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Short Stuff: Exclamation Points!

2020-03-04 | 🔗

We all use them! But did we always? NO!! Learn all about everyone's favorite punctuation mark today!

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Hey look into the short stuff, I'm just there's chuck, there's Josh Shorts death within exclamation point. I thought this a super interesting. We could talk to us before the anti. You remember honour a little one minute, explanation: videos that have been scrubbed- I guess from I guess I don't know where those things are. No, if I remember those here, we be like we explained under to one another in one minute really stand up: videos yeah assorted here we done some need dumb videos over the years. That think the only thing that was worth anything was dumped
damn it you're, sweet, but also internet roundup was pretty great again yesterday in history was wonderful, wonderful anyway. I think we talked about this, but it is super interesting and I love it yeah. I think it's interesting there's a lot of tendrils we're talking about the exclamation point and there just selective, weird and interesting facts about this. No one knows where it came from exactly it was introduced in English. As far back as of fourteen century was called the point of admiration. That's pretty sweet! I like that in the theory of what it how it came about was that it was used for the latin exclamation of joy, which was capital. I capital Oh, I oh, and I above that oh looks like the exclamation point. Yeah like they think that somewhere
was using their and started just, I guess, saving space I don't know, but instead of putting I than ours I above oh yeah. That looks a lot like an exclamation point, yet they also think the question mark came from that to queue o Koyo due to question somebody that, they just put the queue above the oh and that's where that came from its pretty liquor. They're, pretty good explanation. If you ask me yeah and so If you want to talk about like the actual rules of grammar cause, is different than how we use today in some ways it you can also still use it. This way, but is, is obviously an exclamation to exclaim something in a sentence or in interjection right so like if you like, come, I stuck my toe yeah. That would be an appropriate place to use an exclamation point without people making fun of you or saying like you. Ah, they go. If you say,
now, without an exclamation point, just look kindly get your cowboy he's dead inside rough right. Exactly so people kind of long understood like these are the two instances that you could use an exclamation point. That was that the every one just new like you just don't. Is it unless you are say like bad at writing like if you come across a book written in like the twentieth century, there's a lotta, exclamation point, The book was roundly laughter because one thing that you'll find, if you dig into the history of exclamation point. Is we used to use them way last year, then you see today, as they were used in the nineteenth century. I think Yellow Macgregor journalists similar to kind of get people on the edge of their seat or whatever it is, it's kind of a poke. It's like a it's an emotional poke, and so it can get kind of worn out very quickly and it was so people use them. Daringly starting around the twentieth century, yeah here's another supercool little fact, I'm an old
brighter my room and I've never notice. But there is not an exclamation point because up until about nineteen, seventy, they and have it didn't, have its own key, as is the punctuation mark sheriff you had a retro fitted yeah. I didn't know how to make one, then this is pretty interesting in yes, oh what you do is you type a period step, one he back space sub too, and then you type an apostrophe on top of it. That will be the third and final step. Yet my bad google solve by your ear exclamation point, looks a little like lazier crooked yeah agreed in. Am I guess it gets the point across. I mean you kid. If you want to try and get tricky, you could roll the thing down a little bit and drawing up an l, I suppose sure, but that's your gambling there you but think about the trouble that people went to type an exclamation point back then, like you really needed a mean, that's trick. You know like wanted exactly so
back in the day, apparently bidding column exclamation points as recently as the fifties Chuck. They call them bangs and that's a long standing tradition. I think in the nineteenth century, printers like where they actually is all that, like each letter of every word in the newspaper, they call them bangs back then pretty cool. It is pretty cool. You want to take a break yeah, we'll take a break and talk about how things have changed. Exclamation John here's the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball, because there's always that guy who joins your game. He never passes the rock he constantly Rex theories and who completely happy when put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico. It's easy to switch
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Go for the subtle joke. So if you are aware of the world today in the west at least, you are aware, the exclamation points are everywhere. There dripping from the sea the walls therein you're you're cereal everywhere, there's exclamation point, and this is a fairly new who thing and for a little while, especially when it really started to take hold and say, like the arts, the two thousand arts people made fun of these. I remember distinctly. Writing a blow oh saying like this is ruining the world basic. A Europe that number, but I was now and I warned against this in my blog posts. Now you can't not use an exclamation point, or else you seem like you're being mean. That was the ultimate problem that I foresaw way back in the day. Yes, so that that is what
changed. Everything is a communication and there's a linguist named Gretchen Mccullough, who really very succinctly ties elbow on exactly what this is, and that is this. It is, and it is his sincerity marker, bright, not and intensity marker now, yeah. It's a tremendous monism, yet Emmi can be both. You can so obviously say get out of my way. Exclamation point sure. But if you're communicating with someone be a text to be a man- and you say you know thanks a lot for helping if you'd say thanks a lot for helping with just a period bid comes across as not to friendly it just does now, it does Miss Eyre, because there's a very cool way of putting it. That's not it excited or anything like that. In our view, it I feel, like we ve, also got
out more insecure. At the same time, we still door user electronic communication and so that those two have kind of cohabitation, their coexisted or co evolved. And if we now require that exclamation point to say to say I mean this like I'm being serious yeah which, because when we communicate electronically, email, Chet text would have you we're missing, like all the verbal and the audio and video will accuse that come through in your team Can somebody or you can hear someone talking or see them talking, so we have to kind of a door in our communication now, with these other queues, Let people know like I'm not being sarcastic, which makes people who use exclamation point sarcastically there,
basically undermining the very fabric of society that were building like we're beholding on by fingernails on this new system. Right like please, don't pull the rug out from under Yola give it another. Fifty years may be before you really start doing that, but it is an interesting thing with the sarcasm. Genuine quality and that's the differentiated like. If someone gives you a lot of help, you could say. Thank you so much exclamation point if someone doesn't really help you that much, you could also say thank you so much alike, in here my voice and clearly know what's going on, but on it, in an email or a text that period is a signifier. I think it's a message yeah. This is so exactly how you take it. I think largely depends on the type of person you are, but I think what Gretchen Mccullough said was its in its it sincerity, more sincerity, marker, beautiful over in intensity. Marker
The other thing to is that they have found through research that women use them more than men. If your communicating online to show friendliness- and they have also found that young women and people of color young people of color, especially our linguistic innovators, they're off, vilified and the early processes. One thing they mention in this house to avert articles is like Valley, girl speech where, as people say like all the time now. Yes, some people pointed out make fun of it and a guarantee of those people use it all the time to, but the stuff was really derided in the eighties. But now it's kind of widespread in one ways yet member thinkers was: is Moon unit francs up his daughter? Yes, ok member. She had that Song Valley, girl that hit making fun of value grows and, like the whole world, was making fun of values it. Now. Everyone talks like a valley girl,
to a certain degree. That is true, I think so. The idea behind this, according to linguists, is that darting abode in two thousand arts, again, two thousand five six seven around the time when texting really became a big thing in America, younger women, we started using exclamation point a lot and it just became a innovation that spilled over into the rest of culture yeah there a cup other theories that it it says a lot and a short amount of time, and people are communicating so quickly, these days and shorter burst that it cannot plays a valuable role which mobility does, because, if you, if you add in this, the main point it keeps you from having to say like and I couldn't believe it or I really get it earlier. I was very surprised yeah. It says it all right, they're here for her. The other interesting thing to you is that they done study
these, and they have shown that if you use exclamation point in the business setting that It is more likely that you're, not a supervisor or higher or peace perceives as such right, and that is true man when I think about, like our bosses, enemies, LE exclamation point us for the kids Marian exclamation point among them. There is one person that I won't name on the air in our company that we expect emails with that. Does the like two or three exclamation points? I have a note to self to pay attention. Don't tell me: okay, okay, I'm going to see if I can figure it out I'll email you in the next few days about it. I always draw the line with one, and I tried to use them as very much as sincerity markers to display that then I mean there are genuine about something or sincere about something anything. I don't do to you, don't use them much at all
noticed, I I use them, but I will I very frequently gone back in red and even for a centre in removed the exclamation by replace it with a period not because I was coming on an amount of Blake. Toned down my sincerity or anything like that, but because I don't want over used them so that it does mean something they does come through. Clearly, when I do use em right and I ended as the other kind of interesting thing how these sort of, and it's not illegal. But how these things of olive over the years as the the all caps thing. It now means like your yelling at somebody right, and it's always funny to see in some sort of thread or forum where there may be people of a certain age, accidently get that caps lock going right, it just
like this angry old person is just yelling at everybody is fine, they don't mean it. They just didn't know how to turn it off. Yes, and if you have all caps and multiple explanations, you're, either super excited are really ticked off so Chuck. I have to ask you something because I dont use exe Mason points from an outsider perspective. Does it seem like I'm being tepid or cold or a jerk or mean now? I knew, and I communicate in as short a hand as possible at this point yet, but I like it with your your seat on just about every email at work or other people, yes or to other people, does it or how does it? Look? I think managerial and refined
exactly I'm going for a nice work. I have a computer monocle that I wear when I sent you know so they pick up sir I'm trying to get across. Yet you don't find don't think tanks and jury old, replied, serviceable and workmen That's all you got anything else. I got nothing else, I don't either. So that means that short stuff is away. Study should know. Is the production of Iheart radios? How stuff works for more podcast, my heart, radio, I heard radio apple pie, wherever you listen to your favorite shows.
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