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How X-Rays Work

2014-12-04 | 🔗

Like many huge discoveries, X-rays were accidentally stumbled upon. That serendipity led to a medical breakthrough still in use today. Learn about how X-rays are created and why they make such delightful images of our bones.

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You at Lexus. Their greatest curiosity is you because the most amazing machines are inspired by machines, their inspired by people? That's why Lexus ask different questions better questions, more human questions, like can you see with your ears and the answers are is inspiring as you are, which may leave you with one question. Raising ideas will inspire. You next discover the answers at Lexus, DOT, com, slash, curiosity, Welcome to stop. You should know greenhouse gas networks that I welcome. The fact that the report we throw a brain is always
Jerry over their own roused up. So its study should now the Parker not we're swans secrecy about that that he could moving back. Maybe I don't know manic either way. I always see. I imagine it like strange. Yes, they could get base it on. The study should now tell our book. I'm writing. Oh, yes, that would be exciting. There would be very exciting. Didn't I'm looking forward to that book like our lifetime movie the week? Do you like it
switch people's names like him. I am Joe a joke like yeah. Now it is sort of like a like. I did you see that say by the Bell Movie HANS. I didn't screech write a book. He was based on a book by screech right, wasn't like all saxon drugs and stuff. It was Minos, budget, teenagers and Hollywood's pure some men in there, but it was, I didn't, read the book, but the movie was bad and not nearly as salacious. You wanted it to be right. I remember a lot of people being disappointed Remember I mean I recall the like two weeks ago, when people were talking about it when it came out its I watch online. I want some of those I'm just terrible, terrible bioethics. Occasionally on tv and its it can be fun like we watch the year. Who is the one that actor Brittany, Murphy, the Brittany my working hours
Does she have a heck of a story? If your life story did she died? She passed away goes wrong under a kind of weird circumstances, because she and her husband, both passed away within weeks of each other, we're in their Ali strange claims that our house was poisoned, that there were poisoned, and yet it was fun when you take on it You're, just a little movie wasn't her credit who played Brittany Murphy. Somebody Bowen, was now in order to someone who didn't look very much like Brittany, Murphy, you're doin, but I was right. The ash and cut your guy was pretty get there. I gotta say Steve Jobs laid him. They should. It has got gnashing cultured figments of he said to you in much he's only two and half men- that's gotta, require fifteen minutes of work a week. He saw cameras few member when they hold everything was going down. We were in a way and for them the one and only time in my entire life, I see John Crier that day odor
the job machine meltdown like the day of the meltdown. Let it happen at night and within eight hours I saw John Cry or for the first time in person out of Mcdonald's the deal ducky, no. I left him alone. He looks to her. Has the? How were you re, like my careers, going down the tubes? But little did he know he's a survivor has created this one so extra, if that happens, We're talking about a Europe that liberal light as part of this. But guess I like this one, this one, it's one of those things were If you can just hang on by your fingernails, it can click, and then you lose it again, but that means that it could click again later on. That's what I like about it good, absolutely that you. I get lots of other stuff about the idea that I totally understand through good. So have you ever broken anything? in needed an x ray, or has it out this been dental stuff you know, did never broken a ban, not gonna come one. Here I mean I've had the.
My injuries were always stitches. I was always get busted open area Roxanne Sprinklers and I was always getting cut yet and sewed back up, but I never broke about that's great new. At this point I can no more time just to be safe here. So yet all of my x rays to veinlike just go into the deniston, whatever innovative unbroken, I don't want to take it. I don't even know if knocking on goodwill due account, Laminate IKEA, very disputes so horribly interesting if both of his broke a bone after yeah we're the age Reich. You should break bonds when your kids, may I go wherever it occurs. At this age, it's right drag yeah. I remember. Reading I get Tom Clancy Novel, unlike some kid got an arm torn off or whatever, and why the surgeons?
If the cars in the same room is the kid can be healed right that doesn't hold true in your time, clients his age now so arm or you are familiar with. Actually so you seen them before you watch the are shared m you have heard x rays, rude like the dinner ones, like you said, and then just other various like my chest x rays, verb sicknesses and things like that right. I think, maybe a little frivolous to be honest, yeah any kind of dangerous, really conceivably nature which will get it later. By did you were you familiar with x rays at all beyond that? Did you know that they were invented or discovered accidentally yeah? I did know that I did not at once the things I know if I saw a little like quickie short on some like it might have been actually sign. Still I looked all over the most I could find was Adieu done Siemens. This describes
in the most flat watched. The one reason got under this video yeah I get to five five. When low knows I forget this year, if I'd, never let it for me, I watched the other fourteen though, and the whole time I was going man these minute long. Please join them all together into one minute video. Nowhere is so weird yeah. It was pretty silly, but when he was, he was good uses very dry the earlier and they spent z pennies on any kind of soundtrack or anything layer where, if he grabbed papers, you hear papers rustling in a classroom it. It was a straightforward. Yes, but that's it wind about roundabout way of getting to this discovery in eighteen, ninety, five by german, physicists name, they'll home, rent, again knife. And now he was testing whether cathode ray could pass. The glass he saw that the fluorescent screen was glowing
when he turned on his electric electron Venus, wouldn't big deal but use a great he's, got cardboard, it right. There shouldn't be any visible light escaping which is silly to think of now yet is, but you have to put yourself in his shoes like X rays and any time you ve been discovered, guess he was literally on the verge of discovering them right then try and yes, oh here's like this is very curious that this is fluorescing, yeah any notice. Other things were glowing and eventually he started putting other objects between the tube and the screen they glowed. The screen did that finally put his hand there. I wrote his wife had a really. Is like either way. Commissioner, first I gave her my saw bones projected, and then I guess, probably put his pants. Man minded something here. It was really that quick, He was like a the application was clear. It was on things where it took twenty years right is, I call on you,
the this- can be really helpful. Yes and he won prize for very rightfully so the first. Whenever physic any name them x rays, because he didn't the hack. It was exactly the kind of signing your name he powder right. I think he assumed that later on of future scientists would fill in the blanks, but there is no record of x ray for he brought up a someone. Would eventually call it like the rent in red right or something he wasn't much of a self promoter. Here's dislike always called x rays of place here then he didn't patent any anything. You know they never like made money. On that. And then just like you, I said, hang cancer as a result. Really laughing, but now she d have before us is a joke in proceed with the lackey plus have never had a hand. Cancer. It's gotta be out there and then, a couple years later there already using it in the Balkan war, was the first time it was really put the practical use within the first balkan war.
The one around our war want with it, while no eighteen, eighty seven other balkan war. I didn't know that existed until this now and they said we can t bullets in travelling stuff now, which is helpful, is extremely helpful so, like this guy Rincon discovers X rays and their most practical application in one fell swoop. Basically, I am a little further study revealed. The x rays are actually just a another part of the electromagnetic spectrum of which radio waves MIKE waves. What we call visible light knew what else is on their we'll get mugged handy while it electromagnetic spectrum card here x, rays fall between gamma rays, ultraviolet rays on that spectrum, which below well, you said below that remain above or below situation, visible light and then in for
microwave and radio is so it will be that a higher or lower frequency, because that's how the whole thing's divided yeah so like the visible spectrum of light, consists of electromagnetic radiation? That has a frequency you, a wavelength, that our eyes are sensitized too. So we can pick up visible light, there's plenty of other stuff on the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, and all of it is delineated by the frequency, the wavelength so at the highest in gamma rays there, like you. That means the squiggly line is very close together exactly and then on the farthest than you have radio waves. That means squiggly line is far apart, exactly that is called Chuck science, let's get stuff yeah, so back in my wallet right next to the ear. What does he have? Any idea said my perhaps blue ribbon membership, which actually do
nearer yeah. But I've had it for like twenty years, while when you you gonna, win seven, eight flattery so x rays far, I guess we're about and the well yell a fire, and they have a higher frequency as far as the electromagnetic spectrum goes. But the point is that it is ultimately the same thing. It's it's a type of electro magnetic energy that is carried on a photon which is a particle of what we call right. Yeah. We talk Photons aplenty in the show, and the same, like photons, reduce the visible light that we can see photons blast out from the sun. How long does it take like it tastes like a hundred thousand years to get from the core to the surface and, unlike eight minutes, to get from the surface of the earth I'd love that pact. So this is the only part I understand tallied with it. If you wanna again and Adam a nucleus of an atom
an rings around that Adam Adams Newark Adam as orbitals when an electron drops our orbital. It releases energy in the form of a photon and the like. Time will always dropped to the lower orbital. That's right so like of an orbital as if an election ticked off of the lower orbital in turn in the higher or bloggers. Yet in drops down to that one, yes, Building on how far drops is going to determine the energy level of that vote. On that, it's that it releases is energy when it drops right yet is it didn't happen again, drop more than one orbital right can skip down mounting an offer, but a long way he can and, like you said that greater the distance between the two orbital through the greater the energy differential, the greater the energy that full time when released, will have right. That's right and, as we said, photons are the energy carriers of the electromagnetic
spectrum and depending on their energy or the frequency, the wavelength of that full time that determines what kind of photon this right, whether it's a radio foe, tinier, a an x, Ray Photon or a photon that we can see that in the visible spectrum that Sometimes, when these photons are flying around, they will collide with other atoms, and sometimes those Adams absorb that photons energy and then kick it up to the higher level again right, but it has to be from what I understand- and I saw that there's like, of course, its science there's like well atomic science. Little exceptions did this unnatural, but from what I can see Chuck there is the energy that photon has to exactly match. The energy differential between one orbital and another
on an atom? Yes, so that it can kick it up so that it hits that one electronic lower orbital fix it up to the high orbital and thus transfers its energy, which means that Adam just absorbed the energy that that I was carrying right, that's right, but if it's a little less, it's not gonna have the energy to kick the electron up, which makes sense to me right there if it's a little more, this is. Why doesn't make sense me it doesn't kick the electron up in the full time carries on in a diminished, energetic state. It just does do anything it doesn't interact with that. It has to be exact, say, like the energy differential between orbit is eight so photon has to have an energy of eight, or else it's not gonna do anything with their Adam. That's right! Ok! and so it depending on the arm. While the same You have a radio waves, they dont have
energy, so they can't move electrons between these orbitals. They just pass through things raise, are super powerful right, there's lots of energy, so they can pass through things, which is he? If you want to check out your bones from outside body. It is, and we're gonna explain exactly how via pillows depletion, Listeners! Do you want a new year's resolution? That's easy to keep yes resolve to help put to your identity and personal info with lifelike identity theft, protection, lifelong alert, you to potential threats to I didn't he and they see more than what you can see by just monitoring your own credit, like your info on the dark web and that's a big deal. Yeah and if you the problem lifelike? U S, based restoration specialists, no, the steps it take to help resolve your case. After all,
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have different atomic weight here they have different densities. They're, just different different items are different and Adams also have what are called differences in radiological density. Right. Ok, So a really high energy high atomic weight very dense, Adam is going to able to absorb a lot of energy, smaller that may be our looser and have a lower atomic weight are gonna get kicked around by any old photon that wants to come along yeah and that's that he, like, I said if you wanna, see bones because you're soft tissue, if you ve ever noticed when you have an x, ray you'll, see the bonds. But you know the rest is a sort of a great black mass because you're soft issue has smaller Adams. Your bones, calcium atoms are much larger, so they're gonna absorbed those x ray photons
exactly right, did you really well exactly so imagine you have received Chuck, let us go back and hang out with great. Oh man, let's get back on the way back, it's been awhile. Ok, look at him over their superior in France in this case took took, has his hand up against the cave wall as you'll see. And in his other hand, he's got that little straw filled with pigment red pigment. Blowing it on his hand right, sir, and now let me his hand away theirs. Outline of his hand, scholar Stenzel right, exists
but he made an early stenzel he's like banks. He basically like a caveman banks, but if you look at the back of total tan took it to close, but look at the back of his hand yet is covered in red pigment right near. So, if you can, if you want, I quit this to an x, Ray the hand absorbed all of that pigment right and stuff that pass through. Let the picture on the cave all that's kind of what happens with an x ray, except with an x ray photograph. The actual photons are absorbed by the denser, calcium, rich bones, yes, and they passed through the softer tissue. So the picture there we have is the outline the silhouette of the bones, because the x rays made it
the tissue didn't make it through the bugs they made it through the tissue and under the x ray plate which absorbed the picture in negative and try and a very sad picture, because that's all it is on the other side of the human being that there shoot x ray at there's a camera and you're. Just gonna a regular negative and they can make a positive, but they leave it as a negative cause. You really don't need the positive image. And that's what, though, put on that little strained to show you, your pact femur, exactly they can see the crack, because some of those x rays will make it through the gap that right right saw your seeing is the result of x rays that made it through the tissue were absorbed by the bone, so those don't make it to the plate, the ones that make it to the plate caused the chemical reaction. That gives you? U negative your x ray and its
it's pretty simple, really like, if you think about it, at least in principle, is its also extraordinarily difficult to conceive of. But if you, if you understand like the principle behind it, it makes uttering complete sense yeah. It's a pretty focus shot that they're using their it's not like. They don't feel entire room with x rays. You know they ve gotta they lead shield around the whole device and it you know contained contains Things got little small window, this just gonna, let them narrow being passed through through a series of filters and basically hit you wherever they want to hurt you and the reason that the they use lead is because lead is an extremely dense, elzevir area element. Yes right sure I've gotta have so
with a very high atomic number, which means it can absorb tons of energy right yeah. That's why you're gonna, where led apron, am, if you're, not enough you're getting your skull done, you're pregnant, where an apron in your chestnuts sure so your ear, So this word is being bombarded with actual photons and electrons, and it's just taken it. It's fine and it's not being able to is not able to pass through because it doesn't have high enough energy. But yes, they when they put that little window in the x ray generating machine. It passes right through there in a concentrated, beam and check. Let's talk about the machine right so in this is basically what we use is. Actually machines is essentially what route in was make. What made was experimenting with? Many accidently discovered him, because if you look for X, Ray
like there, they propagate naturally, but I think, like twenty percent of the X rays on earth, come from humans. There really gallic. We generate a lot of exports, they don't you don't come, they cannot find em normally on earth. They're coming from outer space to us, Hooker, hence x, Ray astronomy, but the ones here on earth that generated on earth. Didn't they psych rocks, put out X rays or something like that right. We do we humans, appearance, might aprons, put our x rays uses, Machinelike Rogan may hear what you have in the machine. You have an electoral pair cathode in an anode and that's inside a good old fashioned glass vacuum tube with John. It's amazing how vacuum tubes are still like the best way to do many of these things. Well, it allows things to travel the speed of light easily the tried and allows Qatar aims to sound great. I only vacuums in the OECD.
Third, two erika, like the best ants, are still made with back into. If you can, I solid state apps, but that is the sound, is in his rich. So it's kind of like this old technology still superi right there. Pumped out by hand by a nineteen year old man in Tennessee, Mr Marshall. Yes, So the cathode is a heated film. It just like you might see in a light, bulb and machines. Gonna pass a current through that heat that thing up, and then it's gonna spit electrons off that surface. And it's gonna hit a disk made a tungsten and it's gonna drive those across the tube. It's basically, the tube is sort of the key peace, because you got me positive? In the end the M negative charge
Third, in the animal dry and that difference there electrical charge draws its electrons down to the anode here with a lot of force yet, and that force means that when those electrons hit the tungsten anode, it knocks a bunch of electrons off, creates a bunch of x rays in the process, and you have a whole box filled with X, Ray radiation hucks with extra that's exactly what it is like this I mean there. They might well be like a foot crank to this thing like an old sewing machine furs is technologically advanced sensitive, Maybe for all I know I don't know what goes on in that other room, her, in our true there's, some viewed in
I like his right leg is three times more than muscular than his left leg. Is it's the only one who uses so in addition, like I said to two x rays being created, the the the other X rays, other photons can go on and not more electrons I'll see you might have. What's it like a process, a chain reaction starting right in the eye one gets hit: men, that's it in a photon. Screening is hangs round. Until it being doubt, merger just generating this huge amount of x rays and the x rays are all continuing to propagate themselves, because their knocking more electrons free, the more free elections. You have the more interactions you have right right. So what ways that more electrons can be knocked off. You don't even need a direct transfer of energy where a photon is absorbed or Knox an electron from one orbits or another or Knox at least entirely. A photon actually has a really cool capability of just
reading close by the nucleus of an atom and when the nucleus basically draws it into its orbit. The photons takes a hard left turn yet is bumps it off its course, but even like the dodge, viper Ass, the like slow down to take the left, turn slow a little bit right. Men just a little just a little bit that little bit in photon world means a transfer of energy from the photon outward near as an extra here and then the full time like the photon, takes that left. Turnin and the energy is transferred to the end. Yeah and one of the by products. If the sounds like it's gonna create a lot of heat, it's because it will again to combat this. They rotate this anode to keep it. It would melt down and right up, didn't play its yeah and apparently and a cool oil bath that helps absorb heat as well would never have heard of that either the sun's oily.
A call back here. Doesn't sound refreshing. It all sounds like the opposite. Refreshing cool Well that really go to her and I miss spoke. That's an electron that can be drawn to in until the nucleus of that approach, enough is the orbit nuclei anyway right, but it doesn't have to hook hook up with their Adam it when it takes that hard left, it emits a photon. Like you said, That's right- and I like it said earlier: there's a camera on the other side of the patient, gonna record that pattern of light when it passes through the body and it's not so different, regular camera and then the injured, just gonna get a picture like a set, a negative image Jane. If you hook up with a computer that allows you to take x rays, basically in slices, you can come up with community computerized demography. Yeah here, take a.
DE right was city Scamp, exactly if you, if you use, if you get a breast exam using a type of x, Ray called mammography tab and then there's a fluoroscopy which man in the extraordinarily dry presentation from seamen said was basically like moving pick it's like you immediately exactly in there. He showed us were really is a great at all but Jack, and if you listen to this package on sorry, I just want to apologize for both of Us Siemens Guy, oh yeah. I had thought he feared we met at all near he's, probably saying- or at least I was correct and everything, but to get points both fluoroscopy. It's basically like a movie of
three movie- and you do this to make sure like a hard- is beating correctly because you wanted to see it. But you have to have an additional instrument because, as we said, x rays will pass through tissue like heart, tissue and muscle tissue and all and in blood vessels and all the stuff you wanna get pictures of using an extra. So you have to use something called the contrast media for yeah. A contrast agent is basically more dead than the soft tissue. So if you want to, let's say swallow it easily, a barium compound and if you want to examine like your blood vessels or your circulatory system, Sometimes it can inject that or you might drink it to see if you're doing like a gastro intestinal. Like a g, I tracked you're gonna swallow that stuff which I've never had to do. I think my dad do that yeah. I think its super pleasant. I get the impression that too, but I did as well MIA.
It's an old guy think so should be getting once in here, and then it allows you to see a moving image. Basically how that liquid, as if there's any blockage, others all sorts of applications. Yeah because year that liquid has a high radiological density, which means that the x rays don't just pass right through your the tissue that is being suspended in like your blood vessels, if it absorbs it for it, so you get a picture of your blood vessels. Military system, which is pretty cool. It's pretty clever. It's also extraordinarily elementary in principle that right, my dear Watson, in that single picture, I think with no emergency tee in and mammography and all that and for us to be, but the single pictures just called standard radiography. That's when you're taking a photo of your skull right or your long, sir, your bones, your teeth it so so speaking of the lead, apron thing, man is always made mechanic
like if the rest of my body as to where let apron, Your shooting an x ray into my head- am I gonna. Be ok. Well, will answer that matter for this message?
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decision for your business cap, Kara, DOT, com, slash stuff, that Sea AP, T r r, a dot com, slash stuff, kept era, software selection simplified, fi x rays. Are they bad for you? The answer is yes pretty unequivocally, but like all things, it It's in moderation is the key sure my team, thirties and Fortys, and into the fifties. They had x, Ray machines, it shoost worse, oh yeah, it actually your feet to get a better fit. And they didn't realize at the time that they were entering people way way too much. He had talkative kids in class. I just shoot him with an x ray and with it they only did I've got you like twice well now, but believe that, like hey, let's look at his brain, there may be a mouse running around inside of the people in the thirties return
Well, it's basically radiation sickness itself, form of ionization and I radiation. So what can happen just, normally its unanimous, no big deal, but when it Ray it's an atom, next election off of it, it's an eye on which and Elect we charge Adam and basically anything from cellular death a mutation can happen at that point nation can spread in it can cause cancer bright because stable atoms are neutral, because they have an equal number of protons. An electron use. An electron also knew of a positively charged ion. Yes, and that gravely charge electron running around in its causes. Trouble you said light visible light can be absorbed in it's no big deal here, because visible light is exists on a wavelength. That's about in tune, the south tissues of our body right, so we know how to absorb it, and it makes us ten and that's cool right by am
with these ionized Adams, these positively chart- items like going around in your body, it can cause a lot of problems like mutations. I can't write em. If you break that dna that's not good. No, it is herself or in one of the results is the de. The dna can basically lose its ability to regulate itself and it the cell replicates more frequently than it should and all of a sudden you of a tumor on your hands and I can spread. It can also be a problem if that DNA Break occurs in utero, because the neck the can. We deplore the fact that Europe, which is why pregnant women shouldn't get x rays and they can also justly deploying all cellular death. The cellular death in the tissues that are made up by the cell break down, and you have a problem on your hands with that is well. So here's the deal we get exposed to radiation every day, just walking around on the planet. Yeah
it depends on where you live, but every year person is gonna, be exposed to anywhere from one to four measured and Miller seaports per year He said depending on where you are, I think, in higher elevations, it's less than at sea level. So if you live in Denver, Colorado, you're gonna be exposed to less will yet because what you have valid year, higher up in the atmosphere that makes a difference Exactly give us protection right yeah, so you know what they were. They were diametrically speaking. They want to use or they're supposed to. Is the minimum amount to achieve the pictures you need not like the old days where they dislike. Let's twenty x ray it has been like listed a minimum amount. We need to get the information that we need. City scan can can get Europe, are you laid out in the tube and it rotates around you in your whole body can be photographed in less than five seconds these days, but
You know there are concerns. If you get to me, re still like a it's all panorama. Think what a safe wonder formula seabirds per year again in its cumulative to use a year later Not if I let you get wine and then you know eight months away you get another one in that. First, one went aware, like it accumulates over the course of a year yet so here the few examples of how much radiation you're being exposed to with x rays. A dental panorama is you point zero one Melis efforts so that very much to just x rays, might be point one member, Amazon point for your pelvis point: six you're back up her back. Maybe one point zero! No wonder why, because the summons out its own there, maybe yeah, maybe had to do with exposure to hear that makes sense. I got a ton of bone in my book.
A full city scan. It depends on what you are what your ex rang, but a city It is obviously more like an abdominal repelled recipients, as cities can be as many as ten Milosevic. So that's like the two or three years worth of radiation and a single city Scandia, which can be problematic, which is already don't say, get in the city machine like every other week wreck but you know some the reasons you might have had a dramatic injury during an x ray you a lot of times for disease. Confirmation please and extremist, during surgery is a visual guide like if you do and escaping surgery. The surgeons actually needs to look at something so sometimes is x, rays
for that order, monitor healing process, you know when you break a ban is not just that first x ray you gonna keep getting them to see higher human up right out of the seamen, video her now is it ok I don't think so, I'm out so much stuff, a colleague cumulative research, so I did a brain, Stefan seaports and how many we can take you and it's kind of like this, a little learning how much radiation works, but the people who fly a lot too are exposed to tons of radiation because you again higher up in the atmosphere. As protected by the atmosphere, as speaking a fine of course baggage at his ex raid. The food industries x rays alight archaeologists use it if they don't like destroy an object in they want to see. What's inside or sciences, all use x rays for rocks to see what kind of mineral composition lose all sorts of applications is not.
Go space, yeah X, Ray telescopes out on on satellites fairly can see you can see things you can't detect from an earthbound telescope, because x rays are absorber atmospheres. He can't like shooting into space like that, so this article makes a pretty good point. If you ask me, it says, like yes, x rays are like are bad for you and you should use them with care and caution, and one on good point is it always ask if there is an alternative to an x, Ray Disobey, sickly, say: hey Doc or Dennis saw your role yeah. Let's is there another way we can get this information without an x ray, I know Theseus, but what are the alternatives, but then the article makes the point I it's
safer. Then the ultimate alternative, the thing that x rays replace which was exploratory surgery. Then, on the day, if you they thought you had cancer, they would cut you open and see, and this is definitely better than that or broken by mentioned. Getting that are cut open to see how they are doing there not broken. And we have invented anesthetic yet so good luck with Dennis by the way I get the feeling that the dentistry, like oh you're insurance allows us to bill for so many priorities that so many you're gonna get these x rays are putting my kid through college near you anything else, and I now has a fine amount stuff, I'm feeling good about it. You feel good about it
sure how do you say if you want to know more about x rays, you can check out this really informative article on Howstuffworks dot com is get some great diagrams that explain a lot of the stuff. We were saying visually and you can type x ray into the search bar howstuffworks and it'll. Bring that up. Since I said, search parts time for listener mail. This is from my body poppy in Vancouver, Stuffy Chanel, MR them at while I was there and poppy as this is he's got a pretty good job. He listened to the poor, as these show in wanting to write and about another option that he works with his registered acupuncture us in Vancouver. The special training and trauma and addiction is a program called near traffic stimulation therapy into see in large part the programme uses ear, acupuncture and electro acupuncture to promote neuro plasticity in the brain. He says he can't necessarily directly fix
brain we can stimulate the your nerves will help the brain reregulate certain functionality so can heal itself. I've been treating trauma, PTSD patients for several years and the evidence for its efficacy, he is high. I can be don't acupuncture needles alone or in combination with a mild elect stimulation number. We talked about can't colonel electromagnetic Jimmy yeah transferable cranial stimulation. He says that's one of the things that is also using to treat PTSD, desperate, well, and he said it makes cognitive, behavioral therapies so much easier to introduce because it promotes neuro plasticity and the results held. The pity Estes suffered to be more open to enable to receive positive social programming. So he has a programme we want to promote. If you want to see all the components in action in its programme, you can visit last
or recovery society at last or dot org, Slash, Anti SD or you can donate funds to help purchase a brain scanner so that they can scientifically measure the results. Programme which would really help show the validity of the therapies, and if you stood in helping out poppies caused there, because he's really begun Being a veterans in Canada, in the? U S torrent, is all you are all too bitterly I see that oh, I flash one one, I m o o hue, and that is from poppy and he says Namaste thanks a lot poppy. Is it poppy with her? Oh, he'll, be a nice, if you want to get in touch with us, you can twitter set as why escape. I guess you can join, assign facebook dot com, slash that we should know you can send an email to stuff. Pakistan has therefore start com and as always to instead at home on the web stuff? You should know that
for more on this and thousands of other topics for the House of works. How come we are living in complicated times, I'm seventy rule, MSNBC Anchor and NBC News correspondent in my new pod cast modern rules. I'm gonna be spending time unpacking some of the Harry's of today's Tom. I decided I was using violent survival points, but equal board. They won't news its american, listen and subscribe to my new pod cast modern rules on apple fog, test, the iron radio or wherever you get your pocket.
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