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Is lethal injection humane?

2013-12-19 | 🔗

Since the Supreme Court's ban on capital punishment was reversed, states have sought a humane method of killing sentenced criminals. They settled on lethal injection, but is this quasi-medical means of killing as quick and painless as we think?

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No, I cast greetings. This is not a capital punishment show, although we will deal with that, but we at some point will probably do a full of certain. I would guess Benjamin touch on it here with legal injections Yang just coming across and stuff on the lake. Lectured chair, it's me seems like it Some episode is wealth. Cause is not sensible. Cooking up a sweet, yeah, the capital behind anniversary we come up with the best Swedes die it's a big dealing as important the Corina. You know arm chuck about fourteen hours ago, a guy named Joseph Paul Franklin. I can't remember what he his birthday was Betty Lily Change named Joseph Paul after in honour of Joseph Paul Goebbels, the Nazi propagandist, what a nice guy,
We must await the changes named that right, so Missouri just executed em it's over one, Wednesday November nineteenth. There is today the nineteenth and twentieth one of those two, an actual hustler publisher, Larry Flint was making a big hubbub trying to keep the man from being killed which somewhat ironic, although not really, if you followed Larry funds career because he was the man who supposedly shot Larry, flattened paralyzed him for life supposedly, was he not committed? No heed. He confessed to analyse quite possible the reason that he gave for doing it was because hustler it had some some interracial spread the big I didn't like like Yasser, and he was targeting interracial couples. Gotcha he shot a couple of black kids in Ohio. I believe he was
in Missouri, because he randomly pick Saint Louis, I the phone book and when found a synagogue into said outside and took shots at people as they came out of a bar mitzvah. So he's racist is an anti semite. The altar head. Serious mental health issues as well, any shot lay flat, but he was- You did and the whole reason that worry Flint was creating this. How, above about not killing this guy, one Flint had a famous quoth unless new cycle that he didn't think the government should be the business of killing people so against capital punishment anyway. I guess it like Larry. I don't do a very, very flint, you put the marbles and you didn't. I know it, so he just doesn't think that the death penalty is a good thing. Railway he's an abolitionist, you would say, and then secondly, he he file the soon to have the name of the supplier of the drug that was
use in the lethal injection revealed unsealed because its secret and it's not supposed to be secret, but, as will find out, states recently have had to scramble to come up with the drugs to execute centres of the state yeah there's a big thing going on there all talk about, but there was the most recent execution in the United States was makes thirty five the year and all, but one of those were lethal injections, the other one being the electric chair is fast, become the go to method for most states in many countries. If you're gonna get capital punishment going than yeah, probably gonna do it by way of lethal injection these days yeah. But it's also the newest goin, to. It came out of this this well. Basically, what amounted to an abolitionist movement
in the making Sixtys and Seventys that sought to just get rid of the death penalty- and that was the third major movement in the United States since the late eighteenth century, where people are just trying to get rid of capital punishment altogether yeah they did halted. Nineteen: seventy two after Supreme willing firm in the Georgia in May Remember reading about this later, heavyset didn't read: nineteen, seventy two very advanced one year old, but they said it was cruel and unusual. Under the eighth amendment violate the amendment the constitution now and then, but for you, later. They reverse that and Gregg versus Georgia and Dumb said. You know what it may be, that his crew use, the usual sluts come up with a way. That's not, and they came up with lethal inject yeah and the reason why the cruel and unusual had a lot of traction was because there were hangings before
and hangings are very, very messy things at the news. Isn't right: the egg can pop right off or if the neck is broken, the present is hangs on suffocate. A minute or two and then dies, and then electrocute is really really awful to as reading a list of botched executions and electrocutions are very frequently botched people, their heads, catch fire blood comes over. Their eyes is really awful stuff yeah. So there is the idea that the whole point of this is retributive. It's you did something so bad that we as a society of decided that you can't live any longer, but with a society aren't is cruel, as you are on. The point is to make you suffered this to take your I've read in doing the most humane way possible. Well electrocution hanging gas chamber, none of those really fit the bill. So somebody came with the idea of lethal injection, but this was the first time it was proposed at the first time was in the nineteenth century.
I think the other is a guy named Julius Mount prior and he was a doktor out in New York. He said you know this would work because it be efficient, humane and would keep the person from having some sort of hero status develop around them. That sometimes comes from people who were hanged gotcha, but they want with electrocution instead, while in eighteen eighty, two, the U S- became the first country to use lethal injection Anna, like we said since then it's really become predominant. I think the current number of states that have the death penalty is thirty, two, as of today yeah, but it's tough, because data have been repealing. It is dropping like flies about like flies, but maybe like honeybees right and those are those states that have taken
The possibility of capital punishment offer their books right yet so why not thirty two, or that is the number that have the death penalty right: thirty to have a death, but ok, not necessarily meaning that they used that in the past year, right now there's something called de facto abolition, which is basically like yards honour books, but we haven't used it and so long ass we might as well not even higher death penalty. So check like we said lethal injection is the it's the most frequently used method the United States, in its fast becoming the same around the world, China picked it up after the United States and they replace their shootings in that kind of lead to. It seems like almost a domino effect throughout Asia, whether countries picking it up well yeah, the Philippines, Taiwan, Guatemala there in Central America,
have all gone to lethal injection and. Right now I have a into thousands. Well, fifty eight countries used lethal injection in twenty twelve down from sixty seven and twenty ten and sixty three and twenty eleven and a hundred forty countries about the death penalty worldwide. So, unlike you said, states her. Ten thirteen to abolish it. Executions are down in general in the United States last year. There are forty three this year like we said this, then thirty five and were fast closing out the year, but lethal injection is the go to method of execution and so we're going to
Figure out how it works the dry right now there are three thousand one hundred and eight people as of spring of this year on death row. Ninety eight percent are male, of course, the final females under through smart enough to kill other people generally speaking, is that what it is tat women are much more. A lot of these folks had been on death row for decades are waiting to die. Maybe they're working through the appeals process could settle, has to happen. First, some will die on death row without ever going into an execution chamber yeah. It happens. Some people commit or try to commit
before they can be executed after their appeals, run out sure, there's a guy in Georgia who almost successfully killed himself. He cut his carotid artery while with why owner a razor that has already given a my guest to shave with ostensibly here, take the razor and the guy they rushed into the hospital saved his life and then executed. I'm a week later,. It's funny country so you're on death row. You exist, european, finally gonna get that execution order and a date will be set in place for that execution. At this point, you're going to be moved from death row to a place called death watch yeah, and that is basically the that's. The last stop that you're holding area for the last days or weeks right answer. Deadlock is both a physical place like it. It's frequently in the same part of the
given that the execution chambers located or it might be in another prison, entirely some state as maintain one execution chamber for the whole state and re certain prison sea, be transferred to that place, and then death watch also is supposedly disposed to watch you. So you don't come suicide and its also your. I think rights can open up a little more you're. U get visits from people you, your treatment is a little better Yeah, I think you you get a room with a view as it were in the ear. You start the preparation of of dying of saying goodbye and of coming to terms with the fact that its happening. Yet you know the state of Texas: has these death watch rooms at them on how exits most highway exits? Categorization you're subway in your though here near death buncher, I believe I'm kidding
but Texas excuse lotta people, it does Texas birth, they execute a lot, but they are not the only ones that have now. Also we, this going on not only two or three soon of counties account for like fifty to seventy percent of executions in the United States, it seemed like Texas comes up all the time when they're. Like the last time, this method was used for the first time. This method was used right, always taxes will Texas was the first one to use lethal injection. Yankee said exactly in the other. A lot of people there, not Pickaninny Texas. I love you guys know here I'll, go in Alabama, in Alabama, it is, takes a unanimous jury to hand a life sentence, but it takes ten or twelve thousand and really yet and a judge can overrule a jury, a life sentence,
yeah. I know this person needs the death penalty and they do it frequently interesting, we'll pick Georgia to any minute. Ok, what George was when the executed, the guy after saving his life after the suicide, great, I just want to make sure with a loud enough embarrassment for each state. So on your own death watch, you can be visited more often generally by friends and family, wherein, like the last Four hours, if now here you're turning his spiritual advisers, you're gonna, get your last meal is not a fallacy. Whatever you want, though, prepare for you know, that's not necessarily true. Well depends generally, they satisfy your desire, but when does it not get satisfied? What state does? Indeed? the Texas Billy various EU legislation that was passed after this one. This one inmate ordered a ME levers, Peter, like twenty four tacos like
It is also spread that just reading it I was like a man who can hungry at this reading about this lately his last meal and they didn't need any of it. Even still has probably two hundred dollars or the food, but it caused enough outrage in the state legislature that they pass the thing where it's like you can have whatever the prison, cafeterias, cooking, that That's your last me, although really yeah, there's a really great article in Lapland, quarterly online for free at last meal go check it out. It's just basically is awesome. History in contemporary evaluation of last meals has pretty said it is, but it's really interesting says like theirs. Guy in Arkansas who was executed in the nineties. His name was barely fair child and he pointed out that it is make a lot of sense to give a condemned person a last meal. He said it was quote like putting gas in a car that don't have no motor Billy have no need to take in food because you have no need
derive the energy from any longer because you're about to lose your life while its deriving energy, it's about enjoying one last thing right, but if you notice, if you look at the capital punishment system, yeah, that's it makes no sense yeah. It's it's interesting. I figure read the article little I'm not getting the point across very well. What do you see what he sang, but it's not like. You got a few up for the big day, here enjoy a stake. Yeah I know have the same like a flies in the face of the rest of the criminal justice system will enjoy the stake than and was they used to get you drunk like beforehand, you're going to get hanged in London, yeah like from the prison to the gallows. They would stop in you. There you drink as much as you wanted in then we take you super drunk and kill you yeah. That's interesting is that could provide a more docile.
Victim or a really weepy. One would be really like someone. He starts cousin. What's the trouble yea wants to fight one last time getting secular, but Early, I read somewhere that they sedate criminals. They condemned here first right so that's kind of like a modern incarnation of taking I'm getting him drunk handing him a volume, yester, ok, so evangelize meal, which may not be awesome where you live here, you're warden in your chaplain, going to visit they're gonna stay with you till the end. Unless you don't want and there you can probably refuse any kind of religious associations. If you want witnesses who will get all that, but the witnesses arrive at this point. There ve kept away from you No, they don't get the like walk, buying and savings. You know, as a matter of fact, might have witnesses,
Where will it Texas? They can take part shots are secured, sorry, taxes, they witnesses in a pretty much across the board. I'm sure are required to be totally silent. The whole time they leave here are brought into the to the execution area. Yet now the people outside of prisons, who are making lots of noise, usually bright one way or the other protest or or kill them, kill them. That's. It is ugly, as this country gets man way. When you see the footage of people outside prisons, it controversial executions, it's pretty bad. And then their final preparations. They're gonna, give you clean clothes, but you take a last shower shirt. Chow Orkut,
asked and then connect you to the old ecology which is gonna. You know whether we will know if you're gone Mcchrystal with him, yet they hook the e g to you. It's not hooked anything after they got it like oh yeah, Rewire time. Exactly basically and then what you're showered and dressed in wired up with any cagey the warden in it, upon her hanging out with you at the predetermined time. They will start to move you into the execution chamber. And. Meanwhile, the the witnesses are there. I must talk about the witnesses like with the fact that there are witnesses, execute is actually the modern incarnation of very long tradition agrees to have public executions in his country, yet, like thousands of people would show up, sometimes he would charged me
in any that stopped and only a select number of people were allowed to witness, but well, there's no witnesses Have you read about the last public execution? I did that book. There is I didn't get so that Europe can no longer just about it There's a guy named Rainey Bethea in Kentucky who is hanged in nineteen thirty, six for rape and murder. I think- and his excuse was attended by like twenty thousand people, while the big reason was it's not because they knew it was the last public execution. I think they decided to stop at after this execution Turkey, basketball game. After that, I'm the sheriff was a woman gonna be the first execution in Europe's history ever conducted by a woman that young people wanted to go see how badly she's gonna screw this up, and even though she didn't they pressed still wrote. She'd fainted that, like everything had been botched or whatever, but that's why everybody turned out, but there were charges from out of town reporters that before
having hanging parties. There are drunk in the streets partying that basically there was this Lessons are of revelry that shouldn't attend an execution and that was the last straw for public executions in his country, and but he kept it get this. Idea that you need to have other people here, witness a death when the states executing somebody just to make sure it's totally transparent That was carried on with witnesses today and executions yeah, that's part of it too, and part of it is also to give victims closure the families that is victims, sir, there will be sometimes family members of the prisoner to and they are generally kept apart. None all now is generally the prison. Warden is gonna, be there.
You're gonna have medical people on hand, of course, to make sure it all goes as planned was pretty controversial, as will fight you get your spirits lavoisier like we talked about as regards state selected witnesses, maybe I mean there might be members of the state government there to watch it I'll go down here. You got media there, you also have What are known as reputable citizens and those are basically just average everyday citizens that witnessed execution. Is it like a lottery or something Oh, it's like you contact your state, do you see and say hey how honour a witness, an execution and they find you in application form? You explain why you have to be over eighteen, yet plain why you want to do is apparently the pool is thin that they're. Not real selective is all
say like this. I want to see him like bleed or something like that. Very they will. Let you do this young, and apparently, when there is a surgeon executions in the nineties, Chuck departments of corrections were so hard up, because a lot of state law says you have to have six. Reputable citizens are twelve reputable citizens right that their poor was running thin, so departments rashly advertising. Looking for people, the witness execution by my honey, you haven't heard of his silly law. It is their hold over from it's an ogre having the public be a part of this year, the monopoly on violent stupid, but so much so that they're trying to force it now. One of the biggest problem anymore. I was just in the nineties like they were killing everybody and then I'm all right. So you ve got your witnesses there. You're you're execution, members, may have clear glass with a curtain pulled
maybe a one way mere where you can only see into the executed to the condemned. It all depends on your state, basically, but its generally gonna, be pretty quiet thing. Oh yeah, no matter where you are a whole group of people are being utterly silent, watching you or if it's there too many family members. They might have a close circuit feed going on in another room here. If it's like that, and apparently in Illinois, if you're a family member, the only way you can witness it is the closer kittv in another room in Illinois in Illinois. That's another sales, a new one we mentioned earlier. We didn't make fun of them. I guess, if excusing chamber, small yeah, who can make fun of seats in their no state budget? You ve got your time line of events. It's all very much scheduled right down to the minute you gonna. Have your person properly dress, you gonna escort them
into the chamber. I was thinking about this when I was readings article Chuck imagine like this taking a shower too fast just going to have to sit there on the edge of the bed with the war, and whatever spiritual adviser they throw at you near waiting to go, be executed. That has to be the worst wait ever yeah. I can't imagine a beam, worse now, because they can't be like. Where will this get started early know? Everyone is on a very delineated schedule and they're, just gonna have to sit there until the time comes to go to the execution to really get started to take along shower that stuck out to me ass, a lot the longest shower of your life that a shower of your life for sure you might be rolled them like restrained beforehand, enrolled in on a journey. Sometimes you're allowed to walk there yourself and then you're restrained. I want
you're in there and at that point there are going to go ahead in a pre rig you with the ivy tubes. To lead you in there and then those once you get in there and your strap. Then they will be fed into its called an answer room where the actual death cocktails await and the executioner away. Scarcely an enclosed room away from the eyes of everybody, including the condemned Anna witnesses Sayer, but you have to tubes, must state require too there's a backup boy to want to serve as a backup. At this point, you have your final statement, if you so choose to read that at last on the net that night yeah? Do you care for what you say? You can go on to giving advice to defer it critically, the rear
you can go on to our departments of corrections. Websites, Muslim have last statements on their summer. What you expect Summer Erie I'm sure no generally the head as unrestrained, so they can look around and stuff, although sometimes they do have like a hooker sheet again, it depends on the state and how they do it. So the condemned is strapped into Gurney strap down, but their heads under strain. Look around and stuff, although sometimes they do have like a her she'd again, it depends on the state and how they do it. So the the condemned is strapped into Gurney strapped down, but their heads and restrain them The process of hell stuff. You should know listeners. Do you want a new year's resolution? That's easy to keep yes resolve to help protect your identity and personal info with lifelong identity, theft, protection, lifelong alert, you to potential threats
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yeah I'm for a long time, states were using something called a will, basically in electronic lethal injection machine, which makes sense, but was work working came up with. Basically, is I'm sure, if not directly, based on his model, it was at least very similar to it. But then they worried about mechanical failure, so they said no humans need to do this. I think ahead. Mechanical failures. I can imagine there and so in some states an executioner and others. You have a couple of executioners in there again this anti room where the actual drug are yeah. The derivatives are leading to from execution chamber in the ante room and if you have a few different ones, a few different executioners, they're all pudding drugs into ivy tubes.
But they none of the executioners, no which ones the real ivy tube and which ones yet leading to a mannequin, and that is actually a mannequin that that you know that old trick. Like these same thing with flipping the switch to, I think they have like several switches firing squad year because they don't want the the one any one person to have that wait. They can. I think I guess I had a thirty percent. Thirty three. Chance. There was me right right, so I guess we should move on to the drugs that are used. It used to almost always be a three drug cocktail, but things are getting weird these days. I've noticed yeah originally. It was three drugs. You would have an anesthetic paralyzing agent in a toxic agent and those were used for you Years and years and
due to some circumstances. The bunch of different circumstances that converged were in some cases down to one like Joseph Paul Franklin was killed with just one drug. While I looked up almost every single execution in two thousand thirteen used a single drug pinto, Barbara. Ok, which is an anesthetic yeah and its basically a substitute when they are in short supply of other ones, but I did see that it's actually illegal to use this drug this way and the manufacture as danish and would like more now. You can't use our drug that way right. They started fighting people who sold that drug to like state agencies Exactly very controversial and states were trying to get the stuff anyway. They could so since it was banned for use by correctional facilities here for executions, the ultimate goal
They D was actually rating departments of corrections and taking their drugs near so because of this ban because of the job maker and so You had the job maker that was making Pentothal right yeah, and then people were likewise about this. We have proper fall, bessie, anesthetic values. Right at the end of what they were replacing it with his proper fall, we add is Michael Jackson's, milk that killed him. The veto right this time and then the maker of proper fall said why, if you You can't use that to execute people is now. Are we made this for right and they say well ts we're gonna use in any way into the meagre said. If you use that to kill anybody, we're gonna cut off supplies of the entire United States. Including hospitals. You're gonna have an enormous problem, my your hands, and so all the hospitals contacted the Department of the Christians and said
do not use that like we can't have a proper, false or short like we need it so now turning to compounding pharmacies which are generally regulated mostly by the state, not so much by the feds and trying to get their hands anyway. They can on some sort of general anesthetic in the industry. Ideally. If they were using Pentothal or Pineau barbecue Pinto Urban, if you're in hospital and you were put under general Anastasia. They would use about a huh milligrams of this stuff, delivered every ten to fifteen seconds and you'll be out it s an anesthetic, you wouldn't be asleep. You'll be unconscious you're. Generally, Anastasia you not feeling anything and on anything, so that's a hunter Milligrams for just general anesthesia. When you're, given a lethal injection of Panama, recall, they give you five grams
five thousand milligrams than a hundred milligrams, five thousand milligrams of stuff yeah. That's enough to kill you flat out. An proponents of lethal injection will say they don't feel anything after that right, and again that should be enough to kill you, which is why a lot of states or just using that one drug now here, the original lethal injection cocktail that was step one year once they Mr De Anesthetic, they were flush. The light was sailing solution and then they would introduce the next one, which is a paralyzing agent. Here, that's basically up the heaviest duty muscle relax it, you could ever imagine because it relaxes your muscles so much that your diagrams and lungs don't function any longer, yeah, it's a serious muscle, relax right, so you just stop breathing. So that's that's waited die number two near and it takes about when the three minutes for that want to take effect fully
so now has been kind of abandoned because it's been criticized or the use of it being criticized, because a lot of people point out that that's really for the witnesses because without it, when somebody's dying a lot of times, they will rise. They were gasp for breath. They wore their back wall arts as much as it can, when its strap down new a gurney. When you administer a paralyzing agent. None of that happens, so the witnesses are like our work. It looks like you. The die like I want a peaceful death. May I just went through so it's for the witnesses and their number two. It could also conceivably mask pain sure. So, if its masking pain It's also masking possibly inhumane method of execution, so they can discontinued the paralyzing agent, but that was traditionally step two and then once I was administered, You getting the point here that, like they're, really going the extra mile and make sure you're dead
and here in the nineties through lethal injection. Yet- and you know what am I will go and get into this- we despite our dog down two days ago, and they do the same thing that is my hair rising agent. Three different things were injected into her. It's like the first go to sleep thing and then the sick. Paralyzer and then the final thing like she's gone but hey, let's just inject this, just to make sure the hardest stock was it ok, so the toxic agent tell him chloride, I'm not sure I mean they said it was a trade concoction for their company. I gotta. Ok, so then, probably wasn't. Potassium chloride cannot live with that proprietary, but in some states the use of potassium chloride, detoxification, witches, third one. Yet that's not even allowed for use on pets,
but they were using it on inmates because it increases cardiac arrest because it could conceivably cause pain. Interesting, I'm sorry about your dog buddy. That's all appreciate that and hate. Thank you to everyone. I put that on the stuff you should know on people super supportive, oh yeah and total are their own stories of their pets. Passing so think. Maybe at some point of my put together a little like, like you did, the pet costumes am. I do like a pet memorial thing where people concerned, and that would be very nice. Memorialize That's the future anyway. I did find interesting, though, aid that I pick this topic yeah. I kept wanting to sing you stuff about it last year yesterday and I picked it knowing. I guess it was just this weird subliminal thing like maybe ocean or theatre, something new, but I did find interesting. The triple drug cocktail parties haven't, they goes the exact same stuff, but it's the same process.
Basically, I so death from beginning to end five. Eighteen minutes after the execution orders given Canada's depends. Ok, so that ideally rumbled execution order is when, like its it, you ve moved into the the execution chamber yes and the warden says my time that Ireland is not ringing right. The governors not calling right
so that when they start working on you like putting an ivy tubes and all that stuff right now remember the whole point of the execution. The United States criminal justice system is not to inflict pain or cause suffering right. It simply to take that person's life in the most humane efficient means possible Riah. So what happens? If you can't find a vain that happens very frequently, there's out there's a lot of cases of the condemned helpfully saying will try this vein over here. I think this one doesn't feel pretty good. Try this one might like helping these people like stick em to put these lethal joe
I'm sure, so that particularly, is the case with ivy drug users who have worked to collapse. Veins is also chuck part of the problem. When you don't have experienced medical personnel, which is one of the big controversies of lethal injection, If you notice it has a lot of the trappings of a medical procedure, but it completely flies in the face of medicine, because the hippocratic oath says first do no harm, well carrying out or even assisting in an execution is doing harm. So the American Medical Association tried to pass a resolution saying we're gonna, take the licence of anybody who is involved in an execution right in all the states said now. You can't do that. We're gonna protect the doctors licences.
Cuz. We need these people, that's kind of a conundrum. You know like you. Do you not have anything to do with an execution and let some prison guards try to find a vain and stick this person fur. Sixty minutes here and prolong the point from ok start executing to death. So this person's more aware and anxious and thinking about it or do you can answer you hippocratic oath, to decide and helpless persons? Execution goes painlessly and humanely as possible. Yeah funny of insight to tough, though I was reading like botched them, fight, stir, really executions in that's, that's the number one that they can find a way.
Will they feed in these people here because you're not use and heroin in prison I or another? But I think if you used heroin Fer a significant portion of your life, your veins are classed forever really yeah. I don't think they grow back. So it's generally, though, a prison guard or somebody that works for the prisoner that actually administers right,
Yeah, ok, it's whether an plus also there is another thing to if if they are not a good at delivering the drugs for not practised at that here, the flow of the drugs, if you put it into fast, can cause a lot of pain and suffering. That's one right, that's another one to which is another reason why some states require that medical staff be on hand to assist with these things there. Neither joy, no humane way to put someone. You know so that that he'll, somebody like you, can't officiate someone with feathers. Ok now in its true, but I was looking around like a cave lethal injection, is even considered him
in which a lot of people say like it's not right, there's its possibly there's a lot of pain is one of the drugs its being used. These days is called Medusa Lamb and it's a sedative. It's not an anesthetic. So if you put somebody out with it, that does not mean that they can feel pain any longer right, but that's due to a shortage of petty bar it all people are using their so they're saying weight with were using untested drugs, Kepler, possibly feeling excruciating pay. But you can't tell because we're using a paralyzing agent right. What there's gotta be another way to do this, and some people recently have been speaking up and saying Heroin. I know now, but I think, there's probably a few seconds
When you're introducing the pencil Barbie Tall where they like right, this is pretty good, I'm no, it's called inner gas asphyxiation. Ok, so when you suffocate, apparently the pain and discomfort is caused by not being able to expel seo to write with inert its visit exodus asphyxiation. You are inhaling gas, it's not accident, say pure nitrogen gas, but you're still capable of exhaling c o too, which means that the whole process should be painless right and unconsciousness takes effect in a couple of seconds death a few more seconds after that, so they think it's possible that they may have figured out a the most humane method of capital punishment around inert
this fixation. Are they make practicing that no? But I suspect that if they see that kind of reform thing continues going on bright will see in our gas chambers pretty soon yeah. You know the old firing squad is instantaneous, probably know done right you have rarely is downright that's the thing What you mean, rarely sunrise, Gimme statistic: what ok you like her shooting firing squad percentage, wise, aren't done properly, so I would probably have vast majority year trying again. If you do something humanely inefficiently, you want to remove human error so finding a vain introducing the drug at a proper rate, like all of these things are subject to human error right, yet shooting a bullet at somebody from fifty feet or whatever
let's get all kinds of human error involved in it. I would say Garee day in alone, activists are not being an active writer girl. Read this article called on the possible pain from various methods of execution. They, I believe, well. It's called there's a guy in the eighties who basically one around and said all the evidence I possibly can now from the different types of execution that people are put through to figure out how much pain and how frequently they feel pain, how much they feel as well, and he came up with this amazing study and fiery squads or not the bloody they're, not they're, not good or another bloody, but I didn't know that they were, but so that people lived most of the time after being shot by eight deeds in the head, but that's an I think they don't aim for the head a lot of times. Only one guy has a bullet where the aim of the chest just so you shut
the heart rise that, like all countries across the border, for I don't know I'm just saying, I would say, go read that study. I am I and he's on inert gas and our gas. Definitely not in firing squad the getting well, that came out of that one reform movement from the late eighteenth century at this instant as it gets. No, it's not remember, are the care. We said it's possible that the head is alive for a couple of seconds. For second fear I feel like I don't even know you right now I go unless one. So there is a huge disparity and the death penalty as a whole, among races, so returns are eighty. Nine percent of capital cases feature blacker, hispanic defendant
and then with victims. There's a big race disparity too in death penalty cases in the United States. I think, either last year, in the last few years, seventy seven percent of the victims have been white. Fifteen percent in black six percent have been hispanic for the victim, so it's disproportionately doled out against people who have killed white people right. Then it is the people who ve killed, blacker, hispanic people and other was like two percent or something interesting, new, These resolutions are very, very difficult to keep get more exercise save more money. What about this? We have a resolution that you can really work with stop wasting time going to the post office that right, you stamped out I'm. Instead because they bring all the services of the Eu S postal service right to your computer with yours business sinning invoices or packages.
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Did she stuff? You know if you want to learn more about lethal injection, you can take that into the search bar has therefore, that camp and insisted search bar it's time for a listener me. I'm gonna call this what along strange trip? It's been! That's what whittling other guys and I'm a twenty something band teacher from Provo Utah. My husband also been teacher, introduce me to your showing two thousand and nine news commuting one hour each way to park city everyday. I want I started my current job last year listen any guys after I realise how crappy radio was an eye exhausted music. On my ipod, I started one on absurd one, and just today caught up with a werewolf. I guess, while at that, excited and sad. At the same time, because intellectually. I know you got lots of emails and you probably sick of them, but I felt I had to write, wants a caught up during the last school year. My poor child sort of money
job and moved twice. The second move, into our first home. Needless to say, with all this change, I started to get pretty stressed and even depressed. On top of all this I teach beginning man, the sixth and seventh grade. It's my job is very exciting. I love it, but I can get frustrated and even develop road rage at times your bike, gas, was my sanity. Through all these dudes, I was able to focus my mind on exciting things like Barbie dolls and serial killers. I made my day a little bit brighter, so I just want to say how much I appreciate the pied gas, if you like and learning, keeping my mind, engage and enjoying your banter, and I think my eighteen months daughter also enjoys since she's heard your voices said she's just a tiny. They hope you keep making them Whitney runner slot Whitby from Provo Utah Ban teaching and we are shaping young minds. Eighteen month old mines in utero, even with her young people for some reason planets forget,
if you could sign language, is harmless industry fish exactly if you want to. Let us know how we have helped your life out or how we ve influence the development of your child to get what you can t to us it s. Why escape? I guess you can join us on Facebook that conflict that we should now. You can send us an email to stuff. I guess a discovery I camp and as always check this out awesome website. It's called stuff. You should know that count for more on this and thousands of other topics, how stuff works, icon, bra you buy, the all new twenty fourteen Toyota Corolla text. They will be before you know it everybody but relax because agent
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