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How the U.S. Postal Service Works

2013-03-14 | 🔗

The USPS is currently teetering on the edge of going under and there are a lot of plans to save it, from cutting Saturday service to creating federally-protected email addresses linked to individuals at birth. Join Chuck and Josh as they explore the history and future of the postal service.

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I thought she met was make it greatly in five minutes. What right we need like little anti tin cans to spearhead did make it sound like hired. You enjoy that's great heavy theory there was the thumbs and now, in our new murder, room Jerry is within art eyesight. Then, after a long way off where she was not within our range of viewing. I know it is we're because now I'm looking at you, but I can clearly see my personal vision that ASEAN face waving, suppressing her teeth rearranging the severed human heads that are in jars hell around the place. That's creepy yeah! You won't talk post office, men yeah, you want to give the disclaimer they really talking about the post office in the? U S of a suggested. Ok,
we don't know how works in your country, no one actually is probably not nearly as interesting is. What's going on with the? U S, postal service, the? U S, p s yet, because I don't know if you no sir, not check that the EU s pieces in a lot of trouble. There. Their solvency, that the amount of money that they have to keep the lights on and keep everything going is expected to run out in October, two thousand thirteen, if they don't do something else this year yeah. I think so Sixteen billion dollars last year, yes, in five billion a year before, so that's it three times, as much money in a year, that's bad news. Here's the caviar that six Billion dollar lost them
Seven billion of that was in payments to the future benefits of postal workers that have not yet retired, but well, yes, and the post serve. The postal service is the only federal agency of any sort that is required to pre pay. Its employees benefits for the future and he doesn't six a lame duck session of Congress said you know what you guys need to make sure that your workers are taking care of right, so you guys have to start preparing and over the next ten years and they have been and they ve been bleeding money. I mean like a sixteen billion dollar loss One billion of it was to these future payment August. That would make sense. Then, then, if you took out that eleven, they would just be at about the same losses before right, a mere five billion a year right, but in that's a lot of money to live, it is, but
figuring out ways to make up for their actual ass. One of the big ones is on the table. Now is cutting out Saturday delivery yeah are getting worse; they gather they figure. They can recoup two billion dollars a year. By doing that, since then, the down to three, the thing is: is the posts for the Post office is part of the executive branch. Man at all over the place is a part of the executive branch to part of the federal government, but it gets zero dollars intact, There is also a thrill kill cult. That's the horrible secret, the yes there all right, so they get no money besides what they can make off of their revenue gather Sally Corporation right, so they get no, but they didn't, but there also or under the purview of the federal, the federal government. So weird we're thing and they can act without asking Congress in Congress
exactly been forthcoming lately. Yet they have an approved the Saturday thing it had a congress. Here's the thing is, and I still up they ve been trying to get caught. Super that forever the Senate pass the bill. That said after two years, will let you cut out Saturday serve give you a Levin billion dollars and over payments that you guys made towards their retirement stuff. All is the fact that went to the house in the house to do anything with it right there. So you know the fiscal cliff. Well, you, the! U S, Congress passed a stopgap measure, basically a federal budget that says with period were were still able to operate right, bright and the? U S PS, as ha, you didn't, Klute our mandate from nineteen it is one that we have to carry out Saturday. Service rain that stop get so technically under current federal law, We'll have to carry out research in their arguing that legally sudden, sand, that's the loophole, they're gonna use to shut down. Sarah deserve yes, burning now medicines, just package's they're, gonna, deliver package sincerity
and here's a really good reasonings eyes their revenues from packages of increased sixteen percent over the last ten years, whereas first class mail in letters have gone down. Thirty two then I believe so they're making all almost all their money can only forty five since the male letter from Florida. Hawaii forty six is a forty six, but they make. However much shipping in the thing game, which is where they make all their money, which is IRAN equally the one place. They don't have a monopoly as far as the male gas, I'm glad to see medicine mail order, medicine on that less to express rail packages in medicine because it first like who cares, I don't need I dont yet I dont need my mail on a Saturday right for you, your medicine on a Saturday curse you go by well, that's why they incur as you know, some they still deliver right and post offices that are already open on saturdays will still be open on saturdays yeah. So if you wanna go to your p o box,
maybe they'll be some male. Maybe there won't be who not a bet? You ve had a p o box. I've been thinking about this. Having now, really you have you now. You just struck me as a kind of person that would have had appear, but one point of its work my guns in the mail. So I'm pretty worked up about this. As you can see, it can interesting. Who'd have thought that the postal service would ever be interesting thing. Parts of this event, trusting, and we would just wanna, go and say hello to all of our postal carriers out there near that. Listen to our show! who who one is over during the Bush error, because we ve got an email from you guys in and gas yet, including one of our favorite people out there is a postal workers were knocked him. Oh yeah this. When should really be a tribute to enough, I didn't he
area. I'm he's always been kind of cryptic about what he does but time under the distinct impression I have employed by the postal service right of Bengal oars, then austrian yeah. This is for you, but ok. So, let's talk about this talk about the postal service may anymore, just about the? U S, ts, to catch your heart. So for a little while, even after the advent of electronic mail. The postal services, the among male, they were delivering, was still increasing as of today, seven, it was on an upward trajectory, sorry to than six right yeah two hundred and thirteen billion one hundred and thirty seven million pieces of mail that year yeah one sixty seven now yeah and then there was this written did think two dozen. Seventy doesn't it ok.
Then they had seven hundred thousand employees. Now they have about five hundred and eighty thousand job a ban in and trim the budget mode yank for the past few years Well, in my reason minds, he doesn't six. They also made seventy two point: eight billion dollars. I mean those thing: if they're, not Vienna two dozen eleven they made sixty six billion, while not that yeah they're still losing a lot of money. I mean that's what seven billion dollars indifference in five years, new snacking good, I'm so, without wit, others come from Chuck. It came from back Yonder day, you know people, the communicate, obviously from long distances and in sixteen thirty nine, they you know colonists here than in the new, I guess state yet, but in the new world, needed to get word back to England, occasionally and savings. I K quit bugging ass, her hey since more
tea and crumpets, and so the first official postal service established in one thousand six hundred and thirty nine Richard Fairbanks Tavern in Boston was the official mail drop for oversee their messages, and that was the place to go. If you under males up here- and I couldn't find- happened or where went on the other side of the Atlantic, are you not? I would imagine that I have just pointed out. Poverty said: Haze, earn email, I say: oh, you turn around and fell hundred miles back to your village. So that was a step. One step too was about forty isa. Years later, six and eighty three in pan establish very famous person. Obviously the first official post office in PEN, Slovenia gives them after and I love the side note here in the south private messages- were descent between plantations, so they were probably just give it to a slave and say carry this over to that guy.
And then flash mortal a bit more ninety, one of the british crown gave too any Thomas Neil at twenty one, grant yet for the postal in the United States and he paid like seven seven shillings a year. So let's nothing right. He still died in debt. Did he really with a monopoly? So the postal service is always been coming, tricky to call they from interesting there, so that continue to seventeen. Seventy four and a lot of big stuff was here in IRAN that time like hey, we don't want you anymore in England controlling us over here. Yet axis so we're gonna start in establish our own constitutional post office for for any kind of male going from. Anywhere, basically enter colonial male yeah yeah image was very cutting edge.
They? Naturally you know that when the British were carrying out the postal service on behalf of the colonies in the colonies, there's a guy named Benjamin Franklin who was appointed the postmaster Philadelphia and he actually killed it as postmaster course. He did. He liked they improve the roads. He said, like we're, gonna start working like twenty four hours a day. We have like lots of ships. Going to put up milestones like the the postal service help improve the connected nests of the colonies. Thanks to him. So in the Continental Congress it hey, we want our own postal service Ben Franklin. Became the first postmaster general sure and of course he ran it like a tight ship and he's always do they get a feeling if we could like erect him and bring him out today. He could fix what's going on in this country. Yet say something pity and asked for a glass of sherry Speckly. This to me, when I get super interesting was in the nineteenth century, when westward expansion happen, California
rush, all of a sudden we needed to get stuff from the EAST coast to San Francisco would say so is possible with crazy is possible was to go down New York around Florida, Caribbean. Yes, I like a steamship, yet it through the Caribbean and then across, like Panama and then on the pacific side. You, California, though, is the fastest way to get me out for a while. Yet how long out of three to four, to send a letter from the east coast. S ghost and that's you know the best case scenario. Ryan. I told that's what that's, how the? U S, the EAST coast, communicated with the West Coast for a while until some stage droughts routes were m, were established. There is a southern round. There is a central right yet and the southern rat you can supposedly use year round. Jerk is lovely down here, but then the central rather was faster, but they said you can't use that you around their storms, yeah,
so kill me man. The way these to companies back then was so like it makes perfect sense. You basis said what you did like one: the Pacific Male Steamship company. Said we're gonna carry your mail to the Pacific by steam ship and then the overland male company, like while we're gonna, do overly. So that's what we're gonna go accompany yeah, so they get there track. The overly male company along the southern round, took about twenty five days and then my favorite one of my favorite parts of american history was born. The real yeah. It's just so amazing, like the other idea that they had to do this. It was a different company, those competing they wanted to get that contract away from the overly company right this year in p p- and they said you know what we know- the censure out shorter working to prove that we can use it you around, and we set up something that it's gonna blow, this twenty five day thing out of the water and they set up the pony express yet and they had station but every ten twenty miles
and a rider would ride from Saint Joseph Missouri to Sacramento be part of a line of right, while the other sticky they go about a hundred miles in they change horses every like ten or fifteen miles he has the same right. It would change horses because they they rode the average ten miles an hour which then some fast, but you gotta factor annulled, Sierra Nevada is where they're just crawling up these mountains, so these deeds were riding hard and on flat, ground averaging ten miles an hour right, yeah and they're going twenty four hours a day either going to thousand miles ten miles an hour. That's what twenty hours, no that's two hundred hours, so it is that is less than ten days so that that cuts their overland companies rate by hundred fifty percent yeah the there was always one Writers, known EAST once had gone West ya. Think when you, when you were
leave by another rider yeah. You hang out at the station and then the other for some mighty come the other way and then relieve them. Yet they were paid. Really well at the time twenty five bucks a week which, at the time unskilled neighbours made about a dollar week so, and that did you read the first ever put in now, wanted young skinny. Why fellows not over eighty must be expert writers willing to risk death daily orphans preferred and that Maybe legend, but supposedly that's what it says. Apparently they were young, little light life, skinny kids, because you know you didn't want some big dude like me upon a horse. The horse of the water I d worthy. So there are like young boys, like I think, the younger ones like fourteen our and supposedly Buffalo Bill coding
was a rider, although people have disputed that now area near his is the stuff of legend, while his by far and away the most famous famous pony, express writer, if in fact he did get but anyway, so so think about the amount of infrastructure built up along this central out to have a state. Every ten or twenty miles you ve got all these employees they proved it. They proved that the censure vote could be used ie around. And so they got the contract and right now the overly company got a contract to use. It these that same route that was already established in the pony expresses like you have to be kidding me and so the EU, the US government said now: you guys do half and then let the company did the other half. And they were mad for about a year and a half and real angry and then the telegraph line was comply.
Now everyone like, oh well. I guess I guess we're all out of business now, yet there was it yet pony expressed his soul. The Wells Fargo in basically shut down yet think American Express ended up, branching out of Wealth Fargo to ya, like these are old old companies, and these modern banks and credit card companies is interesting upward. Go back but think about that man, even as far back as the mid Nineteenth century new technology with pudding delivery out to pasture near them delivery would evolve, unlike figure out how to come back. That's critical foreshadowing is so. This is a big jump forward to the midnight teen sixties. Yeah, but what happened in between and it didn't? Actually we started to go them further. There under the suburbs. There is a huge pile.
Nation boom in the in the Post war era and business history to realise the value of direct mailing and all these factors put together meant that the postal service was totally overwhelmed yet completely because it became so big deal. Everyone was written letters and they were using the same old hand. I guess hen, delivery methods so methods. You thought it was. They were automated at all and they needed to be right, and so there is a postal reform that that was undertaken. Yeah- and this was in nineteen. Seventy wine, the Post Office department and added Now this is a shortly after I was born. We weren't you, the United States postal Service until nineteen. Seventy one knew now. When we officially became the usb ass, it became an independent established. Was no longer part of the cabinet of the federal government right, but was part of the executive branch and got the monopoly basically did
Romania, even though it was supposedly just a company and and they re up the mandate firm. I think seventeen. Ninety two that said you were the postal service, is one of the most essential services of the federal government. Here now person is cut off in this country. None shall not get deliver exactly here. Everyone's going to have a mail box in everyone's going to get mail to that mailbox every day, because we need to help keep intellectual freedom going in in ideas in business, in commerce going all the time in the postal services. This federal agency that carries that out and I am sure that put a financial burden on them when people started building in these like especially rich people when they started building in these remote area, because then, all of a sudden, he had to add that to your route, Thirdly, it sixty miles up the mountain and that's the only out, there's there's a guy who services the Grand Canyon there's a group of Indians live at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. He has a donkey train. It goes on there every day with the male yeah I mean it's part of its effects,
and you have to be able to get male. Everyone has an mailboxes, acknowledge it ass. He spoke signals. They do in fact that actually read article and spoke signals Oh yeah yeah, I was going to say we should progress on it, but it's it's like super basic is the road it would be like if I've met about gas or will have. Figures have already agreed that interesting. So do we going, postal now's sort is thrown in the middle of this. He really was talking about how packages that delivered in others. It says, and then people started killing each other in eighteen. Eighty six yeah, which Surely the post office has the dubious distinction of kicking off the workplace? Shooting trend in the United States was at the first one, as far as I could tell rights in eighteen, eighty, six, Edmund Oklahoma, Rick Henry a Cheryl killed. Fourteen coworkers
nineteen anyone, another one happened, including a supervisor getting killed with a samurai sort. You November one thousand nine hundred and ninety one Thomas Mcilvaine shot and killed for co workers. When did five, others then shot himself, and then ninety ninety three and then in two thousand three, two more incidences of postal workers killing fellow postal workers is like just between eighty six. Ninety seven forty people died at postal Post offices from postal rampage IA and gave birth to the term going postal, which is used as a vernacular fur like losing it. Yes, ITALY, and if you're interested in that at all, there is a really good documentary. I think it's a Netflix streaming right now called murdered by proxy area in its all about the postal shootings we like, where they came from. There's a lot of scrutiny at like that of the management techniques of people at Post offices,
gotta be something to it. I mean how you, if you what's it like it, is regularly how many other industries had that many authors, shootings here retail, very early youth, the homicide rate is three times higher in retail than it is at the post office. You gotta go in retail right that this major going shopping, boldly drinking the Kool aid. They really drank flavour aidance right. Could someone with a distinct, yeah, I suppose, go and who is not here I mean we had dimension it, but I do want to dwell on, but it was in this article, the way it went cigarette them came up out of nowhere, hello step. You should know listeners. Do you want a new year's resolution? That's easy to keep yes results! to help protect your identity and personal info with lifelong identity theft, protection, lifelong alert you to potential that's too your identity and they see more, though what you can see by just monitoring your own credit, like your info, the dark web and that's a big deal yet, and if you have a problem life? U S based restoration specialists, no, the steps to take two
resolve your case after all, only One in five identity theft, victims who had accounts open in their names discovered their theft through a bank or credit card company, of course, no one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all business, this but lifelike? The new year's resolution does not easy to keep. It will help you protect what you ve worked so hard for get lifelike for up to twenty five percent off your first year, gonna lifelike, dotcom, slash stuff! That's why flocked outcomes less stuff for up to twenty five percent off zip codes, this chemical, Zip codes were introduced in nineteen, sixty three and then officially put in place and mandatory the nineteen sixty seven, because so much male going on. You headed categorize it more specifically right that was part of that the post office being swamp. This is the first step towards automation, was like a standardized
we hope that one will they did have other ones, but it was like one. New York City, or something like that in earlier says. If this, just a nice little cocktail party factoid since rezoning prevent plan. I never knew that till I read that. Did you know that I have before, but I I'd forgotten. Ok, so design improvement plan and its he and the United States at least it's a five digit number represents You know a location, obviously, where you're trying to send someone and now they have the zip code plus four in some areas of like, I guess, major urban areas have low more specificity right, legally delivery to your like they put it on your stomach. If you be helped plus, for I think certain buildings even will have their own plus four. If it's a big enough building right or if you get a mail as a person without hereafter is a plus for free. It says that some high volume, male receivers didn't unlike
cool male above to give the man said the first it they're represent the state here in Georgia. That's a three: it increases as he move west and there are some states that share each digit. Nearly two is taken up by lot estates, there's the District of Columbia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Marilyn, their Virginia West, Virginia man, all two's I've been a man. If I lived in one of those states, so then you get it. And third digits those regions within the state. The first thing of those great which called the ass. He echoed the sectional sinner facility, and then the fourth and fifth digits, our even the civic, basically just and down as you go left right until you, ve got just Clarks. Sweat like this state. This section facility get this post office, yet his neighborhood yeah and then maybe this billing net is high volume. Male receiver, thinkers
That's right, so you ve got the zip code. They're allowed automation, illumine factors the yours, postal service doesn't use, handle a ton of the. U S is male handles. Forty percent of all of the male in the world are really yeah. Well, so before zip code, this was difficult it also went from fear mailing something from New York to San Francisco. It went through every distribution facility in the three between New York and San Francisco before it got there really. Yes, now zip codes Well, let's talk about how a letter does. Ok, then. This is all thanks to zip codes, soap, our little love letter a mail, it said Emily, which is weird we lived together. I just be romance: that's exe! A great example, though, because you can male something from your mailbox to be delivered back to you. I reckon I never done it. That's it. That's the the
poor man's trademark, though right I've heard about it is the male something that yourself into those old. I think it depends on the judge you probably, So you put your mailbox postal carriers. Gonna pick it up, they can take it to the post office. They're gonna, put it on a truck and then take that from the post office to a processing plant. Where we have a long awaited machines, duets, sorting shape and size. Yet what first, sort. Everything out mixture everything's facing the right way up right, yeah then the idea that the package's we'll package are put on one wench belt and then writers are put out another and there the letter, Saint Louis. You stick with the letter that Europe its it goes into a slot. So it's facing upwards upright for front words and upright, and then they put a little barcode on the back in the letter in. I think ultraviolet ink
Well, first thing it does. Is it gets a postmark and cancellation lines? Basically, you can't use the stamp again. You don't even try to be cheap. We ve seen the wide objects we seem doctoring up. A stamp was the federal offense. It probably is, and then so after that the barcode printed on the back of a piecemeal and then there's an up. Oh scanner. That reads the address, which is pretty cool and if he is, there really really really accurate to yet. But if your handwriting is terrible, they have a new system. Now, where the this conveyor belt takes a picture of it, send emails picture you a human being at a computer. Who reads awaits us what I think you visited types it in and then it so it stays on the line. It doesn't have to come out any longer, ask let's pretty Lena technology, and then so based on this. This address, including the zip code, it Prince BAR code at the bottom
If you look at a letter any letter you get has little bar code on yeah, it's a dance with red. That's right! That's the thing on the back is invisible. I think right now is for us. This is showing off we're Is a blank other processing machines, then read those barcodes and then sort them a little Ben's according to zip code, and it's just basically placing everything in what will eventually be a trader all be deliver back to a post office right or sorting facility, or does it go straight to oppose them? it goes to another processing plant right. So imagine each processing plant like regionally as a bunch of male coming in on trucks, that sort then sends out and then based on its zip code, that it serves it. It gets a bunch of flats from other distribution
facilities that right without our already according to visit, come so they say it's getting a flat of mail by zip code, yet it then also sorts through those and it actually sort of into an individual carriers route in order and that's what's delivered to the post. So, it arise at the post office ready to go on the truck yes, and I use that doesn't mean that the postal workers, I have much to do they all out. They'll have like circulars gesine yoke? May all they have to go through and put it for every address, all that crap at all that my recycling then basically other coupons. I remember a junk mail. Third from years new, so my colleague now from people like no, no, no, you can't you ready junk mail height. That's the point then keep innocent business, yet so
If you're gonna addressed a letter, there are a few guidelines. You know you gotta, put your address legibly in the front. Gotta put your little red return address in the upper left corner yet on the front and put it on the back upper left corner there and dont use periods, and commas like if you re P, O box is not p period o period, although it is a matter apparently it allows for greater efficiency. In reading your letter, maybe he's always put like Atlanta, comma G period. I do too and I still get there, but don't you wonder if they get there like earlier Maybe there is supposedly you need to be able to read the address at arm's length, so don't write, tiny and don't write so big that they can't do other things to the envelope like scan and stamp, and things like that and then you know you gotta put your return address, because if something happens, you want to come back to you, although I don't do that much anymore, let themselves, but like Atlanta George.
Really you dumb for your return address on it now, but I rarely male things in a lot of times when I do it's for works all this put in Atlanta. Georgia has to torture, something oh gotcha and is not the kind of thing that if it doesn't come back to me, I would care. I gotta have had some precious thing output return address. I have a feeling that you're gonna get some email from postal. Or is it like? I hate before, because whether you care, if it comes back to you and I am sure they have to get it back to you, there's what type of delivery services we surfaces services, we won't go over here, but I did want that media mail is a great little trick, not a trick, but a great tool if you're mailing things like books and doored dvds, because it super cheap, but it takes a lot, but that's part of that mandate from seventeen ninety two that they want to keep the intellectual juice of America flowing through the postal service. So here things like that, a creative stuff
Sir Correspondence Leisure, and I think that's how it if you ve ever ordered a book on Amazon for like two cents you go and how can they celebrated sense because they charge you like for ninety five for shipping and they probably pay like eight cents, the mail it with media mail? That's the greatest scammer. The twenty first century, not really mean they're, making their money via shipping instead of the book itself. But if publishers don't like it, of course, because they want to sell their books new yeah and not for two cents on Amazon, So I think we said that the postal service has a manner
Lee on delivering mail, but not delivering packages right you're, so because they're kind of in competitive business against, like you, p S and FED Ex Ante H, Ellen all those guys. Those guys of Ghana, hidden in in invested in infrastructure of say, like air delivery area, has protection of mail and the? U. The postal service has tried that before, like they try to guided missiles, nineteen fifty three, which they shot full of mail from a submarine to enable station in Florida. But as is to expand right, so the postal service said hey, you PS, Hey Fedex, you guys have a bunch of planes. Can we start putting our male on it and they said she for a few billion dollars a year and the postal service a great but at the same time they can if they stepped forward into the twenty first century? By doing so, you and
the postal service having access to everyone's mailbox is often tat by you. Pierre synthetics deliver what's called in the business. The last mile yeah so a lot of times, especially if you're a rural person, if you get something from amazon- and it was ship by you PS, but eventually it made its way into your postal this route and is being delivered by the postal service, the other's way more mixing of of package mailing than you think. It's like a Swinger Party or something pretty In part of that deal in two thousand one with that acts was hey, Fedex said: can we put our boxes? It your post offices, and they said
sure for a hundred and twenty six million dollars, and they said you now. Can we hit you right on your plane? They secure for six point three billion over seven years, but its innocence is a good agreement and they did the same with GPS and we scratch our back. You scratch yours, you ve got your bag will scratch yours, then our whenever discretion on back and look at his harder each Agatha. So if we realise that the postal service needs a few billion extra da as you say why just up the postal rates, while the federal government keeps its thumb on that, they want to make sure that anybody who knew- Two male letter can do so without great expense. Yeah. It's a big deal to change the postal rate like.
It is much more than you think. There's a layman like me. Just the idea is that, if you sent to care scale with the product- yes just print, this forever stamps genius idea to go back and reprinted bunch with the amount, great idea or the look, the one cent member embargo when the way that the one cent, yet with the ducks is like everyone needs the once it. Whenever there is a rates. Yeah he's a good. You didn't think about now So but yes, there is a very long, protracted difficult process of raising the postal rate is not very easy thing now, and it involves a ton of bureaucracy. Should we get in better, just leave it at that. It's a team in telling leave it at that. Ok, so if you are going to mean something from your house, you need your little mailbox and I just stalled mine in what seemed like a sensible manner. I didn't realize that there are rules. In fact, you're supposed to contact the Post office
before installing your mail box, which I had no idea to make sure it's like the great placement and heighten so like the the Post office person or the male carried a net to get out of the truck o build filled burnt down. If it's not that Jason. So you want to contact the post of I didn't, but I guess it is lucked out because they say generally forty one forty five inches from the road surface to the inside a floor, the mailbox or point of entry and then set back sixty eight inches from the front face of the curb or road edge to the mailbox door right. I guess I just got lucky them, because I get my mail without any burning down. You know, or without a post office spots Box, which about they been around for a couple hundred years, and that's if you want to have you a little key to your loan box in a post office and get your mail there? You can certainly do that, its handy. If you're, out of business, and you want to make people think that you're not we're
your house, you can get a post office and say: look. I have a p o box, which means I'm working under my bedroom right. It's a code, I think very getting guns in the male is out with people. Do I'm sure there's lots of people who try to get guns in the mail and appeal back. Sure looks or if you want some kinda move around a lot in the same town. Any Donna Bout, changing your mail enforcing your mail, geologist box. So those are some reasons even took feature the post office, if its around after every two thousand third year. What is the future of the bus? Well, there's a lot of stuff coming down the pike.
There's the cancellation aside, email! If this August there really go in hard after package delivery services. Now what trying to with like the flat rates- and suddenly I really like courting businesses to say, hey, consider us instead of Vps, Fedex, right and especially with prescription medicines here, because we have an aging population- is going to do nothing but increase in size. So you gonna need more prescriptions through the mail. So We get into that yeah and you can get stuff like that certified and ensured signature of delivery, approved and stuff like that. Yet its helpful part of the Post office is pledged that that you, the letter carrier, won't take your medication before delivering it at my head. Yet for some but there is also a line of clothing. Coming out postal service life of clothing coming out shut up, I'm not kidding they'll grain heater snow, Unless we almost didn't mention this so that the postal Services creed right
neither rain nor snow nor sleep, sleep, hollan rain or sleep. Now, nor need snow, nor rain, nor he'd, nor gloom of night stays these carriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds, and it's actually not the postal services. Motto then I'll have won, but it's been linked to them in its actually and adaptation of something from Heroditus. The greek historian who is making a comment about how the Persians, even during their war and like five hundred BC, they were one of the first ones to establish a real. The service and even during war, the postal service didn't stop. There were still documents being delight in Heroditus is coming commenting on them that, through that came from it should include like or loss of lives, It did originally like that's ever taken over the loss of one, but it was something like he had some sort of sicknesses befallen you're right. They were putting the male before themselves. The show must go on right,
there's a lot of clothing called a Rayner heater snow and they are there also talking about creating a federal email addresses that you get at birth. Just like you have a physical address. You would also have an email address for your email address is attached to you rather than the physical location. You live out and, if you say, need to correspond with irish or Social Security administration. Something like that. You would send like this very secure email through this postal services portal. I think this like Gmail or Yahoo, whatever right for every day stuff, but this is like the big stuff, the really important stuff and the postal service would also offer like a digital, lock box for the like. Like a will, or your medical records, or something like that yeah at an end. Listen is every conspiracy person,
country now says in a way I wanna federal email attached to my name here that I have the same things through your well. That's the number, the beast So here I don't know that I would want that either. I'm not a bit conspiracy. Oh, if not you that you have presented to us is that if you send it through that, if somebody hijacks, I read it How can it be in a lot more trouble federally speaking than they would be if, like they read your gmail yet because it is illegal to open like a thorough fits the get someone's, sadly and but this there's this guy runs a think tank for the postal services whose, like it's not just about mailing documents, it's about protecting the connect initiative of the United States and american sir. How do we do there in a digital world? Is thinking about this? So if you're, even the least bit interested by this episode that we just recorded there's an esquire article called Army agreed at peace
didn't isn't aesculapius do it's called. Do we really want to live without the Post office and its by Jesse Liechtenstein, and it is really get me It's a really good overview of what does he think we need a here? She, I think, kind of leaned toward we need and the more you start the agreed about the more this weird kind of civic affection for the Post office developed Ray Where am I carried? You wanna get rid of the post office. You want the post office who doesn't want the post office. Can an develops guys, like you know, Maybe it was a simpler day or maybe there people stuck with their roots longer, but I remember my posts when drawing up the same guy, for you
and we ll have done within live in a neighbourhood. We live on a street in the woods with like six houses, and so you now to run out and check the mail and wave Adam and we would give him might gives a Christmas and that's all some and now I have no idea who my postal carriers, which is my fault, any they just go out there. I think you do and also the postal services responsible for the largest food drive in the United States every year area. Yet you know that food driver you like it.
Well, I can't food in Europe in your mail box, and I first orderly picks it really. You can do that yeah I've. Never not! It hasn't been very well publicized, but it like you at least around here. I guess, but it's a huge free drive or at the very least postal carriers are taken in eating cans of regulation for dinner is delicious. I love this week. Yes, it does put cans of food in your mailbox check into when that is perhaps an that's gonna be the worst day the year for letter carry haven't got here. Can you imagine the lot of weight behind the US, no respect, you're, puss postal carrier, you and everybody got meter postal care. I want to give my hug actually don't do that they might monsieur something but give him away there. If you want to learn more about the post office, you can take that Those words into the search bar has the words that camp and be sure to take other Esquire article tooth vehicle. And because, before you get it
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one of the top of the page and type in s? Why, as K that stance, I come promo code s. Why, as Kay the aims that come never go to the post office again. Ok, I know it's listener Josh, and we call this man who thought You were wrong and did little research and we may not be rung Africa, every night at we had a bunch of filmmakers right in when we talked about the subliminal. It is being inserted into movies nineteen fifties by James Victory because we said it's one, three thousandth of a second or something and a bunch of filmmakers when usually twink, offering, switch out. One frame, it would only be went, there's no way, there's no way and where'd you get this number which gets I went back and looked out like a means
this number in various places, but so we got, email from Brain Henry, the disputed this and then he wrote back with this guy's looks like a man. Can't you soon I was assuming the victory was just changing the thumb itself which result in showing slower than the maximum one. Twenty fourth, the second, but I did to me and apparently he use something called a never heard this before a just thought of scope to purchase the scope. I think he got it just the scope, to protect the messages on the screen, not the movie projector. He said so this way he would allow more control for the speed of the messages. And so to overcome, is out there who rodan and challenge this. I wrote back to a few that was like cheese on an m and I like them looking for it and they Some, I'm really sorry about by researchers.
Though apparently he put that here too, to just go up in smoke. It knows what I said here and that is from Brain Henry Thinking, brain for research envy and a good guy said. I was wrong. Word He was thank you, if you want to. Let us know that you were wrong, even though you have told us, we were wrong. It first love, though you can tweak that to us it s. Why escape? I guess you can join on Facebook. That comes, I know you can send an email to stop I guess it miscarried I come and you can write all over website which is called stuff. You should know that for more on this and thousands of other topics, does it how stuff works out com,
The only ask you something version assuming for new partners. The greatest you can ask me now. Are you aware that peat meaning shirt to bed every night? Do you have a problem with staring at two of the greatest ever live me? An indian apples, courts, Legend paint Manning not at all, but I figured if that was the case. You'd we're bread for sure O. You must enjoy sleeping on the couch. I'm sorry! I just think it's debatable. I've changed my mind. Let's say this for our progress, where we have our celebrity and comedian friends come on to discuss the dose of all aspects of sports. That's a pervert odium! Again, it's called the greatest and permit January twenty first listen and follow on heart. Radio have apple thought cast over every listen to pack ass, like the couch, we're sieges going now, no brother by less than
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