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Introducing: Black Cowboys

2021-02-22 | 🔗

Hey, SYSK fans! We think you might like this new iHeart original podcast, Black Cowboys. Check out the trailer to see for yourself!

About Black Cowboys: Zaron Burnett’s dad didn’t want slavery to be his son’s only image of Black people in American history. So every night, he filled Zaron’s dreams with these incredible stories of Black cowboys. Despite what Hollywood taught us, one-in-four cowboys were Black. Their stories tell a bigger, braver, more honest history of America.

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Arms are Burnett, hosted lack cowboys. Do I heart originals podcast when I was young kid trying to make sense of the world? My pop made a decision today. What slavery to be my only image a black man in american history story Would never stories of being victims? beings, festival, free people. There lies a guess whatever they were, they became cowboys from October, distorts true stories of free black cub Stories about not love, cowboy of them all the long grass roots the Outlaw Cherokee Bill and many others there are more than just great stories. They gave his young some hope. I can't wait to share these stories with you. Listen to blackout,
on the Iheart Radio out an apple pie, gas or wherever you get your bike est.
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