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How Tickling Works

2011-02-22 | 🔗

What's the deal with tickling? Why does it make people laugh, and what's the science behind the reaction? Join Chuck and Josh and listen in as they demystify the curious practice known as tickling.

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They only ask you something version assuming for new part cast the greatest. You can ask me now. Are you aware that he made in short to bed every night? Do you have a problem with staring at two of the greatest ever live me and Indianapolis Courts, Legend paint Manning not at all, but I figured if that was the case you'd, where bread farm sure o you must enjoy sleeping I'm sorry, I just think it's debatable. I've changed my mind. Let's say this far back ass. Well, our celebrity and comedian friends come on to discuss the votes of all aspects of sports. That's a pervert odium Logan. It's called the greatest and permit January twenty first listen and follow, and I heard radio have Apple thought cast over every listen to pass like the couch, we're cds going now no brother by less than brought to buy the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready for you,
welcome to study should now asking for external aid and welcome to the park. Catherine Josh Clark with me is always trust of each of the brain, which makes the step you should now has a going check. It is great, ever user, I'm fine, I'm! I can feel spring writer the coroner really getting a little excited. They. You know how I got Roscoe people call train that we're not always at the Georgia guy now. That's RO in earlier. Yet, where is Roscoe the one in Pennsylvania? Now, let's photocopy of its pugsy tawny bill, but to twenty four
I took it having its very soon, the crazy guy, in particular that this is the best I ever yet is because none of this has anything to do with what we fix. Any talk about springs round the corner that just tickles me to death. As now have you heard Chuck of a guy named, and I'm sorry that I just shamed you on our podcast step on it? Wasn't that bad I've heard way. Worse sure we listen text that have you heard of a gaining rubber Waller sounds familiar but I would say known and obtained it does now you ve heard of this guy. I would be very surprised if you had. Monsieur rubber, Waller. Ninety ninety six was a warmer employee, stocker, apparently at the Frederick ten New Brunswick Canada Store, ok, ok, nineteen, eighty six December. Ninety. Ninety six is a big month for a new toy that just debut call
tickle me Elmo and the Robber Waller was about to find out the links that people would go to to get their hands on one of these and December fourteenth during a midnight man assail apparently warmer had sold out of these things, but that hadn't dissuaded customers from basically roving the Walmart impacts, looking form, whereas it exactly behind status, knocking stuff over and they see Waller, excepting a box of these from another employ, and they went after him really. He suffered, whose pulled under trampled the crutches yanked out of his brain Eugene's. He suffered a pole, hamstring o o o o o
back up a second. They physically tore the crotch from his genes. You trying to get through this, the training of their hands, an attack on me. I heartily placed his ring. It annoys you exactly, but if there's like three hundred people pulling in the same spot, it's pretty easy to strengthen numbers, ok, but so he was swallowed by this pack of three hundred people who who were trying to get through these tickle me. Almost he suffered injuries to his back his jaw and his knee, and he suffered a broken ribband, a concussion, not funny. No, it wasn't funny and we can assume that Mister Waller, ironically in the course of giving over these took me almost was in no way.
Reform tickled now and then he probably didn't laugh because, as we know, tickling is related to laughter. Is anybody who has seen a tickled me? Elmo knows the area, but have you stopped and wondered why we laugh when we tackle? I know you have a half, because you asked for you so wish to do this. You know aside not. I read this awesome article in the New York last week about crowd, trampling and crashes and crowd waves and stuff. We should do Pakistan that we talked about it in Numb riot control. In my day, s really interesting stuff and said I agree and that they wrote this one cause of the warmer incident last year at black ready somebody dies down. Yet there is no took me almost. I can use it, but I saw that my weathering tvs, I think, are the copper that has some less than what is wrong with people I don't know, and black Friday deals. Everybody knows they ve gotten increasingly suck here in this economy. How a man
so that was a little sidetrack? Sorry about that Josh? No, there was the intra No, I mean my little new Yorker thing. Let's get back tickling! Ok, it's happier. While we have a question of before us, why do people laugh when we're tickles? This has been around for a very very long time. People have pondered this kind of thing. I, Sir Francis Bacon, said that you don't necessarily have to be in a good mood in the seventeenth century. Bacon. He Kevin baking like I'm neutral on this.
And then not Darwin, was huge about tickling did a lot of studying of tickling. I didn't know that Tilda, rather he concluded that you have to be in a pretty good mood to be tickled that you have to be in the right frame of mind, because both both tickling and laughter require a good mood. He is wrong and tickling laughter linked we'll get into that, but it is a question that a very smart people have explored and failed to explain and we're not going to explain it in this package chuck or does not, and this is a road this by the way. I want to apologize to you about this in like that within a couple months of getting here- and I was just out- approve myself, MRS not my finest article, I confused myself when I went back and red parts of that can I can I read it
the loud written by your hand, a gentle kiss can create physical arousal, though it took about. What's the what's the physiology of tickling as ever to end the yellow suck about touch, you have millions, we all have millions of nerve. Endings little tiny ones and our skin the teller brain when touches coming for you now suddenly find touch for something called the town like it. Since alerts like get your head off the stove economic zone, we survive exactly when they are stimulated by something like a light touch, which is called what it's called Miss Misis. Can I s m p s I s and that some g Stanley,
oh yeah and Arthur Alan, who enable ninety seven decided that there's really just two categories of tickles light: tickling right. They say by a feather, very light touch and then heavy tickling, which, by the way is the only one that can induce laughter car called gargled leases. There I believe that a good name for it now, so a light touch will say it sends a message through the nervous system. It goes to a couple of regions in the brain. Josh did help us along cumbersome, Addison three cortex is right and that lies in touch
and pressure, and then the interior, singular cortex governs pleasant feeling. So you put such unpleasant feelings together in your brain, is going to calculate tickle and laughter, maybe right so there you go the event that the physiology of tickling, as far as we know in in anybody who is actually paying attention to that little spiel ear should approach out because its fairly incomplete we, we gathered this information from the wonder machine yet at unite both love, the wonder machine, but we both know that humans aren't fully capable of using it to its full potential yet and therefore it doesn't fully prove anything to suggests everything was to give a brief primer. An MRI. Ok, rather do
it's a fancy machine lights up and basically shows you what regions of the brain are activated when you're doing introducing certain stimulate right, and by activated we mean like that, their suddenly getting more oxygen supply the blood than they had before. So there's a correlation, but the MRI doesn't search, show causation, it's a lot of people say: oh well them or I shall, as this of its mouth. It's not. It's just cause asian correlation that causes also correlated in this case, why we can't self tickled, because the cerebellum says hey body, your fingers approaching your armpit and you know it's coming and supposedly, if you know it's coming united, we tackled in people as far back as Aristotle have wondered. Why and he supposed that yeah? That's probably it like. You know it's coming. The thing is it.
It doesnt that doesnt fully explain it because think about it like when somebody comes a you like that world away, they sent you a totally does and what with a, but that doesn't mean that this is incorrect. Cerebellum is responsible for recognising motion noticing yourself now, but in other, so what they found is for some reason to space I memorized when you're doing it to yourself the cerebellum less active, basically that what they surmises, that your brain is judged, that something totally insignificant is about to happen, so don't pay any attention to it. Let's just keep looking out for you know, antelopes jump on her tigers that are coming out, as you know, the scum, what sensory attenuation yes and that's when there filters out, like he said anything unnecessary to debt. Here's the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball, because there's always that who joined your game
he never passes the rock he constantly rex theories and who completely you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico. It's easy. Switch and save on car insurance? No, The vacant fake, an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted so which in save with Geiger it's almost better than sports, I wonder, though I read this. I wonder if someone with alien hand syndrome critical themselves, I would think wholeheartedly, because your brain crushed doesn't know what's going on in why? Because of an accident generally with alien hand syndrome, your brain is receiving the message that your arm is moving right. That's too, so I guess yeah. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to tickle you're, so so that I guess one thing. One idea for the explains ticklish this or that the fact that we are ticklish arm is: is
or did or supports the idea of the reason why we can't take ourselves because insignificant- and I am one idea why we are ticklish and why we tickle others is because it's a product of socialist asian and a tool of it to write my weight on Darwin hacker. Yes, you all hacker with Darwin Mikey said they they hooked up together and said you have to be in a good mood, but that sort of been disproven, I'm not sure how they did. He say so they said that they would get people. The watch like stand up harmony and get them laughing, and they found that there were no more likely to laugh when being tickled about that, because if your really bad mood and someone tries to tickle, you does not work and no that's not necessarily true. If you get a young if you're tickle by means of a guard releases, Tiggle like it. Tickling or laughter is involuntary if your ticklish in somebody getting the right spot, you can not be
right for airline and you're still like real, laugh and be ticklish Jimmy well think about. If you were ticklish chuck. Ok, I can suppose. Okay, I m sure you seem people being tickle before I like, if your next being tickled your shoulders draw up in, like your hands, go up, you're trying to push the person off of your right here, someone goes at your armpit, you, you know swam away with a wax off exactly one theory goes that we are basically taught that these are very vulnerable places in our bodies and that we need to protect them. Yet it makes sense to me like the neck, especially the others, a lot of important drunken yet, and it's not even tickling with the neck. If someone comes at your neck, you're, just natural response system, hunch up your shoulder,
grab your Henderson, somebody comes out with the judo charm does it is. Has that too, when we were gonna cave people write in vulnerable spots in your body where you could bleed out you wanna protect now decide. This doesn't necessarily go towards that no explanation, but what you're talking about being in caves? Yes, this is extremely ancient, and that is that that's proven or suggested by the fact that all great apes laugh they tickle tickled right little bonobos yeah. I noticed TAT Rang and Tang rang it. I'm a pretty much all like the yes Marty. Pants primates have
the ability to laugh- and they laugh in different ways, but basically what it is to panting sound right right. So that goes to show us that you know we diverge from eight ten sixteen million years ago. If aid can laugh and we can laugh, that means we both came. We both laughing is older than that divergent right. Soon have thank you unless we evolved, it naturally afterward, but that less likely, I think, than it occurring in such an ancient way. Is there also the idea that is even older than that divergent shows up in the fact that rats laugh when their tickled yeah? That's so cute? You sell evaluated, see the video they studied, observe more than one person than this, but Jake.
Pants gap of bowling Green State University, a train from a relevant go. What it allocates go falcons, they tickled rats and they found out they have a little chirp that is ultrasonic. Humans can even hear it, but they mean a rebel record this and not only do they chirp when ticket but they have a similar reaction that you were talking about earlier, like a little kid once they got used to the tickling. If you start come in at the little rat move your little fingers. They started Turpin and Wigglin around germ cells in their back in anticipation, by its also see those that same study and video suggest that its play as well, because when the person stopped tickling, he just put his hand in a cage in the rats would run after it in circles. Right were removed his hand they go accurately. They wanted to play tickle, see that's a rat's that you can get behind tickling rattle of do that all day. Long! Yes, so let's talk about some of the parts of the body, though, because like the soldiers
let's say you walk on these, not exactly vulnerable. Now, they're, not vulnerable. You walk on these heavy plodding every day. You would think that a white tickle would tackle the feet and they do. But if you press a palm like really hard against the soul, your foot, it would not tackle. That's all true because of the Mai, sinners corpuscles, corpuscles corpuscles, the very, very sensitive, and I get the indication that their more sensitive than other areas of the body right in the souls of the feeder loaded with these things there again
has any idea. Why, in the fact that the source of your feet, which are very vulnerable, especially pre, shoe, you know in pretty tough feet when, when there was such a thing, is shoes right, yeah? Yet the feet were still understandably ticklish popular a kind of undermines that idea that its it some socialization of the vulnerable parts of your body right. It doesn't make any sense right, but that is why see why you dont tickle, why your feet aren't tickle. Whenever you walk that the pressures that, before the world its white paper, work, would have like balloons instead. What on? What I can't figure out, though, is how its title laughter available now for my heart, a new series presented by T Mobile for business, the restless ones join me, Jonathan Strickland, as I eggs the coming technological revolution and the business leaders who stand right on the cutting edge. There are certain
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were you listen to pod guests? You wonder why you can figure it out, because it's not prevent. No one has any idea. How can we just know that their its involuntary right, we know, is not related to mood meant? We know they're, not a light touch that light touch. The news, MRS, can actually can be rousing or can be annoying like a fly buzzing on you we end up like that. Doesn't that doesn't cause laughter. He Asia horse at our colleague, whacking flyers went off of their kind in right. So that's why we have that touch, but it can also be around It's considered timetable. It's the cargo leases tickle, that's laughter inducing, but we don't understand why. Another evolutionary biology theory is that it's a benign form of human conflict. So forget her aggressions out area without actually causing any her feelings, and the laughter shows that it's all fine and day
Indian nobody's really upset, but that's that's it mine by the idea that you really upset a person right by tickling em for a prolonged period, passed the point where they don't wanna be tickled any longer. They can be kind of upset,
Now here, as well as a younger brother, you notice the out my sister, actually her husband, who was the boy friend you know years ago, used to tickle her like crazy and got a hand she get angry tickle torture ticket. Yes, exactly as you did, you gotta go jail, torture. I didn't he said, there's anything I lifted tickled, torture, which I always thought was like medieval. Apparently it's either chinese Tiggle torture, indian tickle torture, some exotic clan tacked on the front. Apparently, it may have been used in medieval Europe as a form of torture, bring out a feather right now, a days its uses, a form of torture in a very sexual away, right, at least as far as daily motion is concerned, but that that kind of brings up something or brings us back to Darwin. Darwin suggested that we
and he equally as most elegantly simple explanation: we tickled because reform social bonds. Yet if somebody, you know no tickles, you that's an attack. If somebody you do know- and you feel comfortable tickles you his intimacy years, whether its rent or a sibling, or even of the creation of the strengthening of of bonds between like sexual partners right it. It's like you, said it's intimate interesting. I wonder if that the fact that its we retreat or react, because we are afraid of an attack and if what, if it's the same of apes and rats, if that holds true for them as well like it in a benign attack for them, Thea well, yeah, because they were talking about the apes like playing like they do during play right in the rat, seemed it
get as play as well interesting, but what that is useful for we don't really know or may we do know we're looking too deeply into. We should do and laughter period. Yes agreed. I let's do it because I guess the answer to the question and chuck as we don't know why people laugh when tickled most disappointing. On this point, I will come back to Well, maybe we're ok! So if you want to learn more about how we don't have any idea why we laugh when we tackle you can read, this really can a bad article- I wrote years back and you can redefine writing in laugh and tackle in the search bar- has two words: dot com, which will bring up their article n
brings up listener, male dashing to call this a mean thing to do, but sort of funny as well: munching, thousands email. I know how to control right. This is from Eric with a k, hey guys, hello stuff. You should know staff. The staff reviewing Jerry, Tesla, Bokassa, listen to how to control right, and you spoke of mob mentality. It brought to mine a game that my friends and I used to play when I was in the Disney College. But again we were sitting around the apartment with nothing to do. For the day, a group of friends would go into Disney Park until it was time to drink. So I guess he had pretty much free access to we'll get ten or more people together and stand in a line. The line would be in front of a wall or offence away from any entrance or exit. It is
Funny to see more and more people get him lie behind the group of friends. The best part is when, at the same time, the group just disperses at the same time like the original people, who just me the sudanese people standing in line right where we stand by while what was it look on their faces, would really practice. I admit this is not the nice thing in the world wasting part of people's day Disney stuck in a chuckle, though, when I think of it. Twenty to me now you just go with the flow. I group this in wooden face the wrong way and an elevator there's something he does theory of putting it I'll. Do it all the time I don't do to notify the exam like talking to people, oh yeah, sure, but yeah I noticed in the strangers. Usually I mean, can you guys are the greatest as Erika the cake, our eye or thanks La Eric fur with decay? Look for union capping of wherever and elevated yellow, or if your standing by walking
do you buddy? Yes, if you have any stories about Disney, we want to hear about a specially the normally see the underbelly of like its Disney jail. I heard there is the whole underground under the entire park, This means that while we want here Disney stories, police and send us any heartwarming heartfelt once it's written to find those anywhere finish, your city Disney swords in an email to stuff podcast at how stuff works. Com for more on this and thousands of other topics, is a house up works that come to learn more about the podcast click on the pot gas icon in the upper right corner of our homepage, the house of Iphone have has arrived download it today on. I do brought you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready!
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