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2013-02-23 | 🔗

Psst. You want to know how governments and corporations get the drop on one another? The frontline of intelligence is populated by spies. Learn about how spies get and transfer information (and why they do it) in this episode of Stuff You Should Know.

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I welcome the pockets of Josh. Clark with me is always Charles, the view shop riot in fast motion that makes us these super fast episode of the fish, no spice Superbus, it's going to be done. Not short help rates can be talking really badly is pretty much five zero pick up where you heard yes vice like us, there did you like it money. I did. Is this like Chevy Chase, really by whom my dad really here s my mama them either by my death? I thought he was a jerk
It was kind of a jerk and um yeah. Apparently I read this sudden. I live biography about like the show dahlia pretty interesting and they talk about how he was the first one to be able to develop a cocaine habit kisses. The first went to start getting paid and apparently dingier really so it made him a jerk. I don't think it's for my dad thought he was it anyway. All apologies to Mister Chase. If you listen to this house have always been a big when heavy, then I was very saddened when he is career. Can faltered, I missed habitues! Well, ok! He's on tv! Now that he's he's on the tv and unity right, yeah! That's it!
he was on it. I don't know if it still is, but he was such a neither, but no I hated Flitch, I'm just gonna can't say I hate that movie flesh eight votes to hate flesh, eight, I all Fletchers, I think it's a stupid movie and I hate watch, but I did like Funny far away. That's weird that you headed pledge. I hated flight, and I still hope that you can show me first right now be like this is stupid. Money. Sir Chuck, yes, you know a little bit about spies. I believe you had a bit of a story to share with us. A little bit I mean I was obviously spy stories are realised, visor kind of fun. And to me the best all time story, spy, real true life's by story was the story of Christopher Voice and Dalton Ok, the falcon and the snow man. Oh yeah, I've never seen a movie of you. He had a good year, really get Timothy
and Sharp Andrea nice, and that is the story of these two guys who are too youngsters In southern California and a boy I was hired by his father, I think, is a guard at an aerospace, firm, called t, R D, you incorporated in May. That gave him access to a lot of CIA documents that there were working with the aerospace room. They were drug dude, so he was okay. We can raise like make a lot of money. Sullen these secrets to the Soviets down in Mexico City at their embassy, make money for a drugs to run a drug operation, and they did so like a year successfully a year from seventy six to seventy seven and work of course, and jailed for espionage, and I had a little trouble for some reason: finding out the current status
Lee. I did find out that voice actually escaped from prison and nineteen. Eighty from Lompoc was picked up again and eighty three one I think and then was released in two thousand three and lives I think in the San Francisco area. While I've got this also malay times article it I'm gonna red tonight for fine cause it inhabitants to read it How is it like a long red yet on this, like fifteen page article nice, his big interview he did after get release but I can't find out what happened to Lee aside from a rumour that he was eventually released and she been hired him as his personal assistant, and I don't know. If that's true weird, I can't verify that. I understand champagnes like the real deal when it comes to like combating poverty in Haiti and he's like in there in the trenches every day the net crazing some people think he's a jerk. I happen to like the guy. I, like a guy like you, so
How did the falcon in this domain become spies? They were working, earn voices going at it and in airspace firm as a night guard and had access to sensitive documents. So why did you start to make money? Okay? So that's actually one of the main ways. A spy is recruited me there's some there's several nice intro by the way did think that makes two times irritant. Gimme your a punch curtain, the that there are a few First, a person become a spy. Probably the most dumb straightforward way is to maybe joined the army. Army intelligence, join CIA right out of college and basically to join your country's intelligence agency, be trained and then send to the field too. Maybe posing is
men are being a diplomat where apparently the line is very fuzzy between a person is actually diplomat and diplomat. Who was a spy out here? It's like one and the same there's still performing the same funky area. They have a job as a diplomat, but there also just spying to embody. I guess what's the basis of spying well there. What thereafter? Obviously in this is the no brainer supper. We always had the pointed out, I'm thereafter any valuable information to give to the countries that their work and for any kind of it is obvious, easily military secrets. Although we will talk a little bit later about corporate spying, which is huge yeah these days, but you know typically people with access to these either offices or high ranking officials. They do have recruiters that go out.
Like you, said, you'd, think a little money and running your face. If they think that a person is someone they can turn right like hey, you are not happy with your own country. We know this. You want to sell em out We know you really like money in your kind of a scrupulous you want to. Am I right or we know your mother- need surgery and cure your government insurance. Although the gold standard of health care is american health care for the american system, therefore, I can really cover the surgery so some money or hey Mama surgery you wanna movie, made after you about you right after you are executed in hunting, he famous you're gonna feel important cause you're. Nobody, you wanna be somebody once you dig up some secrets worse right and that's actually like a really good dumb recruit.
Tool, recruiting method is to identify somebody who has a menial job, some sort of file clerk. Yes, but as access to really sensitive information exactly go in and, like you said, Papa, I don't think you would actually say you're nobody. You would maybe promise the making them a somebody had to break them down before you go back up. You know it depends the pencil you trying to do so. Those are the did. You touch on ideological disillusionment with your home country love it. You know, like communism, obviously was big thing here. We covered Mccarthyism yeah like the rosenbergs through they were at the very least communist sympathise. To supposedly allegedly spied for the further communists by the way. It's. What did you see that email we got about that now we get an email
again. The air force that said that there was a great interview with care. Remember who it was. That basically said the rosenbergs did. I have a lot more to do with it. Then like it versa. We, like other guilty guilty than later on. As we pointed out there like you now they did exactly so the deepest targets of secrets, and maybe they were made an example of that then apparently, more recent and reviewed does implicate them little bit more to the extent that their family, even like it so weird for Mccarthy to be vindicated. So you ve got blackmail to is a way of getting people to do what you want liquid for those of you that you dont want published right like you clearly have a lampshade on your head and you had to be a spy for us and then
what you have the person agreeing to spy others also walketh too, and I think that might have been voices deal with him. An opportunity was ok. I wanna be a spy yeah. Who do I call about that exactly in usually, if you're going to be a spy, you identify a country whose probably get the most money the most desire for the information you have to go to their local embassy. I guess he gave way to do it. Ages- Walker in it. But if you are that country's diplomat, slash spies, working at the you're going to be immediately suspicious of someone like that very to fairly the. U S head, a russian defector. I can't remember it may have been the budgetary year may have been the guy who's mentioned no alike.
Pin cover ski pink comiskey. Yet he was a russian general. I believe soviet General agrees with the KGB and I think he was a walk in well, meaning a secret trip to the? U S, and over years and years and years like he finally gain the trust of the Americans is like look. This is legitimate. Information is cold war, stuff, yeah, yeah. Well, that was like the height of spy them, not quite so, ok, yeah, we'll get to that later. I read a recent article that wait the others like a lot more going on now, then you might believe I'd say you have paid, blackmailed or ideologically disenchanted spy church who you trust in you assign them a person named controller yeah are weak. I tell people,
in most cases. The controller is the person who I think, they're they're, just like your only contact, basically right through you're gonna, be given the information to yeah or giving information or instructions from There's going to be one person you meet yeah, you do want a large you, don't you by to know a lot of people right, there's gonna be compromised. There's not a Christmas party. Tina picture, though shouldn't they sit around and look at each other very wearily right there. They don't make eye contact right. There, the reason why this is called compartmentalization, because if the spice caught there's only so much information, they can get While I was media Mr Orange, the May or may, real name right now. Besides face
Actually I never met him. It was all hand off stuff apartment while you're talking about a month ago and cover that the drop the dead dropped, dead, drop. Yeah, you see it movies. Apparently it's real you you'll drop thing in a public place very nonchalantly and then send a signal that it's me now then dropped to your controller than they will go to the little hidden loose brick in the public park wall and fish out the micro, film yeah Microfilm, the material that maybe with what it has always struck me about spy work, articles on spies and especially the gadgets and taking
do they use near. I always assume it's like twenty years out of date, yeah me to you. I was reading on this book called veil by Rubber Woodward, actually book about, like Reagan, secret oars really give book and they're talking about this. This light be my guest, a laser, yet that you can point at a window and measures the vibrations from a conversation and translate them into audio, so it's an eavesdropping devices that they were using in the early sixties. You're talking about them. These are immense. Thirty five hundred I am while they have now I'm sure, wouldn't that there are different ones but yeah. It's an invite. Oh infrared beam hits the window. The then records the vibrations filters out all the gobbledygook and then amplifies it records it s, amazing, and it's been around since the sixties, woody. To do it now. While this is the one that's available now such ravages, then the slicker diversion
on the article I read you, a modern spy equipment, basically said just said- is it's a lot of the same stuff? Is just faster and smaller gett n? You know Digital with so called. This is called the laser emacs. Fifty five hundred in the cool thing is when you go website. It said, as used by David, lead Anne and J, Leno and Fox five on ever weird, say it I don't know, I guess I then little bits where they spy on people. Why don't I just no spied on NBC Board meeting when they were trying to figure out where there go with Letterman or him through really car and yet you gotta see their move. Not I mean it. I remember that the yet, while here sitting in another room like taking note taken a closet right now opposed exactly ok, I'll get back to you
you have a controller year, spies compartmentalized very much harm before you start doing dead, drops and everything you want to get a heavy yourself, because you spies gonna get greased. You have to first create a cover and support it with the legend yeah right. So a covers just like your secret identity or your false identity. And then the legend is the back story around it. And he's be detailed and thorough right. So, for example, you are a few and fishing, I think the article uses gets get good example or your let your character is various right you're going to have fishing gear, and if you have a that's part of the legend, you can have fishing the part. The legend is that you are inefficient your five fishermen big time. So then, at your house, your apartment, whatever that set up for you, you can have fishing equipment and, if you're good, it's going to be used, fishing equipment.
Going to be of a certain quality depending on whether your cover is frugal, sure or no kind of spending or likes, you know the best of the best. Let's get point about use anything about. Oh yeah, maybe like a movie thing, is the guy Ceaseth piping here and it's got a tag, honours rain and elderly doom right or boom, or both yeah the. If U r c I a russian accountant posing as russian accountant. You probably should know the ins and outs of russian tax law sure he should also Polly speak Russian with the russian action from them from the region that you're, supposedly from that where's from yet you suddenly outlined at all with the governor. What's his face, the closer you needed to get one I've heard there was a couple years ahead of me. I think I was watching
orderlies, while my family. My way I'm not gonna ruin that when actually I'm spoiler guy, usually for movies that are like fifteen years old, but am I gonna leave that went to the to the people to see it turned into rented or whatever it is? It's got a nice little twist. Ok, what else chattered others is not a quick thing. None are now. We establish a cover. It takes years to establish a cover, you're not walked into the Russian, the russian and machines hey, I'm understood the russian accounting it and where are your documents, This is not a small camera and my tie. It takes a lot time and people go. It's like me, an undercover copy of the established trust over a period of months and years, even yeah.
You're going to do in the meantime be performing accounting yeah for it as part of your business. You better get ahead. The toast yeah you could go to jail for tax fraud would not be surprised at the be proud, definitely help your cover, though, and I had to get up. For the for the state to you are not going to be memorizing things, although in a pinch, unsure, they're, probably trained to memorize it the amount of information, but what you really want to do- and it is like in the movies- is to make tiny little copies. Photocopies or photographs of sensitive documents and relay those dear controller, and then their ends up on the micro, film them micro dot or it could even just you could make copies. If you are like that file clerk who has regular routine access to the information, dismay copy
written, take it out of their debt and they had a little handheld caviars nationals as regards the others, are pretty cool. What you don't want to do is take anything now, because then somebody might notice that exactly the documents are missing right, but you you don't have to listen to us. Your controllers, going to tell you how he or she wants that the information sure and there are plenty of female spies. So are we definitely don't mean to say he a lot, but we're did I said here see yet something I mean Valerie Plain: she was a spy here earlier, it's not just on the ground. He there's not disunion spies. We ve been using satellites for years since a nineteen sixty, I believe- and the fact of the show for me, is that before the digital age, the satellite would take photographs, and I guess
than ever develop them and dropped them in a bucket in the ocean. I figured it was undeveloped. I was it is yet another film canister he of course, with developing and slacker automatic there, the others like some man stoner up there, he actually society developing picture. I remember the format yeah, what I got era. That is enough, owners where they work in now. Not a video store on either oasis coffee shops. I think, Sir, the trial we see them they are the ninety nine percent, so they don't have to drop them in the ocean any longer. They can just relate them digitally and they have actually been doing that since nineteen seventy. Yet it's pretty cool so long before we were taken digital photos the government in sending wirelessly. Yeah over radio. I think they did it led to a wireless radio, pretty amazing, hello, stuff, you should know listeners. Do you want a new year's resolution? That's easy to keep yes resolve to help.
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They can prove my point, though Chuck I mean like. Why are we on two now? I know it's faster, smaller, better, there's gotta be some cool stuff that, like wasn't around before, though well spy planes back in the day were large, like you too, by plane, and it would have the fire right over the enemy. These days, of course, we have drones flying than will not find themselves better unmanned drums right doing the dirty work. Also to very thirty thirty work. That's right! I'm all of this check is called technological, entail, genes or attack, and I'll bet. Everybody at your work thinks you're a jack ass. If you call it tech,
in the CIA. There, like stated right exactly or if you wanted to really be in, and the scientists T Jesse, so you got spy planes technically at one point were t satellites which now apparently can read a headline on a newspaper. That's crazy, Lacy, Google Earth, you mean it at my car and my driveway was on it now little creepy. I know I had bird poop on the roof tat theres a like wire tabs that whole laser listening mission listening devices that you do I'm innocent here. Do you wanna talk about?
They have seismic equipment to detect a nuclear testing, their underwater sensors, to find things like submarines, yet, which is a big deal again in veil which, by the way I recommend they were talking about how back in the day and to each drop on russian cables, like the Soviets didn't encrypt all of their stuff on certain cables that were transmitted underwater is especially when they were close to the motherland right right. So the? U S would send Serbs to go and clamp on these cables and listen for a few days and they were like right off the coast of the USSR. Holy cow really dangerous work and then they, finally
Meda recorder that they could go clampdown, drop off and then leave for like a month or six months or whatever they come back and get it. So there's only like the windows were was really scary, rather than several days is having to sit there quietly in the bottom of the ocean. This is a new stuff. I'm that evolution of spy tools- article I read, was like. If you ever read that the art of war was itself suits ass, loud ass, one son too, and there are more a hundred references despise and espionage. Intelligence gathering in the art of war and another is very old
and in the revolutionary war they would use invisible, ink called Jays sympathetic, stain was apparently the best one to use and they still use of. Until recently they still used invisible in the transit messages, crazy heat up certain things and it'll appear, or that under certain light like lemon juice. Yet the sealed crafty trick how to be a princely kind of his ugly burnt Sienna color does, but also, if you look at me like oh, it's written and lemon juice I can see without even with just by moving paper low, but I don't think he's real bone, beady spy stuff fairly, the Spartans would spy and they had device caught the sky tail and it was a long slender ride at which was wrapped with a thin strip of piracy in the message was written on the wrapping
and it was past onto a messenger and apparently it would only be read if it was real wound a rod of the same diameter, so sort of like a machine? Yet there was talk about that. Ok, have you have you read Enigma. Now is a book about this whole thing about the illegal, her cracking the code. The Nazis had this very, very clever system of encoding encrypting messages where they would have what's colony. Machine, which is kind of like a random typewriter. There would assign them a code to a message and it could only be decoded by a this same machine like a twin machine right that we get this message and then turn it back into
whatever it was originally a say, and on the british, apparently garden on breaking this place called out or Blanche Lee. I think work where they had a few. These captured Enigma machines and were secretly had secretly crack the code. I think the polish, even before that discovered it, and then you I M in shared it with the Brits who, yes, probably via a little further along. Well, maybe not. Why think Alan Turing, who invented the computer essentially was one ITALY's Enigma cobra. Interesting the information it was code named ultra and it was firstly, you know something they kept on the very download files you dont want Hitler. Tonight you got indignant machines, inhaler kills a guy who invented the indignation. I think they got one from a sunken sub area,
the Germans were like well, it's on the bottom of the ocean. Will this leave it there it'll be ok and somebody. Buddy and the allies went and got it. Yes, a pretty cool book enigma. But what about the number stations? Did you see that yeah, that's pretty cool. So remember we talked about the Yosemite SAM Transmission, this data burst and then you know the whole a minute. To Smithereens farm in the air. I imagine that there has to be from some sort of number station, but what is it well say it's a radio station that the government operates and broadcast on short man frequencies this intermittently so they'll have. Clue like a song or an announcement that will mark the beginning of the end of the secret broadcast, and obviously they won't say, like you know, and now we will play the secret broadcast.
Some sort of hidden message, and then it will be just a bunch of a series of numbers. That is obviously a coded message right with awesome. Is it's not the great like any schmo with who tuned into the right frequent reckon here this broadcast, but you won't be all make heads or tails of it and apparently like this stuff. It's all over the world yeah, so those are huge their rights as he picked out the. U S isn't like Leah Word were doing this, but it I mean, like he's your brain, yes, it's exactly whether the article I read on the modern spices, basically the Americans and the Russians, getting along. Just have this sort of implied understanding that we were both still spine, let's not get each other. Everybody spying on everybody's those Wikileaks cables revealed through I mean assisted, swung, gather, intelligence or information on whatever it is the case. You know from trade policy to you, no defence, any any information
you can get, gives you an upper hand, and I think everybody does it while, since were there, and these days, you're gonna find a lot of I'm going on. I think, though, yells Washington Post said last year that there are more than twelve hundred government organizations and close to two thousand private companies that work on programmes related to counter terrorism. That's a huge waited there. Spying. These days, I we see is terrorist cells, homeland security and intelligence. In about ten thousand locations all across the? U S. So these days were spying mainly on terrorist cells. Iran, North Korea, in China, obvious right and it says that the U S is the recipient of hundreds of thousands of cyber attacks every day from our bayesian. Basically, there trying to penetrate our firewalls and seeing what they can get another work. Well, I hope not.
We are also spying on Israel. Sometimes you spend your buddies because in two thousand eight, those in israeli report that said that we have a long history of spying on Israel in regards to their secret nuclear programme. So even if your friends with the country that mean you're not keeping tabs yet what I was one of the things about the Wikileaks cables, as they were a lot of homework about our very close allies in ruins and down there with his very embarrassing and how bravely managing to spend the rest of his eye from imprisoned, because the State Department was embarrassed and then corporate spying is huge. These days, private sector cypher Basically, they said that there is nary a large, a merger acquisition deal that goes down these days without a lot of spying, going on what a corporate spying and now the CIA even lets people spies moonlight for corporations to make an extra scratch there. So they said
They said, there's even entire network of people who do nothing but track corporate jets in their flight patterns, while the crazy but makes sense. Oh, it does make sense in a Europe where the money is yet or you know. I think I was a coke that had the the girl that work there,
the lady sell out how you are almost sell out. The Pepsi there, this secret formula, yeah, I'm seers, eagerly approached she was a walk in the three reports. Pepsi with the the secret formula for Coke and Pepsi told Coke about it that late again, big trouble, o Pepsi came out near them say we got an informal, we don't might be in second tier. They like it, there's less pressure. So what you gonna do with other stuff. When you got all this information whose can be looking at it at savagely, not the spy? Well, that's the thing like. If you you know, you noticed you have one controller with one spy and that's what all of your information as you have all of this information coming.
From all these different sources, whether theme of satellite photos or in a human intel, and you have people called data, analyse to putting it all together and they write daily briefs or papers or profiles on say, like the newest leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Moon there, and they it's basically just like here's, this threat, here's what you want to know about this person. There may be an attack from this group, and it is basically this picture. That's cobbled together like a mosaic. Of created, of of data and information. Yes, stolen, apparently received information that the Germans were going to turn on. The soviets. And there were two and he said yet. I don't believe so
ignored the data and look at what happened. Like a million people died in Saint Petersburg near or stolen God, so he did not unless a data to his advantage. No, apparently also we you get. You can use this. These data analysts to say we ve got a gap here that we need to fill in. So go. Do this for those kind of like it's a two way street as far as data collection and data analysis goes right right. Pretty good example was the Purple Code of Japan and WAR war to wear wait, we had a pretty good idea that Midway Island was gonna, be attacked, but we didn't know if we were reading the code for Midway Island correctly, which is a f. We thought it was
What's your ride, so the I guess, army, intelligence or somebody said: hey get midway to issue a plea for fresh water save their low on fresh water. They did then we intercepted a japanese transmission, saying that was low and fresh water. So we knew the F was midway and we knew then that midway, stifling gonna be attacked and we won the battle of mid way. As a result, you say you say Misinformation is is just as important as the real information spies spend enough from Santa's article just as much time doing out misinformation as they do collecting the real stuff right, very important part of it, and one good way to do that is to get caught. Spying double agent with the double agent, while a double agent, somebody who say is buying in American, whose fine for the Russians and the Americans say wait a minute this case fine for
Russians. Let's make sure that all of this information is access to is altered and wrong and flawed and then he'll pass it along with the Russians and he'll, be what's calling unwitting double agent right or we go to him directly, be like organ of fry. You pal, unless you start giving fake information to the Russians and then that person is a winning double age and in that case and he'll say you're no pallor, mine or Josh. You can be a triple agent or even I guess, a quadruple or quintuple agent happens to wear the Russians, the Americans nab you and then they turn
to a double agents. But the Russians know about that and you're still secretly working for the Russians in that it was this grabs her that wrote this. He points out that it's gotten so convoluted with the quadruple and up that, sometimes it in the end. His history can't even tell what they were the alike who who the person was actually whose side they run yet automation that person's, probably on their own side after awhile, This look just tryin to not get thrown in his got exactly for the good luck. I guess we can talk about operation, fortitude cassettes, gonna call yeah, I'm. This is a really big misinformation campaign about the invasion of Normandy Indeedy every like elaborate one well, yeah included on creating faked troops, fake tanks. In true
transports fig fuel depots. I got out of wood yeah in amassing them on the southern coast of England to make the Nancy's think that the invasion of France is going to come from now answer the northern coast of England Right to make him think is going to come from the North Beckley and instead of the south were Normandy was in part of this was a big part of it was feeding double agents, false information. There is one guy named Garbo, who is a big player in this whole thing, code, name, Garbo, that this is like placed himself hussar, while they built a fake rock rage at the end, with vague townspeople and in a faker, and when they came riding in the town, a weapon and a woman it was, they found that it was not real
and then the cleave on little was able to prevail nice. Well, in this case, the allies prevailed like Cleveland little yeah. They leave and went further than you know, painting a bunch of fuel deposed to look like the real thing. They created a completely fake battalion, the first? U S army group here it was led by general patent, even those totally thing, fake radio chatter about this group and the invasion and on the day of the invasion they dropped
all sorts of aluminum from planes writer reflect radar to make it look like there's a big movement of an air force across the english channel. Are they did the same thing with submarines and it looked like there is an invasion coming from the north. While there was really one coming from the south and it worked right. Well I mean we took Normandy. That was the first like fifteen minutes of um sing programme here. So I don't know, I've worked mean. I guess it worked, but not the first fifteen minutes and forgetting about the the book into that movie, with the old Matt Damon in the cemetery right, and then they went to the awesome part yeah. Oh yeah. You're right is like the first five things can assert, and then there was the Matt Damon yells him grown up. I just thought it was. It was uncanny
he hit the uncanny valley near the effort, was an actor putting him or was it met David and make him none? I was an actor who looked a lot like an old dame gadget. While he was in the uncanny valley, I'm not sure exists. Yet you know here's my advice to film makers to people like the Steven Spielberg, the world. Don't don't bookings your movie like that? It's always a bad idea. You think so mean that movie, what a kick so much more! But if it was just started with the d day. Invasion and ended had ended, like everything from that, too, are also Clint Eastwood, the Bridges Madison County, terrible bookends when are we shall like the modern day book ends? Just don't do it to stick to the story. Ochre were clever, we don't need Matt, Damon Old, Matt Damon in a cemetery
breaking down, no, there was little or no hey, there's little off putting a heavy handed s kind of like second out there, but who am I I'm the pike, Esther Steven Spielberg Jacqueline are part of the greatest generational further that do you want to hear pretty cool story about the delay invasion church the day before now, I'm sorry the month before them the invasion of Normandy, the deed envision. The turning point of the war was one of the Emma five guys was doing the daily Telegraph puzzle and he started noticing that a lot of the Hers were kind of curious like, for example, one of the answers was Utah. Another was omaha. These were potentates for the beaches. Normandy were landing point. We're gonna be for the invasion another answer was mulberry, which is the name of a few
harbour that was going to be told across the channel to accommodate supply ships and other we shrapnel never was Neptune, which was the code name for the naval. Support for the operation They also had the answer overlord, which was the name for the whole operation. Thirty day invasion. So am I fives like what's going on like clearly somebody's feeding information, one of them one of the ways of disseminating like you were saying getting in trouble with your controller or letting them know that you ve done a dead drop, is through the newspaper you like a classified ads or somethin. I end up, so they went and my five cents and some guys to go rougher person who wrote this crossword and find out what the deal was fifty four year old school teacher and he had no idea. The whole thing was total coincidence, white. The am I five. Finally, they were convinced, like this guy
has no clue. What's going on really is not an agent leaves looked in whose background and it was total coincide. How many words total there is like six, I think, interesting, big ones. While, that weird that is really we're a month before the invasion abuse that use of attack. I was nervous yeah until they believed it you spoke in his bed. Hey do you like that, When your taxes does anyone know well, here's the deal they're gonna, make it easier on. U h and block is filing your own taxes online with age, and our block can be done. Super fast, dare I say, Jeff you dare say because it's true Chuck in our black online guys you three simple process and you can connect via instantly with the tax expert for friendly. Help when you go wait. What is the IRS asking me absolutely agent? Our black attacks prose
even screen share, so you can show them exactly where you're stuck that super handy everybody and the best part is You always know your price with age and our black no surprises, no hidden fees for a better deal. Better choose block. Go to h are block that come slash. Next time do that today it get started its better with blood, Well, I guess: where does it for pooping Europeans? this one. If you want to know more about spies, you can type spies as Pierre S in the search bar has therefore, that calm, that's gonna, bring up with the new mail
Josh and before we read listener. Male we want to announce that are equal. Address has officially changed from stop podcast a house of works, dot com right to stop by cast at discovery Duncan, oh yeah, we discovery has finally said, and yes, you guys are really working for Us- will give you a dresses with our with our name on it here, your official? Yes, so that I can reach us now and weaken point this up. But if you times yet place at the same time we say it at the end of it cast their return. But what are we ve newsletter? Go ahead? Spilett we avert stuff. You should know newsletter that you can subscribe to there's a little le link to it on the left, rail of our Facebook page, your facebook tat complex that we should now it's free. It's not spam. It bacon, because you have the opting for an annual.
They like it sends out a link to the newest episode. Has bunch of articles that we wrote or like your site, is for everyone and sat by South West young people of Austin? This is where coming back and we will be pike casting live on Sunday March. Eleventh not quite sure exactly what time this will be a badge event. If you have a badge, please come out, see us but fear not. We are also crying trying to get a non badge event together at a local, bring home regular or bans to come out. So I stay tuned for information on that. We are working on it. Hey if you ve got a place, hit us up the Edward we're lookin. Yeah wasted, but hopefully will have at nine badge event that will be predictable and we get some monster cooking here I began to feel yet to stood listening.
Oh yeah, the regular pulled me out about it. This is, correction and while we're correcting, I want to point out, as I have many many many times, that polar bears do not live in. It are forgotten who I was very ill that day, an Shouldna, probably even in podcasting, but I misspoke Josh technically was talking about. A penguin. No I'll tell you what I was talking about. You know, you're saying fuller varies, only live any article and they only live in the arctic wide and say that the issue of the gist of what your thing. Yet I was saying that penguins don't live in Arctic. They live in an Arctic. Yes, they are also found in places like Australia
I'm sure argue Tina Hazard Share Chile places not too far away from an Arctic over what I'm saying is there not found in the Arctic entering an emperor. Penguins, though, are only found in Arctic serving keep originally that's what you're talking about underpinning the listless here yet another. Yet another correction in and we must have Edmonton to me. Have you no? I know so. Let me clear this up. Calgary Alberta is sitting Canada. Edmonton Alberta is so sitting, Canada Albert is a province in Canada. So it's like Atlanta, Georgia, your New York and use the thing I must Canada. I hate that we must canadian things up as we got a lot of man's there and they are not. The only problem with Canada is so close to Detroit Appoint without attracted by the way. So I think that's good. We don't need Lester Milk, as others correct
Hence, we call to thank you to all the canadian fans who wrote in all the polar Bear and penguin defenders of the earth. We are sorry we are human Hopefully we will I d better. Let's make it a sufficient, a resolution to do better in two thousand as well. Well, that's was to be done before so as to make it for twenty thirty and MRS keeps growing up I want to use by stories. Ok me too. We want to hear him in a hundred and forty characters are less on Twitter as why escape podcast at all. One word: You can also reaches on Facebook. If Facebook accomplish that enough, and you can send us in emu to stuff podcast at discovery
dot com for more on theirs in thousands of other topics for the house up works, I come to learn more about the podcast click on the park ass. I can in the upper right corner of our homepage. The house networks Iphone up has arrived download it today on Itunes, the man we are partnering with our radio for our own podcast series. One fans interview the bank throughout this series will be funding fans indifferent towards eight markets. Verdun become hang backstage, an interview us will be giving you a look behind the scenes like never before in answering questions that our fans have always wanted to check out. One fan to interview the ban on the radio apple podcast or wherever you get your guests,
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