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Short Stuff: Honorary Degrees

2019-05-15 | 🔗

Honorary degrees are not real degrees. They are marketing opportunities for universities. They make us mad, but we want one. Learn all about them in the next 12-15 minutes. 

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Hey there and welcome new short Stefan Josh clerk nurse Trouser Richard Brandish cheer you over there we are right smack in the middle of entering graduation season and were three doctors. We are suffering. Really you don't even have three honorary creek made exactly the opposite? Tran in our own handwriting. Is this getting you know we talked about this in a recent episode about honorary degrees in this ended up being kind of encapsulating. What's perfect about short stuff is We can explain everything you need to know about honorary degrees and, like twelve minutes awakening, Lena in one second marketing, that's gonna die. It's gonna. Do it is a little more interesting than that was talk about the history, because not all universities give
honorary degrees here very famously unit the Virginia UV, MIT, Stanford and Coronel do not give honorary degrees, William Barton, Rogers founder of MIT said they are unfriendly to true literary advancement and of spurious merit and noisy popularity. William Bargain Rogers, I graduated uv. So that's why you're gonna doubles located with the idea that you shouldn't have you shouldn't giveaway doctors and you ve was founded by Thomas Jefferson, who is the one who put that ban on right by he accept in an honorary doctorate from Harvard submit of a double standard, ship, probable. Not the only double standard. Thomas Jefferson ever have been involved with yeah, but here's the secret that well, it's not a secret at all. Here is the very plain
the truth that everyone knows about honorary degrees since the beginning of time they, have been used to say: to reward donors who have given money right, sometimes to bring in celebrities fur appeal for like media, four graduation ceremonies and such like that, but it's really just for whatever reason it's away to get some press by acknowledging someone that you think as a university a somewhat allow lines with your values as a university right, yells, mainly thus the goes to its not just somebody's, but somebody who is due something that year university values everybody can get by right. Yeah, it started in Europe, not even here in the: U S known, over at Oxford? I believe the first one was handed out to a guy named Lionel would miles. That's a pretty good, fifteenth century name,
It was given out to him. He was an influential bishop and he He got his honorary doctorate unbidden. It was a bit of a surprise from what I understand is. Can you showed up at his house and they said so? Can you Relations also totally unrelated. We were king that you might come be Chancellor of the university. Now, since your not and all I can do you that I can bring some my wealthy connections with me too, to to Oxford which, by the way, was about four hundred years old by this time and Van seventy eight. So they were the first wondered to confirm, degree. They kicked offer a grand tradition that is basically to kind of wax in waned throughout the years, but mostly what why next in an enthusiasm in abuse. I guess is the word, I'm looking for the king, Charles, the first speaking of abuse. He really got honorary degree happy. He ended up
Three hundred and fifty ox were doctorates to people that, of course supported his call it more within one single year as a lot as a lot It's almost one day by my calculation. Of Christmas in Thanksgiving right away. Thanksgiving. Not. Then yes, her now may not Irene stay so king, Charles, the first was the first to abuse it. He was far from the last by the nineteenth century. There so many degrees being handed out, left and right honorary degrees that they actually had a depressing effect on the importance of actual doktor she ever being earned, which is a big problem? right and the president of the North Eastern Dental Association, whose typically a mouthpiece for morality in indirection in academia,
famously warned in nineteen ten, that the most dangerous delusive debauchery in degrading before these thing in american educational life is the practice of granting on earned degrees it's pretty harsh. It was very harsh, but you Know- and the guy was obviously hysterical, but it does give the contest he get across this point that then it was getting a little a little much, I guess who's. The point by the nineteenth century is calm down tremendously, but especially here in the states it still going on it. You see, to be a little a little. Less problematic than I think it was before because at some point somebody said: okay, alright, let's just yes, you can keep giving out degrees people who are getting these are degrees, do not attempt to use them like their legitimate, and that seems to change the course of things. You are it's over.
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I'm sorry, I know those pretty good, I'm trying to sound. He sounded like nothing the time for David, the Brenner, probably location and they do say honorary degree. As a way to inspire the students graduating that day, so that, as that is the reason most people do, that get Conan get Jerry Seinfeld and there s a lot of you know goals will have a board that decides this kind of thing and they need start well in advance, so typically you'll start like a year out just seeing if the person is interested and if the schedule middle line and the amount of its they probably works there made every school I its in writing as a requirement to come to graduation or more alike and we'd like to give it to you in person artist date at our football stadium. There come on that's kind of the deal is you're supposed to show up It's really, I think, sort of the unwritten rule yet because.
And if you go to college graduation, that's like me, that's the show stopper, that's the reason we'll sit. There is because otherwise level there's somebody very right here. It is very, very boring. He is just like can't you just like email is to these people the there should be a very is recognised, bull and or inspirational and or funny person speaking air, a decent, gradual. The ceremony, and it isn't necessarily have to be a celebrity. They know still give these till it big donors, but think that that means that you have more of a mountain to climb to impress people, because you're still expected to give likes amazing caliber remarks at the commencement exercise, yeah, and when you teased before the break about hey everyone, like you understand that you're not a real phd or God forbid, a medical doctor that that's the thing,
like it. They know they're not, but there have been some notable people that have called themselves doktor of whatever after they got this or to Atlantic University takes it very seriously in their rules. They in no instance will the recipient of an honorary doctorate from ETA. You at the award as being an earned, doctorate or of academic credential of any kind. This award does not entitle the recipient to use the title of doktor a pin, Phd or any other earned degree designation after his or her name and basically I say the end like I forget you doing this to you. We could take it away, I'm going to take it away or you'll, like this meaningless piece of paper right away from you, don't even register at your hotel under Dr Bryant, I haven't been known to do don't even even have your wife call you doctor, can we'll find out knack as were listening. So it's not.
For the Atlantic universally taken seriously. There is a Grove City College, professor psychology, professor war, Throckmorton, who apparently, when they realise that some general funding was about to run out, and he did a survey of university policy statements about the use of doctorates, of vault, of honorary doctorate and basically to up to university. Let's just be clear here. This actually doesn't mean that you're, a doctor of thing or that you have a phd. Do not let us did you using this. This is a big deal because, again back in the nineteenth century, they were handing out mds observation, everything, people were like a calming coming, Doktor Dangerfield, you know it was. It was a big problem, so now they seem to have it under under control. Although there have been some people in recent years that still No one ever you gave me a doctorate, I'm gonna use doctor. I don't care what you think
because I'm my angel yeah, I'm a guy to the World Ben Franklin D, that, after getting degrees from Oxford and University, Saint Andrews and like you with my Angelou. It's like one of those things were you know it's not super cool who's. Gonna go tell my Angelou what to do nobody! Nobody they'll get a palm of their faith yeah I mean I can't imagine her speaking in that great voice of hers. I would just shrink, you know. As about the dry, do my angel but there's no way you did not rise. You would shrink luxury, look and measuring And then there have been some very regrettable and rescinded Phds honorary these over the year, of course Bill Cosby. Has many many of these, and they were, I think, probably all taken away yeah. I believe including from his alma mater Temple, but the first one was Yale with
with Yale, he became the first in three hundred years. You have, there has honorary degree taken away, Firstly, be university started following suit after that, the others, a A few more legendary late, DJ a from England Jimmy Seville, he's a terrible, well was terrible human because it was exposed later in his life that he was one of the most prolific pedophiles in the history of Britain. They his honorary degree, Oscar Pistorius Hilary way, yeah, who else Donald Trump had one rescinded really from who terrain diversity, ethnic. You say that it is if it's a real thing I had a written down, but I cant find it now, but he got an honorary degree that was taken away while he was running for president because of anti muslim remarks. Oh and their likeness were taken there back her school
well and more well, there's more and more all day listen to these all day. Why don't? We campaign to get them from our own alma mater. Well, you know I am somebody wrote in from an unnamed they not by us, but they wouldn't, namely college they ve work at, but it's in Canada and they said, you honorary degrees up there too, and I believe, as she said, that she was working to get us honorary decrease, so fingers crossed. Yes, I will one of these up until and including when I have one does a deal, I'm going to hold you to that. Well, I guess sit for honorary degrees. We got this article from house of works. You can go check it out if you like, in the meantime, shorts affair, stuckey you should know is the production of I radios how stuff works for more podcast, my heart, radio, apple pie cast apple pie,
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