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How Tabloids Work

2012-07-05 | 🔗

Having started as an egalitarian answer to 19th-century newspapers, tabloids came to peddle shock and sleaze. They've cleaned up a bit, but they remain the world's guilty pleasure. Learn more about the fascinating history of tabloids with Chuck and Josh.

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Therapy, I so why chuck? Yes, I want to tell you about a great american here. We can now look at many years ago in the wilds of remember where he was found Mississippi. A little guy known as Batboy was tat. He was caught on a rooftop during a flood in Mississippi and the authority seized him and took him into their care. He became a word of the state.
That makes sense, because that boys are known to go to higher ground during flooding yeah and he did through reform so bad boy at first. He didn't like this captivity, but eventually he kind of became something of a patriot by arm volunteering to go search for a sum of online and his Al Qaeda operatives arm. In the case of Afghanistan, there is in bad boy, was so good at it like us. Raising caves, you're, half bad half boy on our hair, his name. He was unable to find Bin Laden, but he still returned to the. U S a hero after long long flight, because he just fluids,
Of course, we know of a bad boys exploits thanks to a little newspaper known as the weekly World NEWS. Have you heard of this two things I used to subscribe to the weekly? What did you hear for like a year in high school near my buddy? Read it because it was fun Redcliff Radford and too. I didn't realize that Batboy they they continued his exploits. I think that voice all along the papers I knew you did, but I didn't know at another, kept it up that awesome, your guidance he was fighting the terrorist. Yes, he hid him right here. I don't know if he was successful earlier, he went, equip more them with just a sword right, but yes about boy was a prominent character. I guess, with the weekly will which also build itself as the world's only reliable newspaper that I really
That said that little were tagline or whatever other great yeah? around anymore imprint, yeah I think I remember the shutting down of being sorted said. Is a minor gets yeah, two thousand eight. It move to moved on line so really every aspect of that story firm. This outrageous claim that a bad boy was captured and send to Afghanistan to, calling itself tongue in cheek the world must rely or that world only reliable newspaper to each sharing and going online because of massive profit losses that brain purchased by this huge conglomerate of tabloid papers. The weekly world news is a perfect analogy for the course of tabloids. Nevertheless, like twenty years as a whole year,.
Ever him dig into that. I think it's funny. I never Cosette another little tagline, but I guess I figured if we're just gonna be making up stories, because the weekly will news for those of you who haven't read it isn't just a tabloid. I mean it's like it's it's fan fiction. I mean it's completely ridiculous. They not pretend, but that's what's funny that they said the clerk libel thing. Yes, they said well. We might also say that in the thing get it yes and one of their apparently one of their editors is quoted as saying I could only find one source for this close. I don't know how true it is. Can we made up which became like apropos, met a parody of the whole thing But he said if our, if our readers are informed, it's usually by accident- I really they are well aware that great and it is extreme example, but there there are some aspects of the weekly world news that you fit the bill, that of a standard lawyer
talk about what it. What is the tabloid? Well, shall we start at the beginning, or should we just talk about a little bit and history? Do you wanna? Do the history? First me illicit history. First proof positive. We don't package. So I did see there was one slight error: this isn't a raven ascii article, which are always great, but did see this other at a margin for the word tabloid with the pill company. No in the late eighteen, hundreds apparently, boroughs welcome in company with the pharmaceutical company. In England, they produced at the time like medicines were all like BC powder goodies about a girl powdered, and he, I think, was the first one to make into a two a pill by compressing. Outer and he called it. A tabloid of cocaine here probably was, and that that word
came to mean anything figuratively. That was a small dose of anything, so the word tabloid actually became came before I believe about ten years before these shrunken newspaper, the physical newspaper shrinking world still works, like the origin of life on earth comes from a another planet. But really where did the origin of life begin right? It doesn't answer the questions. The same thing like okay, so maybe that's the origin of the word tabloid yeah. Then it was associated with newspapers that the tabloid paper is printed on a smaller, more compact version of the normal newspaper, newsprint color broadsheet right. So the tabloid is smaller, more compact version. The broadsheet is longer and wider
and then the tabloid were usually printed on the smaller paper. Hence the word yes so hit at first it was a pill. Then it became the size of the paper and then later on, it just became the style of the paper right, an size but really the style but tabloids as well Explaining them are basically like. Come there also commonly referred to as rags as gutter public, I surprise tat their gas of sheets, whatever its. Basically, it say it's a slightly shifty underhanded newspaper and tabloids one of the ways that they exist and always have existed
comparison to quote legitimate newspaper, silly originally newspapers that say like they beginning the early nineteenth century, they were extremely stuffy. They were extremely expensive. They were like six cents per year, which is like half a day's pay, average labour freely dry man. If you ever read these old near HANS articles, yeah, there's like they just really does you know they lay out the facts and then say the end exactly like they pay you to do until a few here, they ve always do that. He had a sort of strengthening its who were white hair. How? Where here, and why the old journalist pyramid exactly
and then like, maybe a quota in There- and I was it in so out of this- I guess- can of boredom and a need for the working class to be able to get their news to the executive afford. It came the predecessor, tabloids called the penny press, so they were cheaper and they also did something different. They they took stories from Tuesday, boring facts. Political stories been stories that kind of thing and started working on human interest stories yeah and they changed the style of writing senses were shorter paragraphs for shorter, elect a little emotion way more emotionally, and it was it was designed for that. Like listen, the triumph of this I am really their evil landlord or whatever kind of what we see now and mainstream newspapers. Exactly
Yes, a lot. A lot of our members and dream media owes quite a bit to the evolution of tabloids agreed and there is actually a point where it can have spread. Finally, made a jump, but you can see throughout the history of tabloids and newspapers. This interplay were tabloids almost kind of brake ground yeah take about a Heaton flak for it in the newspapers like latch onto what they're doing after after it becomes co, opt in Yemen behind them. The guise of you know where the upstanding public exactly a letter. Gusting your faith and yellow journalism came about Nero William Randolph. First, with his New York Journal, I later The original american- and he was the first person in the United States at Least- has I think in England, and even started out before us, but not mistaken. In England, I think they were can like the birth of some of the more tablet.
Now, writing. Ok, but in America we ran a first did with the sudden he started doing some celebrity up in the murderer. In little sensational, for here and there and he found so really well up until the depression. Warehousing sold really well pick up at the depression when a very monumental figure in tabloid history named genetic Janeiro, so Pope or Jean Pope, Jean Pope June Junior, he bought a Hearst paper. Call the New York inquire for seventy five grand changed it to tabloid size started You know you know stuff that he figured people like to say a car crash. So was actually inspired literally by people like jockeying, see the blood and the girl in a car crash and thought, while people really are discussing in crazy
Oh, I'm gonna give them what they want and he did you ever. The crime scene photography episode. We talked about we d, he he and he saw a lot of stuff to Jean Pope here that the printed a lot of his like going crazy, I thought it was his name. We d ahead. Louis fellow, I think, but he went by the view: e g, Weee interesting so I said it again yeah I was queuing like the executive orders at certain times. Like a boy, you know, I guess it was super interest so he starts sullen alot of papers based on this new style and then I got him Rupert Murdoch you may have heard of in saw a prove that you get actual. Have pretty wide circulation envy an sewing news of the world in England. Millions of copies, Ms Ek scandals.
And then the Pope said you know what if he can some millions and millions copy so can I may change the, namely the national inquire boom right, the National courts, is borne by the enquire as we know it still wasn't born. Yet it was some thing they were crazy headlines about, like interracial, saxon lesbianism and like horrible acts of violence, posthumous violence. There is one headline about a teen ripping the head off of a corpse to get at its gold teeth and always with the gory crime scene. Gout, as like the pop comics we're doing to rewrite. It was just very tawdry. Its I mean if the stuff they inquired today is tawdry. This dislike is unfair. That, today, with the reason it's not here is again because a gene pope, so he had a lot of competition and not just he but the whole industry,
facing a big problem in that new stands were starting to dry ear. Sadly, so Jean Pulp came up with an idea like supermarkets. Everybody goes the supermarkets any to get in there and I stand in line at the check out stand right, but he knew like There is no way that any any respectable supermarket was gonna sell. His tabloid has arrived right and murder require. So he clean the thing up right. He added way more. He took a cue from different Rupert Murdoch and his news of the world
and am added way more celebrity stuff, sex scandals, but nothing tawdry. Like you know, a few is talking about afforded. There was just really it was more like it's like the the senator got caught with somebody or whatever, and there's this guy named James Walcott. He wrote for the four vanity fair and he wrote this article called the: U S. Confidential is in the June two thousand to issue a vanity fair. Is about this end up about that transition. Going from you know the crime scene photography to astrology overnight, so he could get into supermarkets. He said the Enquirer staff was aghast. It was like asking any
periods, team of grave robbers to take up gardening. That's pretty much how the inquires staff took. We gotta clean, a break, the start, writing about astrology and celebrity sexiness, and it wasn't even cleaning up attack. That much is not like. You said: we're gonna become the New York Times now, but that's why they're there yeah. That's why, when you stand in line at a supermarket check outline its because in the nineteen sixty steam Pope was like we get again in the supermarkets, I think people either read these. Are they don't like? I don't think anyone devils in tabloids insane Skype soap operas like no one says like over me, watch a little better days of our lives. Like you either hooked on stuffy or not, I agree with that, but I think a lot of people
guilty of picking up the tavern thumbing through it and then not buying it in the supermarket check out. Well now you know they do now and of course, we're gonna get to this might will bring it up. They look at people magazine and US weekly right because they have necked from tabloids as well and become a quorum quote respectable thing to pick up in red right even now come on you every two people magazine. I have sorted tabulating at times it is in. Actually you can thank the star for that. Star used to be a tabloid sheet tabloid, yes, and it went over to the glossy that at some point I think that maybe the late nineties and arm it Mary, those two things- glossy reliable magazine, format with tabloid- and it was enough of a success that people would like. Well, we ve already got the glossy magazines pointless to start doing tabloid thing
Meanwhile, people will have a mean legitimate article still, but an and they're not like making stuff up, but they definitely gone way into D. You know: look at the cellulite on the beach, then Malibu yeah, and look at this person and look at that person and who wore it better plastic says virgins, asters, yeah, exactly stuff who or better. I know somebody has been reading people when they have the two Ladys. With the same dress me, and especially my like eighty two, eighty nine now I now especially when it like you know it's this mean sometimes here, I'm gonna start wearing hockey jerseys and not be like a who work. Better Kevin Smith or gas, reject Brian Crowley, forego biggest given Smith Gesine ever heard of this other guy
Gas is indeed anyway. I saw on that's pretty much a quick history of tabloids. Yet here in the states at least England, we keep mentioning England because they're they're, lousy with well. There can have on the leading edge of any kind of tabloids right now, I'll deliver with that. I so before we go on tabloids stories and how they get these stories. We should point out that a ninety ninety nine, the inquired the star. The globe. The national examiner and Weekly World NEWS were all purchased by american media ink all those snapped Imala, basically observation. Every big tabloid in the United States is purchased by this one. A company and um yeah. Think that's, never a good thing, or maybe this is maybe in it means. Well, that's a funny thing. Eric come the the
all of this sidebar as they control everything you read it lets you don't need any of those things. So the the am I actually there the reason the weekly World NEWS shut down and they were like a case things loser. Honey. I am, I posted a hundred and sixty million dollar loss in two thousand six and was facing like a billion dollars in debt to that where to go there boy way through the internet, they make sense. There were about where the lungs. So ok, let's talk about this. What what makes the tabloid it's not just subjective! I mean you tabloids pornography. You know when you see it right to define too that's not entirely the case. There are some actual discernible distinctions among tabloids that make a tabulated tabloid agreed. So what are the well at points out you're, something really important. The key
to a tabloid story is not that it be true, just that someone has said that its true you're right and they latch onto that person and as long as they say, you know a tribute these quotes to this person, then they can't be held accountable and that person is frequently cited as an expert church and close friend sure I mean if somebody it's all the way you present the story. If the, if you're saying if your whole story is all about how this person said something here, it's not really
story the story still there but you're, focusing on this person. It's like the the rule of the of the tabloid industry is kind of a trick there, because very much your tricking people into thinking, you're reading about a story about branch Alina when evaluating a story about a former made that worked for Prevention Lena and what they think it's true right or some crazy person who has nothing to do with branches Lena whose, like just dumb, maybe saw one of them in a coffee shop right. Unlike noticed, they didn't Tipp or something like that. Damn there's a story also like we said that they like to add experts and a bit. The experts are in no way shape or form qualified in a lot of ways. Yet they have no credentials are not vetted. It's more say, like the example given ask eases, is like a big foot enthusiasts yap. If somebody spend a lot of time searching for big foot risk,
big foot there, there's no institute out there to qualify than to give them credentials, but you could reasonably make a case of this presents a big big for export right. The thing is this: like the enquire or the star or the weekly World NEWS is not going to the trouble of explaining that they just say Bigfoot expert so, and so yes, but there's a bunch of these things out any scene, a bunch and he's an expert. Exactly my favorite is a leading quote like they will get the random person who saw Angelina Jolie in a coffee shop, and they will say, did she look that they would say maybe something like ass? She looked like she'll jittery and they would say, did she looked strong
and that she had possibly been up for days without eating. Yes, you sort of look like that and then also nets. The quote witnesses say she looked strung out and like she- and I didn't four days right, Anna I'll bet, you do say yes, exactly yes or like. Would you say this listen says: yes, were you just said that another hallmark of tabloids is making a huge deal out of something, I guess other newspapers with terror small package stuff unlike actually looking through other newspapers, find some cause. I interesting story and then blowing it up and possibly a front page feature just
getting into the story really interviewing alot of people involved, and they may be throwing an expert or something like that interest fiscally, making a lot a lot of hay out of something very kind of negligible yeah, I'm in this by adding a bunch of quotas and stuff. And what do you think about this? What do you think whether it takes it from being about the story? Right, like a young man, saved the goat from a burning building awesome to what these people about this man in his goat. You can do anything with that's actually the love affair. You mean, maybe who knows if somebody said it, then they could conceivably report air. If anyone said New York
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we'll go to the post office again the celebrity celebrity news is obviously one of the biggest parts of tablets. These days at least an They, the writer, seven formats, all kinds when format, swam security, people who had for them or who work at venues where they might have been pair, stylus, Nay also on people like anyone that condition dirt and they get in the rotation. And now a member we shot ever JANET Charlton. You might recognize her. She was a gossip columnist and think did stuff for tv like entertainment tonight, but that's how she made her living in. She was like one of the more famous ones and we shot a commercial at her house. One time now I and she was there hang out- and I, like you, gotta, tell me some stories and of course she does love that cunning.
You to sit down and regardless of stories about Michael Douglas and his secret sex addiction and choose city, I said like well, you know my sources tell me where she had a list: a rolodex of people on the bank role yeah that she would pay. You know a few bucks if it was not a big deal to a lot of money if it was a big celebrity with ignorance right and it some that's pretty much standard. Like you're saying there's this guy named Dumb Palm mine who wrote for, I think news of the world and are you know Denham Elliot he was. He was another Indiana Jones is Sidekick yeah. I remember his name, but the other British got yeah, ok, here's this is huge star in great Britain and he had a very, very beloved to Vienna daughter, whose addicted heroin and after he died. She took like a big turn for the worse in this cop tipped off. I think it another person who, in turn tipped off
with more than but the Calcutta few hundred pounds for that this girl was like she's kind of a prostitute, she's so much the heroin attic. So whatever you want to do with that, belongs to the public Ngos and like offers to pay this this lady, like drug money for sex or whatever, and she agrees and like all of a sudden, he starts reporting on at last get photos and everything was. He ended up, killing yourself, Famagusta and he now says like in. I take responsibility for that which is meaningless sure by Adam yeah. He, the it all started with a cop knowing about this and then tipping off the record. There's a so sad. It is heartening. Cops are not immune to this kind of thing to believe it or not Josh another way they get. Their information is from the celebrities themselves.
What I ve gathered you're, either you found the three categories: either: fight fight fight, the tabloids. You either are lucky enough and are smart enough Can it be low profile and you're, not really a subjective, tattle tabloids and others like the sergeant ever seen the tabloids Harrison for or number three is you play ball little bit It means you know what I'll give you a little information here and there a leak out some stuff here and there. If you play nice with me, I'll play ball with you, maybe I'll. Let you know like what restaurant become out of one? I? U can photograph me
give you a little time and sometimes a movie studios, a leak stuff to get get up little press yeah. They did that alot awhile back in the day, but it still goes on. Yes, like a symbiotic relationship between the person who needs their star to maintain this its position through things like the basics star, because the public is aware of you. Yet another thing is bad press like you might be in there, for you saw you light, but what? If someone picks up the magazine, I wonder what ever happened to her. I thought she was dead and all the scenario she's not dead, just as I have said it, but at the same time I feel better about me. So I guess one of the ways that you stay in the tabloids is through having your picture made by recycling. The south, a group of people, known collectively, is Papa.
And they actually, I found out, are named after a pauper, Roth's, so photographer yet another named part, Popper out so with a capital p using character in Fellini, Fellini, salad also visa, movie and on? Apparently they were already accident, but they got their name through this character, but even then they weren't crazy. It wasn't until the seventies right again thanks to Jean hope that they really became the kind of reckless, relentless nuisances that we have today, and it was all because Jean Pope was absurd. With Jackie, oh and Aristotle, Aurelius, and he would pay so much money for anything on them that people that the photographers were like just really really became again.
The Van Ryan Assertive because of it and their way worse in Europe because of Gene Pope and because they initially started doing this stuff in Greece and in in Europe right and that that still is connected to this day to the death of rum, Diana praying whales. They were supposedly driver been drinking, but there is possibly being chased. Paparazzi a motorcycle here very sad, but that's all general support, junior I'll bet that, guy worse huge life ass, if they quite like, rather too near at the inner casino access, respect supposedly Fellini. To add that this up took the word from italian word that described the buzzing sound, whom ski do that's unverified, but he said in an interview in time: agonizing seventies, it it's a girl is just associated with something buzzing around you and in your way, that's paparazzi and there's a movie too
Pavarotti that was called frontiers and four year with a do. What's his face, goes back and beats upper call housing here. Did you see it now? I ran across the honor. I am dvd about it. It's also a could very easily be based on life about mountain. Sure. What on earth is this? I think the categories you are describing the people who are just so big that they can't keep a low profile but may also dont want or need that that the tabloids yeah on them, but I've also very much gained the impression it's like there's a lot of people out there who feed it to him who want a who crave here, and I can't feel bad for those people at all yeah. It's it's a tough thing it because there are people plenty like your seem like. I am plenty of
what there who are big stars, but you never seen thing about him in tablets because it stay out of it. They stay away from the am trying to think of one. I mean they're, so many, that's probably I can't think of it. Well, I care supporters example. I guess that's only started dating close to flock. They were there in the tabloids a lot, but I also suspect, like most, that stuff was all very pleasant like handholding thing, so yeah, but she was in the tabloids a lot because of her weight so that fit into that now. You know, like maybe she'll, be happy and eat again now that she has Harrison Ford. Yeah he's dislike eat this That too, here eat this I'll talk the talk about the law yeah. This was really interesting. I thought because the person you think our way to the rest of it was not interesting and now at the end, I thought this a super interesting milk is the person I think of is why these people, soon every day suing these tabloids. Some try some do some
been successful for a while for the early tabloids ones like what were they called like confidential? I think was one of the early tabloids yeah like the tattler there. It is whatever stupid name about not about airing dirty laundry, that the name of some Paul tabling the fifties and Sixtys dirty laundry is fairly well I'll bet and they get away with that stuff, because for for two reasons the sky wrote. Learn here. He wrote. I watched her a wild hug, you, my baby, which is pretty mrs definitive history of the tabloids and he's gotta his bone a few days because he was an editor for the National enquire in he said: there's two reasons: if it isn't sixty one, if you re legitimate start, these things were so
in the gutter here that the stoop to suing them was problematic or in one it was there and in that loss it would attract, began. Regular press was gonna start talking about it would make you look as bad as what it would draw a lot more attention to the original story right and the second thing is: even if you won that publish it, doesn't have the money to pay you good luck, then Jean Pub once again changes thinking, Pope M Rupert Murdoch. Alderson these things have enormous circulation. Yeah. I think Jean put took the enquire from fifteen thousand or a hundred thousand too million at its peak here in the eighties. So this They did have deep pockets and things changed in Carol. Burnett, a kind of still to this day stands is like a bell: whether for the celebrities versus the tabloids,
far as the logos- yes, she soon after nineteen seventy six article I said- and I have to read this quota dear good at Washington, restaurant boisterous- per had allowed argument with another diner Henry Kissinger. She traipse on the place, offering everyone a bite of her dessert and they didn't put her dessert and quotes. I would have. Really raised eyebrows when she accidently knocked a glass of wine over one diner and started giggling instead of apologizing. So the basically said she was blitzed at this restaurant and then he says years, everyone yeah he's a big man proudly and she suit and wine one six million dollars, which was and we'll find out here, and the second is one the hallmarks of their litigation settled out of court for much much less well, very quiet,
She got a big settlement, kissing nineteen eighty one dollars, one point: six million, like device a hundred billion today, I think I, and then it was reduced by an appeals court which is usually step to in these kind of suits. Two hundred grand yeah and then it was settled out of court, so I would imagine for even less than that, yeah by it was still is. A big deal is the first time really that, like a major star was able the wind defamation lawsuit against the tabloid It was one of the I want to say it was only tat, was one of the very few times come a specially if you are going on the premise of all the people who want to see the tabloids and don't actually bring soup, because things have changed now here now tabloids have these reputation for being extremely fearsome, litigators we're like. If you want to see them, you thought that story they take. You off was bad they're gonna get anything they can in their going
Do it through the court so like when a wreath of Franklin, Erna, oh, was always able Taylor. Yes, when she tried to sue, I think the Enquirer her when she did to the inquiry inquires. Lawyers tried to subpoena all for medical records the past thirty years. So they go after everything that behind a boot, drag your life into the spotlight and make it like really not worth your while the Sioux them. Yet this dilemma journey that was interviewed for this awesome your times, article Le Vincent she ever she had ever want to tie in every had his happy and said it's basically because it, the scorpion defence, which is you, don't attack a scorpion because you will get stung aside from nothing at the most complex analogy. I like it now it's pretty straightforward. I guess that do they need to be complex, but you can call it that's the snake analogy. That's the spider analogies!
you're old analogy alike, domesticity how'd you get thrown upon or Vienna pooped on Pouponne lay desolation. Scorpion can only do one thing to european humiliate unanimity ways. Have you ever heard to lose this whole thing like scorpions, commit suicide. If you set on fire by using themselves really an apparently there's a lot of like Youtube videos out their people are doing. This was scorpions, I guess all alone fire and then the scorpion, like John Van, like sting itself and eventually die while each other for the fire up. They found that this they founded this. The greens are almost entirely immune to their own venom.
And that really all this is just the reaction of being burned alive like trying like their flailing about in one of the flails, is like they're they're stingers moving in sometimes it's things itself, so it appears to dump kids who set scorpions on fire. This groupings committing suicide, terrible awful ass, a great danger. The thanks, I dont burn animals or insects of any kind. Kids just mean Miss Executive means you hit year, setting yourself up for being a sociopath later in life, also legally with tabloids: you have to prove mouse yeah, that's the big one, not only that what they printed was, I believe they knowingly printed in and they knew was false. Yak as it's gotta, be liable lesson.
Just be maliciously libel. They, they displayed a rumour about me that wasn't true. It's gotta have Maoist behind it. Libel was printed. Flanders stated with your mouth the two differences, or I guess blink it out your eyes, so basically the scorpion defence and then the delays, the forcing their guide a start filing motions to delay to delay to me, I spend a lot of money, a lot of money so and if you think about it, there's nothing really gain here, necessarily area its European So a star who is a bunch of money says I have a bunch of money and really matter, doesn't want to teach them a lesson. So I'm going to see them and that they basically, that first tactic is the tabloids, try to make it not worth your while they ll drop it, because you don't really need this money, you looking for judgment and hopefully or get bored while in the tablets, don't care even if they drag
our imprint retraction. Six months later, no one remembers no one reads retraction or cares about retraction six months later. The too well put because apparently part of the judgment of some of these in successful suits is that you can't write about the star for a certain amount of time gather like cut a deal. Sometimes you say you know what I'll drop the lawsuit just Gimme a break for the next year right and then they put on the calendar Tom Cruise one year from now set reminder to start acting with him again and um. The another way the tabloid stay out of court is most of their articles are red, screened by an attorney or attorneys they have on retainer. So each article its printed. Can it comes to this this implicit stamp of approval, the I'm a legal expert
here they whining lecture you, you really don't have a case if you want to sue against them, yeah. They want. They want to walk right up to the line of libel and stop there pretty good urinate on it. He heard head on I imagine, the writers are really good at it and then, as back up, they have their own attorneys that are either letter at it, and so there like. Yet this is not libelous prove it then spend half a million dollars trying to prove this, and some people do like a wreath of frankly, I think settled Tom cruise sorts, Nigger, Katy, king crews, yeah they all eyes in one. Did she when he's Katy, homesick, march. She star fifty million. She settled a donation to your charity. Unless he's done it twice, she did this is past month. She followed suit against them. For this one cover.
About the dried like your bags under eyes and they Katie's job problem. Why she won't be Tom, others, and I also the article- cannot go after Scientology Annam they get stake while based on that list, they call him in Tom Cruise Katy homes. It makes you wonder, like wonder how much Scientology I urge Israel to suing for defamation in articles that also included in a stuff against silent all their history voltage said the big raw with his little suppose it tawdry here's your in Georgia and then I guess another homework. That's not really in its early in the article, but I think you can make a pretty strong case. Is that sometimes a lot of times the tabloid gets things right, yeah, but their way
they do. It often is very much on ethical and moral. As far as the standards of the press is concerned, that's what Rupert what's been going out with Rupert Murdoch. I come parliament, like our parliamentary panel, basically said: you're not fit to run news core any longer, because the scandal is so huge with the phone hacking area where with a camera. What episode we talked about in him, but there is the girl who was kidnapped and, like the news of the world writers, were hacking into her voice. The leading, I am pleased that you still alive and it was possibly effect in the course of the investigation they they identified. Four thousand celebrities athletes, politicians, people of note who were emails were hacked four thousand, while in another thousand that have likely been hacked, some people have
he sued in wine, like Sienna Miller, Steve Coogan of Armed all of our party, would like our trust in Janni. Some people have already won, but for the most part it's on these people are gonna, get any any damages award right is basically just no news of the world's shut down now But it was out of hand while and now there are showing that they were also hacking email, which Great Britain has this kind of on this, this computer theft law now which makes email hacking way worse than fallen hacking. So if that opens up to be a big thing, is people are actually Minister do in time for good? But our thanks attempt to get things right. They do over the years will mention it o J Simpson case, the national inquiring seems like his generally enquire that that sort of scoops, the legitimate is never like the star,
you know so are the national Enquire scooped in the the trial the story about issues the Bruno Molly's yeah? They scooped the story of the dealer that sold him a knife similar to the murderer yeah? I guess your life dealers away. They skip the shoe store, you remember their bloody footprints and then this is often they really went to town to begin There is a brutal Molly bloody footprint at the scene, Jason said I know I've. Never own and a pair of shoes like that, now a picture they they went back and found footage of him from bright in only three wearing them on the field like report yea Asylum following its yeah, improve that, yes, indeed, he did at those shoes Oh, though, shoe bill caused these kids
remember when he was killed, areas and the Enquirer offered a hundred thousand dollar reward for information and then actually lead to somebody coming forward and in giving the information that led to the capturing the killer. That's right, Jesse Jackson's, illegitimate child yeah, two thousand one he came out and was like area. I guess he found out it's true: yes,
Gary Heart when he was running for President ninety eight, I remember this well, he was on the monkey business down in Miami with was an angel Donna right here funny for when you look at it now here I am and seen in. I don't think she just likes it and on his lap and he's gotta began on his face and he's got a t. Shirts is monkey, shines, grew and yet it was. It was of the place at the time, but he dropped out of the races. Because of this this picture in the inquiry they scooped everybody on it and rush limber yeah, my favorite drug attic. That was exposed slumber, their memories buying actually come from his made lot series, unlike how many pills the day he bought, what an army a day, but he bought apparently thirty thousand pills from her. I think he was like some ungodly? Am I like? Twenty six year, eighty pills a day,
so I remember hearing is like how is he alive or even but not a standing up there? You have a thousand enquire that today, but again so there there could be a could have come from a tip right here. It could have come from the aid they could have on. The could have gotten this information from wiretapping, from whatever it doesnt mean it's wrong by just one of the hallmarks of a tablet. Is it the though, follow, sometimes with looser ethics, ready? again a New York Times reporter so tablets. Today, Josh, like you, mention at the peak the national wireless on about five million copies in circulation. Now all of the leading ones, United States, combined cell about five point, four million They really gone down in one of the Is it wise because they were so successful that
mainstream media became much more tabloids and tabloids became much less much less different they were made in the field of competition, increased yeah and basically, everyone was gonna, do in some that now at an ape at point out article during their Lewinsky trial sales went down his stuff you're, seen on CNN and was just a salacious write anything you read in the star and again it's like the mainstream media. Kenneth took a cue from tabloid there, as they have so many other time. Authors of this out that, with the Clinton thing there are probably dislike, listless make up. Some stuff was like what if he used a cigar and they were like all those crazy stuff about exactly. It was all true where, with Clinton manners nuts looking back there, you anything else, I got nothing else. Will then that's tabloids chuck.
If you want to learn more about tabloids and see a picture of the beloved batboy, you can type in tabloids tee. A b l or ideas in the search bar has the first that com, which means it Here's the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up. Basketball, there's always that guy who joined your game. He never passes the rock he constantly bricks theories and who can neatly hack you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul, with Geico its, the switch and save on car insurance, no he'd Facon, ankle sprain, because you're absolutely exhausted. Switch and save with Geiger. It's almost, better than sports. Now it's time for listening, I just going to Joshua. I guys I'm currently working in Argentina, conducting research and teaching English.
On a Fulbright hellish. It wanted to let you know that you're podcast, her was a great resource for english learners and other countries have been introducing your projects to students and adults. I meet were interested in furthering their english learning. More about. U S! Culture escaped. The idea of a pot cast culture does not yet exist in Argentina. When I introduce the idea in your programme to people here, you're very curious and eager to listen, they make great line to you by the way. Are you too? You can ask your progress: is providing a fun informed, a waiver students you that practice listening to different english accents to try and pick up on some colloquialisms and jokes to learn new vocabulary, but I feel, like heat all the sudden
become more informed on the various issues you discuss. The idea people listening to pack ass purely to further their own knowledge is heart is a part of U S, culture that I am proud to share, and thank you very much for that spreading your fan base in Argentina pendulum. Thank you very much for that were Birmingham call like figures like Rodriguez, who there's this like singer. Songwriter from I think the leads Thirty seven is any just went by the name: Rodriguez released a couple hours, it's totally flopped here and arm. He just went away of obscurity. Didn't realize that in South Africa these two albums achieved like just incredible
so really and everyone wonder what happened? Turning finally years later, he found out like he's like a mythical figure in South Africa. For you know, there's a document from the commission document was answered, feature them like something someone would make up. I saw a movie like that. You mean I want the silver docks and saw the impostor anyway. It was very much like that, where the one of the producers afterwards in the queue neighbours like he, was asked if they're going to turn it into like a feature film, we can't like this is too many. It's to outline is that if you fictional eyes did he will be like this is stupid. Why do you I can make this choice. Honesty, yea set its vaguer. Ok, if you have it doc recommended documentary recommendation, so I guess it be. Attacking recommendation attack Iraq.
Thank you. I'm were always looking for. That is the correct that Iraq is. I think I've seen that written before you Kin tweet to us. That is why I say park ass. You can join us on Facebook that complex that we should now- and you can email erect to stuff podcast discovery, dot com for more on this and thousands of other topics. Is it how stuff works outcome brought to buy the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry, it's ready for you. We are living in complicated times on seventy rule, MSNBC Anchor and end. Chinese, corresponding in my new podcast modern rules. I'm gonna be.
In time unpacking some of the Harry's of today's tat. I decided I was with you survived survival price, but equal aboard. They want needs its american listen and subscribe to a new path. Modern rules on apple fog, test, the IRA, radio or wherever you get a factor,
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