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How the Gender Pay Gap Works

2016-04-12 | 🔗

The gender pay gap is the amount of time into the next year a woman must work to earn as much as a man did the previous year. And it's narrowing at a snail's pace.

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welcome to stop? You should know greenhouse gas for Stockholm Hay and welcomes the progress than Josh part. This showed the reach of bright Jerry third step. You should know o This is coming out on equal pay day. I don't think so. Well, equal pay day may have come and gone by now, but it is April twelfth two thousand sixteen. The tried and do you remember when we did our disdain history, weirdo series or video series that was pretty great there as well is mention. I was one of the one of the ones that we did was lily led better, and I think it was on equal pay I think I remember it by we met in early life, better richer by equal pay, for those who do not in the now is a day
in the United States, where, Working women who work full time year round would have to work until they get the equal pay that their male counterparts got for the year before. Right, so it is two thousand sixteen yeah. So take our pay for two thousand fifteen an old carpet. We want to keep that take a man's pay, a real man spare from twenty four and a woman in the same position would have to work the changes are rewrite the date if the amount of pay changes, the pay disparity change right, but the significance of that date would be like a woman has to work until April. Whatever to the following year. It does make as much as the man made in the previous year right having a disgracefully said, the same thing. You said the sinner we're way- and this is this- is nothing new. Actually, this idea that there is a disparity.
Pay gap is, if you will, between men and women in the United States, and actually it around the world in the idea, and it is that women's work is just in here we less valued, then men's work and there's a lot of debate over this. Bravo, Burma in the state of the union address in Don't remember the year said it might have been his last where he said women make. Seventy nine percent of what men make and the sun? Okay? We need to do something about that. Afghanistan, like Obama, thanks man, look at you Now I looked up for reminding us that President Obama, in the room- you really did liquor event, couldn't see if a Czech really did look out. That was good. This the National Committee on pay equity is who who begin holding equal pay day and ninety six, but arm Was it in nineteen? Fifty is when they start
can a gathering data on this year. I think the Bureau of Labour statistics really started looking at it hard in the fifties, but that the pay disparity goes back way further than that yeah, basically to the beginning of the country, tat when people started working and earning money shirt, and when women were even allowed to work, we need to do an episode just time, wage labour and the origin of in the history of near its super fascinating, interesting, so go back in time. Some things used to be a lot worse, believe it or not, women earn thirty cents on the dollar and the early at the dawn of America, when we were farming, mainly during the industrial revolution things a little bit better about fifty percent up to fifty percent, but here's a distressing thing. In nineteen, sixty three congressperson equal pay act, and since then it was about sixty percent for Louise.
But in the eighties they climbed up to seventy five percent. And then thirty years later, it's only climbed up four percent yeah. It's basically stagnated yeah, it's very much pulled off and the sad thing is is what you're seeing men is as men's wages grow, women's wages are growing. Then it's a it's. It's a big deal too big problem because women are losing out on a tremendous amount of money over their lifetimes here. Just for what seems to be gender discrimination. And I want to say now before any basis lose their mine. There are a lot of theories behind this. Yes engendered. Discrimination is one of em, but none of them are actually proven necessarily know. Unlike most things, I think it's probably a combination of many many things most likely, but about us, think, whatever the cause, women are losing out a lot of money so, for example, check in two eleven a twenty five year old.
When earned about five green less per year than her male counterparts. Yes- and this is just woman who worked for I'm year round, man who worked time, your own age, twenty five right, any five green. You like this, I see a lot of movies with five grand, but when you added up over the woman's career and by the time she makes a sixty five. She will south on four hundred and thirty thousand dollars. In wages compared to her male counterparts, yeah, that is, if that remains consistent throughout her career, has a lot to do. That's a lot of movies and These are white women. It gives much worse if you go across the races and ask American woman. The figure dips to sixty percent. Sixty point: five hispanic females even worse, by the way brings a male and female workers, retorting studies here, yeah layer, fifty four percent, fifty four point: six for his band
Then, and only asian women did better than white women with eighty three point: five percent of what their white our counterparts made here, and I opening we. If you look at the earners and the United States white men are not the top asian men are actually the top earners they earn on average into doesn't fourteen hundred and thirteen point five percent more than white men really interesting in this? I want to say something to you. The equal pay day were a woman would have to work to make the wages. That's a white woman would have to work to April twelfth If you are in african american woman, you would have to work until June to make the what the average the median pay of a white man, yet for the year before Latina, one and all away into October. So it's like it almost. I mean it's almost like twice as long So here is yourselves, determine
This is one of the one of the problems with trying to get behind the reasons, because it's one thing to talk about this stuff. But what, unless you can make change and help this out, then it's just stopped. About it like to make a difference. You need to really understand the underlying problems. Oh yeah yeah yeah, but I think that point as well being done now and has been done since ninety ninety six shining, satellite archer think step. One is being undertaken. Still trying to understand it, but yeah stiffly. It's actually not settled like here's. The problem right now, So one of the problems in trying to do is is data and getting really good data that the way to get the pay gap figure. Is they all the women working full time you around find their median salary on average. A meeting is in the middle. And then they take that same calculation for man and they save will subtract was too, and this is the wage gap. Ok
that's actually the the earnings ratio right when you see something like women seventy nine percent of what men make yeah that's very frequently in this article. Does it all over the place? It's called the wage gap, that's not the wage gap. That's the earnings ratio, the wage gap would be twenty one person yeah yeah. You know me yeah, but it's gets confusing like because, if you think about you like, while the wage gap is seventy nine percent and the wage gap is twenty one percent, the rings ratio, seventy nine percent. Yes, but people tend to use that bigger number, because it's more popping when you're a media mobile right, you don't mean that the slowly. So a lot of people say that that just that calculation is too broad to draw. Inclusion and probably, as you know, their data for sure. Yet in this hour,
and points out that you know you can't take that one statistic in and say this is all you need to know about pay inequality like guinea, one saying that no one dummies so, but the one thing that does, though, unfortunately, is if it gets critics the chance to poke holes in it. Dismiss it outright? You know you're, because they're saying: ok, let's, let's take a step back here. You're taking the median salary for all of the men who worked in the end, it states, forty thousand relations, all job here and there in the media in salary for all the women who work full time in the United States throughout the entirety of two thousand fourteen bright and that's comparing apples, the oranges, they say right and one there's, a number of reasons why they say you're, actually comparing apples, oranges, there's a lot of different job
that are being done. There's a lot of varying educational background, there's a lot of different experience backgrounds and you just can't compare the two. So let's not talk about this again. Ok right now, what this the following should be, so the drill down further and get better data and talk about it even more detailed way. That's nice, which some people are doing which will get to this, was fascinating to me about job clustering or occupational cluster I know that job cluster forty five percent working. Women are employed and just twenty fields it's crazy! It is crazy! I'm if you look at, and about thirty to thirty five percent work in the top twenty occupations for males which her you know, we're talkin a lot of times managerial in provisional roles also rules that are more physically, demanding to and may pay more year or more dangerous, sometimes like they make the point that you pay
find a man we're like a long haul trucker, although we ve heard from quite a few women who had known at large march, have you not see here is big venture? Have you seen the new and yet not yet is again I haven't seen it. I can't wait, uncover frayed you, I did see stitches the clown and it's got like a one star rating and usually a netflix. That means like stay away for real you at means again. Why read I read about it online to maybe you can interested. I don't think. I know that it's an irish black comedy horror movie about a clown that was murdered that comes back from the dead to take his revenge, in the most gruesome in gory ways, pie matters well, call that tailor made for Josh Clark, but it's it's hilarious to Yoke is meant to be tongue in cheek, like to check that we're talking about how some- women- are in the trucking industry, the track, but the cluster bombs
nations for women, generally speaking, pay less than the cluster of occupations that men prefer yet here's the thing when you, take a woman in the trucking industry, salary and compared to a man and the tracking industry salary. Is it still gonna, be less and then conversing when you look at a man who, who is entered a female dominated field say like nursing, distance probably make more than their female counterparts yeah Elementary school teachers, human resources, administrators, the pay gap is only one percent, but it's still there now exactly Nowhere like literally if they compared same experience, same same job.
Working the same amount of ours, yet almost always across the board. Men will still make more, even like you said, of its nursing, which historically, people might think, is a job that more women prefer. What you're talking about their shook his call occupational gender segregation here and there in and of itself big problem here, it is saying no, we hear the United States will tend to value the the women do less than the work that men do. Just by saying this. Jobs that are traditionally women. Women staffed are paid just traditionally paid less their whole field. Yeah and if it is not like the nineteen, thirty and forty and fifty words like you, too, the secretary now we'll take care of the business right, but there still the it's still there to assert agree, I mean there are more women who work is secretaries and men, but I just want to get back to that state rockwork when you're talking about the the even
comparing apples. Apples, men still made more. I mean it's. It's like you know, two to four percent: five hundred thirty, four occupations tracked by the Bureau of Labour statistics in seven Out of five hundred thirty four paid women more than men, seven, seven apparently the most lucrative. If your woman, you want more than a man could be a respiratory therapists, because their salaries are six point four percent higher than men's in their field. Right, we take a break. Yes, I will be back. With more staggering stats. New year's resolutions are very, very difficult to keep getting.
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The Czech said. If you compare apples, apples, it's a few percent, the labour statistics they like to throw a little rent in the works, the surveyed like five hundred and thirty, we're occupations, he said, and when they do their statistics, they use weekly salary, rather than annual salary and actually for the less pay less of a pay gap, but things the internet has given us one of the great things his crowd sourcing and their allotted companies. They crew data as almost like a by product, or maybe the real under the table product. You know what they're doing. One of those companies is glass door where you can go look for job listings, but also rate your employer rate, the company and its basically the masses reviewing employee.
You know it's pretty cool idea in class door. Did a study into those assisting just came out this month as a matter of fact, and they survey five hundred and five thousand employees, the less fear of labour statistic thing I saw- was like fifty thousand people like half a million employees and their salary reports and found that, if you compared with women who are equally qualified, in the same position at the same company as a man still made on average five percent less right and in among computer scientists, say guesses developers and stuff right. The pay gap the words twenty eight percent for women in the same position. Equally qualified the same companies, a man This is like brand new data that just came out well, one of the real, They say, and this is ongoing, as that may be women.
No that they're not making as much as their male counterparts yeah, because we, will earn society, or at least the work environment most signs? Were you not only not encouraged to talk about your pay, but some companies like prohibit Yes, if you can't talk about your pay exact with your fellow employees Ryan, I mean I guess, as Jeconiah as it is. You can kind of Stan where the company's coming from, because they get away paying their workforce as little as possible, and so they want their workforce. Compare salaries and realizing that people are being paid substantially different stuff right troop. Still it mean say like no. You can't talk about your salary. They pay you to this. Other person be quiet, been a lot of reform that we'll talk about it as far as that is concerned, but that's a big thing is there appears to among a lot of women, this idea
I'm sure a lot of men to don't realize this is well that their there is a gender pay disparity. Part of the reason why is because of a lack of transparency last year last may those women in Lauren Boss, Winkle gone Twitter and said he as a new hashtag talk, they d, ok, p a. Why said, tweet out your job titles, how expense you are right where you been in life and what your salary is and then at talk pay. Anon came out, which is probably smarter way, this anonymous. Out, while there were a lot of tweets, but most of them were of course, people this in complaining and I'm sure there's plenty trolls do, but just in complaining that situation fine, but about thirteen hundred actually tweeted their actual salary. And a lot of people say this is kind of one of the first steps as at least getting the information out there,
Solomon, my say: wait a minute. You make four thousand hours more than me for no reason at all, and other websites to weaken, compare things. There's one called pay scale and one called comparably right so awkward, title fearful that make cellar door it makes sense. I believe you mentioned some of the things that are doing that the government is doing right. President Obama assigned an executive order in two thousand fourteen, so that As you say, the address must come. I was probably he barred. Federal contractors from punishing and employ for comparing their salary. And a memorandum on the same contractors to submit data compensation data. If there was any to see if there was any wage discrimination on price of fuel,
a company that was a government contract junior woman who suddenly get an unexpected raisin pay may have had something to do with tat, maybe so for. You actually also is leading the way on this day. What is his name? brown, the governor the second time around he signed in the law this. This act that prevent companies from punishing employers for talking about their pay, their salary, and it mandates at first mandated same pay for the same work, which is actually the language in the
civil rights act. Title seven are the Sole Rights ACT says you have to pay people the same pay for the same work, regardless of their gender, of their race of their religion, any of that they still have to get the same pay and women are protected by. That is well, but you know that was nineteen sixty three I think, and that the specificity of the language same work for Pay is its specific that it's just easy to get around. This issue was on the same work right. I'm not gonna, give these people same title or whatever, with their health The legislation can open that and said if the same pay for the substantially same work right in a year and the equal pay act of nineteen. Sixty three specifically says employers made
the unequal wages, the men and women who performed jobs that require substantial equal skill, effort and responsibility, and there are performed under somewhere working to this conditions within the same establishment, and then it goes down to break down what is defined as skill effort responsibilities, working conditions and establishment. So they definitely it's like way more specific right, which is good and apparently the reason why California is leading the way- and this is because cell Silicon Valley is one of the worst offenders out all of em for area. The theory Eyeglass California, the took about sure they are sign it fifteen dollar minimum wage in the law. Recently too, should we talk more about Lily Letter, yeah, because I mean if you wanna, talk wage quality law, you gotta talk Lily live better, so she worked forget your time, and over the years, I think she worked there for nineteen years. She was given.
Rankings and annual performance in salary views pretty consistently in low raises compared to poor fellow employees, rights so she's, them and a jury initially said you when three point: five million dollars disregard year was like what we cannot afford that here I'm sorry, I'm a district judge later said: let's reduce that from three point. Five million to three hundred and sixty thousand ingredients like still while they did has appealed, basically what they did was excited attire, title seven provision said any Discrimination complaint needs me made within a hundred eighty days of the of the bad deed, basically a kind of get yes of you. They give you your first pay check discriminatory pay. Then you have a hundred eighty days, so this lady worked for eighteen it
happy years longer than she could of, I submitted a title: seven complaint, which is bs That's right, and they basically eventually said well what? can do as you can only assume for the last one the Navy days worth of discriminatory conduct, and then it went to the Supreme Court of the United States and she lost by five for vote basically holding to that claim that it was time sensitive, yeah. It's just. I mean the idea that, like you, get your first paycheck menu. Immediately go well this indiscriminate Why are you telling me sit right, this woman work? eighteen years without realizing it, in the reason why she finally did come to understand. It was because a co worker pastern anonymous. Note! I'm telling or so at a retirement. Basically, so she had been played for a basically by good year as far as the lower court
concern referred nineteen years, but because night, in years earlier in nineteen, seventy nine. She didn't immediately recognise that she was giving less pay so, like you have to basically be inspector clue. So the first time you get paid it take to get a successful title. Seven complaint cleared by the It is ridiculous in the set of reading the Supreme Court like when they actually mean right why they find it in favour not yet really interesting, stuff justice, Ruth Baker, Ginsberg her descent called it out of tune with the realities of wage discrimination and quote a cramped interpretation of title, seven incompatible with statutes, broad remedial purpose, in quote so basically like the whole purpose of this like, the shirking the whole purpose of this is going to begin with the other purposes and to protect corporations from lawsuits right it so that you keep please, from getting stood over by their employers, so
Obama came in with another thing: a sign in the law. The lily led better act, which said Alice four hundred and eighty days thing, but that from the last discriminatory, paycheck, socially found out at her retirement gardener. Last pay chickens had six months to sue for the whole, should bang her whole career basic and probably would have one head that love in an effect at the time or it will itself another break and we'll talk a little bit more about this right hey. I'm Andy! If you don't know me, it's probably because I'm not famous, but I did start immense grooming company called Harry's. The idea for Harry's came out of a frustrating experience. I had buying razor blades. Most prints were overpriced over designed and out of touch at Harry's. Our approaches, simple. Here's our secret
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they know their myriad they're married. There. Myriad and the thing is critics of the gender pay gap say This is not discrimination like employers are not saying. Like your woman, I'm gonna. Do you no true you poor compared to your male counterparts. That doesn't happen. It may happen, but it happening on a systemic scale. But if you look at the explanations for this in a have invested listen, thought long and hard about it and argued over it really drill down two it rather than stop talking about it right right. It would the woods going on still ultimately gender discrimination. It's just not there far is here. Bar mustache version of it that people look or because everyone wants a smoking Gunnar gotcha moment. You know I mean, but when you look
explanations and the reasons behind purportedly the gender discrimination gap, where the gender pay gap is still discrimination based on gender most like and race to like what we shouldn't, we don't mean undermine matter, diminish that at all, it is even worse, based on race yeah. You know for sure. There was a free economics, podcast episode, Amsterdam, nor did a great effort in January this year that I listened to and he got enough economics the seems like they cannot get to the real reasons behind thinks. This is called the true story the gender pay gap and he sat down to a few people. One of them was Claudia Golden she's, a he can't professor Harvard so the long and short of it is after reading and listening to this was it body a golden. In others. Economists have tried to compare apples, apples more and found that
There are many many reasons why there is a pay gap, but they can't prove that the nation is the leading cause and they think that it's probably one of the the minor causes the most likely, not a major cause at all like when you look at that that might boggling twenty one percent gap. Seventy nine percent ratio wing start comparing apples, apples most of advantages, But there is a mysterious like three four five percent that can't be accounted for by things like experience or educational, ground, or what have you? Well you and that's the three to five percent. I mean that's too much. Percent is too might check, if there is if it, if there is gender discrimination going on zero percent, exactly exactly thank you need to set, it says: distinctly So one of the theories that people say is that
are better at bargaining for their salary, and in four raises there and get tough in that room. And demand the rays and valuing their work more, inviting their work, and there may be subject to that. But this economists from Harvard says, well. If that were true, then you would be able to look at. Men and women right out of college with the same degree getting the same job, the men should, be making more money, and she said when you look at that they actually make almost the same thing right. The gender pay gap is less earlier on in the career right. But, even if there is small bit right there at the beginning, if he said lower you're right is over time and you're promotions over time. Again it be lower too, can actually accrue rhyme, make the gap wider by the end of the crew, it is what you see right, yeah and watch it concerns in this other woman, Emory Slaughter, who is a public policy scholar who wrote a book called unfinished business
and Mister Dunbar sat down with her too, and they kind of peg it down to. It seems like two things, Henry Slaughter Cause, one of them, the care penalty, and it's not just having a baby staying home of the baby, it's women are more likely to care for their apparent when they get old of a sibling that needs help like Ino there. They have cancer and they did come, live with you and any take time off work. Care for my brother sister and especially children when, when you have kids, there is most assuredly a care penalty, because found that men sometimes work even harder after they have a baby rather staying away from. Maybe so from home, or maybe it hits, unlike any to work hard make more money. Now as women, India fall to more, like you know how to care for this child. So angle to select a job that will pay less because it's either part time or it offers more effect.
Quality and then I saw another interview with them golden right, discerning yeah and she pointed out there if women are, if Men are more likely to get a job at closer to home, that's more fulfilling, say then something a man's looking for then there's going to be more competition for those charger, it is going to drive wages down just from supply and demand there. Yes, because it temporal flexibility, the women men tend to favour income growth, way more than women? Do, whereas women tend to favour temporal flexibility more? I want to eat near the house, so I'm not stuck in my car. You're, my family, more second, be in a better member, would be better family member, basically overall sure which, as you know, it seems like men, don't care much about, right in and I mean the most avert example of this- is
child care. Where is especially in the? U S. Arm you're lucky to get x number of days off as a father. There s a wise old woman, you're you're you get a guaranteed three months are twelve weeks off, fell by federal law, men there's no guarantee whatsoever right. So you may zero off, and that reflects this again. This gender, I asked, if not outright gender discrimination. That does tend to set someone back because, even if there are just out for three months or something there's their missing out, the flow of their career right and then He couldn't go on network trip, so we're Gunnison. You know Rotch exactly here, so their missing out on future promotions future raises in future experience in all those things count for future of income wages. Yet- and I want him rephrase what I just said- that men don't care much about me
family member. What I meant to say is men might have a different outlook on what is being a better family member, and in that case it's going out and working hard to make more money. They make sense too, because I get ripped up for being too hard on white men I do we give emails Albert Einstein, Jack. What do you hate white men who I am? I am a white man in its herself loathing. Now I love myself and I love you. Just get warm and if it so temporal flexibility is, is one of the big thing and I M actually Golden says that if women were allowed to work flexible hours right of their choosing, then the she believes that the city gender pay gap might actually vanish right well and dumb Emory Slaughter said: if you, if you take the other big one, is the care penalty. If you take that off the table- and you don't have any caregiving
allegations at all times to about ninety five percent, but there still at five percent right, Melick where's that coming from, I think, that's it I think it's gotta be discrimination. I can't remember name, but I was reading an interview in the Atlantic with a core, no economists who studies this and she was that if you look at Europe there there much more, even their equal with there paternity leave in their maternity early right actually- and am I dont- know that it's it's old enough to have like had a Monster ball affect, but I wonder if, if it having something that here in the? U S where I don't remember the country she cited some skin and even country, obviously here, but the the men are given a family is given an hour. Audit amount of
paternity or maternity time and x amount of it has to be paternity. And the dad can either use it or not, but the mom can't take that on board with kind like you, gonna spend sincerity. Is there not re, write to you here, and so there's a lot more guys taking that, then there was before and so there's a lot more equality and care giving which, if it's gonna, be, which weighs America gonna go is gonna, be We need to spend less time at home and, in the end, the workforce, more or men need to spend more time at home here caring for the kids and make the whole thing more of an equal thing yeah. You know and then maybe that'll array, some of the pay gap there for they are in that same for economics up, so they can close with asking this golden. What her like, what kind of legislation would like
fix us like more laws, more laws and she had a pretty good idea. You like you, need to start it like the school level, because you sing your kids off to school. What happens? Is they get out two or three o clock in less you haven't. You know what you're going to be a lackey kid someone's gonna, need to be home with them, and then there are a lot of times out like for a couple of months during the summer, so Someone has to be there, then by so she's argues for lengthening extending schooldays and school the school year, such that it doesn't require What we do in that? No other family members to have to like take off work and take a part time jobs month yet a full time job. I remember when I was a little kid. My mom was home in until I entered. I guess kindergarten here, my mom quit trying to raise all three of her kids up until I was like fifteen, and then she went back to work as yet her and then
So I mean how much further back in her in their careers were our moms. I am staying home hugely be penalised for raising two stellar sons. Yet, and I have to say in a cellar daughter, his kind of personal, but, like my parents, got divorced and so divorce proceedings can get ugly and a woman and a divorce court It says why I took off like eighteen years to raise my children and now I'm going back to school. Much lower wage than I would have because, like that, needs to be valued and it's tough men. It is. It is tough like reset. If there's any percentage is based on gender discrimination or race, describing That's too much the greed b. I dont know what to do what the answer is
guess that the reason why we can't say he's the answer, because we do not fully understand which of these factors it is or what combination Una. Yet we should discuss it down with all our fellow pod chasseurs and talk about what we have. Is there something else they notice to check if we keep going it, same rate, so there is actually huge jump from nineteen eighteen in nineteen. Ninety four thirty: five percent of the pay gap that had been there before vanished and it was because women that it enter the workforce starting in the sixties, gain the kind of Are you aware, like their wages were reflecting does Matt yeah? That was that one theory, but then, after that it stagnated. It's been stagnant, pretty much the last decade or so, and apparently at the pace it it's going now. Twenty fifty eight is the is win parity for white women will be reached in very frequently called, like women want reach gender. Yeah gender parity. Until twenty forget, that's white women, if
who are african American? It be sometimes, the end of the net next century, for an african american woman to reach parity with white men, around the world. This is an issue as well Apparently women around the world make on average half of what men do around the world have half Eddie. You have and so the average woman in the world by twenty one thirty three would eat would reach paper. Any, why have one final stat here just depending on what state you live in? It's gonna make a big difference. Washington DC leads the way as far as the smallest gender pay gap, their earnings ratio. Women are at ninety percent of men. Looking Georgia, our own state of Georgia, is fifteenth on the list at eighty two
and if you are women living in Louisiana, you have the distinction of living in the worst state and the United States at the scant sixty five percent per annum ratio. Well pretty low. So thirty, five percent pay gap there in huge thanks to her, for there was able to lean on that. We cannot accept a third so heavily at him. Even dogma? That was a really good episode. Yeah, that was nice of under. Send you a fiddle common dream with. It was very nice because stubs yeah What, if you want to learn more about this kind of stuff in a gender pay gaps in pay, disparity in wages? That kind of thing that tickles economists fancy you can take those words into the search bar has the floor. This is the search for cyclists, clumsy and that one so apologies people. Why
I just felt as it comes in and I fell in the turnover really. There was a lot of points I wanted to get across the right way and that's usually when I find myself around saying things exactly the wrong way. You corrected yourself on that one our aid. Only call this mistake. Media nostalgia earlier and Jason tardy, don't be late. Pig I was recently listening to the now show, while going on a trail run, I didn't get. To finish it and later I went to listen to the pocket Ghana started over from the beginning, and I said had to find where I left off now it's hit with instant nostalgia that trail run certain phrases- I heard you say during my run- were tied with images of the beautiful trail everytime. I skipped ahead. I saw a different image could remember exactly where I was. When I previously heard you say that raised, it brought a porn feelings of happiness of the trail, while listening to you guys, nostalgia insurgency, caution,
thanks for everything you do. I wish you all the best you ve been a great distraction, I'll train from, marathon driving long hours on the road performance artists. In keeping me saying craziness. Have your wife go through breast cancer, while still keeping the house queen with two kids so Jason tardy of auburn main hats off to you, sir, and best of luck to your wife and the bukharin for those kids. Your best. This gets them with the air will instantly Mister guys you and everyone If you are again touches us, like Jason, did you can tweak to us it s? Why escape? I guess you can join us on Facebook that conflict that we should now be concerned with an email to stuff Pakistan has to import It is always the ones that are home on the web stuff. You should know doc,
for more on this and thousands of other topics is, it has to have works are com. How are you feeling today right now? How are you feeling about the world when I make the world better? Do you know how much right, but you know Did Mr Rogers, I'm Colonel Wallis hosting. Finally, Fred Pack has Roger is short medium, here all ten episodes of finding friend on the heart radio, at more wherever you listen,
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