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Operation Mincemeat: How A Corpse Fooled the Nazis

2016-02-02 | 🔗

In World War II, a secret department of British 'corkscrew thinkers' hatched a plan to use the cadaver of an unclaimed homeless man to turn the tide of the war in the Allies' favor. It worked.

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Nine years old. I still can't say my own name correctly, because my stupid thick, who you're gonna, be forty crazy used to make fun of me in your old you still older than me, and I can do about that. That's cooler here, aging very well know your aging really well, but you mean the falling out the weight gain and given the great bleared, I still say your aging very. Let's get you take off your hat. I still can't get here boom like that they get had had now beautiful. Ok, you don't think. I'm bald some people, like yours when they had very suspicious people here, like the German for the chilly peppers, Anthony Keith, flee, know the guy from genes addiction nope. I don't know, that's not jumper shanty jets.
The girls like welfare, will welfare is always got that had on backwards and on the bottom right, Brett, Michael's Bob. Every he always wears a direct bs Superbowl. So I get my people are suspicious if you're public figure that has a patented hat peace, then that's probably because your ball, but MIKE it's what a weird way to start the show, especially this operation mincemeat. Yet it is a ghoulish gallows, humor awesomely word to british name for this. This racial. Yet this will live alongside our nazi spies into an Florida, yeah I'd gas and the history girls covered this. This very topic is welcome in there's nothing? I love more than little known history. This is this. Is it but this is great little known history. And the shouldn't be middlemen, because it it was ass after the troll
war may be the largest and most successful military deception plan in history with her, so have you seen a documentary ghost army aberration did. You know they used a bunch of blow up tanks and planes, like inflatable tanks in planes to make it look like there's a whole ally division over here, so that we could invade Normandy worries that sucker loony two scotchmen. But yes, this ranks up there with literally with the Trojan horses the it's their ingenious in that wonderful. But so upset the state, trait, ok So in early nineteen, forty three, the war was very much undecided. Here I could have been anybody's. Like you're, Europe was under the control of Hitler, a huge amount of of Europe if they called it Fortress Europe, because he they Nazis were had just over run. The play I dug in and the the allies knew the thing
Did they get into Europe to topple Hitler else like they weren't gonna win the war, so Churchill suggested attacking Europe's Underbelly, which is maybe it Greece under their rhenea, he called it the underbelly of very flattering, but he call it Europe's underbelly. So everybody, the allies, the Greeks, the Nazis, the japanese people in Hawaii, everybody knew Yeah they weren't american Kwairyo. Everybody knew that the allies weaken it somewhere in their area, yet come up through them. Turanian. Even Hitler feared this. The most right buys key right. In a way I mean everybody knew the allies were coming and they are going to come there, but this this land, masses area of land and sea is large enough that you can't
like other coming down there. We got it cover. Yet will covered all the needed, no kind of specifically where there are covering in. There are just a few places where they could have come. One was Greece, there we're Hitler always suspected yet one was Did you write, and then another was Sicily and in nineteen forty three, I think January. The ally met, infringe Morocco and held. Conference, the Casablanca conference very sexy name. He really was and dumb. They said, ok we're going to invade Sicily. This July, we're gonna call operation husky. Now we have to do everything we can to not let the Nazis know that. That's where we're going in there actually hatched eventually what's called operation mincemeat. Yet you know what the studying the stuff in another big war buff, although I'm getting more so but reading up on this stuff, like the old war,
are so much like the boardgame risk. Yeah that'd, startling yeah is literally when you look at the stuff. It's like moving troops to where you think people are gonna attack. You write and rowing the dice Abed and, if you're right then great, if not yours, very much there, which is why such a huge shift that were seeing now in an uneasy moving the unconventional warfare is that scary stuff, I think pretty much. All war is scary. Yeah workforce amassing normally because the cake, Walker, even Kazoo, whatever is going on. I mean I was saving private Ryan again, the other day hard. It's crazy! Let things almost a snuff film
not as bad as we were soldiers, which is a snuff film by its. I never saw that when the male Gibson we're dude, it's it's the most graphically violent mainstream movie ever made really yes well yeah like there's a part where they're still they have a shot. A camera shot over this guy, shoulder right now, so as helmets and that in the near foreground and they can take the hit for the head and like blood spray, covers the camera waits for the next like little, while, while his brains discover the camera suggesting that you, like saving programme again bears its great movie, but it is like really like vile. It's another thing about giving orders that stuff affects you more and more. The more you come to turn your own mortality, the more valuable life becomes, the more valuable even you're in a movies life become generally the stuff gets to agreed. It's called grown up. My friend, I'm becoming human
growth, our aid Zoah. On September, twenty nine nineteen, thirty nine there was a director of british naval intelligence, name, Admiral John Godfrey, and he tribute something called the trout memo damn it was written by his assistant, lieutenant commander, informing familiar name, yeah creator of James Bond, that's the guy. I think most people know that he served this point, but I'm if you didn't that's a nice little factoid for you, so he he wrote the chop memo and they called it. The truth now memo because they pointed out and ensure that this that the trout, fishermen fish is very patiently, but he changes venue frequently any changes as bait very frequently too, and so they wanted to their charged with deception. They wanted to come up with all these different ideas. All the different bait venue changes that they could come up with you, and this was a tie
We should point out that spying, spying is always vital, but manner were too. It was going on all over the place. China huge huge part of the war Right so, we need to do on the Enigma machine by the way. At some point, we do that. The unsung heroes in this declaration absolutely so, with the trout memo inflaming, wrote, well, CO, authored fifty one different operations, suggestions and number twenty. Was wine called a suggestion, parentheses, not a very nice one. The following suggestion is used in a book by Basil Thomson. I'm so pleased that you said Basil Pay Sophia. In fact, that was in eighteen. Thirty seven hour Novel the mill milliners hat mystery and he was actually of a war war once by a really talking together. He was a spy rider that inflaming the creator. James bond Doug
easy threats were this original. So here I am getting excited. That's right. The following suggestion is used in a book by Basil Thomson, colon a corpse dressed as an airline with dispatches in his pockets could be dropped from the coast, supposedly from a parachute that had failed. I understand there is no difficulty in obtaining corpses at the naval hostile, but of course it would have to be a freshman. So the idea is: let's get a dead person. Let's dress him up like a soldier. Yeah give him some sensitive documents that leak this invasion. Fraudulent, fraudulent yeah, very important that leak. The invasion of Greece Right does not really happening, and they're gonna mount up troops there and will actually go in Sicily. We're going to find this body. They're gonna think they ve stumbled upon this great happy accident and we're gonna forum so
that was the. That was the whole idea. That was the general basis of Churchill love the idea, because apparently he liked what he called corkscrew thinkers right, because he knew Hitler thought in a straight line, yes, and by corkscrew thinkers. I think that would be our equivalent of outside the box exactly to corporate Churchill's like this is great. I loved her. Let's drink scotch and do it looked like a bull dog. While we do tat, so they the that or the idea was right the outline by informing and then the the turtles course grew thinkers. The x x committee, led by you and Marty you and Johnny Year, which is his name, is not spelled. Suddenly now has its well. Are you ready for this year, Charles C H, o o
oh and de l e? Why pronounced Shambley? Yet apparently, when he met people, he would say: listen, Charles Chummily C H, O Alamo, indeed, why he would spell it Would you really are You find a meares every minute. Now he was a very quirky guy and I tell you- and he described Himself- is toothpaste as if it had been squeezed from the two he self described. He would go hunting with a revolver like burden, then a weird guy actually watched a quickie Buzzfeed video on this and they pronounced it girls chinaman delay, but they re really I'm glad we let our research exactly Sarah Busby, so you and Montague right yeah, the other guy he is no worthy in a number of ways. To apparently is the greatest guy ever most interesting man on the planet and actually wrote the book the first book on operation mincemeat because he was one of the people who
up with this and implemented at the man who was never there. The man Never was got right so I'm a movie to yeah same name yet so Montgomery Clift. I believe now staring cliff clay. Web click clavering cliff web, but not Montgomery, cliff this to a virtually interchangeable. Her. So were you in Montague was already notable because at school he and his brother had created the rules for dumb ping pong nowhere near I did not another among things in his brother equally interesting equally ran bunches, went on to become a spy for the Soviets. How? Yes, so he turned yes against England. Yes, while
everybody, except for the Soviets, well Montague Reserve that he was formerly a barrister, an attorney and dumb. This is why he actually did not go serve on a ship and the other guy chummily never flew a plain. One was air force, one as Navy and apparently Montague was, as an attorney was very good. It just seeing all the angles. So they said you, sir or perfect, for this job nice and they wisely, because these guys really pull it off the whole dive into this much more in depth. Right after this. Stop, New year's resolutions are very, very difficult to keep getting
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I truck the rough outline inflaming came up with the ethics committee, I'll buy you a Montague and Charles Chummily here that part in my five, I believe, ok here said we're gonna. Take this particular idea really run with it and, like you said they were going to first thing they did start setting about creating a back story. Yet while they had three months, the clock is ticking. At this point. Yeah, because think they set the invasion right in January and they said the invasion four July. Now you needed enough time to plant this. This corpse this fake, dead courier yeah, that ended nazi hands here. It would give with enough times of the day the Nazis could digested. Analyzed decided, was truthful and then react.
The way you wanted them to reinvent the wheel no later than may, or else this plan was out the window You wanted them. The ultimate goal was to have the Nazis, put their troops in the wrong place, and that takes time right, so they they they looked around and they decided that the best place to carry out operation with Spain and Spain during World WAR, two was allegedly ostensibly neutral, but they had a lot of access sympathies, alot of connections to Nazi Germany. And there was a particular nazi agent, a spy working in a port called well, whoever, whoever right sure and his name was. Eight off class in aid of Klaus was known to be very methodical, yeah, pretty Bertha, brutal and ruthless here. Extremely gullible, yet he was a straight line thinker, my Weiler. He wasn't one that good think outside the box and think maybe this is an elaborate hopes that negative. Even
on a real corkscrew. You know like agent it? Is this guy at the top of the iron bottles yeah they specifically targeted and which is amazing, so they. Wanted this guy, who was fairly gullible boat, also known as like a very respected nazi agent in Spain, too the one who came up with this corpse and could ever try before they ever had any corpse or could ever anything like that Montague and an chummily start setting about creating a back store in with created this guy named Major Martin Ways, William Martin, a threat major William Martin. They created this whole persona, and this was the first they done it debate. Actually they had chops with this kind of stuff here, so they had created a fake spine.
Work that made Nazi. Germany think that they had a whole doubles double agent network in the UK and all of them were fictitious. Not real people that you in a Montague in and Charles Chummily had created. These fake persona is the main ended FED the Nazis misinformation through these people. I didn't really exists, so they took their. Understanding that thinking of what it takes to create a fake persona and they set about creating one for major www. Martin yeah and I'm, if you there's a great BBC documentary on this in the interview a lot of the players, including a lot of the women who worked in my five in the office in they were all just so delighted that they all described. This is like the most exciting adventure they'd ever I'm sure it was like something out of a spy novel and they were living bright, and so they are great.
On creating these characters that these made up people. They wanted to give him a fiance, because the idea is that they find this body with what that not only these documents, in a brief case, the important documents, but to make it believable, he had to have believable what they called pocket. Litter while it litter right, which is, if you find any person on the street, ask him to open their while you can be able tell a lot about them to do stuff to legitimize it, so they sell us, can mafia and all the women in my office wanted to be the fiance no yeah, so they are submitted photographs. They pick this one Jeanne, Leslie Secretary, ok, this lady on the beach- yes, but in a bathing suit on the beach. So this was going to be planted on his body they all wanted to write the love letters back and forth, but they picked a woman named Hester, laggard, the head Secretariat and my five and she wrote out, even though she was a spinster, she wrote all these like
felt love letters there. The first couple dress for really dirty and like a tone, the sound is that what you think happens, relationship. Lady, several really excited in the office? Chum is wearing that what would eventually be uniform of Martin every day to give it that worn in La Gotham, onto you actually ended up having an affair with the secretary who gave him the photo as fiance. Ok, then, a real life affair as Bill and PAM PAM as the made up fiance godly got a little weird the little we like they wrote each other love letters had a real life affair. On each other bill and PAM her. So those unlike strange roleplaying going on he was married at the time his family had been shipped to America, so he was not doing the right thing, their chief news. He was allow some that double
or you know also Roald Dahl. The guy wrote teams the upedes entirely satisfactory. He was a spy for the british. He was in the british military in his whole job was to basically bed the wives of american officials here Washington really did he doesn't oh yeah, oh oh. He made his way through Washington that Irish, while apparently with great zeal or its other cooking up this back story. They other great things for the wallet litter, like theatre tickets, Stubs Anna overdraft letter from his bank in things that make it seem like super realistic right and what else the vague he I think that game, I think, Christopher Mental. Maybe they wanted to strongly imply that he was Roman Catholic and that will come up very become very important in a minute. I, yes very much so they get this Baxter and apparently like this. They were working,
Firstly, on the stuff having the weirdo affair, I wearing the uniform eyes up before it even gotten final approval just because they didn't stop work, and then I pick it up. Feverishly wanted this to keep going, so they finally got final approval. Admiral Godfrey to carry out this thing for real when they got final approval, they said. Okay, we need a body here and they figured no problem. They were looking at four, They needed somebody who, who had relatives that didn't What happened to the body after death and could keep their mouths shut, their they need a body that was Military aid, sure didn't have any. Signs of visible trauma right run over by a bus right or that of scurvy sure, and that the preferable they would have died of pneumonia. The rest, that they wanted him to die of pneumonia because the they were going to
It looks like this guy had been in a plane crash, but it survive the plane crash, but had drowned at sea ring if he had no Mona than is fluids, would be filled with long so that when the Spanish conducted an autopsy fluid the yeah, so that when the Spanish conducted their autopsy, they d like this, the most amazing ever seen everything fluid filled with long the epithet much leeway, but the problem is as they did, their hands on a guy with Pneumonia They didn't even know exactly where to get a person at first it wasn't until late. The guy who ran the more get Saint Pancras Hospital, which is the worst hospital name of all time. They turned him and got him to a system that they finally get their hands on a body. Yet his name was serb.
Sir Bentley Purchase, which is a great name great british name, and it was. He was a corner of the largest mortuary at same Pancras terrible and he had apparently wicked sense of humour. There was pretty complicated to give direction to his office. So what he gave Monti the directions he said, or he could just get run over by bus. Life has the british. During more time where there have been a bladders sense of humour was wonderful, so they got the Bentley purchase and he said: I've gotta, dude, his name is Glenn Door, Michael yeah, there's none that's fell either. Now it is G, I indeed w are Super welsh, yet Welshman born in nineteen o nine. His son of a call minor, his father, killed himself by stabbing himself in the throat I read that he managed in a word or a little man, and it didn't say, like slit. Your though said he stabbed himself in the throat right, which is weird and sad. She does dad died when you
teenager: mother died when he was thirty. Alcoholic had a rough go because a depression and was basically basically killed himself by as the rapporteur, so there is not necessarily resolved wet weather. Idea, so they were there. The Bentley purchase wrote down that he can kill themselves yet rule the suicide ok, but the way that he ate the rat poison. It was on a crust of bread she was hungry, they wondered so he he may have been so destitute that he ate across the bread that he found in an abandoned warehouse in it was smeared with rat poison and that's what he died of while, but they found in this call January night in nineteen. Forty three in this abandoned warehouse in London and he had just eaten some rat poisoned buddies. For two more days yet and so Bentley purchase. Hands, I'm and said I think I found your guy dudes and they did
there were some issues, one of which is they needed a photo of the guy for an idea. He didn't have any photos of every time they took a picture of the dead guy's face error like he looks like a dead really so they scouring see your fingers hold me, so they London Lookin for a look alike and eventually found a guy fellow intelligence officer who looked just like him pass into these his face. Ah, sir, the idea, coming together. Yes, it is I'm sure they were like, while providences really smiling on this year and if you're feeling bad for Glinda or just hang tight. There still think you can feel bad for good. Well sure talk about a rough life yeah yeah she's, Do you remember that one live or Robert Duvall was a super special guessed. It wasn't even hosting or
and now you just showed up on this game show called whose more grizzled no way any talks about like it. It's him in the guard Brooks had an asset, and am he talked about how one one call winners? His wife died, yet the keeper out in the barn until the ground thoughts the barrier out back like yours, is the weird like there wasn't really funny it was more like. While it really is hard, but the hall, game show was whose more grisly Asher anyone, of course, has Robert Duval yeah he's more grizzled, Garth Brooks or Chris get evening even put not Poorgrass. What are you talking about? The time of the Chris gains think he chose to do it he's a wealthy man, yeah I'll feel too bad form. Dubai think there was evidence that he was surrounded by yes men at the time. I am it. There was a weird thing there near he faked. I saw Pat
are they wouldn't even real? Now I mean, even if it was real, is part of his character. The picture mental shoppy, maybe the hair, was definitely colors sharply Are you aware? Where are we here? We ve got a body. We finally got the photograph of em which is that's amazing. I didn't know at part here and there isn't anything we found this autumn a military analysis of yellow conical somebody wrote I was very analysis of this. I don't remember who psychic him a shoutout but will put in our progress be, but they point out that one of the reasons this was so successful. This operation was one. These guys at access commit execs committee, free rein to break the law. Bend, morality do all sorts stuff. They just were able to go, do their thing, but the other thing was that they really kept this a lid on.
Duff and it was all disseminated on a needed no basis. So when they had this guy, they had em. They had the guy Guy Glinda were kept him on ice for three months as they finishes backstory their running up against like go time, and then I think in NAM February or March or April. Maybe I'm not sure the date. Do you know that what happened when they finally carried out operation mincemeat was to say spring because I know they kept them on ice for a few months yeah. So they're up to the point where it says that the cap is about to give away that this guy didn't just recently die here, and that was a big fear that the spanish coroners would be able to tell you
ok, which will come up in a minute, ok and there also getting to the point where their reaching the end of the amount of time that they need to give the Nazis to absorb this misinformation sure so they. Finally, they they get the gas persona place. They have the body and now it's time to actually carry out. There Britain, unlike our saying they kept a lid on all those who need no basis, they got their hands on a sub commander. Who could keep his mouth shut, gave him a metal cylinder with the corpse of Glinda Michael now. Major, William Martin. Yet when he said commander. You mean submarine, yes, not a commander below regular commander, thus avoiding command, they gave cylinder. They said we're gonna tell you what's in here, do not telling you so apparently the people staffing, the sub bomb, This was some sort of whether buoy yeah was marked optical instruments, but
He was only one on board, supposedly that knew there was a body inside yet and they put a life jack. I'm stuck in the cylinder. Put him on the sub and took him over to Spain under us on a submarine Willis backup for one second, because we we forgot to cover the main in our case really import. This was the all of operation mincemeat. It did not hinge on theatre tickets, stubs or bank overdraft letters that merely pocket litter, It hinged on a letter hinting strongly that the invasion was gonna, come up through Greece. Sorry, yeah right, and that was the only thing to it. Wasn't like official document invasion is going to come through Greece. Yes, it was a letter, from one general or admiral to another high ranking guy think General nigh they they composed a bunch of different letters themselves and finally said: why don't you write it here in Europe?
words in your own language in your own handwriting area. So it really was written by this. This sum, ranking: U S, military, official or British Moliere official who, who crew, who wrote this fake ladder any made a joke about sardine, a terrible joke which was the little head right. That was just clever enough to work right and so in a basically says where coming up with that. You know we're going to strike through Greece. That's where the invasion of Europe's gonna be yes, but also going to tell everybody. Cecily, is the cover right right, and this was a stroke junior solely because in this this false letter, Does it show that they're coming through Greece, which they weren't here? But it says that Sicily, the cover which would mean?
the Nazis think that anyone ever did actually elite a real invasion plan of Sicily. Here the Nazis would think that that was misinformation issued. It was so ingenious. That's crazy genes- and I think about here now check we get to the point where to talk about the Enigma machine and the role it played right yeah. Well, basically, we all know that the only Enigma machine was echoed raking machine invented in the UK to decipher. While the Enigma machine wrote the code, I think I would yeah decipher Cote D gotten they decided at Berkeley part, but I think the negro machine was the actual code. Writing encrypting machine. I could be wrong burka well, so we definitely did you up. I guess
where mixed up already forget it straight, but at any rate the long and short of it as Beckley Park the Beckley Park, I always say blood, Chile, as it was aunt Ellen there. I draw the whole ugly word out. They basically had they did. It was like reading the it's his email, essentially like on a daily basis, an hourly by hourly basis. They knew exactly what was going on, so they would know if they were buying. This whole thing as it happens in real time, but even before, They were able to craft this. This misinformation based on the Nazis aside, so everybody wants to hear that there are assumptions that their beliefs are correct, yet people are more apt to by that things that confirm their suspicions of their beliefs already right. Yet Hitler was worried about Sicily. Here he was so he he already thought that Greece is gonna, be where we invaded yet, and then Secondly, he was he. We knew that
He had heard rumours that Mussolini was gonna, be toppled soon, so he was reticent to commit troops to ITALY, Cecily right. So this This revelation that came in the form of this letter is fault false letter, yet completely support did, everything that Hitler and the third Reich believed as far as this european invasion was gonna, go and were able to do that thanks to the smarties ITALY part great yeah in this letter to its is another wilted, better a single eyelash in the folds of the letter, said they would know when they eventually got this letter back if there was no eyelash, they would know that the Nazi said in fact opened it and idea was they would open it re seal it and act like we never saw it right, but with that I wash- and they know not so rudimentary, but it worked area so as to take another break us. Take a break and get excited.
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it's ok to check we're at sea aboard a submarine attract Ali down here and back. It is and you're not supposed to be smoking cigars. No, you not! Despite Jean Hackmen doing it and crimson died, how bad idea so we're off the coast of Spain wrath the coastal, whoever not only see words to say, but it's important, Spain and again. This is where not the Eight off clouds, the other kind of one for the body right up to the skies backyard. Basically, so they did, he was released from this canister. I read somewhere else that the canister itself fired on with suddenly sub machine guns on some secret, his car machine guns they're here and was sunk and
he drifted off toward already LE. I thought they just dump the body yeah, I'm not sure. If I found a book on Google books like frontiers and seven and it was a history book catches and it made it sound like the sun, the people working sub all knew what was going on, but it's a start, a stark contrast, everything else who so they may or may not have sent the weatherbury who knows but either way major Martin was released into the current that took him right to whoever any went. I think he was found by fishermen that same day, yeah, and at this point the the Brits started, sending telegrams about a very important missing person, frantic yeah like they wanted this to get in That obviously- and I worked as well- dissolve really going exactly as aid plant, so they said the british counts. In Spain, in Hawaii Villa or instead
to whoever and said you need. This is really import need to get your hands on the briefcase fine. Oh, I happened to this guy. Get your hands on his briefcase. Yeah and Klaus is going briefcase right Monetary policy and the British Council in Spain didn't even know what's going on here. They thought like this: they were, they saw every in the same aspect, the reality that the Nazis needed no basis exactly so the british are trying to get this brief case kind of frantically and the spaniard we're like you know what we are just going to keep this unlocked down four hours. We investigate the whole thing, but we gotta covered we're neutral. So your brief cases, safe and the British Council did well ok, one thing is very This guy was Roman Catholic. You can check out the Marilyn his pocket there, so please don't dissect them again
roman catholic Beliefs, the additions to dissect your autopsy body. I hadn't heard before by early in the forties that was the case in Spain, was weighed down with that. Super Roman Catholic, and they said. Oh, yes, of course, we won't do that. So apparently that's how they got around the fact that Glinda hadn't died of pneumonia yeah and the other way to get around it was they had a plant in the office who talked to the coroner's was like guys it's hot and this body is gonna, start writing real sooner so help do you really want to make this. They said you're right. Let's go have some mug, some wine summah when they go over there and why now to the authority, Sangree, a yellow, gossips angrier and knock off early and exactly what have they got to the point. So. This is going on that that there was a small wrinkle at this point. The briefcase went to Madrid Spain wasn't gonna handed over to anyone, but the Brits were
get it in the hands of the Nazis in there actually having trouble into the hands of the Nazis. So a guy named Carlo coolant. All he was Hitler's most trusted guy in Spain. He got wind of it in Canada. Over four Klaus was like I'm gonna get this briefcase and he did nine days later after the body washed ashore The letter ended up in the hands of the German, the German. You not worked his way up the chain yet to hail. So. He went to girls first and girls, even in his diary. They found later had suspicions about it. Oh yeah guess he was a corkscrew thinker. And he was like wait a minute. This is pretty convenient. This is really fishy here, but he appeared never anything to Hitler. He got struck that he wrote about his diary kitten that did it. The documentary said his thinking was well. If Hitler believes it than that's good enough. For me, it seems like bad idea yeah and
Homeboy Carlo coolant. All there was always a speculation on why he just ran with it and didn't ask more questions. I was his job and it turns out his grandmother was jewish and he was very paranoid about this being found out. So he thought this is it of come upon the greatest find war and it's all mine, so yeah. No, I ll ask any questions about me. After this huh while they worked out really really, while the Americans and thankfully Enigma machine with a new, the Brits new, pretty quickly that this was working and I Montague and dumb Chummily risk sent an emerald God for your transmission. That said, operation mincemeat swallowed raw,
line and thicker yeah that wouldn't, when the m is so cool in these all the like, apparently you're nuts, with the elderly anymore. By the way we got an email, I neither for seniors leads to call them older adults seniors I I didn't know that was a thing you're, older adults, so their energy and these older adults is british Ladys it or in their eighties now, and they were just also still excited. They said when they cause. You know with big machine, there are basically reading there emails and there like there, they, they were buying their buying and everyone was just like flipped. When that came through the office. It was dislike party time, basically so the the She meant me really really worked really well so much so that parents, early killer, moved a Panzer division Torres about ninety thousand troops from Cecily to Greece and and
the artillery in armaments and everything that the soldiers so long, Cecily we're going to Greece and then up came the allies through Sicily, hundreds two thousand allied troops- Storm Sicily, seven thousand lives were lost, which is still a lot of people who died. But thirdly, as far as military historians are concerned, I think the military, the time there was a way fewer. I've lost than they expected yeah had they had pillar, not swallowed operation, mincemeat yeah. They expected ten thousand casualties in the first three days and three hundred boats sunk in the first two days and ended up being fourteen hundred in the first week soldiers and about a dozen in the first week. That's not bad yeah, not only that, but it had another effect, big one, the soviets
so this is not something that they teach in american history classes. In. U S high schools that much the the operation husky. Who was it was that penetration of Europe's underbelly right, yeah and suddenly hit said I'm about the storm Russia but I really need these troops down here in Europe? Is I got big problem yet a man allowed basically Russia to topple the Nazi regime and Mussolini get toppled by the Brits yeah. It bit completely changed the face of the war yeah. This one idea cooked up by informing and part not crazy. Pretty awesome yet other stuff, there's a book called operation mincemeat by Name Brett Macintyre became onto those intended
very good well cited book that we inadvertently cited here there and then there's the man who never was which was written by you and Montague, which is not just about operation mincemeat, but also about basically how to carry out deception plan I remember earlier when I said, don't feel too bad for fur Glinda, Michael even these said well. The dew died possibly of suicide because he was penniless in going nowhere. Sorry about about that, but fifty years after he was buried in ninety ninety seven, the british government added they basically buried him with military honours. Its Spanish did others yeah he's bearded, Spain, but the British it came from the Brits. I think to do so. His headstone,
came from the Brits, but the Spanish buried him with, like the twenty one gun, salute everything. Yes, Splendour Michael served as major William Martin R M Royal Marine critical. Yet so this alcoholic dry her who never served in the military ever served and military varied with full military honour. Here lately changed the face of the war thanks to being a body that fit the the fit the bill and if you like, ghoulish, This is a very famous photo of him being propped up in his life jacket and uniform. As there were basically loading amended. The cylinder that you can see by searching I'm sure major Charles Martin attract Charles Martineau, William Martin, weighing on something like that. I still want to know what's going on with that, the weird roleplaying there would do that. I believed him. Yeah Kazanovitch the lady and she was just like. Oh, it was all very exciting
as a great british lady exit older person. Yet the older adults adult here all If you want you get If you, I know more about operate, permits me to state that word into your favorite search engine or go check out the stuff you miss in history class episode. They said something missing the listener. Men call this bread crust that discussion about the crust, in cases where this is for my dad you're joking Josh, your discussion of the influx of bread in the body, language absurd brought ridiculous grindin my faces. I walked round my neighborhood dont worry, though my neighbours have brought me to the eccentric for years now. Look at that guy
piling what a weirdo we must be a pink. Oh, when our daughters were still tiny, my life, and I realize we were doomed to eighteen years of eating breadcrumbs pieces ourselves. If we didn't figure something out in quickly our solution, we started calling those pieces the lucky the boy did we run our innocent trust in toddlers turns out. Your supposition is correct shock at least for children under eleven years old, even if their honour students is mine, where they will fight you for the right to eat. That savory also desirable piece of luck. My Sophia younger adults rock on guys and please keep my goofy grins come in.
From TED C, o n e with a little. We know that one aim coin I going to do now and French lay due legal battle again accept lagoons. Here, thanks to the sky, you goin, yet things quite clear here thinks lighted TED contacted us on Twitter. We wanted to send us the females, a figure tat, while, if you want to get in touch it ass, you can try all the ways like TAT. Did you can contact the Sun Twitter asked? Why escape? I guess you can send an email to stuff. I guess the house supports that camp. You can join us on Facebook that count studies, you know, and you can hang out at our luxurious home on the website that you should know. Doc
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