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Sacagawea: Impressive Teen

2021-02-09 | 🔗

Sacagawea was only 16 when she joined the Corps of Discovery. That is one seriously impressive teenager.

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but at the icy welcome to stop you should now a production of Iheart radio. They welcomed the bog just I'm Josh and urge shocking Jerry's over there and this stuff you should know- and I can't help but feel that I'm being sub tweeted were other means. Oh, it's where you talk about somebody without directly talking about them, he's kind of maybe talk. Their behaviour, how you disapprove of something that they did, but you dont directly say this person. this and, unlike you know, at one time. I don't know this lingo with twitter That was never on it and I was emailing with Jonathan an musician, John and Golden about. Coming on. Regression account member what I said, but he said something somethin down at me, then
note that met and also oh, my gosh. I'm sorry, I'm not sure what I did. I like him. I apologize It's a big around another use colleague, who is this area Hodgman like this guy? and I think don't mean- does not just mean you'd tagging somewhere, on twitter yeah, but usually it means like you're you're, telling them that they got something wrong or you disagree with what they say. They should be ashamed of what they said. It usually a hostile thing, your adding or you're you're yeah. They re there made their point- and they don't want to hear any feedback from you about it- I know what I took from it and you have the right kind of snap a few times when you say it. I just really so thankful silver than ever Joint Twitter GIS That's the last thing. I need I'm already on Facebook, which is terrible. I've been doing instagram? I have to say that seems like a pretty The crowd totally different place near
You know we're talking about all this because we're talking about SEC I'll go area. Yes, we are who naturally bf naturally, who probably issue. Both Instagram entered her because she seems like a pretty solid human being, should be like, don't at me right so arm, just to get this done out of the gate. Again, I thought her name was pronounced soccer Julia, I am not, like in the minority. the United States, at least because that's how we were raised to say her name before you're. Really you have such things as historians, and people who listen to native Americans, who have been told over the years now second Giulia, its second cougar right. There's one pronounced pronunciation of it, but that it's not just its girl and we started to kind of pronounced her name correctly. You say way better than me, so why don't you take it?
well I mean gases is the third time never on this I've seen great things from Chicago Way to Sir Cargo, where I think in Clarks Journal William Clark that is of Lewis and Clark Fame, spelled it ass a age Kay, age emphasis on that Gee, are w h, so cigar way, RSA Cargo away. then the shown which in native American tried that where we will get to the importance there they say actually is, They see a J, w IE eight and it means boat pusher, not the had also language of bird woman. So there I'm debate. Yeah. One thing that I did see is the Lewis and Clark, and they factor in this because some go away. I was the the guide an interpreter as they
further westward she or they they actually tried to spell every indian, nor native american word that they encountered fanatically as best they can they were terrible speller even of english words, I mean just like barely glitter, it seemed like, but the inside their best, yes really bad, but they they ve tried to prove to try to spell every every word that they did. They found fanatically and second go way is name. peers seventeen different times in their journals and Not once did they spell that third syllable girl with a Jay sound with a j, it's always agenda, and they think that was a hard g so that its right to go away, and not second, you we're so they set definite give in that Jeff right, which It is definitely give as we, Israel,
So if you listen to the Lewis and Clark Episode, was it a two part or if you like it was it was not. There was not Are you thinking of the evil? Can you relate the sun on beer you always bring. That up to shame me James, both of us and Jerry, due to a certain extent as well as living like stepped, and yet, unlike for God's sakes, would he do totally consolidate me? So a great episode, though In that absurd, we talk to a bit obviously about so cargo way and kin burns in his great documentary about the court. Discovering She was born shit the issue of the short life, and there is a little com. Mercy on how long she did live, which will get to the end, but was born in either seventeen. Eighty eight or eighty nine as a member of the limb limb, he is what I'm saying Magi Ban of the ship,
DR, which we spoke about a minute ago, as is shown as Shoshone Shut, is this your showing that Robert I've always heard? But then again, I always heard of a second joy you're, too I believe, the stony though, in a very I imagine, lovely, lovely part of the country and what is now Idaho in the salmon river region. Yes, so she was actually a member of specific band of the lamb. He shoshone the salmon eaters is what they were called and shoot she grew up in that that part of Idaho. I guess it was around the the Bitterroot Mountains near the continental divide. In the bitter it's out of the rockies began to sounds absolute. the gorgeous this is shown me try boys enemies to the head Arthur, who you mentioned earlier and the rest
that they say that second go away a means. Bird woman is because psychic away a became an involuntary member of the hidden the tribe when she was around twelve years old I didn't get a she was out on a Buffalo hunt or if they had also happen to be out on a Buffalo Hutton came across her. Did you saying that I'm not sure I can just in my mind, thought that they were out, but I guess it doesn't really matter- is either way she was kidnapped. Settled with them near What is now Bismarck North Dakota yeah and here's where her life ticket- or I guess it. Then actually took her life in a very different direction, that that was a trading sinner in international trading centres of people from all over the world. We can stop through there the trade, their wares and She was essentially I mean it's hard, does not say kidnapped again.
Canadian fur trader to saw Charbonneau Beautiful, took as property. He called her his wife, but we, you know now, through today's lands we got better about not glossing over that stuff right. She was property, To him she was a teenager, I think like sixteen or seventeen I'm not even I think she was actually fifteen Washington, and she was about two decades younger than him, and there's no other way to say it other than she was property and part of being property was that she was raped by Charbonneau yeah, like. There's tourism there's no way and put it that that late, she didn't have any say in the matter of whether they had sex. So like it's just that's right, no matter what but over the over the years, like she's, always been referred to as one of his wives, because I guess Americans didn't wanna can confront that stuff. You know right.
So she ends up living among the head out, Sir as Charbonneau, whose wife such property because Charbonneau being a fur trader and the head but Sir Settlement that they lived at being and of international trading post he kind of adopted, the hideouts away of living himself Here I am just being a fur trader. He did to be able to handle himself out and the elements, so I think it kind of it was his speed from what I gathered for the rest of his life. He is basically lived. style similar to native Americans So she, aside from being away from her name, I've tried. She live in a palace fairly? a fairly cosmopolitan manner compared to how she would have had she never been kidnapped from the though
he band of Shoney's which is kind of said, but There is one thing that should be said. There's documentary opinion that she was she was not unhappy living this kind of them. This border land between the two cultures, like she sheep, seem to feel somewhat comfortable living among you, know the colonizers way of life on the frontier it just as much as she did living among the shining yeah? We should also point out that a lot of this is very little, is recorded a lot of speculative because in other remarkable. Well, I guess not remarkable because it was eighteen o three, but very little actual records
information about her life, but its remarkable. How much there is further well trivia, gold, teenage native american girl at the time, like the fact that it anything recorded about her. Sizzle is a kind of a huge testimony to her in her personality. Now absolutely So eighteen o three is when Charbonneau takes can of her life agent, is also when Tom. Jefferson, said: hey. We got this egg, attractive land, really sweet, I'll call. The Louisiana purchase eight huh in twenty eight thousand square miles of light. and stretching from the canadian border to the gulf. Mexico from the Mississippi. The Colorado, and we to go, see what's out there, because why people have never explored this territory I want to find in northwest passage was eventually found. They were looking in the wrong place, but
what's that there are sort of after that there after more Jefferson really wanted to know what out there, the landscape. He wanted maps here wanted to know about the natives can tribes. He wanted to know about the the plant in the animal life and just like go, mere whether Louis out there and recorded everything you can yeah mirror Meriwether Louis was Dumb Jefferson's personal Secretarial, Louis Select. It was Clarks first name, Josh, Billy billion, William Clark, Billy Clark, as who had been his captain in the army as the leader of the expedition. He found him to be enable leader said: hey you, wanna comely, this super high prestige expedition for the present that the entire nations going be watching in clerks. It sure, let's do it Lewis and Clark set out on this tradition and the eggs
travel. They think sixteen hundred miles before they ended up in at that, it adds a settlement with it is about where they really started to hit the frontier from what I understand. That sends a great turning point to take a break and care. so we'll be back right after this and pick up with the meeting of losing Clark second go where you should now push shop stuff. You should now, let's face it rain taking trips to the post office is probably not how you want to spend your time these days right now, not at all, which is why we, as always, recommend mailing in shipping online with stamps dot com.
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Chuck. So we reached what is now they Bismarck North Dakota at the South, South Dakota. You sure I think so. No, it isn't Nora S. Bismarck, North Dakota. Are there too? as you say it almost literally, doesn't matter we're gonna get caught it is no is definitely Bismarck North Dakota. Ok, then that was a misprint. Then, in the yeah I'll tell you why this I've got the sum machine called the computer. yeah, I'm gonna. Look it up going to do a favour for the people of Bismarck for one these were ignored? Coda, I think, is an article. It is It's weird, because I think this is from house to work cigarettes to cut a written and there are no boy We want to send an email magna at them here. TED, don't you know that's the tagline of how it works, don't address that
right so apologies to all the people in that both decoders all three quotas. We met thing by it and we're gonna do alive, show their one day to make up for it. Are we sure why not I'll tell you later Don't worry it's November. Second, eighteen o foreign when they finally land and they meet up with secure, aware who is six months pregnant at this point an Charbonneau is echoed the impression that he's a bit of a not a griffin made, maybe but sort of an opportunist. Yeah. Yeah, I think so, for sure I mean, like he's a fur traders for PETE's sake, like you, gotta be after you, gotta be a little like that? includes just survival in the woods and killing animals, but also haven't you know, get the highest price. You came
your pelts, so I'm guessing there's a bit of used car salesman De Charbonneau for sure not exactly like. He was not well liked by Lewis and Clark. I don't know that he was heated despise, but I get the impression from red historians interpretations of their their journal entries about Charbonneau. Is that he's kind of a cross between Chris Farley? Ok, and girl- or maybe I can't wait to see that Photoshop real good Deanna who's gonna, take care that, for us, so is this idea that this guy was not competent. Necessarily M was maybe a little bit evil and that's that's you know all you need to know about Charbonneau. I also get the impression Chuck that there was a there's a you know: talk about later, but there is
they go EIA was plucked from historical obscurity and re kind of raised up on this pedestal- one- I think rightly so, but there was a sport that develops along side of that, where you could very easily raise, so I can go way up by contrasting her to her. For nothing, sir. holdings quote husband in showing how just terrible he was it everything it made her Look all them, although much better. So I think there's a sport to it, there's a kind of a long history of putting down Charbonneau Hum, but I think that it's kind of rooted, in fact, from what I understand. Yes at any rate. He comes along and he's ok, he has really need to bring me along and then my wife slash property. Here I speak had out, sir. In french, No, I mean early need that, but I see it. so called away- speaks Shoshone. And we really need to learn that, because it is
in point where you need to talk to them to get some horses. And since we can't hire a woman because its eighty No three. We have to actually hard the husband to get her to come along. I guess you both can come. Yes, so if we go to explain why the cargo way of being Shoshone was really important, and it was like you said this horses somehow, I'm not exactly sure how they already news, because these are the first american to chart a course westward, but they knew that the the Missouri River and the Columbia River was a boy separated by mountains, the rocky mountains, the Bitterroot mountains to be specific, and that since they were taking to the river. They were. to need to get from one river to the other. This is shown Indians happen to live exactly where they needed or where they need to pass through and where they needed the most help where they needed horses and
so having a Shoshone along to help broker a deal, would be credibly useful so useful, in fact that the the arrangement was going to be that window finally met up with this Shawnee tribe in this area, where they needed the horses, the mouse. secure aware was going to die me too the Shoney's and then she was going to translate the Shoshone said into Adasa to Charbonneau near, Charbonneau is going to translate from them at all in the French for a french speaking member. The cord discovery who then translate from French and English for Lewis and Clark. That's how did even speak English now, spoke. It adds in French. So parliament. In addition to know he, so he did, he did play a role that was important. He was going to translate from had answer in the French it would have been way better if he
broken English, but it is just men, another person in the chain everything came out purple monkey dishwasher. At the end, so one thing we fail dimension. I think, which is this remarkable, is that a few a couple of months before they leave together, so cargo Has her son, Jean Baptiste known Baptist. and so at an avatar, about this in Lewis and Clark. But I think I didn't have a kid at the time is just a start. turning to me now that have had a two month old baby too. To take keeping that baby alive and all the comforts of modern day, American to take a baby like that on a voyage like this is astounding, yeah yeah, for this really remarkable yeah I mean like. If you look at all of the memorials to secure aware I d
think there's one out there that doesn't also show Baptiste as well. Of course, not because he was opted honorary member of the court s country, basically a mask unsure, but also because it just goes to point out just how standing what his mom, did As you know, I think when we know the cargo was put on the door, coin in the United States in two thousand Hillary Clinton famously As the original working mom loudness, that's pretty cool designation. I thought so too Oh yeah. I think it's created to that. She's remembered, as you know, doing all this with a baby strapped her back the whole time so that's their plan, they plant, theirs in her out to talk to the Shoshone tribe to get these horses, but
which is a good plan, but it was even way better. It worked out almost like. It had been written in a movie scripture some here because I think is Louis shows up first, as contacts with an older woman of the tribe and then about. sixty Shoshone on horseback right up and they like music, like a decent guy. Your friendly was all make this work out. Then Screw shows up about a day later with colleague away and then, like oh, my god. It's you you're the one that was kidnapped and taken away so many years ago, and then chief committee await rides up and its Sakharov, always brother here So not only do they get. I have this reunion, but Lewis and Clark like We can only see less gear on these horses yeah, the third, the chief is her brother like this is perfect, but you know that
stuck out to me as Chuck that men, six away. I probably would have met Lewis and Clark, even if she had never been kidnapped, Maybe something that really crazy to think like that one way or another, she was going to probably meet Lewis and Clark even open with her life, diverging that radically from its you know, original projected path, yeah and what it really did was I mean as already proving to be useful in that she can. Unify berries and things that you could eat men plants that you could use a medicine and kind of act. Is the Have a greater allotted cases like now: we need to go this way have been here before it is where I grew up. Yeah there's a huge huge rock called Beaver head Rock that she famously recognise that you can go visit and stand in the place, basically where she showed losing Clark like look. Might my people are gonna be right around here? I recognize this place yet
They ve already got all this respect for up to that point, and then she has an Inn the show me said they get. I'm sure I really get the on the horses and not only that, but they get help they get like they can a partner up. Then get help them along, which is a really big deal here, because losing clerks Expedition Head somewhere in the neighbourhood of forty people involved huge boats, several huge boats, lots of equipment, lots of instruments- some people say won't like if they needed horses a better way to bring the horses when because each well by water. They really added horses really really badly, but just one specific part of the trim in between the Missouri and the Columbia River, Thomas Jefferson, very famous, famously called a delay of a pickle that they had run into, but the fact that they were able to get the horses from the shining basically this enormous box at the Hall Expedition
was predicated on they just could They could not have completed their mission without this and second go away, a basically brokered that made sure that box got checked, there is one other thing that stands out about to the big its overlooked. This on a few places the Charbonneau had another wife who was Shoshone, if they needed a Shoshone speaker who was who was, you know with Charbonneau who came with Charbonneau They could have very easily gone with utter woman, the other the other victim Charbonneau, and they they went with psychic, aware who knowing full well that she came with an infant now there is going to be an infant, even though, with utter woman there would have been Clearly the cargo is like putting out the right kind of vibes, saying like I'm extraordinarily competent, you should prob. We pick me even though, if you,
take me I'm going to be bringing a newborn babies along on this frontier track. I think that says a lot about the kind of rum guess, charisma or competence, whatever she was putting out that that the Lewis and Clark well. I guess I think she would be the better of the two year because you know two month old baby along no but if you're cute button, but if you say ok, we'll have a two month baby along, like that says, a lot about the mom, that's carrying the baby around and you're her abilities are, I think, yeah. Absolutely. She also proved their worth. When I can remember wheat, I think we want to talk. this way There was one of their sailing vessels almost capsize gap when it makes I'll hit it apparently Charbonneau was navigating. He panicked under pressure and it was the cargo way who was calm and
said, you know what we need to get these papers together. We need to give books that we ve been writing in all these navigational instruments and medicines and provisions and other stuff. We need to get it altogether and take care of it, and also this baby and basically saved that situation and charged with the post is like, oh my god- oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, Sacra Bhutto's accurately, because Friday, so yet there was that one of the big stories its toll about psychic away. So much I mean that either Lewis and Clark wrote about it and basically was like this The second way is an amazing person. Like she's. He's doing stuff that other members of the court not doing, there is, I think at least twelve members. the court discovery who aren't mentioned by name in either of the journals of Lewis Clark throughout the expedition they did work, they did their their job. Obviously
but they didn't get mentioned because they they weren't doing stuff like psychic aware, was- and I think the the fact that she's mentioned multiple times with kind of frequently. discussing like just their impressed. I'm impressed. They were with her. It says a lot is well yeah. I mean they named because of that sailing incident. They named a branch of the Missouri River after her here and I think, Clark was the one who really grew closer to her. It's really hard to get a red on exactly what the nature of their relationship was. It seems just like maybe mentor type of relationship and that he can occur under his wing in Turkey's longer with her I don't think, there's anything untoward about it is kind of what I'm getting. I don't have it an impression either. I have not run across a historian. That's asserted that there was something untoward about it either the way
pretty low straight yeah. They were aware took it with some like adopted little sister kind of thing. It's gonna. The way I see, I also don't think Charbonneau would have stood for that. I think that would have been now. Ok with him, because he was the only guy who be like that's my property. You know right well, of course, so I'd yeah, I dont have the impression but yeah, I thought the same thing as well in advance they thought so much of her especially Clark. and this is a really telling thing- is that they gave when they reach the Pacific coast, there was a vote. on whether or not to stay there for the winter or not, and they actually let her vote, which, in the early eighteen hundreds the letter woman have about like that was remarkable yeah, so that when they, when they decided to stay that vote, to them. Staying in. What's now a story Oregon they builder,
winter quarters called Fort Classic after a friendly tribe, near by downward cats up so I thought too, but it's it's close. There's a Elinor Eclat, but there The class of people said: hey get this there's a beached way or you gotta see this thing its enormous answer, I think Louis was like ok, we're gonna go check this out. You can stay here and I could go away. I know we talked about this in the Lewis and Clark Episode, psychic wasted, look man I have walked a long ways and helped you guys out and the idea that you're not going to. Let me see the ocean I've never seen any ocean you're, not gonna. Let s see the ocean and this giant whale that's been beached, come on and so Louis relented. Very famous limbs, like ok, come along, so second go a kind of she put put down basically, and so no I'm I'm going to see this. That would be unusually cruel, not to let me so she
saw this two giant well, she saw the ocean for the first time minutes a pretty big. I've never the beach whale imagine seeing a beach whale the first time you see the ocean to Vienna here I remember when I as a kid when I was my grandmother the ocean for the first time, and she was in cheese whose private Seventy issue to be a hundred while so she, to be inner mid seventys when we took with a fish, India, and we we want you're out there and she walked out on the beach. I ll never forget it and said who is big and that was about it. She didn't hang it up for loans, they come I'm good. This is enough here, and there was no way, the Pope with a stick so you and I'm getting by the way. She never do that poke away with a stick, I was I was making a jerk there wasn't. I think everybody knew that Chuck, yet you drank it there. back in the water. If again now at the stickler loudest gonna take your second break yeah,
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Okay, so they made it to the Pacific overwinter there and I think, one thousand eight hundred and five one thousand eight hundred and six and then they started to make their way back, and dumb they actually went right back to the same hit out Sir Settlement, International training posted outside a Bismarck North Dakota, where they picked up Charbonneau and a second aware- and they said: hey thanks We'll see you guys later and everywhere I saw Charbonneau was paid something five hundred dollars in thirty three cents for his efforts, and I could go way was not paid anything although I saw it also in this article that she was paid as well. What do you king? Do? You have any idea, yeah. You know I was confused to everywhere else. I looked said that she did not get direct payment which it says that she did. I don't know but it doesn't seem to be right, or maybe
They just so said well, since her captor flash husband was paid in sir. you mean she was, and I'm not sure, but I still nowhere else did said that she was paid independent. When I mean that would make them of sense. You know, although that the expedition ass. I could. I would also not be surprised if she was paid directly, even though it, but you know, convention yeah. He get paid, five hundred dollars and three hundred and twenty acres of land, which was pretty good. It's like I tried to do her in she Cobb, but it's You don't even have anything, and they get said like when you, when you that far back, you can't even compared Today's really wasn't gave me an estimate of about nine grand yeah, I saw I it too, but I didn't see that as a as a direct in, nation calculator more like the goods that you could have bought. Then no nine green?
no I saw that it doesn't seem like a wonder one to me. Oh I see, even still. It seems like a really. I would, if I would mention five hundred dollars back. There would be like ten trillion today in a near it would seem that would seem to be the case. It's all a weird but because I mean like a journey of thousands of miles at the behind If the president of the United States he paid nine green seems, like it just seems like you would get more than that, but then again he's a fur trapper who speaks it outside France. So who knows could confused me is, I give you enter five hundred dollars a hundred years later, it's like ten thousand or maybe that does work. I know it didn't seem to work out. Math Yes, but what I wanna Vietnam with you who can have to will appear back into the
vagaries of the american economy over the last couple hundred years to sort that out look it up in it said the what that would be today would be two hundred make. Eighty beaver obtainable say in nine thousand dollars, poor Beaver now the other thing by sharp another people say: he'd kill the lot of animals for their parents so, are you so after the expedition, she stayed with Charbonneau. In a few years later they moved to with them. Baptists move to Saint Louis, yet the invitation of Thumb, Clark, great Here it is, as you know, the day he offer them an opportunity of land to farm which are quite get cause. He just at three hundred and twenty acres of my. I was wondering if there was one and the same, maybe quite poor set out, but at any rate is here, you come here here, some land farm. If you
me, educate your sign, you know american sort of schooling system the that was, he was the godfather of the boy at that point really cared a lot about baptized Chicago in one of the best for him- and I think that was a pretty deep, deal for Charbonneau, yes, so I mean, I believe, Clark officially adopted a Baptist, his guardian, at least, if not as his is adopted, parent and whose educated at the Saint Louis Academy, I believe, and then he um. I don't know how you, madam, but that Baptists went on to meet a german prince whose cage totally come back and hang with me in Germany and I'll make sure you get a european education and he did. He moved a Europe and was it There lived a king interesting life said
Yeah I'm gonna go back to America became a trapper for awhile had a bunch of different, interesting jobs. I believe is a hotel clerk in Auburn a formula for a little while Oh, he did a bunch of different stuff and had a pretty pretty amazing life, In addition to basically being this, the official scared of the the core of discoveries. Expedition. Yeah, and he he undertaking guardianship because Charbonneau in Chicago left in April, Eighteen, eleven too, go on another fur trading expedition and they left empty with them ass. I think it can work out for everyone. Yeah yeah the impression it wasn't like we don't want our kid in Louis. Yet give me your kid. I think, like you, write further best interests, the kid and they all love them. Very much is the impression I have a daughter about a year after that in eighteen, twelve, listen or Lisette of its Anne S, Rosy
this is where we get to the sword. Work in the road as to what actually happened. psychology away and other a couple of stories. One is that She died not long after of what was called putrid fever or which is probably typhoid. Fever is terrible, there's another store in which she would have in about twenty five years old in December. Eighteen, twelve, theirs a story that she went on to live a very long life. In another part of the country, but that one is kind been shot down right, yeah. So at the turn of the last century, secure away. I was kind of dug out of obscurity, Well, actually there was a guy who is the the official I dont have fired Four chronicler, of course discuss. His expedition were him. He was in charge. His name was Biddle. I believe, He was in charge of basically taking the notes of the
discovering giving I'm ready for publication, users can publish the whole thing like that, yet he added M basically but he also interviewed Clark and out of his interviews of Clark. We we found a lot more out about cicago, as than we knew before, and bill was like. This is a very interesting story right here. I'm going to put cicago a front and center so and brought Skagway into the foreground for the first time. But then almost a century later, as of the women suffrage. Moving restoring the gain momentum. There was a woman named Emily No Iva Emory Die, who wrote it book about the Lewis and Clark Expedition and said the here's my heroin psychotic aware is a heroine I'm going to better use for is an icon for the summer, jet movement and that's how she kind of became this December.
From that point on the door. Remember what kicked off the spiel, though you asked a question. You said something: what was it you remember which feel my feel about how Chicago I was kind of brought out of obscurity by these writers. Oh, oh, oh! Well, where it came with. This idea came from their she had. She had gone on to live a long life right right there. That first book that was written by either Emory Die was picked up by another historian. Who said you know what I've these stories about this woman who went on delivered the wind river plant reservation and I she's actually Chicago way, and that kind of kicked off this whole hunt. You because, like you said those I mean they're numerous number people who wrote down a sort of officially that she did dying very young at twenty five years old, including, I think Clark,
in one of his. I think Maybe a financial, leisure area, leisure ledger, the cash book about like where people like where there, where they now base and they ve been paid and next to her name, he just wrote dead, which not even a phrony face next, I guess if it's a ledger, you're just trying to sort of you know be called about it, but it that for someone who really cared a lot about it seemed it is probably wasn't the right place to wax all right, but also some people have said well, no. He was covering for her because she that the legend goes that she'd left Charbonneau ran off. to live a life away from her as an independent woman right, exactly which really kind of dovetail with the suffrage movements push for women's rights, so that
as a great idea that that that that's what she did and the idea was that Clark was covering for her in his little cash lodged by saying she was dead, knowing full well. She was alive other donor, like he's gonna ever overlooking Clarks Cash Ledger like Charbonneau ever gonna get his hands on it. Then probably not correct- and there The whole idea that she went on to live on the wind river reservation until age. A hundred when she died, unlike the eighteen eighties, makes frigates It makes for a great story. There was a woman who did live like that. Her name was a poor evil also is battles mother who live to be a hundred and people said dollars psychic aware, but right that was before more historical record came out. Include in account from a guy who work for the same fur trading Benny that Charbonneau did New Charbonneau, personally and rode in his journal had no reason to make anything up, but in December I think in December twentieth of AIDS.
Twelve was it their role that Charbonneau wife, he's the one who said that she had a putrid fever and died in that is the best woman in the fort issues. Woman and the best woman in the fort she was aged about twenty five years, which totally it's the bill for secure, aware and she left the fine infant girl. Yes, so once that, once that guy's journal was found, that was basically the the nail in the coffin of the idea that secure aware head had lived too. Hundred after escaping her captor husband yeah. I think it's kind of cool is You know, even others very little officially recorded about her life everywhere. She is recorded. Its glowing praise theirs. like one in three, were anyone was ever like a boy Chicago in that baby. I really like what a mistake that work by all accounts it was a boon to the court
scary and a big big part of its success yeah. So as a result, Chuck lifetime as in lifetime movie network lifetime, Ike we find the year, but they recently conducted a survey memorials to create the lifetime. her story map now and of I think, fifty five hundred plus statues monuments and memorials that exists in the United States. Only about two hundred, which is around four percent, are women. but of those two hundred- steam honours, ACOG Aware, which means that the most honoured woman the monuments and statues in the entire United States, amazing. Switch from what I read was buys a group, a suffragettes. Portland Oregon in nineteen o five in that statue is obviously still every day and it is beautiful and guess who stress you're back in the statue the set
close and little Betty little Baptista turn you anything else. No other than, and we should mention. I think we know a lot about what happened to LE set on Fourchan. She was sort of lost history, yeah Fisher. I guess that's it. That's right! So, since we said that's it, that means it's time of Ebay for listener mail yeah we're gonna do a couple of corrections a bit of a may, a copper for me and a correction. Oh I, like I said the word redneck Alot entitled the episode about the clan used red and You know I probably wouldn't have that's a dry in short term. The name actually has a different history. I think, West Virginia called minors, has You do that, I wasn't really being sensitive enough. I'm not apply I think for third degree being the clan right, but
I probably should these the word redneck with such a broad brought and think about the chuck. That means the cleanest, so rotten. They give rednecks a bad name. That's essentially what we are saying here. I love it. And then, from that same episode, we need to address the Robert Bird Instant, oh yeah, from a lot of heat. That was all me. Yes, so I think we are talking about sooner Robert birds or to being an apologetic about being. The plan. That was very much not the case. This is one of the many emails and this from Aaron, Patrick Lions. He him his hey, listen to the great up, certain KKK and, as usual, did a bang up. Job, however, have to take issue with Josh statement indicating the sinner Robber Bird was an unrepentant, clansmen. He was indeed and exalted. Cyclops or local leader, the clan in the fifties into the city but through the seventies and eighties he had a sincere change of regarding race relations and voted for. The motion
the king, Jr National Holiday, among other legislation and is very, career deeply embarrassed embarrassing apologetic about his time in the clan, and that is like you, said from arrogant, Patrick therein, Patrick Lions and Cedar falls ion weird from lobby hold it. Not only did he vote further in ok holiday, but the pier did a lot of work for legislation to equal right. Yet african American, I totally flood thou, and so my apologies to rubber birds. Family fur Tarzan legacy in that small way, and I'm glad we got corrected almost immediately right after the episode came out. It was complete. Please read like so much. totally wrong, however bird, so this- listen or males, perfect and then there's one The thing I want to say to you about the Red Knight thing Chuck: somebody pointed I think it was on twitter- using the word, redneck was only derogatory towards rednecks. It up
scaly covered up all of the people who are, rednecks, who see her just kind of everyday normal people who are in the clan or subscribe to the clans ideologies that it makes. It seem like this, this marginal group, or a marginal thought or fringe thought. When is really kind of subscribe, to buy an alarming number of people that you know you live and work beside in might never really Gasogene, how deep their racism go so that's another reason to two of the shooting as well and you know I'm not gonna stick up for myself, but I think when you grow up in the south, you might feel like a little bit. Ownership word like that issue, so my apologies to all the great rednecks other were sorry Jeff Fox worthy sorry, Larry, the cable guy who's, actually not really redneck. If you listen to David crosses beef. Yeah, I mean that's, that's fully inaccurate. Yeah from what I understand
he created that persona to get more fans and common threat, as smart meters and Well, I guess, since we started talking about Larry, the cable guy, that's the end of this episode in listener. Males petered out if you want to get in touch with those two corrected, Sir call us out for something or whatever lay it on us soon as Neil to stuff podcast it I hurt radio dotcom step, you should know its production. I heart radio from we're part cast my media hurrying apple, costs or wherever he listened to. Your favorite shows.
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