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2012-04-17 | 🔗

Despite its embattled status as brutal and illegal, commercial whaling is a tradition that dates back 1,000 years and served as the economic engine of the Industrial Revolution. Join Josh and Chuck as they explore the whaling life then and now.

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How are you feeling today right now? How are you feeling about the world living Duenna make the world better? Do you know how much I do, but you know who did Mr Rogers, I'm Carver Wallis, host of finding Fred Pack has not read Roger, is hard medium. Here all ten episodes of finding thread running I heart, video apple pie, casts more wherever you listen brought you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready for you. Welcome to stop, you should know greenhouse gas networks.
I am not going to the podcast, I'm Josh Clark. I can't believe you're doing this again, there's Charles that each Bryant do, and what this shows is that we were done said I settled undiscouraged that you hate Tom Parry. Ah, here, Mr Petty, I'm sure you're a genuinely nice guy, but I can't stand your muse laptop ethnic. That's great! I hope you have enough for both of us idea. That's fine, but not surprised, because you don't think a lot of that sort,
classic rockstar. What's that you raise thirty special fan body, are you ok, I'll plenty classic rock except led Zepplin, you don't let anybody Lizzie arm, Heyday CDC Headstart, really wherever you know what else don't I like? Let's do this the other way, here's the classic. I do like open the doors to you. I just twitched. Did it here, Jim worsen, deserting, let's see? Ah I guess it's burning the doors, your eyes
like the grateful that, as you know, but I dont anymore. All this has been an scintillating start. You wanna record over this. Nothing is good, so I'm a hijack the high we're gonna be talking like that. Alot Laker scurvy see dogs. Yes, I'm not a pirate scurvy see dogs, big difference. I am, there was a scotchman, they sailed. They definitely did I haven't into, but here and it was a gift from use a thank you for this out. The news recently yeah. Let's talk about it, so the Japanese, or very sad when they came back to me,
from an article and said we only caught two hundred and sixty seven Wales, which is way less than the nine hundred we plan to to catch the season. Catching kill was what you mean yeah they left they left Japan in December, and I came back very recently. Ma am at the beginning of March, because well season was virtually over in an article, even though this a couple of weird things here. An arctic here is one of the places in the world
protected internationally. Supposedly a number two whale findings outlawed. This isn't like Gb Year zero were, you can just go and whale commercially right. Instead, its two thousand twelve in Japan still manage to kill two hundred and sixty seven whales. Here now for people who are fans of Wales, I'm a fan of Wales, is everyone knew his stupid whales. They deserve it, I'm sure whalers. Now I think they describe. You know an industry that they're trying to keep going on, and I clarify where we say:
alien we're talking about we'll killing expeditions, not we'll watching expeditions, clarified and people like my wife, so the japanese wailing season ended prematurely. I packed up their parliaments and went home thanks to the efforts of a group known as fish efforts, then see shepherds, yeah, see separate cells, seashells fancy shore, there a militant their described as a militant environmental group
have you seen their boats? Are they the ones that are painted like tat death from above style? They have them, they have the logo. Jolly Roger Schooling, cross, burning with one of the bones, is tried at the others. Like a shepherd, took the court, but even cooler its painted on the side of boats that look like that. Mobiles yeah, that's one of the young people, I believe they have a show and our parents mother company discovery who keeps us warm in her embrace in circles, ass for my teeth. Well, worse, yet it's gotta be right. Yeah, I've never seen it. Don't say that above that show now renewal of I love that sure to end all of its commercial sponsors. So, They show up. They say we're gonna, throw our robes in your propellers and we're going to launch distinct bombs at your boat in debt to the southward. Your whole operation right in Japanese,
Retaliated using water cannons doing harpoons grappling hooks, bamboo spears fact dig it out at their yeah, but which crazies decision they came out. On top I mean there are at least six hundred and change. Whales didn't lose their lives this year because in the Japanese said they call him saboteurs. Not activists by labelling has these. They were harass the whole time, so it's working at a huge victory, but wailing I am out there I'm putting us out there do because I think for most of our listeners in America. There's. A lot of sympathy for Wales is in a wailing country. Although there is wailing in the U S by indigenous groups up Alaska way. I really needed to allow other grandfather gathers powder three hundred a year roughly this they take about three hundred Wales a year or no, I'm sorry less than a hundred that I mean I feel like a jerk
that's not bad, but compared to the old numbers that throwing out man brought exactly which I'll get to write. So I think there's a lot of sympathy for Wales. He apparently in Japan, even the younger generation they're having a hard time talk come into being on board. Even now, Japan, which will talk about us, is skirting some of these laws to continue yet well in Japan is awaited. Country has been a wailing country since these seventeenth century. So yet the idea of killing a whale has gotten more more stomach. Turning over the year agreed. So let's talk about how to do it. Ok together, history first and talk to you about this beforehand, like we normally do, we sometimes he did so
we never do. Yeah we can talk about his joy. Think that's a good idea. Where did wailing starts? It started in Spain and North West, Spain in South West France, by the Basques? Well, that's commercial whaling. Were you to torment just now look of the north out there, this urban sure, yeah indigenous hawks, yeah or Saint, took of the south. There is goodwill in down and arctic away. What still is yeah, but not just then the Norwegians have long been a wailing culture scene with the Icelandic yeah too and they still ice and Iceland and Norway right there still at it, yeah Norway's so much these days were there at the very least, getting a little more aware are so getting back to them.
Asks the first commercial whaling operations as early as one thousand eighty in the Bay of Biscay and then, of course, everyone else saw what was going on jumped on Board England
and now in the North American early sixteen hundreds, Japan, sixteen seventy five, the? U S! Finally, offline tuckett, seventeen twelve! So this this article kind of skirts over some really big stuff here, like a basically goes from Nantucket too then fine, and when you jump make that jump, you leave out the entire golden age of Whaling Odin fifty years yet so when you reach Nantucket the youth you encounter and there's this awesome kingbirds like two part series on wailing if ever interested is definitely worth checking out like guinea burnt. You like this one, better Nantucket became like the wailing capital of the world, and
thereby also became the commercial engine of the world, because wailing and whale oil came about at a time when the industrial revolution hit and whale oil was to the worldwide fossil fuel. Oil is today pre petroleum, it was petroleum. Yeah like it literally, is what the world ran on him. What we lit near artificially are world with right, the train, so new, Bedford, specifically and then took it or that the what Saudi Arabia is today in Wales. Out there now she were basically like floating pieces of oil rich real estate. In any way, with the
could go claim. Is that why that area, which is so still so dollar heavy, probably is at what got them going to begin with? I definitely in from like seventeen fifty two eighteen fifty was like one of the richest places in the world, while here so you can't quite skip over that now is definitely worth mentioning a treat this cold atlantic waters of their fertile ground for Wales I imagine the and they started out by just dumb harvesting whales. Washed up ashore burden that would have been nice waited to keep it that way. It was within the industrial revolution hidden there like oh well, really birds. Well, we can make candles out of a right. I do have some behind my ears, all uses of perfume Pakistan key way already tackling you ever. It isn't perfume and cosmetics and stuff like that. Right, yeah, as it is, I think, is probably still is in some injury
and by rights. Are we ready for Sven sure, the norwegian pioneer Sven fine, which is a great name? He launched the first empowered wailing ship in eighteen, sixty three invented a little something that really changed. Everything called the harpoon cannon, which is pretty awful, Not you know you Harper unaware by hand up until that point, and then I you could shoot a harpoon with a cannon that would explode inside the whale crazy. Sven fine is pretty much
single handedly. The reason why we have set depleted and endangered whale stock today, and I guess it Didn'T- mess up the whale too much with the explosion, and hopefully it was over cause prior to that killing a whale is very difficult when you are hand throwing harpoon I chair and that's how they did it. You see it a bunch guys and little tiny boats like all throwing spears, not necessarily harpoons, because a harpoon is used to toe the well backwards of his dead bread, but like a sphere and the only way to kill it was to spirit in its gills right, so that eventually withstand enough that it would aspirate in choke on its own blood off and it took awhile, and it would swim about pretty pretty heavily for a little bit called a flurry here, and they know it. Go on its side fin up, and I thought you knew the way I was dead. Harpooned it near and other whaleboats told it back to the boat for processing, so hopefully that explosion distilled it immediately. But I'll bet it in here,
but at the very least, it must not mess it up for harvesting reprocessing, or else opponent done it Will you mentioned that the threshing about very dangerous job back then definite? Imagine still is to a certain degree short, but back then, on those little boats. Large whale much larger than your boat, thrashing about skinny capsize, you could drown slip on the boat with the blubber in that blood everywhere. Yet because I mean well think about this, you have a whale shit right and that's where, like everybody, lives and stays yet, but to go hunt the wailing you're actually kind, the well you're in a whale boat in its basically like the size of a rowboat here and that's what you're, in with with the whale like get off me.
Exactly so latitudes died and then there's the disease of course, going to exotic in gross port of call tuberculosis. What else yellow fever malaria pretty much? I would imagine the whole gamut the whole gamut than we were more disease. Scurvy rickets lady get real near and, like you said, Sven had a drink hand in leading to the depletion of the population and starting an early nineteen hundreds things really started going south for the whale numbers wise you wanna rattle off a few days yet so, but this is very fine. Everyone suspend points, work ably this clearly
in one thousand nine hundred and four one hundred and eighty four whales were killed off of the South Atlantic Island of South Georgia right within ten years it jumped to two hundred and four within ten years. Just blew whales alone. Seventeen hundred thirty eight were killed. Forty seven hundred and seventy six thin whales and One thousand eight hundred and ninety four humpbacks were killed in the same area within one decade. The message and that one area and also you you'll, know that blue. Whales and thin whales used to be out of the reach of any kind of Wales. It here they too fast yeah and they cater out maneuvering out out, run any ship that was chasing them until then. Finally,
is this the empowered wailings right so was just the sperm whales at first that right, right and sperm whale, also by the way, what they're looking for mainly because sperm oil was the best oil available burn the cleanest and the brightest and sperm. I whales also had something called spur maturity, which is like this waxy substance in their head that you could use to cut the whale oil and candles that worked really just like the best stuff. It was also way more valuable than regular way loyal near sure did they produce. I had this year. Are they had like I'm twenty five to forty barrels and there is like a whale oil per whale first sperm whale, and that is why I was thirty one half gowns. Yes, it's I do the math similar two hundred, sixty gallons per sperm whale mile, and they would use every part of the Whale Willie's given that it's not like shark fin soup, we'll cut off
then, and then dump the sharp makin the waters around they which the treaties every part of the world for sustenance. So I guess we're going back beginning again, which is why did they do this to begin with? Because it couldn't grove edges and allow the these places for whale was like what they subsisted on just I didn't subsisted subsisted subsided happened after they ran out of where exactly so you know it's got. A protein nice and vitamins. Eight d see your nose like good stuff for them, Brian they figured out early on. They can burn the blubber to write to light and heat their recluse yeah make sleds there would help making sleds.
Yeah out of availing whales teeth. I guess I should make airports yet if you can use it for all sorts of stuff. Imagine bones to hear back in the data like before commercially and there's a long tradition of using all parts of the whale, but there is a huge difference between even a massive commercial enterprise. There were like the ones that were launched off Nantucket, that required sale, power in hand thrown harpoons and steam power boats in harpoon guns were explosive tips. There's a big difference here, huge debate and then the global demand also this kind of changed everything to yeah Japan, postwar postwar were too they relied allowed on whales for for food. They were pretty poor at the time after the war trying to put the pieces back together
and whales were a big part of that on the school lunch menu up into the nineteen sixty seven year, although it's not supposed to take her get, is it supposed to taste? It says in the thirty km like either reindeer moose, the ethics of Catherine Slate tried it. I guess near the city editor near not heavily spiced out of tradition right, that is in Norway, Iceland, in Alaska, ok, yeah in Japan. They spice the heck out of a guess, I'm sure they say services, so she me which would mean that they probably don't you new year, Resolutions are very, very difficult to keep. Get more exercise save more money. What about this? We have a resolution that you can really work with stop wasting time going to the post office. That right, you stamps that comments because they bring all the services of the. U S: postal service, right to your computer, with your small business pending invoices or package's, or an
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will persevere, so there were no longer running. I numb any kind of our economy doesn't run on whale any longer now now raping the earth petroleum, but at least it doesn't, you know, have babies gesture. So why are we still can yes well in Japan, they have a loophole article eight of the international convention of the regulation, a wailing says that they are allowed to kill for research purposes, technically anybody yeah,
well yeah Japan's yelling, when taking them upon it saying year. Would this is for research? Yes, but that is disputed. Yes, because really the only bum use these days for Wales is meat right. So Japan is through this international convention are not the only ones who can use whale hunting. For scientific research as a reason to kill Wales, but yet there there roundly criticised for it, because there's other techniques that other countries used to study whale populations that don't require the whale, the die or to begin with, because what their studying is, whether trying to prove
is it there are actually more whales and people are saying that one of the things are saying one of the other things, and I should say that that my source versus Greenpeace right arm, but they said they were saying that Japan routinely uses studies, study samples of populations of like five hundred miles from the same area, which is a terrible way to steady. Like a species. And they are examining their stomach contents to find out about whale diet, can then they'll say oh well these whales eat a lot of salmon and SAM is a very commercially important fish. So we should kill more whales right right, though, if you look at the Australians, they stay whale diet too, but they track whale feces and they also study- will have its by keeping I'm alive and get more data by keeping them alive by this tagging. Em
and then one of the country's it's come out hardest against Japan in condemning them right, yeah yeah, the Australians really can't I'm glad you guys made a back seat. An early from the euro will hunting smooth Nigeria exactly so. The Japanese are very much criticized for explaining but under international law they they can do this and I guess, provision that allows scientific wailing says if you catch you catch him, kill away for scientific purposes. You have to use the whole way shirt to their saying. Well, we ve gotta services food right right, the that's a huge loophole. Has it basically like? If you say, were we hear this? Here's a study were carrying out you. Can this conduct commercial whaling, which is what doing so on nineteen twenty five. Now they were start they already were processing. Is that what you said they're already processing onboard before nineteen, twenty by yeah so
happen, ended at the factory ships made it even easier. It is more outfitted with it, the other kind of like the I, why processing whales beforehand but were definitely doing it during like the golden age? Often Nantucket, where, like you in capture away or harpoon it all the guys who just been fighting this thing for like ours would grow it back to the ship and they d tat it with chains to. And then start skinning it like layer by layer, yearly citys like peeling, an orange skin and They would carpet up into blanket pieces. There were a time, a piece of guys I'd from those one of those people tat. I was getting crushed by like a slob, blubber sure, a ton of whale blubber funny, it's not a good way to go
and then they would how these blanket pieces up and then divided into what they call horse pieces. My guess is that was about the size of a horse. Shirt public could still courier, I imagine you die going, Then there were the boil boil out extract extracting the blubber, the oil from the blubber and this is all done on board like with big iron pots and stoves we're pretty normally yeah and dumb. There's blood everywhere. There's oily blubber everywhere now, so one of the one of the great dangers of the job was slipping on deck and falling overboard. You don't think that the waters around the ship while their skinning there, the whale weren't just infested with sharks,
yet so owes a very dangerous part too. So once they had the oil extracted from the blubber, they would actually go ahead and put it in the casks, slow it down the whole trying clean up the mess, even though there really is no cleaning up immense now, apparently not and the need to start over again and like a wailing, expedition dude was years long, a really they want. For years. I pages are there because they could do this. All aboard ship, they live on the way, the whole time they usually have provisions. I'm sure they would stop in tour to govern pick up some provisions. These are whatever beans and venereal disease Riker with their way up and down, and then you know go on their way but like they would be away from home for years. At a stretch,
crazy life or eight soulless flash forward a bit factory, ships and nineteen twenty five. Introduce which really wrapped up the killing and us two years in the sixty years, following that more than two In Wales were killed in the southern hemisphere, yeah, so that's when people countries the League of Nations, specifically sat up and said you know what in nineteen thirty one. We should put together some sort of legislation to regulate this freedom. They really Colfer, nineteen, thirty one. He I think about it. You're twenty six countries got on board. Except for Japan, Germany and Russia than years later in ninety, I'm sorry, five years later, establishing international agreement for regulation of whaling and again Japan's had no thanks.
You're. There was a record high of forty six thousand thirty nine whales killed in the Antarctic alone. It still is the record you and you know they ve tried these different things over the years, but basically, what I gather was there was never any enforcement. The ITA Vc has no teeth, I believe, that's it, so they can really they can't you. Any idea of the cap was really wolden and they can't do anything. Do you consider make up regulations all day here by Japan can decide? Now? I can't do it, I think, could be like cake. There were heard our economy. Sorry, we understand that you feel for the whales, but were wailing what're you gonna do and there they say. Oh yeah, we forgot there's no sanctions that we can carry out against you against the police. We condemn yeah, there's no whale police ass, a ship but their rogue yeah. They do a good job permanently. Whether you agree with their methods is one thing, but they certainly many differences here.
Flash roared again to nineteen eighty six when they banned commercial whaling altogether again rejected by Japan, Norway and Russia yeah, but in that and there the convention there is that loophole for scientific research I think I've always been exceptions for indigenous groups to write but Thea the the big loophole with the scientific wailing wine that so that they continue exploiting their ways like we're. Not even any commercial whaling register, licensing issuing scientific wailing licences to these commercial whaling out now early. He said the United States,
as with the is that just indigenous people here, and there is something I can find out what happened member. I saw this like chart of whaling and fraud since nineteen eighty six, they had an impact area that the convention that treaty had an impact, because if you look at the overall total kills them where they can't catches decline just tremendously since then he has its thirty one thousand, since the ban was put it yeah, and then I saw for ninety four two thousand nine eight around
hundred and nine hundred killed for the world that year compared to forty six thousand in an article alone, but which is pretty great, the key is, is whether that number can be kept down in pace with the second out run the decline of oil population so that their on any extinction. Events right before wailing ceases or before the young, the stocks can be stabilized right. Refurbished ya. Think there's like a real, definite like race, against the clock. That's going on right now with whale population. If I remember correctly when we did, it must have been when we did the the swim with the whales Pied Cassa. I think I remember something about the way they reproduce a report
reproductive cycles really long earlier today have a hard time reestablishing. It's not like. There haven't little whale pups every every year to year, so that progress in the end. I think they stick around like with their parents who, like the raising nurse their young for a very long time as well. They dislike deadbeats in the basement, couch waiting around within a pink Floyd. You like pink Floyd. Oh yes, I do ok, there's two ideas thinks the doors and pink Floyd governance. So what does the future hold? Mr Clark. Well, not being a prognosticate or myself, I don't feel comfortable predicting the future, but I don't know man, I'm surprised by the fact that the news report that use you gave me like that the sea shepherd re. Having like that kind of effect, I figured that there will be a nuisance, not an effective.
Activists militant group there, while they set up a couple years ago, two they rammed each other supposedly yeah, but I got the impression from this article that it was like I have. On board your vessel and currently do anything there like oil, can do anything either. You know everything that Their encounter was a young, the representation of just like that I'd. What I did you see does with wailing. It's like there's nothing. You can do really right now and able to do anything that has a real impact, but apparently they figured it out
What happened was in two thousand ten. They claim the japanese ship rammed the sea shepherd ship thinking it inside the dude from sea. Shepherd went aboard the wailing ship yeah and that's when they just said. We can't do anything sluts inevitable by pretty much he's gonna make citizens rest come on. That's like one thing: if you don't carry it out, you don't tell anybody you're going to do that right. You know, like I'm, gonna make a citizen the rest I was going to shoot, is tackled and or something that that that was all over discovery, counting the browser. So anything else, I don't have anything else other than to say. You know that this is important to you pay attention because there's always, I think they met the slashed. About this. Again, it's like an ongoing battle to keep these regulations in place. So here's the
Saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball, There's always that guy who joined your game- He never passes the rock he instantly bricks theories and who can we have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico its ease, the switch and save on car insurance, known the vacant fake, an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted. So which, in save with Geiger it's almost better than sports. I've got another. What's here. If you route for Wales, you should check out the story of the ethics which inspired Moby Dick it's the only known ship to evince, sunk, apparently purposely purposefully via whale
minute while a whale rammed. It turn around Gatt Speed and rounded again and ended up thinking the ethics and sent like the twenty crew members. Unlike this horrible journey, where they were adrift in the South Pacific and they voided islands that were close by because their freedom Campbells, but in their attempt for South America, they became Starvin resorted to cannibalism themselves, while the Essex at an ironic to us didn't, have never read Moby Dick ably that I do not heredity, there's really what we need to get that done. A cable, scurry, Moby Dick right now check. While we read Moby Dick, you should learn more about wailing type fed into the handy search bar has the forts that com, which means it's time, Phyllis Norman, Joshua
This is a good organisation in Austin Texas, which we were just that, and this is sent from Patrick you is at our variety show through said, a great show guys. I was pleasantly surprised. The Koran code acting in the pilot by Jove, and I look forward to turning away. The current quota actings accurate exactly day he's involved, though, with a new non profit, and I told them you plug retreat r e lowercase capital, t r e lowercase tea. She were going. Your t, r T retreat, can t already. Eighty
dignitaries oak. They are a kaleidoscopic group of bicycle entry enthusiasts with strong backs sharp mines in big hearts volunteer to replant communities. The group formed in response to the bastard wildfires that took place during the summer of eleven. When you can t lemon bulletin, isn't it just outside of often taxes during today's in January, Retreat America play over two hundred reason for eighty miles and their bikes on their heading back to basket the round of replanting March twenty thirty twenty fifth, which his right now on this himself that'll be the over. Yes, you can still support him by going to Facebook, dot com, slash retreat with to ease America brand new group there trying to spread the word
So, just a little awareness is what they're looking for, and now they have. The mandates here I want is to plant as many donated trees. A native trees is possible for homeowners affected by natural disasters, to harness the spirit of volunteers and that exist in everyone, harness it and beat it with this there are three enliven community, socially and economically in the aftermath of disasters. Number fourth stimulate stewardship and invigorate local desire to rehabilitate the damage land familiar with a stick number five spread proper tree planting and care techniques, number six foster appreciation for, and involvement in agriculture. Romania list there did the humming demands that they have given more incur
the use of bicycles within the urban environment. Finally, we get the bicycle, so Patrick, Yellow done great work asked him is one of my favorite places now to visit and retreat America, you should support, could check him out, Nursemaid bike person or a tree person or if you hate trees, and you love your car than probably an organization for you did. We should also give a shout out to the contest winner, who remained hung out. Yeah Caleb Caleb did he scenario to say, as I said, our will to say, Caleb W from Dallas yeah he came out, he won T have the first facebook contests and he came out hung out with us. We were launched will monitor the office for a very nice lunch, resulted in people information authority- and it was those very tasty that yeah
to arm. I followed up with them. He did go to the king centre after he left us. Yet his keen on when you ve, been studying the life Martin Luther King and was excited to go visit, we call them how to get there and he went and went to the king centre, his original house that eleven just like on the same in his church, I think, is well everybody, so yeah dejected on socially Caleb regret your here. You're a really nice do yeah! You really word. We really can a guy indifferent weighing. We were very fortunate that you are the one. So congratulations to begin. Let's see chuck wailing stories became my has one let's find out. What's you your wailing story, you can tweak to us it s why escape podcast? join us on Facebook at Facebook, dot, com, stupid timeline, Facebook that counts less, that we should know you can send an email, stuff podcast
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