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Please Listen to How Plasma Waste Converters Work

2015-10-20 | 🔗

There is a way to not only sustainably get rid our household waste, but also produce enough energy from it to power the process and even create electricity for the grid. The future is here!

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Here's the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball, because there's always that Guy joint, your game, ever passes the rock he constantly Rex theories and who completely happy when put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico, it's easy to switch save on car insurance. No need Fagin, ankle sprain, because you're absolutely exhausted, so which in save with Geiger it's almost better than sports welcome to stop. You should know from house, for Stockholm will conclude fog gets done, Josh Quarters Trouser view, Chuck bright, just producer knows here knows moved in, so that that causes and the boy,
he works constantly. You know at my superhero nickname was as a child I'll. Tell you Asthma. Boy, no wasn't getting! Why we're? Can my plasma plans boy like radioactive man and plasma boy, but it wasn't. Plasma boy was or was it flows on psychics radioactive man, psychic ouses, farthest now I want to know do well. The answer is: follow boy, that's a band, I know, but I wonder if it's based on that, maybe I will find out what we well, what up and then we'll find out with a million emails. So plasma boy how I wish you must have an affinity for this episode.
That's great took you know when lightning strikes the earth we did a pretty awesome podcast enlightening to remember. We talk about how it literally ripped the sky open here. They ripped the atmosphere open in his
travelling down through this ripped open atmosphere. The air on either side of this stuff is superheated to about twenty thousand degrees. It's more than three times the surface temperature of the Sun Celsius. I should say Celsius Name fair at about twelve grand Celsius, roughly its super arms, I Fahrenheit does a baronet, talker unfair night here. Look at any rate. Twenty thousand degrees is lightning, and this that, when the air superheated it takes on what's commonly called the fourth state of matter. Plasma right, so you ve got solid, boring liquid. The gas awesome. Ok, but plasma is super awesome gas near its it. It's a bit like a guy
ass, an usually starts out, is a gas, but it holds in electro magnetic field. Her creates and electromagnetic fields and holds an electrical charge has free roaming. Electrons is running through it. Do not hurt the crazy stuff here. It is basically breaks gas into like this. This crazy, weird different type of fluid and that's plasma in its awesome. I as gas. Yes, pretty good stuff super high terms like your saying and because it's a super high temp, what it can do is you can break down You can call something solid to undergo. It's called molecular dissociation, which means it's not disburden, somethin, not melting, something right, its act
Lee exposing. It does so much heat that the molecular bonds break apart and it becomes a pile of its components here and it breaks down to from its compound of molecules to its atomic components. You're pretty amazing. It is very amazing- and it's like you said it's not it's not a burning like this process of using a plasma torch to break something down to decompose. It is actually what it's doing, doesnt even need to use oxygen nope. So the way there now that it's a process called paralyzes, which is intent, Tansy that creates decomposition in some sort of matter, especially organic matter. Here and
as a result. You get these by products it if its a in in organic piece of material say like some corn stocks later using is bio mass feedstock, it will become something called Cindy. Yeah that it gets right and then, if it something like arm, I au pair roller skates here will save first of all well lies within our data is not very good any longer so
Whether this was at one point organic. I guess it would still be considered an organic material that turns into gas, yet the metal in the states that will turn into something called flag there right liquor undergoes a process of vitrification. The yeah it does vitrification is where this the stuff become. So the bonds break between it so thoroughly here that it becomes basically a form of glass yeah like volcanic glass, almost as least what it looks like you're like obsidian. So all the sounds great we're gonna beating around the Bush about what a plasma torch can do.
And here's the big, the big bomb plasma torches can burn garbage and waste yes, and not only that they can burn it without combustion, which means there's not a bunch of smoke and they can actually harvest the energy in that garbage yeah in incredible ways here, cause it turns out garbage. Is full of potential energy. You can really said energy when you burn, like just regular incineration sure, but you only maybe net, about fifteen percent of the energy that locked into this big pile of garbage like a landfill right. What a waste with using a plasma torch to create Paralyzer gasification. You can now at the eighty percent of their energy.
It's locked in their potential. It's crazy into garbage, so we're talking about is a potential future where we are using plasma torches to create energy, to sell back to the grid, to create steam to turn those turbines like we're. Always I still do not doubt that that's how you energy these days, I'm sorry, electricity, sure and then sell off the byproducts as well make more money. Yes, it's it's like. I cannot be more excited about this and medical waste chemical waste throat in there. In fact, you know it thought anything you got in there. Daddy, except for alike radioactive material. You gonna, get a swine flu outbreak. Take this pig carcasses the term into earlier gasification chamber there is no swine flu left. It is totally gone or about this I'll bring it to your form. I have a small one set up.
Swine flu outbreak outcome to your farm and Albert all those nasty pigs right. You got some toxic waste, oh well, we'll just burden that here in a gasification chamber in will break it down to its inner. On its its second her anybody know more though Lamb. I guess we keep saying burn. Well, it's really tough, not yes, you're right! Since the torch torch air, nice. I so, let's talk, Strickland wrote this Jonathan Stricklin attack stuff and he did a great job as our and he seemed to Be- is excited about it as we are yet when he was writing it right, because how can you not be? let's talk about some of the parts of these things, the first thing they he points. That we should point out is that end plasma conversion gasification facility is gonna be unique into its own needs. There are accustomed,
at this point there is no standardized unit. There are some companies that are starting to like White House had some that you can just like what amounts to off the shelf the back your gas, if I pretty might that be Yes, I think I like three different models over them. Surely will custom build you whatever you want, then you probably right. At any rate when he wrote this, they weren't super standardized and that's good that we're going towards that. But So are we gonna talk about it? You know sort, it depends on the system, but you probably gonna have a conveyor belt is going to move the garbage converter gonna play that advance bunny powerhouse on men. Sometimes they will create a treat the stuff like, although you could, if you had a big enough machine, you could throw entire car and lets, say, but sometimes more efficient to break that car down sure and have a pilot tyres in a pile of scrap, break it down to its components, is to make it more fish
This is going to use a lot less energy to break it down into smaller parts and then fitted into the the plasma torch incinerator. Then it well to just torture with the torch because these things use a lot of energy yeah a lot of energy. They probably save that for when the investors coma right there like. Why do you now? You see now either
you have your furnace, of course, and stricken says this is where the magic happens, because you dont need oxygen, is air, lock and air tight junk goes in, but the heat desert escape into the atmosphere for the gases were the byproducts which again, that is really saying something about the material science that's gone into this, because these things are burning at like are heated to six thousand degrees. Fahrenheit sunk in cell itself is not like the temperature of the sign here in this little Guinness Canister right here. It's amazing I'm suppressing plasma weapons. The old. I think it's really great, that they don't. I looked into it it it's like the realm of video games, of course, like plasma guns, and so, if you have a furnace which you well you're gonna have the plasma churches in the lower. Like half of the furnace, let's say:
in their also can have some drainage for that flag in some evincing for the gas, and it's going to be water cooled yet one of the things I came across to me in this researching this is these things frequently have like really elegant designs. Right to, like you, have a drain for the slag, which again is the molten metal that broken Nanda, like its constituent, parts, its inorganic material and, depending on how you treaty, alternative glass or sander nodules asphalt, yeah, and then you have the the gas going up but you also you and your draining off the slag but You'Re- also keeping summit, because it forms basically a coke bed yeah that keeps the furnace heart, which means you have to use less
gee near to endure in your plasma torch cycle, having your little lava beds right, just sort of sitting there exactly things up to a pretty cool, but eventually you're gonna probably want to get some of the slight out there, because you gonna do cool things that which will talk about later, the plasma towards his themselves were amazing little instrument it basically a it's a lightning creator there like they use an electric arc. They push usually just plain old air through wet year, so that this electric charge heats the heir to the six thousand degrees turns it into plasma, and then that's what's directed into the furnace hit is very crazy about that. That's what they're doing a little water cool torch that that gets super hot, also doesn't use any kind of oxygen for combustion and also these things You want to turn me on with electrical stuff is shown
a system that powers itself right that I just love that, more than anything, and these facilities I mean they ve got they ve got access energy despair right afterward. Not only can they found themselves in a lot of cases, they have their sullen back to the grid. Right So once you ve got this initial input where you get this thing going online and you heed that plasma torture for the first time These are feeding feedstock into which, in this case, is garbage plain old municipal, solid waste from landfill back to the future right right, when you start feeling that it starts to produce energy here and the way that it does, that that gas that escapes single, let's talk about seeing ass, do you think it s a beautiful amazing, elegant thing? It has its combustible, yet untreated form you could use it to burn like natural gas. Other has about half the energy density of natural gas, but if your burning-
garbage, it's just basically free natural gas, yet a byproduct. You can also treated in scrub it and just released into the atmosphere, is in a gas yeah, no problems with that water, water scrubbed right now, but when the singing ass exits, the the furnace its wants to expand. If you're very clever engineer, you poets, call the gas turbine right there, a guess turbine is spine by expanding gas. Will you got plenty of that stuff right? So you ve got the singer s going through the gas turbines, spinning that so it's generating electricity cells are very hot. So what's it goes through that gas turbines it can be caught by what's call a heat, recovery, steam generator and that's just got some water going through any is hot. This hot heat gas to turn the water in the steam. That, in turn turns another turbine generating more electricity, then at the end before
entreated. You have all the sing ass. They could be used to fuel a combustion engine degenerate the more electricity or from burning garbage right. We have to take a break because I have the peel Josh off the ceiling, because you're so excited about single idea. I will be back in a SEC. Here's. The thing Saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball, because there's always that guy Joint your game, ever passes the rock he constantly. Rex theories and who completely happy with put his hands up and say no foul, no foul, with Geico it's easy to switch. Save on car insurance, no need Fagin Ankle sprain, because you're absolutely exhausted, so
which, in save with Geiger it's almost better than sport. No I feel about it. He okay so excited, but this may well be ocean oh yeah you like that, went to high school our sweeteners in gas. You need describe it water, they passes through a spray of water, actually cleaning gas, which is pretty interesting as a concept and then there are measure of filters afterwards it remove acids and things like that which do form weird byproducts like assaults and ass. All it's pretty if you run it through a base cover, it turns into salt, but there again in her, like a guy, pick up a handful and eat it.
Happens, probably nothing, then, if use and after burner. Sometimes I use a secondary burner, which is actual just natural gas flames. I guess to finish the job yet burned off, like any particular the gas like if the if the the the process didn't it is a thing gases like pure right this, this basically birds of particulate matter or you can it too, and if you're doing all this you're, probably just going to release it rather than try to traffic in use it for combustion right feel discovered, but you do need describe it, especially for releasing the atmosphere, because it does contain some pretty nasty stuff Cadmium, mercury, lotta, heavy metals because remember what what this process does? The plasma torch in the gasification process breaks these things down into because their constituent
The molecules there and heavy metals in and some other things are not really good force, even in their most basic form. The most parts can take something that chemically speaking was once a threat but has been broken down. New separate innocuous, inner components, bright something's, even when their at their most basic level, are still dangerous to us, like cadmium, like market Like other heavy metals, these things do have to be taken out of the flag and or the scene. Gas and disposed of the thing is, is if you put a thousand tonnes a municipal, solid waste into one of these furnaces you're only going to get about twenty tonnes of that stuff right, so it
We will still need landfills or something like that, but it will just be for these very dangerous. Chemicals are very dangerous, like heavy metals or something like that, but you still got great stuff out of the other nine hundred and eighty times yet exactly so that the byproducts we, what about the sing ass, the flag and the heat or all use are not always used, depends what you're trying to do with your plan, but they can potentially album and this, I think you already said you're getting eighty percent, so that means the weight of your resulting flag is only twenty percent of what you started with. So you took that Buick and it now ways twenty percent. What it formally wait right. You could pick it up. If you I mean, maybe so probably should wait for it for the first and the volume is only about five percent of the original waste volume. Like you said it looks like volcanic glass and they can use it in ass, follows
concrete begin, pour it directly into molds and make neighbor stone and it's all of a sudden. It sir it. So it's something you advised at your big bucks. Hardware store, feared, yeah, but it's pretty amazing another potential creation that you can use. Slag forests to train the Iraq war, a man I love this stuff. Right, like solely as a small flag, is coming out a few exposure to compressed air blast. It turns into this threat very light, but also very strong war. They have material gray, cotton candy is how have Stricklin puts it yeah and there's little uses for it like you can use in how your politics, it is a growing medium you can also use it. Is insulation patently has twice the insulating properties of fibre last year, amazing,
It is, and you can also use the clean up. Oil spills says yeah. This is the one that really gets me go in its lighter than water, seeking to throw it on water and it'll sit there and its super absorbent. So little basically. The weather probably do contain it in something like a tube or something, and then to throw that too? and a big circle around an oil spill before on water spoke of the oil. We just go back his group, the Rockwell step up here. I had a friend that used to work in any d, looked up at him up actually Senate nowhere, it went, but they were using banana fibres to do the same thing to clean up oil spills did we do and on oil spills and like your friend, you email, them or something like that about. It now feel like we do things like the disappearance, but here's a cool thing about the year, the rock war they
currently use. It is not just something that you can only get as a by product of credit. The same gas right, it is produced by mining, rocks you melted down, and then spirits were like candy, like you, said here in a big machine and here's the thing about the gasification, though the way they make rock will now about since I'm about a dollar a pound, whereas a byproduct it could be sold for since about push you don't have all the the disturbances in the the mining rocks Darien Iraq? Will it's a by product of garbage that your burning? That's great? It's amazing. Like a win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win Lag is not legible. That's another cool thing that I found here, though, Strickland specifically said you can't do this with radioactive material. I have seen that you can really yeah and why what you can do is it'll turn it into
This lags obsidian glass and while it still radioactive, it's not anywhere, it's not going to leave out into the soil, and it shall. It should be stable like this for thousands of years, conceivably El the radio activity is not harmful to humans any longer to be a really great, You just turn it into these radioactive, paving stones that where, might even glow. At night you have a nice little path and your backyard nobler, there's actually glass like there. I can remember what its technical term is, but in the mid twentieth century there is a big trend for radio. They called it vaseline glass because it glowed about a color vaseline, which is weird, but you can find cut glass like ashtrays sculptures that glow. Reason they glow, because the radioactive I think I know you're talking about really neat looking, but it's also like honour that should be in my home, like your answer,
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Citizens about one Taiwan or in Japan and Canada, one in England when here in the USA, where is the one in the? U S, think very beach border. One in India, one in China and get this one there's one on an aircraft carrier- needs that the? U S is using the idea is It is little small unit that basically just treats the on board waste. So they envision a future where, like cruise ships, have these things and don't bother garbage ocean, others exactly you treat other ways and I guess they could even sell by products if they wanted to hear article there's one is supposedly going you I know you saw it was mothball right, but there's one that's himself that plane
they have like all the I guess, the licences and their certifications that they need to build one important Lucy Florida and its personally. It started out as it was going to take on a thousand tonnes of garbage today and put out Third, it was gonna, generate sixty seven megawatt hours a day and sell thirty three of that. So we would completely power its own operation, and still have thirty three megawatt hours to put out the cell back to the grid is just more money that the things making right, yeah I'm. What I saw is that and I think it was like two thousand fourteen ill. It said that it was going to be about sixty percent of that. So we taken about six hundred tonnes of garbage and generate total output of twenty two megawatts, but yeah, I don't know if it's coming or not, but either way the thing they got me about.
So it Chuck was that they plan to not just accept landfill waste book to go out and mine, existing landfills and use those things is feedstock and in fact- there was one in which she nigh Japan that closed down because they ran out of feedstock. They burn through all the garbage. While there that's pretty great, when you're out of garbage exactly they go? Get more guy like us? Will stop earlier this year. I think the world's largest plant is this. It was near completion, so may be done at this point, but a company called air products began processing, three hundred and fifty thousand times this facility, while creating power, while wait. Thirty and fifty thousand times. Yes, the power for fifty thousand homes, and fifty full time jobs, which is not that many not for that matter
but now, which is highly on abated, I would get here which is sort of getting away, but I guess you'd want more jobs created here. Sir sort of a balancing act gets and it cost half a billion five hundred million dollars one of the year this one stumbling blocks along the way, Strickland points out that any time you have a new technology can be super expensive to get going And everyone's de again on the landfill and how we're doing things now, so it's gonna take a lot. Get cheaper over time. Like everything else, that's a new new way of doing things ass if the went over the establishment with with hours. You have to show them why it'll be better for them financially, well, yeah. Also, if, if say In his palace is kind of like well, when I connect close down the lane, fell. But if you guys are open one go ahead, Well then, you have a plasma waste treatment,
Letty and landfill in direct competition, and if you are their customer, meaning you asked him garbage that you want to take you don't care where you're garbage is growing problem. You wanna go to. Whoever has the cheaper fees for accepting that garbage here, because a landfill is a kind of an expensive proposition to shipping. Is there going to be high? It's basically the only way they can make money by recharging people. The depositor garbage with plasma waste treatment facility they're making money all over the place there. Slag as paper stuff. There selling rock wool cleanup oils, was there selling electricity back to the grid yeah, so making money all these other ways that can pay for the operation and generate a profit, so they can keep their tipping fees low. So if you want a landfill and somebody opens plasma, waste stream of stability in the same city yeah you baby in a bit of trouble. Business Weiss yeah, keep today
Philo Anna and not just people like municipalities will begin using your services, ultimately, because I think the one. Is lacking still as their environmental will bright. Definitely a lot further along than we were, went. Stricklin wrote this article sure, but I think that that that's one thing that makes it so attractive is we're gonna burn your our in really really green, sustainable ways create energy from it and we're getting get your old garbage empearled that to make even more electricity and the plants gonna power itself with your garbutt yeah, it's it's a win, win win win win win, win, win, win, Stricklin interviewed he's from Georgia, TAT Great, a doctor, Cicero. Yes, I'm sorry, sir. She socio, I thought it was the sorority yeah it's mine trick are before us.
So Doktor Socio said he envisions a future where you don't just have like the big municipality plant like that be great. Now, maybe you could bring plasma torch to a landfill and just bore a hole through it and stick that plasma torture cap. It off and start burning that junk from the inside out yeah both feel equal wool whoa there could be a call seemed near by one
That's what I thought. What about like? What centrally Pennsylvania right then try your Pennsylvania caught fire! It there's a combustion fire going on. If any course seem was exposed to this year, he would it would just be decomposed into carbon into its considered to widen catch fire. That's nothing to do with this. Yet again, so it's actually extremely safe in the landfill itself would act as the furnace. That's amazing, isn't it. I think it's really tough to think of really intense heat without thinking fire right, but that is not where the scope of the air or doctors. Sir Sarah Socio Rizzio says that it took the seller, says hey. Why not work together here and bring plasma converter
to another existing traditional facility where they can work hand in hand like a coal fired power plants. I wanna. So what this would do is you reduce basically stick plasma facility onto it into the existing infrastructure and its except garbage in there and burn their everything, and then the thing gas that created would be used to help fire, The coal fired plants- that's right, any, would be used for combustion idea and you would be using less collar less fossil fuels. To do the same thing to create steamed spin. The turbine can ultimately that's what it all comes down to is electricity. So if you ever a green way to supplement this up. All your doing is using less fossil fuel to write. It also way cheaper, then you're not having to treat the sin gas, which apparently is half the cost of plasma treatment. Failure, because these guys have to the escaping smoking, everything anyway, so
you're doing is adding actually a cleaner, a cleaner fuels into the fire. He s going to ultimately be clean down the line, amazing, and then we talked about so to have joking, but they're serious about decontamination. You know if you have an outbreak on your farm, and you have a bunch of you know sad, but you have a bunch of sick disease dead livestock bring out the the p thousand, throw those cows in there Bang Bang boom yeah, maybe grandma first to me, and you can do that. Soil is well content. Needed soil got any cholera outbreak in spanish field, not anymore you but dirty humans, not anymore, in their medical ways to Bio hazard nope. You got inert stuff, a puppy cruise ship
the peat revolving in their once I'm kidding about dirty humans. By the way. Why planning need say that things look again, I hope not buddy, so there is plasma waste treatment hopefully the wave of future. Yet we should title this something a little sexier, so people aren't again. There is life Alison, and that gives it sure yeah is then like and people that are super into like green technologies. Appropriate global known about this weird sides thing how plasma waste treatment. Please listen signed Josh and Chuck, I get the little clumsy work on it. If you want to know more about plasma treatment facility or any of that stuff you can take. Those words in the search bar has therefore that can't it's it's Chuck said sexy Besides the listener mail, I got it.
You guys got Africa right. Thank you guys this new podcast about female puberty and was very impressed with the thoughtfulness and sensitivity and what you explain. Things give advice by the way we heard from a lot of people in there, and thank you lot of young women, migrant women, men and dad and now in middle. I it was really good to get that one right. I think the one thing that we didn't quite get right Someone has pointed out of more than a few times is: boy crazy line. We should have gone out of our way to say, like you know, you might also be girl crazy or you might not have sexual feelings and thoughts. I wish we had fallen back I know that you know I'm giving us a brake on that, because we we people, know how you feel about that stuff. We just didn't pointed out a strong candidate, but let's I mean that's how things change
proved, though you no longer say that now young ladys out they're gone through puberty might like other girls, you might like boys and girls and all that's ok to yes, thanks Subject to this wireless knew about two hundred or more european gas. For many, a long way to go. Buddy and I'm always honeycomb, almost three line that only five hundred after that. I am always happy to hear you guys your best to be specific when you make references to events in countries or geographic regions. What I mean by this you dont, generalised, like a lot of people, do and say crap, like in F, they blah blah blah or in Europe its normal to blah blah blah when he got to the party relate to show. We talk about female puberty rights was away here you are being careful not to say in Ghana, there's a village where that at that The reason for my reaction is that have lived in the? U S for twenty years, but am from Ghana there at least twenty distinct ethnic groups.
Which isn't gonna alone, and I know for a fact that the ritual It is not done in all of them, in fact I've heard of it, but I don't think it happens anymore about it. The official language in Ghana is English, so we are able to communicate with each other. Nothing irritates us Africans more than the here someone started sentence with in Africa. I bet continent that huge, there's no one says well in North America now It is like in the: U S. Letter is a confederation of Like Sociedad States in Africa, like you, we are putting the whole continent and, in its dolly's, different countries have different cultures, tomato thanks, guys for being so far from professional Eric from Seattle by we're gonna get thanks a lot air procedure
begin to choose whether to give us pick. Ups or Pooh Pooh was or submit some sort of neutral statement. That fact based not we get us a lot yet you can treat to us it s. Why escape? I guess you can join, assign Facebook that complex that we should now you can send an email to stir. I guess that house therefore stuck up and is always going to suit our home on the web stuff. You should know Doc Furthermore, on thousands of other tablet is, it has worked.
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