally the Bible says to take up snakes pick it up any picked it up. The mistake didn't bite a many said. There goes my crisis of faith threat and apparently your tensely didn't start out a preacher. He started out an alcoholic who had trouble keeping work, and once this happen to only be found, is religious, calling and became a preacher in the panic, hostile tradition, and he actually helped to establish this separate group. That's kind of within pentecostal religion, but the church of God of signs following is essentially the sect. Thirty help found
These are subset of subsets, subset of Christianity, yeah and so heavily for philosophy. Was you read? The Bible plainly is how we put it, which means if it says you pick up snakes. You pick up snake right. It's gods command to you right, so you can drink only any deadly thing in a well harm. You you're supposed to do that right, I'll churches are independent, so you decide whether women can where parents are not at your church, and it was about as simple as that. Yes and it actually took off and became very pocket, through our Appalachia from the nineteen ten still about nineteen forty. There is, I think, thousands of people who went to these church of God with them following churches, yeah Hindley for his own record said that he survived more than four hundred bites until nineteen fifty five he was.
In Florida abandon car of its Vanden, but it was a blacksmith shop. He was doing demonstration and I guess, holding a lower religious service right. And he got a bitten, then refuse treatment because, as part of the deal is they leave it up to you yeah, like coots as an interview with him, and he said if someone gets bitten, I called our medics have them come down, and then I say will now you have a choice. You can either to conquer man's and refuse treatment in here he'll you if you should be healed and if it's your time, the diet, your time to die, or you can say I'd like treatment place yet, but in the tradition of the you know what your believer
Hence we said now want treatment and he died the next morning yeah, but he survived a bunch of other bites like he said you have. Four hundred he says, although they live by the snake die by the snake is probably a pretty good motto. Sure a lot of people think that holiness serpent handlers are either worship the snakes because they do keep a men in cages on the altar during services or that they they're doing. This is, as a show of faith to basically show look at how how how much, I believe, all right fairly? This is definitively not the case, though, in holding a serpent handlers. Pickup snakes and they still goes on air like there are still churches throughout
the latter, apparently from Ohio to Florida, where hundreds, if not a few thousand people, do this go to these services. Yet it when they do it, they don't do it at every service necessarily right, but when they do it because they believe they have just been commanded by God to show their obedience to God by picking up a serpent in handling it and when they do it, it's a pair. They just enter into immediate religious ecstasy. Yet I gather that can jump up and down and may be speaking tongues and sort of a trance like state. I guess we're, and really described at icy. Most people seeing this at some point, look up a Youtube video there not holding the snake by the back of the head, and now they are literally just sometimes there are five. Six snakes and their this whole kissing them on the face, a Robin among their faith. Worm like crowns, the throne
their shoulders, gathered there, the big difference between religious snake handlers and professionals, they came Is there really just snake handlers? Go two zero zero degree to to establish any kind of safety precautions right. That's entirely. And thirty called at the point where they don't have anti venom shots standing by and medical care. No don't know, that's one there's a hundred things that are different picture. Write a note to me, and so this whole thing was very popular among the apple actions for good twenty thirty years and forties, there is a rash of people who died after being beaten and all of a sudden I would say the look in and say: what are you guys doing here and the authorities were like? We don't think you should be able to do that. Restarted I had to pass laws, but none of them there actually are laws that ran in indirectly prevent people from doing that.
Those actually someday directly prevention. I guess in every appalachian state, except for West Virginia but they're very rarely enforced because of religious liberties, right yeah, religious freedoms. Yet have been some raids, notably actually coots place in its place. Some like its common hanging with Miss. Kids church was rated as part of a series of stings and two thousand eight under the code name: twice shy, really yeah you're kidding meditated, in one church: they confiscated a hundred twenty five snakes and maintain arrest, and then it coots church and forget about seventy five snakes and arrested a few others, including him, but I don't think they stay in jail very long. I can imagine what the penalty is. What were the grand jury typically refused to indict on a related is
They might be charged whether they might be how the jail betray their there's. No indictment attained it down, so they don't go to trial, but they confiscate the snakes ITALY's yeah, usually because in Tennessee, for example, its illegal to keep venomous snakes. And this makes it they're using our very venomous, their deadly cottonmouth rattlesnakes. All sorts of very deadly venomous So the breaking the law is by having the snakes, but again them their typically left alone. As far as the courts are concerned, and the reason why you're saying at the beginning of this episode, that is hard not to be like stop, I think the reason why I dont have them much trouble with this. I came to see it differently after doing research on it there they have mores involved with this stuff. So more eels. More enough, I thought they handle those keys ever require like an inquiry
nobody wants that church. They they have. This kind of rules around the whole thing where you dont go, handle a serpent unless you feel like you have been commanded by God to go. Do that right, then you and you're, in your imbued with the Holy Spirit which is protecting. You write them right. There's no pressure whatsoever to go. Do that, but is actually discouragement to to do it for any kind of show, faith or anything and then children are our ban from doing it, they're not allowed to handle the snakes. Suddenly there is your vine with it. In the same way that, like you're free to walk into traffic, if you want it, may I thought they even less harmful than that, because you're endangering the other drivers life, if your hand, you're walking in a traffic somebody might steer into somebody else, take to get around you. This is you and a snake yeah. Do you have issues without thanks are treated well, that's one of my other big problems. So it's what will get into that? Are we gonna take a break
here's the Saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball because there's ways that guy who joined your game, he never passes the rock. He constantly bricks theories and who can We have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico its, the switch and save on car insurance, no he'd, Facon, ankle sprain, because you're absolutely exhausted. Switch and save with back up, it's almost better than sport, a key check or back. What's the problem with, beef well over the years
some numbers in and about a hundred years, they estimate about a hundred. People have died from doing it and If you look at the numbers in the number of people handling snakes, it, sir, you think there is a lot more people dying from snake by pretty pretty surprising, say, especially considering that most of them do refuse medical treatment after being beaten, they still recover correct. That is unusual Remarkable it is empire. Did a story on this in two thousand thirteen and some snake experts for potato started coming out of the woodwork, specifically the Kentucky reptiles it was sort of investigating this on their own for years, and they said you know there's a lot of things going on here. That is
whatever rigging of the backing of the deck stacking deck and the humans favor for one, the snakes are mistreated, which is one resolve a problem with it by all accounts from their investigations they saw crowded cages, they were dirty. There was no fecal matter in a cage which looked like they weren't being fed. They asked coots about that and he said well. I am My my rat connection went away. I read hook my my mouse and rat hook up, disappeared on me and he says besides they won't eat, they won't eat. Anyway, I think was his quote, which I don't understand. What that means exit, they want to eat something something. Someone says when they're like pulling their collar away from her, and he says they asked him how long the snakes lived, and he said on average, three or four months. The reptiles you in Kentucky said sexual of ten to twenty years.
Allowing for they live on average, three or four months here there being mistreated so because of this mistreatment, these hungry snakes. There's lots of things that happen. Have a hungry snake IRAN is They are less likely to strike. It are unhealthy yeah what else when they do strike there less likely to inject venom, so it's gonna be likely to be a dry strike. The twenty five percent, I think, are dry strikes, that's just under normal circumstances. Really, if it, if its a malnourished in, was fed, and under watered snake idiot. However, even higher and higher incidence of dry strikes than that the venom apparently is. It is potent if it's an unhealthy snake in thirteen they rated a church in Tennessee, I think that's Andrew Hand ones like you're talking about you, I think I may have said is his first name incorrectly
for the other, two sarcoma may confiscated fifty three snakes it most of them died within months. They were all unhealthy, and so basically you ve got these malnourished snakes that you know even when they do get bitten there. Maybe even not getting any venom or less potent venom sprites, yet its rigged in a certain way. Puss. Also, this article points out there is a Julia Layton Joint. She points out that its so possible that those of us here on the outside, maybe even the holiness, serpent handlers, overestimate just how aggressive snakes actually are by nature, yeah like you're saying, if your handling them gently right, they're not gonna, strike you if they, especially if they don't feel threatened, there's like out just a religious. Right there and there in the throes of religious, ecstasy. I'll just write it out, but everyone, to be jointly save it for a while. So let's see where this gas
plus a lot of these snakes are raising captivity and snake experts will tell you if you re the snake in captivity, it's less likely to strike it you because they don't fear you as they should write, PA snakes, don't typically speaking from an evolutionary standpoint. It doesn't make any sense for a snake could be like here, I'm in a strike. You thing that is Wade bigger than I am that I dont prey upon natural area and deliver all my venom right, because the venom they needed to actually eat they needed for pray right and the snake wouldn't know this, but natural selection would have figured it out by now that it snake striking something like a hippo. It's coming out in delivers all of its venom right. That's hippos still gonna stop the snake before Venom actually have any effect on it. Yeah and you ve lost your venom right to read me now. You can regenerate it, but it s not like immediate right. So it doesn't it
in an evolutionary natural selection standpoint. It doesn't really makes sense for a snake the strike and deliver a full venom bite. Correct right. Seattle is stuck together and suddenly the misery of snake handling still is it becomes a little clear and makes a little more sense how people are surviving here, but it still remarkable that they they are not, then that more people don't die, considering how often they snakes are handled yeah, and if you, if you look at interviews with kids on the Youtube, help he'll pick up his chunk of rotted finger then he keeps and show you he'll say. Look this. You know my wife had to cut it off at the mid knuckle with rose prisoners. There was a different those bill, hast now kits and haven't him to a really rose printers again like
literally held up his finger and showed it to the lady on CNN used like yeah. You kept that thing. While bill hostage, wife cut his off with rose pruning. I think digits falling off as a snake aim was pretty common it's like now. That was that one guy, so yeah. I mean there yet I'm against it, because bidding snakes year. I have that that's my issue with the two, and so it then am I want to do it just thing. It's one of those rare instances where you're as again aside from the treatment of the snake you're, not harming anybody about yourself, There is almost no other instance. That's just like that. You know right. I guess,
getting to be a libertarian, so a song about Thou hast, Mank Zack. I deserves maybe even his own podcast one day here. This dude is something else ready start with him. He was well as a kid. He had a dream. He was always obsessed with snakes yeah and he had a dream to one day, however, a snake house open to the public where he get educated. And he was an educator. He wasn't. He wasn't a religious snake him where we should point out that, for he was a self train science scare brochure discouraged Thank you so look, it has a dream and he grows up and makes that dream a reality, really believed, like really believed in his heart, and through experimentation that snake venom could be very beneficial to human yeah. He was actually
After the Miami Serpent area, which is the his famous place, lady Open was in full swing by this. By the late seventies, he was in clinical trials using snake venom to help cure things like Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis, this year with a doktor and the FDA actually came in and shutting down because they were, they were basically doing human experimentation. And sanction yet about everything results from what I understand the apparently he was seeing results with his polio work earlier when Jonas Salk invented the vaccine, and he is, I come in I guess it was agreed that I wish it could have been mean snakes. So this do darted self immunized, nineteen, forty eight, he injected one part Cape cobra venom with one thousand sailing solution into his forearm and started
gradually increasing the amount of venom he would injected into his own body right yours? Within a couple of decades, he was injecting every day a cocktail of thirty two different snakes in reptiles, venom, which is a process called myth, rooted myth, rigid ISM, Yarmouth, readies misread. It is a myth rooted. These was this famous some can't remember. He was an ancient king and he developed the tolerance, the poison, He was so afraid of being poison ass, though he would drink a little bit right, nice Anderson. So now, if anybody deserts it's a myth rigid as a man, that's what he was doing, so he actually did this for such a long time they his blood, it self became Anti Van in here, and it actually saved twenty one people's lives here he would, he would draw pint blood from his body to keep on hand, and he literally several times flew all around the world and with his blood, did give it to people to save them yet and apparently
and I think, a nineteen eighty nine, he was bit by a pakistani pit viper and he didn't have any anti venom and the White House use back channels to get their hands on some fire on heard have had saved his life pretty pretty need stuff. He has his famous quote. I could become a poster boy for the benefits of venom by lived to be hundred, are really make the point and he believed to be one hundred year, one hundred years old, yeah with snake venom pumping there was blood. They long yeah there's a really need discussion about this guy, in a larger article, called the myth, rigidities of funding lock, I care where the guy, who wrote a really great article, tweeted out or something, but it has some some stuff about Bell Harsenet. But it's also about this other dude name came freed, who, in the article he takes
four venomous snake bites in forty eight hours, although the whole things about whether or not he can live through five, but he's been doing the same thing so the serpent area, em in Miami closed and nineteen. Eighty four, because- and I saw that the accident was nineteen. Seventy seven so much your white took seven years to are too close, but a six year old boy had crocodiles and other stuff at the place near. Six, your boy fell into the cockpit and was mild, and it really obviously disturbed bill because he was bad guy. He was now you know he tore him up any. He shot this good I'll nine times the Luger pistol and I guess seventy her slave, who decided to close
fairly the dad didn't blame bill which is remarkable for the accident judge. That was strange. I mean if you took safety precautions and the kid one around on the net we saw that involve either way it's horrible and tragic yeah and he ended up closing the serpent Aramis. Results of it, although I didn't realize it was seven years later to, but he kept his milking operation going. That's right in his own self injection brutal bring any. Did he flew to Venezuela once in the Amazon to deliver some of his own blood to save a boy's life and he was made an honorary citizen of Venezuela is a result that is so cool pretty amazing. He claims to have never been second day in his life.
Didn't take. I never had a cold. I read: the food intake ass ran in this article that you set says he was unusually youthful. Looking another two pictures you out of your two hundred but right about unusually youthful looking, maybe so he had a glow about him. He had a glow from venom, administers shootin that stuff a yes. I know I stay away from it and just be fast: by the whole concept already do anything else. I don't either you all know more about snake handling. You can take those words in the search bar has the force that common sense. I said that this time for oh you know what it's time for these boots. Questions I so what we do here. Listener males have dried up alone
we put it out to be one. Facebook, sustaining questions will answer for the next two episodes as many as we can that be done through the rapid fire thing, starting my clearly on the street Billy on the street Billy the great teacher he oh, oh we're go. I haven't but I am aware, the wonderful, let's start with Gregg Stork in ghettos, Griggs darkens. Yes, he says if you walk up to find that you replace the character in a movie. You know well what movie character would it be, and how would you handle the circumstances differently? Cancel that really good question I feel like Josh, is probably had an answer to this for years for the shine weak and motor out wink amount. Conor did is just for now, I M not sure is,
but now I am. I answered easy, John Rambo Did you differently reduced immediately surrender I would have in the very beginning first blood when he drives them across the bridge and says he's gone that way I wanted to skip knowing that way said he turning round going back into the and John remember. The baby or movie will be very short to be short them. John Rainbow Hitchhiker, let's get on, and what about you you think about them, are at an historic and will see and everybody right smile amounts. It is from Jamie Whittaker Josh always referred to his favorite book documents at fourteen anyone, that's right. But I'm usually driving. I never take it down. I can't remember so he says is eighteen, something, forty nine. Check. What is your number one recommendation? No, if I have a favorite book,
I always recommend the book Middlesex, just because it's one of the great books, Jeffrey. You didn't tell me you didn't. Ethics are threats, he read the rental migrate bus, but Middlesex is one. The great great all around, but kept nice pussy train a clam has question: how different what our health be. If we could sleep everyday until we wake have naturally is alarm. Clocks were never invented, guess revolving around more mellow, we'll get less done sure but every day, more mellow, like our five day week in number that episode. I do. I think that kind of dovetails with that by this camera. Doing what you do There is such a. That is a good question turbulence.
SAM Horn. Even dropping insulate about live shows overseas. Would love to see you in the UK we ve loads of stuff. You should now terrible SAM we're hoping to come. Gave the summer will work on a hard working on it. It may or may not. Panic is planning shows overseas. You know, can be challenging. Guys used to take. A citizen should know that weird, so we're trying and listen up for updates on that front. Just a riddle. As I listened to your color package, color with the U N Checkmated, he might have a colleague deficiency. I'd like to hear a blacklist of color blindness in color deficiencies. Please smile motor cars. I think people are putting this in its taking it out galloping. Maybe what's the question
there was a question that was no good when Chuck while they say Josh, Diego Leal has a proper, Squatting coming along. That was me have heard anything from a few years, anything that could be Rob, still squatting, everybody forking out great and as far as we know, we know on the proper yet, but we county might in there's really think we're in, danger of losing it any tax in its value, extra neighbour back back labour, now I neighbour, whatever nope the county, I dont know if you'll ever be able to own it, then even through ever, maybe not, but I think there is anything that can do with it. It's such a small straight, I think we're good either in a start, parking like a target ROC had back there
county land. What about hippy rob any updates? Georgia should be ravel forever live forever in the great player, doubt solving all be thought. I'd, say: diabetes. Normally, if you could revisiting episode and do it differently, sledge, better, which one son not a bad idea, we definitely like another track at everyone through. I can't think of my region like a hundred was upset. Once in a while. I will leave here and I say every time I feel that way of. Like balance, this wasn't scared it could have, and it's always something that's a really important like the topic is really important. We saw it right or think it yeah and it always Panza fine, but I can't I can't think of any that I would just like to go back and you over again
thought of you just can't let you know, even if I am a little disappointed it. It is what it is now the philosophy and yes, it is growing philosophy, and are we ever going to get a how Jerry works episode? Nope jerry doesn't want people now have she worked. She operates. Stealth in secret the CIA and she may or may not Larry, took me says what evidence where we see the flood ethic of Noah's Ark Wendy. True Larry, we got some for you buddy, it's a full episodes on Noah's Ark and the life. That's pretty pretty give my firmer no recollection about one more. Each look. This ring. Have you ever been told. The topic is off limits nope with We have not there. We are very lucky in that. We are free to programme our own content
and all the various forces in firstly, that over the years always steered clear of death, which were very thankful for the self regulate. Furthermore, just Robinson ask just chuck: why do you keep the nineties? What do you think my childhood? How early nineties I'm denying thrilling? Ok, then something that they were ass. I don't think they produce demonstrates stuff. Everything just had this kind of superficial still felt like we love the nineties. The nineties was my twenties in my college. This love is very much to make. Things are great in the nineties in a lot of ways UNICEF driving. I now That is what we had it the ban. Now, as in any great great music culture seat, I think
he's a thing is where I have the issue. I wouldn't say it was three great music services good music. I do dispute that, but I think there is a lot of really bad music that everyone. Not necessarily, I know you're going to say that I was prepared to respond and it is as follows. Look at that age right. What about music, the greatness? but there was a lot more good listening to music, like figures, On the one hand, wonders in the eighties- There are a lot lot of singles. There were pretty good and listen about even at the time, not just in retrospect in the nineties. They want a lot of stuff on the radio was awful yeah Nirvana,
No, I mean again, there are some good stuff temblor plenty of good bans, but for the most part it felt like there's a lot of really fads I'll go back to the spin doctors again. I think that is the emblem of nine. The nineties spin doctors There are huge for a little while and then I think that also carried into the early two thousands, but with a lot of the terrible it is like there does seem to be- and I know the eighties were super vapid, very shallow, but almost to a cartoon degree. The ninetys were, air of its superficiality. It felt like I think it was trying really how did not be superficial bit. It was failing at it. I think
reject the notion that a lot of one wonders equals good, not good, better, get three words for you, walking on sunshine. There was Katrina the way. Those aren't that maybe we have different tastes, everything, but then this now, don't you feel good yeah? Yes, it does checked. So there was Facebook questions will our parliament has observed sales? Never do that again. If you are again suggests you can join us on Facebook that complex that we should now we're outside twitter it as well as cape. How can you can send an email to stop? I kept the house, the ports, I can't, and as always home on the web. For more on this and thousands of other topics, is a housewife workshop com.
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