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How the Musketeers Worked

2012-07-31 | 🔗

You know and love them as a fluffy chocolate nougat and maybe as a book and a movie, but musketeers were quite real and quite deadly. Visit with Josh and Chuck as they examine the elite special forces of 17th-century France.

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welcome to the park test them Josh Park with Charles every Chuck, Brian and since the two of us together microphone, you got the stuff you should be. Is it an award I think at the very least we want to vote. Yes, vote. Winning by gets popular podcast us what we can call ourselves where everyone in a word we award winning now nope, ok Maybe someone at home will make us in a word and send it in we ve been awarded a pipe gas, so we are word winning. Yes, yes, so that this over about to do- and I think it's becoming painfully obvious- why we haven't one any awards, the more we talk about this and I think you're right
doing it and great begin. The site for com account like two days to wound by the time this is out will be like long since have put their pants age and laughed at yeah yeah. But the hard I M excited a church Jenny ago stood. There was go right now. Yes, his way today in the meantime Chuck. The proposal that we speak about the musketeers. Let's hear the intro, that is of interest here, say Cumnor handling. This will just take it away. I can you imagine how long the episode will be if I just discourse on the musketeers alone. Without you just keep going an infinite loop: hey have you ever heard a little can accompany named Mars yeah. Nowadays a thing is eminently Mars, but back then it was dismissed.
There's my stars. My stars had his Mars make such wonderful candy bars. How old are you I'm forty one of my grandfather used to say that it brings back like great memories. I was like one of the things can grant any melted, I'm sorry to tarnish. It was said that let's break
well, this company Martha your grandfather, light, and rightly so, pure Mars bar, is one of the greatest all time. Candy bars ever you're crazy. If you say me what what's in a martyr, Newgate Karma almonds, it's just this great challenge of flavors the omens are: what really do it? It's like it's like the thinking man snickers, though some peanut butter in their number, hey, I'm with you too well. This is long before anybody ever thought. The put peanut butter and anything besides, maybe a sandwich right. It's nineteen! Thirty, two, the Moors Company released a candy that they called very appropriately. In my my opinion, the three musketeers today you pick up the three musketeers bar you like what the hell is this mean yet back, then you could very easily figure out what it meant, because it was three pieces of milk
chocolate covered newgate in three different flavors, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, really, hence three musketeers three different pieces: three different flavors so's, three different flavors, all in one single wrapper, guess it's pretty in ITALY, he pulled the wrapper back, you, like others, When do I wanted were value. What do I want to give them a little brother, as you give your little brother, probably the strawberry, when I was your air strawberry, vanilla, chocolate near polisher, I didn't realize it had no idea. There were three? It makes sense now, because now, when you open up like I'll get it for candy bar the sort of thing after a novel, a classic novel. Yes, it is you thank you for that. Subway Cosette no house getting get out of this. Why are you have had with myself into acquired wire today Classic now today we ve got three musketeers that are just the chocolate you get. We have a classic novel written by Alexander Duma
I checked pronunciation. Don't even try me on that. I listened to you a Frenchman, that's you are really Elsner infringements. It there's this website called forever dot com people's names, I had names its awesome yeah. It is One thing I realize reading this is something we have we don't you lot of mail from the fridge ever noticed that I wonder why do you think that there's probably not a fridge, but my lot of french listeners, nine of think so we're anything. I don't think we're heading there, we'll house much like podcast, exact, Nazis pot, casting Pike S like Mark merits huge in France again so Jerry Louis. So I guess if I was sitting around a cafe like by the river drinking wine, I wouldn't have an ipod anywhere near me. I would know it throw it in the river and dislike lived. My life, you know we are huge, is India, which is often to me a great hey, India,
Let's talk about the three musketeers right. You said it was a a novel by Alexander Duma yeah. I mean that the really quick once in information is a is hick ensure D Artagnan. There, no move out of the sticks, and because he wants to join the defamed musketeers. The guard, the musketeers of the Guardia, the kings, basically secret service right, and men. Yes spend wants to join them. He goes there. He meets the three musketeers, Athos, Porthos and Aramis, and he eventually works his way into like us to be the fourth musketeer. Ah, he presents himself with the opportunity to prove is valid. And his courage in his skill by basically hanging around them yet and along the way, their duels and there's some love making yeah. I think this
The only article has therefore set com. It has the word lovemaking biting henchmen lovemaking. In its hyperlink to Israel knew so what I would imagine sex Dinar context, there was a great summation, there's no need to read the three musketeers or any of the other works by Duma. That feature the three musketeers, including the man in the iron mask. I was at him near. I didn't know that, but I can have figured you know like. U else is right in that stuff yeah, I don't know he was taken at the market
He was the John Gresham of his day. He was the John Gresham, the Daniele Steel near, and the Sioux Graftin of his day. Ok well put things so, while the weird thing- I guess it's not too weird- is it. He wrote this novel a couple a hundred years after the real action takes place and it came out at a time when you know
you know later on. People have a real fascination with things it came before them came out during the romantic era in the eighteen. Forty were people like swashbuckling in he's out fits in the love making give me more. Those really really popular right in it was also popular because it was based on actual events featuring historical characters. He always did were real yeah D, artagnan or dirty annual. He was a real person and actually the three musketeers that do my road was based
on a semi fictional memoir written about that guy. Who was a real musketeer, the guard who was who went on to the great glory? Actually, he became the that he travelled from the hinterlands. I think Gascony Yom join out. The sticks, joined up eventually became commander of the the musketeers of the guard, but did they cover that, while the with it there was more than one book the right yeah their several and the original book? Assyria lies to all talk about. Do mine a minute right back. The point is that his work was based on real people, but it was superficial eyes and super romantic missiles, and all of it was based on the idea that in the seventeenth century there was this new invention that gave rise to all this. The most
Thank you, China, yes, like everything else, almost on the planet that we have. Thank you, China. They were the leaders in pretty much everything back in the day and around one thousand. They invented a little something called gunpowder yeah and you pack the stuff in a tube. That's a metal tube, only open on one. In light, it like a thrill like many cannon covered and can have hidden and prohibit those a lot of mistakes, early on another man? Can you imagine going wrong so easily again in where do they were lighted through something of a touch hole? And then there will be explosion, create this hot gas that would send were they stuck inside there, which was around ball? Yes, I'm here, send it out it decent speeds, adverse fairly decent yeah. I mean we're back, then that was really wow look
That hurling projectile right was probably more like MAGIC Rhine here you know, there's some! The man has a an dragon. I didn't think the color can, and yet they saw how to hand regular, and it was mostly it produced a psychological effect, because it was a very accurate and, like you said, you didn't really shoot it out at first speeds, yeah, like the knights armor it with us. It and go punk and then fall on the ground in the night. Would then down and pick it up and put it in his little satchel and they were cut. You have yet cut in half of the sword yeah so that first not super effective. No, but it inspired people to make this better like we can do better with a hollow tube and stick and a touch for so it's figure this out, yeah. If I may subway to decide here for a moment. This got tat got me thinking today about battle in just one.
Fair and weaponry, and how it still so basic. I mean it's like super advance. Now how they do it but took took, starts out by hitting another caveman in the face, like its warfare start out with your fists and then it transforms until I eventually someone uses a club and there like hey. This implement is like way better than hitting with my fist. Its harder, and I can do more damage than I can get a little further away from you. Become like swords and things and lances Nicky getting further away in the hole. The whole history of weaponry is about hurling, bigger, fists from longer distance. Whether it was the arrow than later the bullet, and now you have like entered the icy
That are just like really really really big fists, Deacon fire from really really far away. I think the point you are making is that war heard Vance we get is really proud of. It is the primitive idea I didn't ask weight than his spot on back to thank you. For that sure I was quite a lot of those interests and even If you could do it first, us really formal well in each each method was like a little bit further way like arrows like hey, we can getting further away and then pretty soon it was bullets, and then it was like sniper rifles, and then it was missiles. Now, some guy sitting in Nevada, shooting people in Afghanistan with honest camp presenting new year. As a loosening are very, very difficult to keep get more exercise save more money. What about this? We have a resolution that you can really work with stop wasting time going to the post office that right you standstill
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from comes out to hang cannon now or at the arquebuse, the trade, not Arquebuse Hurley. Fifty five hundred lives learned to be specific This actually had a shoulder stock, which was like a huge deal because it wasn't just a stick attached to dismantle to like you could actually aim the sucker now looked down the barrel and pointed at something you could shoot it and it would shoot projectile, but again still the ultimate called the ultimate. The pinnacle of the battlefield was the horse mounted night in armour, yes, and if I was wearing play the artless wasn't gonna. Do it still still still still a match like weapon, which meant you had the light? A little thing here, so you needed a touch hole of sums for any needed, a sum something like a smouldering piece of yarn. Maybe get you needed something dry right, which is a key that we will find out right. It is a big problem like when it's raining here
he's, not gonna help, but you know it works well wondering what a sword it does like the one that the horse mounted night in armour is using the cartoon hath. Yet again, in a hundred years later, the right, so people are like this- we can make this work. This is got to work. We have to figure this out and the Spaniards were the ones that came up with this new thing called the Moscow the sparrow HAWK or the broomstick I'd like to go it. It was even longer barreled. It was really heavy. Looked at pictures is thing they actually mountain. On a little forked, stick yeah. Why gum, throwing Rambo actually Rambo carried his his the fifty millimeter yeah? But that's supposed to be I buy yeah yeah, but ran of Muslim rightly could carry a rainbow entirely. Shootin hotshots out did he's at you because he was anything.
Ok, so they use the fork. Stick to I hold it steady and to help them out the french call it a musket, the English Musket, a musket. I think you see where we're going. It was also matchlocks, but those actually could fire something that would go through armor. Finally, and then all of a sudden, the night, like, oh man, shoot a mention of work done and they actually did fade from the battlefield after that with the with the mosquito, the most Keith or they must get here, and we cover that in the knights back after her totally did so. Then there, like, ok, we figured it out. We got the night down the although MRS, like this thing requires a fork, stick to aim. Yes, twenty pounds near and Unita Pikemen, another soldier who has an eighteen foot sphere to protect you while you reloading, I would want to pikemen yet well, I think,
probably had a little formation, because you are so important joke to stand back and shooting night yeah, so Gonna, give his many pikemen is you asked for if you knew how to shoot? One of those thing with your hand, dragon exactly so that like ok, we got it now. We have to do so. Fine and one of the first refinements they made was to make it a foot lock huge. So now you didn't have to carry smouldering piece of urine any longer. This right flintlock worked in the rain because it would strike a piece of flint against steel. Everything spark instead of needing that open flame or the smouldering, aren't they really user and they would use like something akin to Yanina. They'd probably was yarn, further with an e on the journey. So all of a sudden you get you could she didn't wet weather, which was awesome and because the knights of sort of gun away the dodo it didn't have to be a you know a too
iron ball right, you're shooting. So that means that the gun itself can be smaller we think it be smaller and lighter very big deal. So now, returning to see like the kind of thing that the men and men used in Colonial America, it right for those of you in the era- you'll know what I'm talking about and then they also get rid of the pikemen by attaching a bayonet to it. Here. I don't know about that. They said that their render pikemen like unnecessary, but Still rather haven't another dude with an eighteen foot lance than me with my then, at the end of my rifle butt you might like have that, but your field commander would rather have another guy with a musket bayonet monster. You know I'm say ensure curative the pike give him. I must get in a bayonet. Instead, no sudden, you get two people shooting fire near the point, so these so called it a musket, yeah and technically. Anybody who had a must get in used must be ambitious.
Was a musketeer. I've got a lotta guys like you, throw that word or have acted, hates her again, I'm a musketeer right and then the other guys say: you're, not a real musketeer right, a real musketeer Josh, as we mentioned earlier, personal household guards of King Louis, was at thirteen here and apparently he was, was he the one who founded it yeah? He formed the guard officially in sixteen twenty two, the musketeers of the guard like they had at the extra cover words, so the union's think there's some smoke with the mosque exactly because everyone with a musket at that point is like we said bragging about being a measure because it this is like high technology at the time. Oh yeah, they ain't it stay that way for a century from the the must get. The flintlock musket that in any infantry man can carry with the bayonet was started, was injured
said at the beginning of the eighteenth century, unlike all the way up to the nineteenth century like that, is what people used yeah, that just like the UK, a rifle I mean it's, not a minute changed somewhat, but like soon, as China invented gunpowder, it was all over. People would be dying, left and right, sadly, so. These are likely said. These were sort of like special Forces secret service, that private guardians of the king and his family very important, because
in France during the seventeenth century, the early seventeenth century. It wasn't like a party go on back there. No one actually got a lotta troubles, Lui the thirteenth, his father Omri. The fourth, I believe, was assassinated and lose the thirteenth became he ascended to the throne. He became king, it aged nine. I was like the boy kings, crackling yeah, and he had like a child bride, Anne of Austria of leave. Her name was- and I guess overseeing this whole thing was a guy named Cardinal Richelieu here. So at this time in this was, I think, early correct there were there were. There is a lot of internal civil strife in France, religiously base. Yes, the French were also battling. The Habsburg of Austria and within his own house, Louis
tenth is having to worry about the Machiavellian, which is new and time machinations of Cardinal Richelieu, his basically Dick Cheney, yeah but a Dick Cheney with like an eye on the throne, so his collar of the three games of throwing here and if you watch that I read it, but now I have heard of it, though I see there's Agus a throw made of sorts done. It's really good answer right. So the musketeers were there, the garden, the king, a lot of religious people yet have the big one. Yet french Protestants sand, we don't like you, Catholics, Catholics are saying we don't like you Huguenots, which
Protestants, and so there was a lot of warring going on. So the king needed these like super specialised and these deeds were, you know they were bad. There were like the tough guys at the time, but even though there dressed up in frilly cook, frilly clothing that apparently struck fear into the hearts of their enemies. They like the deep blue that gold and literary, but they were we trained in their their morale or their esprit de corps, was a legendary. Evidently, will they were also expert? Swordsman they're called musketeers what they were doing with them with a mosque catcher, but they today they have a sword by their side and they could take your head clean off with it.
Is it then that in the book, you're gonna see a lot more sword fighting in the movies it they ve adapted in any kind of muscular? Yes closely in in the book Musket serve just they show up a few times. There only fired a few times, but the rest is all swords and swashbuckling but there are still musketeer right so and the reason again they were musketeers causes cutting edge technology at the time. And if you were somebody who is really profession with a musket you're somewhere. Special yeah, you also had to be. You didn't have to be able to help them. Fewer and aristocrat a nobleman, you didn't have to be loaded, but he headed gonna run in those circles right for you. Never gonna get picked up to be one of the. What was it a hundred fifty two three hundred a year that at the time, but the most the most in at least they ever had operationally, and they were actually like this again, this is real life, we're talking about near the they were formed in sixteen twenty two. I believe you
and they ran all the way into the until eighteen. Sixteen, when their disbanded, due to a lack of funding, I know- and I saw the they re bandit a couple of times after and subsequent years and then disbanded again and again. Eventually, they all went on the solo success as artist entertain, recording artists, the Aramis he had a nice line, deodorants and personal records did so now. Can we talk a little bit about the book and Alexander what he can't Duma Duma, Baroness Paris, eighteen twenties, very popular John Gresham, like in his output right.
Swinging Paris scene of the eighteen twenties, so he was turning out books like he had people writing stuff for him. He was like the Andy Warhol of his time. I key he had. He would have people say like here's. The structure of the book you're about to write any would sit down a right. It research tone, chapter ideas. He had assistance for everything and you just crank the site. Like you, I was an assembly line. While there are hugely popular the likely were, but historians they don't knock him because he also had the goods is a writer right exactly that
That's really like that justice prolific. This alone is pretty often, but then, if you combine the idea that he was actually good at what he did, that staggering, like his collected works, his unabridged collective works fills at three hundred volumes. Really, yes, and like some of its really great like me, if you read the three musketeers like while this is pretty cool, this is it's. It's neat. It's interesting its engrossing, yet And the lovemaking write his high everywhere all over the place, so. Do we get specific about the real door? Ten yards musketeer life a little very said that you he came from gascony yeah a little bit before was it. After now he was after he came on that in the novel year. He came out in sixteen thirty two, which was a little later than the fictional version, and so
under Louis, the forty, the sun king. He was a sunken. You know about french history. Why, once of silence? Did you really mean it? I never made it there. I didn't make it inside, but I went to, though you tried the lesson of and he actually, the real D Artagnan became the commander of the musketeers and was killed in sixteen seventy three. Apparently, the three deeds were also based on
right right there and I dont know if their names were dead on, but they're, pretty close approximations in the book, and so, like you said, like this book was hugely popular. It was for cereal lies in the french magazine, less vehicle, less vehicle baronet, then on about their by Adam in eighteen. Forty four, unlike you said he was really hidden the romantic period yet and everybody loved, so they took this. They took the cereal and put it in your book. It's quite a lot of chapters have like cliff hangers because it was published seriously realised in a magazine, but I think he started out didn't start out as a playwright, yeah, ok, which makes sense where the whole cliffhanger thing bright. So here he writes, never really gets the respect that some of his contemporaries, like Victor Hugo Picture, got through a meal Zola right and it was
until two dozen too, in this possibly was because he had mixed race heritage around his yeah. His grandfather was a French, no woman, his him, his grandmother, I believe, was creole woman from Haiti Alatri, so he had on African in his blood here now in France. It's not anything like it is in the United States. Words like that that it he Eric one drop rule bright, but apparently was enough. There's enough racism in France that, like it wasn't until two dozen too I went juncture. I was president that he was moved. His remains removed to the pantheon, allow. Side like solar, really there yet so are a lot of people will know he was his hack. He was chooses to hack you now. I can write
but he still hack and that's why people and taken seriously, but it's also possible because it is his racial backgrounds. While I think that in this bodes well for us, I think hundreds of years on even prolific hacks can be looked upon. As you know Gene is right the pretty much what I've been burning on since we first set down footing started doing here the somebody other somehow societies, eulogists, devolve and they'll be like these gases. Hillbilly giddy accuracy, that is our meal, took effect the more entertaining here's the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball, there's always that guy who joined your game he never passes the rock he instantly bricks theories and who can we have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul, with Geico its ease, the switch and save on car insurance. No Need fake an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted, so
which in save with it's almost better than sports. Are you anything else? no I mean the rest is history, great great book, and our I the story behind the musket in the musketeers, the real. I think people like my history, you are more about Alexander. Do more and the Musketeers Musket are you can take musketeers? Am U s? Tat you are ass into the handy search bar has suffered come with me this time for listener. Male gushing this publication on, that I've actually go swimming, gosh Chuck just started listening to stop. You should now and I'll have the pot gas, but I was recently listening to your samurai by gas. I can help a notice that you gave credit to George Lucas when talking about a Darth Vader Mass in its relative similarity to the samurai,
Kabuto mask yes, I thought I would point out that Mr Lucas other responsible for star wars was not responsible for the design, for the conception of Vader's mask credit, for that should go to the great concept. Artist, Ralph Mccleery used used future aesthetic isn't like full time looking yeah I'm a lot that is that exercise. Amateur is one of the reasons for the icon, extensive star wars and really informed like every great space movie. Sandstone gallic think about it, like the like a space port or something like that, like all the jet engines, are, can a battered and retaining everyone's while go to an airport and look and see the planes are just like that, not to see exactly what I was doing and how welling nailed it agreed. Some equerry hats off the: U N, Geiger Counter Dancing,
Take my hand after you too, as well, sir, and Continuous Lucas's original strip did not put Vader in a mask at all. I know idea to put a frightening helmet unsafe, Lord Mccleery, he passed away, and it would be a shame if his contributions to popular culture, we recognise and Joe from San Francisco could not agree more and I'm glad you pointed this out because movies, although
it is a directory. Medium are made up of many many many people's talents contributing to the end result of the film and people like me, where you are often overlooked. Something, as I cannot stress enough, the thousands of thank you for that joke from San Francisco. Well done Joe, I'm well yeah. If you have an awesome correction for sir clarification or if you want to tell us that we were utterly and completely wrong about something. Were always opened a hearing that kind of thing space like a nice night, swampy nice, nothing, there's no point being arms. You can tweak to us at Ass White Ass K, pod cast you king
on Facebook, that calm and peaceful conflict, the fish no and you can send an email to stuff podcast discovery dive for more on this and thousands of other topics as it. How stuff works are calm, brought you by the rain two two thousand twelve Camry, it's ready for you although we are partnering with our radio for our own podcast series. One fan to interview the ban throughout this serious will be funding fans indifferent towards aid markets. Verdun become hang backstage in air view. Us will be giving you look behind the scenes like never before in answering questions that our fans have always wanted to know, check out. One fan to interview the ban on the radio apple pie, cats or wherever you get your contests
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