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Movie Crush: Janet Varney on Tron

2017-11-03 | 🔗

This week Movie Crush launches with two great episodes. Up first, actress Janet Varney talks with Chuck about the movie Tron and how much it means to her.

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Hey everybody and welcomed a movie crush. This is checked Bryant, and this is episode one bit excited to welcome everyone if you're comin over from stuff. You should know, then thanks for your support, if you're, just the movie fan and general and happened upon this. Then I welcome as well into our studio here at Ponsonby City market in Atlanta, Georgia, so guys, I'm so excited about this show. I'm so excited about episode, one
because JANET Bernie, I gotta say, is probably the best episode one guest in all a pike, s, history She says, she's, a pile of mine and JANET imagine at a few years ago, at her comedy festival that she co created many years ago sketch ES in San Francisco every January. In four for my money, it's the best comedy festival in the land, and now she's been kind enough to ask Josh United perform their for the past few years and its become a little tradition for us and JANET is just Some. She is a very, very talented actress, she's, a gifted improv comedian and she smart and funny and just is kind of a so's you would ever.
To meet so she was here. Shooting in Atlanta saw her in the studio, which has great issues shooting season. Two of her awesome awesome show and I see stand against evil which actually just premiers yesterday on. I have seen season to just from Eared, so check that out. It's a really great show. It's the its Dana Goulds Comic, take on the he show which, if you haven't seen it Ben Season One and then check out season. Two on I've see right now so anyway, Genoese your shooting that end, the lasting of people want to do in their shooting a tv show in the hot hot summer of Atlanta Working, a lot of knights is to come in and record of silly old pot asked, but JANET is POW and very loyal person and friend, and so she was she was great. She came in here we killed it. I we talked about the movie tron, the original, obviously from nineteen. Eighty two, the the Disney picture with Jeff
Bridges and Bruce Box Lightner Sidney, Morgan David Warner, written directed by Stephen List, Burger way ahead of its time. We both greed and dumb. This is absurd. One in and you'll notice here. This was such an early episode that as we get started here in our conversation, I didn't even have a title for movie crush yet, but since then I did get a title for my good good friend in real life, Scott Ippolito, Scots, no one of my best. And- and I threw it out to him and said, hey what should I call this thing and I gave me the idea and he went about movie crush, and it was just that simple. So. We talk a little bit about that at first, which was gonna find so here we go with JANET Barney ensure on the show is so new? I don't have a title for it. This is very exciting region, then the whole time figure out where the title is well. Twenty, I was gonna call it by
something dumb and on the nose like my favorite movie, but then also honour what people think it's my favorite movie. About what's your favorite movie notable person and that's a title so, but all those variations of all the things were taken and this sitting about pod casting is someone can do a show for a month of eight years ago in you sort of taken yeah like if you go to start something they can always say here that for at first or down when I started my pie cast, which is now and has always been the GDP Club to the public, which is one of the greatest names ever by though it had worked out that worked out for me, I'm glad about that. But I was originally, and maybe that's for the best, because this other Paul I was gonna call. I was a teenager podcast sort of you know like
these era monster movie, I never into it. But someone had, I had had had a podcast where they did a hand, episodes a couple years battle that all those detainees bycatch had it throw that away those people the worse the ones. It start something don't succeed and then I ll give you five hundred dollars. You can have a like all about allowing all of us at one point are listen here. Some online I do and provide surely can come up with some. My first instinct was the suggest chucks flicks. Instead of chicks, flicks like chick flakes, and then I thought it could be called Chuck works. Lets you! No one will let you know. I already know early on that they want, but which is what we get things my friend, it did, as my friend he's great at sidling, and he said what about the confession: stand ah said of the concession yeah yeah, but then that soundly You really are getting into it. Well it, but
also like it would be just about guilty pleasure exactly like you'd have to confess that yes- and no one would confess, like I gotta say like the godfathers, my right don't tell anyone yeah yeah, I'm somebody to say with pride, some kind of accounts. I come in at zero right now. Idea. Ok and then I thought about something like like gum, psychopaths those godfathers in street cars name desire like the big and grand right, that's just under the title of a book It has a call, and after it they'll know it was there was that book about movies car. I stole it goes a book about seventy, so making called easy writers, enraging balls, which, as I can just rip that off here, but I guess I can't because, as the first said, the coffee table live without you, knowing its accommodate, we'll title it later. Ok,
But what is your opinion that up? Because now that she's going to eat away at everything, I would have said I will not only be thinking about, but no you must go and he likes me. The chauvinism of car sure I'll come up with and then I'll put it on this issue, for you, like you, did with than occur in his bedroom joke, which we can't spoil did you were you like did you gotta movies aloud when you're a kid, because I know a little bit about your life because of your own show in Arizona. Moving like our unease airy, that's right. I guess I can finally to new. Where did you go to the movies? A ton like Ireland? That's definitely one of the things that you can do in smallish city. In Arizona when the summer is just brutal right. There's nothing to be done outside. Really like literally all melt, and there is exactly that so many memories of like the just the fold outcome
like no one uses those anymore. I guess because windows or better or maybe they still do you wanna charities, that sort of open where we haven't had those folding, we just fallen card board, some of them. The four phantom made the card. Look with you, weren't sunglasses, sure your, but that was a vitally important, as was trying to find any place in the shade, because so many times get seatbelt burns. Will you guys with heavier through Melbourne? You know lived in Uma for that. Hi hi. This is on the planet. Carpeted dashboards yeah because of their yeah too. There's the mean Those are the moments where you really do think. You really think how how barely survive here and we have all of the technology and the idea that the only reason we're here is because people have been dealing with this heat for
a comment, is anyone's their debt that you didn't even survivable beyond you know the free having car shades imagines everytime I drove away through the desert then, I would eventually get get cross over into the elevation and that cool Breeze Hannah. I should think about like the settlers. What they must have thought. Those who pressed on ya like while this is clearly where I'm gonna lose out. If you stop inhuman and go, I think this is the best way to get one going into otherwise we mythology of school right here, yeah, so the movie theater. Obviously, as a respite, the very myself you would go see whatever I feel like. I would mean quickly. We dropped off by the second a deal. I will you dropped off by my parents for sure there you know, then I would take the bus
I know a lot of movies memories of over sure that's public bus into the movie. You bet they're, my my dad's house is right in between two malls that have movie theater, so that was there is really easy couple of straight line go to, the bus right to see movies and down- and I have very- I do a very specific memories of seeing certain movies and then I can sort of put them in tax and then there are other issues. I couldn't tell you bus movies, not bus. Well, now I don't think that, like, for example, when I did Craig Mc Caskey has a pie cas where it is just a joke about his his heels to talk about the his old list of his favorite movies, ran his wife Carla's on it, and I as they go in order. I happen to get dead, poets society, and that was a movie that I could remember. I could remember everything about like going into Elk on mall and seeing
and feeling my life had changed. I cried so hard tat. I had to wait until they were now. They kicked me out, as they were sweeping their pop Cornelia, those a heavy movie for young people that, like your views, younger than me, but well quite a few. Actually but just to be a teen and our young teen, and seeing that movie, that's like heavy stuff earlier to process absolutely no gas, I, although I've yes, a hundred percent and then I feel like shortly after that I got into lake even darker stuff cause you have to go through that phase in high school Well, you sort of love a coffer Forlorn Geneva and like a race or head in that kind of stuff, some having a lot of flashbacks it I'd era because of twin peaks. Coming back and have you been watching us? I have What do you think? I mean I'm struggling with some vague and am struggling deeply with someone,
our producers are not very into it. You're into it. The hotline thinker, including this last episode com, well. I've been watching in my whole deal is the twin peaks stuff love another? What eyes by two percent of it and the other stuff like is total ledge yeah right and weird and also- but I can't I wanted twin peaks near pleasant, also doggie, they long. I don't ever want ever want comic. Laughlin will be anyone but Doug you love him. So much is. Shall you rode movie? I will watch yeah I'll watch the seven minute take of him eating potato chips year, but I dont know if I can watch the seven minute take of X Y see. All of these other thing right is throwing in that are just stare so long
I didn't love legitimate ago, like I don't want him to be doing the stuff you like, even if it doesnt, resonate fully with me. I can't do it. I agree I'm just I can't. Sometimes I feel it is bringing us a little bit. I dantes I feel like he's like, maybe we. Finally, I was gonna do this here. I'm just gonna show this. Five minutes, because I can be a casino think. It fully makes sense in his head in a negative way. Now there are things that don't advance the story, the in any way shape or form that it will. Then it's a dude is like how old is he and he still that weird yeah yeah, you don't allow dragged him for Wired magazine and are really. He then sat down with him
They got on really well because Brandon S really interesting questions, and so, like the questions, he was forced to ask for a right. So we got all this like fun back story about David mention the bird that lived in his on his roof, and I was kind of gear this in that kind of stuff, that you want to hear that you wanna go. Oh God, of course, that's I was brain works, but guess a lots of going to the movies when I was younger lots of my dad is huge movie fan and he introduced me to a lot of movies that I certainly wouldn't have seen as young as I was had not been like. I think, you're ready for this. You know what was your preferred a movie. Remember that I'm not sure I am not sure what it was. But ah I know that my mom took me to see Robocop that are the. We are here to be our there's no way, that's not hard, there's some crazy, violent! Something happened, If we forget how violent the movies we're back yeah so
no, and then I don't and then she took me die hard also my Mormon mom, who did not only Elvin at home for some reason, wanted to take me to both of those that's great yeah, so those were probably and those who have got to be the first arm of is that I went to. I dont know I'd seen something at home before then, but definitely those year out mine was my dad took me to a war movie, the big Red One, which is good and find good There were two movie and then the first one I ever saw, I think at all, was escape from New York. Now sure- and I was over it- some friends house, your church and they were putting it on, and I called my mom to ask that was ok adorable, which you say yes, she said because I had called if she had said now. You think you would have, unlike those who now that's it
without doubt about that. But I certainly here that confirm was an M rule. Father said Rob, I don't know what it would have done now like do not walk through those stories about that. I, like you, it s all the movies it automatically initiated with what a relief but my dad. This is kind of really and complement, and I say this to people out loud. My dad took my sister to see body heat, the money it around, which I dont know, or I can't imagine my dad did not go to movies. So I've got to think that he had no idea what he was going to call up body he it's only the postman, he's twice where you're like how that could be anything and finally about mail is about the you mail system, exactly body, he D. What did you think you're gonna with our mole tracking and soldier s, writing then read it or guys yeah well on sales as well about that one day, but under Brigham, asking maybe less my sister.
Can you only ask him? Why did he get? Why did he get up and leave the movie here actually got up and left her in Greece to during the scene with the girls were? Have the super runner underwear, my mom sickness agrees, and I was so like embarrassed. I said Montgomery you remember their underwear. I feel it wasn't just pajamas it was. I was southern bandages I was really enough on ankle go. There was a lot of repression going out. I didn't know what was going on there, There is only one animal house and I was like boobs so your dad was cool yeah. He well that's! What's weird, is he really didn't want me to see violent stuff, continual sensitive us? I was the Hughes. Sex is fine. It's silly! It's incredible! Enormities! It's fine! and then my mom, who again Mormon, didn't have a television somehow wanted me to see those two movies, I just don't to this day. I don't understand you got the virus,
from your mama, I guess from your dad yet scratched so as it should be easier. The American, where everything is covered. So do you remember? We were talking about tron, specifically YAP as your pic for all time. Favorite movie, listen! First of all, I am really bad at ranking anything everyone using what yeah I mean, that's that's all, but somebody unaware really like kind of going like I mean, are again using, for example here he loves that he has this order that can't I'm shifts and he plays within any kind of ignores at any. Given that its tariffs, though, I guess that's true, but the point here I can no one can anyone's autumn favorite movie on any given days. Probably me different, I guess yeah. I guess but I do feel like there are people who take pride in kind of, like oh shops, to find me. This is my own time, favorite movie and there that is the godfather here- how many got for how many times you have shown for the godfather and are you gonna tell people that survey remove all time we'll talk about? It
times are re. Can you pick a different one year and I repeat, movies, I'm ok, I think unless it's unless there could be some like a fresh, take right up, but it's funny that every one of us so far is immediately been stressed out about the notion of picking wine and then going public with that, because I think everyone does think it says something about them. Yeah. Well, that's, I think. Could I if I really sat down and try to pick something I mean someone asked me having actually when I did a brief interview at the L, a pike has first of all aware we are putting to you because we see each other there and you did my pockets. I think I blurted out Harold and Maud, because for a long time I was I would have, I would have that would have been a situation layer from my teens into my twenty. My early twenties, I was proud to say
that we're favorite movies at school. How Ashby and and I still love it- oh, I owe you I am, but I think so I could. I said that when I was in our view there is a whole gay output, Harold among the topics I guess, but HANS grew it yeah, I'm goin, I'm gonna, I'm I'm gonna go withdrawn because it's been up important me far longer and I love it. I hope their budget learnt nor deeds all over the world. Listening the amateur super excited the that your visit. Will, I probably won't you're, probably office. And then I don't think anyone else all its negative. You, like your on again arise that everybody's remember: wine glass loves drawn the ass. I have a confession to make about trying to do everything I have seen trial I hate aside this afternoon. It was the first time you ve ever seen it I don't know how I didn't see tron I never saw tron. This is what
first officer, I know I loved the arcade game now at plated obsessively yeah. And I never saw the movie. Oh, my god. This is I don't know whilst trying to figure it out like a fancy thrown right yeah like the movie with it the blight cycles. Then I started Danone and never never ever saw drawn, unlike so I watched it today and for and we should talk about it. What was your? Like tron experience, you remember seeing it in the theater. I dont remember my target, I'm seeing it I really down. I don't I couldn't, I thought I would probably vhf well, I could have seen it in a theater. I mean to do movie. You never were young male yeah, but I mean you know I would have I mean I was what six ninety two here. That's, I think
we saw in the theatre, and the reason is that I like rocks my worlds and YO. I can't imagine that I would have seen it on the agenda for the first time took eight. I maintain to this day that it was so far ahead of its time earlier so far out of time, and it is pre peculiar and amazing that its Disney movie at yet bits of worse its of note for that resigned itself. I don't play video games, I'm not have go ahead. I ask you that so it has nothing to For me with, like I didn't, I never played during our goods or no. No, no, I mean I would play lake Handheld Pachmann game. So your and my friends houses and I played whatever lake pc learning aims. My dad got me organ arraying, so I don't
The guy had organ trail, that that was more advanced material, but you don't even have a eurozone shelter. I'm talking about the only thing missing of right now is a game called spell it that, because spelling game that involved a for a frog who the little tongue would come out and like the little lick it would like and absorb the letters after you spelled something correctly. That was like your price of Ruth or maybe it isn't like? Fifteen years old? I mean it was like you know when you're sounds like your old, with a view to you all this was when it was. You know still cute like it was shocking that there was any kind of a game to be played so probably around six years old or something spilett yeah. Unlike listen, some of the words we get pretty tricky anyway, you to think that it was like a dog and cat threat. You know of the forts frogs Humph, Roger Hungry, so
the yellow, early market games that got you and not at all now know I knew I'd just loved the All of it I loved I entered this like I would have dreams about it. I still have dreams about ITALY, yeah that I'm inside game grid and- and I think part of the reason that I didn't play the archaic games- is that because I saw the movie first, the Arcadians or to see flat, two dimensional things point was like, but no do you and these gains exists for regular people playing Jaime user. You I should, but I should be in the gay. That's the only way when experience it like viscerally, with my cue, uniform on and and I loved the music, the music again totally ahead of its time and crazy, weird and great and and without now, we're getting out of the sentimentality of which was that my dad also loved it. Ok and we will
play this game at night, like yeah, when I was not that this is what you wrote to disclose the Durban had an alarm system in the house where you know you're the motion, detector and the little red light blinks. When there's motion- and then we also had like you know everything Digital also like our microwave as digital- are all our viziers cos. Kind of stuff was digital and that's all likely the real yeah. That's all right! So and our house was this little tiny, three bedroom house, but it you could go into complete circle around right, seek a common front or you can through the living room, turn left go down the hallway or although bedrooms were go back into the back room and then that reconnected with a kitchen that reconnected with the front runner, you can go into full circle. Those occupied in the centre
there were zero atrium nor Coy Onondaga, and so my dad would we play this game where we were inside the game where we were turned off all the lights in the house, and he would what, when I was really when I was little like, I guess, six or whatever, because by would have that's as little as I would have been able to be, he would kind of hold me Superman's style and we would like school around the house and we would be trying to avoid Sark. Unlike all the bad guys, we we're trying to creep pass. The motion detectors the great regret training for me. If I am an expert account burglary, we would reach. We can't get as far as we could before would see a light, and we see the red light we'd like to see us the recognizers and then we'd like run into the next room like pair likely that end so put to this day. I M not afraid of that
never been afraid of the dark eyes. I only equate the total darkness with plain tron right, which is good, and it was this, like super great cool game that my dad made up. That was legitimately like kind scary and exciting, and it made me feel like I was inside that. I am that's that door, then Disneyland. We would go to Disneyland every summer. My dad would we have friends who lived, unlocking yadda, which is kind of like Pasadena Area, and he would because it through the Arizona summers he would wake me up. He would he would take a nap like you serve sleep for a couple of hours and then he would get up in the middle of the night and wake me up and put me in a sleeping bag in the covered tab of our Dotson truck, which was carpeted dear and and you'll, be like you viewed, me up at the USA, two or three in the morning to like Miss Jane, are you ready to go to his land? While and as I am concerned, I would get in the car and fall asleep and then I would wake up and we would be almost there
then I would come to clamber through the little window and then come sit with my dad and and then we would get there and then Disneyland. They had people mover, which one little tiny sliver of people mover was that you would go inside this kind of room that they had just put it turned out. Tat all was was movie screens yeah, but you would be. Viewing over and then suddenly you would be on the game grid and around, and I recommend almost squash you and then you would go inside the lifecycle made RO again and you know in the prison in the earthquake Jones. I did. I hear full time so those are all like very there very deep, embedded childhood memory as open and but but it there's nothing about the movie now when I watch it in it means every bit as much to me. There's no. There are plenty of movies. I loved that I can't I can sort of go. Does it holds?
yeah. I'm I'm not able to see if it doesn't hold up like you to Russia for the first time. So your experiences, your experience and I totally respect that right, but I can't it's. I mean I've brainwashed myself. I've still watch it and fear God. This is ahead of its time. This good, it's so good. Well, was ahead of its time, because it was a little research it is. It was one of the very first movies to use computer Anna man at all yeah and guy blown who's. The director director is heard you earlier even less burger, oh, you move it earlier drilling hazards, Peter Burt Johnny the action plans, bird from they might be the Diana Stephen list and he it was kind of a new kind of it was a passion project for him like he thought of this world and was
It is time and couldn't get anyone to make it had like suck. His own money until I get test shots in, we took around the suit. Those was like look at what I have looked at this amazing thing. There is, how about that and finally, Disney took a flyer and said I will give you like ten million bucks or whatever, which was huge. Does he wasn't in the Disney and write. He was an outsider and he said he always felt that way to discuss at, but it was way ahead of its time and no one knew what they were seen yet Like now, for someone like me to watch, it has never seen before sure it might look dated, but it also looks turn in a weird way. You know like that, the stuff with the arm and I did nobody really shot in black and white yeah. The characters ended this rota scoping process and that because of how they had to do-
painstaking that ends up looking kind of cool now yeah it looks fantastic. Yet we know that the way the city lights up at the Emirates also wonderful to collect these. These, like that at some of the kind of like hipster japanese toy shops, though, when I was a boy there. You know there are they exist and like San Francisco and bright Angeles and Nunez heard some of the kind of a certainly on the western coast cities. There was a place and in San Francisco that sold the they're called coup. Brick, of course, just I'm saying that, because right of course, its named after something also equally laotian hip, where they would do these and the limited edition lines of toys from beloved movies like tile, and so they I have these really cool. They also like
like mobile like them. I is the o b I'll or those with those little people- oh yeah, it's just a little can have very lego. People, see sort of do look like legal people, but you know there in their Lena forms and then there's a grip it, but the design is so great and there's this great I wish I wish we were in a way. I could have brought it with me, but there's a recognised that you can. You can pop the legs off now turned the legs in word in the centre of say, can make it into like that. Tank, that's really beautiful, but they're. Just so well done and well may one of these. I have the whole set of the coup, brick stuff, and then I have like a scattering of the original toys that look more like enough sorrows figures or whatever. Well yeah- and I have I mean That'S-
I got a good go to gift yeah someone to help my wheels early journals icon. None I think of the outward they needed this really cool. They had. They shouted at the arrow in Santa Monica years ago, in LOS Angeles and and Stephen Director is there and then well answers and on, and I think Bruce boss liner was there and for sure, what's her name, Men was their sandwich, Zinni Morgan was there, and so they all kind of talk and traded stories talked about it of so called they had a couple of you know costumes from there and try legacy like nothing the came after Tron. Do I have any respect for what? Why didn't see? Tron legacy- and I didn't think there was even a tv- show, Not sure fear I did. I was noting in between that between the right did the two main big tron movies, but see now enshrine the idea and know what the idea
try, my guess he was. It seems like a great idea that, like this, this jeopardize son has now come back now, yeah and ITALY even look. I can't can they dont didn't capture the spirit of the original at all and not to me to me it's just that serve empty soulless, while I just didn't feel like, and yes, I descended having from it or not. I see why they did it, though you know like Tron, was so ahead of its time in like now they have the technology here and to make a new kind of gear. Heaven yeah, but I mean I never saw it. Because I didn't, but also- and- and I saw it only wants- I sidle copied. I mean I went, I went hoping it would be great YO, El Capitan failure, you don't know, is on Hollywood Boulevard in its Disney's big theater, and they have liability regime in forehand. It's really it's a beautiful place, and that was the right thing to do to see it there. I can barely one
for what it was about. Daylights like earlier, I wish I bet know now tat they might have had some costumes from the then who cares because it from new stuff, so we move that it I'm so my guy, that's enough right, you have bridges, character, turns indifferent variation I'm sorry about their. Let him see beyond me out. I find and he's humorless from what I can remember Bolivia while a levy while lovely but like she's, whom everybody was his humorless ran. That was that I mean the whole point. So much of tron is is Jeff Bridges being please now that he's a total smart, urinating Sark, which I mean, obviously that's young played by dont. Tell me David. I always forget his even though my love him any one of the great bird, a mammoth, your brains is very close, the top of your favorite movie, but that if your reply Cambodian that is his favorite, so I really struck that from the west, causing you SAM would want to talk about Matthew Brains. I caught up with that
same here you know yet David did did not dead. Wyndham replied came about. Yours are earlier. I can't members lasting David Warner, David Warner. Of course, one of the one- and you know it so freaky is if you do this, but you go back and watch your favorite movies, and then you think, while I'm older than them when they know that for sure so bridges, box. Lightner were both around thirty one is sheer when they made it, David Warner, young punks. It was five years younger than me. He was they were nearly forty one years old, Hymns Yankee and in that, of course, it is in our brain, because we were kids right and now. Then I even watch videos like I look at that all three big guy is five years younger than p o, my God will here. Will he also has one of those faces where you're like oh you're, sixty twenty year old, and he was your then we'll get their cargo. Courts and forty one is right then, and there not, and then they
and then the guy who please ram and then one ram dies year. It just makes me cry, you, then the whole weird. They do the whole idea of technology and unlike the gods, sort of joining with that kind of like theology, the idea that there would be information living inside a computer that with you you know that would be dreams. I love to question where itself clear from and putting all this faith in the people who create amuses, fascinating well. That was sort of the great fear I think at first. When you know computers became a thing, but now it's sort of a legitimate fear. Count of you know. Robots becoming censure and financial control programme area. Like that's kind of a thing now it was ahead of its time. But what kind of struck me a couple of funny things on then Twitter is its? Who is the main Sark Sarka was, talking to the David Warner character in camera.
When I m C p their master control Programme here the main and then Sarka like his lackey kind of David Warner. Yet cp will amphibious just you can tell you that confusing the airplane unready pay. You just hear you hear that deep scary voice, suddenly, he had a line like computer grim May in the end also have the toy that itself, but a cup, funny things one is. He said that he was getting involved with the Kremlin and who are the Kremlin and the Pentagon, because he said that he lighted a design things. Nine hundred to twelve hundred times better than any human. That numbering the fat like their between nine hundred and twelve hundred times better here, and the other thing was the beginning. In the end, the movie is so weird and abrupt: How the movie starts, it just says: wins: Arcade, which isn't cover city by the way, if you ever been by that building the whole building
where the shot the exterior and it starts with just a dude. Playing the tron game and then and on the train game and then you're in the tron game. And then it just starts here and then and then he says it's litter, says like and meanwhile in the real world and then this Jeff Bridges and Yogi who's this guy and then, when the movie. This just ends like they're in the computer world. They had the big climax fight. Then he gets out of a helicopter Enjoins heightened crimson they heard That's the end of the movie. Listen first about you're, not big requires a lot of theirs. The big climax is deftly inside the game and sure enough. The lily was alone, come back out and then be when he comes back out. We see that he successfully gonna leave ruminants printing very slowly on the while, printer at the damage and we need one. The David want to see that no
Didn't I win, then it's like he's toast and thence. I say that we better the boss. Coming and you're right. It's references in the zone strike me as bad filmmaking. It struck me as such a thing of its time. Mary, it's like to where movies would end. With this, everyone like high fighting and that's head we have now. We ve been tainted the in the other direction by too many and I'm a courier like wait, a minute that absolutely every every scene now for the last twenty minutes has felt like the last seen turn Tina. Let's keep a clean, let's get in get out and then, as the lights go down in the city, not to quote a jury, then the merging of how much it looks like the Cambridge. What also have another building they wonder Jeffreys precisely one since it well said Morgan. You know, I know her from Kadesh Jack she's, a fox thought as lacy, under whose roof which
I didn't do it every day and then the other thing that was neat was income, as the name of the company is like kind of one of the great evil villain company have time and yeah. It sounds like it could be anything yet and that's. What's a written terrifying about Minister Canada, Keith Whore and just all the stuff, their work and the whole idea that you could. You know for use lasers to break down the item to the point where you could get through space. That's a little bit longer vision to that's another movie. I could probably said every through everything goes back to being a young, a young person like I don't I think I'm so can I am so connected to that unbridled passions that Those kind of unmatchable originated autism yeah. I guess so. I think those are all the movies that I really go back to, because when I think about movies I mean you know what, after I saw in Bruges like movement.
We can then I'd love. Another movie that I felt was my favorite movie later we'll deal. My ruby, but you know in Bruges, is there the ice storm. I still think Islamic Bell made with those are typically, you know intact and go brilliant movies. That would also be right hand of in my life, but I want to say, like I have a top: it's like I've, twenty five top five movies yeah. You know you have like you get twenty five, but they are all part of your top five, but I did think of a segment enabling due for everyone will choose. Oh you ask me, I remember some think about maybe something more like guilty pleasures we'll do the waiter and by later amendments our three. This is a segment. Maybe we'll get another. Do some cool music for this called what a bird said. Disappointment! Ok, for I thought you.
You mean they're plenty of budgetary. Some critics to there's always been my favorite, absolutely he gave well. What do you think? First of all, you have any idea. Listen, I want to believe that he was on board and that he understood how special unimportant was and that he thought to himself JANET Barney will one day claim this is a really, but I don't feel like. It got particularly good reviews and I don't think it differently. They well so I'd and he was pre influential at that. I'm so I'm prepared for him to have, given it a thumb, sound bird loved. Ok, he gave a force comes up and he says they: technological, sound and light show that is sensational and brainy stylish and one good and then he went on to read about the special effects. He said that the whole imaginary worlds of tron or so cleverly compose it. I never ever got the sensation. I was watching some actor stand in front of or in them,
of special moon. However, and I think you see that so much more today area even really feel the surf flattened The bureau is poor value, anything an entire temporarily careering screen, it's really hard, I felt like I can't again I'd. I feel it they were all there, they're all their living in that world their starting to get it right, though, like did you see the jungle book? Yes, yeah like that will happen, My lot, an amazing I really was set for a while they are the people kind of nuts or even still, even if I can't hassock beasts, for example. I just imagine us, I feel so strongly that I can see any redmain sort of looking at his finger where something is supposed to be, and I just him so aware a thought there and it s all a painfully aware is not there. I don't about that finger scene, but well you. I know you don't you like when there's a lot of mystical fun toy,
in the area around what island than ever to highlight. May I now it's always have even with other technology there, just another, that's where it looks like the three company episode rejects, which, out of it half an hour in the seeing here is a looked up: the movies of nineteen it. Two mainly because I was like why didn't I see that what was I going to see? Also, I can know now what was what else was nightingale well yeah in its is powerhouses stuff. Well movies back then were amazing yeah, and this is just like when you look at, MR movies, at around twenty seventeen here and then this less it makes me want to cry: yeah guess, nineteen eighty title here: the blade, runner, shit, yeah, ddt thing. Man fast answer reach my eye. Poltergeist wrath of con Tutsi
thirty five to hand down, probably bleed one or two Tutsi was just a march release in nineteen. Eighty two wasn't like Oscar, see ray I'm way, that's where would be slaughtered today, movies chatters blowing my does he felt something which my idea already eight hours, he tossed her and a gentleman huge Annie, oh my god, first blood Friedrich. For me, I'm good at it. The dark, Crystal Gandhi, Litter Chris Rocky Three ever saw Gandhi record through his very big for me, but I its Iraq reprieve. That's where my priorities lie. Them they're, a couple of movies, it I wouldn't say like. Oh, my god, this is so great, but there are big for me like death. These master was nineteen. Eighty noticing these masters great, then Sophie's choice world. According to garb my favorite, you The secretive NAM Diner every year like this is just a smattering This is all the more easily than just crazy average, where in Hollywood in there,
I mean I could comfortably pick some of my all time. Favorite movies are just out of that. You could stop blade runner. Eighty, the thing and poltergeist and you call their eyes and tat the protests no other movies remade that you're a great year. The thing I just saw on the big screen at the arc light and beyond hold up yeah. That's a grand, amazing and super gruesome. Really J carbon raises an area in the world. He did all his still does always on music, scrape any finishing thoughts on Tron. I love it thumbs. Up to I love you ve tried. I know that you're a movie even You are also a character in the movie named drawn, but I wanted I mean I was alive for the longest time is like if I have kids I'm, namely my kid Flynn, no matter whether it's a boy or other using drugs.
No, I wouldn't do that now that more Emily, when I really love was empty P m cp, there will be a funding Michael Chadwick Eaters, than in circuit. I can call, and I'm sitting which reflect move but trot was a character, but also the name of this thirty system, that's right, the box lightner with my programme kitty. I agree. I noticed guy up and I walked him. I walked down. That's what I thought was confusing to me about a little bit about. Movies are other from characterised playing, but that usually ordering it's like you are you that's what it's about dumb invented the programme drawn. So that's what you look like Tron, look like his user and then Flynn design a ton of staff. Yes, So that's why I like, when you go inside the beginning of the movie, the tank, that's Flynn too, because he's I'm not programmed imitate. What about the sea with?
when they went anymore again and when they see under owls and and and the scarecrow a horse home, he was the scarecrow writer was. He certainly wasn't, MRS Kinnock, I never thought I'd, never Madrigal, they walk in the first and they go to sea. Jeff bridges or plans gives me, I know he's so over the sweaty laying the video Galea the adverse out like. Is he really that's what he is the armpits websites out to his chest? Then his chest was sweaty through the shirt, so why are they doing that? and he goes and takes off a shirt and like I think, that's exactly why they did it. He takes off one sure and puts an indifferent you're in there. Both flints videogame like that, but he takes it off in front of her because they used to
and they had a lie line about leaving the house messier. An anti practically shoves Bruce backsliding on the couch yeah because of the quip about her, leaving her house messy and hit relationships. I'll. Try. Let me see the drawings ago due to understand relationships between the two people who care about each other know, probably not, but maybe between man and computer, between minicomputer between a bit and programme and for the whole bit years. No Giovanni thanks for coming into my Ojeda copyright gas for one hour in life, Look at em. You don't remember the air all old. I have closed with you. I want you guilty for Israel at programme. Well, I did think about it because I didn't want it to be a drawn. Listen
Furthermore, how do you set out in our tax at you? I said? Don't you even pretend like my favorite movie, can also be guilty pleasure I'll, never cordiality pleasure, but I was trying to think because I thought I was going to have some pretentious flock, like you said, we're someone's life, my guilty pleasures, the godfather yea up, but it's kind of hard because I dont have a lot of the lake. Oh, I know this is like a same with reality, television stuff. Like that, I can't I don't find that I have a lot of lag right. This is delicious and I know I shouldn't right now: you're right watch. You know I feel I get really impatient with stuff it. This isn't good. So I was trying to think of things that that I would watch anyway and I think, actually workable down. I know for sure that Thirdly on planes, I can't stop watching movies about horses, which was never something I cared about. All of a sudden see biscuit seems like the vessel movie, I've ever seen in the waters of the area Secretariat. They didn't have what is his delta and they have some old movies that can wash right. I hadn't gotten to hoarse whisper I ve never seen either all watch war horse
only suddenly. I need like feel good horse movies when I'm on a plane for they too tired to enjoy anything else so feel good horse movies. Apparently that's a new thing and then I all oh admitted to like beauty? Did you see that, when your kid or another like salient ever crap, I didn't give a crap that horse movies I did at last. I barely remember it last unicorn does a tough one I will always, but I didn't especially because I know you like draw so much. I feel the same way that jaws and I will see a title to Plunder- show no, but a shark movie not shirk NATO, not Lake Urca, intentionally Campi shark movies, but I will give almost any shark based move,
a chance and I love the movie Deep Lucy. I love you. I love it. I think I all I want is I've seen it so many times if it's on, I will watch it till the end. I love it. I like tell unabashedly sloppy. It was you knew what it was, and so it camped out in a good way, but it was genuinely still very scary to me, even though the sharks got smarter because they were injecting them with some sort of growth hormones if they could cure. Also, members of society,
the shop is got smarter. Sharks got smarter, chuck those the big pull out from the trailer I library there and I was so star struck when my friend Oscar we were going to dinner with US foreigners lower our dear friends of ours, and he said I hope your mind. Our friends are gonna be joining US shark. It wasn't the shot, a shark, no saffron boroughs, and I I said I'm in a million years. I never thought I would meet saffron Boroughs raised, not a person that I think I travel the same circles with right, very excited tat. I got to meet up front boroughs or their reason. Lucy was everything you thought is wonderful, she's, just great those were lined with it. The shy sauce motto
three? May those tourist martyr a she made those she put us all at risk where he got SAM Jackson, munched net a great moment. There was a german snatches, and I feel that that moment. I can't think of having seen that anywhere before that movie, and I have seen it a million times since yard and likes snakes on the plane was a direct, descended love of deep blue sea yeah, really deep, blue Sea, I don't think they were was at Rennie. Harlan wasn't cash, I don't have. It was my b I might be making it up does not Stephen was burger because he didn't directed anything else yeah. He was like a Silicon Valley, nerd What right back to delay the vote that you in his claim, the famous Anna maniacs before that's, how he heard a little juice in the sure about that
and Amelia discredit. Do they think is assuming a quick me so anyway, there's workable might plush yielded pleasures, and I also this is probably too far and decide that this part of my men is the first thing. The popped in my mind, and I in that doesn't mean that its accurate, but for some reason the first thing. I thought it was intolerable cruelty with love that movie boys, carcinogens and an doors cleaning, and I think the reason I classify it is guilty. Pleasure is because I somehow no I'm supposed to. Like it because it's not for calling brothers year, and so I'm I've been told. It's terrible Juno mean like this and I at his home late, terrible, unlike over the router or whatever, and so, but that's so that was what the first in that part of my life that yeah I don't like one can. Finally, I think the there's two common brothers tears- and I love that second tier when there clearly just having a good time, making a comedy yeah
of those movies yeah like entitled, admiralty and I'm the one I really of his man with with Brad Pitt and Clooney Albert after reading, in writing. I think I love that might think. I hated that when I saw and now I like it- and I didn't love he'll Caesar and I'm wondering if in a couple of years, maybe all of that to our tools, because maybe it I was fine with it. Would that word Simple- is like laughs at all hard at another rally grades in so good boy, I think, is another one ran like all time. Graves movies, probably a probably- has won the item- Greece, endings of any movie, about an ending yeah- that I saw that that that's gonna wanna, my friends a month for college favorite movie, so we watched it saw the theatre than watch. It upsets oblique, yeah and college. Very special. He went on to be friends with Tony shall lube, who were can rely on
and he was good in that. Yes, so good idea and that will occur and everything I do feel development. Well, let's have a post mortem banking on camera we're great, I might do a little solo post mortem not tonight, because I have to go to bed fair because its like seven about. No, I think you're a great the pilot appealing I jammed in like aid of my favorite movies in so I think this kind of ever takes them. I saw was the first one to say the driver. The boy, though, are you SAM, was the better at SAM. Amateur brains is really great. I could the hell out of that movie. You know that I'm a real dork. What for that movie house is only remove that everything I'm naming so dorky, but will you do when, after trying hard so
Another another whole story behind it. Like it's really it's over it's a real thing: yeah, it's I get it you weren't seeking nerd credit or anything linen thanking me. Eyelids were now hold you to back off avarice. I get Andrew Not this is great. I will thanks for coming and JANET Barney for sure number Weinstock. Here I go, I should tell you for it. I guess I ran away, but only under the new system man, that was just the eye, so excited about the show that could not have gone any better. A new JANET was, a choice as guest number one, because she's well she's a professional podcast herself and does interviews herself, so she knows how to keep the conversation going like a real pro? So I'm that was just a lot of fun JANET at her feet,
on Tron Worm I was kind of wondering what to expect on why that was her favorite pick and it was very heartwarming to know to me that that was a movie she and her dad, It over- and it was a very special film from her childhood, because the cute little Tron game that used to play with her down. So as we go on with movie crashing and be super interesting to see sort of the wye behind. Why people pick these favorite movies and I suspect that moving forward we're gonna get quite few- that have a lot of sentimental value, and that is certainly the case with the JANET here in Tehran. And stand against evil, guys, I'm so excited. I love season. One journalists funny in everyone's discreet and season, two, premier. Yesterday in real time so November. First from IRAN, icy check it out, stand against evil season. Two, it's wonderful
check out J D Club, the Jamie Club Podcast, JANET interviews, people about their embarrassing high school years. It's really really good show. So, thanks again for her time until next week, I will kill you bear little popcorn, maybe Rubik Russia's produce edited engineered in school. By no brown from our podcast studio at Ponsonby Market Atlanta, Georgia,
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