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Remembering Live Aid

2019-05-07 | 🔗

Live Aid was a revolutionary concert event in two countries in 1985 that spanned the world via satellite. The brainchild of musician Bob Geldof, it really did help change the world in many ways, but its direct impact on Ethiopian famine relief remains in question. Listen and learn today! 

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as Jerry does once every three hundred episodes she realizes what recording on and has an actual comment about it. Is about live aid, and she I was in London when Librate happened and Josh said. Did you go Jerry said now? I didn't know what's happening, because we forget in nineteen eighty five. There was an internet blast like now by them the big deal but little Jerry. While the old Jerry in London to know what's going on now to get any you, have to go down in a corner and look at the telephone policy with some a staple their arrogance to hear the town crier on his soap box in the Park Hyde Park So it was very anticlimactic story because it lead to nothing but like anywhere else, the noise of twelve. I had no control You see over my probably true but
Mary. Had you been just three years older, you might have been pulled upon stage with bono to dance to Hence the dancing in the dark net was briskly. The coroner caught. You did not play lighted. You knows corny, cocksure, right sure it was not real. It was set up, an actor, I suppose is coincidence. But yeah one of the most famous moments of live aid was when bono and we'll get there, but I want you to get today. Man, I got a little teary did you the great moment. All eyes are below five stop. Now. That's it! Everyone in the band was doing her share is like edge, you can add, still had hair. Fraid started wellbeing he's all the time and they there were playing the game. Some bad and they did like a seventeen minute version of their like twenty two minutes set because bond, I wanted to dance with a girl and he finally jumped down on
to the floor of Wembley Stadium got this young fifteen year old girl danced with her for, like fifteen seconds, took another five minutes. Give back to the stage is how long it takes the idea back upon stage? Look a panic. Certain crossing a series of going on edge is up there and Adam Clayton. Has his big white, Afro and Larry moment still looked by dental, as he always has said they drummer yet may display same riff from bad over and over and over and they were low? Mad is going to do. Who songs right, they're, going to close with ride in the name of love which everybody like wanted to hear sure? There's a big hit me. Another were young bandit the time bundles only twenty five Amanda the ban is little miffed, but then as it, turns out. That became one of the iconic moments, of live aid and it really launched you to enter the stratosphere yeah, which I mean but I out on my own design Jim backstage right. After
So it was not a pleasant place. Sri Lanka dude, what it's not about you here. What are you doing here the most moment said, I really want to dance with a fifteen year old girl was very sweet. Her name is calculate and she says that she was getting kind of smashed and that that can help her out with security. Frank pulling her by her hair over the barrier yeah. I didn't look very comfortable rough. I should probably say at this point: we should allow the stuff. Talking about you, go see yeah, actually went to research in this has like what a time to be allowed announces pouring through these videos. Yeah you can just go watch most of the sufferer talking about now is is out there on Youtube. So if, if you ever Disco, Wyatt Pause go to Youtube, why are you doing
b e dot com type and alive the dash a idee yeah. You don't even need the dash there. There algorithm, as that, smart, no home and dumb STAR was media's. Yeah watched him a bunch. We should just talk about some of the ones through the absurd that we watched. Ok. The last thing I watch before we got up to record was Sabbath I was there on the Sabbath three and it will also say this nineteen, eighty five zero. When you think man's Zepplin Ray in Sabbath three union with that really means is like chubby, big haired Ozzy. Robert plant wearing, like Electric Blue, z, cover regular heads like hell. You will just like easy later from say by the Bell: yeah, it's a big fat eighties reminder like oh right, that's what people look like yet even John Deacon from Queen had like a big puffy plea did outfit. Eighty five was like
aid is going forward, for, but I was fourteen- and I think I told a story before, but I was baby sitting every day summer, babysitting gig as a fourteen year old baby sitting, these two kids that were like seventeen and nineteen he They were pretty close to my age. Looking back, they were probably like eight and nine or something else sort of like a pay to go there and cannot hang out with them and make sure they can get in trouble was like babysitting babysitting right, but I remember I watched virtually all of the live aid telecast on MTV, let's arson and was just stuck to it all day, long cool- I was- I was nine- and we were in London binding, but you and Jerry were and hide barking and out. Like theirs, is annoying nine year old. Disavowing me around air thing about podcast, says he's from the future: So they went away back missing so yeah
thanks to Julia Laden who we have doing some writing forest now. Doktor late, come back in the old days, she's, great and rights great stuff, and I threw live aid out there because I thought it. We got to learn what a bit more about it. It was a good idea thanks. So much talk about the the origins of this yes cause. Live aid happened on July, thirteenth nineteen. Eighty five and on the whole thing started. The seed was planted six months before well or more than six months before, but not much more than that when, the BBC or the CBC. Depending on who, you asked, you ran a series documentaries about a drought in fame. That was going on in Ethiopia at the time and apparently no one knew about this. No one was reporting on it. It wasn't talked about today
hard to imagine that with our new cycle, but it was a different back then right, but even still a you know, we were. We became so indoctrinated from that point, on in the idea of famine in Ethiopia that their it's hard to think of you know knock acting the two, but no one knew about it near and no one knew about it until I should say that the sea BC or BBC documentary Series aired and it was powerful. There is a very famously a young girl I find your name who was she looked like she was the verge of debt near she, her heads of law around she skeletal him and she, she looks like add the camera at one point and became kind of the face of starving children in Ethiopia like really drove home. What It was going on there. Her name was on beer. High Well do and
grow now in his own ambassador has spread. Ask com, I don't think. She's an official investors Conover an unofficial ambassador for poverty coming poverty and hunger was, I bet she knows. Time, guarantee she does their budgets, but she really a kind of drove home. What was going on, to viewers, including a guy from Ireland named Bob Geldof, yeah chillier Christie as a boy list, irish rocker and probably pretty accurate boot on rats were medium big banned it best. He also if your pink Floyd Van he play- think in the movie the Wall Aurelia. I think you tell me every time by going items we talk about this before in obviously, there was no pink in real life, but in the movie that was a care can impact by the way which ones pink price. Exactly so Geldof. They had a great song. I don't know I don't like Monday's pink Floyd
There was the rats, my forehead get those Balin planning. That was their big hit, though that was guilder spigot, which and I thought was an Elvis Costello song in towel- explain it to me that we definitely have talked about that, so man, I wonder, of twenty years of war against, like remember when we authority happenings but we don't sound like absence quite yet so Geldof saw this really spoke to him and he said here's what we're gonna do I want to put together a fundraiser, and this is not why bade yet knows is bandied right previous to live aid? They do the song that we, some of us all still, around Christmas times it gets on some of his hate. It who does do they know it's Christmas who hates? That's all. I think some people hate our Christmas music yeah you know, or or at the very least, get sick of certain songs. I can see that yeah, but when it is a good arrived. Ok, I let me put it this way
I've never got sick of that when, yet to this day I agree, but I, of course, by George, We banana Rama during Doran, wham, you two's thing feel Collins, you name it there saying on that song and benefited ethiopian famine relief, that's what got the ball rolling, yeah and again. This is Bob Guild. I saw this documentary inserting com up everybody. He knew pulling all these strings and put this together and everyone is going to have done let's get when exactly he Irish Rock right. He he got this single produced and released by December He saw the documentary in October. Can I give you a hint of the kind of dude Bob Geldof? Was it gets things done he Liddy bluffed. He didn't take no authority answer. He got things danger sure, but two. It was always for the greatest greater good. The there was at the ends death to justify the means, especially for my manipulating spoil rockers.
Yeah and more than some more that later, more for sure did that song itself, though, by itself raise more itself ten bucks than ten million bucks and they have over the years than if different versions. It seems like they updated every now and then he added with New at the time and sheer and right here he was in the tuna add sheer and right here he was in the two thousand and fourteen version. So was one direction. There grew bright back, ok, they're, super group, and then well I don't know if that's actually accurate or not, but then seal. You know super group. Does it just mean they're super? That means right now. That's why correct of factual evidence and then she, NATO, color she's gonna too Britain of do they nosed Crespo, nice, I'm so a month after that So a month after that, Harry Bela Faulty got together with producer name, Kin, Kragan or Kragan, and they said
we need to do our own version over here in the. U S is we're looking pretty bad yelled off as a bee list irish Rocker and he's getting on the limelight, because he's getting all the limelight, I'm here Laplante so He gets together in May. This is where- and this is something I never knew the song we are. The world of courses were talking about always heard USA for Africa. I always thought it was the United States of America that today never knew that it stood for united support of artist for Africa right until the day very Esther too. Well bigger! I'm not that I think it's a great thing that they serve tissues leaflet. Then Leslie slipped, and that song was, you know, Quincy Jones famous. He worked on it, it was written, it was to be written by Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder Stevie wonder was too wanted to work on it, but it was a little too busy to get involved in the writing at the time. So I felt Richie and Michael Jackson and apparently, if you believe the toy Jackson
It was mostly Michael who put that song together I don't know about that. Man, because Lionel Richie is a pretty stand up, dude from what everything I've ever heard. Well, I don't think he's made some claim like I wrote it have fifty percent of that song he was very pretty born. Awake is Michael Jackson like after he left when I hadn't like cut a demo, no really and brought it back, and he was like. Oh well, that's impressive, and exclusionary. Yeah yeah good ideas, ok go go home like you'd, literally waited till. I walked out the door. I regard a feeling I'd like to see a minority at adjust, looked up his plate somewhere and I was like: what's he planned these days? Looked up is set You coming to chance teenager. I don't remember. The settlers is amazing. Unlikelier every single song cause he's doing Commodore stuff. In his own stuff trillion. It seems like a fun, show little bit de purple usher. Do you take it
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by didn't know it's Christmas at all, and apparently boy George, had an idea of going bigger instead to Geldof look mate, pretty good! You raise two million dollars. You inspire, you say that Africa which raise like forty four million dollars within a year. But you can do more. Why? If you put unlike the biggest concert ever, maybe you should do that boy, George out yet managed a public lacking I'd like to see more George, do a bit of a bunch of we are you mean us, our culture, clodagh, never good! How long ago, like the last four years ago, near like less too there was the original were did yes, as far as you know, heard an area, and I actually learned at the show the we never to lead on that were tired, because this is the penultimate, show the tour and boy George kept talking,
due to the guitar about about how they were more more show after this it's not a good look, as is still a boy yours, but yes, it does not come off very well the audience one. Tired, I feel great as because we do to show back to back one. A quarter of you mean live sure sure we can talk about. Anything here lies stuff right, want to go, see Adam any answer to I've been checking out their touring again they ran. I don't know I mean it's adamant for sure I don't know if it's any the original ants and would you know the difference? No, but he's doing great too sure. Psychology in these people come and background healthy and, like the eighties, didn't kill them all their clearly taking a lot of dietary some vile botanical. So, like you said, from the point: where do they know it's Christmas been the? famine documentary started rolling out. There was no
the very long after that they managed to pull off a concert in blood in Philadelphia, transmitted by ten satellites to a hundred and sixty countries to an audience that was twenty five percent of the world's population. I saw one point that they announced that ninety five percent of the world's televisions were tuned in at some point you that broadcast that's amazing. It is amazing and that's amazing. Today it was spectacular in nineteen eighty five yeah by comparison that summer Olympics the year before, was only broadcasting sixty seven countries, yet only yeah, ninety nine there's a sixty seven countries in Lahti. A hundred and sixty soldiers. We cannot overestimate the how huge of a deal this was and it is really kind of show off, but also to kind of fine, the western world. Together it was held, like you said, the two places
at once in London, in Philadelphia, hair and are of K. Steady there were, there were it's going on constantly in both places in the the show what you would see on tv, what you watch to ensure Gary sitting, we just kind of switch back depending on who had the bigger act at the time? These days, you could probably do a split screen or they would just show both it and Don T channels yeah, but the fact that they were doing it at a time when, as Julia Lame puts it, you know during a time of cassette tape, Saint Catherine ray to tv. It's just really impressive that they that the Bob Geldof man is to put it together and help pull it off with very little problem near in just a few months to sixteen hours total for both of the shows They overlap by about ten hours
and then there are also various satellite concerts going on all over the world with now you know they didn't have like sixty performers, but you know smaller shows kind of stuff In conjunction gallic, I got the impression that people who had already book there tours and were locked into a today but still on the table, art arena getting older age only near Elinor, like Celine D, I like doing a number from LAS Vegas and no new year's eve or something so it all kicked off twelve noon. London times, seventy m in the: U the cold, the Coldstream guards played God save the queen. Charles and Diana came out on stage. I note that makes a pretty cool. It is pretty girl did Diana part. Yet, of course, what no lover Charles I mean sure, but
still around and I got a not alive aid. The type you don't owe me now. I think he earns its genes, can t wished the right. You know why, because he does not You could probably find some way to hire form if you wanted, so they did. The stage Wembley they inaugurate, live aid and then wait home on who is Reference is whenever my head, but thing you ok, because I'm good like in tell him feedback from listeners once about who write em like those a holler is reference choked me. There were right over Georgia's head hate that really, yes, you can get all their efforts. I want to get all the references so do this from knowing Josh's blinking at me, everyone so to kick it off. Anti dramatic climactic fashion. This does not very cool to say the ban status clothes. The first band. They were big in England. I guess they were,
but you're, not even a corny. They were legendary there. I think their first. His single is in nineteen sixty eight, MRS Nineteen, eighty five sure around the. When do they got it off like if you watch status quo covering John VERDI's rock and all over the world which I did like the stadium is bound. With energy, so they were clearly popular over there. They were just never big in the states now, but they still live fine job. Now it was fine, inadequate, workmanlike way to kick off line, that's right and who kicked off in the? U S, Josh. Joan. By is why not right who came out and was like this. Is your Woodstock long overdue? and they were. Who are you and she sang and archipelagos of amazing grace cattle clumsily leading the audience by singing very quickly. The next line
and then singing that same line in the american amazing grace melody. There really is Conky. It was slightly clunky here, but you know you could wait structure. Amazing grace gets on status quo, Joam buyers, congolese singing, amazing great, better from their basic, while it did other seventy acts, every act had twenty minutes, which was me less how long they played a few bands went over by a few minutes, but it's not if you ve ever done a festival or something. So it's not cool too To just be. I will be one more tune right. This is not something you do now. I've never played a first, but I can imagine now with another festival stuff when we do sketch rest every year, You did outside lands by yourself sure, but I have the impression oh yeah. They did kind a hustle me out there. I was like quarters turn the green room, though it is only right. Ok, I get other euro
get the end of your end of the world than your. I Hain. Anyone want to hear something about the guy get a mob area: Phil Garlands, and this was a very big deal and a total publicity stunt. But it worked here- and I think we mention this in the Concord episode we talked about it. He played both continents and they had a film crew falling around. They would cut to every once in a while. I feel Cowan the plainer and bright hustling through an airport. There is no better singer in or now to have done as I made, probably right. Maybe James cordon would it would be the garage every person, but this is CALL in Asia. I mean, I know cynicism, no rockstar, who's, gonna goofy on love that guy, I think you're totally right hand. Allow he's plain again too, which is great news. I didn't, yeah cause. He he was unable to play drums for awhile, he's he's back at it weapon. He kept
never exactly what it is, but he had some illness. I can remember exactly what, but were he like, wasn't performing and didn't think you would again? Oh boy. Yes, it's coming he's back out there again he's growing so sooty. I want it up. That's awesome! I love that man, because of the twenty minutes set some ban Scott. You know like you to only got into songs generally it was about three. Some bands, like Tom, petty and our breakers with their tight, don't Boris get to the chorus they got in for Do they yeah well, then said was epic, it's great who somebody had like five, counted well. Queen did so some meddling in today I'm getting more songs in there. That way. There's somebody else, the king COBRA, my fingers are everybody, but I saw requirements. Allow more songs in seems like everybody else, had thereby hurry hurry up me no banter
so a hundred and seventy thousand people total were lie that the two shows, but likely said twenty five percent of the world. One point: a billion people watched it as it was happening, yeah pretty amazing. So, on actual day of the show, you you already kicked it off right started in London answer in Philadelphia. Two hours later said closure by us, and then there is overlap for like a ten hours. I think he attended the six hours and then it went afterward he went to went back to Philadelphia, but Chuck I'm saw emu in Rhapsody right three times. Did you really three times and that's adorable, so there part at the end when they re create library I have you did you see. The Youtube video of the livid version, and the bohemian Rhapsody version I did now watch the side by side. Comparison
because only in that way it is pretty clear you I mean I watch that why they performance dozens and dozens of times really and they were they nailed it, though the thing bother me about that movie was how much they re wrote the timeline the ban, oh yeah, so it was not queens first performance back in like they had just united in forgiven each other and bright. He had just told them about HIV, like none of that yeah, the timeline lay out a whack. Supposedly he didn't know he had HIV yet at the livid show can't remember, exert was pretty sure but am allowed a light. They took a lot of licence and you know it's fine you're trying to make a more dramatic foam may get it but of it needed it, because at performance itself, still, if you look up any, what were the s performance is alive aid, its was roundly. Queen is in the number one spot, yet not just live aid like a lot of people pointed out is like one of the greatest many set. You ever know that
We see that a poem two thousand five and I was named as the number one greatest rock performance of all time: there's really great he gave me chills pretty amazing. I got killed right now not even watching it is hearing. You talk about a BBC people, if you're a medium writer, the article said it was like Adam touching God on the Sistine. Chapel ceiling check been England wielding a lightning rod, k or eighty phoning home. Now and they had me right out in the last one. I fear this just so I come on to say it's great. I didn't the last dislike following home. Yeah, it's like I I tried to go in the writers head tunas like not those personal the who
the person in the real value of the moon by eighty five home, or something what also we get. We got a lot of any time. You had a big thing like this. He had a lot of people collaborating on stage resting in dire straits of course, well, yeah Mick, Jagger and Tina Turner? That was pretty unforgettable, but not just Mick, Jagger and Tina Turner, because it turns out Tommy Mottola who's. The head is Sony record, said: hey. If you don't get hollan oats on with Mick Jagger my jaguars not going on, and HOLLAND Oats backed up Tina Turner and Mick Jagger. Oh really here see I thought that they were saying. If you don't give hollowed out Sir prime time slot, then they're, not then Mick Jagger won't come Katy represented both. I think that that was there. They, they equivocating by saying oh gotcha, we'll have a backup Mick Jagger in theater, and even so if you look up hauling Oates and it just comes up Mick, Jagger and Tina Turner. There, then I ve been listed in the video anymore, but at least GINO
his back envenom them up, yeah, I'm pretty sure. There are always to be him. They were good air Stiller Emily when solemn a couple years ago, just killing it still good stuff away yet lighted Darrell's house. To that show. I can see that he still doing it, but he did it for a few years, at least in its basically his awesome homestead, oh he just as people over and again the crew and aid just jam and do songs. That's Don't you like a whole, an old song men, mainly the sounds of the artist I feel like I've seen them it's fun since they ve been background deficit criterion fierce while they played with them that might have been yeah. They told me didn't stick around for HOLLAND. I think the reason why is because we had seen HOLLAND Authority but happened in my brain. Phil Collins, they got a lotta, feel Collins cuz. Not only did he sing in both he played drums with Eric Clapton he played drums
with less Zepplin famously yes, I will talk about. Zepplin performance and candy round this any longer chuck. It was not a good through the air like if you, if you saw lead Zepplin in like a fifty person club, and they drinking at the club the whole day. This is what you would expect to hear from you, probably like those awesome yeah, but for the first time back on stage too, in five years since the death of their drummer there, They went out like their peak there. Wasn't it Klein of lead Zepplin. They were at their keep when bottom died. According to me, ok, you don't think so. I think the last album was kind of a disappointment- was a physical graffiti, now Coda, oh What are you like? I have heard that one from Verona date they were still huge and they
Do they say plenty of music left to put out yet so their expectations on Zepplin, ok, you're, ok, and they come out and play just it's a terrible set, so much so they feel Collins later on in his or her biography, said eyebrows really thinking about walking off stage in the middle and the reason I gave it is because I knew that people would be talking about to this day. How, Collins ruin led zeppelins set, not about How badly Zepplin set was so he said he was air drumming try. Lives up when set not about how badly upland set was so he said he was air drumming trying to keep out of the way, as there are two drummers we should hear from here, but she didn't realise there is gonna be to Gmos and he basically said it was just. It was terrible, and if you watch it, it was pretty bad. I'm looking at what is happening now, because I don't want to mess up. Coda moves on present underway in through the outdoor see this
same as they were still like very much at their p. How good Lord can believe? I'm getting on the Zeppelin stuff wrong? O coda was released in nineteen eighty two year, but that was a thousand volumes that it was a compilation right. That's what I was thanks to their last studio. I would have been what present sir, into the adding presents. Ok, which didn't have much breasts. Sorry, we got that joke not like that. Good God, Almighty coming ethical boy did. Did I have a micro expression, go Rama, quite a few, so yeah If you watch zeppelins performance, they wanted it scrubbed from the world. You can still find like chrome versions on Youtube. Not the official live aid, not alone, just like the guy that had the camera on his shoulder and his living room. Basically, apparently Santana requested the same thing you can't find Santana said anyhow really is they said. Don't include that on that I didn't you know, there's an urgent belated worked. Well knows:
has an effect on them zeppelins. Is it the worst thing, Racine, but Robert Plant was not in great form vocally. Then he admits such like call look back in her like, and it wasn't great Jimmy page was then do that great of a job either it wasn't, it wasn't so her that you're, just like holding you know, but it this was in like what everybody was hoping for. Sabbaths was pretty good. I really despite it was against chunky big Ozzy. But what else do you want Why it was they did children in the grave iron man and paranoid in nice is pretty Vienna. I want to say words here will wield sale, Should I be worded yeah? It was We say that we say that before really sure that was awesome, live aid at Wembley, ended it around ten p m with do they know it's Christmas. They brought everyone that they could out on stage of course, Paul Mccartney. There was there the who
there and then right after that and ended. They switch though I feed over to Tom, petty and our breakers, with their great great set. They did american girl refugee, the waiting and rebels and an eighty five, despite the close it was still like. Can a peak Tom parry to describe the because really gotta ask just come in you think of these classic rockers than you seamen cavalry. Jeez like our idea. I think it's a dope Dylan was there man he actually Bob Dylan? Harry famously like will not pick up an acoustic guitar and like play his old Florida, anymore. Did he on this one year he played blown in the wind and he was dressed almost identical to the fresh air, France that would have been real really disappointing eighties, o my lord, and then they they closed. The Philly show with we are the world right and whoever was there. Who could chip and like Kenny?
and in China, Eastern most Manchester nemesis, so eighties, Do you remember her dear oh yeah, ok Delacroix I know the name but which she sang don't cry out loud to song theme from ice castles here that in our mutual friend Alison they wish to work with causes Carson songs. Does it detrimental, like being in the back of a station wagon Harsenet listening to em radioed like guard sick, I a good good thing: so they raised about a hundred and twenty five million bucks, which is three hundred million today donations did pick up one, Queen play they overcome if they really play get up in the moving, but they did have an uptake when Queen went on because it was such a great performance. Ya think Geldof was kind of anticipated, like the phone is be written off the hook, the whole time here and
He got very frustrated visibly several times during the broadcast there. He said the F word, the other guy people bump it did and there here they were, they went till I can interview where they were kind of talking up. The reason why live aid was going on and dump the interviewer was like. Well, here's the let's get the address upon the on this green and he said f the address just given phone yellow quarter of the mail and a check right yeah, that's what they were thinking hope. So in, like his band mates, other I don't know who else whose was there who the other rats, I guess maybe or else maybe one was um. I was his name midge array here is Remoter box here, he's kind of an unsung overlooked cordoned? he really help. Guelder here put this together. He may have been up there. But they all kind of look at you like, oh my god, you just said the F word on the BBC and that got the
tv generation going, the fund started ringing around then somebody just said for it on tv which, if you remember back before Southport came along that did not happen. Then it did not happen. Ligon dam was there was a controversial but it was like a picture ears up when you heard then on tv is. It was just so out of the ordinary one and F bought this guy. So therefore, nineteen o five on tv online tv broadcasts run the world. You ain't got people's attention. Forget that still a big deal too here in a lifetime like if you hear that word showered something yes, not shocking, but everyone Oh in identity that little angel when you're gonna get in trouble are realistic and other break in talk about what went on behind the scenes and where
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other problems, and there were, if you talk to the artists, they all across the board had monitor issues yeah I just couldn't led Zepplin. I mean they that employment on that, but you here robber plant in the thing say like was sleeping. Get these monitors going they couldn't hear themselves- and I always had heard that until I started playing shows with my Damn old man band like yourselves outsource equity, mean what you got. These AMS blasting right, but it's true. You can't hear yourself on a stage and especially out or stage unless you got really really great systems and monitors. You can't herself, in its very very disconcert, to play music. When are you going, the Tang well as this week. Like you know that their hearing, something that you're not hearing round you dislike. I hope it's. Ok, I get so no one could hear themselves, which is a problem,
I believe that they had power issues at Wembley where they thought it might completely go out like they're having little brown out there were. You know even though this is for charity? There were used Miller, dealing with huge diva pop and rocks where's my in their management, who had all by this time, found out their jerry. Wasn't there. So, what's the point of going on today Well I mean they were you know that still behind the scenes. Like ego, also like you can't go on, but after this act right MIKE, I will go and after this person, or you now trying to more time than twenty minutes was somewhat so much so that Billy, Joel actually did not go on get because he his manager was like they want. You do piano and believe me, these other guys, ain't plan, piano, you're, gonna, look puny compared to other sets, and he let you mean piano man, the song and they would know
They want you to play the piano Rama man so creating dumb. Here's what you mean the instrument that made me famous, that I wrote a song about that. I play on ninety nine percent of my songs. They want me to do that and he went yeah and you I'm not doing it in no way Billy Jewel them please, here for nobody is. I just get my delegation do matter of trust three times as very song. That's a deep village old joke! Is it not the deepest, but that's the one workplace guitar on stage, ok collect that the only saw many plays guitar on. Where do you He went and played like a couple of dates in the Soviet Union and like ended up helping the far relations between the. U S and the users are almost single handedly here. He also through a tantrum on stage the first night, because
the bunch leg, government mucky marxist standing in a firmer staring at military, I was, remember Kitty marks and he was like it, the real fans out right, so he like pushed his piano over in mid. Doesn't The beat like keeps singing in the band keeps playing I'll, be terrify that they're gonna be put in a soviet goulash forever. I will still go see him every single time. I have a chance, but any Billy Jewel them play? Live aid is the point. Now he didn't do any wasn't the only one in Van Helen turned down a diner lies Manila Boy asked her my miser near the number knocking her, but no, it doesn't seem like a fit a dozen you're right, it's like between Sabbath inward Zepplin, they're gonna, try lies vanilla. Their travels come on get Yoko Ono, Cindy Lubber talking heads Stephen. Poor DC and Springsteen, who
still, really, really regrets not doing why they do not just have a lot of them. Do Frankie goes the Holly turned it down and appear. Leave. That was their manager. Who, who is like don't want to do. This is gonna, be like a disaster and the band was like I afterward. They said it was the the worst management decision in the history of Frankie said the lead singer. Yeah they were really upset. The bid endure Springsteen's that I really wish. I were just turn the guitar in the back seat and driven so they say, really guarantee down the thunder road here. Yeah I mean he near sprinkling, should have done it. You know there was a lotta regret among people who didn't some people were like I'm disabling. I did Michael Jackson. Was it says here that he was in the studio, but I read that he didn't sign on in protest because there were any african on the bill, o interest or enough african acts on the bill for his tastes, her and then human, Louis was another one:
yeah. That was a big one that turned out to, and that will be a good subway two to one into the money because he will leave. Us is one of the few artist who came out just a few weeks before and publicly said. Like where's the money go, and it is this really really helping to fight famine cause. That's what's important to the news. My friend I was really surprised at and realise that he realizes that woke, yeah and that's a very good point like can, I say, woke: ok, Jerry learning. I've heard that was the big question to Huey Louis and he's like I'm not going out there and setting up a disk is utterly no. The oh is he was a slightly cynical, but rightfully so I think yeah he had been in USA for Africa was like I've, not convinced that that money by this time,
You know tens of millions of dollars actually making it to the famine, victims and everybody's a what famous victims is again, do you remember that the whole reason we're doing this in Geldof. I want to make its illegal of ever lost focused like. That was why he did the yet any proved it does the show any stamped on stages: Gimme, your money, people die now and he still very adamant in defence of about the funds right held office, but Harry Louis was First, one to publicly say I'm not certain that these famine victims are actually getting this money, and we talked about this. We did an episode and Famine Andrew doubts, and I believe it was the famine when that we talked about it in here, but six months after live aid was finished, incomplete and just made, like a hundred and fifty million dollars, I believe some like their worth more than three hundred million today this concert one day concert raised
Nearly three hundred million dollars for victims of famine in Africa little country call Ethiopia that most people hadn't heard of and spin Maggie sent a reporter there and they go find out what happened to that money and spin magazine reporter came back. I was like I don't know if you guys want to hear what happened to that money, because it turns out, Ethiopia was in the midst of a civil war. That was me report, I reported on even less than the famine. It turns out that the government Ethiopia was actually large. Causing the famine or at least exacerbating the worst of it, yet what they said. There was a the dirge, so what was called, which means- counselor committee. There are the military junta, yet dirge regime and they after we Selassie died in nineteen, seventy five, they took control as his military group will they they may eventually strangled wounded at well. It says in the articles, suspicious death itself think it's fair to say. Ok
but there was they were basically there there very stories, depending on who you want to believe Bob Geldof still says that most of this money went there. But there are other reports that it was being intercepted aid was being intercepted and they were funding their civil war and that they were making famine worse by Wrapping napalm on crop plants right this whole time cutting off, lines of the north and the north? There is the civil war going on, because the north used to be a country called Eritrea and then in world war. Two, if you please said new year coming with us, your party aethiopia now, and there is an insurgency that eventually was successful. I think in ninety. Ninety to Eritrea became independent from the opium again, but this is how that happen. Through the civil war and all of a sudden, the west. Checks a hundred and twenty five million dollars into this country, that's wrecked by famine in civil war and civil war. That's helping does the famine and currently either alone
people to know about this or a lot of people didn't think we may actually be held the civil war right by inject this money and learning country indeterminate over to the ethiopian government here and still to this day, is not entirely clear how much the ethiopian ethiopian government spent on like arms and supplies to fund this? others war against the insurgency in the North Sea, I think that's that's one of my biggest spheres of any kind of thing like this caning over these kind of sums of money to countries that You don't know where it ends up his dislike its maddening to think, because you want to do the right right and donate and support these causes. I, but if it's actually making things worse right, you know, that's the thing. It's one thing: if
if you know it's, it's not helping as much as you want would like it to right. It's an entirely different thing, if you're actually giving money to make it easier for some way to kill some other person bright like making it worse. And that's the big question that surrounds you know the funds from livid stand. Yet I think it is frustrating because the BBC in two thousand and published a report, a kind of claiming allotted places and people here they said the opposite: they said that the rebel insurgency in Eritrea rise up to most the money and they, opposite. They said that the rebel insurgency in Eritrea dissected most the money and they used it to fund their their civil war. But then they retracted a lot of the stuff. Cuz Geldof me know got mad. This is only ain't, you know eight or nine years ago and he was like no that's not true, so they're still just a lot of dough. Oh gee too, so then they may have gotten there really wrong here. I don't think they do they do that kind of thing discuss Bob Geldof gets me.
Then they may have gotten there really wrong here. I don't think they they do. That kind of thing discuss. Bob Geldof gets Maginot, so is available. Right, I think they got the reporting very long yeah, but also of the pressure that killed off whether he believes in in a lot of the FAO. Went to Ngos on the ground. A groups are yet round it didn't all just go the ethiopian government and an apparent in the aid industry. They still look at this like ok if some of the money didn't get to where you wanted it and it went to places you wouldn't want to get this still help raise awareness of the kind of stuff that goes on in Africa that the West was not aware of it. Was it had a huge huge impact, Bron how you Do these events in the future? This kicked off. Farm aid and hands across Amerika Us America for sure. Have you seen us
No, but I ran aground is an article that reference the nose like I can we see a movie and more now, it's good, but ya mean Take a farm. Aid kicked off like every benefit concert. Global benefit concert you ve ever seen since then can trace its roots back to life including live eight right. Which is another gala foreign? That's a lot of people said collar life. Two and you'll get a lot more traction. Yeah, but that wasn't to raise money that was just raise awareness for I live eight conference the G8 the area I say the why they conference the G8 summit but think about go. I wasn't trying to raise money anymore right. He was trying to raise awareness, and I wonder if those because he either became convinced that that money dig resources that he didn't want to, or if you decide I'm tired of arguing about maybe this again but as a result of that, the eighteen poorest she's in the world had their debts cancelled by the eighth eight richest
nations in the world, and I think the aid to Africa is like doubled over the previous G8 summit. Yet and if you know previous to nineteen. Eighty five, you didn't, I mean he had like George Harrison doing the concert for Bangladesh, which is kind of one of the first high profile. Things like that. But you didn't see a ton of big rock stars out. You know, chamber causes right, and I think it really inspired a generation of young people. And of the pop in rock celebrities of that age. To do like, maybe do something, beneficial. What they're really well now I know for sure the ram left came for a couple of days and do something with your life. You rocker yeah, the cocaine and we should support it after the site only in just put an upside down magazine over and come back to later. It was a monumental event and one that I have a lot of fondness for still big big deal.
That's great. I don't remember and any other I remember watching on MTV and my sisters were thereby I dont remember. I have no real memories as pretty stupid. I guess you are nine. I was almost Ninety two days, shy of being nine, I mean what is that third grade, I was probably out playing with, like he man stuff, most likely trying to find cigarette butts on the ground a few years later. There, that's right, if you you want to know more about live aid. I think Chuck and I am probably Jerry would strong. Values is going to Youtube and spend a little time looking at concert. Footage from it. Yes then you're special. I they'd memory sought to go into a like being in London and not knowing what was going on the love at one, since we said that We may find Jerry's terrible. I bade storied centralism, hey guys. Listening to your absurd unripe, kids, my heart sank when you apologize for being too dude educating people about the option.
When my have after being raped, her sexually assaulted sounded as if he thought men in general or not fit to do this, which I dont think is true. I'm a doctor guys who works with men and women that experience sexual violence, and I imagine that mail victims with fine apology of this kind unnecessary at best as with the mail, there those who are doing great work and you can serve as much needed Reputedly invaluable counter examples for someone has had bad experiences with men. Also, don't think your initial disclaimer This would be a serious episode without any jokes is warranted and I'm glad the episode didn in that way. If anything, you're good natured humor brought some much needed. Warmth too, discussion, we are all still trying to figure out how to talk about these topics, and I would like to encourage you to stand by our efforts shining light on a difficult topic for the benefit of your listeners. I thank you guys, keep it up, that is from Hanno Hannah, a J internet. Thanks La Hannah Screening
if I'm not mistaken, it said Heno was in Hanover Germany. No really I wonder if they like the town so much, they decided to call me Hanno from now on every baby. I love this town like me them from checked him you're addle, what eighty gotcha czech town, I guess, makes more sense if either when does well thanks a lot Hannah, we appreciate that we will try to take advice to heart cuz. It is pretty good advice and if you want to get in touch with us like Hano, did you can go on to stuff you should, come, find or social links. You can also send an email to stuff yes, but I heard radio darkened study should know its production. I hurt. Radios has two works from what had cast my heart radio, I hurt radio apple podcast
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