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How the National Security Council Works

2017-04-25 | 🔗

Until recently, most people probably never paid much attention to the National Security Council. It's been around a long time though, and the president has quite a bit of leeway as to who sits at the table. Learn all about this important group of individuals in today's episode.

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Remember them over yet so good was. That was a good movie, for boys are age a neck. The air it was so good at man is to make the same. Tonia river walked. Look interesting, make you ve been begging on that since you bought it Why had all I think it was built up in my mind by that movie. You know, gotta, remember that being in the movie, but I haven't. I don't think I've seen that, since I was gonna thirteen there's a big chasing that involve the river walk, we'll make it out problem and also there is Jerry Leslie Nielsen Roland, yes from spy hard and as Mr Fischler, yes, this is a this could be a good one. It could also be extraordinarily confusing maybe a little dry, maybe and but brother, if you love bureaucracies, you're, gonna love, this one
or that really came through her here. If you're in the organs in flow charts and directors, but not directorate, you're gonna just love. Stuff here, and I apologise about my squinting. I lost my glasses and it takes had become new, now had grown, to depend on them. To be honest, you like them I am that's terrible. Only like like lost lost last, just like on your bedside forgotten. You want to know what happened was on in my bed. On my laptop, where my glasses. Last week, I said I gotta go, get something out of the car. I put laptop down and glasses down on the bed and went and got something out of my car came back and they were gone while it's bizarre and I think my nude puppy like grab them and did something then that's gonna be a treat defined later on I mean to have looked,
everywhere, literally vanished, but the puppy left your laptop elsewhere well. Are you waiting in some new one city error occurred or CBS, Sir, reader, whatever I probably should have just gotten some little be readers, does that's kind of all. I need him for you know right or did you your monocle, a man should tackle. That's a great idea were full of them did not sound, is waiting for new glasses and then and then I have the frames that I had to pick up new into choice. Thanks here visited this none of them work. You know good well, if you can count to recreate the last ones, they look good. Well, I'm trying- or I guess, what more quickly
listen how is driving here right, less dangerous or not, and I just needed for reading. I say I guess it's ok, I'll read. While I drive anymore that smart too, even though you could, with your glasses, that's correct, so check we're talking today about the national security. Council and up until a sort of researching this. I thought that was specifically in american thing, but it turns out most countries have their own National Security Council and a fairly closely resembled this kind of thing tour, without yes that, but I also realized. I really had no idea what the National Security Council did. You say it's a pretty. It's a pretty yes idea There was one those implemented by the. U S, Congress, I should say the American one was back in nineteen, forty seven basically like hey, you ve got competing groups here,
are all trying to shape american foreign policy, yet whether its through diplomacy, with the state of play or through military with the department, defence or the military itself, or You know by arms yea. Yet, by snooping or even groups, is desperate is like the departed of energy or the Department of the Treasury. All these groups have their own objectives in shaping policy or responding to a crisis as far as foreign policy goes right for sure, and if you take all these people employed
in a room together and safe fight it out and that the president just watch and laugh and then pick way. He or eventually she thinks is the best tat the best option. Then you have basically the best ideal version of hashing. Something out through a group that you could possibly help for and that's the point of the National Security Council, the air, but one thing I'll and we're gonna talk about the situation room specifically, but one thing I learned in researching that part of it was this kind of alma killing quote very sensible quote, but still little chilling, There is always more intelligence information available than there. Time for Your decision makers to read write Yasser basically, like you know, there more than they even have so that you need
cities and staff of people that can do still the most important stuff down to its most important core right, an end to do this. There were the way that it has generally been done through the National Security Council is by D, centralizing responsibility for watching over these different things, whether it be like a specific policy like energy policy in the way it relates to foreign foreign country right or like territories like say some, some groups responsible for the Middle EAST? You have all these different groups are responsible for. Keeping an eye on the stuff thinking about american policy. Thinking about how stated american policy is changing are evolving as say in situ. Asian or a new. Leader emerges in a different area and then
as crises are needs for decisions arise? Then they need to talk about this policy, it bubbles up and up through the hierarchy until finally get to the point where there's like secretaries cabinet level, secretaries who were saying Mr Beginner eventually, Madam President, we need a decision on this here. Options yeah, it is incredibly complex, like you said, is not just one. You know what what bad leader in the world is doing something today, it's that plus about a thousand other things from, like you know, like you said it, is is something as simple as or not a simple, but is like threatening is you know
EU policy with the country with the new leader, like you said, you know, there's something that needs attention outside of our borders: write em and by making a bubble up through these levels of hierarchy, you have people who have increasing levels of responsibility. And as each level of responsibility start saying here. This is worth kicking up to the next higher level, because we really do need some sort of decision on as it takes on further and further credence right there reaches the highest level, the actual with actually called the National Security Council and win win does that level. Hopefully a decision will be made, but that's not necessarily cases will see. She talked about history. Let's talk, history may
you know I love to so article in this was okay and once simplify, supplemented with others, supplemented like that. I'd like to keep that once implemented with other things to society at different grown up. He said that it was one of the things were, I would say, say: spa get tee, and yet a spaghetti outside spaghetti he's a scary It's a sleek pinched, the bridge of your nose and shake your hand. Basically, as a four year old knows, is like early teens. Its thank it operates throughout history. We had not his, we have not historically had the National Security Council because the earlier days president's had their swords. Inner circle. That kind of acted like what eventually the National Security Council, how they would counsel and advice,
but they were just known, is sort of like you now that the brows of the press, yeah it was. It was like who do you trust or specific again? Who who has the expertise needed to help guide your decision on this right right, Think one of the reasons why there wasn't a national security Council for most of history is because most President's can a bristle at the, Dear herring, a bureaucracy hoisted foisted on earlier, where they're just like. Now I got this idea I need to ask who I need to ask at any given point in time it some presidents were directly known for even even the people that they asked advice from they be like. Thank you for your advice. I am rejecting it outright. Regular, like Lincoln, was apparently famous. For that yet Mean Lincoln was a smart fellow. He d probably had good ideas on its own it, while he did, he also had he was. He was famous for having that team of rivals right where not only were people in his cat
rivals with one another. They were rivals with him as well right and it really challenged simply keep people in Czech, like his Secretary of State Seward, William Seward sure he was big time against the civil war from happening. He did not what happened, is a psycho case. I'll see you, it was nice, you guys being a part of the union, but we'll figure it out. We shouldn't we shouldn't go to war and he was like opening lines of communication with the commission. Heresy. Going around Lincoln and trying to subvert Lincoln's basically wishes that that the south, not succeed and Lincoln, said you better watch your step, and it is a good thing doesn't it all now, but you are right. He famously can have, you know, would listen to a device, even if Seward in and say no, you know when the president is my choice. Yes, he said I quote. If this must be done, I must do it and there was kind of the way that the press,
I mean it takes a certain kind of person to be President right sure and usually, if you are elected president you're, not the kind of person like what are you guys think hey over there, which you what your opinion? What should I do it's it's like go. Do this on the president, the end Do it right, but as the United States grew in the world through a little, more complexities were brought out, obviously, especially in terms of foreign policy, and- especially after world war. Two there were, you know this, was not thrilled with the way after yarkand ran things, and they said you know what I think we need and the President needs help in the form of you know a body, an official body, sanctioned body, surround
to help and make decisions right and so eventually, nineteen forty seven as when the National Security ACT was passed in this council was created to quote advise the president with respect to the integration of domestic foreign, military policies relating to national security and other stuff. When it's it's again, this is a significant act because it say Mr President, here is a bureaucracy that you didn't ask for, and you dont want that we are putting on you on your shoulders, because this stuff is just too big, now get worse superpower, and we can't just leave it up to you and your form informal management style of ad hoc working groups that you just under the oval office? Whenever you need some advice, we need something, far more structured and that so we're going to pass a congressional act that we're gonna force you to sign in the law
and Truman actually signed it in the law of nineteen. Forty seven and from that point on, there was a structure that the president was expected to use when making foreign policy decisions so that he would have all of the the options of the opinions of the varying factors in any the given situation before him, so that he can say absentee alike yeah and, like you said before you know, different president's. Over. The years have had different There's a lot of leeway within how you want to run your National Security Council held structured. It's not completely set in stone, as we saw recently, will talk a little bit about what's gonna now, but I'm gonna threw out since Eighteen, forty, seven. Basically each president, his sort of had their own reasons for leaning on it. A lot we're not leaning on it that much initially Truman after O, Connor right after it was passed through was can you know
gotta meetings alight until after agree in war, and then he was. I go wait a minute I think, there's devalue here, Eisenhower being former military was sort of used to that that system of of committees and bureaucracy in yeah He thinks it's at your right away and was like now. This is great and even can expand and at sea and create- and you know these are the special bore and I am actually gonna- create someone called the National security adviser yeah, which is a huge thing, huge contribution to the National Security Council. The eyes in our made an yes, enthusiastic militaries, like else make this even more regimented than Congress wanted, and he put it to give work, but since It's been a typically more pared down, then what eyes and how I had. I think he had like, probably the most hierarchical in decentralized and spread out National Security Council of any president did more than about.
Yeah, oh bar my head. I think a huge bloated one, but I think it didn't have, as many say, like departments. Committees are, the kind of thing is eyes in house. Gotcha has abandoned, receive a lot of criticism for that and from what I read write, rightly so that that it was basically a group. It was a huge stalling mechanism. There oh bomber used to to put off foreign policy decisions or to make them outside of his own cabinet well, and even if it wasn't purposeful just you know how it is with bureaucracy, but the more bloated an organization gets. Does the slower, everything's, gonna move and the harder it can be to get anything done. Yeah he's gonna how it works. Security comes along and had a kind of a disease. Stir on his hands with the bay of pigs. He kind of which
do show and at some point in the heat he looked to his national security adviser Mc George Bundy, the manly two vice names. And said era. We need up, a chill room to hang out and make decisions. How about bowling alley. Yeah if there is boiling alien at your side up from his grave and said now, my pulling out right in that situation. Room was created which either this is really I didn't know much about the situation room. I thought it was the room. I didn't know that it was five thousand square feet of different rooms,
on the ground for the West Wing near the woodshed. There, that's the nickname for which I didn't get, why they call it back. As you know here in the states, the woodshed typically used in take him out behind the woodshed. Usually that means giving a spanking, maybe that you know in what happens in the woods in the situation room they want only one people get spanked. I guess closed circuit tv and I guarantee they do should take a break. Talk about the situation in a little more yea outlets. I warn you like hilarious silk top. It was paralysed.
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listen to what I went on the eye. Radio, app apple pod casts or wherever you get your podcast. Such a return was situation room and not with Wolf, Blitzer, no ever and it was started with Kennedy Light, and I did you see the picture in that one of the articles you sent me of the situation. I think it was the woodshed one when I'm had like dozens and dozens of pictures, which can surprise me that way. Our, but there is a picture in there and I think it was the original situation room that data that Kennedy had set up and basically was a budget chairs and like map of the world on the wall yeah, there was situation recent, like the war room for my Strangelove. They call him
ninety eight year old civil servant to come in and move attack from Ecuador, Guatemala right and then to shuffle backer. This being apparently used to be one big renovation and two thousand six, and apparently before that, was it I'll get the idea that it was necessarily antiquated, but it was it certainly up to the kind of modern technological level that it needed to be, let's just say that yet I also have the impression that it was a lot more luxurious originally, but that things like the mahogany paneling actually made it hard to hear people, I'm speaker phone bright, so they they Canada's updated it probably much more in line of what people thought it
like all along right without it looks like not yet at the main room, where you know you probably seen the most photos of had six flat screens very secure. Obviously, for video conference with whoever we want around the World directly the air force, one which is gonna need they have you no private meeting rooms, private phone booth rooms. Secure video rooms, it's like you know, it's gonna like what you would expect. You can't text, from there. You can't, like you know they. Don't they, leaking out there. So it's just. And it is not a bunker like a lot of people might think by some windows, to the exterior of the White House here, but it feels like a bunker in that all these. He now can a very private and secure areas, but it's not like deep underground or anything like that right, right, yeah. I think that the room, where there's that famous photo of everybody in the Obama National Security Council watching
Bin Laden raid. The demands banking yeah here behind the woodshed and they are that. I think that that is a it's, an enclosed, windowless room. That's that is cut off yet has can a bunker like qualities, but it's the hope. The whole interior itself is not a bunker. Underground, like you, said, correct: they have a staff, the situation, staff about thirty people in general, and there are the organizing, what's called watch teams and these watch deems do well. I don't take the night this twenty four seven monitoring of everything basically it says is usually three duty officers, communications assistant in an internal its analysed on each watch team right, and you know, press throughout the years of uses situation, room sparingly. Sometimes I think in the case of Kennedy. He liked to be an oval office, a little more.
They say Lyndon. Johnson was in the situation of so much that even moved his oval office chair down there. Now, yeah Nixon in forward, apparently never used the room aged Bush Clinton use a lot. And in that two thousand six expansion included As for Homeland Security Council now in the White House, chief of Staff Office is down there now right, which is pretty interesting, but purely you get nominated to be part of the person. Oh yeah, I'm quite sure it is highly prestigious tour there two year tours here and I'm sure it's just absolutely gruelling, because basically they may You watch cable news from around the world all day. Long, there's also tons of die cables coming in
from the yeah from various embassies around the country, all of their intelligence, Roy Intelligence Guess coming through them. This route right so apparently after the bay of pigs, Kennedy was like I think he felt cut off from actual Roy Intelligence Year yet been presented with the correct actual intelligence. So he created this situation. Room basically circumvent the the intelligence community and to have his hand on raw intelligence right. So you ve got to tell you coming from around the world going to the various intelligence agencies, but each intelligence agency is also commanded. To send their raw intelligence to the situation there and then it's up to this situation, room staff to say, seems important, This is an important, but this is pretty important, compile at all in two different briefings said the president gets daily.
Usually in the morning and in the evening, is well yeah and if you're part of staff you're you're, like we said handpicked for that to your thing in Europe. They said you know it's, it's a very big you haven't even temperament. You have to be cool under pressure. You have to we have these spur of the moment, coherent, intelligence, conversations like with the present on a moment's notice, you can't be, like president, a key believe it you Apparently this article said you know, I think this from the sea I had said you know you need to check your ego the door at this job. One director situation in director said to an incoming duty officer: Just remember, there are many important people who work in the White House and you are not one of them. I love that quote. Eighty two, so you know the it varies with the president's, but basically every day the watch team puts together something called the morning book
for the present the vice president- and you know, whoever I'm a White House staff is, I guess, authorized to get this right. And in this morning book is the Yom. Well, it the reaffirmation of the first thing you're worth the national intelligence dailies and there, the state apartments morning summary is in there any kind of intelligence reports, and then I think the family circle, right just to keep things like right in it p he says, put scary. In the morning book is this is in the car, the national security adviser when their picked up- and they all said the since daily brief. That's the CIA is daily prepared briefing basically and like this. Every day. These are these briefs and reports that the senior people then f, get every single morning of ev
single day of every year right and just to give you kind of in an eye. Of how how much information is coming into these poor saps twenty four hours a day? If something does happen right, if there's like a cry, somewhere around the world, there is like a revolution breaking out you have all of the people who were involved in that crisis say that area or its related to again energy or say it's like a bull outbreak, rightly like sweeping so you'd have all the people involved in the sky into the situation room right just being like we could give us all. The information you got keep us updated, tells it's going on like every five sex, but if you're the situation, room staff, you, like that's great and you're, having a crisis radio but worse still, trying to pay attention to the rest of the world to write like a crisis is
It's obviously not meaningless to these people, but it's all it's all relative, because they can't just stop paying attention to China. Because as an employer outbreak in Africa correct. You know here so that this I take my hat off to them. For me, able to keep up with all the stuff here and in the union Obviously certain times are a little more com what have we speaking than others, but yeah, don't think I'd be very good, but there is never a day where there's not something going on in the world that at least who in that region is gonna feel as super important to catch the president's eye wreck. You know you're gonna put something in those intelligence briefings like you know, there's a russian plain this air space, and we don't know why, right you know. If there's one thing I ve
from researching this episode Chuck. It's that the United States is very nosey yeah so it's a situation of chicken. It's almost kind of like its own thing right. It's like it. One of those old timey, tenement, close lines directly between it and the President of the President's so chooses, or at least the national. Eddie Council staff, which makes the National Security Council kind of its own thing here. You don't owe me like it. Its own it definitely is its own agency. But if you look back at the original king national mandate. The the point of it was. It was supposed to be a forum, a place where the different heads of of department- cabinet members came together and said: this is what we need to do now. This is what we need to do, Mr President, to write at, but with this this, the Should the situation room and some other some other moves that President's have made them,
creating the position of the national security adviser? It has become its own party, its own thing, to wear. Yes, it's responsible for coordinating policy, calling meetings and getting everybody to the table, but it also has its bringing its own views in policies on policies now, whereas before it was disposed to be a place where the the existing cabinet members came and talked about policy, there was a big change in and I think that that took place beginning with Eisenhower and the year the creation of the national security adviser, but definitely also the creation of situation room and this direct pipeline to the president for raw intelligence is well yeah, like we said earlier, like each president, can can organise things how they like. You know how they prefer to have things organised in them
ain't, no Johnson. He would have Lyndon Johnson apparently had regular to say working lunches where he brought together. The CIA director chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Secretary of State in defence and they'll head. You know, salad, wraps every Tuesday and enchanted about what goin on today's always jobs under Nixon. Apparently he you know he obviously worked so closely with Kissinger that I get feeling that he didn't. He didn't like meetings with a large amount of people. I don't think he trust a very many people. There are legal basis it and then, of course, for did exactly what Nixon didn't terrific surprise and then I know I think you said Carter didn't use a very much will this art I mean. Article rightly says that Carter. It said it he can his own ideas and the
and ass. He was not as much of behind the scenes managers what they owe it is maybe with other administration yeah. He used the national security advisers, kind of policy mouth piece to the country. It said the prince of the weight of the present offensives like a spokesperson and that that they kind of made the the National Security Advisor
a lot more prominent, which is actually something that has been started under the Nixon administration when he appointed Henry Kissinger tell her when he had Henry Kissinger is his Nessus cutie visor, because Kitchen Kissinger Buck the trend in that the national security adviser went from somebody who is in charge of coordinating policy, getting everybody the table figuring out. You know what the president needed to know to actually formulating foreign policy right, which I think is another thing that some president's have tasked or, if not test, successive national security advisers with, but there was a big change. Is it that you know Kissinger was saying this is this? Is how the? U S needs to
respond to this kind of thing here this. This is the way our energy policy should be. I can go back to that. Well, but it's it's a great well yeah, yeah Reagan comes along and after Carter and really changes things within a sea to the point where we decided to do an entirely new podcast and not talk of This much on Irian, Contra, yeah, but to say There was over. Each goin on under his innocence is probably a bit of a understatement. Gay turned it into like a clandestine covert operations agency is not sweaty it is a study which came along and kind of restored order. A bet apparently set up a really good system like a good, a working system. With his oh chart and all these committees that were going on at a pair, He was so successful and sort of disconnect making it a. Really functioning body that that that bill
his his love, his little buddy, I must have little Buddy George W Bush assure a guess, his son. I guess you were but he's thereby said Davos and stuff like that, and I am thinking of it and then oh bomber. They all kind of followed suit. Following h, W bushes sort of work is a organisms tional flow, yet because it works so well. Yeah and its basically I am well, I guess we should talk about it. You won't take a break first year and taught by these committees yeah nor charts coming up right after
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and so we're gonna keep one hundred for you all the time. So join me on the spirited actor pod cast each week on, I heard radio apple pie, gas or wherever you get your pocket so chuck US breakdown, the National Security Council, let's break it down form fella their committee now within the inner see. Are we going from bottom? The top sure go ahead, started the bottom? Ok, fine you! So you ve got policy coordinated committees, the pc, so policy coordinated committees right they basically are they
a focus, a specific focus, whether it's on a region or a year, a particular interest. Maybe energy and dumb These these committees are made up of people from different agencies, whether it's you know, intelligence, community or the Department of Energy or who, whoever has said in that region, or that particular policy right and they are made up of experts on it. But I want to see their low level there within their actual agency. There probably pretty high up sure and they come together.
In their keeping an eye on stuff right. Their monitoring changes. There may be saying we're board. We need to come up with a brand new policy for America to undertake in this regard are in this region night. Yet and dumb essay crisis comes along, and I say that this is the Middle EAST policy Coordinating committee. Something happens, oh I don't know, there's a gas attack in Syria right right this. This policy committee is obviously there, so there will be some other parallel thing from the raw intelligence going through the situation room, but this committee also spring into action, and it would start bubbling up. It would start writing policy papers, they weigh down just awful theories and hypotheses and they would go to the people directly, above them the deputies committee, and there was a we need to give the present
moving on this. Whatever their says, yeah in their deputies committee is headed by the Deputy National Security advisor and things are getting kind of serious. At this point, all the deputy heads of the departments are included on this committee and I get the feeling that I get the feeling that this is just the next level of of weeding out things right exactly- and eventually, if it makes a way to the principles Committee, that's just below the act, or in a sea and that headed by the National Argus, convened as what they say by the National security adviser, write him or herself and National Security Council is actually made up of the president, the vice president, the Secretary of State Secretary of Defence Secretary of Energy, I believe, and the national security adviser and then there's other border called observers.
The rector of National intelligence, who is the person who is in charge of the entire intelligence community firmly- and I say in the CIA, to coastguard. And I say in the CIA to coastguard intelligence, everybody who snooping Have the United States. This person is, at the top of the whole community, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, who is the representative of the armed forces of the military, says the military's voice in the National Security Council, and once these, these people are talking about an issue or a policy. It sir, that's about his high level as it gets and the point of it reaching this committee is that these people are all saying this is the best option. No, no. This is the best option. We need to talk to me No, we need this sheets of missiles off and then the president has to decide
yeah and you know like we said that it can be organised within certain bounds of a law as the presidency's fit and you know anyone who follows the news the United States or abroad about the United States, was quite a shake up in, and you know earlier this year when our current president exclude the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff and the director of national intelligence from they weren't like banned from the USA, but they weren't on the list of like hey you. You need to be at all these meetings all the time it was more like you, I think the drug war was. You shall attend where issues pertaining to your responsibilities and expertise, Herbie to be discussed random There was a big uproar in the press and the White House played it and said you know. This is not the real change like in past administrations, the chairman, the joint Chiefs of staff and director Intelligence aren't at all the meetings either they're, usually at the once it.
Into them. So what's what gives? What's the deal here like quit? Making a big deal about this, and also this this guy see Bannon my at my political strategies, is a full fledged member. That was a big deal for a little while right, because just this week, as we're recording in real time. Mr Batten has been excuse and of course he the White House and Ban and tried to play it up like you know what he was never gonna be on their permanently. He was in there to undo Susan Rice was Obama's. National security adviser is wet Ban and said, and then official said now, use They are to monitor Michael Flynn, the first national security advice who is already gone, and now the he's gone, we really need ban in his work is done. That's really what kind of wanted him in there for to begin with, has just crazy to watch this yeah and I'm gonna make anyone bought that I don't know
Republicans bought that spin yeah. There was clearly a there is currently a clearly there's a Colonel struggle going on with with apparently banning and the it. Son in law jeered, cushion her and come to the point where the president was like, you know, because workers bout or argument solve it in family matters Donald Trump, and I think and understands that yeah. It's definitely looks like the knives around a ban and he doesn't have a lot of friends elsewhere in the White House. So if the president is turning on him, then its debts Goodness Rusty Ban, and we will see how this place out. But yesterday, were you know. Donald Trump was quoted, is kind of that. The courts were very cool on his support for abandoned, cool cause in he was gonna like hey. I think
some, like you know, he's a good guy, but you know hidden hook up with me until China. Recently, yes Father, that's that a ringing endorsement. You know so when I put ban and on like he gave him a permanent seat on the National Security Council. There was a big deal because President's have had political advisers on their National Security Council. That's been done before, but never like a permanent reserve, see at all the meetings, and it sent like a really big message and the message was the political. Ramifications of decision or a policy outcome are just as important as say like the military or diplomatic ramifications up they're gonna, be it's going to be taken into account just as much, and I think this way a lot of people were killed by that
because you you don't want it to be politically, you don't want your decisions to be. You know, well were how will this affect my vote or something like that down the road? That's how a lot of people to abandons appointment to the National Security Council yeah this new guy who came in Flynn. Hr Mc Master has apparently created. A lot of worry by a lot of peoples is a three star general he's only one of three active duty military to serve as National security advisor There is an active duty, military guy and his apparently well respected inside it. Outside of the military you didn't. He I think you were didn't restored. The joint use of seven yeah director of national intelligence. Yes, he did and
the reason why there was a bizarre move in apparently it's it's that George W Bush did the same thing, but the since two thousand one there's not any american foreign policy issue or crisis that doesn't involve the intelligence community and the military register, the direction America's gone, so I mean that kind of falls in line with trumps stated policy of isolationism. This kind of saying now we're gonna rain. That back in, I think, that's probably what he was doing, but I dont know that a lot of elites in Washington have faith that he in actual plan. Rather than was just sending a message. Janata mean right. Well was short lived.
So this make master guy though he em, he actually made his name by writing a dissertation criticising Lyndon Johnson, some military advisers on the National Security Council. During Vietnam he wrote his thesis and it could turn into a by selling book called election of duty on the train and a lot of people are like a man, the skies great he's all about being open enough for an honest with the president, I than other people read the book and said the sky is a is a military guy who's who saying that you shouldn't listen to the president's wishes in military action to act on its own, so I think most people subscribed to the former reading of it. Yet they actually is a pretty pretty young smart guy and is not simply is not calling for the military to act independently of the president's wishes.
More than he was indicting the president's advisers for not being forthright and upright in clear and was just kind of going along with Johnson telling him what he wanted to hear. As far as Vietnam, when it is interesting to have thick ice, interesting do my master is yeah really. Is that the end themselves, like, obviously we contacted nausea about. Meetings and the bureaucracy, but aside from this one of their one of the other things that they do, as you know, the president has a call with affordable. There's gonna be a senior staff member from me, and I see there with them. They're gonna, brief and beforehand say: hey you're, gonna you're about to get on a car with, let's say the leader of North Korea, and he has said that all safe and all the time and they
They will probably talk want to talk about this, and this is sort of the important things that we need to cover and they may mention this- and you may want to respond this way. Don't talk about how much like that such Rogan movie, the interview avoid at all costs avoid that. Did you see that yeah was any good? Oh, you didn't see it now It is pretty funny near the air with them. I mean it's a set Rogan James Franco, taking on a really pronounced opinion on a specific policy matter, but it was briefly like that has but say maybe us here, but I know what I would recommend if you're sitting around watch it and so on You know this phone call take place in the end that in a sea staffers generally there through the gall and taking notes, and then that then, is super useful information to take back down to their committee or sub. Coming
so that's just like another one of their duties, basically, is what making for the present as all the Asian and basically any meeting or call that they're gonna take with any foreign later yet, and so what I am, I think I can sum up. The National Security Council, like that, Somebody has an idea but say that they deserve that it would be great for America's position in the world if we dedicated June first as National Flower Power Day comes up from a committee, includes bubbling up and bubbling up and bubbling up in each time that passes from one community another somebody say yes, I think this is a good idea. I'm gonna put my rapid on line by saying it should be taken of the president and finally, all the way, the national security adviser? Who is the gatekeeper to the president on all matters of foreign policy and national Security and
he or she decides what's worth taking. The president is specifically was worth waking the president up at three, a m yeah have you ever heard this story about Carter, Jimmy Carter's, NASA security of No, are you ready hear me drawn on a chair? Ok, so back in November nineteen. Seventy nine at three I am around then Zbigniew Brzezinski, who is the national security adviser to Carter? got a call from nor add that showed that the Soviet Union had lunch. Twenty two hundred nuclear missiles at the United States and they were on their way and it was up to Brzezinski decide whether this was a fluke, a glitch, ignored system, Just a teenager and the Pacific Northwest exactly trying to changes grades
right so this guy in the mill than I had the terrible job of do. I kick this up to the president and let the person who could launch a nuclear an attack on the Soviet Union make their decision or do I sit on this and say this is now This is a fluke. This is a nor a glitch, and I hear decided by an he decided. Now it's a glitch He was right. It was a glitch in apparently that happen a number of times that we came very clear. To launching a counter attack against a phantom strike that had actually been launched during the cold war and a Brzezinski apparently had nerves steel when it came to stuff like that, but that's a pretty good example avoided. National security advisers meant to do like you're the person last person to decide whether to take it to the president and escalated or not, while I say well as well,
well, and because I know people the of keen eye of pop culture. History will point this out. I will be to the punch and note that that is the second Debbie. Woman reference in the show. Oh yeah, nice was not expecting that Africa. He was great in both movies. Yes, if we can do so, work in and ninety five reference before it's all out and I think he's a man. He was great the really loved love, Daphne common seller, I think he's still alive and doesn't act much oh good, for him is enjoying life. Unless he's now it unless it is only my she's recently passed on, I could be thinking movie short time where he was dying and tried to get himself killed, so his family could get his pension? Does it get movie to which one short time don't forget, seen that one either
took it up all you need to do a double feature short time. In the interview, hey, he still alive, controlled, hey Daphne comment. I anything else. I don't think so. I ever more movie recommendation the documentary called the fog of war. I answer the thought. I'd negotiator. I was a good one. And I have a reading recommendation to forging anyone, of course, but have you ever read you have you seen zero dark? Thirty, oh yeah case. Apparently, as far as some Seymour Hirsch, the great investigative journalist says that is all bs.
Government propaganda, the whole official marked, bowed in zero dark thirty account of how Bin Laden was found. None necessarily the rate itself, but how he was found in everything leading up to the raid right is, is just spin and aided actually was much simpler and less glamorous than that, and he rode a series of essays for the London Review of books and specifically the killing of Osama Bin Laden that one cannot lays out the whole thing behind it: The interesting to how really went down was there like. We need to find where Osama Bin Laden is in someone called and said he's right over there. I see him he's gonna Mcdonald. It went almost like that. I accept the first. Where they said we need to find out where he is didn't happen. Somebody just walked in and then said he's a Mcdonald and they said we should spanker yeah murmur
Farmers are John Crier, Mcdonald's and metals Angelus. Do you remember the day after the surely sheen freak out what's going on here, and there was one day to see John Crier zeal It was, you know he was upstairs stress eating Mcdonald Year because it in a hundred thousand dollars per se yeah his arm his cash cow, the tv show, was being threatened by his kooky Gostar Didn't pay money to go see tarnishing. Did I hear no? No, my taste. Ok! Now I've never everything. I remember when you went on to earth for some reason I thought you went to that no I have more respect for a reason to think that you actually would it paid money for that right. I've, gotten and free, maybe right if- Want to know more about the National Security Council, just go to the White House and knock out the front door and ask him to give you two right in the meantime
the foundation to that is the type National Security Council in the search bar has to works and it'll bring up this article and since That, aside for listen, I make my friend Tracy Steve Ban in the Hague? She said he looks like a beach bar drunk. I can see that actually yeah like he looks like he should be wasteful in every further when he used to and then somebody said you need to start wearing suits I call this empathy response. You guys, listen to empathy today had a good laugh. It checks impression of a doctor the pieces there's something somewhere happen to me around fourteen. I was junior high school, some trade union senior year. My parents sent me the scout camp three days in the trip when the other kids cast a fishing line. Without any bade, and I walked right behind him in the hook lodged right into my eyeball. Ah,
skin around my eye, the eyeball yard It is a valid children's near Fresno and for emergency surgery waiting for them to prepare and operating room anesthesiologists came in. Look at my eye and shouted oh, my guide, his eye is going to collapse and transit. You're so calling me he made sense at the time by the way, a hearing. If you say something like that about, my eyeball would probably bring me out any other circumstance, but they had me drugged up pretty good at the time. I still remember thinking at the reaction was probably now a doctor should react things if they want to keep their patients com. Fortunately, it had a happy ending the towns and surgeon he took care me got the hook out without it, damage to my site, married everything. He only evidence that ever happened is a very fine. Are in the light of my boy is, doesn't close, Much is the one in the other eye
your Mirren neurons is going preserved right now in the worst. Why well funny, because she said I didn't really hard, but she said for your merit of neurons to fire you at the beginning. Thanks rather less analogy, goes drop on me during my commute sort of my job new job? science writer for Caltech last week, sweet and I've been recommending sufficient. No to my very smart newcomer, and that is from my Emily Glasgow thanks a lot Emily rate, one that was terrible and horrible, but great yes, glad it all worked up with a good luck. Is a science writer send us all of your interesting articles? Please I've! You have some interesting articles. You want us to read. Maybe will turn it into a step. We should decide. Who knows you can tweet to us it s. Why escape our guest
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