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Short Stuff: Dingoes!

2021-10-06 | 🔗

Are dingoes dogs? Not really? Then what are they? Listen in to find out.

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This episode of Steffy missed in history class as brought to you by Quisling whether you plan or cram quivered, helps. You find your study. Jam quisling plus now feature step by step explanations to help you own your toughest classes, quisling explanations have millions of textbooks, solutions, written and double, checked by experts. Quisling explanations, help you understand, step by step, had a complete, tough problems that some subjects like maths, science and engineering start a free trial of Quisling plus the day equivalent dot com. Slash upgrade that's quiz, let dot com, flash upgrade, learn it own it quiz. Let you woke renew the short on justice truck and deems here and spirit, of course, and this is short stuff on dingoes and I, bet you a trillion dollars. The next thing that Chuck is going to say could be one of two things: nope, it's just the one. I met him,
has been Australia and know that guy it I just lost a trillion dollars because of you. We gonna say a dingo ate my baby. I was going to say You were going to say this now really was gonna, They have that and and talk very briefly about when we went on our tour of Australia and my buddies He met me over there and we were able to take a couple of days and go to this. Can we do stuff, but one day we went to this. I guess a game ranch. but what they call him over there, but you know we hold Koala, bears and all that stuff and we got to have the dingo experience where we got into a dingo pin Gm Forum yeah followed to the debt. It was cool and it was it was like. Did you sitting when you over there did you meet any now. I know- and it's weird like because, as you did, that to right yeah we saw I dont think as I did, We went to one of those things. We hung out kangaroos and hung out with Call- and I myself, but I dont- earn receive
the NGO and I looked up dingoes it out like that, is not what I had in my head and I realized I ve been thinking hyenas this hormone yeah. It's they were, you know, cause you wanna, as a dog owner for my whole life? You want to be like. I was just a dog yeah, but it's not just a dog. It was different, it had a different is Fishermen, they walked a little different. It was they who is it like when you see Coyote in your honor. That's not a dog yeah! It's a wild dogs yeah and Dingo. Actually, in twenty fourteen got its own designation as Kenneth familiar iris Kay and this is all in my research to find out like is Dingo a dog really, and I think that descended from the same line, but they have their own distinction though well came from.
Europe is the dog. That's the domestic dog like Moses, keenest familiarity loses a case on earlier was another one. Then they they came up with a new name altogether. Ok, so it is its own species and I saw somewhere that that host on a young, it was called animal logic did a Youtube video- I want someone in she said data that they may. be their own species. So that's a new thing, then I think two thousand and fourteen I'm double checking out to the field like a dope. It says Dingo declared a separate species. I think I just got the name wrong. Look at this cute little guys. I know they are key, they look, you know it, they look a lot like her she, but you knew yes, they totally do my friend Meredith has thus, and they look a lot like those yeah in which would make sense because they have definitely connected, I don't think definitively. But let's say
They definitely in that somebody carried out a study, so they definitely carried out a study, but there they connected dingoes to South east asian dogs. And she, but you knew, are definitely asian EAST Asian. So it's entirely possible that they highly related. At the very least, they look a lot like sheep egos and weaken it at least leave it at that right and of course they are. In Asia today, as far as their distribution, but they really you think of Australia when you think of a dingo, they ve been around for thousands of years They are, I think, the largest mammal carnivore in Australia, and depending on where you find these guys in Australia, they might be different colored if you D, which usually think of is that sort of like the the sheep as those sort of ginger coats with the little white feet. Long
feedstocks, but apparently they can be a little more golden yellow in the desert. I think you are making also be the ones that live along. The edges of forests are usually a darker brown or even almost black too so, and they can they can. wherever it apparently it's a source of water is the thing really limits on, because they'll eat just about anything and their opportunistic feeders. but depending on where they live, their their coats will develop a different color. That's right, breed once a year and a half five or six little puffs and though raise them cute and they raise him in like protected. is like a sheltered rock area. It says here that they can. They can be, in one bat or rabbit warrants were hollow logs and I believe they win at about two months and they can either be left I am aware that the mom and dad both help raise, which is critical, but at that
month period when their way they can either be abandoned or they hang around for about a year and three load on a couch for their cute to man. Have you like will Dingo pops now boy there, the better really something be. I will. I saw that between six and seven months they are basically totally equipped to beyond their own. If they need to be that's right, they can wreak havoc they're kind of known as a pest and Australia Guess especially if you're in the livestock in this year they can wreak havoc on the livestock, and I don't know if it's still the biggest fence in the world. But at least at the time the largest fence on planet earth was erected to protect. Grazing lands for protective sheep from these dingoes five thousand kilometers long. I bet it still the biggest one it's gotta be in still up for sure, but issues raised in the nineteenth century by the livestock industry saying like dingoes, you say over here and it worked so much so that their finding that
You know, dingoes, are in a pig's prettier, like you said there, the largest carnivore on the continent in Numb Australia in as an ape expiry. They can keep populations in check and there's all sorts of knock on effects like they hunt kangaroos and apparently they found that kangaroos there predicted by dingoes tend to over eat in the population can actually starve cause. They eat too much vegetation and strip. The lane of his vegetation in dingoes actually help keep. Then checks are there possibly according to animal logic, at least a debate. Over whether delight dingoes back over the fence, but the livestock industry is like nay, my horse
yes, and if you're wondering if those dogs does dingoes you're, seeing or part dog in Australia, there's about thirty percent chance that it has been doing the deed with a dog. Now I think a third of South Eastern Australia's dingoes, her hybrids right, ok, so chuckling sink break in then we'll come back in It's more dingo facts after this. Stop you should know, is brought. You buy, discover its time to do you to do the things that make you
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we'll student or a college student quisling, explanation step by step guidance, will help. You better understand the reasoning and thought process behind complicated problems, so you can practice and apply everything you ve learned on your own start, a free trial. Of course, let plus today at quisling dot com, flash upgrade, that's quizzed: let that calm, slash, upgrade, learn it own. It quisling. Ok, so we're back. I have one dingoes supposedly dont bark they can how they communicate by howling Sally. They just sit there quietly into shrugged. They bar if they dont bark, is the thing
with this kind of interesting, because I don't always interesting, I think about it, but it seemed interesting at the time when I first heard ya think they can bark that they tend not to they tend to communicate. Those low Howley sounds right, so that was really, I think, the last Great Dingo fact leading up to the big finished. Don't you think big, and did a dingo eat that baby. Oh I'll, tell everybody retiring about, especially the ones you haven't seen. Seinfeld right, aren't Fans Merrill Merrill Street, yet. The movie called, was a cry in the dark. In nineteen urges in the dark in nineteen eighty eight were Merrill Streep played Lindy Chamberlain, with the very famous salacious, murder, trial. That happened in the night, seen eighties, when a very, very tragically her where young daughter as area Chamberlain was nine weeks old and disappeared when they are camping in Australia,
and she was she wanted to prison for murder. They said they concluded in this weather any kind of evidence whatsoever. They concluded that it was actually so the lack of evidence that helps can victor that she, like slit her baby strode in the car. and then went back in was with her camping, and you know whether family, camping and then went back into the tent and started screeching out. The famous lines. Dingo either took my baby you're Dingo ate my baby, yes, and, like so Australia didn't show its best face on this. Initially, there is like. Basically, I, like the australian system, believed at the time the dingoes would with on, I'm theatre, unprovoked, attack, human and carry off even a nine week old baby. It just makes sense. There is no record of them ever doing that, so it seems unlikely to begin with. But I read all
the day that there is apparently a bit of xenophobia against the Chamberlain family because they were seventh day Adventists think so like there were rumours that the daughters name meant sacrifice in the wilderness into weird stuff, like that? Like like nothing pretty and in the idea that Lindy Chamberlain was actually put in prison. Unjust, total, circumstantial evidence is pretty signal again. She was finally released and I think the family was paid by the the state because she got railroaded in everyone knew she didn't actually do but there is never any conclusive evidence that a dingo did eat her baby until another kid got attacked right Well, I didn't hear about that. One of the big pieces of a lack of evidence was the fact that she said
that her baby head on a was called the matinee jacket. It's like a little through like a little cape cardigan thing he put on a baby and they didn't find that thing anywhere. So there are like she's lying because a mother knows how big dress their babies and they recovered the the baby close but which had some blood on him around the neck, which is why they thought she slithered throat, but they didn't. This matinee jacket, and so that helped convict her and then in nineteen. Eighty six, a guy was climbing, in that camping area, fell to his death and when they, covered the remains a few weeks later. They found that. matinee jacket, no in that helps that helped spring her from prison. Ok Well then, maybe it was. The popular public opinion changed win. It emerged that, like other kids, had been attacked the Ngos or were later on
Finally, I think in two thousand twelve, you dug up near times article that the fourth coroners inquest into the death Azaria Chamberlain. Finally, vindicated Lindy Chamberlain said that no but Dingo did kill this little girl and definitely not her mom and they amended her death certificate. Five, a dot M final, like true vindication yeah, but apparently Lindy Chamberlain was like I'm not giving up. I'm going to keep agitating for these corner in question time. Finally exonerating they. She finally was so this dingoes you can try and should like dogs, but the ones at this game ranch weren't, went dogs it and want to know how much good advice I pulled out all the stops. I know all the tricks you try to get em pub. Ronnie, dear mother scourges and other places there to say, ok I'll, be heavier yeah thanks human. Let's stop doing this. Speaking of let's stop to use
immediately shortstop his stuff. You should now is a production. By her radio for more public It's my heart. Radio visit by radio out Apple had passed wherever you listen to your favorite shows.
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