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Short Stuff: Backyard Burials

2019-11-20 | 🔗

Time was that you’d bury a deceased relative in your yard; now it’s just weird. But it’s still legal – and if you want to do it, here’s how!

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Hello. Open the short stuff from Josh there's Chuck does Jerry the short stuff giddy up so a while back. We did a podcast, I'm not even sure which one it was, but you said that your ultimate, which was to be fired from a cannon yeah, that's like so like yesterday's news, because you re my way. I am I right since that would your current, when I actually still in the process of figuring that out again, I am trying to figure out just how much or what parts of my body might be donated to science. If any I've kind of been creeped out by alighted stories- words like it. We found
head in the woods- and it was clearly surgically removed- and I guess that people who it was donated to didn't, need it anymore. So they just dump it in the woods kind of stuff right and you don't want to one day become a soccer ball for wildlife. But the weird thing is is like. When I read about stuff like we're about to talk about a MIKE's well, is it doesn't matter if this land gets subdivided a hundred years from now, and somebody excellently digs of the grave who cares. So it's weird, like part of me, is very precious about what happens to me after I die in another me like it does not matter yeah, I'm in that camp, still I I have an alarming amount of or a lack of, reverence for human corpse after their they're gone. I know I've seen you p, I wanna know do that, but it just I don't know man I had think of once you're gone you're gone, so you know burn me up ash me up, spread me around:
please I like coriander lines and snore yeah. I did very. I can't Lorraine in the back yard, but all of our other animals have been cremated, and Emily didn't love the idea of bearing the Rhine, but she is like he's your cat. You do what you want and I like, I can be another yeah, I'm with you so there's really no beef at you're going to get from anybody for burying Laron in the backyard and by the way our Ip Laron was one of the great ones. But if you allow have been say your father for your brother or something like that of my brother, ok right had been you brother, Throng Scott, you tried to bury Scott in your yarn, but you would have probably run into some issues. With the authorities at at the very least, your neighbors, who had been rather upset with you and they could have called the cops on you in the cops would have been like. Did your brother up now? Be that and I dig up IRAN and be like here. He is
earlier suited you yeah well is definitely an old, prairie kind of thing. The idea bearing relatives on your land- and it is still really very much legal and a lot of aids. California won't let you because I guess a real estate is just Revalue bowl in that they said that there are concerns that in the future like you're talking about, if they subdivide their land to sell parcels and plots that someone might be disturbed. Washington, state, Indiana and Washington DC is on record, as just be like there's no room, sorry for her. I bet you didn't Virginia public so right so there so that by anywhere else you can If you own enough land bury anybody want to on your land, especially a family member. I think that probably Greece's the wheels little more, if you're, actually a blood relatives or relative by marriage of em.
But there are some rules that you have to follow. No matter why? But one of the first questions you wanna, ask yourself before you actually do says. Do I really want to do this? Is it if you're not planning on? You know spending yard you're dying days on this piece of property and handing it down to hear your kid who wants that property. There's a good chance, you, my one seller property in the future and it made it, may affect the resale of that house and property. Knowing that there's a dead body buried innocent. What's now a cemetery on your land yeah could give my house one day to my daughter and she's like gross Uncle Scott in IRAN or Baxter. I had no thanks in. Why did you make them share the same ground yet under the bird Beth? It really is
So if you are going to do this and we'll get into the net picky details after the break, but there are definite going to be NIT picking details. You can just say: well, it's illegal! In my state here we go Gimme a shovel there are rules and regulations depending on the state in the county or the district that you're in there definitely gonna be set backs like he can't bear it right next year, your property line or next to a stream, because it's pretty It's gonna have to be well away from the water table, but any kind of water right and any kind. Building or adjoining properties yet, which are, I mean, really good things to keep in mind. You don't want the could ever following up the local water supply. Basically doubt Z, you won't take a break in it
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I'm ready to bury a loved one, just gimme one first year, which I would not do barefoot you'll, never know so there there are some states where you can just basically do that you can show up at the hospital or the hospice her wherever you're decease love, one is in say: hey, I'm a blood relatives, here's Proof Gimme, the body put the body in your station wagon and take it to your house and bury it depending on the time frame. Of wit, all this happened again where you live. Yeah me, I looked at Georgia just said lacity in I found a few little interesting tidbits, but one of them is it and imagine it's like this in a lot of states. Embalming is, is not a state law. Funeral directors do that because they have the body, for you know a of time sometimes worthy the actual burial or ceremony or whatever you're gonna do so they embalm bond. For that reason, but you're
required by law to bomb a body and if refrigeration is ok, but even if its within it a short time span. You may not even have to refrigerator body right typically in states that allow you to take possession of the body yourself and handle burial yourself as family. They usually say about twenty four hours and actually ashen him say about within twenty four Our here few bury the body within twenty four hours. You don't have to involvement, you don't have to refrigerator. You can just again go to the hospital put in your state. Megan, bring it home and bury it probably just to be smart. You should take the whole first dig. The grave first have already snobbery cinematic, but No, no, no really is, and I think about actually dig a hole with a body right there. You know right exactly made also, if going do this just a little tip from us like make sure that somebody can see you and that they see
like nervously looking over his shoulder, and maybe let's do they like dusk or night time. Ok, right exactly and hears it! and you're also going to have to be your also going to have to create an easement for your property, that doesn't mean you have to pave like a concrete path that leads to the grave, but you do have to provide for some sort of future public access rights that grave site right, exactly like like it has to be on the day that there is a possibility attract. There are some states who say not enough. The funeral directing lobby is far too powerful and our say you have to hire a funeral director. It varies on a spectrum of just how involved the funeral director has to be in some states. A funeral director would have to take possession of the body or would at least have to file the death should have kit and other states is like a total free for all. You can end all that, but you do
after file a death certificate which, from what this article says, I think they ve ruse actually wrote this offer on health of works. He says that there are no funeral police, but they typically want you to file it within. I think five days of of death, but you just have to violence well things that has to get done so there's a lot of stuff like responsibility, you take on a loved one dies and you say I'm gonna barium in the backyard yeah, and this was another little thing that I would never have thought about it or considered. This is like a county clerk, so they have regular business hours right. So if this house is it five one on a Friday United be able to, wow that certificate until Monday? But if you're a funeral director, you can party twenty four slash, seven, it just file it electronically, which I would guess would be the big advantage of working with the funeral today. Sure and the best way to do this also, if you're get a handle, it yourself is too
waiting outside of the county clerks office that when they show up the next morning and covered in Gore engraved earth racket waiting to file the steps destitute, and they, like. I gotta, get my coffee verse mine days. So, bearing a body always hear about you, know six feet under that's the sort of rule of thumb? that's actually not the law in most places only New Mexico, as far as the United States, where its legal to bury about in your backyard, require six feet. New Jersey is for its astounding to me, but most states are between eighteen and thirty inches that but see that makes the most sense like six feet, you're removing oh uh by from a lot of the Iraq processes that and in soil right drew saw you're doing prolonging this decomposition, where I guess, if you're trying to decompose the body
The shallower grave is a better bet, but it you're you're walking a balancing act here, like you want to be shallow enough, so that the soil is it's like part of the soil right, but not so shallow. That say like coyotes is gonna, come on. We like I, yes right and dig it up began can smell it here, which we have in our read their coyotes all over Atlanta, they're everywhere berry, Lorraine. I feel like a couple of feed, because I wanted to make sure that he'd, like the whole idea, was that he became part of the land and, quite frankly, I did want to dig any further than that. I'm being honest since it I hit that really hard clay pan, but you don't want a smell and apparently eighteen thirty inches, we'll take care of that. That's enough,
Yeah. That's it that's what my dad always said and then so one of the other things when the last things is. When you do this, you are, by definition your lay and becomes a cemetery, let's Like you, don't go in and say I need to file this little plot of land. Is a cemetery just the act of burying somebody
legally on your land, that portion of helium, because a cemetery, so it's pretty protected by all sorts of you. No laws and anti desecration laws and cemetery laws, and actually these laws like go back to roman times from what from what I saw it. But to do that, you need to file it with your. There is usually like a cemetery or some sort of commission that keeps track of all the graves in a town in handsome giant book. Yeah, that's kind of the coolest thing. It's a giant book. The black book covered in dust behaved gold leaving all around it and we open it. It makes a giant echoing thud when you open it, it does, while nearly when you open it, unites down the middle. Let's say I got two yea area and then a greek eel finger with yellow finger now runs down. Until
but where the going to enter your name in blood and says excellent, let's at her, that's all I got it. So it's an interesting option. That's all I'm gonna say yeah. Maybe if you thinking of doing this link and all the laws first agreed will. Thank you very much for joining us on short stuff. This is the end the short stuffy should know. Is the production of I radios how stuff works for more podcast, my heart, radio, but I hope, radio apple pie or wherever you listen to your paper. Yes,.
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