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How U.S. Marshals Work

2011-09-29 | 🔗

Thought Chuck and Josh had already covered every law enforcement agency? Think again. The Marshals Service is the oldest law enforcement branch in the land, dating back to 1789. Listen up for how to get a free ride courtesy the Marshals in this episode.

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Stuff, you should know, is presented by Subaru and the Subaru Love promise, a commitment made by Subaru and its retailers to do right by communities in which we all live in work. Subaru partnership, leukemia lymphoma society to deliver messages of hope has spread to more than seven hundred hospitals. Wide to learn more about how Subaru gives back visit, Subaru dot com. Slash love, dash, promise that, you be a r? U dont, come slash, love dash, promise practised by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry, it's ready. Welcome to stop. You should know from house to what extent hey you walk into the Pakistan Josh Clark, there's Charleston each Bryant, which makes us that we should now and we are about to put
our duty and our series on law enforcement agencies are pretty soon we're going to disturb profiling like ex caps and stuff. Like that, with this they still haven't an eighty. I foresee a CIA article leaves a lot to answer. It needs some stuff, so Rina we could. We have extra time to do a lot more recent Kay the three were taken by the Eu S, marshals, drive so chalk. Have you ever seen the movie the fugitive I have will? Then we don't need
It is not wise at it says it is to use the most accurate portrayal of a: U S: Marshall ever created by man. Tommy. Don't yes, he was kidnapped, I'm a big fan of his great. It's really tough to go wrong with family Jones area. What was he in was in no country froman till he had last lines and stuff like that yeah he! Actually, if you read the book, is the main characters pretty much his character that's why, when you see the movie in cash, I hate the spoilers spoiler alert. When you see the movie in and what's his face, dies heavier burden now that what you think is the main character. Yes, what's his face from the gaieties just broke just Rowan?
in the movies like way these can unceremoniously died and they did make a big deal about it. Remember in the movie, but if you read the book, he's not really the main character, so a sort of makes more sense. I gotcha anyway the combat if they know what they're doing the best, but again family Jones, the Tommy legions works at the suit and he's a class act and check the retired, fairer marshals. Really. I was joking about time. You did you know that they are the oldest, want Foresman Agency in the land Emma
personal. They claim yeah very proud of that fact. Yes, they do a lot of stuff. They really do and a lot of ways there very unsung. They have a very long history. They were first, I created in seventeen eighty nine, the first time Congress met the Marshal service was literally created and they ve had their highs, no love, and yet the two hundred and twenty five years since George Washington appointed the first thirteen marshals, that is very right out of the gate and basically they set up the federal courts and they said well, we need some people too can protect. These courts need some people cracks who heads? U S, marshals done yet in apparently, as far as like law enforcement agencies. In the? U S goes, the federal marshals have
had the short end of the stick traditionally, especially early on in the country's history. When states rights wasn't is relegated to, like you know, in a yeah. There's a big deal. Everybody right, I'm so you had this guy. Who was I was the only law enforcement officials in the entire land air in your whole area and he's tried Michel federally laws down your throat when you're all about states rights, a train, and that was pretty much. The the beginning of the Marshal service was basically being at odds with their friends and neighbors about the stuff that they were doing a lot of times. It was stuff that proved to be unconstitutional. Alien, insufficient act. Member buddy, Eugene Debs. He ran for president gotta million votes from jail here in Atlanta, the Socialists here he was jailed for
the alien, insufficient acterrally yeah. Remember like you, couldn't even speak against the government publicly, or else it was considered, treason, emerald or one area. Yeah marshals head to arrest people like Eugene Debts for that kind of stuff, so there ve been plenty of points in the history of this agency were like them. I had to do very good stuff and they suffered for it there and that the grab sir at grabbing ascii, who wrote this as well as many other cool articles that we Pakistan. I pointed out that the civil war or not civil war, but slavery was a kind of a contentious point, because south. They had to enforce a slave trade bans on slave imports and then in the north they had to prosecute people fugitives on the run.
Right and northern ambushes. My software, like solar, could bring an obviously there so yeah. The marshes were like man. No one likes me anywhere, I'm gonna go out west and they were liked in the West yeah in a lot of places. It probably yes, because clearly out West, it was lawless in many many respects and literally and figuratively there will be partial out there and the Marsalis. As you would see this, guy, like sitting in an office in some boom town right near that Masterson and that's it and then he would deputize deposit. That's extremely accurate! there would be a Marshall out there and if you needed some extra help, if you grab some law abiding listen to our guns and say you're, no official of the. U S government and you have to come crackheads with me. That's really how it happened. Vs, like you, said in situations like that most of the law, abiding people.
Words is China, minds and golden leaving other people alone. There are very happy that there is a Marshall, their yellow order for change right. So there's a little undertaken in a Marshall appreciation in the nineteenth century that second half of it out west. Yet this counter heyday too, from what I gather if you don't get out now and actually found to allow two states still have a posse. But it's like you know the Arkansas: U S, Marshall Posse, and it's just the organization that helps to raise awareness and stuff I think the PV yellow government to schools and the fact that that's the marshals passing through valuable job do tat. Well, there is nevertheless the posse comatose act that prevents posse. Suddenly I never hear we talked about the Delta force out an episode. It's like it's, it's the law that prevents delta forced from operating in the? U S, a sensible. While any these days you try to get a posse together, and people like that,
How much less was come on nice twentyth century early Twentyth century they were pretty close to obscurity because they had a reputation for being fat, lazy, retired cops, didn't waited grip keep it to love there. That word dumb fat, retired cups, yeah. Basically, the the I dont know what led to that, but they just kind of lost their their shape and everybody knew it too, and then only the either. The respect for the Marshal service went on manifestly what it sounds like it was a place where all cops go to die here, early retirement and then- a guy came along and nineteen thirty nine, his name's, Frank Murphy and he became attorney general of the United States and he said you're gonna, stop being so pudgy see we're gonna, get you to work out there did arresting criminals he they said what have you say my yeah, and that was that yeah and they started take,
shape. Again literally, figuratively. I guess you know, throughout the twenties three made their name for doing such re things like escorting black students to school during segregation. Those were marshals yeah. When you see that famous picture, although I think some of the more national guard as well No, the National Guard were ordered out by racist governors to block the coming in really yes and the marshals were lies with the National Guard, yeah national guards state. I feel like a dummy Adam I mean it just makes sense. You know like that, while the national guards about their protect, none about that's a big black eye on these state of Alabama particular M. Mississippi is true they also can a mixed up with anti war protesters during Vietnam and basically made more of a name for themselves as the twentieth century advance as hippy beaters,
MR, so what what did they do, though, and also eyes when appointing advocate the beating of him Send me an email, go back and was in a whole catalogue. First, okay, except Tippy, Rob he deserves to be down. Give it not really really so uck. Finally, we arrive to current day. As far as when this article is written, two thousand seven and at a place called forth Psmith Arkansas. You will find the the National Museum of the? U S, marshals still to this day is the error. Four years later, I didn't another and they change their their badge too used to be a six pointed star O. Is it it's five near ok, so, ok, it did serve beings, six silver star in the inner circle. Here s another five pointed star in a circle, but apparently up until nineteen, forty one to theirs. Ninety four districts that coincide with joy
shall districts federal judicial districts, the marshal serve that are in every district was in charge of creating its own badge. Until now, forty one when the standardized and each district has one Marshall official marshal the rest, her like deputies and things like that right, there's a guy above four thousand deputies in ninety four marshals, working, that's true found three thousand nine hundred and fifty three to be exact. I saw that is it on their website. Three thousand eight hundred approximately three thousand nine hundred and fifty nose like we don't round at the four thousand anymore, we what's better than having a ticker. That's like takes one down every time someone dies and pointed to night the arising appointment ones born yet mister or hello stuff. You should know listeners. Do you want a new year's resolution? That's easy to keep yes resolve to help. Protect your identity and personal info with lifelike identity theft, protection, lifelong alert, you to potential threats
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four main areas of operation and probably the best known one thanks. Mr Donnelly Jones. The class act is catching fugitives and not just federal fugitives. They also support state and local law enforcement groups in catching their fugitives to certain marshals are basically just big show off, I got a couple of steps here, just in two thousand ten and it's gonna pepper, your information was tat, some of them in two thousand ten arrested more than eighty one thousand nine hundred state and local fugitives that on their health and thrown out it was eighty nine thousand nine hundred and one and as far as federal of federal fugitives, they arrested more than thirty six thousand in two thousand and eleven.
You just taken regarding state and local cousin, two thousand seven and article its sights of forty six thousand eight hundred state local fugitives, its course. The double yeah they work. Yes, but part of that was written falcon yeah. That was mainly to add two nab unregistered sex offenders. Right it depends lighted, it it's a fugitive capture, operation and doesnt seven. They were up to the end of phase three and I think each phase would be a different part of the country and maybe a different emphasis. Out in three and two thousand seven was launched, a catch people who respects a register, a sex offenders, but never did making them fugitives right in the eastern. U S and it nab tenth thousand seven hundred and thirty three balance. While sex offenders did the people we do not want on the street, just
gang members more than forty and her gang members. I think that's a part of operation falconry beliefs are gang stuff yet because ices responsible for immigration right. So, although the Marshal service have for our posts, mixed coach gonna couple other places in the Caribbean, yeah, Colombia, Dominican Republic. Ok, I think that's all drug related, that's just a guess. Yeah, Madame so They they would then they do arrest people in those countries, one of them. Eyes on their most wanted list was arrested in Mexico, so they can operate outside the country, but they wouldn't they wouldn't have anything to immigration. Although I can't see them not working with ice, they might get, it seems like they will work with. You ever asked for their help.
But you know for sure we can send a team under one of the other. Big aspects of their job is prisoner transport because they're they're in charge of basically looking over the court system, the federal court system, anything that has to do with protecting courtroom transporting a prison that keeping the security aspect of featured the federal judicial system is functioning. That's what they do. A big There is shuffling prisoners from place to place, yet they do that via the justice prisoner and alien transportation system, and that is early their own. Bus line Airline Van line, whatever they need. If you seem pretty bad movie con air, that was those were marshals.
Every day. They have sixty three thousand roughly sixty three thousand prisoners in custody, and then they transport these deeds and Ladys. I guess all over the all over the place on planes near numbered services about not and I'll bet those them like the stuff on the seat backs. Were you rest? Your head? Oh yes, m and washed in awhile, now invite movie. It's no frills is what it is. Yes, if you want to see a very frill laden aircraft, you should see airport. Seventy eight, I think the third one I did you watch arrogantly has also you know? What's the other, they were tearing inferno? gather my arm, instant q, it's pretty good man, I gotta say like it holds its way too long. First of all, like two and a half hours long did need to be like they should cut out of the plot points, but I'm as far as just like
oh, my god, what's gonna happen. It was pretty be still suspense yeah. That's yeah, it is among its among the best of the seventies disaster flexibility and you get parliament steamer queen the same movie. That is often the tough guy meter yeah. I didn't have my full attention. Last night I didn't like that. Instead, it punished me. I knew me with a beyond the Poseidon adventure Ass, the so funny we're on the stick of all disaster get through unbeknownst near. I had no idea until just a moment, caring for and what airport seventy eight. Ok. Sir Chuck, I think it's. Seventy eight there's also seventy seven yeah there's a few
Seventy, seventy five, seventy seven, I think it's, seventy seven dug it it's the one word Jimmy Stir owns a luxury airliners. Flying is people who end up beneath the surface of the Atlantic in the Bermuda triangle. Ok, I mean who was entering a foreigner Fred, Astaire yeah, one is less movie and he actually there's one small scenery. State dancing in my eyes were to set up a cat, Fred Astaire dancing. Well, apparently, the towering fairly had like fifty something sets and all the aid of them were like went up in flames really here she's at sidetrack. It's much french I think so they transport prisoners, they catch capture fugitives and then we did a whole Pakistan. Witness security programme, Wit SEC, their witness protection programme. But we'll talk about it briefly. Here basely was conceived in nineteen, seventy and since then, the Marshal service, which basically hides
your witnesses here and I keep some hidden- gives them new lives or did you know, keeps him and safe houses during trial depending on the arrangement? They say that since nineteen seventy, since the beginning, not one witness has been harmed if they follow the rules right plenty, These have been wax here, but the thing is, I went to a movie or something with you. Now if we look at any time, Jimmy too late- They also with we said, protect the courts. They still do that today. Two thousand judges and four hundred courthouse his nation wide. They I install security systems, they provide personal escort and watch over high risk trials and there's also a few other people. They helped transport I think our federal Judges- U S, attorneys purse,
endures. They provide protection for an eight transport. The Supreme Court Justices outside of Washington DC on their annual picnic cell, and I guess NBC on a much more who it is. It may be secret service or something or maybe it is not enough. Local local marshals, and we should point out. Marshall is a term that used a lot, but unless you are a, U S, Marshall, then you're, not part of the? U S, s Ok like you can be a Marshall like some countries have marshals right right, military ranks or AIR Marshall are not related to the marshal. Serve that surprise me yeah. I thought they were. I thought there: U S marshals, they are not Also, we should say if you are, if you're a drug dealer and you get pop for beef by the feds and they take your stuff, it's the marshals who have it here in charge of ash asset seizure,
yes and distribution to like selling off stuff, to give reparations to families and victims and stuff or to fund the marshal serve order from the marshal terms here, no picnic. What else can I do Josh? They have a swat group, the special operations group, which basically does the same thing that Swat team do, but for federal, stuff tat, they make sense and they once arrested, arrested and making. It's a fleet of the eighteenth century shipwrecks off, because the Rhode Island, at the request of the governor to protect it to take. You didn't, take these in the federal custody and protect them from vandals and South
You gotta start on the assets. They currently managed. Eighteen thousand assets valued at three point: nine million bucks. That's a la cigarette, both seventy thousand ten paid victims of crimes about three hundred and fifty million dollars, so they do use it for Some of it may also make him payments to state and low local law enforcement agencies of five hundred and eighty nine to maybe they repay, like director, police cars and the pursuit of the sky will pay Here's, my other stuff and will pay you back just remember! Uncle SAM takes carry new year, resolutions are very, very difficult to keep get more exercise save more money. What about this? We have a resolution that you can really work with stop wasting time going to the post office that right you standstill.
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well the we talked about how the more services set up within the ninety four districts and the thirty nine fifty three three thousand eight hundred fifty three deputies. Ah, but how did they get their chuck? Apparently they used to have an exam and now they use the standard federal career interim programme, which takes a couple of years to get you to make sure that you not just some jerk, you could fill out and application. I want a free gun yeah, so you gotta get a payer dues for a couple. Years and if you ve got the right stuff, then you have to go through a seventeen and a half weak training course, at the: U S: Marshall Service, Training Academy in Blanco, Georgia, you do The marshal, straining cameras here I didn't undoubtedly than others to places like us. Actually, in its day
sort of half way between Jacksonville Savannah Nokia, it's down on the coast near Saint Simon. This does ring a slight bell. I think it was not even a place until they put the thing there and they named Blanco know if that stance raining, but I don't even think that was a legitimate town until they set up a sixteen hundred acre campus catch that has its own zip code bears very neat, needs big. Ah, Check if you wanna becoming yours, Marshall, there's some now, you can't just fill out an application. You have to go through the training programme by even get into the training programme. To the. U S, Marshall Tractors, some some qualifications you have to have you have to be a? U S, citizen check you had to be between the ages of twenty one, thirty, six nope you could still I could have been,
hurry up being give physical condition would say, I'm not in here you're, so so so so would you say, you're good physical condition. I would see capacities these tests. I couldn't you could do the fifty turnips and run a mile and a certain time over a long period of time I could get bachelors degree check with three years experience and law enforcement or other qualifying job experience. Avowed driver's license and a good driving record donkey
aside from the age limit, then you're fine and the physical condition and the experience so pretty much. Are you a citizen and I have a driver's license right? That's what qualifies me I there's some famous Marshall decides Tommy returns and that Masterson Pillar mentioned. Did you mention it? Yes, it I just got through many earlier, was Marshall doing a real person I met doing there was just sufficient care and thank Yous fictional character, pretty sure tv baby wider was real, their yeah and Virgil and Morgan Earth his brothers. They were all marshals, as was wild bill hiccup in wild bill,
is the tie that binds the marshals podcast and the swords falling podcast, because he brought in a cowboys and Indian set up to the eighteen. Ninety three world varying Chicago, look at you. He pops up both while Frederick Douglass had no idea tat. He was a! U S! Marshall! No end the marshal for DC, to which I am a display, pretty busy district yeah. Did you see how you want to do? We do He had had the surface daughter dress up like Frederick Douglass for Halloween, while apparently that was what he wanted to be when he was a kid one year, so he had brought it back years later, virtue what else the most wanted list that is different than the FBI's here. Remember they they caught that one didn't Mexico. They caught one of their own deeds in Mexico.
Went to the other side. I think too, oh yeah down anywhere is right. He like went renegade an attorney drug dealing murderer later later, I allegedly these days, Josh the dirt There is a lady named station. Hilton- and it was the controversial nomination, actually buy Obama Hussar. While she was on the Socialists, she has had strong ties to the private prison industry, and the? U S. Marshals is also responsible for awarding contracts to build federal prisons area. So basically it as deals where they're like
She made a lot of money as a consulted for these companies. Your point her and she's gonna give her friends the yap in the private prison industry that contracts. So she had petitions going around basically, but the nomination Dick through I see an apparently was kind of sped through to all those people out there we like to call out folks on both sides were doing it could go and chuck now, ethics, and also, I say there is between two hundred and four hundred marshals that have died in line and duties in seventeen. Eighty, nine, that's not a lot the first was a gaining Robert foresight and he went to go serve court papers for a civil case to two brothers Beverly and William Alan. And he took the Allen Brothers aside to say: hey, I own embarrass you, but here's some papers,
and rather than come with him, they ran upstairs locked themselves in the door when they heard Forsyth coming up the stairs they shot through the door and hit him on the head and kill them instantly? So here's the first First Marshall Shot, in the line of duty in Augusta Georgia, and actually saw that he was the first law enforcement officer ever killed in the line of duty in the United States. Any more like powdered, wigs and everything to overtake autonomy. Colonial seventeen unrolled just just postcolonial. That's it! That's! U S, marshals right! That's right! do a valuable service, and I know what that is thanks to check in his law enforcement cross. Meta, you grab stir irresolute kindred spirits. I do watch cops near the yeah- I'm not like. I don't know when it comes on, but if I'm in the right mood and I'm channel surfing and I'll see it's I'm like nine times in a row, I watched five or six of them to you for what
stars of the highway patrol real stories. Yeah watch officer's occasionally not. I just want to point that out. This happens like once a month. It's not like, I know in there I'm not scared my typewriter and then Emily always passed me inside a god. Had he watched them as like, while these people make me feel better about myself, they will make you feel if you ever more and you and speaking to you the listener. Now, if you want about the Eu S marshals. You can type him marshals, one l! I was looking at that show in plain sight, and even on the USA network site, they spelled marshalled. To else which is made up of a person with twelve, so it's em a are as eight h l. I got it
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