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Tipping is commonly expected in some places, such as U.S. restaurants. Yet this practice varies across cultures. Join trivia gurus (and former waiters) Josh and Chuck as they take a closer look at the history, practice and controversy surrounding tipping.

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How are you feeling today right now? How are you feeling about the world living duenna? Make the world better Do you know how much I do but you know who did Mr Rogers. I'm Carver Wallis host of finding Fred Pack has not read Roger, is hard medium. Here. All ten episodes of finding thread running I heart, video apple pie, casts more wherever you listen, fraught you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready for you welcome to stop. You should know greenhouse gas networks I welcome the Pakistan Josh Clark, there's Charles Temperature Rise
This is that we should know the pod cats Irrawaddy tables. I did nose off for how to do it. I did it often offer many aid, but man hours. I waited tables for many years as well. In many, several different states indifferent many different kinds of restaurant, so I have a pretty wide range of experience with being tipped. Are you two great area returned to her this law? Here's a tip from pre! Permit you to steer clear the only guy power, but they simpson the others from a deep Letterman tat. Ten from the nineties, something
typing in one of those accusative steer clear there? Oh gee fella pal, I'm glad we're staying relevant as much moved along. I just thought since he said he didn't have an interval. I would document a little bit of my history. Is a waiter need a great man? The member is named the guy from Scrubbs and garden state. For some reason I was thinking he was perfect at being that waiter that breath here. For some reason it was just like whenever I think of waiters- and I think, a valet- I think of that- that here too the scene beginning at the end of it. I think that was really based on his experience as a waiter another. Second, he wore a lot eyeliner in early two thousand guideline whose that's com- however, that right now, eyeliner so tipping justices, You ve been pushing this one for awhile and it never got done for very
reasons and I'm glad we got around to it. I shall be one that people of its ubiquitous and we'll get tons and tons of e mail about this. A guarantee it yeah an AIDS can be helpful because in several points we tell you to go to Tripadvisor to look at tipping causes some so yeah. That's helpful! Well, it's hard to cover chipping customs, because their different everywhere and for each job in its gets so overwhelming you just have, and up saying, hey if you're going to this country, look it up or apparently you, to go through life like Jimmy Conway and good fellows in Tipp. Absolutely every single person. You see your mechanic. Did you see that? Did you know you're supposed to keep your mechanic? any bucks for the jobs over five hundred dollars for pay picture over. Did you mean explaining my ignorance of my car and how it functions? Here's an extra twenty bucks, your mechanic yeah. Well, you know, since you brought that up,
There was a sound abc twenty twenty. A questionnaire is tipping out of control and, eighty six percent of people say it is. I disagree. The earnings control. After reading this, I was like man I'm way cheaper than I realized, and this is just a question of that- was interesting. What services bother you the most that Europe should have? Thirty percent of people said bathroom attendance onto them. That's at the top of my less. I dont want a bathroom I can get my services will. It makes me one watch my hands and makes me want to get out of there take out food tipping twenty nine percent urge people to pay like when you- take out order like when you go there and they just turn around and get your food and handed Tina bag. You like, when you call it an you, don't tip them either. Do you really they were salons well, yeah, twenty one
many people, don't my tipping the salon, because women say it's just endless because you get a tip your colours in the people who washed and then twenty percent that the Tipp charge that coffee houses I rarely patronize those as well coffee houses, retard future copycat avi haven't and the reason being is I I I am sure, will be taken to task for this. I don't think people in coffee has their paid the tipped wage they're, not so I looked. I might walk around the Tipp jar and ask people to give me their change. Oliver a change belt. However, that is to make it easier on you. Well, I would even have a tipped are therefore not getting paid the tipped weight. That brings up a big point, because that is a bit controversy. People at Starbucks start out about eight fifty nine bucks an hour What is this minimum wage? That's above the minimum wage, just think seventeen as is a minimum wage, now the tipped the fair standards
acting minimum federal hourly wage for tipped employs is to thirteen. Yes, yes, those PETE. Other, usually get more depth. It doesn't matter. Thirdly, now member states have their own and it's more than to thirteen its. I did. Tat, most people you. I know that the the pinnacle his car ATO and they have like a minimum tipped wage for thirteen in our and that's what everybody while Colorado's really killing it. I know in Georgia if it's the federal minimum and there's a group called varied dot. Org, that's dedicated to shaming restaurants that that just adhere to that might by celebrating restaurants that pay their employs more than minimum federal minimum tipped wage while you're supposed to make up the difference as a restaurant from what employs claim to the IRA in their tipped money.
Doesn't equal minimum wage, then the restaurant you're supposed to make up the difference in wages. I would. I would wager that that does not happen. While I would wager that not many tipped employees are reporting on other Tipsy, that's true to some kind of like you after you have it and then both to scan the storm away disgruntled right, but you don't tip him. Donalds. Now he don't tip the end. For the same reason, I don't tip people. Coffee houses. Is it's the same thing you are putting your my order in right into a cash register. Cash register computing machine and you're turning round and grabbing my coffee or my my fries or whatever right and I'm not the meaning or diminishing that job whatsoever. Like I'm very happy that you doing that, because I really want that understanding between me and the fries right so Anum over I'll, give you the money, but you
like a nine fifteen. Our maybe you got health benefits, yes at Starbucks right, so in my opinion, we can either entirely do away with tipping by raising everybody to at least than the minimum wage and well read. It lets also maybe double the minimum wage, because its laughable still I chair the interest you ever tipping did go totally Japan order or we need to really make a clue whose, depending on tips and whose not write these jokers at coffee houses, he regretted the Tipp of jar and they need to stop comic karma, which I think we went However, in the climate parameter whatever it's gonna, that's passiveaggressive gilding. You think
I know that was our intra tipping, so suck about where this would often vilely exploited act came from Chuck good. Well, I feel, like I was on a red. I was too Falcon. Quality tipping, they think, has its origins in about the sixteenth century in Europe, where you went and visited a friend, a relative, a colleague you into their house. You would often Tipp their servants, especially if you got really drunk and toiled yourself in they cleaned you up. You might be like here's a couple, This is a goal that kid this between. You may try and they wouldn't and over time it became. Much less survey away to show your appreciation as something that was expected and depended on right now.
Once you start cutting giving money in a customary manner, people start to include them in their budgets, the area. So they think that that possibly where the custom came from right yeah, I don't even think that if this acronym thing even valid at all. No and it's not about there's a guy named Stevie Blanca, whose written books on tipping Scott, some pretty good research down. You wanna, say the acronym t IP two inch ensure with an eye promptness right, but this decision away now because number one acronyms didn't really come into use until nineteen twenties everybody's acronyms in the sixteenth century, in the word Tipp itself been around for a long before that and like you said it should be, it shouldn't be Tipp ensure with an eye to be ensure within each year. There's a lot wrong with that. What they think is that too
originally came from the this kind of word among thieves, which is how we use today, like you, Tipp somebody off they basically to give something right right and it is basically common thief slang. But then the act of tipping itself also came from either the servants from tipping servants, or they also was a grew out of giving money to somebody who worked at the bar to buy their own drink as well get a drink for yourself on me. Yet and in fact the word tip in slavic languages translates roughly two drinking money. I like that, when the word for tip in French is poor, dear poor bore, which means for drinking, and
basically everywhere else, except in English. The word Tipp means drinking money. Might so this probably where tipping came from. I like that origin here, I'm having a good time had a few drinks go buy yourself, one exactly this. It's a spreading. The joy or I met my buddies house and I've done until I saw myself to my for cleaning me up last night, I appreciate the train spartan origin dipping. So this is it this is probably were digging came from and that a little more history, if you don't mind chuck injure, you can pretty much pinpoint how tipping became accustomed in the United States Because it was all arranged in Europe, it was not caught on here in the U S: We now live wealth. The Americans were travelling to Europe, it coming back and tipping people like what are you doing like shooting your money, but I'm not gonna, do the same thing. For until the Pullman company Pullman real car company, you figured out
the thicket grossly under pay their porters by publicizing that they relied on tips to survive, and basically the Pullman company cut almost three million dollars in them in the late nineteenth century, there's a lot of money from their payroll by basically relying on their customers good hearts to take care that porters form it is think about it. In those terms, it is sort of a dirty business. It's like We don't want to pay our employees there serving. You You pay them like you're, the one all the reward of the five dollar cup of coffee Actually, I'm Zambia and a lot of a lot of restaurants or a lot of people in the house on the restaurant side of this debate say well if we start raising their wages till the minimum wage or even like double the tin
yeah we're gonna go under an apparently some states have found that that's actually not the case that they can come out on top, because restaurant owners spent so much money on training through turn over right has the wages are so low that peoples is hot from job the job wherever they can get the most tat. If you can offer a higher, stable wage, you can have much less turnover, Billy in the long run, you may come out on top as a restaurant owner. So interesting, possibly that's one sign. You know who pays the customer yeah us cares little class, you pay the five bucks for the cup of coffee, which the company gets. They don't have to pay well, they do pay their employees minimum wage, but very much, and then they get the little took on top of that new independent sixty four, your cup copy. You know, I never you be Brienza, you and I were caribou and they have. I look here because your eye but they had. This promo was like beans, further troops or something like that, and it was like hey go
and by this this fifteen dollar pound a we'll send him to the troops and dumb we asked if they were selling a discount like if the Cariboo is doing anything there like them. Regular price and we're like so many years, exploiting the Americans, affinity and affection for the troops as awaited in a beef up here on ground being sales. There was disgusting. If you ask me, it happens that growth at that board meeting as the gross part where that's decided, yeah, where we can really rack right are I knew this would be a lightning rod. Just us! Imagine your emails ruining our boy! Well, since you, it up. It is a lightning rod period. If you go on the internet and start looking about tipping, you will find two camps, people that work for tips that are outraged that people don't wanna Tipp or they undertook, and then people that say it is out,
of control. Every you know you wanna vacation, seen hotel and restaurant you'd Jimmy Conway. I begin like I was reading this, unlike our man due to other people who have all these people cause. I feel like a real jerkin size, I I do and I feel like a sucker, and then you know what I thought I was like. Why never carry cast its all plastic, so surely plastic leading to a decline in tipping. I did a search for that now now. All I could find was that of most people carry plastic And a little bit of currency for tips on me, I really have to get on the ball here. A ride it actually done was studying about tips dear. Why, Do this? Yes, the psychology tipping as it were Well, one is out of guilt when that one of the reasons you were not supposedly, if you think about tipping the whole idea is that you're doing it out of gratitude, like you did a really good job.
I want to make sure that you have this extra little become buyers of nice. Or I want to ensure- because I come back to you- that I will get that same service when I come back right. So really it's what their findings that its guilt fear, like you know that people rely on these tapes and part of your role as customer in some circumstances is too pay. These people there's Valerie that their depending on threatens or you're afraid that again appear in your soup. In your basically fighting here, some money. My arm, please don't pay my soup right and they say our eye that that's gonna do that that that takes care. They no peace. Soup levy give it comes after the soup yeah, but you may be back there again. Right, yes, the centre for hospitality, Coronel university- they ve done some research there are enough of this- is fairly interesting. They found the
Wes leads the world in being neurotic in being extroverted, and those are two traits that lead to big tips yet fishing year neurotic. So you feel like it I have to leave. Anyone is urging the curve, your enthusiasm, Tipp episode. That's like an tipping eroticism at its finest portrayed. You wanna Tipp as much as when you want to undertake you wanna do just that. You'd want to overtake. You won't have just the right amount. I don't mind over tipping, especially when it's like really good service. I gotta happy to overtake me in. I prefer to err on the side of overtopping right Fisher extroverts,
outgoing social folks, and they see it as an incentive to get a little extra attention like make a big show about me right Party of Benjamin Party for Benjamin Franklin Pay for TAT. You may get a story about this one dude well. Well, I was pretty much. They learn she and her boyfriend time in his friend, ready this restaurant and I'm the guy actually said Franklin Party for she said it worked. She couldn't believe it. She was like. I feel bad about the guy Wherewith and gay, took the money but serves get interesting good meal. I've. Never Greece, the palm for like a table. I haven't either that's a good move, though I wish I'd like to do that. It is put really it's kind. Like many of you, give up a lot of any claim to the ninety nine percent, even if you don't make that much money, if you're walking around doing stuff like that, you know, sir,
Did you see the internet mean going round about? Then I am percent tipper, yes, which apparently totally unfounded. And now I think it's sort of unfounded thought he was a one percent. Tipper he's a one percent temper because he is part of the one percent and from what I understood what the Tipp was real, but what he wrote on their way. Abrogated or that they didn't even know for sure he was a banker than the whole thing. It's abrogated yeah. I did see that by the way, I'm in this this breaking news as a guest today for four weeks ago,. So can we go back to some some. The interesting studies were how you get the Tipps, this Josh and checks. If your waiter or wait Tron here, are our tips for you to increase your tips and then a restaurant. This isn't just us in our observation on again corn,
put a lot of thought and energy into it. I believe yet how real research has been a lot of studies about how and why we Tipp one of them is touching like we. If you are a server aim, you touch the your customer will increase your tip is a lonely horny men, men in of all ages will increase their Tipp it with just a brief touch on the shoulder yet from eleven point. Eight percent to fourteen point- eight percent- I, however, deny to be too. I don't either glad you said that I had a waiter touched me the other day, and I was just like liquidity doing. They didn't freaked me out like it's something I don't know you You don't know me. Let's keep enhanced yourselves, ok right and then we'll see where you tiptoes dares to go down. No, of course not. I should have punished in Seville.
How do you have that power in your? I have so much with the former waiter guilt Tipp. Twenty percent on bad service is what I do as long as you have the right attitude that makes the biggest if you're like oh yeah, really sorry and it was bad servicing, sound sorry guys it you know, I let you down unless you're being manipulated by doing that, and you really couldn't at last, he found it in and then you said, really thought that I can't hear hear intentions go a long way with me are squatting, and this was my big move. When I was a waiter tis, your squad, at my at my at the nice restaurant at work that it was my big move out. Kneel down. Next to the table a lot of times you get that eye contact
on any tips. We're gonna go up from fourteen point. Nine percent to seventeen point. Five. Ok! I would also like to add a caveat through this. However, if you actually get into the booth or take a seat at the table, you cross the line. Why I should do that it Mexicali though, but that was a college atmosphere and that that would be accepted. At certain times, even in college, at Mexicali a- and that was over the known- and I know it was fun I rose drinkin margarita is, I would sit down and flirt, and would you took, go up and occasionally I'll get a phone number out of it and free margarita. That's that, while I had my work there and get all the free Merida one I didn't realize they give free mercury is to employees and makes a cow while they officially, if north to south and while you're working either those were the old days New York
as a loosening, are very very difficult to keep, get more exercise save more money. What about this? We have a resolution that you can really work with stop wasting time going to the post office that right you standstill I'm instead, because they bring all the services of the Eu S postal service right to your computer, with your small business pending invoices or packages or in our mind seller shipping out products stamps that can handle it all with ease yank it. This was simply com. You get five since off every first class stamp in up to forty percent of priority that's right, you s postage twenty four, seven for any letter, any package, any class anywhere want to send it. There's no risk and our promo code, ass, white, ass, gay you're, gonna, get this offer afore weak trial, plus free postage and digital scale, and there are no long term commitments or contracts just go to stamp that come click on the microphone off the top of the home page and type in s. Why, as K that stance, I come from a goat s. Why, as K stamps that come
we'll go to the post office again, giving candy to your customer will jump your tip from fifteen point, one to seventeen point, eight giving to pieces. Andy one initially and one spontaneously like here, have another jumped from nineteen percent to twenty one point: six percent. So long as you didn't ended with chumps. Don't try that jumped to twenty three percent when it was the spontaneous guys right, jumps twenty three percent by being like how? Well you know what here take too we're talking like the Starlight Peppermints here UK design like Godiva Chocolate exactly yes, thank you for rescue exam listed snickers. I had a waitress recently give Emily Nigh the pin that she gave us to sign the bill with because
big pin, guy says Emily and as far as having like the perfect then- and I find things I'm a cop Phyllis pen- it was a combination of the pen on that that slimy paper that they give you and it was amazing and Emily sets out and then she was like. I agree. I keep them in my Carlton's much going. Keep that one. How much did you leave? I left her my pen out yes right after more fifty percent. Now, seventy now it's always like twenty twenty five zero ass. He goes twenty five yeah I mean I gotta go. I got twenty in around up, no matter what I noticed, especially before the well now I guess it would have been even after the economic collapse, the global catastrophe that were in the midst of that. It was moving very clearly toward twenty percent across the board. Counterfeit twenty percent was the new fifteen percent
and then the economic meltdown happen and always had no aspect of fifteen percent and twenty percent. If you don't get verily, it seems like yeah. Wrong, and I just fantasizing now I think it used to be ten. There is like twelve and fifteen and then twenty written yeah you're right with the economic crisis. I did read articles it. People said our chips are going down, but it's a collective movement. You know it. And, like you, can be the nice guy into twenty all the time or whatever, right by your ass, a kind of pushing everybody else forward. By doing that, yeah I also did a deal to where you know you go out with certain people. And you were you aware, what does that mean angelic? Eight different, I don't wanna, call out any any person
or even our use homeless, specific behaviors, nobody to Siena could be family members could be certain friends, it is. You know, someone picks up the tab, always do the thing where I look to make sure that they are properly compensated than on the whimsicalities. A bathroom uncle put more money in their oh you're, an under minor huh yeah, because certain people, men wish, I could say who at a friend whose father was a very rich dude, and he was a bad temper and embarrassed the crap out of me when we go to these nice places, and you pick up the tab and leave like eight to ten percent tip and so We need to bring cashed it leave and the thing jeered has. Is that no no I'll write? So that's it how to increase it so tell him it's funny outside the psychology of whether networks again where the study was conducted, where
from a in a window, less room right if the waiter described as being rainy out the Tipps worth something like a nineteen percent, seventy bad! Yes! But if the waiters, like others, so sunny and beautiful out, then tips average. Twenty four percent squat at the table touch him on the shoulder and given candy and then all of a sudden. You ve got two pieces of candy and give good service and then tell him it's on the outside and you will be Rowan and the direct like a million dollars table. Thank us later. And took on the original amount. By the way, that's a waiter thing, the big one. If you ve got coupon, you do. The scout mopping be aware that you should take on the original amount, but you can have to set the waiters thought you had a coupon yeah I mean has really bad. If you don't know that at this point, especially at how you backwardness, those those deals are getting these dance sure enough, but check. On the other hand,
you can make a pretty strong argument that if you order a hundred dollar bile wine Yazzi Tipp twenty percent on that you're. So why why why I'd like some nice wine in that a bone of contention that I swallow and I upon the total amount, but yeah you're right. If you'd they just order a bottle of wine like minimally we're gonna go, have a bottle of wine one night, his we eat dinner somewhere else, or maybe we could have dessert somewhere. Ok and we get nice Bala port over eighty bucks. Would you drink whole pile of port wine. No of course not. But what was there with a group or whatever we drink? A Hobart support, a group of what, like twenty.
You drinking a whole bottle. Lass of partners like five glass landed about a horse like that small. Oh, it's like a regular wine glass. What do you drink brandy like they're? No cause us liquor. Port is wine. The brain is a type of wine anyway, Do you, like Homer Simpson, were newspapers any Mr Burns House when he like pours himself like a whole, snifter brandy and drink, solid things when when gulping is falling, we must condemn his wife one time ass, for a burden on the rocks at her house, and she taught me like said ounces of Herbert other OX helpless like? What are you trying to do to me now? But ports, not you not without a little, does not like sand book. I'm imports like a regular. That's why, I must take every place. I poor irregular regular glad now little tiny, lay like a cordial wine glass down in an I promise.
We run the regardless. You drink, expensive wine and how much she Tipp, while the twenty percent. But it does crossed my mind, like a man, I'm given the sky like fourteen dollars for bringing me model a wine to give point- and I think even the average server grudgingly agree, a care. I maybe maybe not fifteen percent, but it's not just the waiter that you wanna tip in the restaurant surprise. Surprise the pending where you go. You need to be prepared to take a lot of people. Fear that the person you see too, maybe if it's really nice guy Maitre D, if the Maitre D goes out of his way to get your very nice table, you feel at ease. He or she is doing something they just came above and beyond. You might want to some fifteen or twenty bucks. That's a lie! Also. If these Somalia comes over to your table and tells you a bit about the wines, especially if you with this advice yeah in reading this article, I realise that I have pissed at least once Somalia, in my life and now I understand why
get me weird when he finished you You want to give them anywhere contended twenty bucks, depending on how in depth the recommendation is, and usually when you talking tips Ellison this article that were working from from how stuff works come on there's a high and low yeah and its basically there. The discrepancy is based on just how much effort this person putting into it. I went enthusiasm but in this, how much out of their out of the way of their normal duties. Are they going to use my deal dude when a big show. I want you when good service in to be left alone, because you you can the Tipp on go down cause, I have the guilt, You can go down in my mind if you're, just to like just too much don't work too hard. Don't give me a big show,
Apparently they can do whatever they want. The Estonian get the same amount of money. Do you know what the fuck you know where you would do well them were but face at a birthday. You serve yourself ages, lead you play in a mysteriously vanishes yet, but that the person behind the kidnapped. That plate and you want to leave about ten percent of the recommendation, so you want to leave them thirty five cents at your birthday today, but you didn't go over face. I dont understand the existence of cafeterias sisters, buffet, it's the same exact thing except professor: all. You can eat and cafeterias. Like he's Lorraine, again of the same thing, you can obtain helpings up. If you want for the same price, we as you like cafeterias anymore, you do either yeah. There is at least as many cafeterias as there are buffeted power. No yeah. I think the chinese food restaurants of made that no one would come at the chinese food, but look here
those they exist outside this room. I'm talking more like country cook him by face here. There's almost one for one and by the way must most nicer restaurants pool their tops like him, Kelly was every man for himself in other busboy didn't get tips or actually we cannot buster on tables, but most restaurants will pull their jobs in the visa mouse. Usually not a maitre d at that point is to stop the host her hostess they'll get a kite and like fighting the bartender in the busboy that they'll get it harsher dishwasher, though I'll get a car to just remember that with some places its every man for himself do. If speaking a bartender issue are the bar, I usually Tipp of Buck a drink for the first few drinks. That's what I do I'm unless it's very
If it's like a complex, complicated drink here, which I tend to prefer, it will be like a percentage of the bill. There's muddling going on. Yes, why did you start muddling unlike IRA Summation money count upon? The builders will usually just say, give us sixty hours for my friends and I then tipper bucket, even if the beers dollar I'll give a dollar. This Venus is like what am I gonna like fish around for fifteen, since this is ridiculous, but you know we're rich were high rollers, who tip in a bucket of buck for every dollar beer chuck media while who Podcasting CAFE, in coffee houses. I think we're gonna cover that did I'd tentative out of guilt there, but I don't got a lotta coffee shops is undergoing a copy, really see around
closing their eyes, while not tipping Joe. The worst is check out the grocery store they like. Would you like to give a dollar to the inner, whatever foundation that fifty fifty four main, depending on my mood, I mean like I should do it every time, but in the sad that helping out kids with muscular dystrophy is created to tipping well it tonight, but yeah, no to me holiday, tipping, which was a big part of the curve. Your enthusiasm, enthusiasm episode. And you do this when you were have money, I think, is generally for people that have a little more money and they live in places They know that service people helping air like to get the country in the guy. You know this in that, but you can deliver your newspaper or your garbage collector your newspaper delivery person. You can tell your mailmen my brother, he's too, when he worked at the movie theater so give every holidays, he would give out
movie tickets, very slow from work yet thought the male man into the garbage person stomach that fifteen to twenty five bucks? They say: pre garbed collector your dog, your nanny, your cleaning, sir, then they went either one week's pay. I save a lot of money every year by not having those people served, a tip him yeah, manicurist manicurist was different. The fifty dollars. I do, and you know the way around this go to different manicurist. Every time that you'd want you you're, not you're, not a common enough customer that you feel a to table holiday, hairdressers, women, obviously the once harassment in the big bucks, a hairdresser. They say twenty five two hundred and this is for the holidays. You understand it's not each visit. This is hey. It's Christmas, your sensitive them each visit. I get a fourteen, our hair cut. I took six box what
Well, because what am I gonna give them why nineteen dollars wow or two dollars? Ok, that's seems really cheap to me to say, like thanks for the great Erika, that's can last me three months. Here's a quarters I took my her cat, lady all over the place where you dipper kisses and hug. You may catch her here hotels here that this is something that I have just recently learned. I didn't finish with the Tipp them. The maid service. I knew there, but I thought there was something for maybe the fifties and that's how I like comforted myself by not keeping the maids, but yeah apparently were supposed to be doing that. One to ten dollars per night depending on Matthew make, I am extremely clean unlikely before I leave the Heather. It depends on if they change you, if you saw yourself than ever, for bellhops dollar per bag. If it's
okey and larger heavy and awkward. Maybe a little bit more that more than a buck, though, and I totally get still onto because frequently dont use. They'll have to do it myself, but I hate that when they force, like what you into the room and show you around and stuff. I would much rather de scary, my bag skinny Mikey Guard again with the big show, and I wanted to show right? Well, apparently, the member that one study found that bellhops, who do make a big shoah things by showing people how to how to operate a thermostat, the tv in opening the drapes and offering filled ice bucket. They almost doubled their average Tipp. But I wonder if there were people who, like here's, some money, just please go away, which is one of the world. The tipping to Romania throwing money for pressure through a passage concierge five ten dollars, depending on how helpful. Remember when we were at the Pittsburgh Vermont and our body Chad give the concierge like ten bucks for a wreck.
Turn out to be a bad recommendation and he was a man who wanted is money MAX? What was the recommendation? I didn't girls eating indian through by myself. In my room the whole day, it was for a restaurant those either closed or was like. It was just a bad tip. I really and you didn't get my money back. No, of course not all, but he did not stop complaining about it. Very kept going in no until recently visited the concierge, I didn't know that mean that they help here independent another. We will always help. They are. I mean little thing years and I've never had one do this. For me, I've never really needed serves conceals the concierge. Can like really- go to town. I'm making your life easy thing to make your reservations. I get you a ticket to a show yak, yet her also to think they can buy your kid. A toy if you staying at a nice enough place, on your busier, whatever shop?
can see our diversity. If we could find you shopper at this, is you know what, in the in the spirit of keeping the tradition of backs alive? I made that last part up, but it seems like a three percent Oh sure they would doorman Tipp your doorman earthy. If a halo taxi Tipp of Buck alive, them aren't allowed to accept tips. I wouldn't be surprised if the end back really delivery systems, a big one. For me, I get Chinese who delivery? Is that the only delivery I get? I maybe the occasional pizza the orphan outer from my place, indicator change. It places a good yet good, but they take forever tee Thou Catana tipped with me. Well, especially from really hungry. When I order yeah, we weren't Atwater before we're hungry from this place that smart, I Tuesday, yeah happily They said it took two to five bucks on your on your food delivery to your home. Depending on whether the amount
danger, depending on the neighborhood, you live it yeah my neighborhoods dangerous. I was not talking about your neighborhood for another Ben flower deliveries, one to ten bucks depending on the arrangement I spend a little time, is a flower delivery person. Really I can tell you that most people don't tip their flower delivery gate, even though their bringing this video sign into your life. I seem that goes for fruit delivery to with a silly fruit displays unless, ironically, you're dressed like a piece of freeway delivering it, then the tipsy start pouring out furnace. Delivery like large things- and I can tell you I did- that- is well very large furniture among the heaviest our Mars. You can possibly conceive of her family. Knowing tat you if you delivered
the hum of like someone aged sixty five or older. There is about sixty percent chance, they're gonna tissue anybody below those like hey face, thanks for coming, don't don't get hit by a car in your way out see my history with the tipping with the elderly, as they don't tip is much depends depends. It depends on the industry, Europe, restaurant because tipping, I think- and I used to be a lot more ubiquitous than it is now right you. So yes, so, like a furniture, delivery, that's why the older generation I wouldn't get a tip from a more frequently because there was a time when you tipped everybody like that. Our generation was raised. Like that, right I mean: do you Tipp the furniture delivery? I pick up my own furniture, buddy, ok, but you pay He wouldn t, but, like the mover, let's say like
people who help move. I think its expected. You pay the big huge moving car sacked land. You took the guys on top of that, and I've got a lot of self reflection sky cap. I took five bucks, a bag for Skype or must be suckered, as it says in here, two dollars a bag. Forget: what's nice shuttle drivers at the airport added nations to dip them you're? Not this all made up nuts Cabbie in New York. They make a very easy on you. Now you you just put in the percentage you want in the little computer and it'll at two year to your credit card, which is great yeah valley. If I like you, which is frequent, you get two bucks. If I don't like, you can get as little as
dollars. I try to get too. I feel bad though, when I don't have, it looks like a man, and sometimes I'm gonna go get my own card. You dont have a catchy I'll say that too, and they say no we'll go get it. There was no part in it. No, they will obey warrior of soil myself, mechanic had no idea that this is why it's made up. You don't tip your mechanic who, where did they talking about? I had no idea like weaknesses, unlike the gentleman's guide, the life, the nineteen. Forty two Tipp, your mechanic territory. Hours for any job. Over five hundred, I had no idea gas station attendants like exist anymore, yet. Well need clarity or origin or wherever, if you are, if, if they voluntarily check your fluids,.
Meaning the ones in your car? You should take them. One two dollars is organ. He d have to get your gas but think it is a member New Jersey. I think I've been told you this. My girlfriend had never puncture gas. She was like thirty earlier you to tell me that we are currently in Austria. He lives in Washington to nearby organ, so he probably But that we should ask so international tipping its way way too much to go over and we hate to cop out, but you really do need to go online because his tons of information when you go to visit a country, it's all different. Look it up before you go see, don't look like a schmuck here. There are a couple of rules, a thumb you should, like you said, familiarity You know not knowing the value of the currency is not an excuse, spread and don't use? U S. Currency yeah! That's it here!
full of american dollars for you, Mr Casa, arrogant, don't disrupt your gdp yeah! That's that's the cop out! That's bs!. It and give their current yeah because they have to go to in exchange plan. You know cameo in there and their neighborhood right or we know, I guess some countries I think like like Porter Rico and stuff like they can use american dollars like some. It's an american territory Warner, I think, even like Jamaica in a lot of these places are close to the: U S in the caribbean jack, I think, will they can use american arduous? Well? So it's not so obnoxious, chemical over some people. Here you don't have to Tipp, which are very relieved to hear some of these are other there. Anyone that you don't have to tell yet I'd vessel restaurant owners, as was the case. So on owners and basically
the owner of establishment. You don't tip unless they're the ones providing the service to you for deliveries under thirty bucks. I don't know what that is. That doesn't make any sense to me here's my favorite. I was so glad to know that I know I can go ahead and stop tipping flight attendants. You'd have to to flight attendants. Did you know that I want to do that? Bus drivers, theatre ushers? You have the Tipp shuttle drivers, but you was the Tipp bus drivers in these places? Crazy, that's insane the rules or so like you do don't tip Mcdonald's, but you do Tipp the coffee person, even though you can get a copy of Mcdonald Salespeople, he uttered them and employs the best relations F airline flight attendants. I can't believe someone actually wrote down that you don't have to tell them so there's a lot of federal stuff going on.
The front door there's something up, so the the federal tipped minimum wage has been the same since thanking anyone to thirteen if it to thirteen in our because of inflation, the whole concept was created. Nineteen sixty six because them ocean, it's never been less valuable. Then it is right now relative to the cost of living. I believe such a big deal for people who make them giving you know and service industries before Congress and Re Nos eight hour, thirty one, the working for adequate gains for employment services or the wages ACT, congresses so clever, but basically we tie the federal Tipp Minimum wage to sixty percent of the federal minimum wage. Every time is a hike
It would also be a hike in the federal TAT minute minimum wage and then ACT would raise a right now to four thirty five hour week, which is in a double what they're making but still way below. Just over half of you know the federal minimum wage and if you want to go, join a group that lobbies on behalf of people who should make a decent wage in the service industry, you can check out fair each dot. Org essay- I are he. Eighty Esta or in that body is- local group, a relic their Atlanta based, but restaurants. Here I have a less Josh about best we're celebrities every hour, nice This is very DMZ, although it wasn't front dmz- and I hesitate even read these because take it with a grain assault.
A lot of these stories. I dont know for true and I'm not gonna get into the stories, but you'll be pleased to know that our Ghostbusters Dan Echoing Bill Murray ART, a legendary good tips, awesome you'd, think drew Barrymore great tipper. I could see Russell Crow can a surprise me fairly. Hyper families are really get to. I would not have guess there in the hold smashing your face with a phone internet was out of character for him. Wait. I thought you like I'm fight all the time, but you carry good tipper how Coggan Charlie gene yeah. But Charlie seemingly for this money is Tessier David Beckham, Johnny, Depp, apparently really really get tipper, that's arson, and then I cross reference illicit worshippers on Khazars. All sorts of sites were where you can go as away try and say so and so came in my restaurant last night. They did Ex wines the right, so I did cross reference. Some of these Mick Jagger, the rock though Cosby, is was on everyone
I am sad to say I am not the least bit surprised Kirsten danced Weird Madonna Tiger woods was on a realist, Usher, Britney, spears and Cheramie prevent was on every list, John PEN really near David Byrne dude. This is so disappointing. If it's true David Byrne of the talking heads, is considered one of the worst tapers ever because apparently he does not Tipp seriously Kirsty Boucher me, then, is to episodes in a row, that feature reservoir does Michael more supposedly. Why wait a minute where, if this is true, Michael more, and you're a friend of Michael Merciless Savishna. Please play this for him. You should be
seemed of yourself, Sir ashamed. It said once less left and let left less than twenty dollars on a four hundred and fifty two and see all these, though I say take with a green assault, though, because sure you can just be the once envy them. It's not have any money, maybe that maybe the server was a big Republican jerked that he didn't like cause. It is Michael, more ever that part disease, capitalism, a love story here and it's ok, I'm looking for some some advice in one of the traders start making movies around here all right. So I'm not going to embarrass any more of these people like Molly Ringwald in Ricki Lake. Oh yeah, I Maguire. I love these really like being really worried about like come her. Her finances and re: ray. She was on a bunch of the sites. Do this a cheap? I could see her being cheated. You know why I'm not surprised pile them, don't be cheap people
I mean you, make tons of money spread around and on the socialists, but come on this bring a little join someone's life, but you get married us yeah, but not, though Cosby be more like, though Murray not like the cause of your cat, yes Here's the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up: basketball, is always that guy who joined your game He never passes the rock he instantly bricks theories and who can We have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico its ease the switch and save on car insurance known the vacant fake, an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted. So which in save with Geiger it's almost than sports pathetic takeaway. That's it for our listen
hated celebrities. If you want to learn more about that, you can take seeping into the search bar has therefore that calm right, that's he. I p p I energy, which is what the legal challenge over something almost close: the acid search bar the fourth dot com, which means a sign for listening email, Joshua called this one dueling vikings call it that from a dude from Viking Land he said hi guys. I just finished listening to the dueling podcast. I thought I'd share a bit on how they were handled in nordic countries back when they were pillaging the rest of Europe in berserking at every opportunity. Despite the outward appearance of being crazy axe wielding pirates, the vikings prefer to keep things simple on the homefront, less pecans home gang was created at home. Is a small island and gang means to go so went too far.
We're guides over an insult, a woman or property, it will go to a tiny island where the Tipp of the peninsula similar isolated area to dig it out Viking style. They would take a three by three metres square of oxide spread it on the ground and stick each corner and rope between. Much like a modern boxing ring each home Gunnar, Typically, wielded an ax or a heavy sword and had with him three wouldn't shields challenging party inside the challenge Party would have burst strike. Then proceed taking turns to hammer away at each other shield broken shields being replaced. This bears a long way in the first man struck bodily specifically be considered the loser thanks for the hundreds of hours of entertaining knowledge and keep being the awesome dude you are european and Viking line. Yannick JANET
the Minnesota J in an ok, let's vertical Yannick, I think in the area and an eye chaotic forego that takes a lot Yannick from Minnesota. And if you want to know about vikings in you have heard already goes into our how Vikings word package. That was a good one, very neat here about preservers. Let's see, oh, if you have a good tipping store, you wanna hear you can tweak to us it s. Why asked podcast? You can join us on Facebook, Facebook that complex there is no. You can also join as I keep us achieve, a dot org, team sledge step, you should know, help us Phineas out the million dollar march, and we were right. There are now very close and you can send us a good old fashioned. He now at stuff, podcast covering dot
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