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How the MPAA Works

2014-06-26 | 🔗

You may be surprised to learn those ubiquitous ratings, from G to NC-17, put on movies in America are actually handed down by anonymous employees of a secretive organization that serves as a lobbying firm for Hollywood's six biggest studios.

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right over there, and I wish people to hear the impotence stuff. I Jerry was recording that last. Oh yeah, cheese, to give us neat little outtakes, but she doesn't it anymore days were long gone. They exist in the Volga. I don't like it now now. I don't know it's hard me, I'm off today, your game, the ants weird. Well, I think this is the perfect pockets to set you straight. Why? Because a sum that we both have passion about against here. I think anybody who has seen the documentary home is not yet raided near be very difficult to not be persuaded to feel strongly about the MP in its practices, the analyse how they do things
forward and try to be objective. Young would go ahead and say it, for I have no problem with rating films content, so parents can decide whether or not its appropriate thanks valuable, but I think their ways to do it. That, and I think the MP aid does yes to her. I just wonder: float that early on. Ok, I think those Polly Smart, look. Ok, I don't have kids, so I dont really whatever, but I mean I can understand the value of that kind of thing here, but it gives you an idea like a like. Having idea what I'm gonna see too, I feel like I can tell just from watching a trailer producing a movie poster, I'm pretty oh I'm pretty intuitive when it comes to the marketing techniques of movies you, but I think it's like being a summer It's like is the new is the
of injures moving can be rated. Are that really tells you something right? It won't be never would bakers, peachy. Thirteen is that that's strikes on these, as it really is apparently p. Thirteen movies polling more money than all other ratings combined here, and it's a real every new phenomenon of your talk about its origin, who stood so back and nineteen. Eighty four, a man named Steven Spielberg, had two movies out who Steven Spielberg right. He directed one Indiana Jones in Temple dampen and he produced another gremlins em, both of them caught. He caught a lot of heat from both of em sure Indiana Jones for the heart removal scene, specifically here, but also the snake the lives snake at the feast thing he I heard the snake babies, the eyeballs all that stuff here and there with gremlins, is downright terrifying and a lot of different play for
especially if you're a kid. In the reason he caught heat was because both of those movies were rated p. Yes, so Spielberg. Went to the empire, the motion Picture Association of America and said: let's do something about this, because these clearly are our movies, but they Apparently, aren't Fiji movies either, so maybe she called something between and peachy thirteen was born yeah. This is beforehand. All this way in the world. He was influential, but it wasn't like Spielberg today who could have just waved his wand and made it happen yeah, but I think even it time is important for he yeah. There were very few directors at that time. There who could have got in something like that, I'm here to buy arm threats were peachy. Thirteen came from it. Like you said that the strike so now and the reason lies because that is
kind of movie that cater to young teenage boys, who apparently are the most successful at getting girls to go to movies with them. So if you can get a movie raided pity thirteen year, you're going to make a bunch of money they are plus, it makes sense, is right there in the middle, you know, but the problem is its become a means of almost every time using that rating rather than cautioning parents. It's a way of attracting the audience yet. You're like this in some kids, p, d movie. This is close to an arm movies. You can get in here and I think filmmakers try to achieve that rating by either scale. There are rated movie or using up their Pga movie or adding more violence. The apparently peachy thirteen may these are have tripled in violence over the last few decades.
And they now have, according to one study, more violence in their already counterparts in different kinds of violence that you didn't used to see me. I guess we should go back in time a little bit, but that way sure go way back home. In Hollywood is nineteen. Twenty two Hollywood and vine is a viable intersection in Hollywood. At the time I might now other people going to signal they built that area back up and that is when Pierre was born in the early nineteenth twenties yeah and at the time was up to local authorities or your state or your municipality, to either stamps thing as moral or immoral
there were no ratings on movies and thanks to Ganem will haze. Who was the first president of the empire. He install the haze code and said you are either ass or fail to get to be stamped the moral or moral right in the reason will haze who's. The MP president is came up with the haze code, which is really eggs. Save near. There is like if you, if you talk about the government, always has to be good. Sexuality has to be like repressed in dismay and had a row how you think about all movies from like the thirties and Fortys DIA Squeaky clean, basically like there, the division between good and evil, very clearly defined the good guy always wins in. If the and fall into that. His code, like you, said your movie, be stamped immoral, but the whole reason he came up with this code was because local municipalities could
ass their own obscenity laws and they could be bad for business, so is it not even get your film exhibited right? Remembering the ACL, you episode were we're talking about that. One numb that one movie that New York, the Catholic said now. You can't show that here In Asia, we were getting a getting the Catholics beaten in court right, even though it was just a bad movie, had something to do with what me dead, but that the junk is also Was it better at all was not very good ok, but it happened like that. The thing happened, a lot like vehicle local council. I can assure that movie. So haste figured out if, if Hollywood policed itself than they could control what you know what movies came out and therefore everybody can make a bunch of money. That's right and that's the point
the EPA there, the lobbying arm of six major Hollywood studios there there there they work for them, yeah. Well, this woman said, but they ended, just those six to within it. Well, yeah I mean you there's definitely in arguments these days. The independent for makers have a much rougher time with India yet, but most of the Indies, too, are eventually distributed by the majors anyway. I gotcha ok, so Flash for Tibet in our way that machine for nineteen fifty things changed a little bit after we were too and people. I guess it's easier ways. Is people loosen up low bet and didn't mind certain elements in it, entertainment any longer. Yes, exam article uses Frank Sinatra: gonna: ask your nomination for playing a heroine attic and man with a golden arm in that can happen. In the nineteen forties, no noise of people, hen,
died and reward you. Yet I imagine that kind of loosens you up as far as the main, seeing crosswords and stuff in movies goes year, like that's, not a big deal like what were too is a big deal right, get your haunches down the heck for you. There was that there was the big one the big first crack to the haze code there, and then there were. I think that Is anyone and ask your right? Yes, really good movie, they can open the flu so that, by the end of the fifties, get some like a hot and tony Courtesan Jack lemon or dress like women, hitting our Marilyn Monroe yeah. And at that point it was pretty obvious. The haze code was dead. Yeah, I mean they weren't passing the code, but there are still getting released. So once something is subverted like that, it's it's dead, no water right. So there is There was fine for a little while leaving the haze. Could this kind of fell by the wayside? People releasing movies
without any kind of moral or immoral stamp, but the rating system, as we understand it today, hadn't come about yet yeah Canada, limbo period, till nineteen sixty eight. A door, owner in New York with the last name, Ginsburg Gap stayed for selling Neue MAX to sixteen year old boys and he took it all awaited Supreme Court. Here, saying you can't, you can't see anything This is a federal laws about of sandy, not local laws and Supreme Chris it. You know what we really think. It sets a local municipalities to decide. They want their minors exposed to it, not idea that got Hollywood's attention, because all of a sudden, local municipalities could this, Whether or not they wanted to show movies to minors are not so that what was all be
new, again inject mobility, who is in charge of the MP? I said we need another system of self by another stuff policing system and it came up with the rating system that that we have today yeah- and he I mean Jacqueline. Tea was the head of the embryo for coastal forty years, and he, Initially, the intention was to stop censorship because he feared that movies, we're gonna start being censored locally, and so I think, feared the origin the rating system were were art, centred our agenda, but also money centred because again, if we have a few have town a showing the movie by towns be through L, deciding that the movie is obscene and not showing it. Then you lose. That money and be through AL. So Valenti came up with this idea that, let us tell you why is appropriate for minors or not?
What movie is and will just make a simple rating system. Jpg are or x the old exe. And triple x, which wasn't even formerly a rating. It was just a marketing tool. Yeah yeah cause three exits: that's like only if anybody ever came out with one with four activity are double ex even a year ago. We cannot that when parts relax, the Christian our colleague here at a great blog post about the former x rated movie, is the right one. It's good for I'm brain stuff, first of genius on the brain stuff blog earlier this year, and you actually recommended it on your blog, the Ex rating. Yet I remember this week, yeah remember recommending one of his things innocent. Remember that what is good about ask him in here, but none of that we got it so you're back. Then it was G through Exe
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forced to go to then you ve got peachy means no drug use, maybe a little violence, because, as will learn, the MP aid has less problems with violence and more problems with language insects, huge criticism criticism peachy, thirteen which we, u no kind of been through. Then you ve got your: are That is no one under seven is a suggestion that no one ever seventeen be admitted without apparent, and these are Lhasa. That's one thing: it's important point out those are suggestions and then theatres have policies. Yes, it's inlets cannon. Into that. So none of this is legally binding. Now now, of them are anything more than recommendations. Their basically saying that this movie has x amount of
profanity order, x amount of nudity or lacks any drug use, or something like that and so forth. What the mph thinks the average moral compass of the average American thinks about these different things like sex. Nudity all that stuff. This movie falls into this rating and again stand for sport. Unit need to have a rating to release a movie, but if you get your movie in theatres. There is basically no theatre, out there right now: no major theatre chain out there, that will show an unrelated movie yeah, it's a completely Terry system to submit your film to the empty, a rating sport, but it's the back though, but you have to do it yeah, that's the rub is that they say it's voluntary, but you actually have to pay a fee to submit your movie. If you ever want to have it shone in theatres right
fears anywhere from twenty five thousand dollars for a big budget movie, two seven hundred and fifty dollars for a short yet- and so you you submit your movie. Will get into, and the second was talk, some more about the rest of them- yeah, well, there's only one more in that and see seventeen which replaced acts, and that means eighty nine and the basically means that its results on me and you should not come in if you're, under eighteen right and also means these days is full in or about lesbian or gaze likely fully bisher. It's pretty close here, an Anti seventeen, the first move. Come out with that was Henry in June there not to be confused with Benny in June, and it basically sunk that movie because everybody was like out. This is act now. Right, anti. Seventeen, if you jumble it altogether
and all reason, they chemotherapy seventy zero to replace Ex, because exquisite associated exclusively with pornography in the minds of moviegoers yeah, exactly right, get into this. The the actual ratings board there's an mba and then working for the impiously classification and ratings administration. Cora and car doesn't say where they remove instincts are not. Cholera is eight thirteen people they're called raiders men, they are overseen by senior writer. They sit down a watch these movies and take copious notes and what they think
based on their standards is wanna, say offensive, but just noteworthy right, like maybe they're, not offended, but they think the average mom and Sheboygan might be offended right supposedly, but which is a kind of a thing, because the whole rating system, as you ve just kind of pointed out, is subjective, totally subjective. They supposedly your ears. The other rub is it's all secret right, if you can find out of federal judges, name and address, but you can't find out who a writer is for your films, doll conducted in private. None of this stuff is released and that's one of the big rubs
in that documentary and with filmmakers in general. Is it's all done behind closed doors? There is never any explanations, provided these people are supposed to have kids between eighty five and seventeen, but many of them do not right either have kids at all or have kids at are older than eighteen, it. Basically freezing. For many accountability, to do this, all in private and in secrecy, and until their movie by curvy. What is Kirby last name endanger. No, no, the documentary our earlier. This film is not yet right. Yeah winner, until contradicts this film is not yet raided, came out all this stuff was just conjecture, conjecture and high with light, and yet he was the first one to really basically, he too these people tell them to lunch foot to find it They were in eavesdrop drop on their mayor in thy. Did some digging and found
These anonymous people did not fall into the requirements that the MP said they did and so not only was it in secret, it was. It was fraudulent. Basically, the rating system so According to the standards you submit your found, this group of people, this anonymous group. If you watch it, they read it then they come together and vote on a rating, and then they pastor there ve along to a senior year who talks to the movies distributor director producer this here's. The rating cares I, we raided it like this and then you your face of a choice. You can accept the rating you can edit. Your film as per the CIA arrays recommendation thick out. These bad words cut the sixteen low early leave all the violence here or you can reject them
eating in this release your movies unrelated, which well you can try to release it, but since then will show it. It's really sort of a misnomer right by its becoming increasingly, thing again. You need the rating to get your movie shown in movie theater yeah. But what happens if you dont care of your movie comes out and theatres video on demand yeah yeah releasing into the internet. Now I'm curious about that. Have that's gonna change the landscape? Well, right now it's a huge threat to the MP because all of the power they wheeled is found in this rating system and if for theatres, bs, if no one's going to hit hers in the empty loses all that power, which is a big deal especially now, because, Mph is needed more than ever as a lobbying group because of online piracy, which will talk about some more since the very precarious
for the MP right now here and it's a terrible time for them to be under as much scrutiny and public attacking critique as they are yeah. So it's I mean they get spears sticking out every which way within. The trunk is failing in their parking, those true thing. I should point out, as I said it, is it there's? No accountability. That's what the impede says is the good thing about the secrecy. Is that it for I'm up that anonymity does it frees them up from accountability? I just don't agree, but so the year, if you want to appeal, There is apparently a change made in response to Kirby Dicks Movie yeah, the documentary for, if you are appealing your rating, which is very difficult, almost never was dine, and why you? Never wine, that's for sure right and when you are appealing you couldn't reference any other film. There was totally
done in a vacuum which is pretty preposterous year, like that's the only way to the They sell us like wait a minute. If you said this about this, then why not this, my movie right, which meant that there was no real standard year, they that you could point to or their worst energy. The point do they just wouldn't be considered. At the very least if they do have written standards they dont released, So you don't even know what they are right. So the MP is, they get their rating system, they get the appeals process, which is also in secret and less had changed right. I think I think the appeals board not only was appeals weren't secret, but they weren't even just raiders. They were people from the industry.
Bread and the Theatre Owners Association. Exactly where is the people who were raiders are supposedly on affiliated with the movie industry. In her dislike average, ordinary parents representing Europe, Middle America will discuss it even though I think that's insulting. The thing is there is a lot of people criticise the EPA and say these raiders are really representing the six major studios who rake in ninety five. Under the ten point, nine billion dollars made in the United States, yet in theatres alone, just ticket sales, not dvd or anything like that, and that the does in addition to rating, they are like. We said, the lobby arm for these six studios That's right and they I guess we should talk about piracy. Now, that's one of their other big Besides from rating movies, they are
heavy in the lobby against, while specially with all my piracy, because the digital distribution network is seems like the way forward. As far as distribution goes right like it's, the future is not the future. It's the prey in the future, and the EPA has a their accused of thumb, basically trying to quell new technology here by just saying, like: let's just keep people from peer to peer file sharing. Multimodal yeah so that they can still movies in part. And if you go back to the early eighties, Jack Valenti was known to rail and lobbied Hence the legality of this yard you're gonna shoot me recording things and handing out to their friend exactly air, so there the EPA is a long history of basically like this anything, it can to stifle innovation there in order to protect the profits of these big movie studios. The other problem with
lobbying in favour. These six movie studios is that they inherently of a conflict of interests against the studios that are not part of these six that they represent yeah, but whose movies they still rate bright. So they ve been accused of more scrupulously recruit nicely rating movies of rival, studios or foreign studios near win, assigning a rating while and that's why filmmakers call consistently for transparency. It's it's I don't think there are many filmmakers other sand. There should be no rating. We should just maybe some like a large country or Vienna. Bernard Zog repel ignore ratings at all here, but I think they just want transparency like
put it up and let everyone know how this is all thine through these people are in give us an idea of what in the world were submitting to violent early, unquote but interesting. So you return him out online piracy and with Digital division. Being a big deal now near. The EPA is needed more than ever, because they have to lobby Congress to fight online piracy here time when more and more people are distributing online and going round the Mp Ay said the losing its power right, but it needs its power more than ever so like reset, it's a precarious time for the MP a year, and they tried a few things. They were successful with the what was the first one in two thousand a year digital, sober. Now the digital millennium copyright ACT a right which, basically that up until then,
Wasn't a federal crime to share movies on peer to peer networks right there when did it and they? that pass. The appear lobbied in got that past, yet they crackdown on, came quarter, recording young like when you're in New York City and some one, has the brand new copy of Godzilla ANA video Cosette for you this, because if you Seinfeld someone when setting that theatre with a camera recorder in just made a stupid, awful quality, pirating, and yet when it says that those are the most common, I guess I kind of believed that there also the worse quality, like sometimes people will I get up and move in front of the camera, I think of civil bathroom or something it yeah. It's I've never seen one, but that there are terrible here much, but I want to say more common, but probably more common. These days are like copies. Cleaners yeah. They send out dvds to everybody's members of the academy vote on movies here.
So around ask your time before us. Your time, it seems like the internet gets flooded with more high quality copies of these major movies that are up for awards yeah. I think loud thanks. Ba have something coded to your Now on your coffee so they'll know, Lou leaked it or whatever, I think so, yeah, I'm not surprised by their. Apparently, if you want to show frozen at your church yeah, you better have a public performance licence It is illegal to show a movie as over your home here that surprise me, There are a lot of especially miss more time. A lot of community screenings, like every city now has outlined shows a manner. I think it open cemetery some other place. Is in New York them all over the place. Sir and technically others must have a licence to do so. I am sure they do the big ones near the big ones. I'm sure do, but like it, your community ports
when you want to show e t the feds could conflict. I take the gate down around the poor everybody. I bet they don't love HBO these days, because you know HBO go near people steal that it's like, I did what your login, no writer and HBO came out there like. Who cares near his watch and go up You detective, maybe you sign up for HBO cause you liked it or maybe you'll, just support the show period on social media, even though you're getting it for free like we're making enough money. Basically, yes and then something that a lot of people say. You know film industry, we don't really feel they are bad for you, tat shone, Aston, sit down because you guys made ten point: nine billion dollars in America in ticket sales alone in two thousand thirteen. We don't
that bad about this whole conundrum that mph face it was John S can still see, hear voices area. Ok, can you that you are who you, sir? I can whether there is like a whole one. Can a push in anti piracy push a few years back and he was as part of the year really man about things through d by some speaking a pirate, Remember there is it a story that came out recently. It was, if you think about it. First, it's like why why? But then, if you, if you really kind of when wended some thought, it's really disturbing here there were, there is a report of prisoners at a prison. Being shown pirated movies and some of the prisoners were there for pirating movies, while in it like really think about the injustice behind that year, like
this crazy town! Imagine if you ve been like selling counterfeit furs and go to prison and all of the other, odds, are wearing counterfeit fur coats free, so impressed weird, but it would also be unjust here, yeah, true, but Emily This is more more widespread. It feels like it. A losing battle. I think that the mph fighting right now- hey you, want it, something amazing discovered matches all the cash back that you learn at the end of your first year, automatically dollar for dollar, with no limit on how much you can earn amazing. Can I being showered with cash from above? It would also be pretty amazing, in fact, it's so amazing that millions of people a year are getting their cash back matched they just can't get enough
whether it's raining down on your head, raining in your bank account it's your cash back and discovers matching. It discover cash back match. What are you waiting for? Learn? More discover, dotcom, slash cash match. Well, I think I read somewhere today that day, I think they might release a few of the raiders names per film, not all like thirteen right, but I need to look up that lifted up again, that no one would see the why releasing three out of thirteen aims. Does anybody any guy does zero good near in speaking of doing zero? good. The this there's kind of a new attachment to the rating system that they have now. It's called check the box yeah and arm. It is basically a brief description of why movies like pity. Thirteen, yes I'll, say like intensify action or something like that or some drug use yeah. That kind of thing and
Critics of the MP say is basically like shooting a laser beam in like a fifteen year old, his brain. Like brief, nudity, come see it right easier. Thirteen second out kid. I think a lot of people are looking at it like it's kind of a disingenuous advertisement, rise. Cynical advertisement, because the the mph is accused of not right relating or even potentially directly marketing, two kids under the age of them. These data are being advertised here so that seeing a lotta ads for like our rated movies on websites that are like very popular among, like the seventeen, an underground yeah a lot of tyres for Fiji. Thirteen movies with like kids, toys for kids, were under Pe Iraq under thirteen and others like this idea that there's the MP a supposedly
serving America's more moral compasses yeah, really at the same time there undermining that morality, that their supposedly defending by marketing in exploiting kids, that you, like a cigarette company having a cartoon animal Zermatt Scott. Can you imagine weird you well one thing about the young, the subjectivity but in the fact that it is a close book and aid filmmakers, don't even know you know what the how to tailor their movie to achieve. For inviting me to within a certain degree, but they ve how to manipulate it because there is no set standard by if you watch home is not eroded and he for plenty stories over the years about filmmakers intent, the pudding in things that they never intended in the final movie area, just assorted, distract from some of the other things, so they'll shoot something can really
wages to get the Mps Raiders haunches up and what they do they. Never gonna. Keep that part anyway rise further subverting the system, because there is no set standards here and there the the stuff they want to keep in is comparatively exactly but more palatable and if you don't of the same standard where you can go, and I wonder what those sheets look like on the interior. You know unless the great mister Surely they have their own interior standards there not dislike, watch it and you to think well. They have group discussions to man, I'd love to sit on those. So the I read another criticism of mph that the difference between peachy thirteen movies and our movies these days is the profanity, and the sexuality that their similar and violence, if not more violent and pc thirteen movies, and if this is kind of messed up that the MP
very little problem with violence yeah, but when it comes to bad words or sexuality of almost any nature except for women being objectified men being gratified yeah, then the MP suddenly puckers up. Will you any a woman achieving receiving actual gratification or a homosexual couple. Anti Seventeen yeah virtually a guaranteed or depending on how you do it are if it is coming, like one of the major studios so and another words, and can receive pleasure from a woman and, of course, its somewhat, because any kind of sex is more heavily scrutinised than violence. But if a woman does like you said, or if it's a gay couple, it's all over so homophobic misogynistic.
You do decide prayin, dumb fetishistic violence, Nero Gallagher. Here's one example: there's a great article. Don't expect any major changes to the NBA rating system between fourteen and its basically Chris, is the new head in the gang digging in saying you know what we are taught to your average parents and we pull them, and this is what they, but they never released. None of those studies early is here now those conversations are released. A movie like phenomena which he saw with state of the art yeah who was about a lady looking for no son. It was still from an hour movie is ridiculous yet, but it had a couple of farms in it. So they cut those out and they bring it to a peachy thirteen. You might think who cares color their bombs, make it peachy thirteen. But
There's something bigger goin on here here: yeah, there's, a grey av club article about how just totally out step. A lot of the ratings are, and they they have. Fifteen movies listed in basically talk about their ratings like the first when they talk about once that romantic It wasn't like a romantic comedy was now. I would say it was sweet. Just a modern day, romance told through music right wasn't go by their allotted musical numbers. Highly inoffensive, love story, yeah you're, sweet movie, It had the same rating as hostile to basically torture porn. They they both get the same rating, yeah sure whether we should really first line: ok, maybe club in early summer, two thousand seven to films were released with our ratings one. You're too scene where naked woman is suspended from a ceiling while another naked woman flashes her
a safe and base in her blood, the other feature to die. A musician, singing songs together falling in love and acting not to act on it, but there was never any sexting they didn't even get together really know they're both raided are both raided, are because of profanity run more raided are for the. Seen at the end, whether it MAX is putting on the play the Vietnam play, and there is a shot of a couple, little kids, looking at on on the set their summer, Playboy centerfold up in the locker yet like on the Vietnam set, and these issues is our kids like looking at those like a twelve year old would probably do again are for that got an offer that happening tat silence one of my favorite movies online. They
tried to give it a Nancy. Seventeen radio said you know what I'm not coming. Anything you can just go take a long walk of a short peer is what I think he famously said to them, and I he really says movie as unrighted thoroughly, yet I'm gonna need a way to go tat, silence or, if you're, looking at some serious homophobia, the great nineteen, eighty, nine movie, longtime companion, features no real sex acts at all. Nothing explicit in fact that eighty says it could show on network tv today with just a few alterations, but it was about a gay couple and so a countenance. He said yeah there's something called afternoon delight which was a movie, a woman who hires a gigolo, yeah and
apparently is heavy on the young, the woman receiving sexual gratification. It got an hour rating. Just despite The gardener reading after apparently the director cut a lot of stuff out, and the director said what the hay, the after all, Wall Street came out like have you seen this movie with, like somebody graphic apparent Saxons between men and women, but Leonardo Dicaprio, when enjoying it the most so it's fine sinner, bright blue is the warmer. Color here last year that the teenage was beam of story. Ancient levitating. It got a lot of attention and there were some theatres that allow high school age kids to go, see that anyway, because again this is in war from binding. It's up to you There's just so strange that such a small group of people have such influence on such a large industry and
the more you dig into it. The more conflicts of interest arise in the more arbitrary. The standards become the more blood boy doing it is I highly when you go reads himself like raided Arthur ridiculous by curvy deck. His little le here is little appeared about the empty, a that one. U S knees: report article you wrote, suggestive, has gained a wish. I wrote it had you been, there would have been used correctly How did they misuse it now is terrible the EPA will defend themselves and they say that there is no such by us and that we all these
Objectionable scenes are rated on the graphic quality and how graphic it is. But if you just look at the you'd have to be a dummy not to see these correlations right in the fact that they don't seem to care that much about violence in this age. Where does it influenced people to go Pudica school? Who knows Did you see that John Oliver quote that's going around yes, but what was it it's like her somebody unsuccessfully tries to carry a bomb under plain in their shoe. We all take her she's. All right, there's like thirty something school shootings after com
by an absolutely nothing's changed their or the onion article? This going around you know, sir. This is something that can be prevented, says the only country where this kind of thing happens. All the time said the knight that I'm paraphrasing he could stuff MP keep doing. Fine. The good fight Viagra check out, like the scope start reading up on it's funny how much we just take the stuff for granted, but when just start digging just slightly beneath the surface at the very least see this film is not yet raided. It's really good yeah, really engrossing, and you know, for every hundred documentaries that come out what five warmer like really great cheer. Most of them are pretty good summer terrible so any really good. One is worth seeing descendant of itself agreed
if you want to learn more about MP, a tape, those letters in the search bar has to work that calm acid search parts of Cyprus Listener met, I'm gonna call this while parrots Josh mention in the tattoo pot gets it. He had heard parents like to hang together when free and I wanted to burst in the pot gas booth until you about the web. San Francisco, I'm not gonna, get into it, except to say over the course of my life. The pirates in San Francisco, sort of living legend that one would occasionally get the privileges spotting now and then, however, about three years ago? moved in with my aunt. In the little San Francisco suburb of Brisbane and apparently, the famous walks We are also making your home there since it was warmer unless windy. These bear often hanging around outside my bedroom window, which pretty amazing she says amusing as it's amazing but also somewhat annoying
finally, since my first sign was just a little guy, then in a very light sleeper, any suckers are loud. That is true. They are very loud, Also guys, I'm sending you d like to watch the preview of the two thousand three documentary. The wild parents have telegraph ill, so I did know those a documentary. I've heard We have heard it before. I never knew what it was about. Amy. I will check that out. Thank you. Thank you for running yeah, thanks Le Amy, if you have a documentary recommendation, we are always interested in those again. You can treat him to us it s. Why escape? I guess you can post them on Facebook that conflict that we should now and you can send an email to stuff. I guessed at Helstone start come and as always join us at our home on the web, the beautiful stuff, you should know
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