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How Stuntmen (and -women) Work

2013-01-29 | 🔗

They get blown up, shot, drowned and thrown out of windows on the silver screen - and we don't even know their names. Stuntpeople are the unsung heroes of the movie industry. Learn the ins and outs of the stunt world and how one becomes a stunt person.

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Hey everybody Office Depot has supplies and services for businesses of any size and they're ready, your business, no matter how big or small, knowledgeable associates in over thirteen hundred stores or on mine at office depot dot com office deeper. They have exact This applies for your office needs from ink and paper to cleaning and break room supplies. You're gonna love Office depot in twenty twenty brought to you by the two thousand twelve Toyota Camry. It's ready argue. Welcome to stop me should now from howstuffworks dot com hey and welcome the focus on Josh Clark, there's Charles Debutante, Brian and other stuff. You should know Jerry had each rigour figure today to hear she's really go home. Yes, she's like
come on. You won't go use our my entire life we like to think are, but that is four point. One percent the fairy like she's giggling in their he's. Quite you adventure, you done it. I'm great man, I'm ready to jump from a tall building, a roller brand new car man. Sorry Lastly, surrogacy did the answer for a guy had whispered till I get in Heaven life. It's fine. You're just doing what the theme from the fall guy finally majors nineteen eighties off. Tv show with another the best truck ever featured entity visa there that dream seen anything sweet. You know did recreate that truck. If you, if you Google, it there's a lot of guys, have like made that truck for themselves and for good reason to call truck. Yet in his interesting that fall guy points out a couple of the show it. Points out. A very important things is first, men go one! Is there
had the moonlight as a bounty hunter and that's kind of The things will learn is that does not work out there and the go around. You know like stuff they make. It is it's not man, yeah, you're, punched and be heard If you look at the lyrics that theme song and he is really salty about not giving the glory girls, get mainly the girls and the glory votes. I have been, the hey, it's only hey, hey, hey the song complains about not getting glory or women and men is one of the hallmarks, though, at the start Sweden is to remain anonymous and a bit better about it. So very few stop people you ve ever her, well yeah there, the the Academy of Arts and sciences they give out the Iccat your words, article motion, picture art and science. They dont have a category for some people, nope never have and the reason some people give as before
they like to maintain the anonymity and the allusion sure, that's provided by stunt people filling in his doubles for stars, but you can win I what was he a word? You can win an Emmy for best, don't coordinator, true a war, Where they have their own stunt awards, oh yeah, the tourist world stunt awards yea can when they took a They took a hiatus. I saw that there was two dozen ten and their having suffered. She doesn't twelve couldn't find anything or two dozen omen. Yes, if you know what happened to the tourist world stunt awards for two thousand eleven, we are curious, interesting Let us now! So thanks for listening. So let's talk about the history of stunt people they pretty much only been around as long as you ve had motion pictures right, yeah, There wasn't much of a need form before then we may be
a show or something like that. Like a while bill, Haycock show our guests, as you call them start member really where you can wanted, differ because you can also say rights of people who write horses and standing up on a horse s back. That's a stunt person. You a guy who, like is in the extremes, does extreme sports kid so that all the kids are into these days. That's a stone gazer by technically stunt people, what we're talking about a movie star people share and the whole point to their their craft. Isn't too like to a five eighty on a bike unless somebody ass to what they want to do is create what you just take for granted. Like, I just got clocked right now. Actually get clock. Those who start man who knows doing, and that was a carefully choreograph, seeing that chiefly right past you, but it's still, your brain still just absorbed it as their man's got punched, even though,
didn't really happen that right and we will probably slip into the word- start man here and there to stop people course. There are tons and tons of spent women, but will say stunt persons are stunt. Men and Luckily, there are women now, in the back in the day, they were dressed men as women. Did you stunts many times yeah this lot across dress and beckoned. There was until they decided hate. Women are people too, and they can act into stands right just like icecaps. We can put them in danger. This is These were exactly so I'm, so there wasn't much call for some people for movies before movies, just by definition to dump your dick. But right out of the gate. When we started make movies, we started needing people, the distance and the earliest people who are doing stunt rashly comedian. Slapstick comedians, like Buster Keaton, had a very famous early start, steamer Belgian
if ever there was a yes, the very famous he probably seen it in, like you know, Hollywood, the legends of screen clips and things like that on empty. It is. The famous shot worthy front. Facade of a house falls down and on well would have been on Buster Keaton, but he is saved because the attic window the door was open, so it is false all around him and there was some care measuring in place, because if he would have been off by a few inches, he would have been dead, deaf and dumb. That was a real, like the early stunts were nothing but the real thing. I come. Patently a few I don't know somebody from my the construction, the skeleton of a steel skyscraper here.
He needed that shot. That's what the guy did yet any at the grabs throughout. This will, of course, and it points out the back in the day before there were were like you know, before they called them start men. They were just like. Let me go find someone crazy enough to go. Do this example in that guy that that got grassroots looks crazy enough to do. It must go see if he wants an extra twenty bucks. Yeah any does because back you know, in nineteen o, two twenty bucks was alive you're. So as the film industry grew and grew early in the twentieth century, we went from this nothing but slapstick comedies to things like westerns an action flicks and all of a sudden those people who really can ride on the back of a horse. Standing up became stop people as well and, as is stunts, became more more complexity,
idea of having somebody who's job in specialty was too just do the style and make it look like the actor the star was doing it started to really develop yeah in their flesh. Forty them the Sixtys and Seventys when things really came to their own. As far as stunt technology, developing things like squibs, which we will talk about ver gunshots- the air Rams, though the Gulf yeah Flickr Likud drastically. Yes, numerical just up into the air like with the human cannibal right fight like So if somebody, if a grenade, both by somebody, you see the divided here and he was on a ram. The trap
and then other things like airbags and now in you, no more technology with cars with rocky dislike it s got more more complex and now, of course, if Cd I, which replaces let us not to me is not a to a better effect, like all, I have to say, is keener the crystal score. Where was like they suddenly cattle drawings of Harrison Forward, swinging on the last, so these famous we're doing is unknown, He didn't german kangaroo, the Crystal Scott, while this disease, eighty nine years old and he would die, he was also made Bruno I didn't see that was he cares about, is an effort for those two seconds they do like Gadzooks term or something They never get that far data shut it down their isolated.
But anyway so stunts, like the. I guess, throughout this progression of the field of style people safe these gotten better and better, as well. I think we're trying to say through the point now, where they're not even used CD, high yeah, but there's there's always gonna, be room for stunt people and the fact that its got and savers is much but there's still a closed, an element of risk to no matter what is grabs your points out if a state didn't present some sort of risk, they ve known me for some people at all actors. We do now, but the actors. Always do it. The dry in when you want to call in a stunt person is when they either have a specific skills that there really get out like fake, martial arts or any real martial arts.
The killing and kicking or fake measure to Call- and I said you just made up- it's a lie like differently- that that's it, you practice Institute long sword, fighting state, combat we talked about stuff like that, they are trying to fall. They are trained to you now safely fall. I guess I should point out and it just basically, It's a safety factor on one hand and it's a financial factor on the other, because you can have your main actor actress going down with a broken leg for four weeks, So you put your stunt person in there and keep your actual nice and safe in their trailer or, You wanna be shooting two things at once. We have you get unit out. Shooting the the fast cars with by in the car chase. Then you have your first, you shooting the actor inside the car driving a lot slower and acting like
through with that, but shouting and like moving the steering wheel back and forth, or maybe there's somebody rocking the car. Was they called the poor man's process, yeah yeah? So when you know, I guess which tell us when you're in a car either have a camera on your car with the real car with cameras attached to it. We ve done it or the cards on a Are they shot? You see, someone drive their nine vanished into the road, because the car sitting on a trailer being pulled by truck or gallo rocker. It's got a little rock to the right to it or you do the poor man's processes when the cars not going anywhere and european, pushing in the US position on the outside little tricks with lighting to make it look like a headlights going by. We done it's really neat in the end, to look at a scene, that's performance process and think there not even moving and look so good air thieving and pick it out in the study. Should no tv series alibi pick it up, so yes, fine
so it makes sense. Also one of the other reasons. Please don't peoples, they come with a set of skills that the average actor doesn't have. The set of skills, exactly that makes them very dangerous here? And so it's you their hires, not man who looks like your star to carry out like a combat, seen ores, to look like a hover. You can teach your star spend all this extra money and dime training the start to the skill in a crash course. So it must have a dynamic censuses. Hire some person and you know chances are these days. You're gonna get a mix in a big axiom of you're gonna get a mix of all three you're gonna get some tv. I you're gonna get some slight people, and these days you're gonna get real actors do in some of the real fake fighting didn't Tom cruise do out of his own stunts yeah. I got a list of actors who preferred a dog tat. I mean to jump the gun now quit the Kurds is famous for that. I was reading this and I was like a hundred
I will do my own stance. I would do some. I would say sure I want to learn how to sort fight teach me. That's that's something I want to know: and I am certainly not gonna show up for myself ever so. Let's go ahead and learn now schoolboy our demands that it depends. The heights no way I did. I would jump off so, for any state law and, of course it shoot movies all over the place. Now, in the union. Rules in Hollywood have really made it pretty safe these days, yet your slogan,
fine injuries in your occasional death answer, which is really awful here or there always have been banished from the beginning, deaths and injuries. Parodies gather movie, House angels, which we must have talked about the Helsinki part cast. I'm sure we take, as I think we talked about the origin of the name, which is from your comment. There was that the others what they think the fighting. How getting? I was one of the theories, but there were three maybe four fatalities, yeah, because they were doing like real dogfights with aeroplanes in their allotted crashes here. So that was a movie where people died. Yes, very famously the twilight Zone, the movie Jennifer Jason Lease Father, the Morrow into the vietnamese kids, died when a helicopter crashed into the water where they were Criss crossing a river, that's on Youtube. By the way. I know it's pretty off
it is then I saw recently because I was just curious eyes were how it went down in my head is offered the story since the movie came out. Since I was a kid and I was wondered like exactly what was the logistics and how that go down, it's pretty bad, the what it is. It is just totally out of control, which does so I would not recommend head, but you do have to enter your age by the way towards betty. I saw an onset. Eighty is ultimately responsible. The assistant director for everyone, safety and, in fact, are little tv show when we had the gun sunset. Justice props, like we don't even use em in the scene, but just to have a fake gonna set. The eighty has to announce to the whole crew and show them the gun, its vague. It's not real look at the barrel motion of bullets. There's no nothing, it will not be fired and we will not be shooting blanks dummy cartridges, and it's just you know even honest.
With little silly show like ours? He only really care for that stuff, yeah so check. Because of this incredibly high risk profession work. The stump people must be paid out. The union cheerful ass. Well, They make a good rate, but likely said earlier: there's not a ton of work for the amount of stunt people trying to get work. Ok, and that was when are you work on an ally is appear, I would always trying to talk to the start. People when I worked on jobs were that some people is finished. Interesting and to say the least, and they would use them on the fact that there is not a tunnel working in other all, can a scrap and for the same piece of cheese, but that's like everyone, in the thumb, business shirt from crew to the lead actor euro after that same theses. Yet we were to some stunt people to you'd, be surprised when you need the colonists
Listen. I worked on this one commercial, where that was just like bad traffic on the highway, that the shot was incarcerated disorder at his side, while another carking through all the cars over to decide the road had have not drivers hours. I think I could do that, but then I'd be taking bread off the table is not person right. When I get home, production would shut down, mischief, ok, so the most stunt people, I d say because there is so little work for so many people. It's not high paying job alot of people, do it for the love of yeah meagre, make money if you're experienced and get down to work. Obviously, but right, let's say desert that the few and far between but you'd have to love
because the hours are usually very very long to do a stunt is not you, don't walk up and get in the car and driver and all of a sudden, flip sinning, there's an explosion and you're hoping for the best right. When you see a stunt, these things are rehearsed over and over again, safer car chase they'll go through the entire carcase, but they'll do in a low speed right so that its choreographed rehearse and everybody knows what's gonna happen when that takes a very long time. If you need it flip, a car you need to do measurements pyrotechnics guys are probably involved. Yeah. There's a lot of stand around. There's a lot of taxing the lot of measuring this law to talking and then, if you say, you're doing something like into in water, you're, probably standing and water the whole time. So you doing over fourteen hours. It sounds like some would have the love your work to do to yes, definitely not a glory job, especially factoring in and Emily factor right,
do all this and you do it absolutely perfectly. No one notices, that's the go now! In fact, one of my biggest bet thieves is when you due notice- and you see that one shot of the did with a wig on it's supposed to be going, but this disappoint. So I'm your saying these second unit director handles this the second year directors in charge of shooting stance, but the person who is in charge in light of the stunts themselves as the start coordinator, yeah, and that person hires the start. People plans the stones oversees the stunted. The commission does everything but actually set up the camera and all that her handles the camera shooting at right. Yeah. It's basically it's out like a thumb. Crew is broken up into many departments and that's just sort of its own little department, headed by the coordinator, catch like the other budget to work with, and all that kind of stuff, just like any other department, philosophic about how they do
stunts, ok and actually the second unit direct. Your allotted time is a former stunt person or stunt coordinator. What makes an instant unhandy sure, let's talk about, stands without fire about punches about em, state fighting then something we have not learned. Yet that's pretty Turkey, must, if you want to become a stunt men that lesson one is go. Take stage. Fighting courses yet learned had a seller punches the giver and as the receiver, without looking corny hokey in fake, like progressing right, but its very much similar depressing, especially if you ve ever seen. Somebody threw a punch him for wrestling and you can hear the skin slap that Is the person was actually just punched here? The key is they weren't punch very hard, rarely not his heart. Is there the jerk of their head would wouldn't say yeah,
I suggest you get camera angles and you ve got sound effects and through the heart of movie magic, it looks like a good, not down, drag out bra. And if you go like a really good start coordinator, they'll be like a punch that sold and the person is being punches on a ram, so they fly through the air. Here, that's all pillows that you should know listeners. Do you want a new year's resolution? That's easy to keep. Yes results to help protect your identity and personal info with lifelong identity, theft, protection, lifelong alert, you to potential threats to your identity, and they see more, though what you can see by just monitoring your own credit like your so on the dark web and that's a big deal yeah and if you have a problem life? U S based restoration specialists, no, the steps to take two. Resolve your case after all, only one in five identity theft, victims who had accounts open in their names discovered their theft through a bank or credit card company,
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play in between ascribing adjust protection, ensure- and maybe you are in charge of it- you this demeanor and charge that you have a little button, yeah, maybe to explode the charge or there's somebody else doing remotely, and it it's pretty often releases thier blood opens a hole in the sure yeah pretty awesome. It is very often this. I didn't realize, though, how they make bullet holes in like a like a wall like radical wall near. I thought this is pretty ingenious. They drill the whole ahead of time and then they covered up with like putty ear paper, something in paint with a squid. Yeah and they both squib out. Then it makes a bullet hole. Its ingenious is simple. It seems like what is very ingenious. Well, especially when you watch a movie
ideally, you're getting lost in a movie, not paying attention. But if you watch like a John with Amr, something and you see dislike a wall, get riddled with bullets. Just think about all the time you took it took to set up all the squibs. Unlike what, if the actor trips in the middle of it, you like, I will do it again here, which is known in fact big stunts. They go with many many cameras on sunset, you dont or can't recreate because of either danger or money. Unlike some of the shots have, like you know, a dozen or more camera shooting right on which makes a lot of sense, of course, and grab sir It's out that another reason why you don't want to do a big take like that one wants is because every time you do, the danger for the stump person multiplies yeah and I was like hell and then I thought well doing more right here, your chances of of injury or increase the more you carry out the more times rather dangerous ass. So that's how it multiplies.
Getting back the swift these days. A lot of directors are opting for sea gee, I blood and an bullet wounds, but supposedly Quint Tarantino, and this is out by the time this comes out Jaeger. May I see supposedly he had one hundred percent real squibs and the blood like theirs was viewed the bloodiest nasty squibs. The Hollywood is seen in years there. I yes was. He pretty often have you seen machete. There was pretty bloody, yet I agree it was, but it was still pretty boy. They also blanks if Europe, Are you set? It is probably a blank. He would observe not the same as a dummy cartridge, no a bike. Actually,
airs gunpowder as gunpowder in fires with color wide like paper or word or plastic and dumb, but it does not obviously have shot or a bullet no, but there's sometimes when the bullet explodes fits of metal can end up being shot out as well yeah. That's how brain and lead died when they reforming the crumb you're. His was actually an accident. There was a bullet lodged in the barrel that they didn't know about what I thought. Okay. Well, then, I'm thinking as somebody else who like was seeing around with a go that was a commemorative to his head. He pulled the trigger and, like the water, like the gases, are some something kill them. Yet. As members know what it was I tv show certain he like giving around. Put it to his head is a joke so you should never mess around with blanks now very dangerous, still, never there's a bullet in them
There was a boy, they got the guns mixed up and there was a real bullets lug lodged in the barrel that they didn't know about. So it fired a blank, but it rejected that other thing and brilliantly died. There is one of the biggest stir. Hoops is probably in Hollywood history. Here I guess you could call it there and I think he they thought you still acting and continued her or cameras forbid afterwards, even yeah great said tragic are we to following year, which he'll do I won't do. Yeah jump off the stuff of always done that other uses huge, huge, airbags right well back in the day they did and if you and if you don't fall today, they still well sometimes, but generally these days I have like a bungee type contraption. I would still demanded they apparently also for shorter falls. They'll take some cardboard boxes and cut the shit.
Corners off here and he jumped onto that. Do that when you were a kid none and now I will always would jump into water. I would jump like unto the ground of the credenza whatever The now am I going do. That is dangerous, falls used to be the like I'm sure you remember, as a kid falls, were a really big deal for stuntman and I Robinson member that guy now he did it. The shark is machine fall in Atlanta and the birds movie, not very famous, fall out of the picture brought out the hours of the night, the leader of the time it was still is released into leader, nuns, jockeys fishing. Of the author wastewater heat, he went through a window, the Ps3 Plaza and into onto an airbag, and it's just it was one of the famous early falls in early false, but one of them is one. What flirted each about it
man, a care member, was it pretty high yeah means over over like a hundred fifty feet. Now I have here: that's not critical Betsy, so imagine planing, that's not how many times they measured everything, the figure out where the airbags needs ago. Then they probably supplemented it with additional your bags and they failed the guy at all. They did all this. Yes, stuntman you, when you gotta talk to one onset you'll be disappointed by the fact that they aren't these crazy deeds, like you want them to be there actually real. Sensible because they want to work and earn money so, They want to be really really sure that no one gets hurt. It's it's a little more boring than you would think talking to them, sir, but there are limits, but you'd have to be at least a little. What else Chuck fire have up? Fire saw anchor many of the night member when the there that extreme round the fire dislikes by
yeah. That's pretty serious stunt leisure and you are when you said yourself on fire near and there's a lot of safety precautions, but even still its year on fire, whether you like it or not, yet you were in all kinds of fire, protective clothing and fire retardants and then your smeared with the final gel. Yet you have a foot on that. Protects you yet as well. There's an oxygen tank him there. So you basically is completely wrapped in this outfit yeah, but you ever find will gels on and they to then film you and you're going. It's always the way. The others gonna looks the same and then they people run over and put you out with fire extinguisher attract Billy time it very closely as well. The answer is, I think it's can likewise forgive twelve seconds. He actually will catch on fire, so we can achieve it.
However, one boy by explosions or big deal, I see these days or so many explosions in movies. Sometimes they cheat a little bit, wouldn't what's called technical force perspective to make it look like the actors closer to the explosion. And if there is an explosion, you're probably also going to be propelled with the area that we're talking about very that some would call it a Hollywood trope. At this point, the explosion in the deeds flying like twenty feet near area, yet those big commander. Oh yes said there are a lot of IRAN's using commander many more than I can tell us that you give movie. Chases and crashes
either use rams as well will be attached to the car, so the colonies. To flip. You see people like going up on a ramp or whatever here in any possible use that, if you trying to say unto wheels by China Foot, there is usually a ran that pushes the card pushes it off the ground in its lips or if they are coming out of the rear it'll make it jump really high out you like in Hooper. I dont know all these movies. You talking about dude, Where was the start, my movie with parental tendency? How need him very famous that man turned director directed founder of the cannibal run? Oh yeah and director of the movie, the cannibal run and smoking a mandate and Hooper Hooper was about an aging Man Bert Reynolds who is challenged by the been Comer, Jane, Michael Vincent and dumb coursers, the love relationship, a Sally feel Jews, and that too,
and it was good- is like the best is for the best that movie ever for those about snouts her and he had a rocket car and that one that was a big rocket. Karadzic, is the big climax. I did not see her, but I think you need to see Hooper watching back then what were you? You re watching tv, and so I guess there s a little bit time, secretive name and, like I said earlier, start drivers. It's not all like a lot of stuff you're gonna, see on tv is don't drive. Even though you might not think it necessary apparently does pull off other, sometimes sometimes that had
That must not mean just well, apparently, as far as graven ASCII says you basically at the start, offers an extra I'm set this answer later. Ok, if you want it, if you wanna go from the absolute from from zero to start man in the slowest way possible and you would serve as an extra said, you have to be a screener yet to be a member. Screen actors killed in most cases here and when you're hanging around the set you identify, who the second new director or start coordinators and your hand of your headshot that this advocated a path to becoming a cent version that we can have laughed at. It is not the hunky path, but one thing is for sure- to become a stunt person. You need to get to know someone else in that department, unnatural, Everything Department, the wardrobe you to get a job as b? in sorting out the wardrobe people. Do you wanna be and make
sorting out the make up people, and that is how it works. In Hollywood, there's no degree mean get some degree, but come on. It's wasted. Money he's gotta, we're gonna set. You get another people in department and then start little bit when they're not busy start coordinator. Will testicles there's lots. The line you. So you know if you're a nuclear onset not run over the stark warning, shot, Bugger might away pick and choose your time and then give me heads and think carefully about what were you saying is at its apprentice based. It is, quickly. There are schools, one recommended driving school, the Rick seamen start driving school. There is also the international slept school sounds pretty soon, in this way can learn to do some of the stuff. But it's not like you exit with a degree and then show up and said I'd like to do something very all the rest of your fired over degree from the international stunt school The rapporteur points out that
You should have a large area of specialty rather than one thing at those very good point. Yet this not necessarily true. I thought the sums that deeds that say of eventual we'd like to have a wide range of skills, but a good way to get it as they have one really specific skill that your great at and you might get that call like this guy's. Why work or water work and or he's a hell of a driver really good motorcycle guy near or a great skill. Doing like I was it for your eyes. Only that don't work speeches never say never again, now's deadly Roger more for your eyes only, but the heavy skills like a lot of stunt. People are former like all motor across racers or car enthusiasts or they know how to say, without that rising, instant, forced back right and so on.
Heavy skills this anyway, I'm ok, I can have been driving dirt track for twenty years. Muzzle make some money fill me with books other. So you want to be smart man by Mark Aspect, the grid work like that: the full burned by cabin calmly fight Gregor Fee, the art of nonverbal dialogue by junk ring and then how needles biography start man with a cat exclamation had to be had me, you gotta, if you have a list of actors that do their own stunts. Yeah most people know this people like you stay them famous, we're doing his on starts. I see Zoe bells on there. I thought she was a stunt person well shit and she was in death proof, though, as an actor right, and they were like, I guess, including as she did, that also my king and under the hygiene I was watching that earlier, and it is just not sprinkle
It's like she's, when she's hanging on it looks like by belts or whatever yeah evidence it, but she's kind of sliding still across the hood here. All it would take us a half an inch and then all of a sudden she's gone too far and she's office out of the car there? Was it isn't the best in the business apparently monastery, Bert but Reynolds used to do a lot of science. In fact, he get injured, pretty bad that lead to some bad health problems, onset city. He declared he suddenly Bert Lancastrian seduce on stunt he's a tough guy, you're gonna get married yet in the area we mentioned have been hurry there. That's why? The famous than ever that the jury rates near you wanna talk about your head. What
well, there's a stunt man named Joe Cannot- and he was doubling for Charlton Heston in during the chariot race- is big, long, intense race yeah. He falls off. The chariot is about to be run over by in true stuntman fashion grabs. It is being dragged pulses back up and continues on, and I think that made it unscreened yeah it's in the movie, but that was a real thing like it wasn't a plan stunt like the guy saved his own life, a dozen he had his Harrison Forty mention as far as the Ladys go Angelina Jolie in Cameroon DS, none for doing stunts, Arnie shorts and I got in Jack. You can of course, very famous for doing isn't that sure and it makes a difference man when he tell it's Tom cruise on the side of the mountain and was if there really him yeah Emily worked on, it shoot other judge,
segment in my lab that the right climbing segment and that's when famously Tom Cruise, like four hours, late and flies and on a helicopter and like hot poker, was waiting around all day form iron, her that in any area I mean famous in my family of yet another guess names to the Pike S continue That is not punctual. Really wasn't it day, hey you like. Finally, your taxes does anyone know here's, the deal buddy they're gonna, make it easier on. U H and our blockers filing your own taxes online with Asian, are blocked block can be done, super fast there say in a Jeff. You dare say because it's true agent or block online guys you three simple process and you can carry. Future instantly with the tax expert for unlimited help. When you go way, What is the Irish asking me absolutely agent, our black attacks, prose?
even screen share, so you can show them exactly where you're stuck. For handy everybody and the best part, is you before we trial, plus free postage and a digital scale, and there are no for a better deal, better choose block. Go to h, are block dotcom, slash, textiles! do that today. It get started its better with blood. Have you seen haywire Robert. It's about assassin he's assassins, basically its inaction, movie, sort of organic on action movie, but Gina Koran. I was a former mix Marshall artist in she'd cheese awesome and does her onslaught? What's your name, Gina Carano, I don't believe I know her. She plays the lead and sheep. I think that was our first, like legit movie outside your comfort mix, martial arts, but am yet she does runs densities, be a
hey. Why particular I got nothing else. I don't need a pretty straightforward. If you other more about stunts, you can type dots envy how stuff works, search bar and I said, search bar, which means a temple, me. I'm just gonna call this things with. I get sail on no here like men, and it was not everyone says like them. I know, but note: four people have pointed out here: they're, like you, guess they like a lot and I started to notice, and when I say it, when I hear the podcast, I don't hear it. When I'm only later on. When I can't do anything about it, don't be too so that everybody says that, like articles written in the new Yorker about the use of the word like in the twenty first century? Ok, you part of that ground, and now you know millennium, I'm not I'm in a person very wrong,
today the as before. I start I feel like. I should get up moderation if I guess always listen as I'm walking. My dog really gives me anything for hours. I love it. Does her still going strong, very thankful. I've comprise the lists, however, of words and phrases used most often in the show, besides obvious ones like Jocker Joshua Search for us here in no particular order, but of being bought a boom. He looked at the Bonn Jovi. She of sheep will talk about this later or we'll get it and then allotted time. We don't you I feel, like I say that I think it's a lady is when we say that we're gonna talk about something the reach, forgets yeah or I say all the time. I think we should point out that for them, but oh yeah, you d say I'm making airports I e g was one year's surplus,
That's a good man named, usually matches sweat. You let me add to stand up guy member saying that what he said I want to give you the government on the up and up see away. He blows. What it means. We never tell every now and then have you seen the movie ironically, that worry- Those are two things that we sailor in. That is. She says he thinks he's a great comforting. She smiles matters, Catherine Philips, slot cat, that's pretty cool somebody's out there, like writing lists of things with its nicer to hear people say like a taken further, except for the emails we get. Those like too much at this juncture hold a thing ass. A tat were
If you want to take this task, whether you John Travolta or anybody else or you just want to say, hey here's a list of things- I notice has the cancer whatever you cannot join assigned twitter. Actually Christopher recital remind everybody that we're gonna be the tv again leaving Saturday night, your insides channel from Europe and others that we should know episode, watches each and every week yet tv show soapy. Does she know tv, show ten p m or get it on Itunes, the following day, Sunday Wrench identified institutional? Until I see no sign of it, you can again such of the Sun Twitter at that's. Why escape? I guess you can join us on Facebook,
lets them as you know, and you can send us a good old fashioned email to stuff tat discovery. Don't count for more on this and thousands of other topics that have stuff works, icon brought by the two thousand twelve Toyota Camry. It's ready are you? How are you feeling today right now How are you feeling about the world living make the world better. You know how I'm not sure I do but you know who did Mr Rogers I'm Carvel Wallis hosted finding Fred Pie cast about Fred Rogers. I heard my father here all ten episode defining friend on the heart. Video apple pie casts more wherever you listen.
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