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How Witchcraft Works

2010-02-09 | 🔗

Witches are perhaps one of the most reviled and misunderstood groups in history -- but why? Join Josh and Chuck as they break down the Stuff You Should Know about witchcraft in this episode.

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Welcome to stop. You should know from house to what extent they took pleasure. She were about being Guatemala Buddy correction dude. We are in Guatemala, as this is plain well pretty cool, it's magic of technology. So tell him what were plugging here? Well, we're gonna be down in Guatemala finding out whether education can actually alleviate poverty, not right. While we're down there were going to be blogging the whole time. Hopefully, as we speak, there will be blog posts in if we don't have internet access, it'll be a next week, yet the internet in Guatemala may or may not be spotty. We haven't figured it out yet, but if not, though be at the following, we Grundy ok. Well, you can check those out at the blogs, hast upwards dot com shocking. I share a blog called stuff. You should know appropriately enough right. Yes, that's that right on with the share out of the park cast,
hey in Pakistan, Josh Clark with me. As always, is Charles Debbie Chuck Bright and Chuck? Yes, I'm repaint C4, you literally am I take away. My words was canvassing easel telling you this is just to help me. I'm just expect. Imagine you are tied to a poor. Ok, you are so good you're bound with your hands behind your back less good. An you're ankles are also bound to said poor. Looking right director and you notice that there are. There is an awful lot of really dry firewood.
scattered around you around this poor. That's not good, really not get even less good, is you figuring out that there is some guy, probably some sort of priests or official, maybe an executioner coming towards. You were the torch, other people, there are tons of people of your neighbors people in your very small community who have known your whole. Life of my neighbors would be seen his well. Oh. This is in a different time. Ok, ok! So! Well, let's say that you know all of your neighbors and work with them and trade with them in and a major you helped raise their children, while my heal them when they were sick using herbs and in may be incantations. There were not at all times in the past me right now. Everyone in your town is pointing at you and laughing at you and yelling, and calling you horrible names in accusing you doing horrible things like I'm still
babies and sucking their blood and plough yeah just doing all sorts of terrible stuff right cheer in? One of you are your daughter's ill couple of daughters, and there and forced to watch this man whose can you with the torch, but not only that there being whip? in front of you, so you're about to die in the most horrible ways, a human being, can die, while you're watching your dad. There's being wet and these your town, pointing at you call you horrible names and just basically packing any level of humanity whatsoever, while that's pre rosy, I'm not doing it really there. Finally makes it over Africa's sweet ass time their nature. He finally makes it over with the torch in lights, the kindling and all of a sudden. You got the hot foot
we start to climb and climb you're having trouble breathing your extremely hot, your closer catching on fire, Asher you're, your skin is blistering. The pain is about his intentions. It can possibly be, of course, from I understand burning in this manner can a matter of hours while yet until I die yes or until I guess, you're completely burned up Josh. That's awful is pretty off. I can't imagine a worse waited. I know I can either chuck, but you want to know something. This actually happened to hundreds of thousands of people doing the middle ages, Europe and later on in the United States. We are talking about witches. We talking about, which is perhaps the craft one of the most misunderstood or revile groups of all time in history. Yet never think about that now, if I were to say gypsies yeah, but no witches yeah. That's my two says you're out
in that respect, reading his article. Yet in hearing that story, which has got the yet the bed under the stick yeah, I would agree with that So where do we go from here? Just to the beginning? do we actually know the very beginning right because witchcraft and in is been around since, like there were pre humans right. Sure I mean you you can make it can make the case that all pre, Christian. Religions, with the exception of Judaism, were witchcraft. Basically you because the article pointed out here that witchcraft when time for rosy everything was great, but then, when plague here, and famine and disease, then that's people said, oh you know, maybe we should This Sherman to cook little potion or say spell to the gods, free things will turn in our favour,
If they didn't turn in their favour, then the Shopman or the witch or the folk either whatever usually found the entire town against him or her shirt bright and perhaps even burnt the stick. But this was before before certain period, witchcraft we dislike whatever There was normal commonplace everyday stuff, yet there was necessarily anything like evil associated with it. We do too his magic right with a k explain yes, it may gee. I see K is to differentiate that is common action did spelling modern witches to assert differentiate between, like but say, real witchcraft, David, copper old right. That kind of magic powder keg, allusion, illusionist, yes or Chauncey Railway, as the illusionist at the end of will unite member here
a magician it needed. No, I totally forgot that that's where he became after his porn career. I forgot about their anyway that kind of magician or the other kind of magic witches. There's both black and white magic in there. not necessarily mutually exclusive, as the good and evil right, as we learned no some point, though, the tide very much turned and there is actually a fearsome- I should say it at one point, but there are several things that led up to the turning of the tide aghast Ray Saint Saint Augustine had something to do this work actually Is it a gusting, yeah, ok, we also Augustine in there you doubt his distance the times who gets an email and that yeah right about eighty, we're twenty Augustine argued. only God, goods spend the normal laws with the universe. Therefore, there could-
possibly any such bees. Any such thing as what witches clean to be able to do right right, so basic, They may as well, have just been engaged in tooth fairy studies or something like that J or they were totally harmless, possibly wacko, but to the christian church. They had nothing to do with anything right, ok and that view was held for a good eight hundred years, so it's popular. so, which is where they went along them anyway, do their own thing. Christianity went along its very way, did its own thing and no real problems right until Twelve o eight and a Pope name The third way, too. With the catheters you heard of these guys now, but effort of the innocent heavy, and the third had nothing on junior some say that through the second area, Tom Institute None, and I want you to get into that. Ok got any innocent the third, not junior right
innocent with their did these junior to denote pubs, The third declared war in the Catherine there's, where this kind of christian sect who in France, I think northern France. In long doc and they were very much convinced that on earth and throughout the universe. There is a very real war going on between God and the Devil shirk. good and evil area right light and dark night and day right, There is very clear division and there is a power struggle going on. Ok, the There is also clearly believe that the roman church, roman Catholic churches Actually, the church of Satan. Ok We believe there met our in there
supposed to the roman church. Ok, the roman church have more power led by innocent the third. She said you know it catheters. We decided that you guys, worship the devil and not only that are going to create propaganda, shows that are would carving showing your people kissing the anus of the devil in person, because you guys are double worshippers. Take that I'll there was no good day. The Catherine were persecuted, barely Rideau Yo Yo, and, to this day there called the catholic heretics. I'm sure they could have gotten by with like kissing the hand of the devil or something I saw was cardinal overboard. It's like the devil, with the Cloven Hudson is bent over like grotesque. Tat is my devil, but exactly. Can I go yeah? Ok! Does it get better? It does well, it doesn't get better for which is so now we have people who oppose the church. Yes, worship Satan, yes, that division has been created, catch it. Ok, and the whole reason the Pope went after the gathers, the idea,
There is a war good and evil going on right was actually like eighty years later adopted by Thomas Aquinas, ok for him and he's like ok, there is such a thing, is demons and they're here on earth, and not only Are they involved in plenary cells. They really really like to lead. Beings a stray from God. So the going on there, Israel evil it's really tangible and It's all around us all time we have to protect ourselves as Christians, we ve suspicious of other people who are Christians because they're probably being led astray by these demons? Ok, now we start to have every day people who can possibly be in league with the devil, because it's all around us right are in this one. This was first taking root right. This is the real started. Everything's been leading up to this end, finally chuck in fourteen eighty four the real seed of how we view, which is and the witch scare it which lead
which executions and persecution, fortunately for a pair of german friars, took to you to write the malice, Malefico farm. Ok right, it's a basically which finding handbook how did we get them out how to seek a mile how to try them how to execute their voucher? Basically, these two german friars remember the vowels abstinence, we're not very happy with women and they basically made all the stuff up. Most witches were women to tell him which anyone whose suspected of any woman who is suspected of it should be stripped down in four moles right right and they They also witches light to steal penises from men, collect them. Keep a minute where they would move by themselves and eat. Oats in corn pay off
idea, right and also like, which is when you're trying to which you have the leader and backwards as she doesn't have a chance to cast, spells and everybody wins. Chairing the room makes sense. Just stupid stupid like that right, as probably gonna get bleaker. Ethics, ok and led to the witch scare, the witch persecution and the witch executions that we know, love today. Hundreds of thousands of people chuck hundred Thousands of people were killed, because these two, Fires wrote this book. Anxious made it up, I feel like we can stop there. I have I'll try to interjected later so. Josh. Yes, should we talk about one of the most famous of those persecutions? Yes, not single persecution set of persecutions and sixteen two in Salem Massachusetts, of course in the rather crucible unit, we're talking about Salem, which trials
can we go over that real, quick? I think we should this all started, because a couple of precocious teenage girls may or may not had have had clinical. Stereo Orban Board or been board- maybe see you never know point. They were having convulsions and screaming like as it, possessing there were being pinched in and poked that what it was by an unseen force, bitten and pinched not put an unseen force there. They were poked by the witch examiners. Hampshire, ok and the doktor actually the witch examiner said they are clearly bewitched right an how, because that, book brothers, stupid book Yes, he probably had that in his little dark opposition, he wasn't even a which examined the guy was the village physician here he was only was like. I can't come up with any explanation, so there clearly bewitched right, and so this led to the one by one, these Ladys in Salem Massachusetts.
And this is clearly before their big liberal, allow influx of liberals in Massachusetts. Those days are over while yet Europe recently, and these women became me no persecuted and accused of being, which is so couple of men to be mostly women, women, have done their own horse, which is about crimes supposedly in Salem. You know you didn't help the servant teachable their name. Yet this was a west indian servant of one of the girls and she really cemented the whole deal when she said that she admit in court to dealing with the devil and flying on sticks and said: quote him quote they made her hurt those girls. She didn't help. Yeah so that really send into high gear and what like twenty twenty people were, were killed right. yeah one guy Giles occur. Remember his last name. He was pressed to death with a heavy stone here,
an old man and elderly man and they put the late amount, external, put, an even bigger stone on top of his chest, and the life was pressed out of him. I've never heard of that. I believe he was. He was tortured to death, like that, because he would not confess to being a which I wonder what they call that was called precisely coming. He was going to me. That's creative in that was on that went on for a little while under the rule of the general court, then that court was Europe too, by the court of the judicature nice and they basically reversed stance, and not very which is after that took place, were persecuted right basically said okay, the wage over the ground. Just pretend this never happened literally. What happened there? Was it no more witchery? Yes, that only three more people after that were found guilty of witchcraft and they were even pardoned yeah later on and they still do not know what was up of these two girls, like them They could have been looking in Africa,
just little girls looking for attention or they could have you no Hudson Mass not mass hysteria, but clinical hysteria. I wrote an article four, the site about the study this woman conducted, I think in the seventies and she paper sleep trip and what that was one of the theories that we should like men, I got really which is a hallucinogens hands and that everybody got it from eating rotten grain. And dumb was basically tripping what that was one of the theories of enlightenment at one point to bed trip was the lot of you Lighten meant was because of bad bread, basically or policing aiding and coming up above these amazing adventure. This awesome hundred of history, the so Josh, well, We could start to talk about the modern era. Ok while pagan religion? What do you want to talk about the different kinds of witchery? around the world. You have got a couple like to highlight. I wanna hear Chuck, ok, Joshua,
gonna pick this one appalache and folk magic, some cool. Can't you see now NATO, oh no. You had found somebody, though the worse movie ever Appalache and fought magic. Josh is clearly around this area of the South EAST. and they have a very much Christian based idea of it. And God and a devil as The good and evil like you're talking about and are can use their magic with a k for good or evil, and They look to nature for omens and like to port in the future, and their local men we could break up and not georgian round up a couple of these still be pretty boss, actually like to go. Do there what's? Yours will give me some one of my favorites. Is this the costly pencil dutch hex craft a k, a pub pow
and it is from the Well Pennsylvania dutch area of Pennsylvania, german and dutch settlers, including the Amish. also including people who are reformists like Lutherans right present believe in this stuff, where you can create good, will blessings things like that, usually for the home by creating symbols, hexes which parents early when there is when they first arrived, and they were talking of the English. They were saying, sexes, six but English heard hex guy. That's why it's called hex crap, not the least bit dark. you like to give an x right. You know that you know that pineapple welcome flag that people,
hang outside of their house, yeah sure, that's Pennsylvania, Dutch hex, really yeah bless this home. That's a Pennsylvania, dutch hex, the two partridges with a heart right Pennsylvania. That's her! what about really nice as you know, Israel, pleasant witchcraft. What about dont tread on me? The rattlesnake is a little different. The sun They now and of course we gotta talk about wicked. That's why we're gonna spend most of our time here, cause wicked. widely. The youngest or known about youngest, but only what like sixty years old yeah about, but it still what the prize, the most widely accepted, form of modern witchcraft right, the forum paganism. Let's talk about paganism, ok, they get to bed wrap. It does. A pagan is also often interchangeably, call the heathen and basically it's a pagan, Can mean either like someone who doesn't subscribe to the big three Christianity
Judaism is larger, so any other religion, including like major, establish religions like Buddhism, Pierre Hindu, as in that kind of their technically pagan or it can it can do note, a religion that existed prior to her Christianity might ISM Islam. That kind of thing. gotcha and actually the other characteristic of it is that it's it's usually polytheistic right more than one God exactly that. That is the characteristic right here, Sir, like the rectangle square thing. Well, if, if it's if you have multiple deities, are definitely pagan, but if not does it mean, Secondly, are too vague, and that makes sense Blue reminded clearly, while so actually means country, personnel and Latin doubted the easiest way to put it sort of like distant redneck kind of
home in hearth. I think a hearth dweller is the Latin, the latin translation, yet they weren't city people on there were looked down upon, but it wasn't. They were necessarily bad or anything right there, just kind of, like you said, rednecks, bumpkins, Appalache and and it was later on when they became so it with Satan right and we ve seen why or we seen how ugly to why later on? Is that I'll blow your mind? You did ok, ok, but yeah. Right, Now, as far as we know, there's Only one form of witchcraft practiced in the world seriously pray this than the world here, and there is wicker ran, like you said Jack, it's only about sixty years old and it was, I created by a guy named Gordon Gardener Right Gerald Guard Gerald gardener. His brother, Gordon actually was working on a differ religion and it didn't panel, it didn't petered out, so Gordo fell by the Wayside Gerald took over, but none of that is true by the way you speak
because you can write in same I've, never heard of Gordon what was his religion. We should make up a pamphlet and curse. You Actual jack, I now events, I'm glad you did that, though, because it too great subway, there's some real misunderstandings of wicker, yet begun and weekends. First, foremost, that their devil worshippers. Not true of no, it's not you. It's a matter of fact: the wicked don't even believe that there is a devil not believe in the christian concepts of the devil or hell yeah. Exactly so, how could you worshipped the devil? If you don't even believe in exactly Josh? That's it! That's a big one right there. What's another misconception check He, a gardener actually founded it as a life. Affirming religion that does include psychic abilities and magic, but that the wicker takes an oath or is it a wicked? I guess yeah takes an oath to not do harm it's like it's only for sulphur
man, it's almost like ass, not like self help, but it's only two to he performed on yourself in their right yeah and technically. there. There is an implied understanding that you could harm other people with them the power that you come to harness yet through the wicked rituals by they? They, like you, said they taken oath not to. harm other people and is also We can believe that if you do harm other people, whereas the rule three, if you harm other people, another person damage. Inflicted will come back on you threefold, so there's kind of that on prohibition we talk about. I think this is really cool. The life force, cosmic energy, that it is cause, is pretty much the crux of their whole thing: you're. The crux of the whole thing is that weakens believe well the scientific concept. We all believe is that all matter, vibrates with its own energy, weakens believe you don't believe that weakens believe
that which is body has that same vibration, both physical and spiritual rate of vibration, and during these rituals they perform they vibrate such that they and create a path for energy to flow through them and call on energy from the gods and deities, right rather than I think all of us, in their opinion, have physical. Molecular. Vibration and spiritual molecular vibration yet, but They learn how to melt the two together and her come suddenly exceeding powerful, and to channel for more powerful thing beings in themselves and with the key in right. Yes, because you have to invoke a daily yeah too. Carry out one of the rituals. Do you want to talk about the great right chuck? That's the best one I think so too, and there's a there's a sentence in the description of a great right that I just thought was so cute. Yes, Josh right, right is one of the main.
In central ceremonies and there's tons and tons of m while they are all different and there's all different kinds of ways that you can do them. But we're gonna go over just basin, the generic just great right ceremony, but also disclaimer, and we should say that there are three levels to wicker and Each level is learned in a year and a day it out, as I think student teacher in high- student practitioner and teacher ready. Yet age, priestess and then high priestess or priest. Yes, once you have completed all those phases Josh, you are official, and you have the power to perform these rituals, So the great right ritual is actually carried out by the cover, and we should also say wicked- can perform themselves. They can do rich was on their own gesture, but they also have covenants right cover if you're a fan of movie met our gets pretty
clearly as he's laughing our committee to see that an alimentary about a really good. You should Lucy American will occur. Him it's a short film. This crazy, filmmaker gun was content and he calls it Covin instead of coven. Ok thinks he's right money when we get to see the great till. I can t yes so they can be an covin or they can be policy there in a cover, a solitary sure right, the for our purposes, we're going Diskiver, Covin Ritual coven ritual. Now you have miscarriage cover more than you have high priest in the high priestess of the carbon right, yes, you have the what they're the great right ritual to signify the coming together of the high priest right, Greece, the God in the garden and when you say come together, you mean sexually yeah now this can be done either symbolically
using a fm, yes relaxed adult life yeah, it's a s pretty wicked again ceremonial knife yeah not ass, to cutting now the nets that represents the phallus and the car. The cauldron represents the womb the high priest might be like here comes, laugh and then re wire crimson. Like I get the car junior year in the book, you know and then the that's the them part of the ritual right. I got one word for that boring right and so a cover me up to actually have the hype, and the high priest s enjoy in the sexual act. Yes really really just kind of sanctions. The deal, the ritual going. Yes, now here's this really cute sentence the chamber in this article lean over injured, who wrote it points out that often the high priest in the high priest
married Rikiu. It is very, and they actually do not performed the whole Covin as to agree to the literal interpretation worthy sexual act is performed right. That's all be agreement does not actually take place. Caligula style in front of everyone. Now do that and private that's another. That's another misconception is that they have orgies and things like that they knew they do have the sexual act once in awhile. Right really say for the great right, but again coming apparently from this article, I've come to learn that governs are fairly democratic church and everyone has to be an agreement that there either going to do it symbolically, right or they're going to do it literally same with sky, clad right,
yeah, which I had never heard of that means naked near naked, yet little weakens called been negligent. I clicked had sky clay. Vanity is at home, like yeah, undisguised, clear, even going Skype glad, but I again like you can perform a ritual sky clad or you can drive clothed in robes and again that under the covers other or whether they they do that I'm shock Josh. What's the point of the great ritual, the great right, ritual well again, Numb bring good harvest, that's one then they'll do that and to continue the circle of life. So a new God can be born at you and you why you l, e we found out is the the first day Of the wicked year so I bought or wholly day called. You is that right, yeah and the can a familiar. Doesn't it the you log? It does that's funny that something from Christmas would have to do with a pig in tradition, interesting, weird,
So you'll is one of the is it's about or save it Sir GO said unless a covert also covering okay. That way we get our gotta basis covered. None can write in so he said what exactly should do everything I agree. So Sabbath Savate is one of the holy days and the wicker weakens observe eight throughout the year, like Chuck said or is the celebration of the winter solstice, and it's the arm the time when the goddess gives birth to the new God. So the great right here, since the you'll birthright, correct after that, you have in bulk. I am being Elsie, which, as I said, waited on February. Second right, yeah, that's when the spring crops are planted, yet I could most of these things that we ve heard date not even wiccan, but there right
to the gods easily hazardous, like harvest and growing things, and and that's what most religious holidays, that we had, we still observe today, that's where they find their roots. It's all. It was all agrarian that, trying to say you decided, Lutz, Marlon, Mina, a fake then their sovereign right right, which I had something to do with. How will we in what was a dealer? Actually, the Wicked believe that on this night, the the. Gauze between life and death is virtually removed and the dead can come gave the living, but here's what I find very core the dead not like go get me some cigarettes or anything like that. In a time of celebrating with your you're dead family members having feasting with them, harangue are based this hanging out with the people in your life who died ass. Nice ever since, much of this gets. You know you think some dark, satanic ritual has nothing
within you know, it doesn't bother, saying I run out, become a wicked or even back in high school my friend or city. They come in and I started looking into it and where that, when the ninja thing didn't work out with this is after all- and I was like a weight, how many rocks do we have the paint different colors reactor arranging? Why is this really really all stuff like there's a this article, open. Your role is pretty detail. We ve only kind of hidden surface of it, but the theirs The more detail to it than this greatly there's only it's a really detailed religion, yeah and they book you know: what's it called the book of shadows? Yeah which I gotta say doesn't really help their case. To you know the people who to understand what they do. They could go near the little wiccan handbook in probably be like a sweet look of green fairies. The book of unicorns, why not well but
the book of shadows is the witches guidebook and it is Covin specific. your own coven would would write like spells and taxes and the rules and regulations and what you where what time you gotta show up whether you gonna go sky, clad, can I go sky clad? Who has to bring the sticky bonds and the coffee hit the meanings you guys to clean the cauldron again today, cauldron Israel thing, we should talk about a few of these, payments. I guess I'm whether or not they really use them like the broom. Yes do they fly around on. It knew why not because witches fly. They do use them, do purify the circle where the rituals take place. There is ass, the circle and they have to purify the area first further using the Bruno literally sweep out there flurry was the right where they use the room at a sweet about the energy in the area. They may also you sage or if they want to overrun table whammy, they might
the broom that features Sage woven into a right and you to set casting a circle. That's a big part of most and ceremonies and they will come ass. A circle is very important at the beginning, with the North South, western points, and at the end of every ceremony, they will close that circle kind of by reversing, what they do and opened it right or when they cast in the points represent the elements: earth, water, fire and air? Yes, right, let's talk about the programme. Does you probably think it's like the symbol of Devil right. I'd, suggest to talk about the printer. Ok often seen on Genoa, satanic you're a band album covers sure Judas priest exact. as you know, they were, should the devil right as far of course in the eighties were concerned, yeah right turbo
Clearly, as a song about Satan, dear Judas priest was beaten, neither autumn or so the pinnacle Josh is five pointed star include within a circle right in the fire. STAR is called the pen a grant right, but we but the circle around it s the pinnacle right, yes, and so, if its upright, which is the one point up two points down. It is a symbol of witchcraft and represents fire water, air and spirit and the circle represents the gods and goddesses that allowed energy to be focused on the Pentagon right in the circle brings all these things together into a cohesive unit yeah. So that- like on the cover of rush's, two thousand one hundred and twelve, two thousand one hundred and twelve upright if you flip it upside down, that's when I think Saint comes in places like the goats at or something in there right, but even then to set it up again at whatever the from the that used against the Knights Templar Cheese
so you know he's mention they use cauldrons and they do have certain knives, but there never used to like blood. Let Ernie Like that they use that one dull knife the like draw in the sand and things like that or direct the phallus, yes think and how they have ones. These ones at the WAN represents fire and the life force of the witch, and it is a symbol of wisdom and healing. They can also use a staff usually about shoulder high yeah. I guess this policy the mega launder, something sure the I want to So that's it you're going on. I do have something else. I wasn't doing about digital research. I came across a book review of a book called a the which, by authors, Sylvia Federal Cheek, but here Basically, she chronicles what happened to which I have two, which is why this, why
hundreds of thousands of people were killed please. She says that it was on of a larger grab for power. Of the ruling classes from, I believe the fifteenth to the 18th or seventeenth century is rooted in money,. well, yes, she makes the point that or cheap she yeah. She believes that for all women had much more. Power, even though it was still a patriarchy. Yes, prior to women still had much more power socially they on the head. They are based, union. They did a lot of the work and re out them and their reproductive, villages, sure things would get our screwed up so, clearly show women who is who the church and state which were virtually indistinguishable at the time. I said you know what got your which we're gonna tell you, and they did it in that way that we described the beginning with the whole town watching as much too
punish the which, as send a message to everybody else like her, you don't go against the male. Yet patriot, You don't go against the patriarchy, whereas we will literally burn you to death at the store with your daughter in front of you. While this going on and they did it. Over again and around this brutality. They basically were well to consolidate their power. They also simultaneously were exploring the world subjugating other people, but at home in the middle ages. It no medieval times are Sir each have their own plot of land. They can do whatever they wanted right, even if they work for somebody else. They still had a certain sense of a certain measure of self sufficiency right. This stuff is taken away to wage where was created and you have the roots of capitalism and basically, what Federico calls the house waiving of women going on at the same time. Right so are
the division between men and women that we still have today and the roots of capitalism find their their place back at this time in the middle ages, right yeah and one more thing to what you guys, I thought this was awesome. She compares the witch scare too, the terrorism scare that were under today really basically saying, like you know, people a lot of times think that that with the witch was, is carried out by an ignorant Hicks not true. It may have been carried out by ignorant Hicks, but it was very much encouraged and supported by the ruling class, which was the church and state right right so, which is everywhere, which tat people afraid and occupied what you are able to keep them down through this, how too busy facing shadows in killing innocent people since he's gonna with terrorism is not a perfect analogy.
Is there really are terrorists rang world her, but the amount that it's the proportion that its grown too is is similar could stuff thanks. that's a new book. I guess I think it's fair review, I read, was from early November to check that out that's good stuff shock. Josh like I said we just kind of plants, the surface there's so many more rituals in so many kinds of governance and witches in oceans and taxes and between hours talking there that, I think we have you can type witchcraft and a handy search bar has therefore exact com to get a lot more information on that, and now I guess, then it's time for listener. Mail
I call this ninja teenagers hijacking, Josh. Basically, let me said the suckers come along. This kid grew up in southern California, answer in the suburbs of California and he is in the eighties, like we didn't eat. His buddies were relieved ninjas, so they decided to do. What you did in train is an injure nice in the suburbs of whatever I guess, you're in Ohio at the time, and so they had a house next door that was just randomly occupied like people would be there and then it would be there. They never knew anything about it, but it was usually empty. So they decided to go into that backyard, ninja style and creep around so picture. This three preteen nerds ninja, walking shuffling in crawling silently along they reside yard, with homemade weapons in hand. They made my lunch boxes and not just as we pass a sliding last or the white spring on we're completely bade them light.
eyes. With this nice asian family standing there suitcases having just drive from the airport. I swear no and move for at least five count, and we all just stood there surprise and we were frozen in our perfect ninja both and we jumped up, ran off in a very non assassin like Annick through our homes and our rooms, waiting for the inevitable knock on the door. So it turns out there and Asian faintly to spend most of their time in Asia, which is connected to states for weeks at a time, and so they came up to three years. He has no idea what this poor family must have thought still number jet lag, having just arrived in America to flip on them.
and be met with the sight of three diminutive ninja, and it still makes him laugh and, as from Jeremy dear me also says, tell Josh when he says recidivism as one bonehead word: I get it nice and just war on injures. I just wanted to bring us during that episode. You said something that you called for the food of food, a right which in Germany's means very fluid, and he got a lot of email that they had no idea what this man and pleading this email from Dupe in Shanghai, Shanghai, China, that is and Jude was very enthuse because he works with the japanese version as gets a year. He peed tries out these Japanese raised here, so he went up to her and said food put a bullet know, and she followed that with impersonating a bird including elbowed movements telling me she thought I was talking about shaky things, so he wants to know what the heck. Why did you hear some of them? I feel like my work is done now you have to explain actually put a put a poorer, as you found out is not exist. I made it up. The real word is part of its animal appear in japanese fluid wake up very quickly when their fluent in some catching. So I just started call it border put and as a result, we got a couple of self created, japanese pronunciation, guys from very concerned listener. Worried, like we re having her, I was having a strong Gordon, was that off or maybe you were which may be full, so we have a phone number for a guy who works with the japanese consulate. Silences go beyond any time. We need, and my long suffering canal and girlfriend is always concerns of information. Although I like to learn at my own way of zeal, so fare better is put up with a poor poor, poorer upon all of your homes. We just decided that that's a little bit of Pennsylvania, dutch hex craft, yes, which means is a good thing rang out. If you have your own, will version of hex cramped or a blessing for checking either we can say, with other people put in an email and send it to stuff. I guessed at housetop words, dot com for more or less and thousands of other topics, as it has done for exactly what more housetop words check out. I've lies on the house of works that come homepage pride,
by the reinvented two thousand and twelve Camry. It's ready are you Tax day will be here before you know it everybody but relax, because each in our black, as your one, stop tack shop their tax pressure experts certified and train and agent luck has up front transparent pricing, which means you know the price before you begin no surprises and with this is open early and late. It's easy to walk in making climate or just drop off your documents through your tech. out the door and your maximum refund. In your pocket visit H our block dot com, slash text, to find the closest office to you, it's better with black
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