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2011-01-18 | 🔗

Many people are familiar with depictions of the Mafia in film, but what's the real story? Join Chuck and Josh as they break the infamous code of silence and shed light on some of the most dangerous and mysterious organizations in the western world.

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better things, I've actually the after the butter based on the butter body because you're what I came up with this good taken the papers get the papers. This one is going to be lousy with shocks. Italian impress, man wanna, go ahead and down apologize to the italian American Anti, amazing league action as a serious you I wanted to say, because a lot of italian Americans get upset about things like the sopranos being portrayed as gangsters. We're not saying I'll, tell you Americans gangsters, but we can talk about the mafia. The real thing in specifically we're gonna when you the mafia, even though its use in all these different ways right, it's its specific to italian, organised crime groups or Sicilian. Well, Sicily, the part of ITALY sorted.
Sicilians in their private say not so much were under modern geopolitics, its partners that ITALY Right said in Sicily, if you want to talk about the mafia, even even a broadly the salient mafia is part of five total right. Yes, oh we got going already. Did you know I would like you to our set up here. You, I'm, usually nay, measured you wanna get those at the appropriate time. Did I tell you all know: I'm a member may now sicilian, puffier, the camorra mafia, from Naples, the equilibrium mafia from Calabria the secular, Corona, Unita or United, there are recent they are based in the pool. Julia region region is getting out of hand already.
And look also Nostra, which is that's a good place to start yeah. That's what's been come to be called. The american mafia is exactly right, Chuck and that's the first bit of jargon cover. I think it is grammatically incorrect. It is rather cousin, means our way, possibly our thing, the FBI and I think the sixties wiretapping, on the american mafia mention Cosa Nostra and down the F b I came to use. That is the term for the italian mafia, adding law, so it means the our way the Americas alchemy I came up here. The attack if you're in the United States, but citizens Doc
between the FBI, labels you, that label sticks and lack of industrial, like you said, describes the american mafia, which is one of the five tell your mafia groups in the world today Bam. I got a friend in blast, felt we found loss and I've got column about Laploshka Esther, It's getting, namely that it is very robust, minister, there some other terms we're gonna, throw about here, the Almighty TA. I did look up how to pronounce on these the summer time is the code of silence. Really the time you pronounce it yet tat is. The emphasis is on top made. Man is someone who has been conducted into the mafia, family, yeah, a capo
really was the head of the family and Sicily, but now there are lieutenants yeah and the mafia, then the family, of course, is the gang within the Mafia, like the family is each individual gang and then, of course, the wiseguy listless breakdown hierarchy right, we're Talkin family is a gang within the mafia. Yes, and there can be usually say anywhere from ten to a hundred which strikes me is incredibly arbitrary, number but there are different families within a mafia and if you're talking about these sicilian mafia, there's there's a lot of families their lot of families in the? U S reign in beneath the in the hierarchy beneath the family. Each families is headed by Abbas right down at dawn or boss. Then you ve got the under boss here.
More than one, but usually just one. The bosses right hand- man, yes, sometimes under boss, makes his own decisions based on the near the family way, sometimes the boss will go to the boss say what should I do? Boss then travel down to the lieutenants and let them know- and you know it check- As I was reading this reading about the structure of the mouth, organization of it. It occurred to me that, like the alot of this mirrors management and organizational styles found incorporations, that's what color organised crime It is, it is very much like ok, so you have a bosses real hands on the under bosses, going to probably not be very, not be empowered, just like as ground Fisher right. If you have a hands, I manager the supervisor right below not going to have a lot of power and already tried. Ok, we'll let us keep going. The cops are beneath the under boss delicately.
Its and they will either control a part family, or maybe a geographical area, or maybe they run. Certain racket, only like I'd I'd just deal in prostitution, prostitution, illegal gamble, illegal, gamely, right or could be like gum, Tony owns. You know everything west of Eleven street yeah right you're, so that other than Capo couple. That's how the Campo copper really here. Soft here, capital after you have looked at regulatory name pronunciation of that other than what is the copper. The capo is defined, and I thought about this too, in good, Fellows Polly. As you know, big and important as he seemed there was just a copper
He went and under boss. I don't think so. Who is a bulgarian that movie? They never showed that right because think about it like Henry Hill or what is his name really Oda Henry yeah and Jimmy, and all they were really do soldiers, yeah. Why, in aid of any Hendry couldn't be made because member he can trace What line back to the old country rights? We ve been an associate yeah, but Europe has. She was made. No, he wasn't. It was no remember what happened to him when he went to go. Get made a well, he was he was set to be made right because his bloodline was was correct. Here, message me so beneath the coppers right here, our soldiers and there the lowest rank and file lowest level rank and file a members of the mafia, but they are member. They have been inducted into the family young guys, who urged her probably trying
their way up to at least copper, and then you ve got associates which are anybody from an investment banker an accountant, the accountant in numb untouchables. He would have been an associate too, like somebody, you work with whose good at safe cracking or a king or dealing draw dirty cop. Somebody works with But as we remember the family, it's an associate, ask then there's one more very important part of the mafia, family and there's cutaway pronounced this. The Conseil Yadda, I like the unlikely with the hard g can simply Oddy, and that is if anyone's ever seen, the movie godfather, which should obviously robber devours Tom Hagen. If you haven't human Godfather press paws on this path and ethical hatch, it go whereby it go I'll, go by one into yeah. You need to see both us and then come back to this
ass, the paint actually while you're at it go, watch good, fellows as well the casino and arm apocalypse. Now so whoever devolve Play Tom Hagen, who was the council yadda in the godfather in the key here, is that they are not a part of the families, hierarchy they're, not an actual family member third bilaterally, not supposed to be here because there was to offer outside adviser advisers both to rule on fairness rather than vendettas personal feelings. That kind of thing elected there not appointed. Yet did you know that Well, that's, ideally how so, ideally, all of these soldiers, the cup of tea, undervalue, the boss, all these people, who, like is probably not the boss but elect this guy near to basically say serve as the thai breaker. The referee usually are obviously very trusted wise person, but the problem is most of the time they're just appointed by the boss
Well, yeah: that's what it says in reality, a lot of times, reappointed they're, not always impartial, like they're supposed to be the real world mafia, not Tom, Hagen, the movies, and if I was a great consul yadda, whose excellent hates is the class Cs, although around there's no head of the mafia, is not a group. A single organization. It's not like that. It depends what you mean. Are you talking about the american mafia so your mafia. Well we're talkin, there's a whole largely about la Cosa Nostra. So if we talk about because industry there have been times when there were basically ahead of the mafia before I think, these before the five families of New York were really established and define their.
People who were really running the show or trying to run the show in the country over the whole thing yet, but for the most part, desolately right, it's there's nobody running the head. There's a commission! I guess you could say: is the head of the mafia yet will get mission in a minute, let's get stuff when it comes to naming the families, it's not a clear cut thing. Some That was the region. In the case of New York, the that the main families were kind of accidentally name, in the Senate subcommittee, testimony of a jovial archie in eighteen, sixty two and sixty three, so once you say it in a sub committee meeting, all the sudden it sort Family names gonna stuck in those names Joshua go for those. I you There were the banana, General basis Pino leeches. They improve party very good and so Those have been around before that, I believe the, Bonanno family was around
for her. Well, since the thirties might be. I to was around as well as the general it was relatively new outside in the thirties. It was skull, easy profanity, Luciano Corigliano and banana ok and then in the Sixtys when Chauvelin she named them. That was what they were named as their name there, you're, the most powerful bosses in their current bosses, well yen, and sometimes the family name, would be transplanted if they were taken over like it. Also and with it the Gambia knows than John Gaudy took over the Gambia no family right. They were very close to being called the gaudy family, but gaudy, as everyone knows, was arrested for recruiting. Thanks to save me the bull Gravano, then he stood behind bars the day so never became the galley family. No, but the profanity family did become the Colombo Crime family. That right yeah so does happen in our changes. The threat
but, like we said no hard and fast rules. That's that's the five families of New York. Those are the ones they are most prominent. You don't hear about the Buffalo family or the San Francisco family or the Cleveland family, but these families exists. Most of the time, their named after the city that their running Yang, except in New York. There were too many of them. You can call the New York family cause all five and would be like what about me. It does happen elsewhere like there's the patriarch of crime family. They run New England, apparently area yeah ice talk about them, a second where we would wish. We had an extra so much goodness in here. Well, let's just go with the flow of. How do you become a member of the mafia. Let's say: you're a you're, a low level, safe, cracker, right, exciting ride, You ve really proven you worth made a lot of mining you're like the current, a move on up, I like say, cracking but
one run numbers and horses in Iraq heads exactly. I want to become a member of the family. I M a talent gotta prove that my father at least as Italian, yet most most, if I was gonna, be both, but sometimes you can slip by just the old man is a dialogue which is what kept Henry Hill out of animal feed prices: fathers, Irish, I want to be inducted. What happens well at a induction ceremony was really like. Most induction ceremonies were pretty quiet and secret for a long time, but as we edge over large. His testimony in the sixties can have do the lead a lot of stuff, and this is one of em. What happens if you sit down at the table, he get you to get dressed up or get dressed. Into a private place. Your long table you sit next to the boss. Other mafia so guys are gonna, be there recite some oaths promises of loyalty? Then you get a burn, a piece of paper. You hold it. Here's where the picture
Only comes it. So, in nineteen eighty nine October, the F B, I managed to tap and entire induction ceremony and with a card that piece of paper they talk about yeah, it's actually you ever think, really was late case. A family may have like a patron saint or whatever rights, with an image there and the the inductive hold the in says something like will in the patriarch of family. There are made to say as burns this saint. So Will Burma's I enter alive into this organization and leave it dead. Illegal drop, the burning seen our fear and Oliver Thinking, probably in the next few years just six months so yeah you burn thing, hold your hand. Is there any kind of like feat of strength it useless to hold it? during their fingers or anything like that that I saw a lot of times that the new soldiers paired with the more experience dude, who is your godfather
through the whole mafia thing. They did not know. That is not our foes, like another name for the cap over a boss, the dawn, Lhasa, thought him my father it was Don Corleone was the Godfather Whitney interesting. The. DE has to say, you're gonna, be if they got a pledge for life, take a drop of blood from the trigger finger at that new and boom dear made man yeah well some the rumor has it is it you have to prove afterward by taking part in a murder, as is the long standing rumour by think as before, in the fava, yeah like you, have to show that you're loyal enough to kill and ordered to, or at least help out in a killing your loyal. You can keep your mouth shut. You have the stomach for allegedly, allegedly. We need to say that we want to see by the man and then the final thing you gotta do before he can become a made man. Is you have to face the commission
and the twenties and Thirtys we mention the commission a second ago there was- much activity mob activity going on that there were recruiting, there's left and right just a kind of lay claim to the bodies and say We ve got all these guys and it became confusing. I got to infiltrate. And assassinate pretty easily, so they literally the commission, that's like, aren't you gotTA? It's like a registry commerce, so, RO, saying like there were heads of the mafia like in the? U S young people vying for it in this way it was creating this hugely violent point in mafia history. Yeah, so not only that Turkey's prohibition is well that well, that's huge time with my very much worse right. So There is a lot alot money to made an unprecedented about a money to be made. It was relatively new turf for the italian mob in the? U S fit only been here for, like maybe thirty, four years, ain't right and the there,
is a lot of wars going on and the guy who basically brought ordered all this chaos through murder and structure with Luciano, yet he was the one that had the idea for the commission and he also murdered the two guys who were like the rivals for the boss of bosses and then set up the five families. Now did he The commission is different. Now, the commission's the same, as does the committee meetings right yet does same thing? Will they grew out of the committee meetings? Ok,. So the commission are registered at last. Have to do is literally be like our money. Josh that that the eye Clark. No, it's just Minnesota fats, clients for the fats, Clark, and I'm with again being a family, and I live in Bayonne, New Jersey and relate to roller stay on watch on the beach at night and drown people with my bare hands, So you can failure.
Man you're in the commission, your registered you're, the dude? Rightly while the commission passes you, they say: that's! Ok, we will win this guy's a play with me to be in your family, because part of the reason of passing lists of prospective members around is a weed thou guys who another family has beef with who, if it becomes part of your family, Finally, the war, you don't want that to happen plus it brings amount of anonymity sure so that they can t walk up and shoot somebody in the face right where, because you can't do that, unless your made right right but ask itself it is this amazing middle class white did like us, are fascinated muffy, where we all want to be in the mafia dealt a forest, So let's talk about how the mafia makes my success with the mafias and we must get real, the mafia is there to make money, and
the history of doing it through illegal means, otherwise they wouldn't be the mafia. They just speak operations right one of the ways when the classic way you'll see a movies which is actually a very real thing? Is extortion? Protection fees happens all the time or did happen. Alleges still does. In some cases, similar Jew was telling us about a kid in Guatemala, who's who was killed because having we can pay protect. I was out why man that's awful I know it sounds a reason, sowed the universe, the scene for the movie, where they go into the rough up, the shop owner and say you gotta pay for protection, basically to protect you from a slight disorder. What it boils down to you although imagined sometimes it might have been some legitimate protections, but I impression I have of it is like yeah they're saying if you do pay rain. You're not gonna, be protected from us, but I think if you do pay you kind of enter into this fold, where other people can't met with you and if they do, you can go
to the cap. Oh yeah, whoever's running the show that you're paying tribute to write and say I got this problem. I need you to take care of, like I think it gives you access if Europe a regular paying person and we'll see when we talk about mafia history, how closely this mere there you know, Sicily and that under the feudal system, any it or system, really well, remember the departed when LEO just went house on this too guy that were extorting that the shop owner- and he thought he did. This favorite than the shop unresolved ticked off afterward he's like thanks a lot man. You know you ve brought Thomas a reign of terror on me, other try. He kill the kill, somebody mutilated their faces in the shop, How did you get my? Where was? It was great, so alcohol? We talked about prohibition, illegal drugs, prostitution, gambling, those stores in that since the illegal stuff.
Can also they also manage to make money off stuff. That would otherwise be illegal if they hadn't hijacked it or whatever. The illegal I mean importing and exporting stuff like that, lose dealing things that other people important happy, but God he was like was either windows into women's apparel that men had taste. I wondered what that's. They pray model that Deniro thing at the end on him. The end of good fellows were Deniro has. The Ladys clothing, where our idea of a thousand guy, but I dont know if it was because they think Jimmy was an actual person because there was all Henry Hill like real life stuff here, but the kitten who knows, or maybe whoever he was based on, was in women's, maybe so like They want to make lots of money. So while there are like muggings and stupid things like that, they generally but rather hijack a and pay off a dock worker steal, a semi truck full of cigarettes. Instead of knocking off a store or something like that, they want the big do right, or they could say,
I don't know infiltrate away union and threatened Have their workers slower, stop construction if they don't get additional money? Yeah that happened in the art for decades, the mafia infiltrated the Teamsters unions, ethically, and they said in this article at one point the mafia could have nearly brought. Instruction in shipping into the. U S to halt that they wanted to. That was thanks in large part to again in Jimmy Hoffa who actually it turned out you know he's labour organizer in the thirties, and I was like when the cops used to crack the hasn't labour organizes on behalf of guys like Henry Ford right I'm. So he was like the real deal, but he was also super crooked to yeah he's bearing open cemetery right. You're, no end Now is famous for not knowing where he buried murmur really yeah hid. He disappeared
heat while the river was he's buried under giant stadium, and yet I've heard that one before too. But you know you know they finally pinched him and he went to prison for awhile hated and Nixon pardon them, supposedly because half her the Teamsters, and like a bunch of gangsters like gave a lot of money to Nixon's campaign, that's allegedly sway, that's for sure, but Hoffa gets out inserts campaigning for prison reform five years after that, four years after that, he goes to lunch in Michigan. Never seen from again is declared legally dead Eighteen. Eighty three value is the head of the team, Sir you earlier, but he was finally pinch for fraud and the whole point of being of controlling a labouring- owes you controlled labour by you'll, said access to their pension. Everybody's, paying into what you are doing a lot with that they use the pension to underwrite the huge contracts in Vegas at one point, two yeah well until the seventies near
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bye, we'll get now that, let's go back to the history, talking about how mirrored sicily- and I think that's one of the most fastening parts about this so go yet because eggs version is another way of extracting tributes. Anyway, saying extracting tribute right now, in Sicily, Sicily lived under the feudal system along after the rest of Europe, look to other forms of governance and the feudal system, we like I'm a landowner. I control all this land, but I can't possibly work all of it I'll. Let you guys live on this land, all it you'll live, and you give me some of your green. The most of the great, however much you I want a thousand early model for what the mafia that right and, if you don't do this, I'm going to have this other classes society. Basically, my foot soldiers kill you right here. Life or whatever, until you do. What I want you to that's the feudal system, yeah the reason that Sicily, with Canada, birthplace, not kind of, was the birth birth place of the mafia.
Was because Cecily is out there in the med very accessible and because of that it was invaded alot, three strategic, controlled by a lot of different people over the years, and that led the instability such that the people of this didn't look too, and sometimes lawlessness, but they regard Even if there were laws they didn't look to the state to solve their problems. It became very much a family thing. Local figure. You saw that locally. Your family took care business. They took care things outside the law, and that Canada is what birth, the mafia. So basically you can look at that cap, oaths territory or the cap pose. Racket yeah as the land, it does, the feudal land, the cat. How's, the feudal, Lord right, yeah and in the IMF, it almost identical extortion. There's tribute, there's, there's the threat Violence is the use of violence. All of it is based out of this feudal system that collapsed in the nineteenth century.
But was immediately replaced after this bout of lawlessness by the mafia following pretty much the same thing right and then they came to America. Then the kinda. Well, the atlas actually interesting. How this happen You and I must Mussolini, had a big crack down on the mafia, very harsh, on the mafia, but lot him in prison, and then the: U S, troops occupying Sicily during or were too they thought about these jailed people were political prisoners. So not It's a lot of free. They made the mayors and police chiefs that was there are like. They are really appreciate that we're back treats now thanks for quashing miscellany were more control than we ever was here. Who is a real thorn in our side for a long time so in the postwar Sicily. There was a group, those a cease fire because there was so much warring going on within the families and eight they formed the cupola and the book. The cupola based
we oversaw all the families Commission, yes, that an early version of the commission's right to happen. Later in the american mafia. The tactics that la Cosa Nostra uses mirrors the sicilian mafia in a lot. Is like recruiting young guys here till I do the dirty work in events. In directing them the whole extracting tribute in the form of extortion. The summertime quota silent right, yeah, the whole lifestyle of the mob, Sir Roof is reflected in Sicily, right yeah, so it's the birthplace yeah, and I was going pretty well in Sicily until the eighties nineteen. Eighty four, not even that long ago, and they had a big trial called the Maxie trial right, because,
they they government went after the Sicilian, Mafia and the sicilian mafia, like ok world. These two big prosecutors are coming after us, both can and dying car bombs, and I think they underestimated the response of the public which turned against the attic. I say they had this Maxie trial, which these bill Special Court House, which is essentially a bunker yells. A bunch awry. Four hundred sicilian mobsters- and I think three hundred three hundred and thirty eight were found guilty I got a different and break at three hundred and sixty convictions. Nice, the two yards They had three judges, One judge and to alternate literally sat in on the whole trial. Just in case something happened the one Georgia like a car bomb. They will not start all over declared mister. The second woman would step up so might kill the second guy. The third guy would step up while nothing indeed the first guy he made our way through. I can't believe that I now a hundred fourteen acquittals out of the hundred fourteen, Those eighteen of them were murdered. One of them was murdered with
our of leaving the court room on the way home. Well suppose he's gonna like a surprise or not surprise party, but like a celebration, witted party and then does it give part he got off. And then a lot of successful appeals after that with the Maxie trial, in what I got is only sixty nineteen. Eighty nine only sixty of the original three sixty remain in prison, while the Maxie trial cannot turn out to be the many trial. And so it's not surprised that. That's no surprise that the message I didn't get rid of this a silly mafia now in nineteen to the italian government, since seven thousand troops the occupies asleep for six years crazy, and that apparently worked according to this article, the sicilian mark is still around but is less violent than it was before. I knows that recent you know. I don't need that this can only ninety some Ceuta WAR is Sweden at another guy
I don't have ever beheld dumber by that, were Edna faxed. I should add that cut out those like here. It was zoos them in doing this is me with India works in all the american mafia. Josh something else dreamy, yet the Italians into and came to the United States in the hundreds big time in the twentieth century. Most of these were this regular folks, not mafia, starting a good, honest life here, some of whom work in New Orleans, specifically the first, I guess mafia incident italian Mafia incident in the country happened right the eighteen month there with them a monster while there is, there is a group, a family that was basically getting heat from the local police chiefs of they off them right and at trial. This, the sir, my
your family was there while they all got off basically from Clayton. He bribing end intimidate witnesses and the people of New Orleans did not like this, so they actually formed a Lynch MOB and waiting killed. Sixteen in these these mobster here- and that was the first mafia. There was the United States introduction to the italian mob crazy and they were defeated by Noah You forget him, go Billy's temporarily. Who knows what happened after that? So first half of the twentieth century, New York City, is where a lot of its happening. A lot of the emigrants poured into their. Obviously you had the five families yet pro and making everybody rich. You had bosses, under bosses gettin killed like monthly, yet only chaser right. They went through three three bosses in nineteen thirty in one year.
From Basel. This is the time when lucky Luciano is killing everybody to basically set up the structure, this organization and he define the five families and that's like literally like the does, the name your family. This through you are. This is this this, and this is five families, Al Capone in Chicago and then the Buffalo family. That's the commission. The power. Family. I love that and the way they described here they were basically catholic, Senator so Al Capone represented like all of the West Coast because he was in the closest one. Obviously, and they had to you know the commission had to approve things: assassinations, kidnappings, big money, ideals that had all go through the commission and they had meetings every five years. Every five years committee and probably the most famous meeting of all time, was their nineteen fifty seven meeting in Appalache and on the New York Pennsylvania border. An apparently this state trooper was a little suspicious of Thee
doors of Lincoln Town, carcass yeah, wise guys who were showing up so he him of letter raid on the mobster convention and basically this is a time when the public and the government deny that there was its thing is mafia. Is writing fifty's It seems, like second nature now, because of all the popular culture stuff, but long before any of that right, but no it seems that seems obvious now because of the Apple generate do I hit. It was basically tantamount to US rating convention of ghosts. And being like all came out, there really are goes right. It's pretty much! same thing had brought the mafia undeniably into the light. Really was mafia and here's their leaders like the Gus convention. That should we talk about Vegas, permanent or Kennedy first, either one very go:
Everyone knows that John F Kennedy. Everyone has long associated and with the mafia partially causes dad it was a legit, a bootlegger. During prohibition involved with my body, save your bootlegging in that part of the country, and also how connections to people like my Lansky, who was a friend of the refugee chance thinkingly. He saw Bugsy right great movie, one of the other things that happen was JFK, was assassinated. And Jack ride through with Jack Ruby he'll be Harvey Oswald, who allegedly assassinated Kennedy, really was an associate Mov associate so there's that tie other people say that the mafia didn't, like Castro, kicking them out of the cuban casino business. So they think the bay of pigs may had something to do with the mafia, because Kennedy didn't call an errand
that's right. On Evanna Robert Kennedy went after the mafia. He died by an assassins bullet. I've stood at that very spot. The heavy real Mckenna was the deal with Sear HANS, Johan, weird, and we need to look all that stuff up. Mister Bickersdyke ass, you all the girlfriends go ahead. Yeah same Jean Corner is a pretty cool dude. As far as the mafia bosses go, He supposedly set J F K up with also to girlfriends, including Marilyn Monroe, so he could record briskly get there on the president, allegedly so. They think that Marilyn Monroe possibly was murdered by hit men, that gene Connor had hired and the gene code and was going to testify about the Kennedy connection to the mob and he gets murdered. Fiscally is
so you then saw mafia other italian legitimate. With all my fear right. So those are the alleged links to the John F Kennedy, former president of the United States, than theirs. The vaguest connection. You know, Vegas was started by buyer Bugsy Siegel here is that you? loves. Her thoughts were the first that debate here and then, once it was set up the gamble happening legally for the first time there already and casinos illegal casinos all over the country and also This haven in the desert, its legal, where you can go out there for real, so that the here they got in on the action. So the yacht, one of the ways. The time I've got in was through their leveraging of pensions. Right, like you said, Teamsters, laboring and pensions,
to underwrite casinos loud construction on exactly or they would just basically show up and be like I'm, your partner now right, like petty, shut up and Cacena, which I thought was every bit as good as good fellows in people. Don't agree with that, but I thought casinos- terrific it was a give move, was not as good as it is giving I'm giving it a slight tier to thy love, love casino. Those great Sharon's down could suffer known ass. She screamed that really she did. I mean she's great actress, who think her character got too much
emphasis, namely the Acta James. What's in that slime off further ex boyfriend, call you a slimy here since the seventies, though that the Vegas is suppose live in pre clean supposedly in. I think it actually is the biggest, whereas Windsor it's not like yards clean wing quaint right, like I think it actually is pretty clean. While before me too much money at stake now, yeah, you don't lose your gambling licence if you're the palms, snow, good or Stephen or someone who is my pants, who is Nancy, closing their two of the most powerful people in government today, but how they get their minds tomorrow and on. Who is the first broadcast from now this, and I hope, radio I'll tell you the stories of the most important politicians in America and beyond through interviews with the reporters and experts who know them best.
There is no Illuminati, there's no deep state, but there are means people on who is a cover. Everything from Senate Majority leader Mitch, Mcdonald, answering machine to Senator Elizabeth warns, favorite junk food to wear secretary education, Betsy Divorce and her husband went on their first date want to know more tune in to who is on Tuesdays and the Iheart radio up apple pie, guests or wherever you get your by guests. How can we fight the mafia? How do we fight the mafia, we'll shock? we fight the mafia through a little law that was passed in nineteen. Seventy specifically to be used against the mafia, call Rico the charge in the Eu Say very smartly invented a charge. It's called the racketeering influence in corrupt organizations act. The Rico ACT, which is totally team in the United States Code, section. Nineteen sixty one. Ninety
The eight just have tat my head and dumb, basically its it set up so that you can go after an entire criminal enterprise and a Rico. The Rico ACT has just about any felony associated with it now, but they have to be carried out by the Sinner prize to think too felonies within affecting your period after that right and if it's, the mafia, they're gonna a progressive laws, like you know it within fifteen years, so that counts is racketeering. If two or more illegal acts happened, then they say: that's an organised right, family crime right because a racket, as you know, these different types of illegally it is that the mafia used to make money. Racketeering is this enterprise, yet another active make during that, so what they can do is not only can they attack racketeering charge on which will give you extra time. In addition,
crime. Other crimes like unloading, the truck of cigarettes, it it to accomplish dream. Thing in that. The mafia boss could no longer see behind a veil of safety, because they are not the trigger man right all of a sudden, John Gaudy can be brought up and racketeering and that's even if they can't pin in order for the murder on the boss, because one of the things about the couple a and the commission, I was that it brought peace to the mafia among the families, but it also expose the losses, because they were the ones who were approving riders and stuff. Now right right this with with the Rico after think you dont have to you. Have you just have to say
skies the boss of this organisation in this valley. Everything for up to him everything we campaign on any other member can be pinned on the boss and, like you said, it adds its not just bribery if bribery plus ten years, because it was bribery in the context of repetition, great the huge love but the young, the interesting thing to me as they almost never use it for mafia anymore. It's our large corporations, how interesting corporate hearing good? That's it I say trumped up charges you can. You can also go that's kind of what it is. They created a loss or they could trumped up charges right now are you can also go cover like one job has stone did get a movie. The great with any brass girl, told his story pretty well yeah. He was under cover for what six years, yes like deep, undercover, scarcely undercover yeah to the point where, even when he came out and trial testifying against people.
Some of them are guys. We're like has to turn against Islam They thought it was a rat, yet they stood in the music up, even though his understanding, I'm a cop, I'm happier than rescue look written. The theatres near you ninety ninety percent, Patino Asea, knows Johnny up until now and I'm sorry I thought you meant, but the thought of petty when you Sabena and Johnny Depp one may especially, is another man's Bettina, Anzio censure. The slick remains casinos, an omen it fell ass one man's, madam, is another man's must burger. Maybe ok, that's the mafia
there's so much there most. This is the structure, their bones very little flesh on it. Just because there is so much to it. We could possibly be part one and its use in work snuffed out before the tenth, probably your respectful, I think so too, where we mean if we were to send the cinema don't shoot us now. The check is it all right if you want to know more about mafia, including a short of the structure of a typical Sicilian, mafia, family or la Cosa, Nostra family just type in mafia in the hand, search bar has therefore start com between the time now for listener, meant for God's sakes, see the godfather wanted here and good fellows, get fellows in casino. Undone and my blue heaven and
Godfather three proponent of it, even though most people do it. Just takes a few, coupled with a green assault, realised that sheep had she's brilliant director in the making and not a great actor she's already a brilliant directive, not when you make a further three June May that movie up another some sand, she's in it, was a very outer guess. She went on to become a great writer so I'm gonna call this. We asked for sinking ship stories got a couple that we're ok, but our best one was an airplane clients faster. Hi guys, and are you call for seeking boat stories, but I hope you'll consider this falling airplane story in of o, seven, my boyfriend and I were coming home to the U S after he had played some concerts in Germany. He was the scorpions, I don't know, maybe hassle
the flight departed cologne. In the morning we had been there for a couple of hours. When suddenly we felt something akin to very violent turbulence. The plane dropped by outside dropped in attitude by lot enough to make me feel like the bottom of my son, fallen out. What the roller coaster the play momentarily, righted the captain, God your cancer. There was a those difficulties. The next few minutes felt like ages. The plane alternate night from side to side lost more out took some more lights. Flickered on off the captain, so the fire in the first class cabin didn't help that he sounded panicked and was nearly screaming, we were sitting in the back row which, as we know, is not proven, but is probably one of the best place to be if your planes gonna grass why doesn't render a row and threw open the overhead compartment looking for something she Howard? Oh my? there's only one. She said only one why we never found out the light
for a longer period. That's when we noticed that the oxygen mascot deployed, but four seats on the other side of the plane, entire side, did not have oxygen? Mass deployed Boyfriend was to my right and elder russian woman on my left fallacy raising both their hands and trying stay calm? The russian woman had both of her eyes closed. She was rocking back and forth and speaking softly under her voice. Suddenly the ground was coming very fast. We had callously hit the runway at Shannon Airport in Ireland, but we hit hard because of the weight of all the fuel it wasn't. It is intended to fight to Newark the plane, bounced a cup of tea, I'm on the Miss covered runway lost electrical power, air circulation,
shut down, and we were told to the gate there a lot of tears, prayers and shaken up people. An airplane George were eventually hand, Frank, open and we d plain that is from Ariadne and carry the boyfriend, while sinking ship? Who cares? Did you ever get on a plane again at summits Avenue these days? Yes, you can. You can have overcome the two large degree here With regard to the point now I can, I just sit there and look out the window. Make myself watch, take our family and really an unusually for we firelight. Now quit Smoking Anna get off my fear flying did you make some changes its a money, but look at you. I can when two miles at a stretch now to that's impressive yeah our northern upward. If you have a story, a bow
a male man you hated or who hated you or mafia stuff. Ok, I with that one. If you have a story about the mafia we want here, we want you to read: up in an email and send it to stuff Podcast House therefore start CUP for moron some thousands of other topics for the house up works that come to learn more about the pocket book on the park ass. I come in a quarter of our homepage. The house networks Iphone have has arrived download it today, on Itunes brought you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready. Are you here,
occurs, applaud cast coming of age story about finding a home in rock music and learning to flourish in your own weird way. It's also a series of letters of advice to my younger self ass. She navigates ashes, adolescence seals with social inside each body, issues and relationships and discovers a transformative power during wrapper, comes from double Elvis productions is created and hosted by mutual citizen and executive produced by Jake Brennan of disgrace, land, listen to dear young rocker. On the I hurt, radio, app apple pie costs or wherever you get. Your podcast
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