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How Street Gangs Work

2015-06-02 | 🔗

The street gang problem in America peaked in the 1990s, but recent FBI reports find that gang membership doubled from 2006-2011. What's driving this increase, and gangs in general? Wander into gang territory with Josh and Chuck in this episode.

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Dear young rockers, applaud, cast coming of age story about finding a home in rock music and learning to flourish in your own weird way. It's also a series of letters of advice to my younger self ass. She navigates attaches adolescence seals or social inside each body, issues and relationships and discovers a transformative power during rocker comes from double Elvis productions is created and hosted by mutual citizen and executive produced by Jake Brennan of disgrace. Land episode, one drops Wednesday January fifteen, listen to dear young locker. On the I hurt radio up apple pod costs, or were you get your pod casts welcome to stop. You should know from Housetop works that world from the fog cursed on Josh poured through strove to be flying Jews with them. Since the police would know the pod could not approve
any gang. Now, though, I would have thought that goes without saying of sufficient alarming. That's our game, younger son, nerds Roland, around drop in knowledge. That's how we roll are symbol is infinity. Answer mine and I think that severe symbol. Now that's a perfect circle. Now I think the MIKE with her demeanour regular logo share this assembly. We just need to learn how to make it and scraping yes. Actually that stated, while we just said are we just mentioned spray painting year gangster sign that little, but that's all time, people
It will do that. No gangs of evolves so much yes. Some people do still do, but from what I understand, gangs of basically come to see. That is like why. Why would you do that? Doesn't make any sense here, fiscally remarking your territory right, earmarking yourself, whereas it's better to stay out of the hands of wine forcemeat and not through a gang sino tag, something with your game Well sure, then, to do that, you say: I've been gangs are rising up in there does not committing crimes any longer Cosette puts them under the police microscope. No, I'm saying that they are committing crimes still there. Just not. I don't think they spray painter stuff is much the definitely am getting more sophisticated and some gangs that sort of thing the like mortgage fraud and identity theft. Counterfeiting like some of the human trafficking on some of the new crimes. So before we get started the chuck, I want to say that throughout
Reading the studies, the house, the works, are equal and doing research. I was plagued by this idea that, like we, don't really have a real idea of how many people were in gangs Gangs are in the United States exactly what kind of problems like gang problem we have. Is it overstated? I suspect it might be overstated thirty three thousand guy So this is so. The FBI compiles the sum report every few years and in their original has therefore article. It cites the two thousand five national gang threat assessment right here in it says Twenty one thousand five hundred gangs and seven hundred and thirty one thousand active gang members too fast Levin, which is the most recent one from what I could find, has not too many more gangs. Thirty three thousand one point: four million gang member late, twelve thousand more gangs is an elected. I guess it is ok, but one point four million gang members, then
of gang members between two thousand five and two thousand eleven courting the FBI, doubled, yeah, doubled and ok, if that's the case right what why? What happened between two thousand In two thousand and eleven I don't know because the gang heyday was in the eightys and Ninetys. Ok all right. So what would cause gang membership to skyrocketed double frontiers? She doesn't want. You can have one guess: federal grants, to police departments. That say they have again problem so maybe they're in fighting the numbers. Maybe what, if they're not inflame the numbers, the thing that I think the internet, though the economic crisis If you go back and look at the history of gangs and if you look at all gang activity gang banging, if you We will try to find online cause one of the underlying
cause, if not, basically, The underlying cause is the lack of access to economic opportunity, a k, nothing else to do no job prospects, then already being surrounded by gangs or the possibility of gangs leads to an increase in membership. So we have this economic crisis in the United States membership really did devil. I will put my money on the idea that it was because of the economic crisis did not touch them middle and upper middle class. More than one zero housing crisis. Oh man, everybody got totally messed up by the economic crisis, No, it touched everyone, but I didn't know there was it: is housing like housing? Kick the whole thing off by the job market, like all the sudanese people, even if it did effect like say them class or the upper middle class. You also nails jobs, they start taking the Lord. His job because they ve got to survive. Nowhere does the lower classes doing interesting theory, I'm if, if
members have doubled in the. U S between two thousand found to those limit would be any amount of money. That was because the economic crisis there you would your stuff you shouldn't a fortune on that is. I would all the millions are right. Well, We may as well go and talk about why people join gangs because he does teased it. Poverty is a huge reason. These are usually in poorer areas of the city. Not a lot of money going on. You can make money by robbing people by dealing drugs. It provides a financial incentive to join again basically yeah. I read about one study from LOS Angeles. They found that neighborhoods that had unemployment rates of between fourteen and sixteen percent head about fifteen times more. Related homicides, then neighborhoods that had unemployment rates of between four and seven percent yet and they
The gang related homicides account for the close, the half of all the homicides in the United States, Raina yeah. That's another thing that I found like really also somewhere between forty eight ninety percent as other places a letter like any pursues its own way overstated near there, like the gangs peak back in the nineties, unlike we ever had a real problem since then. I think this case, but there unlike sociologists, others, there saying this is this is overstated near. I don't think anyone Savishna gang problem, No, I don't think anybody's disagree that there is a gang presence. I think the degree right to which there is again presence so check. For example, you can go look it's only from the Justice Policy Institute, call violent children to doesn't then look at the youth gang violence problem is exaggerated and it provides kind of a counterpoint to because it there.
Think I'm nothing! There's not a growing problem. I'm not excusing the idea that, like oh yeah, lower, cannot opportunities see join again really get it now like there's like there's still morality, there still plenty of people in the same situation that aren't joining gangs area like ninety eight percent, what I'd say, like when you, when you read articles that are just like those gangs everywhere in killing everybody. Ninety percent of the homicide rates, because a gangs in their their immoral little clear how the inner city you're China should immediately go up and you should start asking critical questions about where the state is coming from and what their basing the data on who is giving
data jury stand to benefit from people being scared. Do they get funding to study this kind of stuff tat S, questions like that, creating hysteria anytime, you encounter hysteria like that. Yes, we should stop for a second, you have the that amount of supposition stop in the start, asking questions they follow. Every combat the creature or just right This is again for common forty, either those it for myself ass, I so back to where you might join a gang peer pressure. I love that that's listed because it's true I mean it sounds gonna like a very high school thing. That's a lot of times. When you're getting pressure to join a gang, they seek out children by Israel. Going fine, the routes, the group's floods, both icicles, that's right, the blue, the red, those are the high school coach drivers will get them later,
for them. We talk about that These communities there isn't like going on. They don't have the neighbourhood pool, or maybe even a neighborhood library or a neighborhood youth centre or a playground, Lytton nodded disrepair, so Zack, shuddered communities don't have gone on, so kids are bored They fall into a sense of despair, which means you know, maybe it the Father, whose role model, maybe father or mother or both are in prison, but I have a friend out of here this gangs, as they love me and you get my back and numb now have a sense of community. Finally, through this at some goings actually have set up over community programmes like Usher, job training programmes. Like things that basically said, we have been neglected by the community at large. There like local Things are the ones setting this up, and I mean that's pretty good. Really
Joint gang is when their beholding community outreach programmes, community, and there the only show in town yeah, I mean, there's it's not just a tv thing, the gang later with the heart, a gold that, like secretly following the willingly snipe to build up the playground, like that stuff happens. I'm? U and we're not trying to say, like gang leaders are just the best whose I carried the day. Known to quietly reinvest money in their own communities. Well yeah, I'm so mean yeah, you don't want the place fallen apart, especially that your major market and thus also to really great- no ingratiate yourself with the local community, absolutely sure. So, let's talk a little bit about the history of gangs. If you're indulge me for a moment, you can consider yourself indulge to lead the way, and this is why the grab Sir Robin ASCII, he says criminal gangs have been around for us, this crime, and that makes total sense because their strength in numbers- and I thank you
The movie gangs of New York Strike pants the jail stripe hint. Oh man, no, thereby generating idea Luvumba Fashion did I like it. No Nora, I would I can watch that recently. I really like that. I did not like Cameron D. As I forget she was in a year that was, she was misinformed, Likud cockney action think about it. Now: ok, it was it was. There must have been a nightmare. Had fish ecosystem that same night. I don't think she had a look at some sort of a weird exit, maybe she's, trying to you caught me me. Forget it she's good movie, though I think I really enjoyed. I could stand, go back and see it as a european I like, and what to stimulate Louis Man, what a great care it normally so anyway. That movie was based on fact, because in the night
century in New York and five points? You had these ethnic gangs, that irish gangs, polish gangs, tying gangs and they all fault for territory and robbed and mugged each other and had violent fights in the street. It was pretty crazy and lower Manhattan YO. Points, gangs, yeah, very, very tough, but sometimes they ve been together, invite other parts of towns gangs like the Bowery Boys, that kind of stuff here so they're. Just fine, although tighter force like today, like you, know against the kind of have always been about her to a certain degree. They were about turf, and that is will see. One of the ways that you can divide gang gangs is one of the definitions of game. Is it gay, but they are also ethnic gangs. Typically, as well like irish gangs, republish gangs or italian gangs. You might ask yourself why,
the new polish gangs laughing, do irish gangs do? What do you want to hear my theory behind the economic crisis of the nineteen? Seventy No, no, these gangs went away and there so so by the fifties and Sixtys most of the gangs in the United States, where hispanic gangs and black gangs, ethnic gangs were like we think of his like irish or polish, or whatever just disappeared in the recent, either disappeared, because the Irish and the polish stop being considered ethnic and they were just white after that, then all the economic opportunities afforded why people referred to the irish people and the polish people and they had very little reason to be gang members any longer and they became skinheads. Later on, but it don't you think, that's probably what happened. Maybe so I couldn't
anything definitive anywhere. They were like. Not a disenfranchised ethnic group any longer right, they were just a part of the white machine. Exacted is United States. Yes, I could see that fight and get theories. Otherwise you did. A lot of em became like cops. There was a big thing, especially for like former irish gang members, a lot of a move right from irish gay member into irish cop. You like, where can I still go, crackhead right, exactly right? What's strangers, as will see that's kind of going on today still, gang members moving into things like law enforcement, military here boy that was frightening hysteria inducing isn't it is, so in the nineteen fifty ease and sixtys you had our called car clubs and they were gangs. When you think of like the outsiders when you gonna rumble over territory, so these were that the car clubs and they would
together and they would fight in a parking lot with chains and knives and things like that. Go rescue people any houses in an iron, long stay gold, phony boy and dumb they began to languish in the nineteen sixties, and then in the night and Sixtys, a man named Raymond Washington and a man named Turkey, I say man to boys gather think there huh they were. Seventeen of them have been middle schoolers, even their young, because they originally called their gang. The baby avenues the after school special vacant gang the baby avenues. There was a very, Logging at first and then later became the cribs because they were young be curbed, the right and then it became the crops in South Central LOS Angeles,
and they were blue- what you said earlier, because Fremont High School, where they went to school, were that was their school colors, yet so this kind of funny to think it is rooted in MIKE I mean it's not like it burst out of school pride, but they did basically high school and then as a result of the trips, can it in over the area. Raymond washing was by the way. Nineteen, seventy nine seated. Lastly, on Ten year is a pretty good run for a girl that had already yeah really so I would think that longer than you predict and Turkey went to prison for murder, but- and then I can seventys in the blood were born as a result of the crops in their activity, these smaller gangs that had been- I guess, mess with by the groups- can I came to chances are. We need a rival gang sorghum, either blood's mess worthy crypts formed originally out too
other rival gangs, and I was a couple. A gangs that came together is banding together right, which still happens today. If you believe that and they were from me from the high school Annual High yes and they were red and they were founded by Sylvester, Scotland, Vincent Owens. So then he had the blood's. He had the trips. They are so thriving today they do not get along, they have their well. Do they get along so. Allow me to mention the nineteen to watch troops, man than I did. What the nineteen I need to the truth of arts in South Central LOS Angeles the bodies in their groups came together with Jim Brown
ology around yeah. I remember this actually in, like I think, I'm Sierra Leone, the timer Highschool Auditory, Jim and sat down and worked out a peace treaty based on one between. I think Israel and Egypt that had been used here and there was a peace treaty between the groups and the blood, the ninety nine to end it was abided by satellite. So, as far as I can tell it still going on a really yeah, like you A very it was a big deal, but that's not say that there's not interrelated gang violent, because now that the crimson, the blood had this ninety nine to watch truth sign yeah. There is much more in fighting among different crib sets, indifferent blood says We I mean this is. I guess we should talk about the idea of nations like the crimination and blood nation, their blood and groups all over the country year, which makes them super gangs yeah, but they are terrified attached
the guy who did the article. I read said that he thought that they would all be sort of cut from the same cloth. They would all get along, but earlier apparently within nations, its very much still broken down into your own neighborhood gang and you might not get along with the other grip gang right, that's nearby, even so. The cripple the name, and the set is like the local chapter, basically yeah, but thank you said the sky. They might Carly Phd his. I think the University of Missouri Missouri State. I'm sorry, sorry, sorry! He I think this is just to women in this simulated with game and hung out and ended up like writing this treatise on it, and I M he said what you just said that everybody get along if your trip, so it s not the case, because if you're crept year said
territory is much more likely to, but up against another crib sets territory. Her then say a bloody territory on the other side of the freeway and if you're selling drugs on the corner and their selling drugs in the corner, well, you're fired directly for the same customers money here, so you much more likely up in violence or whatever Yeah and nineteen eighties is when the narcotics gonna came on the scene before that gangs didn't really the allotted drugs as what but like more petty crime and like muggings and stuff like that uses of both suppose loose, that changed everything you're not only unleash thieves, spasm of violence that started in the eighties yeah, LOS Angeles specifically, but also, I think, even prior to that in the seventies in Chicago, is where the idea of taking three gangs and turning them into hierarchical drug dealing. Businesses there was formed.
Couple a guy's name down: Larry Hoover and David Bark Stale, that's the guy from the wire. It wasn't David that I was able barks there wasn t, I wonder, is named after David adventure. That seems like a nod, so Larry Hoover formed the black answers and David barks. Therefore, the black disciples mirror rival gangs in Chicago that eventually form the boy Extra disciples here the super gang, and they had this idea that they would take a gang members in the stern amended drug dealers and the crackers epidemic, helped that tremendously sure which, by the way for interested in this kind of stuff at all, goes into our crack episode. It was one of our basic ass me here. We have, as you have said, that touch on this again. Thank the M hell's angels, even though, given biker gangs are not quite. Is that correct, yeah, that's very different: categorization physical outlaw motorcycle gangs are seriously o energies, allergies,
and then I am, I think, the one on suits. Oh yeah right. There was like the yet it's a great history. On that we did. You should look into and gangs so on blood cribs. They have this way of talking that, where the blood's won't say, though substitute see in words for bee and crypts will substitute be foresee because they want even say you know a word with Bee in it like: let's go to Starbucks and get a buffy starts Starbucks giving off yeah yeah in item? Starbucks knows Pegana and start ups Starbucks, and they also have their own we're walking, see, walking and be walking which some sort of like a little dance he swore to move, but I looked at them both and I can tell much of a difference, which means that I would be a bad gang number is. I would do the wrong walk. I would guess
You pick it up pretty quick and, of course, also have their own. Besides the the blue and red clothing, they have their gang symbol. Which in case you ever rely Carcano unaware my red have today, because Ngos, angels man, but I do want to get in trouble, cause I'm a trip, so they still have the signs to rely on. Why would guess you'd have to be a dodgers if your blood, you be an angel, Spain, the angels, their Anaheim, that anyone in a leisurely and angels Van going out before Orange County, although we're gonna hear from people who live in earlier, looking angels so that supplies in the groups in a nutshell, that could be its own. Show butter we'll take a break here, and we will talk a little bit more about gang history read for here's the thing saving
with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball, because there's always that guy who joins your game. He never passes the rock he constantly bricks theories and who completely you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico. It's easy to switch save on car insurance, no, the vacant fake, an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted so which, in save with Geiger it's almost better than sports so check Ricky thrown at their word super gangs like a media creation, but it does, but is there a meme? Basically, what it wanted describes is a franchise gang like the boy through the creeps, yeah or arm they. These larger groups, like the folk through the peace
yet the people nation in the folks nation to think that blood's are familiar with the people nation in the trips are valued vocation. Yes, but this basically, this network of gang members who were really the one another through their gang different cities, insulation Somebody in Chicago wants to get into the Saint Louis market. They'll send some people and set up a gang. There is peace, it called franchise, It really is an all of a sudden. Now you have a inter interstate gang which makes it a super gang. Those are analysing peanuts because it's big deal but compared to like a transnational gang here. That's the transnational gangs are the ones for Michaelis through upon their yeah here. Some discuss them was just read the names of the people nation in the formulation, just people now, ok, what's going on in the people nation, yet the vice Lord
and, I believe, they're out of Chicago right. The almighty vice Lord nation, and they ve been around. For a long time too. There were one of the earlier gangs yet again, a late sixties, again, the black P stones, the latin kings, the gay lords, the South side, Pope's Mickey covers the four corner. Hustlers and the almighty, saints and affiliated with the blood is the people nation. Ok, then, the folk nation, of Peter Parliamentary Bob Dylan terrible. You have the gangsters because the insane spanish Cobras yeah, that's some scarce play about a cobra. That's insane right! Europe is a covers, not bad guy like COBRA, what's worse than a regular cover, an insane cobra. Or could it be from Spain right? The latter. Spain is whether saying again, I think they mean like his back. He
the latin eagles, the maniac Latin disciples. I'm in city royals and the spanish gangster disciples are a part of the folk nation all right. So we talk about ethnic gangs at some. You know that they can be heads or NEO Nazis, or they can be largely hispanic or african American, even if they are turf. Things are usually also divided among ethnic lines, because people tend to live a segregated lifestyle. European states like him in five points of view in irish gang irish neighbourhood gang was probably all irish people, not necessarily just because it was an irish gang because everybody left right, there's also prison gangs. Most of the time they are
affiliations and the prison of the gang you ran on the outside right, like there's blood's encryption prison, but sometimes they form new gangs, imprison that were not part of the outside world, And I love her one of these guys. One expert in the article here said Young gang members in prison is like singing sending them to criminal college. So it's not like. We took a gang member, put him in jail, and then you don't have to worry about that anymore. He's here in prison, but lots of bad things still gonna, listen to our prisons. Episode for that may we ve covered a lot of snuff, piecemeal huh. I guess so. A female gangs. Yet those are on the rise. Yeah female gangs supposedly originally started out, is basically like. Come Blake Booster gangs made up of the gang members. Girlfriends wives hold out these guns for us
why are there dislike way, we're gonna do their own thing or whatever, then there's also feel guys. I have nothing to do with other male gangs. There's also covered gangs. There really. There were gender. You are You wanna hear some the sister gangs, titles, their names, the bad barbies earth again the Harlem Hellenes and the hood barbies. Some of the what they call sister gangs, cattle and, like you said they really were to serve like helped help that the men, but in some is now they are like their own legit gangs who are are pretty tough because they want to make a name for themselves in hours as a gang of women who can also be them murderous yeah like we can. Do these things. Well, feminism bade. Actually the article arrive. Now it did start. Claret said the second wave feminist
as one of the underlying things, but they said it's a very like tenuous link. I get you know like that, may have spur things, like I'm a woman, a golf into my own thing, but it's a gang after all, but that quite gang that I mentioned that's an example of another type. A gang a hybrid gang jugglers seems like high. Gangs are the ones that are like gum. The ones on the rise, because these this is where I got the idea that people aren't tag like these. Do they know more colors like they used to, because this hybrid gang how regains are made up of people whom come from rival factions they break up and reform with different membership. From time to time out again any set scheduler whatever, but I think it's probably something that happened. Again a clean. They may have covered members. They have members of different activities. They may not have colors right the it's just that
it's some alarm of gang members. They aren't cut and dried and hierarchical alike. The traditional idea of gangs are apparently these are the gangs that around these days mostly, I can't say that there are maybe the fastest growing type of gang or hybrid gangs yeah they do. I was was not jogging about the jugglers they do less them is a hybrid gang enforced you have what states has eighteen, I know New Mexico's want. I think Washington is another one interesting wasn't in state here. They said that their not super organised in their crimes are sort of sporadic and Willy nilly, but their increasingly violent crimes are so they are worried about him. He does latin over here.
Inquired gotcha gang initiations. If you I'm gonna joint again, there is probably and initiation that you will have to go through and dumb found some other many different things throughout the years of, taken place, the joint again initiation backup. Does you gotta kill a cup. They said. That's pretty rare these days, understandably again, who really feel like we might be entering just this urban to urban legend territory. Here, oh no, do this was this is a gang expert researcher. This is like from a stand for paper. Ok, you are making the fuck, I'm sorry, I don't think he's making it up, but I wonder like how much of it is just verified or if it's just tat while he went on to say it's a rare thing occur Three saying no one's ever kill the cup. Now. Are you saying that I think is final
being jumped in or beat in, that's when you have the bees basically get wailed on by all the gang members right at one time, Sexton. That's used to initiate women into male dominated gangs were basically they have sex or are forced to have sex with a bunch of guys and again, What I read is like in a coma gang in particular, that's not necessarily the that women get in some women get beaten, sure jack any committed theft. Something called the gauntlet where you are. Basically run between two lines of gang members and yet to run the gauntlet or that, whether beating on you as well Lahti Sunset clause, there's one called catching a flag or a rag. Thoroughly like theirs in the middle of the thing, and you gotta get rag and get out of there. You know in one piece well or where they drop by freeing Hoover where they their six pennies. That are therefore on the ground.
You can't leave until you get all the six pennies off the ground will have do Hoover. I have no idea Hoover Anna, I'm not at another. That's Lincoln! it's been sick, freaking, Lincoln Them- and then you know being courted in which I thought was super interesting. This is when they in you invite somebody like a doctor or a lawyer who is sympathetic to their cause, got if you can be invited and very nicely innocent or electricians. What's gonna fucking weird, I guess some is going to keep the clubhouse wire exactly had not heard about courted him, but I did run across it like any indirectly with talk about gangs going after like military and law enforcement and lawyers yeah relief.
Legal field people to join their dang, yet biker gangs, especially apparently a really target former military yeah, and that's enough for good reason. These people are highly trained and skilled and weapons, and they would imagine how they sought after an essential the former military. Supposedly, apparently, there are also active duty military yeah had they said. Fifty three different gangs are represented in the: U S: military yeah, that's scary! Yes, it is because the people have access to really high powered guns. A trade should be taken of the break things. I will talk a bit more about them. What's goin on these days in gang land right for this
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You hear that one path may not be your only tat and you rather build your own human. Then diagram. This show is, for you listened to the limit Zadig, this Iheart Radio, up apple podcast or ever you get. Your favorite shows. All right, so, what's an average day, the gang may provide a loads description here yeah they sleep, wait, surround the neighborhood they drinking do drugs later on. They made up at a pull hard, some other like local, hang out right and hang out and do some more drugs and drink some more. I think, probably what he mentions next. What a gang members daily life is like is like selling drugs depending on your hierarchy here.
You are say a member of an eighteen or a mess. Thirteen you're doing local enforcement for transnational drug cartels and so you may be involved in picking up a crate of humans that were shipped across from Mexico. Or you may be of the mortgage fight, if you wanted a sharp ones that was probably courted rather than jumped in this light, the facility to be doing and write about here is where it becomes clear where he should stop and asked the question like women. What is the difference between us three gang and adjust organised crime? Oh yeah, I mean that's too much with different lunch and then the answer that I could come close. His fingernails like a car with is the street gang, is a looser association of organised crime, sometimes other,
It can be a very tight organization of organised crime, but basically there almost indistinguishable. It's just gang or have, moreover, affiliation and its use a lot more localised that makes it so listen, Dr Solana, Mafia yeah, which is basically street gangs. There were within the shape and organised weapons. These days are getting scary? It some thought the old days of chains and knives, especially with the four Military and the involvement and the just accessibility these weapons, these days, body, armor police gear like high powered
assault rifles, like you name it man, right, where's, armoured up another thing worth: if gangs have infiltrated the military actively infiltrating the military are trying to recruit military law enforcement people. Yes, that is a real danger that it's getting their hands, unlike some serious guns, because it's not like these are guns that you can, just by anywhere now the earth to steal them from the right people, that's right or give the right people to give them for you. They're not going to the gun, who are usually are, though, are the yeah, but you can't buy in a military. Weapons, necessarily at all gun shows where the good stuff native american gangs is a thing now apparent were born in the nineteen, Eightys and Ninetys, and one reason was a sort of identity and solidarity that has been declining and native american parts of the country,
over the years and protection is a big one between ninety ninety, two in two thousand to a native Americans. Experience experienced violent crimes at double the rate. For the rest, the United States and sixty percent of that violence was incurred on against them- by White People- oh yeah, so they're kind of banding together and fifty percent of those cases where even pursued by police. Apparently I guess it would lead to increased gang. Yet so their banding together informing gangs, and I think there are affiliated with them or hispanic gang culture- oh yeah, what I could tell The interesting article on I'm Al Jazeera website, which is a really good super interesting read, will pass that with her are additional links that we're doing now. However, that Thornton, what else chuck? Oh, have a guy? You, Cuba, we did. Pakistan, they use the everyday asian gangs yet being goes into down.
But what are you? What do you do if you're in again you wanna get out? You got a murder. Somebody who is here So there's some urban legend. I read this sir red snippets from a book called gangs in America, three by sea, Ronald Half, and he compiled a bunch of interviews with gay member, former gang members and one of the things that emerges this there's this myth that, if you want out of it, and you have to kill your own mother while in some cases they were, you have to get beat out, like you're beat in church the circles complete them? Sometimes you have way more people on you. Then you did when you repeat in, but. More often than not. What emerged from these interviews was that they they left either by moving. Stop claiming affiliation with the gang or like they got a job or something just in their life chain. Citys quit they just yet I just walk,
way and there wasn't like a pursuit to the death because you can relieve the gang there is a couple of people said like they were told stuff like that. When it came down to it in reality and practically they just stop being part of the game the problem is. When you leave a gang, you very frequently you, you might have gang tat. You still here in the economy, to get rid of those or else who knows what can happen because you no longer in the gang anymore, so a lot of posting. Transition groups, there's one call homeboy industries that I ran across. One of the things they offer is tattoo: removal of gang, Tadeusz ice, furthering yeah, making the economy, Well, you could get your daddy remover Frida I thought about, then am I gonna think they call for it doesn't look like again. Thank you,
also lots of them. Gangs from in the United States now set up from immigrants like somali gangs are a big problem in Minneapolis apparently gathered. There's some inquiry yeah right here in Georgia, Somalia gangs and then you know can gangs sudanese gangs, caribbean gangs, to make an gangs every country it seems like has some sort of operation go in here in the: U S: how vastly are yes but certain areas of the country there causing some trouble and again it makes me wonder like how much of it is due to a lack of access to economic opportunity. Like do people want to being gangs if, given the the choice is not being a gang. It seems like from everything I ran across the answers like now. They were
Probably rather have this irregular job or something like that because- and this is one of the reasons why gangs have become so attractive of these states are attractive- is they often offer like the best avenue the income they around? I assure you just have to commit crime for right and ate, and it points out that is probably the most effective way to try and stop. Gangs is not to decide the police crackdown, because I think everyone now you shut something down on one street corner, it's gonna move to another street corner and that's probably not doing much good. So they have programmes called weed and seed programme throughout the country. Now from the Department of Justice, where they weed out the worst gang members and see that's what I think is going on When you say I think they are probably does want jobs. I don't think that's necessary the case. I think there are the hard core that have no interest in getting a chop.
Oh yeah, because they're making way more money than they could with a ring John and assist their lifestyle, and those are the ones, are trying to weed out in favour of trying to leave the rest that they think that can be rehabilitated and they called the second part of the sitting, Which means eating the neighbourhood, given him more stuff to do maybe job opportunities or Iraq sooner or a library pool. Because, again, you talking very largely about like juveniles here, yeah fix the playground, my little things like that, making their neighborhoods less prone to board and I don't mean son, I e, like all gang members, this one, a legitimate jobs, everybody go, give them good jobs in the gang problem or go away. That's all I'm saying like there's always going to be people who, like no matter I do I do way more money selling drugs- and I can't like China go get a regular job here and I'm comfortable with just selling drugs and like rolling, soon and living life that way there will always be people.
That's the only way to get rid of that. Most likely is too like take away the a mission of drugs. I would guess- and then you don't have like three cornered drug dealers any longer, but when I'm seeing in this research, if you economic. I gang. Membership at large tends to dry up more always can have organised crime You mean you, don't have a gang problem necessarily right. Yet it else. Could I possibly Well, it's close, then, with the list of the FBI's most dangerous gangs, Florence IA thirteen eroded them no further, some of the other latin game after TAT, excellent mafia there's the barrio as Tucker out of taxes, and apparently they run the young. They work with the warriors cartel, so there too and serious, business yeah, the latin king nation,
You ain't a number of the latin kings. I think, sir, it s thirteen there. Definitely on the FBI most wanted list, then I there from El Salvador, yeah and then so Emmi Tennis from Mexico yeah does tat, is on an image. Thirteen minutes, pretty amazing stuff like that. Rachel TAT, is we do tattoo episode to its head? In New York, you have the trinity areas. They were formed in the prison system in New York in the nineteen eighties and then there's a few more you can look up. I think we need to go through all these me alive. Google's there still around there. There is a huge like gum, biker gang shooting Waco in this month, I think a couple weeks ago, cups and capture a lot of them and they shall each other that scene free stuff at Starbucks and again, if you are in a gang, we love to hear from you.
So listen up for the ways to contact us afterwards or if your former gang member, whatever were, were interested. How far off the mark was, I let me now if you want to learn more about gangs irregular Joe, you can type street gangs in the search bar has the efforts that come and it will bring up this article and citizens quite simply listener mail this five year old mother. Hey guys, while working through my two aims at this morning was barreling through the male puberty up zone. For the sake of stuff, you should know continuity and check, made a comment about the female body and how probably couldn't handle childbirth five years old, Of course, this is the observer. My brain sets. China contribute I'm not sure if anyone's pointed this out Those approving girl named Lena Medina, who gave birth to a bay Boy, in eighteen, thirty, nine b c section at the age of five years and seven months,
and he said he smoked- do any said after being brought opposition due to what our appearance suspected to be a large abdominal tumor was discovered. Shoes actually pregnant if you're feeling the invalid of a simultaneous fascination nausea. I believe that to be the general response, though they initially suspected her father, the identity of the man whom impregnate her was never confirmed, cannot help, but wonder about the developmental implications. That would surely rise in such a scenario, but her son apparently led to the age of forty having been raised under the impression that Lena was his crazy, my goodness and as from Brian W, while brain thanks filling a server that rings Vegas Bell was, if anything, the Nike Thirty's marijuana have well. You could remember, reading about now by your brain Debbie thanks
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