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Myths About the Brain

2013-02-14 | 🔗

As is usual for SYSK, Josh and Chuck go over some, but not all, of the entries in this list of ten common myths about the brain. While it lives there in your noggin you don't really have much of a grasp on your brain and how it works. You think you do, but you don't.

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brains, brains, brains, that's my indra that you didn't do ten times a known and we're not give even talk about thin brain is we're, even though this effort, is called ten myths about the brain. Get your new to the shop. You ve never heard us do one of our. They must stop dance. Then you probably don't know we rarely cover all ten. We will teach you a bit with sixty eight and then say: go read the article if you want yellow and exactly- and in this case we ve actually covered a couple- the things before right. So there's no point rehashing exactly I guess I just felt the need to explain you lay the ground was pretty well meant to attend. That is really not ten, so we have brains, yes in our heads, and I think most people walk around feeling like they have some ideas about the brain, some understanding, but it turns out that some are on
myths out there yet and so have kind of interesting, weird origins to yeah. I thought this is critical article, because we ve covered the brain a lot and it's one of our favorite favorite favorite subjects yeah. So it's gonna call to root out some of these things it. A couple of these, I thought, were true. What well, for example, I come your brain is grey I thought that to be true, weren't understandable. Why, too, because people call brain Grey matter to apparently hurt your PA row. I just said that, like a dog right, I'd named have to say that he added her curiously, especially for my tongue. Marble mouth he used to call his brains is a great cells, oh yeah yeah, so everybody thinks the brains great and it is grey. There are very much what of grey areas called grey matter,
but there's other colours to the brain to yet this kind of knocked me out, because I had no idea that the brain was also white black and read like our chargeable dogs in Atlanta Falcons sticks laughing in their everybody's brains, around the world out there. So, like you said, there is a lot of grey matter. Cells neurons connecting to each other there is also white manner, will that's the stuff that connects them with. The matter is the new fibres right right, so it connects like you're grey matter, regions to one another gotcha, so that makes sense. But what about the
substantiate Negro Latin for black substance. Yeah there is that party, your brain is black. I would think that would be scary yeah, but he was dead. You think so, but the bet that region of the brain it has to do with motor control like fine control and that's that they think that possibly that's where Parkinson's damage comes from Parkinson's disease located there and the reason is black. His cousin Neuro melanin, which is a pigment, and I was very curious why your brain would eat any kind of pigment whatsoever. It did you get to that yet They don't know they think that basically takes it removes heavy metals from your bloodstream from the area and that they they also think that it has to do with there's a dreamer chrome
have to remember that from fair living, LAS Vegas, yes, so that stuff is real and your brain produces is a by product of those new processes and we would all be totally psychotic apparently from the stuff. If it wasn't for narrow Melanie, they think they thought he getting rid of it. So we depend on that color. Well, that pig minutely right, while not for colouring in this case there some other stuff. Here I couldn't the reason we think gray. Besides people calling gray matters is usually when we see brain its floating in a jar near than it has been turned gray from the formaldehyde stuff, but I couldn't find any kind of picture of like an active brain with all these colours yeah. I guess it's impossible unless it is, you know peel your skull often take a picture real, quick there, I'm sure those exists work. Another picture I don't know I mean yes, they do brain surgery,
nobody ever healthy living brain at Edinburgh super hard, the that's the secret, so very red black white angry, your brain are number two listening to Mozart makes smarter job is one I thought was and I did because baby einstein- if you ve never heard of that- that is apparent. Her love in this stuff, big, big multi million dollar industry of packaging. Classical music and poetry and stuff like that to play not just to your baby and toddler in growing child, but for your fetuses well, even yeah. The Mozart effect is what it's called right. Annex can be smarter, apparently, Its effect is trademarked by a guy named in Campbell yeah, basically fits together, Mozart in cities and books and stuff like that- and the thing is, is this motor
factors? It was first noted in the fifties. I think you buy an ear, nose and throat. Doktor named Albert matters yet, and he said: tomato, you say to me such heats up here. There are the his patients who are struggling with speech in all auditory disorders, showed improvement when they listen to. What are you specifically and then in the nineties. Somebody else apparently conducted a test at the University of California Irvine that showed that people's IQ scores improved after listening a motor and then the Mozart Effective, born. Also based on these studies, I would think that it does make. You smarter says that true Apparently, not necessarily now Israel, myths, yeah that that you see Irvine study in particular, was kind of taken out of context. I get the impression, yeah and arm theirs.
Well, we never said it makes you smarter. We decide that it improve people's ability on the specific temporarily spatial test. Yeah this one specific thing. We then say it makes smarter grass the puppet. Media that did that such things got a little twisted around overtime and since then, They have not been able to duplicate these results from the original text, so it turns out. I won't hurt any right, but listen in classical music is not going to Mickey smarter, but they have found their learning to play music. You can do a lot of stuff. It improves concentration, so content confidence, coordination area, yet any mention people playing Mozart to get the matter effect for their fetuses. Yet Have you ever heard the one that you get a new wrinkle in your brain every time you learn something. If I knew that wasn't true, it's also a bit like an angel get have you thought about it? Totally:
That is not true, but there are some cool little fact towards in here, one of which is that by the time you reach forty weeks old you, the same brain and we'll get larger, of course, but you have all the same little folds and crevices called Jerry and Saucy all folded up together and the reason it's folded up together is because our brain is large and the skull. Is it so it needed to scrunch it? Often there as we evolve, and I think if unfolded all that the brain would be the size of a tennis court. No, no! That's the intestines right, a pillar case right, so pretty big! Yet and that's. Why were so smart, which kind of leads us to add another another myth that humans have the biggest brain, which is not the case which makes sense to me.
Thought the sun's pretty cool. Actually a lot of people walking around think that, because with a smart, we must have the biggest faintlier. But if you, if you think about it now, a whales gonna have a bigger brain than human brain is true, because whales are enormous, yet our brains about three pounds: a whale sperm whales about what's seventy pounds yet, which is a huge, yeah, so wires, firm whales running the planet, the reason why does it really matter the size of the brain is the size of the brain to the rest of the body? That ratio is what matters are those super interesting Nate. These dolphins is an example because dolphins brain is about the same size of the other humans. Brain Norman's super smart grids, but an average dolphin weighs about three hundred fifty pounds. I don't know this is how much the average ways, not three hundred fifty pounds, I would say, depending on whether is male or female, anywhere between a hundred two hundred pounds the average rate somewhere in their sorry
and then they also gone didn't name some other animals, which was just sort of cute to think about a beagles brain is two point: five ounces cute little beagle. And a sparrow has a brain that weighs less than half an hour threat. That's adorable! So again, though, it's the it's the brain size that body size ratio of humans, it's one to fifty most other mammals. It's one, the one eighty year in an inverted one, to two twenty. Typically yet, but we do have humans compared mammals. We have the largest cerebral cortex right, which is really were like. That's them section- is also the newest part of our brain turn the outermost surface and that's where all the higher functions are carried out and that's what really separates. That's why we run the plan. Otherwise we just be ratings. Ah, what about subliminal messages that we learn from those? That is a falsehood.
Sir? I guess? That's the spoiler all these are false, yeah but other myths, the other myths, but back in the nineteen. Fifty there was a giving executive a researcher name, James Victory, who did everyone has heard. You know you go the movies in a flash up back up the Kohen popcorn. I thought that was a myth. I did to buy them. True? They did that nineteen fifty seven theirs in theirs still in this article from the movie, I know that that's all some in overcomes face its is hungry, eat, popcorn. From a frame of the movie, so that's one three, Thousands of a second The victory said you know what sales increased in the theatre by eighteen percent for popcorn, I'm sorry for drinks and by fifty seven percent for popcorn. Thanks to these messages, yeah everybody said: okay, well, we're very interested in,
we psychologically manipulating everybody in the buying our products. They started, putting that stuff in jingles and in movies in TEL Aviv and they found pretty quickly that it actually doesn't have an effect. Yet while they they banned it first of all of them, see, bandit nineteen, seventy four, because they did think it worked at the time. Ok, but then later on. It turns out that James victory, just lied about the results were not true at all. He's like hey, I was the sales go another scientist so yeah, like you, said the FCC Ban, subliminal advertising in general, which is a good move, because if it did work, That'S-
not okay now, but a lot of people still think that it still around and then it actually does work yes, but it is not true and even tested this in Canada. Evidently, on tv they flash the message call now during a broadcast, and I guess nobody calls you maybe didn't give a number nor, like Spirit, I feel like a need to call somebody, but I don't get it. I wondered, though, like if, if they were studying the wrong thing. I call now makes sense right, but what if it has to be much more explicitly hungry, eat popcorn, you can eat popcorn like maybe that would make you grab a bite of popular if it were in your lap. Right, maybe has to be more direct like hungry, go by popcorn at the front and concessions day. Now
you know here, because then your brain would obey that command interests rather than around about command. That's the result of something you have to do telling you to go. Do that thing, maybe roadwork! She leave the door open for this for further testing. I could see it subliminal below the Lyman Linen, which is the threshold of our conscious awareness yeah. It looks like Lyman when by itself that certain spread, but if he said, final than tomorrow, just punch. You said the head, hello step, you should know listeners. Do you want a new year's resolution? That's easy to keep yes resolve to help protect your identity and personal info with lifelike identity theft, protection, lifelong alert, you to potential threats, your identity, and they see more than what you can see by just monitoring your own credit like your info on the door, web and that's a big deal yeah, and if you have a problem, lifelong, U S based restoration, specialist snow, the steps it take to help resolve your case.
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plasticity here, which is a kind of ties in Tibet, idea that you get a new wrinkle when you learn something right? That's not true, but your breath can rewire itself that how you learn and unlearn behaviors through brain plasticity. Yes, I guess there some truth in it neurons once they are damaged. They cannot grow back right, but thanks to plasticity that will make a new neural connections and sometimes surprising ways, which is why if you ve had a stroke and damage for your brain, you can we learn to speak. Perhaps if you ve lost credibility bright by forging these new connections, there's a girl out there who has only one hemisphere, brain, that's it bore no way. I dont remember is borne away or if it was the result of surgery or damage or something but she's got half of a brain. Her brain has just one hemisphere and she has been ocular vision. She can see at both eyes which they had no idea how there was going on
finally went in and looked, I guess, using an mri and they found that her optic nerve that should be connected to the missing hemisphere have basically grew a groan go patching one another part of our brain on the other side and it basically hijack this other private I was using it for a site that is unbelievable. That's the brain! wonder what you lose, though I wonder if it it forges the connection and at the expense of another. You know I'm sand. Yeah like it should be like man, I can see the above eyes, but account time achieved any longer yeah. Maybe it's possible interest, but I mean the brain would would say well. Better, you can see somebody else contagious. Well, that makes me what'd. I wonder if there is a and an order to at all like if the brain knows what's more important. Yes, there is as manufacture, ties into the idea that you only use ten percent at your brain islets here. Well, that's not true. By the way we vote on it today
right and actually, though, has a pretty interesting origin. Doesn't it yeah they're, not quite sure where it came from. It seems like it's always been around them. The notion that young, only ten percent of your brain, but on that It may have come from american psychologist, James and early. Nineteen hundred when he said that every person rarely achieved but a small portion of his or her potential, and that was just forty twisted and at ten percent of your brain is used in people. You know you see people taking advantage of this notion all the time with self help books I tap into the other ninety percent, and it's just bunk, but- and this is where it ties in it is bunk in that all regions, all physical regions of your brain are being used. Yes, but there's a theory that around force of autism explains of autism, which I want to do some day? Yet we need to read the article on it but covered in Hawaii, indifferent area, if it so fascinated totally there there's a
right now that savant ISM is from the resolve, like brain damage. What what? What savant ism the result of the brains, tyranny of the frontal lobe, is what it's called really and basically, the idea is that your phone alone, decide what's important and it bosses around all the other regions of your brain ass. He accede to carry out this very smooth, efficient, streamline process that, basically it decides, is the most important and in doing so it casting aside a lot of other stuff like the ability to make great art, rather the ability to count a bunch of matches that just now on the floor whatever here and that savant ISM is the result of this executive functions, tyranny of the frontal cortex being disrupted here, so that maybe you are just the most efficient shark in the tank re longer and you're, not out there
don't go on going and like trying to compete and beat everybody else, but there's all these other things that are now free to this kind of blossom like artistic, deep, amazing, artistic, interesting abilities. That's that's. The theory point we're just now learning the stuff, but it suggests that maybe we do yeah only use a portion of our ability, he's not physical, like we're using a hundred per cent of the physical parts of our brain, but whatever using a four is at issue here is seen as a year, so their suffering some too that yeah yeah, I know but on the brain light like when I'm studying it for the podcast I'll get sidetracked. Like this morning, I was reading this article had one of those little fights of anti terror. It amazes me that I was looking at these printed shapes on a paper that formed words into sentences that I understood and had meaning- and I just was amazed by the brain disease,
in bed this morning, as like my god, like I'm reading these words that makes sense and am speaking words that have occurred. Form on a paper in my power I wasn't on LSD this morning, but I just have one moments- were dislike totally amaze me that I was even able to read a thousand nuth, so the brain basically made you impressed with itself, yes and while you mentioned our theory, I guess we can say in passing. Apparently, drugs do not create holes in your brain. That is true and there's a lot of back and forth over how much damage due to your brain at all, how repairable that images, and there are studies
one out of it all the time about long term, drug use and the results one of em interestingly found that they think that some long term use of some drugs can cost structures in the brain to grow, and that is why attics may have a hard time taking him. Yeah, because they ve grown a certain part of the brain and gets to your rewards are held on you. Limburg system is strengthened through very interesting new An alcohol does not kill brain cells. It damages the din trades though we ve talked about, and those are the ends of the neurons where the connections are taking place. I guess, For he, too, if it makes you around the talks, I ways to one another: they like the brain cells which told here, but they d, get started on our love. You power here for markets and there's something a neurological disorders called Ronicky Corsica Syndrome, and that is can we
in Lhasa, neurons in the brain. But that's basically what I think of when I think someone is like pickled themselves right with alcohol, but that cannot go on its actually, not the alcohol that killing brain cells. It's random it from a young, a deficiency in timing and then amazing yeah. So you for, if you ever timing the deficiency you can get this war in a key Corsica syndrome and dumb that be vital in here and if you are an alcoholic, typically aren't absorbing year. Your time in, like you, would, if you weren't in alcohol, which is why this issue without calling, but it's not alcohol, killing brains of right and it's much easier for me just to say they pickled them right goods is really sad were laughing, but it is, it is super, said yesterday if you ve never met anyone that was pickled well, yeah news about all of the early attic suffering as a result of their addiction is extremely said. It is Hey. Do you like that?
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So that's all I got how many was at seventeen, eighty six and a half somewhere if you want to learn the fate of the other remaining brain myths from this top ten list typing brain myths in the search bar has the ports that com and it will bring this article up and actually we sort of had issue with one of them we left off was the decapitation they said. I was a myth. I guess I didn't read it kind of, but didn't we say it was Finally, even baby say in their like yeah, that's gonna last for a couple of seconds or whatever like what we said in the right direction, but for some reason they may that seem like, but that's nothing right, but then they said that. Extremely painful waited! I because your conscious afterwards is. It was kind of mixed messages, so I said so yes
gonna call this movie Jane that are passed on people. Transplants all manner of booby emails going in and share one from Jacob farms high just checking Jerry and his Jerry right. I just finished eagle transplant by castles were compelled to write in that he mentioned the nor Virus Giles afflicted with about two weeks ago, did last launched about twenty four hours, but it hit instantly. Like someone flip the switch. I will spare you the details, but it was nearly the worst of it.
Felt the day after was nearly the best. I have ever felt due to the euphoria of still being alive, but for the following week my gut felt like it just was right. My hunch is that it was really messed with internal flora. Innocent come butcher, always the some like fermented. Basically like probiotics drink that some gets its eastern, it's really delicious their Samir diligence computer brings out there in its supposedly promotes colonization in your gun. You drink innocent love, tat. We get it for foods. Have these kinds of Haiti? and they have a specific play. Recalled ginger, that's just it's so good. He follows up to say, and this is my favorite part like I said it until the right up you mentioned the nor vice but obligated empty, brought up the terror of your young selves experience when you had the misfortune of using a ban
have your father's. Whenever the old man book I, when I was a child, my father like to enjoy cigarette while doing his business so. Seventy eight is very seventies. So when I heard the call shortly after I was subjected to the number to smell mixed with the stale cigarette smoke into day. I have trouble separating the latter from the former is. I grew up the need to look cool in this mean to try and take up the habit of smoking, Philip, pull on the toilet numerous times, but my childhood Association has at least help me come to my senses, so never learned smoke because he so she did with his that's good. That's good! Whatever works, yeah thanks for another great bycatch here, take it earns you. I guess well of you smoking out there like, take it to the toilet, see what happens when I take a big with food.
While you're smoking, a cigarette and they'll, probably break you of your habit by mixing discussed with anything, will will break you up habits right, yeah, if you have a habit, breaking tip that habit breaking tip a, we want to hear it because that's a demonstration of brain plasticity. As you know, you can tweet to us at Sysk podcast, you can drink some facebook dot com stuff. You should know you can send us an email to Pakistan discovery dot com and you can join us at our home on the web study should know that for more on this and thousands of other topics herself workshop works brought, you buy, Toyota looks let's go places. How are you feeling today now, how are you feeling about? The world living dynamic
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